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Glitching out the System

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Chapter 1: The Entrance Exam

The yellow light hung above his head, the familiar sight leaving the boy to wait. He could hear the clack of shoes moving around him, the sound of rattling wheels being pushed across the floor. The thick metal constraints were cold against his pale skin, the freckles scattered across his shoulders and neck barely visible.

“Ahh Izuku-kun, you’ve woken up. Just in time too, we’ve got everything ready for you.”

Izuku stayed silent on the metal table, his ears twitching at the sudden noise. Suddenly a face appeared in his view, glasses glinting in the light. He knew who it was. The greasy brown hair spread across the man’s forehead, the hair drooping over his eyes slightly. He needed a haircut, Izuku thought absently. Although Izuku couldn’t really say anything his own hair reached below his shoulders. Only thing was he had an excuse.

“Oh I can’t wait to see what this does! It always gives me an adrenaline rush seeing you like this.” The man chuckled to himself, before pulling away from the boy. Izuku heard the clutter of tools on the tray before he felt a sharp pain in his cannula. Moving his neck he tried to view what was being injected into his arm, straining his eyes he caught a glimpse of a syringe filled with black liquid. Before he could think more, his body started heating up. His insides burning like hot ash but he couldn’t take it anymore and he twist and turned against his constraints. The metal pulled tight on his skin, rubbing it raw, a few jagged edges latching onto him and tearing, black blood spilling from the wounds. He felt his breathing catch and heard the sound of manic laughter surrounding the room. His eyes were squeezed shut, his body shaking violently.

It hurt.

It burned.

He could feel his body rejecting the substance, bile rising in his throat as he felt the pain taking over.

“Oh no! Would you look at that? You’re body doesn’t seem to like this one very much! Such a shame...” The man exclaimed far too cheerfully to be sane.

His fingertips scrambled for purchase on the table, his blunt fingernails only succeeding in creating an awful noise against the metal. His eyes burst open as his body convulsed, the feeling of electricity spreading through his body.

“I do hope this helps! This modification could be so much if your body just accepted it. Oh won’t you be quicker Izuku-kun!”

He felt a burning liquid trail down his cheeks from his eyes, eventually a few drops falling into his mouth. He tasted the bitter liquid, the taste of iron from normal blood not present. It burned the back of his throat as if he’d already thrown up and the acid from his stomach was left to linger in his mouth. Before he knew it he was choking, his lungs gasping trying to take in air but only being met with nothing, as the blood and vomit clogged up his throat. Izuku heard the man tutting, his eyes forever staying on the tiles on the ceiling.

“I didn’t want to do this Izuku-kun, you’ve got to believe me; but I just can’t have you drowning in your own blood. It’ll all be over before you know it, don’t you worry.”

“All you have to do,”

Izuku caught him pressing a few buttons before he stood leering over his trembling body, his hands clutching two metal rods with balls at the end of each one.

“is close your eyes...”

The man moved the rods, making them touch his temples, instinctively Izuku closed his eyes as a sharp current ran through him.

He faded from the world, his eyes tightly shut.




His gloved hands held his tail tightly, his nerves running off the roof with all the people around him. He recognised the girl who helped him from earlier and felt like going over there to say good luck. However he immediately cowered out of it at the sight of all the people around him, a tall spectacled boy glaring in his direction which caused Izuku to fidget under his gaze. The fur of his tail fluffed beyond reason at his anxiety. Suddenly the gates opened, Present Mic’s voice ringing out to the examinees’ ears. Immediately Izuku lowered himself and used his legs and hands to burst forward. His stance much like a cheetah running.


The other examinees started up at his words all rushing to get through the gates. Izuku ignored them as he leaped at a two-pointer, his legs coming up to smash the head of the bot. He watched as it sparked with electricity at the loss of its head, the rest of it tumbling backwards before crashing down to the floor. He moved away from the fallen robot in search of more points, coming across 5 three-pointers, 12 one-pointers and 4 two-pointers which he took down in a similar way to the first. Pulling into a tight alleyway he pointed his left hand at the brick wall, his fingers going into a finger-gun position. He let a thin oil black dart eject from his index finger, grabbing it quickly in mid-air just before it hit the wall. Quickly he pricked his forearm with the dart, letting his blood coat the object. He emerged from the alleyway, ignoring the sizzling noise left behind him as his blood dripped from his arm to the floor. The blood would stop soon anyway. He swiftly located a two-pointer which he approached steadily, before jumping up and landing on the back of it. He used the blood coated dart to dissolve the important wires in the back of the bot’s neck. The machine shut down instantaneously. He did this for a few more bots, losing count of his score at some point. He finished up on a bot before he nearly fell off the lump of metal as the ground shook. Izuku watched as crowds of examinees ran past his crouched form, a familiar flash of blue blurring past him. Izuku soon noticed the gigantic robot clunking through the street, effectively bringing a few of buildings down with it. He too was about to join the crowds of runners, knowing trying to face the zero-pointer would be pointless, until he heard a sharp cry of pain. His ears shot up in a flash, his heard swivelling around as he caught sight of the brunette from earlier.

Before he knew what he was doing his feet were pounding into the textured floor, his gloves tearing at the speed he was going as odd pieces of small rubble caught his hands. He cursed inwardly but didn’t slow down, the red eyes of the zero-pointer gleaming down at him, tracking his steps. Finally reaching the girl he crouched down next to her, her eyes blinded by pain at the chunk of building trapping her legs. Using his hands he pushed the rubble up and away, he observed the damage before carefully tugging her away from the looming robot. But he knew it wouldn’t be quick enough. Izuku watched as the bot brought its foot down, the whole area around them shaking and trembling. In a split decision, Izuku laid the girl down in a clear spot, before rushing back to the large rubble piece. Grabbing it, he stood up and spun around, swinging the chunk of building around in a circle. Breathing in he counted down mentally from three. On the count of one he let it go, the concrete flying towards the zero-pointers head at breakneck speeds.

A loud crash was heard by all examinees, all turning their heads to see the boom as the zero-pointers head blew up, the hunk of metal falling back almost in slow motion. Izuku ran back to the girl, checking his arm to make sure it wasn’t bleeding anymore, he picked the brunette up. Careful not to jostle here he looked around for a medic, it was at that moment he caught a glimpse of a small elderly woman passing gummies to any examinees she passed.

Recovery Girl.

Izuku breathed out a breath of air as he scampered over to her. As soon as she saw the duo she frowned.
“Oh dear. Here, place her down and I’ll fix her up.” Doing as he was told he watched as Recovery Girl gave the girl a big smooch on the forehead. Fascinated, Izuku watched as a soft green glow enveloped the girls legs, the redness around her ankles receding.

“Are you hurt dear?” Izuku snapped out of his thoughts, Recovery Girl’s voice soft and gentle. He shook his head. The small pinprick would heal in a few days, and it was tiny anyway. His legs did ache but he suspected that was from all the running and jumping he’d done, along with the fact he had smashed pieces of metal with them repeatedly. But it was a minor detail. Izuku looked down anxiously at the girl, she hadn’t woken yet and he didn’t want to leave her alone on the floor. Catching his conflict Recovery Girl tapped his arm gently.

“It’s alright sonny, she’ll be fine, just help me place her on the stretcher.” Following her instructions he gently picked the girl up and placed her down on the stretcher. Getting a gummy from Recovery Girl he left the exam, his tail at its normal fluffiness as he exhaled a breath of air. Only as he was leaving did he really notice the damage to his gloves. The material was shredded tremendously, the fabric leaving nothing to the imagination. He flexed his digits before begrudgingly pulling the ripped fabric away from his hands. What remained was cold metal, his hands taking on a charcoal grey colour. Looked like he needed new gloves again, it was already his third pair and it wasn’t even the second week of the month. Although he did suppose cleaning the beach was a good enough explanation to Inko why his gloves were shredded and torn.

He made it home in 20 minutes. The walk there was made up of him hiding his metallic hands in his hoodie. People tend to stare when you have snow leopard ears and tail and metal hands. It was a bit of an odd combination. Turning the house key into the door he was welcomed to the smell of spices and the feeling of heat. Tugging his bag and shoes off by the door, he walked to the kitchen, stopping at the sight of a thin green haired woman stirring a pot of carmine coloured liquid. She was humming quietly to the song on the radio, the beat light and bouncy. As she turned she caught sight of Izuku standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a small smile on his face.

“Oh! I didn’t even notice you had gotten back.” The woman cheerfully remarked, quickly placing the wooden spoon down and wiping her hands on her apron.
“Sit down, sit down.” She ushered him into one of the dining chairs, a warm smile on her face the whole time. Sitting down herself by his side, she clasped their hands together, an excited look on her face. Completely unbothered by the fact she was holding metal in her hands.

“Now tell me, how was it? Did you pass? Do you make any friends? Oh, did you see any heroes there?” Izuku let her ramble on a bit, letting her speak as he pet the fur of his tail. Just as she took in a gulp of air to speak again, Izuku let his tail flick her bare forearm, grabbing her attention.

“The food’s burning.” Inko shot up in her chair and scrambled over to the smoking pot, turning down the heat. Izuku wilted slightly at the loss of contact on his hands. Despite their metallic features he could still feel with them, and the warmth when she held his hands felt nice. He heard as she let out a sigh of relief as the food was thankfully not burnt. She turned back to the feline sat at the table.

“What was I talking about again?” She flushed a little bit in embarrassment.

“The exam.” Izuku replied, his hands coming up to tug the hoodie off his body.

“Ah yes, so, did you pass?” The hope in her eyes was contagious.

“I don’t know yet, but the results should be here in a week or two.” Inko leaned over the table and ruffled his hair lightly, before turning back to the pot on the stove.

“Well if you go get cleaned up, dinner should be done by the time you come out.” Izuku gave a little nod of his head before trotting towards his bedroom door. Collecting fresh clothes and a towel, he pulled himself into the bathroom. Searching through the sink drawer he found a pair of waterproof gloves for his hands that he could wear in the shower. It’s not that the water wore at the metal of his hands, it just left his digits a little creaky and stiff if they were soaked in it for a long time. The noise his soaked hands would make was obnoxious and he just took to wearing gloves in the shower.

Hopping out the shower, he pulled his clothes on, all his bottom wear had been modified to fit his tail so he didn’t have to deal with his pants sitting awkwardly on his hips and below his tail. As he walked into the kitchen he was met with the sight of a steaming curry placed at the table, Inko sitting at the table with a book opened in her hand. As Izuku sat down next to her, he looked at the title.

‘50 ways to pamper your cat’

He let out a light laugh at that, catching Inko’s attention in the process, she merely grinned at him with mischief.
“What? I have to be knowledgeable.” She smirked at him, watching him as he slumped in his chair, resigning to his fate.

“I’m not even- You know what, I’m not gonna win this argument.” And with that he dug into his food, grumbling as he did, with Inko looking at her pseudo son fondly.


“The explosive kid looks promising, he’s racking up points like crazy!” Nedzu was watching the screen with pinned interest, but not at the explosive child that Nemuri was going on about. His eyes were focused on the feline who was smashing his bot’s heads off like nobody’s business. And it seemed like he wasn’t the only one. Nedzu watched from the corner of his eye as Shouta sat forward in his seat a bit more, his eyes trained to the screen that was showing the green haired child.

“Nedzu. Could you bring up screen 36?” He grinned inwardly and happily obliged, now given the excuse to watch the boy. Hizashi looked on confused at the screen as he too watched the boy.

“Hey Sho, why’d you think he went into that alley, there was two one-pointers right there?” Shouta hummed in remark, his eyes concentrating on the small movements in the boy’s hands. Suddenly something flew through the air before stopping, having been caught.

“Wow! What was that?!” Hizashi shouted with growing enthusiasm, probably deafening Eraserhead at the same time. With the loud outburst most of the heroes there seemed to collectively look towards screen 36. Watching as the boy pricked his own skin with the dark object, his blood coating the tip. Before anything could be said, the boy was darting off towards another bot. No one seemed to notice the ground dissolving as the boy’s blood dripped onto it. The teachers observed as he jumped on the back of the metal before running the blood coated object through the wires on the back of its neck. The machine collapsing in a heap on the floor. Everyone was rendered shocked, some more so than others if Nemuri’s and Hizashi’s open jaws were anything to go by.

“His blood did that?!” Nemuri leaned forward in her chair to look at Nedzu, waiting for answers. It was Shouta’s voice that saved him from the question he couldn’t answer.
“What does he file say?” Nedzu jumped down from his chair and walked to where the children’s files were. Flicking through them he caught sight of a fluffy eared boy. Picking the file out he skimmed through the information as he made his way back to his seat.

“Midoriya Izuku. Age 14. Mother, Midoriya Inko. Quirk...” Nedzu stopped speaking as he read the letters on the paper. His silence causing all the teachers to look over, the principal’s silence unnerving.

“Nedzu?” Toshinori’s voice rung out. The newest addition to the UA staff, also the most under qualified but with all good time.

“It’s says Not Available. N/A. It also appears he was only added to the system a year ago. Quite peculiar.” He dropped the file down on the table as he stood in his chair, before sliding it down to Eraserhead. As he read through the document, his eyes caught sight of Midoriya throwing a large chunk of concrete at the zero-pointer. Causing it’s head to blow up and fall backwards, effectively destroying it. Aizawa sucked in a deep breath through his nose before rubbing his temples.

“Problem Child.”




“Izuku! Izuku! It’s here!” Said boy burst out from his room and ran to Inko before grasping the letter in his hand and retreating back to his room. Inko waited outside anxiously, her hands wringing together in a clear show of nervousness. It wasn’t long before she was met with the sight of smiling Izuku. His shoulders relaxed and a small smile on his face, his eyes showing his pure excitement and joy. Inko all but burst into tears as she hugged the boy near to death.

“I’m so proud of you!” Izuku gently pat her hair, the letter in his other hand that was wrapped around Inko.

He done it.

He was going to be a hero.

His eyes stung with an emotion he wasn’t quite sure how to describe, the feeling causing both eyes and nose to prickle. Despite the weird sensation it felt oddly relieving, his arm hugging Inko tighter.




“YOU LIED! YOU LIED TO ME! YOU SAID HE WAS SAFE! YOU TOLD ME IF I WENT WITH YOU HE’D BE SAFE!” She struggled against the two pairs of arms holding her back, her eyes glaring at the tall man that had his hand on Izuku’s shoulders.

“Ah yes, but we all lie sometimes don’t we?” The man grinned deviously at the girl, his eyes sparking in amusement as she continued to thrash and bare her sharp teeth at him. She screamed and screamed until her voice was nearly giving up on her.

“As much as I enjoyed watching this, we’ve got places to be. And it seems so do you.” The other doctors pulled her towards the door, dragging her by her arms.

“Say goodbye Izuku.” The man seemed to enjoy the clear distraught on the boy’s face, opposed to the usual blankness he was so used to seeing. The doctor gripped the boy’s shoulders tighter as he spoke.

“Izuku, I said say goodbye. You might as well, you won’t be seeing her again.” Something flashed in the boy’s eyes as he lurched forward, his hand stretched out to the older girl. But the doctor’s grasp on his shoulder stopped him from doing so.

“I’m- I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” His voice was a whisper, as the girl was dragged out of the room.

“You had your chance. Let’s go.” Izuku could only mindlessly follow the man as he was dragged through the building. One thought playing in his mind like a broken record.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.


I’m sorry.



I’m sorry.



I’m sorry.



I’m sorry.



I’m sorry.




























I’m sorry, Hanako.