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[Podfic] Contingent

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MP3 & M4B

* GodOfLaundryBaskets as the Narrator
* Pata as Bepo
* alstroemeria_thoughts as Law
* Lysandyra as Zoro and Jean Bart
* Opalsong as Chopper
* voldka112 as Usopp and Shachi
* saffronbunbaker as Robin
* Oceantail as Luffy
* Dr_Fumbles_McStupid as Franky
* Akaihyou as Nami
* cheshiretears as Penguin

Edited by: GodOfLaundryBaskets

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Type Link Size Length
MP3 [link to mp3] 31 MB 0:55:12
M4B [link to m4b]

42 MB 0:55:12