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Man Of The House

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“You’re working late again?” Bede asked over the phone. “I was hoping we could spend some time together tonight. It’s been quite a while since we have.”


“I’m sorry, honey.” Rose replied. “My work is very important at this stage.”


“More important than your wife?”


“You know I didn’t say that.”


“But you meant it, didn’t you?”


“Why do you always act like this when I tell you I’m working late?” Rose sighed.


“Because you’re hardly ever home and I miss you! Your son misses you as well! You’re hardly home because you’d rather look at spreadsheets all night!”


“Me ‘looking at spreadsheets’ puts food on the table for both of you! I’d thought you would understand this by now instead of being ungrateful!”


“What did you just say to me!?” Bede spat.


“I can’t talk to you when you’re like this. Goodbye.” Rose sighed once more as he hung up the phone.


“Rose? Rose!” Bede asked, getting nothing but dial tone. “Son of a-”


Suddenly, Bede was shaken from his anger at his husband when the door opened. From the kitchen of him and Rose’s home, Bede could hear a couple of boys starting their way inside. Bede’s son was home, and as usual, brought his friend. Bede sighed and buried his rage for now, as he tightened his apron and went to greet them. No matter how bad things were getting with his husband, he had to put up with it, and put on a brave face for his son. As Bede walked into the living room, he could see the two of them. His pride and joy led the way in. Cosmo Macros took most of his looks from Bede, most noticeable was his creamy white hair. Although he didn’t inherit Bede’s unruly curls.


“Hello, Cosmo!” Bede smiled.


“H-hi Mom.” Cosmo nervously smiled.


Bede hugged Cosmo tight, and dotted a kiss to his forehead.


“Did you have a good day at school?” Bede asked.


“Yes, ma’am.”


“Good boy.” 


“I had a good day too, Mrs. Macros…” a voice, almost like a whimper said from Cosmo’s side.


Bede rolled his eyes with a smile, and looked to see Cosmo’s best friend Hop in his signature blue jacket. Hop almost reminded Bede of a young version of his husband sometimes. His dark skin, his playfulness which the real Rose seemed to have lost, and his inquisitive mind. Hop was always willing to tutor Cosmo when his grades slipped, for which Bede was thankful.


“Aww, Hop. If you want a hug you can just ask!” Bede smiled.


Bede wrapped his arms around Hop, and Hop did the same. Although Hop’s hands landed lower than usual, almost at the bottom of his waist, Bede didn’t give much thought to it. Bede placed a kiss on Hop’s forehead, just under his purple hair.


“Hop, come on man.” Cosmo nudged him.


Hop didn’t even hear him, too wrapped up in the hug until Bede released him.


“I’ll go get you boys some snacks. Make yourselves at home.” Bede went back to the kitchen, as Cosmo led a goofily stumbling Hop to the living room couch.


Bede came back from the kitchen a few seconds later with a plate of small sandwiches, chips, and drinks. He went to the living room to place them down on the table in front of the couch. Bede wouldn’t notice, but the way he bent forward drew Hop’s attention to the curve of his bottom in his jeans. 


“Hey, Mom?” Cosmo started. “Is Dad gonna be home tonight?”


Bede sighed, and his smiling facade almost slipped.


“No sweetie, he has to work late again tonight.” 


“Oh…” Cosmo started to give a downcast look.


“It’s okay, Cosmo. His work is...very important. You understand, right.”




“It’s okay, buddy!” Hop said. “You’ve got me to keep you company.”


Hop then smiled up at Bede.


“Both of you.” he added.


“How sweet of you, Hop.” Bede said, petting Hop’s head, before sauntering off across the room.


As Bede walked, he hadn’t seen Hop ogling his behind under his swaying hips. Cosmo did however, and nudged him hard. As Bede started down to his bedroom to rest, he realized he forgot his cellphone in the kitchen. He turned back down the hall to get it, but as soon as he reached the corner of the living room, his ears picked up on something.


“You really have to chill around my mother, dude.” Cosmo said.


“What’d I do?” Hop asked, feigning innocence.


“I mean you’re always hugging and staring at her...her butt and stuff. It’s weird.”


Bede raised an eyebrow.


“Hey, I can’t help it if your mum’s got it goin’ on!” Hop laughed. “I mean that ass is huge! It’s downright glorious.”


Bede couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and had to hold back a shocked gasp. He had put on a bit of weight recently in that area. He had thought it was one of the many reasons Rose would hardly spend time with him anymore.




“God, what I would give to bury my knot nice and deep in that perfect ass.” Hop continued, much to Cosmo’s dismay. “I’d bend him over and really give him something to enjoy for weeks!”

Pure, innocent Hop saying all these vulgar things. And about Bede, as well. Bede was stunned. Yet his words started to stir something inside.


“Come on…” Cosmo pleaded.


“Even if I could grab a handful of that ass and smack it around to just watch it jiggle, I’d die a happy man.” Hop ignored him. “Maybe I’d get him to sit on my face too, so I can bury my face between those cheeks and taste that juicy hole.”


Bede gulped at the thought. Not even Rose spanks him. And he hardly even eats him out anymore. Bede’s knees started to buckle, as Hop’s torrid story made him start to cross his legs.


“I’d pull his hair, ride his ass hard with my cock, and make him beg for my knot and my cum.” Hop added. “You’d better watch out if I ever get my hands on him, bro. I might just give you a few new brothers and sisters!” 


This has gone beyond teasing amongst friends. This is just pure degradation. Humiliation. Hop should know better than to talk about someone like this so brazenly, especially another friend’s mother. Yet that still didn’t stop Bede’s hole from quivering and his hands from wandering over his apron to tease himself. It didn’t stop him from softly sighing. It didn’t stop him from imagining being bent over and reamed like a common whore until he was swollen with Hop’s children as he touched between his shaking legs.


“Gross!” Cosmo stood from the couch to run off. 


Bede jumped as he saw Cosmo running towards Bede’s spot on the corner, and ducked into the adjacent bathroom before he could be caught. Bede’s heart was racing, as well as his mind. Once he heard Cosmo storm off, Bede lifted his apron, and unbuttoned his jeans to check himself. Sure enough, his knotless little cock stood at full mast, and his rear was dripping. After dressing himself again, Bede shook his head in his hands. He had to do something about this. About Hop. He left the bathroom. He strode across the empty living room. Hop must’ve went to Cosmo to apologize. Good, Bede thought. He retrieved his phone from the kitchen, sidling it in his pocket. He then went to look for Hop. As he walked down the hall on his way to Cosmo’s room, Bede heard a stifled moan, in rooms he passed. Bede looked toward it, and saw it came from his and Rose’s bedroom. The door was adjacent, and he peeked his head in. Bede’s eyes widened at what he saw. Hop was sitting on the edge of their bed, pants down to his feet, stroking his hard cock with a pair of Bede’s panties. Hop’s face was twisted in pure bliss as he panted and sighed for more.


“Ah...Mrs. Macros…” Hop moaned.




Hop almost jumped out of his skin and quickly moved his hands and legs to hide himself.


“M-Mrs. Macros! I…”


Bede stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He nervously strode over to Hop, and sat with him. As he sat he tried not to stare, or even glance at Hop’s straining cock. He tried to ignore how large it was, to the point it could hardly be contained by Hop’s hands and thighs.


“I’m sorry, Mrs. Macros, the door was open and…”


“It’s okay, Hop.” Bede stiffly tried to reassure. “I’m not mad.”


“You’re not?”


“No...but…” Bede gulped. “I also heard what you said earlier to Cosmo.”


Hop forced himself to look at Bede.


“I know that you are turning into a man now. And you are a...very fine young man. And...while I am flattered, you have to understand that it’s wrong to-”


“You’re flattered?” Hop asked.


He took his hand from his cock, and placed it on Bede’s thigh, and started to caress it.


“H-Hop...that’s…you…” Bede wracked his frayed brain to try and come up with something.


Suddenly, Hop wrapped his arms around Bede, and captured his lips in a kiss. The feeling of Hop’s hot tongue swirling around his so passionately made Bede start to melt into his arms. He found himself kissing Hop back, matching his carnal needs. His husband, his lousy husband who hasn’t touched him in what feels like forever, started to stray further and further from his mind, and was replaced by Hop. Sweet, kind, charming, handsome Hop, who showed genuine interest in him, and wanted to please him. This boy, this man, was just what Bede needed after so long being neglected. Hop rolled himself on top of Bede, laying him on the bed. Hop started to paw at Bede’s chest, pinching his budding nipples over the cloth of his shirt and making the omega moan into Hop’s kiss. Hop’s cock poked and prodded into Bede’s thigh as they groped each other. Soon, they became breathless and parted.


“Mrs. Macros-”


“Call me Bede.” 


“M-Mrs. Bede...can know…” Hop was nervous, but made his intentions clear by grinding his cock against Bede again.


Bede chuckled. 


“After everything you said you wanted to do to me, you’re asking that?” Bede smiled, crawling further onto the bed.


Bede unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down to reveal the large ass that Hop loved so much. Hop wasted no time diving his face into it to lick and stick his tongue into Bede’s wanting hole. Bede gave a sultry cry and clutched at the sheets at the feeling. The feeling he hasn’t had in so long. Hop kissed Bede’s hole, as he worked his hands on Bede’s cheeks alternating between gentle massaging and rough, manhandling squeezes. All of it made Bede feel so wanted, like the Omega beauty he used to be. The Omega beauty he was in the eyes of this young man. Even though Hop spent minutes tasting him, when Hop pulled himself away, it still felt like it ended too soon. 


“You taste so sweet, Mrs. Bede!” Hop asked, practically drooling. 


Bede giggled, as Hop started to mount him. Without even a warning, Hop managed to shove his cock inside of Bede, making him yelp. Hop’s thickness stretched Bede to his limits like never before, and he wasn’t even knotted yet.


“C-careful!” Bede cried. “God, you’re much bigger than my husband.”


Hop started to recklessly pound his Omegan lover. The feeling of his wet hole gripping his cock tight was heaven on earth to him. Even more so, as it belonged to Bede. Bede, the Omega he’s loved since he first laid eyes on him on his first visit to his friend’s home. 


“Fuck it’s so hot inside of you.” Hop praised.


Under normal circumstances, Bede would correct his foul language, but Bede was too drowned in pleasure to care. Bede grinded back against his Alpha’s young, powerful cock, silently begging for as much of it as he could get. 


“You fuck so good, Hop! Do me harder, baby!” Bede yelled, thanking heaven for the house’s soundproofed walls.. 


“You like that?” Hop asked, with a slap to Bede’s rear, just as he promised.


“Yes, Hop! You’re amazing! Give me your knot!”


Hop gripped Bede’s hips like his life depended on it, and fucked into Bede’s ass harder and faster, until his knot popped inside. The feeling of his swollen knot made Bede scream as he came along with Hop, who filled his stomach to the brim with cum. Bede fell into his sheets, and Hop collapsed on top of him. Hop started to kiss the back of Bede’s neck.


“I love you so much, Mrs. Bede!”


“I can tell.” Bede cooed. “You know it might not be a safe day for me to get filled with your cum. I think I might get pregnant.”


“I don’t care. I’ll take care of you if you did!”


“Would you now?”


“Yeah. I’ll love you even better than Mr. Macros can!”


Bede turned his head to kiss Hop’s lips.


“Such a good boy.” Bede smiled. “I love you too, Hop.”


Bede could feel Hop’s cock getting stiff inside him again.


“Can we do it again?” Hop asked.


“Maybe later, dear. Your lover needs to rest after that. You should probably go check on your friend.” Bede said, impressed with his youthful stamina.


“Yes ma’am.” Hop gave a playful sigh.

After pulling himself from Bede’s grip, Bede laid on the bed with his new Alpha’s cum flowing out. After regaining his senses, he pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number, smiling a devious smile.


“Hello? Yes, this is Mrs. Macros. Hop would like to know if he can spend the night over, if it’s okay with you.”