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Miss Crow’s Home For Peculiar Children

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For the first time in nearly a year the sound of Yaz’s alarm clock wasn’t just a noise she ignored, wishing she could spend the day in bed, hiding from everyone. She put on her school uniform, but replaced the books in her bag with her jeans, converse, white blouse and the leather jacket from her birthday last year. Knowing she had only a few minutes before Sonya woke up, demanding that Yaz wait for her so they could walk to school together, she waved goodbye to her parents, mumbling something about not wanting to be late because of her sister and hurried out of the front door. She had thought that getting out of the flat without any questions would be difficult until it hit her that the next task including getting to the forest without anyone asking why she wasn’t in school.
“Chin up. Act like you own the place” was always the advice for getting away with pretty much anything. Yaz shook her head as she crossed the road. That would never work, if she was seen acting confident that would immediately be suspicious. She found it easier to keep her head down and hurry.

Once she had reached the tunnel and was confident that no one was around, Yaz quickly changed into the clothes she had packed and headed into the darkness, excitement bubbling up inside at the chance to go back to this almost perfect world. Clara and Bill were waiting by the tunnel on their side, with two other girls who introduced themselves as Rose and Amy. Clara explained that everyone else was at the house eating breakfast, so she had a chance to get to know everyone.

It appeared, Yaz decided, that breakfast in that house was the most utterly chaotic thing she had ever encountered. The dining room was filled with people all talking excitedly. Clara cleared her throat, but the noise continued. A few attempts later she turned to Amy with a pleading look.
“EVERYONE SHUT UP,” Amy yelled, small flames flickering around her hands and arms. The noise immediately died down, everyone giving Amy their most apologetic look, including the only adult there, a middle aged woman with dark hair and Victorian clothes. Amy smiled back as the flames disappeared. Clara stepped forward.
“For those of you who didn’t meet her yesterday, this is Yaz”, she announced, pointing to Yaz, who just waved, suddenly shy in front of all these new people.
The following, almost awkward, silence that followed was broken a couple of seconds later as a boy reached out to shake her hand.
“Jack Harkness, but you can call me Captain,” he said. He had an American accent and the whitest smile and Yaz felt like she could stare into his eyes for hours. She suddenly had butterflies in her stomach and she felt the overwhelming urge to kiss him. For a moment she felt like she had found someone to spend her life with, and then he let go of her hand. The feeling disappeared as suddenly as it came. He laughed. “As long as a person is touching me they are in love with me. Don’t worry, it wears of after a while. 50 handshakes from now and you’ll just want to be my friend”.

“An odd experience isn’t it?” someone else joined the conversation, “I’m River Song and if you want I can make you forget you felt like that for that idiot. I can erase everything stored in your short term memory”
Thete put his arm around River. “Don’t do that dear, then she won’t remember the warning next time he tries it” he ignored River’s disappointed groan. “my peculiarity is honestly not a very useful one. I can play any piece of music perfectly after just hearing it once”
Next was Pluto, who had short black hair and big ears and could speak every language, then John in the navy blue suit who could run incredibly fast, even in the knee deep snow. Rose could talk to dogs and wolves, which she demonstrated by having a conversation with the small silver haired dog the group had creatively named “K9”. Bill could teleport short distances (though she was sure that with practice she could one day make it all the way to the moon and be home in time for tea). The girl sitting next to Vastra was Jenny, who had lightning fast reflexes, and Strax had superhuman strength. The boy Amy sat next to was Rory, who could control water, saying it made him perfect for Amy. Qui was the one with the big chin and the bow tie and the ability to jump two stories high, which they decided not to demonstrate inside, and the girl with the ability to heal all flesh wounds and working towards more major injuries was Martha. Finally was Jane, who hadn’t been there for most of breakfast, but had to be dragged out of the greenhouse by Clara while everyone else was introducing themselves. Unsurprisingly, Jane could encourage plants to grow and move the way and speed she wanted them to. Before Yaz could say anything, Missy announced that she was bored, that she was going to destroy some things and that she expected all of the household chores to be done by the time she got back. With that, she transformed into a crow and disappeared out the window.
“When the loop resets, so does the town. The 15th of December just starts over and we’re the only ones that can remember. No one in town remembers what she did yesterday, and tomorrow they won’t remember what she’s doing today. She does it mostly because she doesn’t like caring for us, but it’s her duty as an ymbryne. That’s why she waited until most of us were old enough to look after ourselves before she set up the loop” Clara quietly explained to Yaz, who still felt a little overwhelmed with all of the introductions. “Anyway,” Clara continued, “you still haven’t told us what your peculiarity is”
Yaz laughed nervously.
“I don’t have one. I’m just a common person”
This time everyone else laughed.
“You have to have one” Amy called over the laughter. “Only Peculiars can come through time loops”
Yaz felt like she was going to faint for the second time in two days.