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Poppies and Tithonias

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“I think it’d be cute,” Star said, “It’s ok to be cute sometimes!”

Sam scowled playfully, shifting her place on the floor and looking up from painting Star’s nails. “Orange so isn't my color, Star. You’re lucky I like flowers or this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I know you do, that’s why I’m letting you paint my nails first.” She looked down at Sam’s unfinished project. “The poppies were a really good idea, love. It’ll make Paulina so jealous!” Sam continued, turning her head downwards so Star couldn’t see her smiling face.

“The black was my idea though. That’ll make her angry and I’ll enjoy every second of it.” Star actually laughed at that and it made Sam’s heart flutter.

“You have the most beautiful laugh, you know that?” Sam asked, putting the final touch on Star’s pinky finger.

Star didn’t even blink at that. “Nope, we’re not going there again, hun. Not until you admit that you’re the cutest girl in the world.”

“Ah, yes, me. The ‘cutest’ girl in the world.” Sam deadpanned. “I’m goth Star. ‘Cute’ doesn’t work for me.” She sighed.

Star gently touched her hand to Sam’s. “Not to me, love. You’re gorgeous.” She said softly, smiling up at Sam.

They stayed there for a few seconds, enjoying each other’s presence.

“Alright alright, enough stalling. It’s my turn.” Sam said, suddenly clapping her hands together. “Do your worst, princess.”

Star brought the pink, lacey bag of nail polish in between them. “Hey now, I thought we agreed we wouldn’t call me that! Dash calls Paulina that sometimes and it creeps me out every time.” She mimicked shivering. “Straight people…”

Sam had to hold her hand over her mouth to not laugh. “Aww c’mon, just cause Dash is a misogynistic creep, and no I won’t go there today, doesn’t mean they’re all bad. Kwan is pretty cool and he’s straight.”

“Ooh, you didn’t hear? He came out a while ago.” Star pulled out orange nail polish from the bag, but set aside the black for Sam’s nails.

“He did? Spill the tea, I have to hear more.” Sam said. “No not that one, it’s too bright.” Star put back the bright orange in favor of a darker one.

Sam nodded in approval and Star continued. “Ok so he’s cool with some people knowing. I asked about you specifically and he said it’s ok, but he’s only out to the other A-Listers right now. Turns out he’s bi.” Sam looked surprised by just that but she went on. “He’s even had a crush on Dash since freshman year!”

“Ohh that’s some hot tea right there. Tell him I said ‘hi’ would you? We hung out for a bit that one time.” Star uncapped the nail polish and set to work on painting Sam’s extended right hand black. “We treated him kinda bad and I’ve been meaning to apologize.”

“Sure thing, love.”

They sat there cross-legged on the floor, talking about this and that. Star asked about the resident couple: Danny and Tucker. Sam, in turn, asked about Dash and Paulina.

Danny and Tucker had been in a prank war for the past week, of which Sam indulged many details (leaving out a some of them that had to do with Danny’s ghost powers), but it turned out the latest one was Tucker had tried to prank Danny’s locker, but Danny had asked Dash to open it, knowing it was a trap. They agreed on ending it in a tie in favor of laughing at Dash, covered head to toe in glitter.

Star thought it was hilarious. “Dash never was the brightest,” She said. “It’s a good thing we all like him anyway.”

“You sure you want tithonias?” Star asked, setting down the dark nail polish, after letting Sam’s all-black nails fully dry. “Not even sure what they look like, to be honest…I’d have to look it up.”

Sam began to laugh. “You’re such a dork, you know that?” She gently reached up and plucked the orange flower from Star’s hair. “This is a tithonia, darling.”

She placed it in Star’s hands. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Star nodded, finally noticing all the good looking details and curves on the flower she always wore, but never noticed.

“It reminds me of you.”

Star blushed heavily, but shook her head to clear from her face. “You’re just trying to distract me so I’ll leave your nails all black.”

“Maybe I am. Or maybe I’m lucky to have such a drop-dead gorgeous, talented, and smart girlfriend and I want the world to know.”

She held out her hand. “Make it as pretty as you, darling, I’m gonna be looking at it all day.”