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The Conversational Omelet

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Loud pounding on the door awoke Daigo from a deep sleep; Daigo woke up with a jolt, no one should be here— springing up out of bed and quickly to his apartment door.

Daigo made sure to grab a gun for his paranoid self. Slowly working the front door; the pounding against the dark wood kept going. Jesus Christ. Whoever this is seems like they are just going to break the fucking door or what?

Taking the door knob in his hand, he slowly turned it before yanking the door open as quickly as possible before aiming his gun at the perpetrators. Oh. Well.. I guess just.. one perpetrator then.. one large blond man.

“Jesus Christ, Ryuji! You scared the absolute shit out of me.”

The big blond man didn’t even look fazed by the gun that was just pointed at his face, “Nice to see ya too, Daigo.” Ryuji waited a beat before speaking up again, “so... can I come in?”

Daigo rolled his eyes; he paused, he was thinking before he answered with a ‘no’ and tried to slam the door on Ryuji’s face.

With a loud ‘HEY!’ The door clicked closed; Daigo had a hard time trying to keep the smug smirk off his lips. It doesn’t take long before the apartment’s door is being swung open.

Ryuji’s got a big pout on his face before letting out a dramatic huff. “Daigo..!!” Letting out a big whine, “Why do ya hate me?”

Raising an eyebrow, “And why are you coming over my apartment at..” Daigo pulls out his phone to look at the time, “1 o’clock in the fuckin’ morning? Ryuji I have to sleep.” Turning, he placed the gun on the nearest surface just to get it out of his hands.

“Ryuji..?” waiting a beat to get a reaction from the bigger man, “I do have.. one more question..” Daigo sees Ryuji looking at him with slight confusion waiting for the smaller man to continue, “what are you doing all the way in Kamurocho..?”

Letting a small chuckle escape Ryuji’s mouth, he slowly approached him, there’s a softness in his mannerisms.. not often he gets to see Ryuji like this. “Good ole dad sent me out to do some boring fuckin’ business.. took a detour though...” he flicked his eyes up at Daigo, love blooming in the iris the more he looked at Daigo, “wanted t’see ya..” Ryuji’s oversized hand came up to the smaller man’s face; two fingers placed under Daigo’s chin and gently tilted it upwards. Voice softer than it’s ever been, warms Daigo’s heart, “I missed ya..”

At first, Daigo had a light smile forming on his lips before he shook his head and forced himself to not turn away from Ryuji. As much as he wants to give in he knows he can’t.. Dojima had already been on his case about this and he doesn’t want it to be any worse. “You— you know we can’t..” Daigo downcasted his gaze to the floor.

Ryuji’s hand moved from his chin, to slowly move up to gently hold his face. Letting out a sigh of content he leans against his touch and shuts his eyes. He gave in.

“Pfft. Babe. Since when did either of us listen to those old men? Fuck their shitty ass rules,” Ryuji’s voice was soft; though it carried a that rebellious energy he loves so much. “Cause like, babe. Fuck your dad, who cares what he fuckin’ thinks. I’ll punch him in the puny dick.”

Letting out a loud snort, Daigo shook his head giving his cheek a little pat, “You truly are something else, aren’t you, Goda.”

A surprised ‘Goda?!’ Was heard as they laughed and got comfy in each other’s embrace; he wrapped his arms around Ryuji’s neck. Ryuji’s got a toothy grin now plastered on his lips as he speaks in just above a whisper, “Yeah.. but ya like that.. don't ya Daigo..?”

“Well.. you know me..” Lips are ghosting one another now, breath splaying as they look like we’re going to devour one another.. “..I like my men a little dumb and rebellious.” Daigo lets out a small sigh and yanks Ryuji into a full on kiss; Daigo’s hands are gripping each side of Ryuji’s face, lips are working together.

The smaller man could feel arms being wrapped around his waist feeling the heat engulf him. Soft whispers of ‘Ryuji’ heard between gasps; whimpers.. wanting to get closer..

Breaking away from the kiss, Daigo gave Ryuji a coy smile as he rubs his hand gently on his chest. He whispered into Ryuji’s ear, “Come on big boy.. let’s take it to my room, hm?”

The bigger man let out a throaty laugh of excitement, practically picking up Daigo and rushing him into the bedroom. He plans to waste no time, wanting to savor any moments he can with Daigo.

The Next Morning

Eyes not open yet, but he could tell there was something missing next to him.. bed felt colder than it did last night. That’s.. strange.

Daigo cracked open an eye, almost completely blinded by the morning light trying to filter in through the blinds. “Ryuji..?” He slowly starts to sit up in bed; blinking and rubbing away the sleepiness and took a look around the room for any sight of the blond man. However.. nothing..? Was he finally losing it to his loneliness? Oh god.

In almost an urgent state, Daigo hopped out of bed, quickly put on a pair of sweatpants and ventured out into his apartment. Slowly surveyed the living room for Ryuji; He called out a few times, yet got no response. Daigo anxiously ran his fingers through his hair, gripping it tightly before letting it out, was his nervous habit. “Ryuji please..” he was just about to give up and crawl back into bed never to leave his apartment again.

He turned to head back to his room, a big slump in his composure; did he even come here last night? Fuck. He knows he did. Now it goes to the question of did he just use him like some play thing? Gone the second the sun rose? Fucking hell, Ryuji. Shit.


Freezing on the spot, Daigo near spun around now facing the complete opposite direction. Oh my god. that was from the kitchen. He’s in the kitchen. Daigo started to run, face lit up and he nearly tripped making it to the kitchen.

Sliding to an immediate halt he peeked his head into the room and low and behold.. there he is.. he felt an immediate wave of relief wash over him.

Daigo was hit with an incredible smell. Oh my god. Is he cooking breakfast? For him? Heart swelled seeing Ryuji in front of the stove, looking down at whatever he was making in the pan, some light music being played not loud enough to be heard out of the room but enough to not hear Daigo’s light cries for him. He is clearly happier than he’s ever seen, and Daigo can hear him humming along to the music.

His eyes ventured down to where Ryuji’s skilled hands were working, holding the handle to a decent sized skillet. He stood higher on his feet to see what’s in it— it’s an omelet!

“Hey,” Daigo leaned against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest like he wasn’t just panicking no more than five minutes ago, “whatcha making..?” Daigo, he’s cool.. calm.. and collected.. that’s right, nothing out of the ordinary.

Ryuji jumped slightly as he turned around to see Daigo looking at him with a cat-like grin. “H-hey! Babe. What're ya doin’ up already!”

“Woke up and you weren’t there..”

Nervously laughing, Ryuji scratched the back of his neck, speaking loudly and with a lot of character, “That’s cause I wanted to surprise ya! Haven’t made ya food since forever!”

Pushing off the door frame, Daigo started to make his way to the stove. Ryuji’s got an apron on, he doesn’t even remember owning an apron, but damn.. it looks amazing on him. Daigo stood behind the other man before he snaked his arms around Ryuji’s wide torso, and even with his face pressed up against the solid back, his hands were unable fully to meet together. Was he always this huge?

Daigo closed his eyes as he felt the warmth radiating from the larger man’s body, something he could never get tired of. He felt like he could drift off, soul entering another plane entirely. Wishing that this day didn’t have to end, that Daigo could just say ‘fuck my family’ and live how he wanted.

Nothing’s ever that simple, now is it?

Ryuji soaked up all the love Daigo was radiating, they are just enjoying each other’s company. Getting back into the small groove Ryuji had going, he started to sway and soon both of their bodies were moving in time; light music filling their ears.

Overlaying one of his hands on top of Daigo’s, Ryuji interlaced their fingers before giving it a light squeeze.

“Come live in Sotenbori with me.”

Ryuji’s voice cut through the silent air, smacking Daigo in the face. “Ryuji..”

“Daigo. I’m being serious. Dad likes ya.. I certainly like ya.. so why the fuck not?” Click of the stove and it was turned off. This resulted in Ryuji spinning around in Daigo’s hold. “Wouldn’t have to worry ‘bout that nasty ass shit ya call your ‘dad’ anymore.” Ryuji brought up a good point.. but still sat heavily on the fence, “what do ya say?”

Daigo buried his face against Ryuji’s too large chest, shrugging his shoulders. “Ryuji.. you know it’s not that easy.. I..” grip tightened on Ryuji’s body gave the bigger man all the answers he needed.

“Won’t push ya.. just an offer.. and know that it will always stand for ya if ya change your mind, ok?” The small nod is all he needed before pressing a small kiss on the top of Daigo’s messy hair.

They know they will have to eventually move.. that Ryuji will have to leave and go back home.. but Daigo will be alone again. What if he did take Ryuji’s offer? Would Dojima even care that he left without notice? He isn’t ready for the reality of everything to come back.

They aren’t ready for the loneliness to come spiraling down towards them. Again. Daigo just wants to spend as much time as possible with his love.. wanting to keep feeling one another.

That the absolute only thing keeping him here in Kamurocho is being there for his mother. While she isn’t the best mother in the world, she deserves to have someone around to keep her away from his nasty father. Fuck him and what he stands for.

Ryuji’s rubbing Daigo’s back as soothingly as possible. The two of them forget about the food that has been made behind them in favor for this one in a lifetime moment between the two of them.

Figuring that this is the only time he will be able to say it, Ryuji musters up the courage, looking down at the beautiful man in his arms.

“Daigo.. I got one more thing to tell ya..”


“I love ya..”

Snorting, he mushed his face against Ryuji’s chest, again, letting out a content sigh, “Mm.. love you too..”