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[podfic] Su Cuy'gar

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Coverartist:  reena_jenkins

Warnings: Post-Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Rebels Compliant, Mandalore, Mandalorian Fetts, Alliance Politics, Bounty Hunters, Survival, Bickering, Hope, Yielding at the Edges, Past Hurt/Present Comfort, Coming Home, Honorable Mention: Fenn Shysa, Star Wars Rare Pairs Exchange 2019

Download Link: You can download/stream this podfic as follows (thanks for hosting me, [personal profile] paraka):

 - an mp3 of just the story (00:40:59)

 - an mp3 of just my Reader's Notes (00:35:03)

 - an mp3 of the story AND my feelings, all in one place (01:16:01)