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operation kick hawkmoth's ass

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[Admin] Ladybug has added ChatNoir to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added RenaRouge to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added Carapace to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added Honeybee to the chat!


[Admin] Ladybug renamed the chat ‘operation kick hawkmoth’s ass


ChatNoir renamed themselves PurrfectlyPawsome.

PurrfectlyPawsome: Yes! A group chat!

PurrfectlyPawsome: does this mean I can send cat memes?

Ladybug: This chat was created for professional purposes only, so I’m going to establish some ground rules.

PurrfectlyPawsome: aww bugaboo whyyyy



Ladybug: 2. If you do find out someone else’s identity, let me know asap so we can work it out.

Ladybug: 3. This chat was created so we could get in contact with each other in civilian form in case of emergencies. Don’t spam or bother with unnecessary texts.

Ladybug: Why do I feel like that last rule is already being disregarded?


RenaRouge has renamed themselves LadyNoir4Ever.

Carapace has renamed themselves NinjaTurtle.

Honeybee has renamed themselves LesBEEan.



LadyNoir4Ever: OH MY GOD

LadyNoir4Ever: IS THIS REAL

NinjaTurtle: rena chill it’s just a group chat

NinjaTurtle: i can hear u screaming from my house

LesBEEan: uhhh u okay there foxy lady


LadyNoir4Ever: WITH LADYBUG!!!!

PurrfectlyPawsome: Yeah I understand how you feel Rena. This is paw-some, being able to text m’lady in civilian form.

Ladybug: yup, rule #3 is out the window.

Ladybug: Anyway, I have an announcement to make.

LesBEEan: we’re listening

LesBEEan: or watching, i guess

Ladybug: you all are getting your miraculouses permanently!


NinjaTurtle: that’s awesome dude!

PurrfectlyPawsome: I already have my miraculous purr-manently, my lady

Ladybug: -_-

LesBEEan: what changed?

Ladybug: Since I’m the Guardian now, I decide the rules.

Ladybug: and I want you guys to be able to show up at the scene without one of us leaving the fight to get your miraculous and track you down

Ladybug: that was getting really inconvenient.

Ladybug: Anyways, expect a visit from either me or Chat tonight with your jewelry.

LadyNoir4Ever: yes! thank you ladybug!

NinjaTurtle: thanks dude

NinjaTurtle: i mean ladybug

Ladybug: You can call me dude, Carapace. I don’t mind.

NinjaTurtle: cool

NinjaTurtle: thanks dude                        

(2:19 am)


PurrfectlyPawsome: m’lady?

Ladybug: akuma near the arc de triomphe. Bring the whole crew.

LesBEEan: I’ll bee there soon

LadyNoir4Ever: ETA seven mins

NinjaTurtle: on my way.

PurrfectlyPawsome: Honeybee, was that a bee pun?

LesBEEan: I’m sorry, honeybee isn’t here right now. Leave a message after the tone. Beeeeeeep.

Ladybug: guys. The fight.

(4: 32 am)

Ladybug: when we find and unmask hawkmoth

Ladybug: y’all are getting in line behind me

Ladybug: i call dibs on kicking his sorry ass first

LadyNoir4Ever: wow. being full time is so much harder

NinjaTurtle: it’s been one fight

NinjaTurtle: and i already miss not having to get up at ungodly hours

PurrfectlyPawsome: I have never felt that sensation ☹

PurrfectlyPawsome: I get up really early either way, so losing a couple hours doesn’t really make a difference unless it happens a couple days in a row

LadyNoir4Ever: wow im sorry

LesBEEan: I’m trying to sleep shut the fuck up

Ladybug: sorry Honeybee

LesBEEan: I officially hate Hawkmoth more than Gabriel Agreste.

LesBEEan: am calling dibs on second after LB


(6:38 pm)

Ladybug: don’t forget guys! We have patrol tonight!

Ladybug: usually, chat and I have a rotating schedule, but since we have more heroes now, we want to add you into the loop as well

PurrfectlyPawsome: Patrol is a paw-some way to stay in shape and enjoy the fresh air! Also, you guys can get used to your powers since you haven’t really gotten to purr-actice with them outside of battles.

Ladybug:  Eiffel Tower at 10 pm, everyone!

LadyNoir4Ever: yes! my first patrol! So excited!

NinjaTurtle: rena n i will come for sure

LesBEEan: i’ll bee there

PurrfectlyPawsome: There it is again!!!

LesBEEan: buzz off.

PurrfectlyPawsome: I don’t know whether to feel proud or insulted.

LesBEEan: u can bee both, u know.

Ladybug: why are there two of them now somebody help

(11:44 pm)

LadyNoir4Ever: that was awesome!

PurrfectlyPawsome: *pawsome

NinjaTurtle: dude.

PurrfectlyPawsome: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

LesBEEan: hey LB

Ladybug: yeah?

LesBEEan: I was thinking

LesBEEan: can we add the other temporary holders to this chat too?

LesBEEan: because even tho they’re not permanent, they should have a chance to talk w the rest of us too

LesBEEan:  and that way we can let them kno ahead of time if they’re getting a miraculous for a battle

Ladybug: that’s a great idea Honeybee!

Ladybug: I’ll track them down tomorrow and have them make new accounts so I can add them.

Ladybug: thanks for the suggestion!

LesBEEan: i try

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(4:16 pm)

[Admin] Ladybug has added Viperion to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added Ryuko to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added KingMonkey to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added Pegasus to the chat!

[Admin] Ladybug has added Bunnyx to the chat!


Viperion has renamed themselves hiss.

KingMonkey has renamed themselves MonkeyMaster.

Bunnyx has renamed themselves ICanSeeYourFuture.


MonkeyMaster: wait u can???

ICanSeeYourFuture: well sort of

ICanSeeYourFuture: I don’t have my miraculous yet so no

ICanSeeYourFuture: but future me can

hiss: lol wut

Ladybug: welcome to the group chat guys!

Ladybug: there are some ground rules in the #rules section, but as number 3 is being disregarded anyway, just ignore it.

Ryuko: Thank you for the invitation, Ladybug. As I have many events in my civilian life, I do not believe I will be online often.

Ladybug: that’s alright Ryuko! This is mainly so you can know if you’re getting your miraculous ahead of time.

Pegasus: I am almost always online. If not, I will probably respond in 15-20 minutes.

MonkeyMaster: dude do u sleep at all

Pegasus: I am choosing to ignore that question.

hiss: uhhh just in case, I’m going to tell you that it’s not healthy.

Pegasus: I am well aware of the health conditions that can be caused by fatigue and lack of sleep.

Pegasus: I am just

Pegasus: constantly coming up with new ideas and I have to write them down or bring them to life.

MonkeyMaster: wow you sound just like my friend


MonkeyMaster: right sorry LB

Ladybug: why does everyone call me that?

LadyNoir4Ever: heyyy we got new people!

LadyNoir4Ever: im rena btw

LadyNoir4Ever: the #1 ladynoir shipper

PurrfectlyPawsome: Hey! I’m the number 1 shipper!

LadyNoir4Ever: u can be second u mangy alley cat

PurrfectlyPawsome: rude.

PurrfectlyPawsome: anyway, I can prove I’m number one

PurrfectlyPawsome: I’ve read every single fic on ao3 that has LadyNoir as a tag.

hiss: should I be concerned?

LesBEEan: nah don’t worry he’s just like that

LadyNoir4Ever: oh yeah?

LadyNoir4Ever: who’s ur favorite ladynoir writer then

PurrfectlyPawsome: ooh I really enjoy reading LuckyLadyNoir’s works. They’re really good!

LadyNoir4Ever: oiagvnxc

LadyNoir4Ever: I BEAT YOU!

PurrfectlyPawsome: ?

NinjaTurtle: dude

NinjaTurtle: that’s rena’s fanfic account

NinjaTurtle: im with her rn and she’s literally cackling

ICanSeeTheFuture: well rip

MonkeyMaster: f for chat

hiss: f

Pegasus: f

LesBEEan: f


(4:42 pm)

Ladybug: wow I leave for like half an hour

Ladybug: and I come back to a war

Ladybug: over who ships me with chat more?

Ladybug: why me

Ladybug: just so you guys know, there’s a guy in my civilian life that I like

Ladybug: he doesn’t return my feelings, but I don’t want to be the ‘my top pick didn’t like me back so I’m going to go for the one who does like me’ kind of person

Ladybug: and I don’t want chat to be a rebound. He’s too sweet for that, and deserves someone who can love him as much as he deserves

PurrfectlyPawsome: aww m’lady (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

PurrfectlyPawsome: I don’t deserve you

Ladybug: nonsense. You deserve the world.

LadyNoir4Ever: screenshotted omg my ship

LadyNoir4Ever: but lb r u sure ur ‘other guy’ isn’t chat?

Ladybug: I’m almost 100% positive. The guy in my civilian life is nothing like chat lmao

Ladybug: but chat!!! Don’t change yourself to appeal to me, please

Ladybug: I like you just the way you are

(5:19 pm)

PurrfectlyPawsome: but not enough, obviously.

Unsend Message?

Message Unsent.

Direct Messages @Pegasus @Ladybug

(8:07 pm)

Pegasus: Hello Ladybug. I have a question.

Ladybug: Sure! Ask away.

Pegasus: do our magical devices link to our civilian phones? I’ve never had the time to check.

Ladybug: they do. That’s why I don’t need my civilian phone to alert you guys of an akuma attack. It still works if I’m transformed. The only difference is that our superhero contacts disappear. I can’t contact Chat Noir’s baton or phone.

Pegasus: thank you.

Pegasus: you mentioned having superhero contacts in your phone, correct?

Ladybug: Yup! If I open the contacts in my yoyo, I can call the Guardian, who’s the only one that can have a civilian phone in the yoyo, or any of you guys. They’re labelled with the word ‘Ally’ next to it.

Pegasus: can you see their contacts when they aren’t transformed?

Ladybug: I can, but if I text them, they won’t know until the next time they transform. Calls will go to voicemail.

Pegasus:  alright. I have the information I need to make a hypothesis. Thank you.

Ladybug: no problem!



(8:56 am)

Ladybug: akuma @ the Dupain-cheng bakery

Ladybug: gigantitan again, with a cupcake sentimonster

Ladybug: crashed straight through the top of the building when he grew, currently evacuating civilians

PurrfectlyPawsome: omg is marinette ok

LesBEEan: omw but chat what

PurrfectlyPawsome: my purrincess! Marinette!


NinjaTurtle: she means we’re coming, LB. We’re coming.

MonkeyMaster: need any assistance? 😉

Ladybug: nah it’s a baby we’re good but thanks


(9:28 am)

LadyNoir4Ever: so chat

LadyNoir4Ever: what was that all about

PurrfectlyPawsome: ?

ICanSeeYourFuture: I’d like to know why chat has a purrincess too

PurrfectlyPawsome: Oh you mean Marinette!

hiss: hiss

PurrfectlyPawsome: she’s just a friend

NinjaTurtle: dude u sound just like one of my friends

PurrfectlyPawsome: I’m serious! I met her during the Evillustrator thing because he tried to date her and stuff, and then we just kept on hanging out at her balcony!

LadyNoir4Ever: sounds pretty romantic to me

PurrfectlyPawsome: SHE’S JUST A FRIEND

PurrfectlyPawsome: a very good friend

PurrfectlyPawsome: but JUST A FRIEND nonetheless

LesBEEan: sure whatever you say chat

LadyNoir4Ever: if ur also shipping marichat in spite of mari’s crush say eye

LesBEEan: eye

NinjaTurtle: eye

MonkeyMaster: eye

ICanSeeTheFuture: eye

Ladybug: why on earth-

Pegasus: statistically speaking, there is a 94.8% chance that chat will harbor romantic feelings for Marinette Dupain-Cheng in the future, a 97.2% chance he is already harboring feelings but hasn’t realized it yet, and a 100% chance that chat is an oblivious idiot.

PurrfectlyPawsome: hey!

Ryuko: I agree that Chat is an oblivious idiot.

PurrfectlyPawsome: did you seriously log on just to say that?

Ryuko: I had some free time so I signed in and saw Pegasus’ message. It was a purrfect opportunity.

Ryuko: I believe I used that pun correctly.

Ryuko: Why isn’t anybody responding?

Ladybug: You broke them all ryuko

Ladybug: chat and I were patrolling since it’s a Saturday and we were bored

Ladybug: he’s sobbing on a roof

NinjaTurtle: can confirm rena is also crying


ICanSeeYourFuture: I hear violent sobbing. I think it might be one of you.

LesBEEan: oh good lord chat why are u crying on my roof

Ladybug: !no identities!

LesBEEan: nobody knows which roof he’s crying on

LesBEEan: plus u two know anyway so…

Ladybug: as long as nobody in this chat sees him crying on a roof we’re good

Chapter Text

Direct Messages @Honeybee @Ladybug

(2:37 pm)

Honeybee: hey

Honeybee: uh

Honeybee: i know u said to tell u if we figured out anyone else’s identities

Honeybee: except i kinda know who everyone is now?

Ladybug: oh fuck

Ladybug: ok chloe gimme a moment to scream into a pillow I’ll get back to you I promise

Honeybee: sure

(3:02 pm)

Ladybug: alright I’m good

Ladybug: well kinda I’m still panicking

Honeybee: don’t worry me too

Ladybug: It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that it’s so weird for someone to know? Other than the guardian ofc

Honeybee: all the ships and lovesquares are literally driving me nuts

Ladybug: I have no clue what you’re talking about?

Honeybee: how did u feel abt the chat shipping both hero u and civilian u with chat noir

Ladybug: oh yeah that ugh

Ladybug: why can’t they understand that I don’t like him that way???

Ladybug: plus they all know marinette likes Adrien jeez

Honeybee: oh my god im gonna go gray because of this

Ladybug: ?

Honeybee: i mean

Honeybee: i agree with u that they shouldn’t force u to be with him just because ur partners and stuff

Honeybee: but what if he’s not the kind of person u think he is under the mask?

Honeybee: the same way marinette is clumsier, more shy and awkward and stuff

Ladybug: don’t forget insecure

Honeybee: im just saying, he could also be socially awkward and shy

Ladybug: nah I can’t see chat’s civilian form being anything like that lol

Ladybug: he’s like the exact opposite of Adrien you know what I mean

Honeybee: why do i even bother


(3:13 pm)

PurrfectlyPawsome has renamed themselves Camembert

Camembert: sugarcubeeeee

Camembert: he won’t feed me cheese

Camembert: help

Pegasus: Chat, are you feeling alright?

LadyNoir4Ever: youre not chat

Ladybug: oh hi plagg is that you

Camembert: CHEESE!!!!!!!

Ladybug: hold on lemme get tikki

Camembert: yes bring me sugarcube

Ladybug: plagg! you know you’re not supposed to take your holder’s phone!

Camembert: he wont feed me cheeseeee

Camembert: anyway, he won’t know he’s at an event

ICanSeeYourFuture: uh can someone explain what is going on

LadyNoir4Ever: i have no clue

Ladybug: oh I’m ladybug’s kwami, tikki and @Camembert is plagg, chat’s kwami

MonkeyMaster: nice to meet u plagg and tikki

NinjaTurtle: sup dudes

LadyNoir4Ever: trixx says hi!!!

LesBEEan: pollen sends her regards.

Ladybug: hi trixx! hi pollen!

Camembert: CHEESE.

ICanSeeYourFuture: hi tikki and plagg

hiss: if possible, could you say hello to sass for me?

Ladybug: oh! About that

Ladybug: this is ladybug again, btw

Ladybug: I can arrange visits with ur kwamis if u want

Ladybug: it cant happen too often, but I could stop by ur homes with your kwamis so u can say hi

Ladybug: or I could just let them loose in the group chat but I don’t think that’s a great idea lol

Pegasus: I think the visits would be the optimal solution. I would enjoy a visit from Kaalki.

MonkeyMaster: xuppu and me have stuff we need to do

hiss: sass is probably dying to give me another lecture lmao

hiss: i did save up to buy a huge supply of raw eggs if needed

ICanSeeYourFuture: can I meet the fluff from this timeline?

Ladybug: sure bunnyx! And king monkey- you can prank, but nothing drastic!

Ryuko: I have a break during practice and just saw the messages. If it is possible, I would like to see Longg again too.

Ladybug: done. I’ll dm you guys to work out times and dates.

MonkeyMaster: thanks lb!

hiss: we really appreciate it.

Camembert: where’s my cheese

Direct Messages @Pegasus @Ladybug

(11:03 pm)

Pegasus: I believe I have some valuable information, but I’d like to test my hypothesis with my miraculous.

Pegasus: this could be a major breakthrough.

Ladybug: I trust your judgement. I’m lending it to you for the week, I’ll drop it off tomorrow at 4:15 pm. That can also be your visit with Kaalki. Sound good?

Pegasus: Perfect.