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Sanders Sides Oneshots

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‘What were the main contributing factors to the decline of feudalism in the Middle Ages?’


The question on Virgil’s paper lay unanswered, though he had been staring at it for a solid twenty minutes. Twenty-five? Maybe thirty. Crap, his head hurt.


But Vigil was beginning to think it wasn’t because of his difficult homework question. He grabbed another tissue and sloppily blew his aching nose for the second time that minute.


Logan gave him a strange look from his place across the table.


Their study session was proving a little more valuable to him than to Virgil. After a day full of throbbing headaches, a stuffy nose, and draining lectures that he hardly retained a word of, all Virgil wanted to do was cuddle up in a mountain of blankets and sleep. But ruining his limited time he got to spend with Logan was out of the question.


Virgil blew his nose again.


It astounded Virgil that his attractive friend sitting across from him kept such a level head, regardless of their brutal homework piles. Logan was always the smart and intimidating one out of the friend group, but he is so gentle with Patton and so kind to Virgil and so pretty and so cool and so-


Virgil glanced up to realize Logan was still staring at him.


A chill ran down Virgil’s spine from the cold (seriously, how was Logan wearing ONLY a button-down?! Is something wrong with Logan’s air conditioning?!), which was a strange contrast to the blush creeping onto Virgil’s face.


He must have audibly shivered from the chill, since Logan’s face contorted more so than before. He looked… worried? Huh. With his intellect, a little homework shouldn’t worry him.


“Virgil? Are you quite alright?”




“You weren’t responding to my previous query regarding your… slowing progression on that History paper.”


Logan bit his lower lip. Virgil’s eyes were immediately drawn to the movement, but he bashfully glanced back up to Logan’s eyes. Logan’s piercing, icy blue eyes. Logan’s beautiful eyes. Logan’s… Virgil’s eyelids drooped and began to close. Strange.


Shit. Virgil snapped his sore eyes back open. He still hasn’t responded to Logan’s question. Logan who is still staring at him with unfaltering intensity. Hmm. Sexy.


“Um, fine. M’ Fine. Oh, the paper. I, uh-“


He sneezed in his elbow. Idiot. Just answer his question. Answer the…- Why is it so cold in this room??


Logan didn’t look convinced. His worry line deepened as he set his pen down and rose from his chair.


‘Damn, it, stupid, stupid, he’s leaving, he’s so annoyed by you, he’s done, focus on feudalism, finish your homework gotta get it done gottakeepworkinggottaaaa…….’


Virgil fell off his chair as his mind nearly slipped from consciousness. Too tired and sore to reach out and stop the fall, he braced for impact.


Impact never came.


Strange. Many things were strange about today.


Virgil was moving. He was moving?? He certainly wasn’t walking. He must-




Someone was carrying him.


Logan was carrying him.


Virgil’s eyes shot open again. They met Logan’s gorgeous icy blue ones. A blush exploded on Virgil’s face and neck as he used the last of his strength attempting to squirm away. Logan’s strong arms held firm. 


“Don’t worry Virgil, I’m not going to harm you. You need rest,” said Logan, whose face was reddening as well. Also strange. It couldn’t be that exerting to carry Virgil’s thin frame.


“What- I’m fine, you don’t have to- we can do our homewo-“


“Absolutely not. You are resting until you are relieved of this sickness. Your wellbeing is much more valued than our studying.” Logan continued walking to his bedroom.


‘But I value spending time with you more than my wellbeing!’ Virgil left unsaid. (Partially for his own dignity, partially because he was too exhausted to speak.)


Instead, Virgil groaned and planted his face in Logan’s chest, which was much easier than looking at those gorgeous blue eyes and defined jaw and soft smile and he’s carrying me HOLY-


His thoughts were interrupted when his back came in contact with Logan’s apartment bed. Logan set him down with uttermost gentleness and ease. Feeling too sick and tired to be embarrassed anymore, Virgil collapsed on a pillow and decided to let sleep take the pain away.


Something (someone?) warm wrapped around Virgil’s waist. The gentle action, coming from such a familiar scent, would have sent Virgil to sleep even if he didn’t feel like a rhinoceros was dancing around in his brain.


Someone tightened their protective grip on Virgil’s waist and started running a hand through his hair, which was infinitely calming.


And despite the sickness, Virgil had never felt better as he happily accepted sleep’s calling.