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A Lewd Shooting Star

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Being quarantined sucks.

There was something strangely novel about it at first, getting a break from all the anxiety and stress of life, getting a chance to live home for a little while and see my family more regularly (and more importantly, my dog.) Classes from home had been annoying, but my more undivided focus allowed for better grades than I had ever gotten in my life. It was simultaneously satisfying and a little disheartening.

Of course, now I was bored out of my mind, though. It was something like 6:30 pm and I was lying naked in my bed, alternating between masturbating and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Switch. It was a vicious cycle; I had seen some incredible islands online, and I was making myself miserable trying and failing to emulate them; and it took a few fingers pumping in and out of my pussy to soothe me. Eventually, however, the inexorable desire to keep playing was enough for me to lick my juices off my fingers to clean them and get back playing.

I had always been a horny little slut, but at least in college it was easy to find someone willing to have sex, boy or girl. And even if there was no one to fuck, I had been taking so many classes I was able to ignore my libido. Now with the goddamn virus leaving me in constant boredom, there was nothing to distract me from the fact that I am basically a depraved bimbo.

I started in surprise, mashing the ‘A’ button on my Switch. A shooting star! I was never quick enough to catch these. Reveling joyfully in the fact that I could finally start collecting Zodiac furniture, I leaned back a little in bed. You were supposed to make a wish on a shooting star, right?

“Man, I wish the worlds of Nintendo games were real so I could leave this dump of an existence.” I looked down at the panties around my ankle, at my quivering pussy, and the damp bed-sheets. “Ugh, especially with all the hot girls there! I need sex so bad, man!”

Wishes do come true, apparently, if you’re desperate enough.

My special visitor did not appear in a flash of light or make some dramatic show of an entrance. Instead, she climbed up on my queen-sized bed and stretched herself out, as though she belonged there.
My eyes went wide. I let out a wordless scream. It would be strange enough if a regular person randomly was flopping down on your bad as if she owned it, but this girl wasn’t…. human.

She was sitting like a person would, and she was wearing a long, pink shirt that went down to her thighs, but she was evidently a anthropomorphized cat; complete with cat ears and a tail that curled around her feet. She had blue fur, but her paws and the tip of her ears were white.

She smiled at me, as though we were friends. “Hi, Dani!”

My knee-jerk response at a (admittedly cute) girl staring at me while I was naked was to jerk my covers forward with a yelp, desperate to cover myself. The cat, losing balance, toppled over, though she landed on her feet. Go figure.

She didn’t seem perturbed, climbing back up on the bed. “Now, what was that for, silly?”


“Rosie?” I said, completely stunned.

“The one and only!” Rosie shimmied over to me, and in response I held my blankets tighter over my breasts. “It’s so cool to finally meet the real you, Dani!”

Okay, so I was probably dreaming, if my Animal Crossing villagers were coming to life. I decided to compartmentalize the fact that I was going insane and instead focus on the massive and infinite questions running through my brain. Clearing my throat, I said weakly: “Why are you in my room?”

Rosie cocked her head to the side, confused. “You’ve never had a problem with me coming in uninvited before. Did I do something wrong?”

God, she was still so precious even in the real word. “No, no!” I said, eager for her to stop thinking I was somehow upset at her. “It’s just…um…. right now I’d like some privacy…”

“Oh, I see!” Rosie seemed to notice the fact that I am naked and hiding my appearance for the first time. “No worries, silly!”

Before I could make any attempt to respond, Rosie reached for the hem of her over-sized shirt and pulled it over her head. I felt my jaw drop as her surprisingly big breasts bounced free, and, spreading her legs to let me see her plump pussy, she tossed the shirt down to join my discarded clothes.

“There, that’s better right!” Rosie giggled, her body shamelessly on display. “Now we’re both naked!”

Bright red, and still unable to look away, I did not react in time to stop Rosie from reaching over and pulling my blankets away. I considered a moment trying to fight for them back, but the sheer joy on Rosie’s face was enough for me to give up. Letting out a defeated sigh, I spread my own legs to give Rosie the same view she was giving me.

“Okay, now that that’s settled…” I forced myself to look at Rosie’s eyes and not…lower… “What are you doing here? I think I’m in shock right now.”

Rosie giggled, and it really was a pleasant one. She was already winning me over. “You wished on a shooting star, remember? That’s why I’m here!”

I suppose that had to follow some line of logic. “Well…okay…” Realization dawned on me. “Wait, so no wonder we’re naked!”

“You got me!” Rosie sidled up to me, her eyes narrowing a little with what was unmistakably lust. “I know you’re wet between the legs.”

“So, you’re here to have sex with me?” I said, very softly. The offer wasn’t unappealing. Now that Rosie was eyeing me up, I felt that it was only fair if I got to look too, glancing from her hard nipples to the tuft of white fur just above her pussy…

“Well, yes, but the offer I have goes a little more complicated than that!” Her tail began to stroke my thigh. “I want you to come back with me to Pleasure Island!”

“Wait, you mean I can go into the game world? Into my Animal Crossing Island?”

“That’s right! You have a big mansion after all. And from there, well, Dodo Airlines has access to thousands of different Nintendo universes. So, there’s basically an infinite amount of cute Nintendo girls to fuck!”

“An infinite amount of…” I let out a little moan, feeling myself get wetter than I already was. Rosie noticed, and pushed me lightly down on the bed so she could lie on top of me, our breasts beginning to rub together. She was smaller than me, and I could feel how wet she was, pressing against my thigh.

“All you gotta do is say yes!” Rosie whispered into my ear, before giving it a little nip. “Of course, once you leave, you can never come back…”

She frowned. “That’s usually the deal-breaker.”

I thought for a moment, of my friends and family. Of my dog, of my hobbies, goals and dream. Then I remembered the fact that I’d been trapped in my house thanks to goddamn Corona virus for three months now.

“Fuck the real world!” I declared. “I want in on this deal!”

“Yay!” Rosie giggled and clapped, before pulling me into a long and passionate kiss.

I’d thought that it might be weird, kissing a cat, but despite being a little softer and furrier, it was just like kissing any girl. Holding her tightly, I practically forced her to start grinding her pussy against my thigh, though she didn’t seem to mind. She was soaked now, and I was enjoying her juices dripping down my leg.

My own pussy screamed for attention, and Rosie answered it by rubbing her tail along my clit. Soon, we were moaning together, holding hands as we pleasured one another.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” She squealed in between kisses, the two of us breathing heavily at this point. She began to lick and kiss my nipples, inciting yet another moan from me. “I’ve wanted to play with your big titties forever now!”

“Well, they’re all yours now, kitty-cat!” I lovingly teased her ear. Rosie had been my favorite villager for as long as I could remember, lived in more of my towns than I could count. It was so easy to slip into sex, to lose myself with her.

Finally breaking the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting our lips, Rosie pulled herself up to a sitting position, though her tail didn’t entirely stop teasing my clit. “There’s just one more thing to do!”

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” I was sure nothing could surprise me at this point.

I was wrong.

Rosie patted a paw on my tummy, and I felt a strange warmth begin to pool within me. “I-I…Rosie, what did you to me?”

“Just one last present for you, Dani! It’ll help you get girls super easily!”

The warmth became intense, building up to something. Whatever it was, it only turned me on, and soon I was humping the air with abandon uncontrollably.

And in a final explosion of pleasure, a cock grew out from under my tummy, just above my pussy. I let out a scream at the orgasm that came with it, cum spurting out of my new appendage and coating both me and Rosie with my seed. This was amazing! Is this what boys felt all the time?

Rosie tackled me in a cum coated hug, eagerly grinding her pussy against my new cock. “Now you can satisfy the girls thoroughly! Even better, the pheromones it gives off act as a great aphrodisiac! The longer you spend around a girl, the hornier she’ll get!”

“Is that so?” I had long since lost any sense of logic, instead opting to go with this incredible experience, and I proved it by eagerly rubbing the tip of my cock against Rosie’s pussy lips. “Being so close to it must really start to be doing a number on you, huh.”

Indeed, Rosie’s pussy was so wet at this point she was drenching my cock. She gave me a lust filled gazed, one that almost made me cum again. “Y-yeah! I can’t take it anymore! I have to ride you!”

With that, she impaled herself on my cock, and we both let out screams of ecstasy. The sudden warmth of Rosie’s pussy caused me to tear up, and Rosie was actually vibrating on my cock.

“W-wow, it’s big too, Dani!” Rosie began to rock her body up and down, and I had to control my breathing to stop myself from cumming. “I can really fuck myself silly!”

She bounced up and down, each of us letting out a loud cry every time she sank down all the way. Out of sheer instinct, I grabbed Rosie’s tail, and she straightened up, letting out a gasp.

“Rosie?” I said. “I’m so sorry, did that hurt!”

“N-no, pull on it harder!” she squealed back.

Apparently anthropomorphic cats had incredibly sensitive tails. Who knew?

I tugged on her tail, jerking it up and down, and Rosie screamed, bouncing faster and faster. The warmth, the way her juices were soaking me…. I knew I couldn’t last any longer.

Closing my eyes tight I let out a scream. “I-I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!” Rosie screamed. “Cum inside! I need it!”

“B-but I can’t!” I cried. “What about- “

She reached behind her, going to town on my clit with her paw. Any reservations I had were gone, and with one final thrust, I was pumping her pussy full of cum. I gave one last tug of Rosie’s tail, and she was gone too, clinging to me tightly and squirting along with me.

Letting out a contended sigh, I flopped onto the bed, holding Rosie in my arms. Just when I was about to something clever like, “wow”, I noticed Rosie beginning to shudder in my hands.

“Rosie?” I stared at her quivering body, concerned. “Is something wrong?”

She didn’t seem to hear me, instead beginning to hump the air, and suddenly I realized what was going to happen a moment before it did.

A blue cock sprouted from beneath Rosie’s fur, and with a scream of pleasure, she shot out cum, covering the two of us the same way I had when I had grown my own. Smiling and massaging her head, I gave her time to ride the orgasm.

“I didn’t….I didn’t know that was going to happen!” Rosie giggled, I wrapped my hand around her cock and began to pump it. It was cute, a few inches shorter than mine.

“Well, then today was full of surprises for us both!” I knew her cock would be sensitive, so I wasn’t surprised when it suddenly began to spurt cum on my breasts.

“I-I love you, Dani!” Rosie whimpered, cuddling into my arms.

“I love you too, Rosie! You’ll always be my best friend!” I gave her forehead a kiss.

“So!” Rosie said, and I was amazed at how peppy she was, cumming about four times and already chipper as always. “Should we get going? I’d love for you to meet the rest of the Island!”

“I think we should shower first, Rosie!” I said, gesturing to our bodies. “I mean we’ve been cumming all over each other the whole night!”

“Good point!” Rosie hopped off the bed, helping me up. “Hopefully, we won’t just be showering of course!”

“Well of course not!” I spread my pussy lips. “After all, I got a chance to fuck your pussy! It’s your turn to fuck mine! We gotta break you in after all!”