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A/N: THis was inspired since I just had a blistered sunburn. Now it's itchy and peeling. Enjoy! Kudos, comment, leave me a suggestion if you have any

Jin had just finished dressing Y/N in her diaper, stretchy soft shorts, and a soft halter top when his phone rang. He was needed at the hospital, even though it was his day off. Jin acquiesced as many of the other household members were also home. He would have to miss the fun outing he had planned, but Jin was an adult. He understood things happened and rarely went the way things were planned.

“Hyung!” Jimin greeted the doctor with a kiss before stealing the half asleep sun babe from his boyfriends arms. “Look at how cute you look!”

“I can’t do the outing with you all,” Jin apologized. Jimin just nodded in understanding.

“It’s fine. We can go another day,” Yoongi muttered, walking into the kitchen, kissing both Jimin and Jin on the lips before pressing a kiss to the cheek of their little. “We can improvise.”

“Now that’s not fair, you guys took the day off,” Jin protested, making a quick breakfast of peanut butter toast with a smoothie to go.

“And?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. “She won’t know the difference and we can get days off again in the future.”

“Fine,” Jin relented. “But if you take her outside, make sure to slather her in the baby sunscreen.”

“Got it,” Yoongi muttered head hanging into his coffee. Jimin giggled and nodded before Jin left in a flurry.

They all ate breakfast and then the six members that were home decided to spend the afternoon in the sun. Jimin and Taehyung made a picnic lunch which consisted of cut fruit, snacks, and sandwiches that they packed into a picnic basket, while Hoseok filled a cooler with a bunch of drinks. Of course, if they needed anything they could come inside, but for the most part they just wanted to spend time outside.

Y/N seemed to enjoy this philosophy as well. JK and Namjoon put the sunscreen on them. But what they didn’t know was they grabbed the wrong bottle. It was a bottle of coconut oil.

No one thought to check, and they all ventured into the great outdoors. Jimin played with Y/N for a bit, before she decided to plop down into the sandbox, they had built for her. Unfortunately, the sandbox was in the direct noon sun since they only had trees as decorations in the flower garden and around the perimeter of the fence.

Jimin picked her up and brought her over to the blanket where she ate some of the cut fruit and some crackers before drinking her bottle. He tried to keep her with Yoongi so she could relax, but their little decided it was time to move and began crawling. She giggled as Jimin chased Y/N, though he was being slow about it and making his motions overexaggerated.

Taehyung began to play with them as well, causing loud peals of giggles to ring out. This caused the other four remaining men to laugh and smile at the sheer innocence their baby exuded. It didn’t take long for Y/N to become exhausted though, and soon she was sound asleep on the lawn. Jimin almost didn’t want to pick her up, and left her to sleep for about fifteen minutes before taking her inside.

Jin came home at around four, when Y/N was just waking up from her nap. Jin waived off Namjoon who was going to pick her up, deciding to surprise the little. But Jin was surprised himself when he walked into the room to find their baby with blistered shoulders.

“OH my,” Jin picked her up, causing Y/N to let out a little sob of distress at the discomfort settling in. “My poor aegi. What happened to you?”

Jin had to be careful at laying her down on the changing table due to the blistered mess that was her back and arms. He couldn’t prevent it from hurting, but the doctor was quick and pulled her back into his arms again. Jin took a detour to the bathroom where he brushed aloe over most of the sunburns, being careful near the blisters.

“Hyung!” Taehyung cried as he looked up from the couch. “You are home!”

“Who was in charge of putting the sunscreen on Y/N?” Jin didn’t look remotely enthused to see one of his boyfriends after a surprise day at the hospital. Taehyung was bemused but gave him the names of Joonie and JK.

“Joon, Kook,” Jin announced as he walked into the kitchen. “I gave you guys one job.”

“What’s wrong hyung?” Jk asked concerned.

“What’s wrong?” Jin thundered, startling the little who was in discomfort. Yoongi was quick to swoop her out of his hyung’s arms, realizing what the issue was himself.

“What did you put on the baby?”

“Sunscreen.” Jk was confused. “It was in the cupboard. The brown bottle.”

“NO!” Jin snapped. “That was suntan oil! Aegi has blisters!”

“Oh no!” Joonie moaned. “That’s why it smelled like coconut. I’m such an idiot.”

“Not an idiot Joonie. Just please read the bottles. Now Aegi has to suffer.”