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Sometimes the Sunshine is too Bright

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Doctor's Office, toilet. Morning.

Inside the toilet cubicle, Win sat on the toilet. He hung his head low. It was another disappointing visit to the doctor. It had been four years of check-ups and treatments from doctors locally and abroad. Still nothing. Still, his condition was the same as it had been when he discovered it.


It's a well-kept secret that only he, himself, and the specialists that he had attend him know. He had been living in shame about it and hiding the truth made others think that he was some standoffish rich guy. Although that didn't stop the ladies from flocking to his side each time the spot there had emptied. Well, he was rich, he was blessed with good looks, and he was a rising entrepreneur. With the help of his family name, life had been easy for him. However, his intellect and skills weren't lacking. It was just the gods gave him both talent and luck to succeed in life.
But in his romantic life? Every relationship seemed like the last one. It wasn't like he was a playboy. He wanted to make it work with Peach, with Stacy, with Kitty, with Grace, with Charity, and with- so many others. However, the hindrance to his happily ever after was his condition.
Win found out about it when he was seventeen. He and his then-girlfriend, Fern, agreed to lose their virginity right before they separate ways for college. Fern was going to London and he was to go to the US for university. He didn't know why his junior didn't wake up despite the heavy petting they had done. In the end, Fern got scared and stopped everything. He had been so confused about everything that happened, that they parted ways never mentioning anything about it. They broke up a year after that day.


After that, Win dated again. Still, it was the same. His nether regions refused to cooperate with what he wanted. He went to temples, churches, and traditional herbalists. Nothing. He refused to research on the internet thinking that it might make the idea about his problem too real. But desperation led him to WebMD and it affirmed his suspicion. He didn't want to believe it.


He had ED. Erectile Disfunction.


And although he dreaded to go to a specialist, he forced himself. The first doctor diagnosed him with ED, he refused to believe it. He asked for a second opinion, a third, and a fourth. All diagnoses were the same. He had ED and he hated it, but he was able to confirm what he knew all along.


Denial is not a river in Egypt and he had to accept the fact that he had the disorder.
The upside was that the doctors he saw were positive and promised that continued treatments would be beneficial. However, three years without much result was wearing his hope down.
Mentally and physically, he was exhausted.

Mentally and physically, he was exhausted
He slapped himself with both hands. His cheeks reddened and throbbed with pain, but it got him out of his slump. "Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, your mother never raised a quitter! Fight! Fight! FIGHT!!!!"


"I'm with you, man! Don't give up!" Somebody said encouragingly.
Shocked, Win stuttered a thank you.


He needs to learn how to stop himself from speaking his thoughts out loud.




Win's condo, living room. Same day, afternoon


After his doctor's appointment, Win was feeling down. He didn't even stopover for lunch and his appetite decided to take a break. Despite his self-encouragement, the reality was never changed, he was still out of options. He knew he needed something to take his mind off of his recent disappointment, and luckily, he knew the best person to cheer him up. He took his phone out and sent a text to his sister. He took his phone out and sent a text to his sister


Hey, sis! You have any plans tonight? - Win

HU? - Maew

Haha, very funny. I need a pick me up.- Win

Sth wrong? -  Maew

Work stuff. - W

Win, if u'r on the prowl again, I swear to God! I won't let u break another poor girl's </3.- Maew

First of all, I tried to make every rel. work.  S econd,  hey broke up with me. - Win

Sure... - Maew
I just need to get out of my head. - W

Fine. I need a plus one anyway. Dress to impress.

Pick me up at 8 sharp. Maew

Where to? - Win Sis? - Win Damn it! - Win Fine. 8 it is. - Win

Good boy.  Maew