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Sanders Sides Oneshots

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If Logan’s eyes were lasers, they probably would have burnt a hole through his computer screen by now. At least, that’s what Virgil imagined as he entered Logan’s room for the fifth time that night to see if the overworked man had finally hit the hay. Unsurprisingly, his boyfriend was still working.


Logan was in the exact same position he had been in for the past four hours. His head kept moving back and forth from looking at the screen to writing notes and filling out papers. 


Logan lived a healthy lifestyle, but work put him on a different plane of existence - therefore, he would most likely work himself to death if he wasn’t stopped.


Virgil approached him and almost laughed at the fact that Logan didn’t notice his entrance. He shoved his hands into his pockets and broke the silence. “Hey, Logan.”


Logan gasped and tensed at the sudden noise. He relaxed slightly after recognizing Virgil’s voice, not stopping his work as he greeted him. “Virgil. Good day to you.”


“Logan, it’s past midnight.”


Logan paused momentarily to glance at his wristwatch in disbelief. “Ah. So it is.”


Virgil smiled. He tugged Logan’s arm. ”C’mon. You need sleep. Work can wait.”


Logan didn’t budge. “Work can physically wait, but deadlines wait for no one, and the passage of time is certain and unchangeable due to the lacking knowledge humankind had attained on time alteration in our existen-“


“You ramble adorably when you’re stressed, but seriously. Like. Go to bed.”


Logan blushed, but then sighed and set down his pen. “Fine. Only for you.”


Virgil planted a grateful kiss in Logan’s hair and began to help the man clean up his workspace for bed. A couple minutes in, Virgil glanced back to see that Logan had collapsed on the desk, fast asleep from the exhaustion. His hair drooped ever so slightly in front of his shut eyes, and his tie had loosened haphazardly around his neck. 


That’s shockingly uncharacteristic.


Virgil shook his head sympathetically. Something must be done to change this.


And he knew exactly who to talk to.

“Oh Lo-Looo~!” Remus hollered.


Virgil giggled into his tea, and Janus gave him a knowing smile from across the table.


Logan had just lumbered down the stairs, moving to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. He was either ignoring Remus, or simply not hearing him. His under-eye bags proved that he had just woken up, at 11:00 in the morning. Virgil was pleased that Logan had gotten enough sleep at last, but he was far from done with him. That man needed more than sleep to fix his overworked demeanor.


Remus would not be ignored. “Logaaaaan! Good morning, dearest!” Remus skipped over to Logan and grabbed his cheeks, pinching them. Logan rolled his eyes apprehensively while Remus ‘tsk tsked’ him. “My, my, overworked and stressed is not a good look for you! What do you say, guys?”


Janus rose from his seat and placed one hand on his hip, the other tapping his chin in faux thought. “I can’t help but agree, Remus. Our poor baby seems in need of assistance.”


Logan cleared his throat, peeling Remus off him. “I appreciate the sentiment, but my work has to be finished in a timely fashion, so I must get right to-“


No choice for you! We’re having a spa day!”

Remus screeched.


“And excellent idea, Remus.” Janus walked over to where he and Logan were standing, cocking his head in amusement. “Well, Logan?”




“Good! Time for self-care, bitch.”


Remus took that as his cue, grabbing Logan’s left arm as Janus took the right. They both dragged an apprehensive Logan over to the living room as he struggled and tried to reason with them exasperatedly.


Logan glared at Virgil, who was trying to hide his laughter. “D- DO something! Tame these fools!”


Janus cut in without turning his head. “Oh, he was behind it, dear.”


Virgil couldn’t hold back his laugh as Logan let a final groan before being taken away. Virgil may be in trouble with Logan, but at least his boyfriend was finally getting the rest he so needed. However, Virgil himself would never succumb to this dreaded spa day. Unfortunately, trying to calm down was pretty much the opposite of his job as Anxiety .


So, he decided his job was done as the sounds of struggle died down from the living room and Logan was reined in at last. Virgil took his leave then, satisfied knowing he had successfully helped him out.

“...Remus?” Janus asked as they watched Virgil head out of the kitchen.


“Yeppers?” Remus hummed, not looking up as he painted his nails a jarring green color.


Janus paused until Virgil had completely left the other room. Then, he grinned evilly. “I think, Remus, that we have another side to subdue for some self-care.”


Remus giggled in understanding. “Oh, this will be a fun one.”