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How to Seduce One Oblivious Idiot

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+1. Ocean Blue

As it turns out, Buck got tired of waiting for Eddie to make a move and took out the big guns. It’s as they say ‘go big or go home’, isn’t it?

Eddie had been agonizing over how to make a move on Buck and show him that he too was interested in seeing where their relationship could go for a week now. He didn’t want something grand; neither did he want something completely casual. He was contemplating just going up to Buck one day and planting one on him when the fates decided that they’d had enough of Eddie’s pity-party. Well, at least he didn’t have to worry about making the first move anymore.

When Buck had asked if he wanted to hang out at the loft on their off day, Eddie hadn’t hesitated to respond with an enthusiastic hell yeah. Christopher was at a sleepover at Hen and Karen’s with Denny so Eddie was free to let loose and enjoy a guy’s night with Buck. Alone

Both of them were wearing soft, comfortable and worn sweatpants and t-shirts, lounging around and just enjoying being with each other. The air between them was charged sexual tension, swirling with potential. Both of them were dancing a dangerous dance, waiting to see who would move first, looking at each other with heavy looks laden with intent. Unsurprisingly it was Eddie whose resolve broke first like a flimsy house of cards.

They had ordered some pizza and were talking about random stuff when it happened. Buck had gotten up to put the pizza boxes away when he accidentally dropped a napkin. As he bent down to pick it up, Eddie’s eyes were instantly drawn to the bright flash of lacy, ocean blue that was peeking out from the top of Buck’s sweatpants that had slipped down a little while he was sitting.

Before he knew it, Eddie’s hands had moved down to Bucks ass, and plucked at the panties. It was as if his mind had no control over where his hands went.

“Ed-Eddie?” questioned Buck, looking back at him with his big blue eyes, looking apprehensive with heat in his eyes and a little bit of hope hiding underneath.

“How long have you been wearing those, cariño?” asked Eddie in a whisper. He couldn’t recognise his own voice it was so low and husky.

“Since before-before you got here” stuttered out Buck with a red face, with a glint in his eyes.

Eddie groaned, thinking about Buck sitting there all evening with pretty blue panties stretched over his perfect round ass and straining over his dick. “Fuck baby. Why'd you wear them baby? Did you want to look all pretty for me? Do they make you feel pretty darlin'?” asked Eddie, moving his hands beneath the sweats and seeing no resistance from Evan, grabbing at Buck’s silk encased ass and kneading it gently.

“I… I… I like how they feel against my skin. They make me feel so pretty and sexy… I wore them hoping you would see them, that you’d like them...Do you like them Eddie?” asked Buck sultrily, looking over his shoulders to gauge Eddie’s reaction before pushing his ass further into Eddie’s hands and biting his lips tantalisingly.

Eddie exhaled loudly, “Dios querido, you have no idea what you do to me do you? What you make me wanna do to you? Fuck.”

“What do you wanna do to me baby? Do you wanna see me in my pretty little panties? Do you want to push your hands down them and grab my dick? Do you want to fuck me baby? Tell me…”

“Why don’t I show you darlin'? You up for that or are you all bark and no bite?” challenged Eddie.

“Oh baby, I’m more than up for it.” And with that Evan made a break for it. Walking swiftly up the stairs to his bed, shedding his clothes on the way. Buck couldn't help but giggle softly to himself, patting himself on his back, glad that his plan worked. Fucking finally.

Breaking out of his stunned stupor Eddie followed Buck’s lead and walked up the stairs swiftly while ridding himself of all his clothes. What he saw upstairs almost made him lose his footing on the stairs, barely able to catch himself from stumbling Eddie couldn't help but take a few minutes to admire the picture Buck made lying in bed in all his naked glory wearing only a pair of skimpy panties that did nothing to hide his impressive bulge. And all of it was for him. Fuck.

Reaching the bed Eddie laid himself on top of Buck and finally got his mouth on Evan, tasting his lips for the first time. Dear God... They were just how he had imagined. Plump, soft and so so pliable. Ravishing his mouth Eddie's tongue shyly entered Buck’s mouth and tangled with his tongue. Both of them letting out little moans of pleasure at finally tasting each other.

Slowly trailing his hands down Buck’s body, Eddie’s hands mapped the curves, ridges and planes of it while moving on from Buck’s mouth to suck biting bruises on his neck. He groaned loudly and whispered Evan’s name like a prayer when Evan trailed his hands down his back and grabbed onto Eddie’s ass to grind their cocks together. The rough fabric of the panties felt perfect on his sensitive flesh.

“Evan…baby please, I can't wait any longer, I need to be inside you, can I please baby? I'll open you up nice and slow and fuck you so good baby... please Evan, tell me I can,” begged Eddie, out of his mind with pleasure and desperate for Evan.

Wordlessly handing him the bottle of lube Evan blushed and said shyly, “I’m already ready for you Eddie… I – I had hoped tonight would end this way and I got myself all nice and relaxed for you… “

“Dios mio, mi amor. You're going to be the death of me. Not only did you plan this, but you also prepped yourself for me baby? Fuck baby, I can just imagine you playing with your hole, hoping it was going to be filled later on I can imagine how empty you must be feeling baby. Let me fix that,” murmured Eddie huskily while opening the bottle of lube and slicking himself up.

Pulling aside Evan’s panties Eddie felt his cock throb at the sight of his tight pink hole glistening with lube and spasming with anticipation. Eddie rubbed the tip of his dick against Buck, eyes rolling back at the feel of the heat and already imagining how it would feel to finally give in. But before he did, he ordered gently, “Look at me baby…” then leaning down to kiss Buck, Eddie whispered in his ear, “Next time I'm gonna take my time with you and open you up on my tongue and then my fingers till you're desperate for me and then, only then am I going to fuck you. Understand?” and just as Buck started to nod his assent Eddie started pushing in, panting harshly at the sinful squeeze.

Waiting for Buck to adjust after he was completely in, Eddie peppered kisses all over his face, and when Buck nodded he started to thrust. Going slow at first, Eddie began to slam harder and faster the closer he got to the edge. He could feel Buck was close too from the way his eyes were scrunched up in pleasure.

Trailing his hands down Eddie's sweaty slicked back, Evan grabbed onto his ass, pulling Eddie in tighter and changing the angle just so. He was rewarded immediately when the next thrust, and each one after that, started to ram right into his prostate. Buck let out a shout as his body jolted from the pleasure coursing through him.

Eddie knew he had hit jackpot when Buck started shouting and mewling, raking his nails sharply down Eddie’s back leaving deep red marks that would be visible for the next few days. Picking up the pace, Eddie started nibbling on Evan’s ear and neck, biting down harshly on the juncture between his neck and collarbone. That seemed to be Buck’s undoing and he came in his panties with a shout of Eddie's name, arching his back. “Aww baby, such a good boy, making a mess of your pretty little panties just for me… Fuck Evan, I'm going to cum,” groaned out Eddie, chasing his pleasure.

Mustering up the last of his energy, Buck whispered in Eddie's ear, “Yes please Eddie. Cum in me. I wanna feel your cum shoot deep inside me and leak out of me when you pull out… please baby, I've been so good, give it to me.” And how could Eddie ever ignore a plea like that? He came almost immediately, moaning and grunting, stuttering his hips, before collapsing on top of Buck to catch his breath.

Buck instantly put his arms around Eddie, pulling him close as he felt his body sag with exhaustion. But no matter how exhausted he was, he couldn’t go to sleep. His stomach was churning, trying to figure what it meant for them now. Would it be the same between them? Or would things change? Does Eddie feel the same all-consuming love and desire that Buck felt or was this just a one-time thing? His mind kept going in circles.

A few minutes later Eddie got up and fetched two bottles of water and a washcloth. Pulling a sleepy Buck against him Eddie made him drink his bottle while cleaning him up gently and taking off his panties finally. Sleepily Buck muttered, “Did you mean it when you said next time?” unable to hide his nerves.

“Oh amor, of course I meant it. I'm not letting you go now that I've got you. I love you, baby. Now please go to sleep, we can talk tomorrow,” said Eddie looking at Buck with eyes full of love and kissing his forehead.

Feeling relief at hearing Eddie’s words Bucks was able to finally give in to the exhaustion pulling at his bones. Murmuring a faint “I love you too” Buck dropped off to sleep tangled around Eddie and snoring softly. Cherishing and committing this moment to memory Eddie too let his eyes close holding Evan tighter against him.

Later, Eddie would take out Buck on their first date. They’d tell Christopher, who would cheer loudly and crush his Buck into a hug.

Later, Eddie would finally fulfil his fantasies and get down on one knee for Buck, who would cry and let out a choked ‘yes’.

But for now, both of them relished in their closeness and fell asleep dreaming about the future.