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A Lewd Shooting Star

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Being quarantined sucks.

There was something strangely novel about it at first, getting a break from all the anxiety and stress of life, getting a chance to live home for a little while and see my family more regularly (and more importantly, my dog.) Classes from home had been annoying, but my more undivided focus allowed for better grades than I had ever gotten in my life. It was simultaneously satisfying and a little disheartening.

Of course, now I was bored out of my mind, though. It was something like 6:30 pm and I was lying naked in my bed, alternating between masturbating and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Switch. It was a vicious cycle; I had seen some incredible islands online, and I was making myself miserable trying and failing to emulate them; and it took a few fingers pumping in and out of my pussy to soothe me. Eventually, however, the inexorable desire to keep playing was enough for me to lick my juices off my fingers to clean them and get back playing.

I had always been a horny little slut, but at least in college it was easy to find someone willing to have sex, boy or girl. And even if there was no one to fuck, I had been taking so many classes I was able to ignore my libido. Now with the goddamn virus leaving me in constant boredom, there was nothing to distract me from the fact that I am basically a depraved bimbo.

I started in surprise, mashing the ‘A’ button on my Switch. A shooting star! I was never quick enough to catch these. Reveling joyfully in the fact that I could finally start collecting Zodiac furniture, I leaned back a little in bed. You were supposed to make a wish on a shooting star, right?

“Man, I wish the worlds of Nintendo games were real so I could leave this dump of an existence.” I looked down at the panties around my ankle, at my quivering pussy, and the damp bed-sheets. “Ugh, especially with all the hot girls there! I need sex so bad, man!”

Wishes do come true, apparently, if you’re desperate enough.

My special visitor did not appear in a flash of light or make some dramatic show of an entrance. Instead, she climbed up on my queen-sized bed and stretched herself out, as though she belonged there.
My eyes went wide. I let out a wordless scream. It would be strange enough if a regular person randomly was flopping down on your bad as if she owned it, but this girl wasn’t…. human.

She was sitting like a person would, and she was wearing a long, pink shirt that went down to her thighs, but she was evidently a anthropomorphized cat; complete with cat ears and a tail that curled around her feet. She had blue fur, but her paws and the tip of her ears were white.

She smiled at me, as though we were friends. “Hi, Dani!”

My knee-jerk response at a (admittedly cute) girl staring at me while I was naked was to jerk my covers forward with a yelp, desperate to cover myself. The cat, losing balance, toppled over, though she landed on her feet. Go figure.

She didn’t seem perturbed, climbing back up on the bed. “Now, what was that for, silly?”


“Rosie?” I said, completely stunned.

“The one and only!” Rosie shimmied over to me, and in response I held my blankets tighter over my breasts. “It’s so cool to finally meet the real you, Dani!”

Okay, so I was probably dreaming, if my Animal Crossing villagers were coming to life. I decided to compartmentalize the fact that I was going insane and instead focus on the massive and infinite questions running through my brain. Clearing my throat, I said weakly: “Why are you in my room?”

Rosie cocked her head to the side, confused. “You’ve never had a problem with me coming in uninvited before. Did I do something wrong?”

God, she was still so precious even in the real word. “No, no!” I said, eager for her to stop thinking I was somehow upset at her. “It’s just…um…. right now I’d like some privacy…”

“Oh, I see!” Rosie seemed to notice the fact that I am naked and hiding my appearance for the first time. “No worries, silly!”

Before I could make any attempt to respond, Rosie reached for the hem of her over-sized shirt and pulled it over her head. I felt my jaw drop as her surprisingly big breasts bounced free, and, spreading her legs to let me see her plump pussy, she tossed the shirt down to join my discarded clothes.

“There, that’s better right!” Rosie giggled, her body shamelessly on display. “Now we’re both naked!”

Bright red, and still unable to look away, I did not react in time to stop Rosie from reaching over and pulling my blankets away. I considered a moment trying to fight for them back, but the sheer joy on Rosie’s face was enough for me to give up. Letting out a defeated sigh, I spread my own legs to give Rosie the same view she was giving me.

“Okay, now that that’s settled…” I forced myself to look at Rosie’s eyes and not…lower… “What are you doing here? I think I’m in shock right now.”

Rosie giggled, and it really was a pleasant one. She was already winning me over. “You wished on a shooting star, remember? That’s why I’m here!”

I suppose that had to follow some line of logic. “Well…okay…” Realization dawned on me. “Wait, so no wonder we’re naked!”

“You got me!” Rosie sidled up to me, her eyes narrowing a little with what was unmistakably lust. “I know you’re wet between the legs.”

“So, you’re here to have sex with me?” I said, very softly. The offer wasn’t unappealing. Now that Rosie was eyeing me up, I felt that it was only fair if I got to look too, glancing from her hard nipples to the tuft of white fur just above her pussy…

“Well, yes, but the offer I have goes a little more complicated than that!” Her tail began to stroke my thigh. “I want you to come back with me to Pleasure Island!”

“Wait, you mean I can go into the game world? Into my Animal Crossing Island?”

“That’s right! You have a big mansion after all. And from there, well, Dodo Airlines has access to thousands of different Nintendo universes. So, there’s basically an infinite amount of cute Nintendo girls to fuck!”

“An infinite amount of…” I let out a little moan, feeling myself get wetter than I already was. Rosie noticed, and pushed me lightly down on the bed so she could lie on top of me, our breasts beginning to rub together. She was smaller than me, and I could feel how wet she was, pressing against my thigh.

“All you gotta do is say yes!” Rosie whispered into my ear, before giving it a little nip. “Of course, once you leave, you can never come back…”

She frowned. “That’s usually the deal-breaker.”

I thought for a moment, of my friends and family. Of my dog, of my hobbies, goals and dream. Then I remembered the fact that I’d been trapped in my house thanks to goddamn Corona virus for three months now.

“Fuck the real world!” I declared. “I want in on this deal!”

“Yay!” Rosie giggled and clapped, before pulling me into a long and passionate kiss.

I’d thought that it might be weird, kissing a cat, but despite being a little softer and furrier, it was just like kissing any girl. Holding her tightly, I practically forced her to start grinding her pussy against my thigh, though she didn’t seem to mind. She was soaked now, and I was enjoying her juices dripping down my leg.

My own pussy screamed for attention, and Rosie answered it by rubbing her tail along my clit. Soon, we were moaning together, holding hands as we pleasured one another.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” She squealed in between kisses, the two of us breathing heavily at this point. She began to lick and kiss my nipples, inciting yet another moan from me. “I’ve wanted to play with your big titties forever now!”

“Well, they’re all yours now, kitty-cat!” I lovingly teased her ear. Rosie had been my favorite villager for as long as I could remember, lived in more of my towns than I could count. It was so easy to slip into sex, to lose myself with her.

Finally breaking the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting our lips, Rosie pulled herself up to a sitting position, though her tail didn’t entirely stop teasing my clit. “There’s just one more thing to do!”

“Oh yeah? And what’s that?” I was sure nothing could surprise me at this point.

I was wrong.

Rosie patted a paw on my tummy, and I felt a strange warmth begin to pool within me. “I-I…Rosie, what did you to me?”

“Just one last present for you, Dani! It’ll help you get girls super easily!”

The warmth became intense, building up to something. Whatever it was, it only turned me on, and soon I was humping the air with abandon uncontrollably.

And in a final explosion of pleasure, a cock grew out from under my tummy, just above my pussy. I let out a scream at the orgasm that came with it, cum spurting out of my new appendage and coating both me and Rosie with my seed. This was amazing! Is this what boys felt all the time?

Rosie tackled me in a cum coated hug, eagerly grinding her pussy against my new cock. “Now you can satisfy the girls thoroughly! Even better, the pheromones it gives off act as a great aphrodisiac! The longer you spend around a girl, the hornier she’ll get!”

“Is that so?” I had long since lost any sense of logic, instead opting to go with this incredible experience, and I proved it by eagerly rubbing the tip of my cock against Rosie’s pussy lips. “Being so close to it must really start to be doing a number on you, huh.”

Indeed, Rosie’s pussy was so wet at this point she was drenching my cock. She gave me a lust filled gazed, one that almost made me cum again. “Y-yeah! I can’t take it anymore! I have to ride you!”

With that, she impaled herself on my cock, and we both let out screams of ecstasy. The sudden warmth of Rosie’s pussy caused me to tear up, and Rosie was actually vibrating on my cock.

“W-wow, it’s big too, Dani!” Rosie began to rock her body up and down, and I had to control my breathing to stop myself from cumming. “I can really fuck myself silly!”

She bounced up and down, each of us letting out a loud cry every time she sank down all the way. Out of sheer instinct, I grabbed Rosie’s tail, and she straightened up, letting out a gasp.

“Rosie?” I said. “I’m so sorry, did that hurt!”

“N-no, pull on it harder!” she squealed back.

Apparently anthropomorphic cats had incredibly sensitive tails. Who knew?

I tugged on her tail, jerking it up and down, and Rosie screamed, bouncing faster and faster. The warmth, the way her juices were soaking me…. I knew I couldn’t last any longer.

Closing my eyes tight I let out a scream. “I-I’m going to cum!”

“Me too!” Rosie screamed. “Cum inside! I need it!”

“B-but I can’t!” I cried. “What about- “

She reached behind her, going to town on my clit with her paw. Any reservations I had were gone, and with one final thrust, I was pumping her pussy full of cum. I gave one last tug of Rosie’s tail, and she was gone too, clinging to me tightly and squirting along with me.

Letting out a contended sigh, I flopped onto the bed, holding Rosie in my arms. Just when I was about to something clever like, “wow”, I noticed Rosie beginning to shudder in my hands.

“Rosie?” I stared at her quivering body, concerned. “Is something wrong?”

She didn’t seem to hear me, instead beginning to hump the air, and suddenly I realized what was going to happen a moment before it did.

A blue cock sprouted from beneath Rosie’s fur, and with a scream of pleasure, she shot out cum, covering the two of us the same way I had when I had grown my own. Smiling and massaging her head, I gave her time to ride the orgasm.

“I didn’t….I didn’t know that was going to happen!” Rosie giggled, I wrapped my hand around her cock and began to pump it. It was cute, a few inches shorter than mine.

“Well, then today was full of surprises for us both!” I knew her cock would be sensitive, so I wasn’t surprised when it suddenly began to spurt cum on my breasts.

“I-I love you, Dani!” Rosie whimpered, cuddling into my arms.

“I love you too, Rosie! You’ll always be my best friend!” I gave her forehead a kiss.

“So!” Rosie said, and I was amazed at how peppy she was, cumming about four times and already chipper as always. “Should we get going? I’d love for you to meet the rest of the Island!”

“I think we should shower first, Rosie!” I said, gesturing to our bodies. “I mean we’ve been cumming all over each other the whole night!”

“Good point!” Rosie hopped off the bed, helping me up. “Hopefully, we won’t just be showering of course!”

“Well of course not!” I spread my pussy lips. “After all, I got a chance to fuck your pussy! It’s your turn to fuck mine! We gotta break you in after all!”

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“The world of Animal Crossing!” I smiled, letting out a deep sigh at the breezy air of a beautiful May day. Just like it was in the video game, there was a lazy atmosphere in how the animals milled around, chatting, collecting fruit, and catching bugs. Or well, failing to catch bugs. Part of me just wanted to flop down under a tree and bask, but the other part of me was too damn curious.

“Well, c’mon!” Rosie said, wearing her oversized pink shirt once again, though now there was a tent in it, showcasing her new cock. After fucking in the shower for a lot longer than we’d planned, we both decided it was time to go to Pleasure Island, and after grabbing Rosie’s paw I’d found myself there, in a neat shirt and skirt, though my bulge too, was showing. “I’ll show you to your mansion!”

As she led me across the wooded town, I could not help but notice that the residents were very similar to Rosie in dress clothes; shirts and nothing else. I could not help but stare at Whitney’s wagging lifting up her shirt enough for her supple ass to be exposed. Marina was sunbathing on a lawn chair, having removed her outfit entirely. Though her tentacles blocked her pussy from view, her breasts were on full display, pink and succulent. By the time we past Tiffany as she was bending over to do some stretches, showing off her stocking clad legs, my hard cock was tenting my skirt and my panties were beginning to stain again.

Cookie saw us as we were beginning to march up the stairs leading to my mansion, and she gave us a knowing look at the sight of our obvious erections. Giving me a wink, she lifted the hem of her shirt just enough to flash her pink fluffy cunny before she scampered off, her tail wagging in her excitement.

“The people here are so horny!” I said in delight, pulling Rosie over to me by the tail and forcing a pleasurable yelp from her. Her cock had pushed itself into view, lifting her shirt enough so I could see her dripping pussy and long, gorgeous legs.

“That’s what you wanted!” Rosie giggled, her paw reaching down to cup my ass. “Cookie’s just as slutty as me, too!”

She gestured up to my mansion, and the game didn’t justify how big it really was. I had repaid a lot of Tom Nook’s loans…after all…

“This place is massive!” I said, unable to draw my eyes away from it. “Also kind of lonely. I’m going to live here by myself?”

“Well, only if you don’t bring home cute girls to share it with you!” Rosie licked my ear, her paw moving up to tease my lips. “For now, though, why don’t we visit the bedroom, silly!”


“So!” Rosie said, as though we were having a simple conversation over tea, and not completely naked, rolling around in the sheets and moaning like…well, animals. “Which world do you think you’ll visit first? The Mushroom Kingdom? Hyrule? One of those billion Fire Emblem places?”

She had my legs spread, and was desperately, thrusting her cock in and out of me. It was really cute, she definitely wasn’t big enough to make it all the way, but she made up for it in enthusiasm. I locked my legs around her, just to ensure she’d cum inside me, and answered her question.

“Seems only right to start with the Mario universe, right?” I shivered as I felt her somehow hit my g-spot-she definitely knew where to aim at least! “There’s a lot of cuties there! But first, well…I should spend some time, here right? Find at least one more girl to have a good time with!”

“Ooh, Dani! Do you know who you should fuck?” Rosie’s eyes lit up. “Isabelle! She works so hard and she could do with some time to relax, if you get my meaning! Plus, she’s had a crush on you for like, ever!”

I felt my toes clench at the thought. I grinned up at Rosie. “Thanks for the idea! Here’s your reward!”

I reached around, giving one firm tug on her tail. Her excitement at the prospect of me having sex with Isabelle changed to pure ecstasy as she let out a scream, and a moment later her cock was pumping my womb full of cum.

Satisfied, I allowed myself to relax and cum along with her, eager to paint the orgasming cat white…


I pushed the great oak doors leading into the Residential Services Building, not feeling the chill I expected as I walked inside. That’s odd, there was no air conditioning in this building?

Tom Nook wasn’t in his office, and Isabelle, sweet, adorable, enthusiastic Isabelle, looked like she was about to have a nervous collapse. She jumped up in surprise as I approached her, before she began to wag her tail, a sign that at least she was happy to see me.

“Hi, Daniella!” She said, and it was clear to me that she was trying to keep the strain out of her voice. “Is there anything I can do to help you today?”

“Well, I was hoping the two of us could hang out a little. Maybe stop for a cup of coffee at the Roost?” the poor girl needed a rest.

Isabelle gave a painful sort of smile. “Trust me, I’d love to, more than anything, but there’s still so much I have to do! Tom Nook’s been busy off island, so I’ve had to take on his duties as well, and I have a meeting with Blathers lately today to discuss seasonal-“

“Isabelle, you can’t keep running yourself ragged like this,” I said, both amused and very concerned. “You’re one of the hardest workers I know, but if you’re running on empty you’ll hurt yourself.”
“It’s fine!” Isabelle said, faux enthused. “I got a whole hour of sleep last night, so I’m just raring to go!”

I narrowed my eyes in the most mom-like way I could muster, and Isabelle wilted.

“I guess…a cup of coffee does sound nice,” Isabelle admitted, blushing furiously.

“Good!” I scooped her up in my arms like the adorable puppy she was and marched out through the doors, determined she got a nice chance to rest. Isabelle nuzzled against my face, her tail wagging, and I figured she had no real complaints.


A cup of coffee later and Isabelle seemed much more at ease, letting out a contended sigh and smiling at me. I watched her closely, intent on seeing whether the aphrodisiac was affecting her, and, sure enough, her nipples were visible through her shirt. I had no doubt that she’d be quick to try and get back to work as soon as we finished, so it was important to seduce her now. Once she’d had a good fucking, her body would force her to get a good night’s sleep.

I began to use some of the tricks I’d learned in college when I wanted a good dicking down. Fortunately, I hadn’t put on a bra, so I leaned over a bit to give her a view of my ample cleavage. Now, for skin on skin contact and some intimate conversation…

“So, how’s the dating scene been like for you?” I put a hand on Isabelle’s paw, and she jumped a little, going red. I noticed her eyes drifting down my shirt. “Cute girl like you is sure to get a lot of attention.”

“Oh…um…” She smiled bashfully. “Not really. I haven’t had time to focus on…you know, meeting people.”

“Isabelle!” I moaned. “I know you’re an adorable little cupcake who brightens the world of everyone around her, but you need to take care of yourself too!”

“I guess!” Isabelle admitted, looking very flustered from the compliment. “But there’s so much to…”

“Then I’ll help with whatever you want me to!” I said, reaching over to pet her head. “It gives me more time to spend with you, after all!”

“You really like spending time with me that much?” I grinned at Isabelle’s tail starting to wag.

“I love spending time with you!” I said, giving her a wink. “In fact, when I asked whether you were single, I really hoped you say yes, because I want you all to myself!”

If Isabelle’s blush could get any deeper, it certainly did. “You…you want me?”

“I want you so bad, Isabelle, and I know you want me too,” I whispered into her ear. She nodded once very slowly, and her breathing seemed to get heavier. “I know you’re staring down your shirt.”

“And you’re not mad?”

“Only if you let me get a bit of revenge! Spread your legs for me!”

Gulping, she nodded, and I looked under the table. Her spread legs parted her skirt, revealing a white pair of panties. They were soaked, so soaked that they pressed up to her pussy lips.

“I want you to tell me Isabelle, how often have you fingered yourself to the thought of me? Is it as often as I fingerfuck myself thinking about you? Because it’s pretty often!”

“Probably more often,” Isabelle said, biting her lip. The sight was too much.

“Want to go to my place?” I asked. “You’ll have to be away from the Residential Services Build-“

“Please!” Isabelle whimpered. “I need you so bad!”

I giggled in joy at my victory. It turned out that a crush and an aphrodisiac was a perfect combination. “Then let’s get back to my place. You won’t be leaving for a long time!”

About five minutes later we had burst through the doors of my mansion, and we didn’t even make it up the stairs before Isabelle tackled me onto a couch, and I was caught off guard by how aggressive she could be. Kissing her was a bit different than kissing Rosie; the cat and I had wanted to fuck so bad we were practically drooling on each other, while Isabelle was so slow and tender. We wanted to know each other first, take our time and let ourselves enjoy the fact that we were finally able to do this to each other. I hadn’t lied when I said that I’d fingered myself to Isabelle so often and desperately, and according to Isabelle, she had masturbated to me just as much. It was time for us to hear each other scream our names together.

It wasn’t long before my rigid cock began to poke against Isabelle’s panties, and her eyes widened in surprise.

“You have a penis?” she said in a hushed voice.

I suddenly felt embarrassed. “Um….is that a problem?”

She responded by beginning to rub herself against my length, making it harder, if possible. “In some of my fantasies about you….you had a big, thick cock that left me whimpering.”
This girl was amazing.

I pulled myself up a little, my cock lurching up against her panty clad pussy. Her lips actually parted to meet it, and while the panties prevented it from going in entirely, we both let out a moan as the tip invaded her warmth. Unable to help myself, I grabbed at her shirt, practically ripping off her buttons in my eagerness to pull it off. As I tossed her shirt to the side, I stared up at her furry chest and white bra that matched her panties very well.

“You like what you see?” Isabelle teased, her hands going behind her back. I laughed and nodded, and she winked in response, undoing the bra and tossing it aside with her shirt. White fluffy titties exposed, I immediately reached up to grab one.

“Ah! Aww, I was hoping you liked my boobs, Dani!” Isabelle giggled. Her nipples were erect as mine definitely were.

“Someone seems way less shy now that we’re doing this!” I teased, and Isabelle giggled again.

“You’re basically inside me, Dani! There’s no point getting embarrassed!” she said in a sing-song voice, before reaching down to peel off my shirt. “Now let’s get a little more even, your boobs have been haunting me this whole day!”

I offered no resistance, and soon my bare breasts were free. She lied on top of me, pulling me into a kiss as our breasts rubbed together. Her body was so warm and furry that I felt very safe, almost as if I was at home under a soft blanket. I let out a sudden gasp as Isabelle’s paw worked itself into my panties, teasing my cock, before going lower to sink two fingers into my pussy.

“I love how sopping wet you are!” Isabelle cooed, her tail wagging as she began to piston her fingers in and out of my pussy. “It makes me feel way better about how many pairs of panties I’ve ruined thinking about you!”

I laughed. “Maybe we should trade panties, and feel just how wet we’ve gotten!”

Isabelle licked her lips. “Only if we cum in them first!”

I could not take it anymore. I grabbed Isabelle, practically spinning her body around to give me access to rear, inciting a pleased yelp from the puppy. I yanked off her skirt, exposing her fluffy and thick thighs, before finally sliding off her panties. There she was, a completely naked Isabelle, and I wasted no time in worshiping her pussy with my tongue, embracing the juices that dripped onto my face.
Isabelle squealed in pleasure, thrusting back to meet my licks.

“No fair!” I could feel her pulling off the remainder of my clothes, and soon my cock and pussy felt the chill of the open air. Only for a moment, though, as Isabelle was sucking my cock in the next moment, her fingers going back to fingering my pussy.

Feeling the heat of her warm mouth, her tongue flicking around the underside of my cock, I felt myself almost ready to cum immediately. I became desperate in my own efforts, targeting Isabelle’s clit until we were both shouting out in pleasure.

“That’s it!” she finally cried. “I can’t take it anymore; I need you in me!”

Thank goodness, because I was about to cum.

I laid her gently on the sofa, and she spread her legs immediately, breathing heavily. She was so wet I knew there wouldn’t be any resistance, so I practically dived down on top of her, my cock sinking into her pussy in one fluid motion.

Isabelle’s tongue stuck out as I thrust into her faster and faster, and soon whines and yelps became screams. “Yes, Dani! I love it! Fuck me harder! Make me your bitch!”

“I didn’t know you liked dirty talk!” I cooed, though I didn’t let up my aggressive assault. We were both such horny messes that I was sure we wouldn’t last, and soon Isabelle was locking her legs around my waist.

“Cum in me!” Isabelle screeched out, her eyes rolling up. “I-I’m gonna-“

She was spraying me with her juices, and I couldn’t hold it in anymore, emptying my load deep within her pussy. She moaned in content, flopping down, still trying to recover from her orgasm.
But it was not over yet, little did she know.

Just like Rosie and myself before her, a cock grew above her pussy in one swift motion, much to her shock. It was throbbing, dripping pre.

“Wh-what….I-I….I need-“ she was thrusting desperately, the insane need to cum obvious in her expressions and movements.

“I got you, sweetie.” I pulled out of her, my cock still dripping cum, and lay alongside her, kissing her neck comfortingly as my hand wrapped around her cock and began to pump it up and down.
Isabelle cried out at this intense pleasure, and began to thrust, but I managed to hold her down as softly as I could. “It’s okay, just let it all out for me. It’ll feel amazing.”

Sure enough, she came, showering us both in her cum. As her cock softened as much as mine, she began to drift off, holding onto me tightly and mumbling a faint “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered into her ear, feeling sleep threaten to overtake me as well. My last thought before I passed out in her arms was that I had succeeded, and finally she’d get the good night’s rest that she deserved, albeit covered in cum and naked.

Chapter Text

It was the day I’d finally be heading off to go visit the Mushroom Kingdom, and I would’ve been excited to visit even if it wasn’t to fulfill my sexual fantasies. I had grown up with Mario games, so revisiting the world would be a very nostalgic experience for me. Also a sexy experience, because there was no way I was not going to jump Peach’s bones.
Before that, though, I had made a promise to Isabelle.

Isabelle, Rosie and I were sitting in a circle on my king sized bed, the three of us stroking our very hard cocks. After Isabelle and I had stripped down, we’d given each other the pair of panties we had been wearing, and had wrapped each other’s underwear around our cocks, stroking ourselves through them as we stared lustfully at one another. Rosie had claimed to be content with just watching, but soon lust got the better of her as well and she was throwing her shirt aside, one hand pumping her dick as the other fingered her pussy.

“So,” Isabelle said through her moans. “Is there anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom you have a particular eye on, Dani?”

“Hmm…” I thought, feeling a shudder of pleasure run through me. “The princesses definitely. They’re so cute, I couldn’t help getting my claws into them!”

“Don’t forget Pauline!” Rosie said in almost a whimper. “She’s really sexy too! Do you think you get all of the princesses at once?”

“Imagine that!” I sighed in pleasure. “They tried to hold off from being seduced, but once one gives in, the rest follow, and soon they’re all naked! And once they get the taste of pussy, they’ll be on each other like piranhas! Then I’ll creampie each of them, and they’ll have cocks of their own and be just like us!”

This was two much for the dog and the cat, who let out simultaneous cries of pleasure.

Rosie actually fell on her back, both cock and pussy gushing, and Isabelle shrieked, making sure all of her cum spurted into my panties, soaking them through. I grinned, allowing myself to relax and join them in orgasm, and soon I was cumming into Isabelle’s panties as well.

“You two are so amazing!” Rosie moaned out, still riding out her orgasm as she lied on her back. Isabelle gave her tail a tug, causing the kitty to scream and a torrent of juices to spill out.

“We are amazing, aren’t we!” Isabelle handed me my now soiled panties and I handed her hers back. We put them on, letting out contended sighs at the cum beginning to stain her thighs. “Thanks for the souvenir!”

“Likewise, Isabelle!” I pulled her into a kiss that turned into a three way kiss when Rosie joined in. Soon we were practically drooling over each other.

“Well, I think it’s time to get going!” I said. “What will you be up to?”

“We’ll be having sex!” Rosie said eagerly, and she tackled Isabelle. I left them moaning and giggling, shaking my head at the thought that some might think Animal Crossing to be innocent.


If the world of Animal Crossing was inviting and peaceful, the Mushroom Kingdom was lively and friendly. The clouds and hills themselves seemed to hum, and as I walked down the dock to the bustling streets of Toad Town (mostly Toads, obviously) I was met with cheerful waves and introduction. I was happy to see that, like the villagers in Animal Crossing, the Toads seemed a bit different in physical description to the way they were portrayed in the games. They were still short, but the boys were wearing vests that showcased well defined abs and the girls were wearing tops that didn’t leave their big breasts to much imagination. I was sure I’d died and went to heaven.

Once I’d gotten off the Seaplane, my clothes had transformed, no doubt courtesy of the shooting star, so I was now wearing a pink shirt and blue overalls, complete with a hat win a ‘D’ emblazoned on it. Fortunately, (or maybe unfortunately?) it kept my privates well hidden.

Still, my aphrodisiac power seemed even stronger than before, and it soon became obvious in the flushes in the Toads who had come to greet me. I saw tents begin to form in their shorts, and nipples begin to grow hard through shirts. I was just beginning to think it would be ripe time for an orgy when the serenity of Toad Town was interrupted.

A dozen airships, each with Bowser’s face as their figureheads, flew towards Peach’s Castle off in the distance. Surprisingly, there was no cannon fire, yet the Toads began to panic, screeching and running around in circles.

I blinked. That had ruined the moment.

“Well, I’ve never been in a fight before, much less with an overgrown turtle that can breathe fire,” I said to myself. “Oh, well, maybe it’ll all work out!”
Spoiler alert, it didn’t. But I ended up not having much to complain about anyway.


Like a true hero, I sprinted up to Peach’s castle, which was unguarded. No wonder she was captured so often. I’d played Super Mario 64 and Paper Mario enough to know it by heart. I ran up the massive steps up to the hallway that led to the balcony where I figured the plot was happening…

And there they were. I had to stop myself from fangirling. Peach and Bowser both looked to see who had come in.

“Dani!” Peach said, like she had known me her entire life. She was gorgeous in her pink dress, way more beautiful than a video game could possibly hope to convey. “I knew you’d come save me!”

“Daniella, eh?” Bowser grumbled, folding his arms. I actually had to stop myself from drooling at his muscular torso. “Makes sense that you’d show up. Heh, you’re a lot cuter than I remember you being, though!”

I blushed down to my roots at the compliment. Yeah, I have a thing for Bowser. Fuck you.

“I um..okay so can we skip the kidnapping today?” I asked. “I uh….sprained my ankle on the way here. It wouldn’t be very sporting to fight someone so disadvantaged, right?”

Bowser snorted. “Gwhahaha! This is me we’re talking about! I’m the bad guy, of course I’m not letting this opportunity go to waste! Kamek! Use the horny spell!”

Kamek, who, I hadn’t seen up to this point and isn’t sexy enough warrant any further mention of this story, let out screeching laughter as he cast wave after wave of magic, over us, the citizens of Toad Town, anyone in the vicinity. Flying off to continue his magic, we were left to feel the effects of his powers.

I felt a sudden intense warmth between my legs, and my thighs began to rub together. Letting out a moan, I stumbled over to the railing to steady myself. This gave me a full view of what was going down below.

Toads and Toadettes were stripping out of their clothes, fucking like rabbits all across Toad Town. The sight, if possible, only aroused me more, and I turned back to Peach and Bowser.

Peach was doing her best to hide the fact that she was horny, but the flush on her cheeks and the outline of her nipples still made her arousal obvious. She was eyeing me like I was a hunk of meat, and I figured one of us was going to give in to each other eventually, but then I caught an eyeful of Bowser.

He never wore clothes, so his arousal was in full view. His cock was massive and girthy, pulsating, and both Peach and I stared at it. I couldn’t help but lick my lips.

“Why wouldn’t you get with this guy?” I whispered into Peach’s ear. “He looks incredible!”

“Well,” Peach blushed, but gave me a naughty little grin. “It takes Mario a long time to rescue me. I have to do something for entertainment!”

“And to think I thought you were innocent!” I giggled, pulling her close. We were inches apart, breathing hotly. “Well, you’re giving me a turn, this time!”

“Wait, what?”

“That’s right! There won’t be a rescue this time, because I’m going to be captured along with you!”

Bowser looked like Christmas had come early. “Really? Awesome!”

He grabbed both of us by our arms and dragged us to his Koopa Clown car, the two of us giggling. There wasn’t much room on the inside, so we had a lot of space to fool around in as the car flew over a sea of Toads fucking Toadettes, everyone sure to have a good, sexy time.

Chapter Text

It took a long time for me to wrap my head around the whole, kidnapping thing. I guess it wasn’t very paragon of me to let myself get captured alongside Princess Peach, but there was something strange going on between the two of them that I was beginning to realize, as Bowser’s Koopa Clown Car headed back towards his castle.

When Bowser’s clawed hands began to grope and worship our breasts, I was happy to go along with it; I had a thing for Bowser, after all. But Peach seemed just as into it as I was, and was moaning right along with me. Still, she wouldn’t meet his eyes, even as her gloved hand danced around his massive cock and began to stroke it.

Clearly someone wasn’t being true to their feelings.

Figuring I’d have to help work these to out, I joined her in rubbing up his length, eagerly masturbating him as he worshipped our breasts.


It wasn’t long before Bowser’s cock drenched us in cum, and when we arrived at the castle, we were grabbed by a bunch of us minions, who dragged up us to Bowser’s quarters. They stripped us of our soaked clothing, Peach of her dress and me of my overalls, leaving us both in our lacy underwear. They dropped us on Bowser’s bed, but not before tying us together, robbing us of any modesty. After ensuring us that Bowser would be there soon, they left us to our own devices.

Both still very horny and desperate for friction, we rubbed our breasts together. My cock was fully hard, and our pussies were soaking through the fabric of our panties, so we began to grind against one another, reveling in how much we were turning each other on.

“I didn’t know you had a penis, Dani!” Peach said, her lips an inch away from mine. Her breath was fruity. "I can’t say I’m disappointed!”

“And I can’t believe how bad you have it for Bowser,” I teased. “Why do all these kidnapping shenanigans if you’re just going to fuck him anyway?”

“Well…” Peach had gone red. “I wouldn’t be able to be rescued by you, Dani. This way….”
“You get to bake your cake and eat it too?” I giggled, licking her cheek. “Well it’s your lucky day because I want to fuck Bowser almost as much as I want to fuck you!”

Peach finally kissed me and my mind went blank. We were tied together, so we couldn’t get at each other the way we wanted to, but we still humped at each other, cock against pussy, until we weren’t sure which juices were mine and which were hers ruining our respective panties.

The doors to Bowser’s bedroom swung open, and I could tell from the heavy footsteps and deep laughter that it was Bowser.

“Gwahaha! If only Mario could see the position I have you two in!” Bowser chuckled, descending over us, watching us kiss. With a swipe of his claws, he ripped through the ropes binding us, pushing him onto our backs to see our arousal. “You have a cock, eh?” he teased around the bulge in my panties. “If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you use it on Peach too!”

I let out a shuddering gasp as he rubbed up and down my length, but he pulled his hand away quickly.

“Alright! How badly do you girls want it?” Bowser asked, looking incredibly pleased with himself.

“Please!” I moaned, like a little bitch. Peach’s assent was a little quieter, but Bowser focused on me first.

“To think that all those years you gave me trouble, all I had to do was drag you along too!” Bowser ripped my bra off, letting my breasts bounce out. “Not that I’m complaining, you’re so gorgeous!”
He descended onto my breasts, kissing and licking them a lot more gently than I would have expected, and soon I was putty in my hands. I didn’t even notice that she had managed to pull my panties off until his cock was rubbing up against my lips.

“You uh…. you’re fun with me going forward right?” I was shocked to see a blush on his face. “I don’t want to anything…you’re uh…uncomfortable with.”

I smiled at him, before pulling him into a kiss. He didn’t seem to know how to react to it, but responded eventually. His tongue was really long, and wrapped around mine with ease. When I finally pulled away, he looked stunned and a little dazed. It had been so much for him that I felt a bit of cum squirt from his cock onto my tummy.

“Er..sorry…” he mumbled. “I’ve just never kissed anyone before.”

I giggled. “Now put it in me, you goof!”

He grinned, finally back in his element, and shoved in his cock. My pussy, sopping wet, offered no resistance. He was so massive he hilted me with ease.

It was my turn to be an embarrassing mess. As soon as he thrust himself in me, my own cock shot out a spurt of cum, splattering Bowser’s stomach in the same place he did moments before. He didn’t seem bothered at all, merely focused on thrusting his cock in and out.

It was incredible, I never felt anything so large, and soon I was screaming, my vision going white. My orgasms were frequent and uncontrollable, and soon between my squirting pussy and pulsating cock, I was making a mess of myself.

Something dripped down hitting my cheek, and I looked up. There was Princess Peach’s pussy, descending on me, complete with a tuft of blonde hair. I grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her on top of my face, my tongue lapping at her pussy. Soon her sweet moans were joining my screams, and judging by the way her thighs tightened around my head, I was doing a good job. A moment later I felt a dainty little hand wrap around my cock, pumping it up and down.

I’d never had sex like this before. Each thrust was more intense by the last, and with Peach jerking me off…I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t tell how many times I’d cum, or whether I was still cumming…my legs began to fly around, instinctively trying to escape the incredible pleasure, but Bowser merely pinned them down and kept thrusting. It was out of my hands, he was going to make me feel this good whether my body could accept it properly or not.

Eventually, I must’ve blacked out, because I blinked back into focus lying on my back with a womb full of cum. Standing myself unsteadily on shaky legs, I turned to look at what Peach and Bowser were up to.

Peach was undoing her bra, tossing it aside and leaving her as naked as me. She spread her legs for Bowser, and he entered her, but something was still bugging me, even as my cock hardened again at the sight.

Peach was letting out adorable cries and moans and her legs were locked around Bowser’s, but she would not meet his eyes, she wouldn’t kissed him. Bowser almost looked disappointed, even as he fucked her, but he didn’t say anything.

Something had to be done, but what? I thought for a moment, before a grin sprung to my lips as an idea popped in my head. “Shooting star? I need something from you…”
A Super Crown appeared in my hands.

Crawling up to Bowser and Peach and hoping this would do what I hope it did, I placed the crown on Bowser’s head.

He transformed instantly.

Long, flowing hair like Peach fell to her shoulders, wild and red. She still had powerful build and defined abs, but she certainly had not had breasts eclipsing both me and Peach. Her cock was still there, still inside Peach, but where her balls once were was a plump pussy, which was just as wet as ours.

“Hi, Bowsette,” I whispered in her ear as I began to knead her breasts. She turned to look at me, and while she resembled Peach, she still had horns and sharp teeth. Still, she was adorable, and as soon as I saw her face I knew I had to kiss her.

She let out cute little moans as I took control of the kiss, and as I continued to pinch and tease her breasts, she cried out in orgasm dumping her load in Peach, who let out her own scream, apparently over shock at seeing Bowser become a woman and resigning herself to orgasm.

As Bowsette stumbled back, mumbling about a pesky plumber, I threw myself onto Peach, who apparently had an endless amount of stamina, as she locked her legs around my waist, practically forcing my cock into her.

“I’ve wanted this in me since the moment I saw it,” she giggled, brushing the hair out of my eyes. “And it was a good touch, making Bowser Bowsette.”

“Good thing she kept her package, right?” I giggled as I pushed myself in her. “Best of both worlds!”

Peach’s pussy was warm and enveloping, and as I fucked her, I found myself lost in her innocent expression. We kissed, rubbed ourselves together, stimulating our nipples. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bowsette familiarizing herself with her new body, groping her tits. A hand had found her pussy and was beginning to rub.

It was so hot of a scene that I had to thrust harder, and soon Peach and I were crying out in pleasure. Shockingly enough, soon Bowsette got just as loud we were, screaming and crying out as she fingered herself desperately.

“I-I love you two!” she screamed out so much as she finally came, her juices spilling out all over the sheets. “Don’t ever leave me please, I love you two so much!”

That was finally too much for me, and I exploded inside Peach, my cum flooding in. She cried out as well at the sudden feeling, and I knew in a second she was in for a world of pleasure…

“I love you too, Bowsette!” I said, springing from Peach to Bowsette, bringing the massive girl into a tight hug, mashing our boobs together. “You’re amazing, and I’ll always be here for you! And, I’m sure Peach will-“

We turned as Peach began crying out. Her cock had grown in, and she was cumming all over herself, shrieking in ecstasy.

“Peach?” Bowsette stared at it in wonder.

She was breathing heavily, her cock pulsating. I giggled, dragging Peach over to her. “I think you two should break in your new bodies! Fuck her, Peach!”

A change had come over Peach, and she pushed Bowsette on the bed, who was smiling shyly at her. A moment later that shy smile turned into a whimper of pleasure as Peach pushed in with her new cock. Bowsette’s tongue stuck out, and her eyes were glassy from the new sensation.

“Cocks are amazing!” Peach screamed, thrusting in faster and faster. Both her and Bowsette’s breasts were jiggling.

“I know!” Bowsette cackled, which was way cuter when she was a girl. “Both using them and feeling them! I love being your new slut, Peach!”

“I concur!” I moaned, masturbating along with them.

“Y-you love being my slut?” Peach said, still not holding back on pounding Bowsette. “W-well, I love being your slut! In fact, I love you so much! P-please marry me! I want to be with you forever!”

Tears sprung to Bowsette’s eyes, and she lurched up; an impressive feat, but Bowsette was built like a bodybuilder. Pulling her into a tight hug, even as Peach fucked her, she mashed her lips against Peach’s, and the two made out, so hungrily and desperately I could tell they’d wanted to for years. They were drooling on each other, licking and kissing every part of each other’s faces.

Watching them kiss and fuck was too much for me and I slunk around, lifting up Bowsette’s tail, the only remainder besides her horns of her body before. My cock rubbed up against her ass.

“Remember when you said I’d never use this on you?”

Bowsette, still fucking herself on Peach’s cock, glanced back. “Oh, stop being a wiseass and fuck me in the ass already!”

I giggled, thrusting in. “If you insist!”

Bowsette screamed out, being fucked from both sides now, and the three of us held each other close as we thrust into one another.

I could tell we weren’t going to last much longer; we’d cum so many times, and Peach and Bowsette still weren’t used to their new genitals, but it didn’t matter, we were all so sweaty and horny and loving that it was incredible all the same. Our screams grew louder.

Bowsette and Peach came at the same time, screaming; “Be our maid of honor, Daniella!”

“W-will do!” I teared up myself as I shot my load into Bowsette’s ass.

Exhausted, the three of us cuddled up to one another, slowly rubbing our cocks together. When we woke up, we’d be sure to have more sex, but for now it was nice to be able to revel in one another’s company.

Chapter Text

I had pretty much ruined the Mario formula. The status quo of Peach being rescued and Bowsette inevitably kidnapping her again had been shattered, as the two were now fiancés, evidenced by their public displays of affection. In fact, since the horny spell seemed permanent, Peach and Bowsette had no qualms fucking publically. Those in Toad Town not in the midst of an orgy at the very least saw them and were compelled to masturbate, and I heard Peach and Bowsette talking excitedly about declaring it a law that demanded nudity of all people in the Mushroom Kingdom. With their marriage, they’d have the political power to do it.

I loved spending time with them, but I decided after the wedding it was time for me to start exploring the Mushroom Kingdom again, get to see what cuties were around. Bowsette and Peach were inseparable, and I was sure they’d need some time alone.

But for now, I was taking advantage of the fact that I was with them.

“Gwahaha!” Bowsette moaned and laughed at the same time as she rode me, bouncing on my cock with all of her energy, her tongue hanging out and her massive breasts bouncing. “Dick is amazing! I can never go without it again!”

Her own cock sprayed me with cum, and I giggled, though out of the corner of my eye I saw something. A koopa, female, with a pink bow on top of her head, was watching us through the ajar door. I was just beginning to recognize who it was when Bowsette’s pussy tightened around my cock and I was emptying myself inside her. She collapsed on me, and we drifted off, holding each other close, but my last thought was that Wendy O. Koopa might have liked what she’d seen, judging by the way her hand was drifting between her legs.


I approached her room, and I could hear faint little moans coming from inside. Giggling I swept open the door and walked inside, completely naked.

Sure enough, Wendy’s legs were spread, and she was fingering herself. Like Bowser, Wendy never wore clothes, so I’d been forced to endure seeing her perky breasts, pretty pussy, and thick thighs for days now without doing anything. It was good to finally see her in a lewd manner.

As soon she caught sight of me, she let out a shriek and tried to cover herself. I merely swayed my hips and kept walking towards her. “Hey Wendy! I saw you watching us!”

“G-get out!” Wendy growled, but it was weak, and she wouldn’t stop staring at me. “I….it wasn’t like that!”

“Really?” I sauntered over, climbing onto the bed. “You didn’t love the sight of watching your auntie Daniella fuck your mommy?”

“No,” Wendy practically whimpered, but as I smirked at her, she looked down in shame. “Yes. No one’s ever had sex with me before. I…..I want to feel that way too! It’s not fair!”


She was a spoiled brat, but I was gonna make her feel good anyway.

Grabbing Wendy by her thighs, I slid over to me, and she yelped in surprise. “Well, it’s your turn, sweetie!”

She was still blushing, but she removed her hands, exposing her naked body. Wendy was a little rounder in appearance compared to the other girls of the Mushroom Kingdom, with emphasized curves. Her breasts heaving, drawing my attention to her hard nipples, and her pussy was soaking. I giggled, pulling off her shoes, kissing up her feet and causing her to cry out.

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” she groaned as I pulled her into a kiss, my cock rubbing against her pussy’s entrance. “You better not cum inside!”

I thrust in, and immediately she began to shriek. It was evident that this situation was overwhelming for her, but I didn’t hold back, sinking in and out of her pussy with all my strength. Her screams grew louder and louder, and I hoped Bowsette and Peach could hear. “So, do you like the feeling of being fucked by your auntie?”

“Yes!” Wendy cried out, locking her legs around me. “I love it so much, auntie! Never stop fucking me!”

“You’re secretly a huge pervert, aren’t you! I bet you want your mommies to fuck you like a little slut! Admit it!”

“I’m a massive slut! I finger myself every night, hoping my mommies will walk in and fuck me good!”

That was too much for me. “I-I’m gonna cum!”

“I-inside!” Wendy pleaded. “I need it!”

“Are you?-“

“Now!” She lifted herself up, meeting my thrust, tightening her pussy around me, and I gave in, dumping my load and filling her womb until it overflowed. She collapsed in orgasm, rolling around in the pleasure, and I wondered if I’d gone too far.

Wendy’s cock grew in, over her pussy, and it was clear she took over her father in length. It immediately began to cum, along with her pussy, spurting all over herself. I laid down next to her, letting her cum on me as well, and soothingly whispered words of encouragement in her ear, making sure she had someone with her as she rode out her orgasm.


In the darkest depths of the Mushroom Kingdom, a few villainesses were sitting around a long round table. Nastasia was sitting straight, notebook in hand, looking apathetic as usual, while Mimi practically bounced in her seat in her maid costume. Princess Shroob staring at them evilly, as if wondering why they were even allowed in her presence.

But none was as fearsome as the Shadow Queen, who had taken a physical form. Her long hair ran over her eyes, leaving her cruel lips exposed. She was completely naked, and her breasts were massive, and all three of the women stared at her lustfully.

“I’ve called you here,” she said quietly. “Because we’ve been given another chance. Princess Shroob and I have been restored to life, albeit without my powers or her powerful armies. Nastasia has an explanation, do you not?”

“Yes,” Nastasia said, adjusting her glasses. “The presence of Daniella’s physical form has brought with her a new status quo.”

“That’s right!” Mimi giggled. “Everyone’s fucking like rabbits!”

“Indeed, sexual arousal has been made far more powerful. I believe it’s logical to assume that it has to do with Daniella’s arrival.”

“It explains my physical appearance as well.” The shadow queen looked down at her naked body. “I’m a being now capable of sex, likely for her benefit. How crude.”

The Princess Shroob replied something in her language, much to Mimi and Nastasia’s confusion. The shadow queen snapped her finger, and suddenly she was speaking their language.
“I’m hornier than I’ve been in years,” she was saying. “I say we capture her and use her to fulfill our desires. Since there’s no, mhm, player influence anymore, the world is ripe for the taking!”

“I’m horny too!” Mimi giggled. “She’ll be our sex slave forever.”

“Yeah, I’m hornier than usual as well,” Nastasia said. “Daniella definitely needs to be at our mercy.”

“Pah, pitiful mortals, submitting to base desires like that,” the Shadow Queen snapped. “I for one will not succumb to such weakness.” She said this, but her nipples were taught, and her pussy juices were staining the chair below her. “Still, I agree that the opportunity is right. Still, with all the heroes around, making messes of themselves, it won’t be easy enough for just us four. We’ll need to build up armies, and I’ll need my old powers back.”

“What do we do?” Shroob asked curiously.

“Visit the other Nintendo worlds of course!” the Shadow Queen chuckled. “There are no doubt others like us, brought back to life and eager for revenge, or else like Nastasia and Mimi, lacking purpose. We will give them purpose, and then I-we will rule the universe!”

The meeting adjourned, the girls moving off to get along with what they were planning. None had noticed the shadow hiding in the corner.

Finally, Vivian peeked out.

“Oh no, the Shadow Queen’s back! I-I have to warn Dani!”

Chapter Text

It was the day of Bowsette and Peach’s wedding, the union of the two most powerful rulers in the land, so the showing was massive.

“Dani, would you mind meeting the ambassadors when they arrive?” Peach said as she checked herself in the mirror, looking fruitlessly for any imperfections. “They might need a little convincing, after all!”
“Well, I’m sure to them a naked wedding will be a bit much!” I said, coming up behind Peach to kiss her neck a little. We were both naked; having not worn clothes for days. “Still, I’m sure with enough time, they’ll warm up to the idea. Being around me exposes them to my pheromones, after all!”

“Mhm,” Peach said. “And don’t hold back on that front. I want all their pussies to be wet and their nipples to be hard, so get them as hot and bothered as you can.”

“Will do!” I giggled and saluted. “I better get going then, they’re supposed to arrive at Toad Town today!”

She blew me a kiss as I left, and I felt my cock begin to harden at the prospect of seeing these ambassadors...

When the three of them came out to greet me; Pauline, the mayor of New Donk City, Princess Daisy of Sarasaland, and Rosalina of the Comet Observatory, I was amused to see that they all had very different reactions.

Princess Rosalina, in her lovely blue gown, went bright red, evidently the most introverted of the trio, and didn’t meet her eyes. I’d have to get her to warm up to me quickly.
Daisy had a wide grin on her face, seemingly enjoying the nudity and itching to be a part of it. I could tell she was going to be a fun one.

Pauline, on the other hand, bit her lip, looking down at my cock hungrily. She wore a mask of calm when she looked back at my eyes, but I had a distinct feeling that she might be the most dangerous of the three.

“Nice to see ya, Dani!” Daisy giggled. “But you’re looking a little different than usual, huh!”

I gave her a wink, teasing my cock. “That’s right! It’s good to see you, ladies! I don’t know if Peach or Bowsette told you, but it’s a naked wedding!”

I nodded at two nude Toadettes, who stepped forward. “These girls will take your clothes to a safe place, if you’ll remove them!”

Rosalina gulped. “That’s er…I don’t know how to respond to us!”

“Aww, you’re all just perverts now!” Daisy giggled, rolling her eyes, before gaping at Pauline, who was already beginning to strip. “Already, Pauline?”

Pauline was unzipping her dress sensually. “Of course. It’s only polite to abide by foreign customs, Daisy!”

“Heh, you’re just a perv too!” Daisy said, but she began to strip as well. Unlike Pauline, who was trying to be slow and sexy, Daisy was practically ripping her clothes off, exposing her naked body in a manner of minutes.

Pauline’s panties slipped off her legs, and only Rosalina was still clothed, staring between the three of us.

“I…wow…” Rosalina cleared her throat. “Very well. I think I’m too nervous to strip myself, so could you…”

Daisy and Pauline were on her like hyenas, grabbing at her clothes as she let out a shriek. I felt myself grow wet and hard at the sight of Rosalina being deprived of her clothes, and soon she was naked as the rest of us.

Giggling, I ran over to hug them. Mostly out of affection, but also to get in close quarters. It was important to Peach that I had them aroused after all. Thankfully all three of them hugged back, our breasts rubbing together.

Daisy and Pauline were both staring at me with lustful grins, but Rosalina looked more embarrassed than anything. Just to make sure they were all equally horny, I rubbed my cock gently against Rosalina’s thighs. She let out a quiet moan, now looking just as turned on as her two friends. Satisfied, I made sure all our nipples were nice and hard before steering them in the direction of the castle.

“To think Bowsette and Peach are finally getting married!” Daisy chirped. “I’ve been yelling at them to get on with it for years now!”

“Well, it seems like they’re certainly getting it on,” Pauline giggled. “Considering there won’t be anyone wearing clothes in the wedding!”

“Yeah, once their cocks grew in they’ve been pretty obsessed with sex!” I said. “Not that I’m anyone to talk!”

“Yup, we all know that you’re the sluttiest of all, Dani!” Daisy gave my butt a firm squeeze before mock gasping. “Why, is that pre-cum on the tip of your dick? How scandalous!”

I looked down, and sure enough, pre was beginning to spill. “W-well, it’s not like I don’t see you dripping either!”

Daisy looked down at her juices running down her thighs and giggled, throwing her arms around me. “Touche. Guess we’re both just massive sluts, then!”

“I can live with that!” I kissed her on the cheek, joining her in laughter.

Suddenly, I felt Pauline’s breasts press up against my back, and yelped as her dainty hand teased up my cock. Her finger captured the bit of pre nestling at the tip, and she brought it to her mouth, licking it off.

“Now, you’re all cleaned up,” she said seductively through heavily lidded eyes. “Let’s save some cum for the ceremony, shall we? I want to see you get so turned on that your pre drips all the way down to the floor.”

With that, she walked on ahead of us, her hips swaying and showing off her butt.

“She’s so hot!” I practically moaned, teasing Daisy’s breast as she rubbed my butt.

“I know!” Daisy agreed. “I lose my mind just about every time I look at her!”

“Me too,” Rosalina admitted behind us. We both turned to grin at her.

She blushed, but her thighs were shamelessly rubbing together. “What? I may not be as experienced as you two, but that doesn’t mean I’m not just as wet!”

Daisy and I shared a smirk, before tackling her with kisses and teases. She squealed with delight, and I was happy to see her loosening up. Her own hands even found my breasts at one point.
Still, the wedding would be soon, so I urged them after Pauline instead of having a threesome on the street, as fun as that would be.


It turned out that Pauline had been right. I had gotten so turned on that precum was dripping down my cock and onto the floor, and, since I was the maid of honor, I was in full view. Since everyone was as naked as I was, they couldn’t hide their arousal either, and it worked as a vicious cycle, turning me on even more.

The ambassadors weren’t helping matters. Daisy and Rosalina were both staring at Peach and Bowsette, biting their lips and looking like they were about to jump them. Pauline had attached herself to me, her hands running along my body. In truth, I was about to explode. And then there was Wendy, who was openly masturbating in the corner, finger up her snatch and hand around her cock.

But none were as horny as Bowsette and Peach themselves, who only had eyes for each other now, holding hands lovingly as they faced each other. Their cocks met in the middle and were rubbing together, pre dripping down on each other so much I couldn’t tell who’s was who’s.

Before the wedding even came to a close, Pauline screamed out. Everyone turned to watch. Her sexy, calm facade gone, she was rolling on the floor, jerking off her brand new cock and whining like a bitch in heat. As everyone took this in, I came to two conclusions.

Simply taking my cum into their bodies was enough for someone to become a futa; a single drop had been enough for Pauline.

And second, the wedding was about to become an orgy.

Sure enough, Peach tackled Bowser in a kiss, and was already inside her a second later, the two of them screaming out their vows. Then the audience cracked, Toads and Toadettes beginning to kiss and grind against one another.

Pauline’s new state of mindless pleasure was my responsibility, so I spread her legs and sat on her cock, beginning to bounce. Both of us cried out, but while she had completely lost it, rolling her hips to fuck my pussy desperately, I was able to maintain some sense of self and look around the room.

Daisy was being double teamed by two Toads as she licked Toadette’s pussy, and she winked at me when she caught me staring, giving me a peace sign.

Rosalina was slumped down, driving the end of her wand in and out of her pussy desperately. I was happy to see her in the swing of things.

Bowsette and Peach were almost as insane as Pauline was underneath me, scissoring as they jerked off each other’s cocks. I watched their cocks cum at the same time, before Bowsette pushed Peach down and began to worship her butt with her tongue. They had really gotten kinky lately!

That was my last thought, before a cock pushed into my own asshole without warning. I let out the loudest scream yet, my eyes flashing behind me to see who had done it.
Wendy was smirking at me. “Time for my revenge!”

Then she was fucking me, and Pauline pulled me down to her level in sloppy kiss. I was just as mindless a slut as she was at that point in the double penetration I was getting, and soon I was fucking myself against them, lost in a haze of lust.

They were both cumming in me, and I collapsed, shivering. I watched Pauline wheel on Wendy, pushing her down and shoving her cock into her ass, her hand jerking off Wendy’s penis to get it hard again.
I tried to rise, but fell down again, already beginning to drift off.

I really needed some better stamina.

Chapter Text

I woke up, cuddling with Pauline and Wendy. Wendy was unconscious, legs spread wide. There was still cum pouring out of her womb, and her used cock was lying on her stomach. She was covered in cum.

Pauline, however, was awake, and was slowly teasing my cock in her hand. As my eyes met hers, she smirked and gave me a wink.

Someone had moved us to my bed, which was kind of them, though we had pretty much ruined the sheets. Still, I could hardly complain when Pauline took my cock in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down.

It turned out Pauline was a professional cocksucker, and I was still sensitive, so it was not long before I was ready to orgasm. She popped me out of her mouth and stroked rapidly so I shot my cum all over my tits.

“We really need to teach you stamina, honey!” Pauline chuckled before moving up to kiss me.

“I know!” I mumbled. “Well, I guess the only solution is to keep having sex until I last longer!”

Pauline laughed at that. “There are worse ways of training, I’m sure!”


The ambassadors had decided to stay for a while, agreeing that the celebrations for Bowsette and Peach’s wedding were worth staying for. I was happy to learn that Daisy, Pauline, and even Rosalina had opted to stay naked for as long as they stayed. I was planning on meeting Daisy, who was extremely interested in the cock Pauline had grown. I was excited to give her one as well.

Before I could even close half the distance to the bar we had planned on meeting, I was ambushed.

A shadowy form wrapped themselves around me, and a hand clasped over my mouth before I could scream out. Whoever had grabbed me had soft breasts pressing against my back, and somehow that calmed me down, but I whimpered as I materialized away, reappearing in a bedroom with purple walls.

“Sorry about that!” a girls’ voice said, and the hand left my mouth. “But I wanted to get you alone so I wouldn’t cause a panic!”

I turned around on the bed we were sitting in, and I blinked in surprise. It was Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. She didn’t wear clothes, and as a result she was as naked as I was. What surprised me most was that she had a penis and testicles between her legs instead of a vagina, though she had ample breasts. She seemed to notice I was naked too and blushed furiously.

“Hi Vivian!” I smiled, genuinely happy to see her, and not just because she was adorable. “Why did you kidnap me? Are you working for an evil corporation again?”

Vivian finally smiled, and we hugged. “Surprisingly, no, Dani! It’s great to see you, but er…I’m afraid I have bad news. The Shadow Queen is back, and she’s in a sort of…human form?”

“Human form!” I thought for a moment. “Is she hot?”

Vivian blushed even more red. “Dani! That’s not important! Even if it’s true!”

“Then we’ll seduce her, obviously!” I giggled. “I think that’s why she must have been brought back, right? I wished on a star and now everything is way sexier!”

“I um…noticed.” Vivian was eyeing my breasts, and to my delight her purple cock was beginning to harden. Of course, that set me off too, and Vivian gasped. “You…you have one too?”
“Yeah!” I giggled. Both of our penises now stood at attention. “Looks like it’s bigger too!”
“My cock isn’t that small!” Vivian protested. “I-is it? I’d understand if you didn’t want to-“
I interrupted her by pulling her into a kiss. “I definitely want to.”
“Oh!” Vivian smiled broadly. “Yay!”
We kissed, massaging each others breasts, and Vivian’s wispy tail wrapped around my body, pulling me close to her.

“What about…the Shadow Queen? You think we can just seduce her and everything will be fine?”

“Well, did she seem horny when you spied on her?”

Vivian grinned in a very lewd way. “She was soaking her chair! I licked some of it up!”

“You naughty little girl!” I squealed in delight. “I’m going to have to punish you for that!”

“Please do!” Vivian spread her butt cheeks, shaking her ass enticingly. “I’ve been so naughty!”

Her ghostly figure made it easy for me to drive my cock in, and soon we were crying out and moaning in sync, my own hand wrapping her length and jerking it off as her balls snapped against my thighs.
“I’m going to make you blow your load all over your bed, Vivian!” I whispered in her ear. “I’m gonna make you ruin the sheets, and then we’re going to sleep in it, because we’re both dirty sluts!”
“Y-yes! A-nd you better fill my ass up with cum, because I’ll be sure to return the favor!”

At that, I lost it, and found myself flooding into Vivian’s ass. She lost control as well and began spilling cum all over the bed.

It seemed like she tired out just as easily as I did, because we collapsed together, holding each other close.
“Mm….love you…” she whispered into my chest.

I kissed her forehead. “Love you too.”

The prospect of facing the Shadow Queen wasn’t scary; in fact it was exciting. If I could get Peach and Bowsette married and fucking, I could do anything, right?