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Lost In Thought

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“Wait, Lance, you’re a girl?!?!” Hunk asked. He was staring at Lance who had half her shirt torn. Her sports bra peaked out from underneath as she nodded distractedly.


“Hunk, buddy, pal, we can talk about this when we’re not being shot at with no armor.” Lance said. She was panicking in the space mall behind a table.


The mission was supposed to be simple, get some crazy alien tablet and leave. But here they are, spread out with no gear.


She grit her teeth.


The others couldn’t feel their connection with their lions like Lance could. She could practically feel each of them in her mind, unlike the others. She never knew why she could, or why the the others can’t.


But right now she had a plan. Whether or not it worked would be up to fate.


Black, I need you to come save us. Red, wake Allura and blue, tell her to get some pods ready. Yellow, Take down as many galra ships as you can. Green, make sure the civilians get out as safe as possible 


Five confirming roars seemed to echo in her mind.


Taking in a deep breath, she turned to Hunk who seemed to be freaking out.


“Oooooh quiznak. We’re not gonna make it out of here, this is where-“


“Hunk, I have a plan. I need you to get Keith and Shiro to the north exit while I get Pidge and Coran. A lion will be waiting for us. Take this.” She placed a shell necklace in his hand. Hunks eyes widened.


“This is-“ 


“I know. Now go.” Lance saw him hesitate for a second before taking off. 


She crept close to the floor, eyes tracking each sentinel and Galran movement. She found Pidge and Coran tied up in the middle, Pidge looking murderous.


They had a cut on their cheek just below their glasses and was holding onto Coran. He had a bloody nose.They were surrounded by galra and Lance cursed her luck.


She needed a distraction and she needed time. The black lion was almost at the entrance and she only had around 2 doboshes to get them free and to the north exit before black needed to take off.


Looking around, she decided she needed at least two thirds of the group to leave. Picking up a can and pulling out her spare handgun, she threw the can before taking a shot in the opposite direction.


“Please work, please work, please-“ it worked.


Not as well as she wanted, but she’ll take it. Nearly half of them left, so the just left mostly sentinels. She could deal with this.


Taking down the Galrans first, she quickly shot them before moving so they wouldn’t figure out where she is.


Lance took a breath before launching herself out, taking down each sentinel she saw. 


“GO TO THE NORTH EXIT, I’LL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” Pidge nodded and stood, hands tied behind them. They helped Coran get up before taking off, Lance right behind them.


“Lance, do you have a knife?” Pidge asked as they ducked under a shot. Lance haphazardly took a shot, pulling out a spare knife before cutting the rope.


“You’re starting to sound like Keith!” She laughed. Pidge took the knife and cut Corans while rolling their eyes.

“Thank you dear!”


A Galran came from around the corner and Lance took a shot. Only to be out of ammo. She cursed.


Pulling another knife, she threw it straight at the man. It hit its target.


Slowing down to retrieve the knife, Pidge raised a brow.


“And you say I’m starting to act like Keith.” They took off again and Lance snorted.


“I said sound.” Turning the corner, they bumped into Hunk. Black roared in her mind.


“Guys, we gotta move. Now.” Not even waiting for a response, she pushed the group forward. They were almost their when Lance felt a shot in her shoulder.


Crying out, she stumbled before quickly regaining balance. Pidge threw open the door to see black sitting anxiously. 


More shots erupted and Lance turned back to deflect as many as she can. There were too many for them to not get hit, but she could lessen the amount.


Shiro has gripped onto her hood and pulled her back, forcing her infront. She saw Hunk board the black lion before she turned back.


“Shiro! Let’s go!” They both were sprinting before twin shots hit Shiro. He fell to the ground and Lance cried out before she was hit too. 


Falling beside him, she looked up at the black lion.


Go. Take them and go. GO!


She knew he didn’t like that idea, whining and taking a step forward. He must have understood the desperation in her voice though, as he leaped into the sky and left.


That was the last thing she saw before blacking out.







Waking up was hell. It was like she was still asleep but not. Breathing felt like a chore and and her neck hurt.


Cracking open her eyes, she saw Shiro huddled in the corner across from her. Sitting up, she let out a pitiful gasp at the feeling of a rib shifting.


Shiro’s eyes snapped up to her face as she slowly moved her legs from underneath her. It took far more energy than she wanted to admit, and her head was spinning so much she wanted to throw up.


She didn’t know when Shiro moved or when she started crying, so when Shiro softly butted heads she startled.


“Lance?” It was so softly said, like cool water in the middle of the desert. Each breath felt like her bones were rattling and she said as much. Shiro grimaced.


“You should lay down.” He helped her maneuver into laying down in his lap. They sat there for who knows how long before someone showed up.


“Come on.” Roughly grabbing Lance, she shouted in pain as she was forced up. Shiro’s eyes widened and his mouth opened before he was forced into unconsciousness.


Lance was thrown over a shoulder and carried away into what looked like a lab. Shiro wasn’t taken in with her, so she has no idea where he was.


White hot pain kept her paralyzed as she was thrown down on a table. She was strapped down and knocked out.


The next time she awoke, she was actually laying in some kind of bed. Her ribs felt better and the bullet wounds weren’t bleeding. Looking around, she saw she was in some kind of observing room.


It was like an interrogating room but with a bed. 


Looking down at the bed, she found Shiro sleeping soundly next to her. He was wearing black shorts and...a collar?!


Looking at herself, she found herself in blue booty shorts and a tube crop. Putting a hand on her neck she found herself void of any collar. 


“Blue Paladin, you are awake.” The voice was nasally, but came through the speakers clean and crisp.


“We have special plans for you and Champion. Wake him up.” Cautiously she woke Shiro.


He looked cute waking up, almost like a cat before his eyes sharpened into focus. Jumping up, his eyes searched the room before landing on Lance.


“Are you alright?” Shiro’s hands cupped her face, turning it every angle. She calmly placed her hands on his arms.


“I’m fine.”


“Champion.” The voice scared Lance, making her jump. Shiro pulled her in close.


She would feel guilty about being in Keith’s boyfriends arms if she wasn’t so scared.


“Haggar has plans for you. Very special plans.” The lights turned off, nearly plunging them into darkness. The only thing that was light was Shiro’s arm.


“What do you want?!?!” Shiro pulled Lance closer. She absolutely hated the dark, a fact her team learned when the castle power went out.


“What we want will come later. Right now, rest. You will need energy. I will be back when the lights turn on.”


It was entirely too quiet. Lance could hear her own breathing, every shift of the bed, every ruffle of clothes. It was entirely too loud and quiet at the same time.


“What’s your favorite Disney story?” And that’s how they distracted themselves. Whispering about stupid things and funny stories. When the lights came back on Lance let out a sigh of relief.


“Well blue Paladin and Champion, it is time for the trial.” Gas was slowly filling the room. They knew they couldn’t escape, forced to breath in the gas.


This time when she woke, she was falling out of a pod. All her teammates were on the other side of the room, talking about something.


Stumbling all the way there, she threw an arm around Pidge.


“What’cha talkin’ bout?”