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Arrived from nowhere

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     A few hours later, Obi-Wan and Rex had left for the Jedi Temple, and Padme was summoned to the Senate urgently. Having no mission at the moment, Anakin stayed at the Apartment with Ahsoka, and the twins.

His Padawan, installed in the living room, had Caesar & Ashla in her arms, to whom she kept smiling, and kissing.

  Her Master installed in front of her watched her in silence, a big smile adorned his lips, given all the events that had taken place during this last months, the Jedi Temple Attack, and Caesar & Ashla's birth, he was so happy to see her like that.

Even though he could say that she was happy to have found him, he could still experience conflicting emotions such as confusion, fear, and guilt.

  He could not help feeling guilty himself, not having been able to protect her from the one he considered as a father in whom he blindly trusted, it turned out to be a sith scum at the origin of conflicts, having sown death, destruction, and chaos all over the Galaxy, and worse than anything that had hurt his Padawan, his daughter - little sister- physically, and emotionally, it made him so angry just thinking about it.

  And the fact that he had the audacity to tell her that she was destined to the Dark Side was false, she was the most altruistic, disinterested, and generous person he knew.

  Ahsoka seemed to notice him lost in thoughts, and reached out through the Force, sending him positive waves, and comforting waves.

 “Master !” she called him. Seeing that he still did not answer, she decided to try otherwise.  “Anakin !” she said to him, and he looked up at her.

 “Yes, Snips ! What is it ?” he asks her.

 “I can return the question to you !” she tells him.

He forced a smile. “Don't worry about me, I'm fine !” he reassured her.

  She rolled her eyes. “Yes, it shows it is even blatant, Skyguy ! I know how you feel ! I feel your anger !” she explained to him.

 “What makes you say that ?” he asks her.

 “I know when it's not going well ! Just as you know when I'm not going well ! I offer you something: you tell me what is wrong, and I will tell you what concerns me !” she suggested to him.

He sighed and finally gave in. “Ahsoka, I am so sorry !”

 “For what ?”

 “For not protecting you, for letting him hurt you ! It was my fault !”

 “No, Master ! It was not your fault !”

 “I should have paid much more attention to you ! I should never have left you alone with him !”

Ahsoka couldn't get over it, and it was heartbreaking to see him like that. “You couldn't know, Master ! You trusted him !”

  He tightened his point of anger at her words. “PRECISELY, I TRUSTED HIM !” the babies start to cry being able to feel their uncle's emotions, their mother rocked them.  “Shhhhh ! It's okay, everything is fine, my loves !” and they stopped crying.

Anakin calmed down a bit and looked up at her. “I beg your pardon, Snips !” he said to her.

  She looked down at her kids, and whispered softly to them. “My loves, Mom is going to see Uncle Ani, okay ! You're wise ! Huh ? I love you !” she said to them, kissing them on the forehead then she put them in their baby basket, and went to sit in front of him. “Master !” she called him. But as he still didn't answer she grabbed his hands gently, he looked up at her, and noticed that she was smiling at him.

 “Master, the last thing I want is for you to feel guilty of what he did to me !” she said to him.

 “Snips, I ..”

 “No, let me finish ...” He nodded.  “Listen, I can't forgive you because there is nothing to forgive ! You have nothing to do with it !” she explained to him.

 “So, why do I feel guilty ?” he asks her.

  She smiles at him, and tells him. “Because you are my friend ! You thought you could have saved me, and protected me from him ? Right ?”

He nodded at her response, and she continued. “You are not all powerful ! You cannot protect me indefinitely ! At one point or another, you will have to let me go !”

   “The later the better ! Huh ? Not now, Snips ! You have your whole life ahead of you to build a future with the twins !” he replied.

 “I know, but if anything should happen to me I will be in peace because I know that you, and Padme will take care of Caesar & Ashla, and that they will be happy, and loved with or without me here with our family !”

   “No, they will never have to live without you ! I will always do everything to bring you back to them ! They need you !”

 “You know as well as I do that tomorrow is uncertain ! But if it ever happens ! Do you promise that you will take good care of them ?”

“Snips ...”

 “Promise me !”

   “I promise ! If something ever happens to you we will take care of Caesar & Ashla, they will be happy, and loved !”

She smiles at him. “Thank you !” he smiled back.

 “How could I blame you when you supported me, and helped me through this nightmare ? I refuse to let this junk scum screwing our lives ! If you feel guilty it is to let him win, and that is out of the question ! The best way to take revenge on him is to destroy everything he worked for: the Clone Wars, rebuild the Galaxy, and most of all be happy !”

 “You're right, Snips !”

 “You know, I never told you, but I'm proud to be your Padawan ! I'm glad that the twins have an Uncle like you ! They are very lucky !” she said, smiling at him.

  Moved by her words, he smiles at her. “It touches me what you tell me, Snips ! Thank you ! I know, you never had to tell me, I am also proud to be your Master ! The twins are very lucky to have you as a mom ! Besides, motherhood suits you well ! You have always been gifted with children !”

She smiles back at him. “Thank you ! Are you feeling better ?” she asks him.

   “Yes, thank you, Snips ! ... We had an agreement, you remember: if I told you what was wrong, you told me what was wrong ! And I feel you're particularly worried ! What's wrong ?”

She nodded, and sighed. “I didn't tell you everything, Master ! ... When I was with him in my dream he showed me certain things !”

 “What kind of things ?”

 “He showed me the future of yours, that of Padmé, the Jedi's, all of our friends ! It was horrible !”

Anakin could feel the terror, and saw her shaking, and tears ran silently down her cheek.  “Hey !” he pulled her into a tight hug. “Tell me what he showed you ! You will feel better, afterwards !”

  She shook her head. “I don't think so ! Believe me, you don't want to know !”

She begins to panic, and has the impression of suffocation. Anakin noticed it, and tried to calm her down. “Hush ! It's going to be fine ! Breathe, Snips !” he said to her.

  After a few minutes breathed in and out, her breathing returned to normal, and looked up at her Master.

  “Feeling better ?” she nodded to his response. 

“I think so !”

“Good ! Now, tell me what he showed you !”

 “Are you sure you really want to know ?” he nodded at her response, so she took a deep breath, and looked up at him. “The Jedi, and the Separatists lose the Clone Wars ! The Republic and the Jedi die !”

 “How ?”

   “The Clones all have a chip implanted in their heads which obliges them to comply with Order 66 which orders them to turn against the Jedi who are accused of high treason only some will survive, but many will die, only Obi-Wan, and Yoda survive.

And to top it all, Palpatine proclaims himself Emperor, and gives birth to an Empire from the ashes of the Republic !”

Anakin was shocked by his daughter - little sister - 's revelations. “What about you ? Padmé ? Me ? What's going on with us ?” he asked worriedly.

   “When Padmé announced to you that she was pregnant you started having nightmares which were in reality visions which Sidious sent to you to manipulate you in which she would die while giving birth !

And as no one knew about your wedding, let alone the baby ! You tried to ask Master Yoda for help, but given their obsolete, and stupid code saying that attachments lead to the Dark Side, and that in addition you was ordered to spy on the Chancellor, and report to them on each of his actions you turned to the only person you trusted to talk about your fears: Sidious, he told you about some power to save people from death, and he appointed you as his representative at the Jedi Council, they accepted that you sit on it, but they did not grant you the rank of Jedi Master which you had not taken very well !

Because as you know to be granted the rank of Jedi Master you have to raise your own Apprentice to the rank of Jedi Knight !”

  “One second, you say that I sit on the Council, but that I do not obtain the rank of Jedi Master ? Why ?”

 “Because, I left the Jedi Order !”

 “What do you mean ?”

  “All the events that took place in this last months were the same: the Jedi Temple Attack, Letta died while she was in the same room as me, I am imprisoned, I run away, the Clones murdered, and everything the rest.

You find me in the tunnels except that instead of trying to end my life this time, I jump on a transponder that descends into the lower levels of Coruscant to prove my innocence.

  The Jedi Council send you with Rex, the 501st legion, Master Plo-Koon, and the Wolf-Pack to capture me, and take me back to the Temple.

Asajj Ventress helps me find a warehouse, but I was attacked by a masked figure armed with Ventress's lightsabers, I lost the fight, and I found myself in possession of nano-droids having served for the attack at the Temple, which deduces that I killed Letta Turmond, attack the Jedi Temple, and that I am the mastermind of it, I get knocked out by Wolffe, and you bring me back to the Temple !

    Just like the last time, at Tarkin's insistence, and the Senate's, the Jedi do not believe in my innocence, and being accused of sedition against the Republic, I am expelled from the Jedi Order in order to undergo a military trial, you asked Padmé to represent me, and Tarkin representing the other part, he wanted me to get the death penalty, but just before Sidious could say anything you entered the Tribunal with the responsible. And I'm free.

The Jedi Council offer to reinstate me in the Jedi Order, and make me a Jedi Knight, but after all that, I had lost faith in them, and in me, despite your supplications this time, I leave the Jedi Order ! Leaving you behind !”

   “I'm glad it ended differently ! But, I'm sorry for what happened to you !”

  “Thank you, me too, going back to Sidious you ended up discovering that it was the Sith Lord, and you tell Master Windu who goes to the Senate with several other Jedi Masters to stop him, but he starts fighting with them, and only Master Windu remains.

  When he had asked you to wait in the Council chamber you decided to go there, and you saw there, Master Windu holding Sidious who is trying to turn you against him, and the Jedi, and he succeeded, you cut of Master Windu's hand off, and Sidious kills him ... Not wanting to lose Padmé you abandon yourself to him, and his teaching.

He renames you Darth Vader, and orders you to go to the Jedi Temple and to slaughtered them all with the 501st legion, Masters, Knights, Padawan and Younglings ! It was a massacre nobody survives it then he sent it in the Mustafar system to eliminate the Separatists, and thus put an end to the War !

  Obi-Wan, and Yoda returned to the Temple in the meantime, and saw the massacre that had occurred ! Yoda sent Obi-Wan to kill Darth Vader while he deals with Sidious ! He fails, and Obi Wan too ! Everyone lose !”

He staggered, stepping back. “Do you mean Darth Vader is me ?” he asks in horror.

  She nodded painfully at his response.  “But Master you are not Vader you are Anakin Skywalker, my Jedi Master, my brother, and my friend !”

 “Thank you, Snips ! How does it end ?”

  “Obi-Wan goes to Padmé to find Vader, but she doesn't say anything, and he realizes that she is pregnant she leaves for Mustafar with C-3PO, and Master Kenobi slips inside the shuttle because he knew that she would take him to Vader !

Arrived on Mustafar, Padmé tries to bring Vador on the right side so that they can live in peace away from it all, and raise their child. But he refuses wanting to over through the Emperor, and take his place !

  It was at this moment that Obi-Wan decides to make his entrance, and believing that she led him here to kill him ...” her voice began to break, and a tear ran down her cheek. She didn't want to continue, but Anakin needed to know what could have been.  “Vader chokes her with the Force, and falls unconscious.

After a fierce fight, Obi-Wan sliced through the remaining Vader's members: his arms, and legs then let him burn, and left to find Padmé, whom he drove to Polis Massa, where she gave birth to twins: a little boy, Luke, and a little girl, Leia, before dying, telling Obi-Wan that there is still good in Vader.

  The twins are separated being too powerful in the Force they had to be hidden from the Emperor, Leia is adopted by Breha and Bail Organa on Alderaan, and Luke is taken to Tatooine to be raised there by his uncle and aunt under Obi Wan's protection !”

 “And Vader is dead ?”

  She shook her head. “No, he recovers it from Mustafar barely alive, and locked him in cybernetic armor in order to survive ! ... He would have destroyed your life, Master !”

 “What about you, and the twins ?” he asks her.

   “Torn from me, and corrupted on the Dark Side, formed by Vader himself ! ... I searched for him for years in vain, I ended up joining the Rebellion, in the hope of finding it, under the name of "Fulcrum" ! I face Vader on Malachor, but I don't survive it ! And my son's fate, uncertain !” she finished explaining to him in a broken voice.

“What about Ashla ?”

     “Rex having helped me escape Order 66, and since I couldn't keep her with me, I leave her with him so that he can raise her ! ... It tear my heart apart, but it was the only way to keep her safe ! I had to hide her existence from the Emperor no matter what it cost !”

Anakin is in shock of what could have been he looked at his - daughter - little sister who was crying in silence. “I will never hurt you, Snips ! I swear to you ! Never doubt it, I will give my life to protect you, Ahsoka !” he assured her.

   “I know ! But Vader didn't seem to think like you, he hated me, and blamed me for having abandoned him by leaving the Order, so he took revenge by condemning my son to a life of suffering, and Darkness !” she said to him.

  Anakin hated himself for what he could have done, the idea of trying to kill Obi-Wan, hurting Padme, and hurting Ahsoka, his - daughter - little sister made him sick. Taking her hand he smiles at her. “I can never hate you, you sometimes made me crazy during your training, but I don't regret anything ! I love you, Ahsoka !” he assured her.

She looked up at him, and smiled at him. “I know ! Are you okay ?”

  He nodded. “I can't believe what could have been ! What I could have done ! Thank you for telling me all about it ! It couldn't have been easy for you !”

 “No, I'm fine ! I'm just glad it never will !”

   “Me too, you've told me that Sidious showed you what happened on Mortis ?” She nodded painfully at his response. “But what exactly did he show you ?”

She bit her lip, so as not to cry. “That I went over to the Dark Side, and attacked you, and Master Obi-Wan too ! He said that you had killed me, and that you were about to leave when the Daughter brought me back !” Hundreds of tears flowed before they could stop them then she looked up at her Master. “I'm sorry ! I ... I tried to kill you Master ! Why didn't you kill me ?”

  He ignored her question. “And did you believe it ?” he asked.

 “That you had killed me, and you were ready to abandon me ?” He nodded to her response. “No, but I know you well enough to know that you are always doing what you have to do !”

  “Yes, but I couldn't bring myself to do it ! Ending your life was simply out of the question ! And you did not turn to the Dark Side it wasn't your fault !”

 “What do you mean ?”

  “The Son kidnapped you after I refused to join him, he knew that I would not leave without you ! ... With Obi Wan we started chasing you, but we lost you, and we crashed !

I don't know exactly what he did to you when you were his prisoner, but I noticed a bite on one of your wrists ! And that inoculated you on the Dark Side.” Ahsoka looked down, and saw the bite. “When I found you, Snips, you were not in your normal state of mind, and you had changed physically: yellow eyes filled with hatred, your lekku were cracked, your veins, and your orange skin were darkened, but especially your Force signature was different: dark, twisted and cold, we fought, and Obi-Wan joined us.

  We were interrupted by the Father, the Son who tried to kill his father, and the Daughter ! ... Obi-Wan threw me a dagger entrusted by the Daughter to control or kill her brother, but you intervened, and gave it to the Son then he ... killed you ! ... You were just dead, Snips ! Your presence had disappeared in the Force !”

 “What happened next ?”

  “I think it's better if you see by yourself ?” She nodded, and he put his hands on either side of her face, closing his eyes focusing, so that Ahsoka could access his memories.


   On Mortis, the Son is attacking his Father with lightning flashes. “Anakin, Now !” Obi Wan said, throwing the dagger at him.

  Before Anakin could have it, Ahsoka still under the Son's influence, intervened to intercept it, and surrendered to him.

 “Everything has transpired exactly as I planned.” he congratulated himself.

  The Father noticing the Dagger held by Ahsoka turned to his daughter. “You showed them the Altar ?” he asks her.

Obi Wan helped the Daughter stand, and looked up at him. “I am sorry, Father. I didn't know how else to stop him !” she replied.

 The Son reaches out to the Young Padawan. “Give it to me, Child !” he asks her.

 Ahsoka turned her head slightly to look at her Master an evil smile adorned her brown lips.  “Ahsoka, No !” he begged her.

She seemed to hesitate for a moment but ended up handing it to the Son. “Thank you. Your usefulness has come to an end !” he said to her, before putting two fingers on her forehead which made her collapse, inanimate, on the ground dropping her lightsaber, and her Force signature disappeared presence from the Force as well as her bond with her Master brutally breaking the connection by her death.

Anakin, saw her fall helplessly to the ground.  “NOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!” he yelled, stepping towards the Son, mad with rage, and pain, but he was push away by the Force.

 “The Jedi have brought me the dagger, and you have brought yourself. Now, Father, you will die !” he said to him, raising the blade preparing to stab him.

The Daughter detached herself from Obi-Wan's hold, and ran towards her Father, interposing  “No. Father !” she took the fatal blow collapsing in the Father's arms.

 “WHY ?” yelled the Son, transforming into a creature, flew away in pain.

Anakin and Obi-Wan rushed towards Ahsoka still lifeless on the ground. Her Master knelt by her side turned her over and saw that she was gone, her once blue eyes were now colorless and lifeless white.

The Father removing the Dagger from the back of his Daughter.  “My daughter, what have I done ?” he asks her in a broken voice.

The dying Daughter grabbed his hand. “Do not hate him Father ! It is his Nature !” she reminded him.

 “No. All is lost, the Balance has been broken ! ... I thought that by bringing you here ! I would ... but I have destroyed everything !”

Anakin still on the ground with his Padawan made a gesture to touch her face, but could not resolve it instead he looked up at him. “Can you help her ?” he asks him.

The Father shaking his head, his eyes still fixed on the silhouette of his dying daughter. “There is no light. The evil has been unleashed, and the dark side shall consume her.” he explained to him.

Anakin still looking at his Padawan refused this reality. “NO ! YOU MUST SAVE HER !” he implored him in a broken voice.

The Father looked up at him. “I cannot undo what is done ! ...” and looked away closing my eyes. “There is no hope !”

 “YES, THERE IS ! THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE !” Anakin insisted.

  The Daughter feeling Anakin's pain, and grief to have lost his - daughter - little sister, raised a hand to caress his Father's cheek which caught his attention, and opened his eyes she pointed to the lifeless silhouette of the Chosen One's Padawan, he looked up in her direction then lowered his eyes to his Daughter understanding what she wanted to do.

He put her on the floor and stood up, motioning for Anakin to get up and kneel in between.

  Guided by the Father, Anakin touched the forehead of the Daughter. “Then let my daughter's last act !” Then Ahsoka's forehead. “be to breathe life into your friend !” he said to him.

He felt a conduit of purity pass through him, Anakin's eyes, and the Daughter's body, and Ahsoka's start to shine with a blinding Light lifting them slightly from the ground.

  Once the Light dimmed, Anakin collapsed from exhaustion on his knees, releasing them. The Daughter collapsed on the ground, inanimate, and the Jedi Knight looked towards Ahsoka noticed that it had not worked. He looked away disappointed, and annihilated to have lost her.

Then she began to cough, and breathe, then straightened up, Anakin, relieved, and happy that she was alive, take her in his arms, but she does not react. “Hey, Snips.” he tells her releasing her from his embrace.

She looked up at him. “What ... what's going on ?” she asks them not understanding what is happening, turning to Obi-Wan who does not say a word, after exchanging a look with Anakin, he smiles warmly at her.

   “Uh ... Not much, It's good to see you !” said her Master, then helped her to her feet, and Obi-Wan handed her, her lightsaber which he had picked up which she attached to her belt.


    Anakin opened his eyes, and freed Ahsoka from his grip which had tears in her eyes from what she had just seen. He raised a hand to her face to wipe them away.

 “This is the first time I've done this ! Are you okay ?” he asks her.

She looked up nodding. “I don't know ! It's so ...”

 “I know !”

  “Sidious had indeed lied to me, he said that you had killed me, and given up ! But you did the opposite, you saved me !”

 “There was only one way for me to leave Mortis, and it was with you by my side, Snips !”

 “Why didn't you tell me ?”

 “You didn't remember anything ... I thought it was better like that ! I didn't want you to lose trust in yourself or your abilities because you had been corrupt, and almost killed ! I'm sorry, I thought I would do this which was best for you !”

 “I understand your over protection at the Citadel better, although, I would have liked it to be you who told me rather than him !”

 “I'm sorry, Snips ! Maybe, I was wrong not to have told you ? But for me the only thing that mattered was that you were alive !”

  “I understand that you were afraid ! Thank you !" she said to him with a smile that returned him. "You're welcome ! he replied. And she looked away, and saw her lost in thoughts. “Ahsoka, I feel you worried ! What is it ?” he asked.

She looked up at him. “It's just that after all that happened on Mortis you think I could hold the Daughter's power ? Does that mean it's my turn to establish light Balance ?” she asked him.

   “I don't know ! It is possible that when the Daughter brought you back she was able to transfer them to you ! It is possible that she lives in you, but to maintain the Balance I don't know, because it would also be necessary a Son to maintain the Obscure Balance ! One cannot exist without the other !” he replied.


   The twins started crying to get their mom's attention, so she got up, and went to see them, sitting on the edge of the couch and leaning over them and whispered to them. “Shhhhh ! It's okay, mom is here ! Shall we go see Uncle Ani ? Huh ? Do you agree ?” the babies smile at her in response. She takes them in her arms and goes to sit down again in front of her Master who smiles at her.

 “Do you want to take Caesar ?” she asked him. He nodded at her response stretched out his arms. “Go see Uncle Ani, my love !” she whispered to him.

  Anakin watched the infant in his arms who made him smile which made him smile. “So, how are you ?” he asks rhetorically.

Ahsoka smiled when he saw him so comfortable with his nephew. “They like you !” she said to him.

 “You think ?”

  She rolled her eyes, and addressed her son and daughter in her arms. “Huh ! My loves ! You love Uncle Ani ! You have lots of Uncles, and Aunts who love you, so much ! There are Uncle Rex, Ben, Jesse, Kix, Fives all 501st who are my friends, and those from Uncle Ani, and then you have Aunt Padme, and Satine too ! I will do everything to live up to your expectations ! I love you both !”

 “You know the only thing they need, Snips is your love ! A mother's love is everything for a child !”

 “You seem to be talking about experience ?”

 “Yes, I grew up with my mother until I was 9 then I was discovered on Tatooine, and taken to Coruscant ! Where I started my training under Obi-Wan's teachings !”

 “What about your father ?”

 “I do not have any !”

 “What do you mean ?”

 “It seems that I was conceived by the Midichloriens themselves by the Force !”

  “Snips, I also saw some things in your mind during the connection, I didn't know it worked both ways !”

 “What did you see ?”

  “An adorable little Togruta girl with orange skin with blue eyes, terrified hidden in a dark place !” She said nothing, but her silence spoke volumes. “You've been through a trauma, haven't you ? Something you can never forget ?” he asked.

 “What makes you say that ?”

 “What you said to Caesar & Ashla, that you didn't have a mother, so you didn't know how to be one for them ! That little girl I saw ... It was you, right ?”

  She closed her eyes, nodded painfully. Hearing voices in her head:  “Mom !”
 “Ahsoka, hide ! Whatever happens, promise me to stay hidden and make no noise ! I love you !”
Then screams, blasts from blasters and then nothing. “Ko to yah ! Little'Soka, I'm Master Plo-Koon !”
 “Hush, Now don't be scared [...] ”

  “I was about three years old, what we believe to be a bounty hunter landed on Shili pretending to be a Jedi who had come to take Force-Sensitives Younglings ! But it turned out that it was a slaver !

 He asked the villagers who told them that I was the only one, he came for me, my mother told me to find a hiding place, and not to make any noise !” bit her lip, so as not to cry. “From where I was hidden, I saw everything, I heard screams, and blaster blows then my mother's body collapsed on the ground full of blood.”

  Tears ran down her cheeks in silence. “He searched the whole house, but didn't found me, I waited a bit then I went out to see my mother, I did not understand what was going on ... I stayed there with my mother's body cried for hours.

I kept telling myself that it was my fault if she died because she loved me, and wanted to protect me then I hear the door open again, and I go into hiding thinking he was back !”

  “But it wasn't him ?” She shook her head. “No, it was Master Plo-Koon who found me, and took me to the Temple where I lived !”

 “Hey !” he said, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him. “It wasn't your fault ! I'm sorry for what you went through, Snips ! It's horrible for a three years old girl !”

   She wiped her tears with the back of her hand, and looked up at him, forcing a smile. “It was a long time ago, I have very few memories of her !”

 “Maybe, but it will always be part of you ! You can't get rid of your past as easily, you have to learn to live with it ! I ended up getting there, and you will get there, too !”

  “You seem to know what you're talking about ! You yourself have a heavy past, don't you ?”

 “What makes you say that ?”

  “Your attachment problem, you are terrified of losing the people you loved, you cannot let go ! And your dedication to others ! We are Jedi, but you always have the feeling of not being able to get to the end of things ! Not being able to do more !”

 He knew that at some point she was going to ask him questions about his past.

  He closed his eyes, and nodded painfully. “I didn't tell you everything: when I lived on Tatooine, my mother, and I were slaves !” he confessed to her.

 She thought back to their mission on Kiros when the Togruta settlers had been kidnapped by slavers. She remembered her Master's anger and hatred.



 “Anakin, he asked for me ! I need you to locate the missing Togruta colonists !” Obi-Wan ordered him. Obi-Wan ordered him.

 “Fine … I have Admiral Yularen initiate a planetary bio-scan !” he replied frustrated, leaving with R2 to contact him.

 “Why is he so upset ?” she asked him.

 “Anakin, has never talked about his past, has he ?”

 “Only to tell me he won't talk about it !”

 “As a child, Anakin and his mother were sold into slavery by the Hutt clans !”

 “Oh ... And these Zygerrians, they're slavers !” 

 “Anakin has struggled to put his past behind him !”

“Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him.” 

 “Yes, make sure you do, Ahsoka !”

    He saw her lost in thoughts. “You don't seem surprised ?” he asks her out of her thoughts.

“I am not ! I knew it !”

 “How did you know that ? I never told you about it !”

 “Do you remember this mission to Kiros with the enslaved Togruta ?” He nodded in response. “I didn't understand why it upset you so much ! I could feel your anger, and your hatred, so Obi-Wan told me !”

 “Why didn't you say anything ?”

 “I wanted to leave it up to you to tell me about it or not ! I said to myself you would tell me when you felt ready !”

  “Thank you, Snips ! I'm sorry, I didn't tell you, but it was difficult for me to talk about it !”

 “Don't worry, I understand how you feel !”

 “Really ?”

  She nodded in response. “You know, I never felt at home there ! I scared people ! I heard the villagers say that they pitied my mother because I was a "demon child" with strange powers ! They had never seen anything like it !”

Anakin, shocked, and angry at what he said, took her hand as a comfort that couldn't do much because he was holding his nephew. “Oh, … Snips, I'm sorry for what you went through ! It's horrible to think that about you !”

  “I remember that once my mother cried, and when I asked her why she told me it was because I was different, that I had strange powers, and that it scared them, but she always told me that I shouldn't listen to others, and be myself no matter what !”

 “And your father ?”

 “It was like it didn't exist ! But my mother used to say that I was a miracle, a little angel from the stars !”

  “As if he didn't exist ? From the stars ?” he thought.  “Was your mother Force-Sensitive ?” She shook her head in response.

 “Why ?” she asks him. “I'm just trying to figure out how you can be Force sensitive when she wasn't ! Do you think your father could be a Jedi ? Or a very powerful Force user ?”

 She shrugged. “I don't know ! Maybe ... Do you think Sidious knows something we don't know ?”

  “I don't know, but as I told you, nothing ever happens by chance: it's the Force that wanted you to be by my side ! And it always brings us together, and pushes us one towards the other ! Since Mortis, I feel that our bond is only growing, and until now I didn't know why !”

 “And now you know ?” He nodded in response. “I think so !”

 “Why ?”

  “You've said that your mom said you were a miracle from the stars, have you ? She nodded. “So, this is just a way of speaking ?”

 “Maybe, but if you didn't know your father it might be because you just don't have one !”

Her eyes widened in confusion. “What do you mean ? You mean we could ?”

 “Yes, we could be related !”

 “But it's not possible, we're not even of the same species ! You're the Chosen One ! I'm not !”

 “I know it but ...”

 “But what ?”

  “You know that I have always had a problem with Darkness, and that I tend to get carried away by letting my emotions take over ?” She nodded in response. “What if the Force knew I would need help to fulfill the Prophecy ?”

 “I am not following you ! What Prophecy ?”

  “You don't know her ?” She shook her head in response. “Well ... It is said that the Chosen One will bring balance to the Force with the help of a guardian who will protect him from Darkness ! You remember on Mortis when the Father had ordered his children to kill you, and Obi-Wan thus forcing me to make a choice ?” She nodded. “The Father said that only the Chosen One could control his two children simultaneously, and he wanted me to stay to maintain the Balance in his place, but I refused, and shortly after the Son took you away !”

 “What does this have to do with me ?”

 “For a very long time, I believed that the Guardian was Obi-Wan, my teacher supposed to protect me from Darkness with his teachings ! And then everything changed !”

 “What changed ?”

 “You. Since you came in my life ! I feel protected from Darkness ! I thought as long as you were by my side, I could face anything ! You keep me anchored in the Light ! It's you, ... You are the Guardian, Ahsoka !” 

 “So you mean we ...”

 “That we are related ! That is why we felt so close much more than a Master and his Apprentice, but much more like a brother, and a sister ! This is why the Force brought us together: the Chosen One and his Guardian waiting to fulfill the Prophecy when the time comes !”

Ahsoka said nothing, stunned because she had just heard. “So, you mean I came from the Force, and so we are brother and sister ?”

He nodded in response and smiled at her. “You're okay ?” he asks her.

  “Yes, it's just that I'm having trouble realizing ! But at the same time ...”

 “It makes sense !” he finished.

 “Yes. But why didn't we realize it before ?”

  “Because the Force knew that if the Jedi discovered our brotherly bond they would have separated us !”

 “You are right ! Do you think Sidious knew this ?”

  “I'm sure of it ! He understood before everyone else ! That's why he absolutely wanted to separate us because he knew what we really were !”

 “I can't believe it ! Even if, I have always considered you as a older brother, I never imagined that it was the truth !”

  He pulled her into an embrace with Caesar in his arms being careful not to crush him, and Ashla in those of his - daughter - little sister, brotherly and warm. “Me neither, but that doesn't change anything at all between us ! You are my little sister, Snips and I love you !” he said to her.

  She smiles at him. “I love you too, Skyguy !” he smiled at her statement and then released her.

He looked down at his nephew in his arms, and his niece in her mother's arms thinking about the Family he wanted to have with Padme, and the end of this devastating, and destructive conflict.

 “At what do you think about ?” she asks him.

 “At the end of the war, and a new era ! The Jedi Code having been modified !” He looked up at her. “I couldn't be happier or more grateful to you for that !” he said to her.

 “For what ? I didn't do anything !”

 “On the contrary, you supported us with Padmé, and with Obi-Wan you kept our secret ! And that matters to me, Snips ! I'm sorry I took so long to tell you ! I assure you that I had faith in you it's just that ...” She raised her hand to interrupt him.

  “I know, I understand ! I don't hold it against you ! You don't have to, I will never do anything that could compromise you ! I couldn't do that ! It would have hurt you too much ! You deserve to be happy, and if that meant breaking the Code, and well so be it ! I thought what I said yesterday: my Family is all of you !”

  “I know, thank you, Snips ! You …” pointing to the twins in their arms “and them are part of our Family too, and you will always be at home here ! As long as you want !” He smiles at her, and she smiles back at him looking at her brother and her twins.