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A Lewd Shooting Star

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I had pretty much ruined the Mario formula. The status quo of Peach being rescued and Bowsette inevitably kidnapping her again had been shattered, as the two were now fiancés, evidenced by their public displays of affection. In fact, since the horny spell seemed permanent, Peach and Bowsette had no qualms fucking publically. Those in Toad Town not in the midst of an orgy at the very least saw them and were compelled to masturbate, and I heard Peach and Bowsette talking excitedly about declaring it a law that demanded nudity of all people in the Mushroom Kingdom. With their marriage, they’d have the political power to do it.

I loved spending time with them, but I decided after the wedding it was time for me to start exploring the Mushroom Kingdom again, get to see what cuties were around. Bowsette and Peach were inseparable, and I was sure they’d need some time alone.

But for now, I was taking advantage of the fact that I was with them.

“Gwahaha!” Bowsette moaned and laughed at the same time as she rode me, bouncing on my cock with all of her energy, her tongue hanging out and her massive breasts bouncing. “Dick is amazing! I can never go without it again!”

Her own cock sprayed me with cum, and I giggled, though out of the corner of my eye I saw something. A koopa, female, with a pink bow on top of her head, was watching us through the ajar door. I was just beginning to recognize who it was when Bowsette’s pussy tightened around my cock and I was emptying myself inside her. She collapsed on me, and we drifted off, holding each other close, but my last thought was that Wendy O. Koopa might have liked what she’d seen, judging by the way her hand was drifting between her legs.


I approached her room, and I could hear faint little moans coming from inside. Giggling I swept open the door and walked inside, completely naked.

Sure enough, Wendy’s legs were spread, and she was fingering herself. Like Bowser, Wendy never wore clothes, so I’d been forced to endure seeing her perky breasts, pretty pussy, and thick thighs for days now without doing anything. It was good to finally see her in a lewd manner.

As soon she caught sight of me, she let out a shriek and tried to cover herself. I merely swayed my hips and kept walking towards her. “Hey Wendy! I saw you watching us!”

“G-get out!” Wendy growled, but it was weak, and she wouldn’t stop staring at me. “I….it wasn’t like that!”

“Really?” I sauntered over, climbing onto the bed. “You didn’t love the sight of watching your auntie Daniella fuck your mommy?”

“No,” Wendy practically whimpered, but as I smirked at her, she looked down in shame. “Yes. No one’s ever had sex with me before. I…..I want to feel that way too! It’s not fair!”


She was a spoiled brat, but I was gonna make her feel good anyway.

Grabbing Wendy by her thighs, I slid over to me, and she yelped in surprise. “Well, it’s your turn, sweetie!”

She was still blushing, but she removed her hands, exposing her naked body. Wendy was a little rounder in appearance compared to the other girls of the Mushroom Kingdom, with emphasized curves. Her breasts heaving, drawing my attention to her hard nipples, and her pussy was soaking. I giggled, pulling off her shoes, kissing up her feet and causing her to cry out.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she groaned as I pulled her into a kiss, my cock rubbing against her pussy’s entrance. “You better not cum inside!”

I thrust in, and immediately she began to shriek. It was evident that this situation was overwhelming for her, but I didn’t hold back, sinking in and out of her pussy with all my strength. Her screams grew louder and louder, and I hoped Bowsette and Peach could hear. “So, do you like the feeling of being fucked by your auntie?”

“Yes!” Wendy cried out, locking her legs around me. “I love it so much, auntie! Never stop fucking me!”

“You’re secretly a huge pervert, aren’t you! I bet you want your mommies to fuck you like a little slut! Admit it!”

“I’m a massive slut! I finger myself every night, hoping my mommies will walk in and fuck me good!”

That was too much for me. “I-I’m gonna cum!”

“I-inside!” Wendy pleaded. “I need it!”

“Are you?-“

“Now!” She lifted herself up, meeting my thrust, tightening her pussy around me, and I gave in, dumping my load and filling her womb until it overflowed. She collapsed in orgasm, rolling around in the pleasure, and I wondered if I’d gone too far.

Wendy’s cock grew in, over her pussy, and it was clear she took over her father in length. It immediately began to cum, along with her pussy, spurting all over herself. I laid down next to her, letting her cum on me as well, and soothingly whispered words of encouragement in her ear, making sure she had someone with her as she rode out her orgasm.


In the darkest depths of the Mushroom Kingdom, a few villainesses were sitting around a long round table. Nastasia was sitting straight, notebook in hand, looking apathetic as usual, while Mimi practically bounced in her seat in her maid costume. Princess Shroob staring at them evilly, as if wondering why they were even allowed in her presence.

But none was as fearsome as the Shadow Queen, who had taken a physical form. Her long hair ran over her eyes, leaving her cruel lips exposed. She was completely naked, and her breasts were massive, and all three of the women stared at her lustfully.

“I’ve called you here,” she said quietly. “Because we’ve been given another chance. Princess Shroob and I have been restored to life, albeit without my powers or her powerful armies. Nastasia has an explanation, do you not?”

“Yes,” Nastasia said, adjusting her glasses. “The presence of Daniella’s physical form has brought with her a new status quo.”

“That’s right!” Mimi giggled. “Everyone’s fucking like rabbits!”

“Indeed, sexual arousal has been made far more powerful. I believe it’s logical to assume that it has to do with Daniella’s arrival.”

“It explains my physical appearance as well.” The shadow queen looked down at her naked body. “I’m a being now capable of sex, likely for her benefit. How crude.”

The Princess Shroob replied something in her language, much to Mimi and Nastasia’s confusion. The shadow queen snapped her finger, and suddenly she was speaking their language.
“I’m hornier than I’ve been in years,” she was saying. “I say we capture her and use her to fulfill our desires. Since there’s no, mhm, player influence anymore, the world is ripe for the taking!”

“I’m horny too!” Mimi giggled. “She’ll be our sex slave forever.”

“Yeah, I’m hornier than usual as well,” Nastasia said. “Daniella definitely needs to be at our mercy.”

“Pah, pitiful mortals, submitting to base desires like that,” the Shadow Queen snapped. “I for one will not succumb to such weakness.” She said this, but her nipples were taught, and her pussy juices were staining the chair below her. “Still, I agree that the opportunity is right. Still, with all the heroes around, making messes of themselves, it won’t be easy enough for just us four. We’ll need to build up armies, and I’ll need my old powers back.”

“What do we do?” Shroob asked curiously.

“Visit the other Nintendo worlds of course!” the Shadow Queen chuckled. “There are no doubt others like us, brought back to life and eager for revenge, or else like Nastasia and Mimi, lacking purpose. We will give them purpose, and then I-we will rule the universe!”

The meeting adjourned, the girls moving off to get along with what they were planning. None had noticed the shadow hiding in the corner.

Finally, Vivian peeked out.

“Oh no, the Shadow Queen’s back! I-I have to warn Dani!”