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The Bounty On His Head

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The Hinata siblings always had something against their father, to whom they believed killed their mother a few years back. They never trusted him in the first place when their mother was forced into marriage with that bastard. They first heard the news about how she was forced-  from old articles relating to the topic found in their attic while exploring-


Mystery Ginger, known as Misaka Itijima, was to soon be married to a famous and the richest man in Japan!


“News is out to the community of who the mystery woman is! She will soon be married to the one and only Fuka Hinata CEO + Owner of the Largest gun manufacturer and the cartel around Japan. He owned many Casinos that spread wide around the country. We hope to see more of the family in the future!” 

By ***** ********* 


. They witnessed many horrific things that man did to their mother, she always tried her best to protect her kids and took the beating. On some days they can see her paper pale skin covered with purple marks and cuts. It was terrible and hurt to see every time they witnessed it, the freckles around her face were not even apparent since the bruises covered her entire face. But she kept on a mask and cared for her kids no matter what. They never had warmth and contact with her but she still cared no matter what.


 June. 21. 2024. His birthday- he turned 12 while his sister was 2 years behind (10), he and Natsu witnessed what happened. On the floor laid their mom, blood was seen surrounding and pooling from her side. Her beautiful locks of ginger hair started to stain dark red. Her eyes were blank and the heat from her body started to die down causing her snow skin to turn even white.


 They couldn’t move after seeing the event, face still blank and confused about what had just happened a few minutes prior before this occurred. Everything was fine before; they were in their shared bedroom until a crash can be heard from their “parents” room. Being curious he and his sister decided to check it out leading to how they’re in the situation where they are now. Staring down at the bloodied up body and back to his “father”, he can or is seen with a shattered bottle of some type of alcoholic drink. The shards and leftover shards around the bottle are seen bloodied by his mother's blood.


 Unsure of how to react their father dropped the leftover of the bottle onto the floor causing more noise to ring around the room and mansion. He walked up closer to them, Still paralysed- 

he and his sister just stared at the bastard. No tears were shed from him but he can tell Natsu was tearing up slowly but surely. Looking up and into his father's eyes, they were cold and life less- than ever, not seeing any remorse to what he just did to their mother.

In the last minute of staring at this so-called “father,”  Shouyou felt and could hear footsteps of two figures walking up from behind and feeling their presence gave him chills down his spine. 


He finally spoke.


“Clean up this mess and take them back to their rooms” 


Putting both of his hands on His and Natsu shoulders leaving their mother's blood on them before walking out, a voice spoke.


“We’ll discuss this situation tomorrow, now go back to your rooms.” His voice was stern and cold but they listened and proceeded to return to their room with one of the figures behind them while the other entered the room where their mother laid. 


Years later after the incident (now 2027), their father later remarried a woman who seemed to only be out for money but she was quite beautiful if we’re telling the truth right now. She had two sons already. They were around the same age as Shouyou (The Hinata siblings are now 15: 13) and they got along pretty well surprisingly, their names were Izumi & Koj they were quite social which was alright with Shouyou and Natsu since they were quite social butterflies too.


 Their mother was a whole nother situation. She was quite a bitch to the Hinata siblings if Shouyou had to be blunt about it. They took some slapping and beating from her but honestly it didn’t quite hurt much to him since he always had a high pain tolerance. Natsu wasn’t that lucky in her genes, she always teared up when a slap was handed to her face which pissed of shouyou every time. But he can’t do anything or the bastard had to get involved and he wasn’t quite in the mood for that.


In the aftermath of their dead mother, shouyou couldn’t bear to look at himself in the mirror seeing the ginger locks that resembled his beloved mother, freckles scattered around his face exactly like their mother. He and Natsu we’re basically mini carbon-copies of her. Not being able to take it, Shouyou decided to dye his hair dark like the moonless night the accident occurred.


Pleasing his father with the new color since he always hated the red tones. He began to believe that shouyou always had dark raven hair exactly like him as a kid. Leading to him not being treated like shit. Shou- wanted Natsu to do the same thing, but she was quite stubborn on her part. She believed in representing her mother till the end no matter what happened to her. Both getting in a rumble, for this reason, decided not to talk till both cracked and learned how to accept each other.




In the duration of that year, they were all moved to a private academy that included the usage of guns, knife dueling, and history to the dark web / black market. Shouyou and Natsu weren’t even sure why they even had to attend but Izumi and Koji didn’t even bother to care. During the course of the year, the Hinata siblings rose and made their way to the top of the leaderboard of the top students in the school. It felt quite amazing being at the top not gonna lie about that, he and Natsu felt great to be able to stand above the rest of the students of the school. This caused attraction to them making them a “ High social ” in the school. ( popular pods)


Soon they were able to find out the cause of why they were all transferred to this “private academy” the main reason was to find a new heir for their household if their father ever died. And secondly was to be turned into killing machines that can take out his enemies. Shouyou and Natsu could care less about that bastard's “Heir”. It was bad enough that they had half of their “fathers” DNA and they had part of his appearance in their looks.too. By looks that -included their facial appearance. Shouyou hated that the most.


Still in the academy Shouyou and Natsu were the best duos in the whole academy, they trusted each of their lives to one another. Still able to make friends around the entire school -they always had access to information on what’s going around throughout the entire school. Their classmates refer the siblings as the “ Sun duo” *Due to their warmth and comfort when being around them and how deadly they are when together (though when being separate they’re still quite deadly to be around ). People always had a saying about them it annoyed Shouyou quite a bit--But if Natsu likes it he doesn’t mind that much.


  “don’t fly too close to the sun or you’ll burn” That’s what they all say, but being Shouyou didn’t quite understand the meaning of that about them at the time.


Now closing into the summer where they finally get to go back home they had one more assessment to archive and they can finally return home for the summer. Being at the academy taught the siblings to not trust people easily which helps them so much in the future. Izumi and Koji during the entire duration of the academy always had the siblings back no matter what happened which led them to trust them also. 


July 27th 2029 / Location ; Elite Academy / Time ; 6:23 am


The mattress under him felt like a rock, he fucking hated every time he had to sleep on it. He was so glad that after 2 fucking years; he can finally go back home and rest in the comfort of his OWN bed. What he was not looking forward to was the bitch they had to call “mom” and their bastard dad. It was unsettling to know that bastard loved the woman so fucking much he would do anything for her. This disgusted him more since he never showed the same affection towards their mom which in his mind was quite unfair.


He was also still confused thinking back to the night where he & Natsu saw there- the lifeless body of their once called “mom”. It confused him terribly as to why he couldn’t express his emotion when seeing the body, even Natsu could shed some tears when seeing the corpse but not him. Also because of that and living in the academy, he hasn’t seen Natsu cry in a while which was quite impressive knowing how sensitive she is.


I wonder if I duel her and hit in the right spot maybe then she’ll show some sort of emotion-’


A thud from his body getting dragged out and slammed on the floor, it was quite shocking- not being able to compensate for what just happened. A sharp pain ran throughout his body- it fucking hurt but now he’s gonna fight whoever threw him in the first place-


I swear to god  I’m gonna beat you the fuc-” looking up from the floor he saw his dearest sister eyeing him - like he’s a cockroach she accidentally stepped on.


“Now, now.. that would just be bullying now.. Wouldn’t it Shou” she said sweetly adding a bit of poison to her words just to prick shouyou and smiling at him with her best smile.


“What the fuck was that for! I was obviously having the best dream of my LIFE ! Before YOU ruined it.” He spits out the words before another kick is sent right towards and into his stomach.


He coughed and started to roll around the ground grunting and a mix of random and non-verbal words sputtered out. 


“Get up, you’re gonna make us late, We’re finally getting out of this hell-hole after we finish our assessment” She giggles while staring at her “ dying ” brother on the ground still rolling and holding onto his stomach.


“Yeah yeah I know Natsu-” he mumbles out causing Natsu to laugh even more at his pain.


“I left your uniform on the desk for you, by the way, so you didn’t have to take 30 minutes trying to find it like last time” she scoffs


“Also I read some of your papers. Fix your grammar they fucking suck. You wouldn’t want to redo this year now would’ ya” she snickers, crouching down to her brother and ruffling his head a bit before leaving and closing the room to his dorm.


Slowly getting up and grunting “how can a 15-year-old be so strong what the actual fuck..”


He walked into the shower and decided to be quick, not wanting to be harassed by his “ lovely” sister again. 


Getting out and trying his best not to slip and hit his head * even though he kind of wants to * he dries himself and his raven hair the best he can. Putting on the uniform he looks into the mirror to inspect and brush his hair. The sun reflects itself off of his moonless hair making it shine even more. Inspecting and brushing his fingers through he began to see faint ginger rising up again.

Sighing at the crime scene of himself.


Just stop growing already- if anything - it should be put into my height instead ”’ he mumbles to himself. Staring deeply into the mirror, looking at his pale skin and freckles that spread everywhere throughout his face. He sees his father's eyes in his. He hated that part of his appearance, why can’t he be normal and have regular eyes like the kids here.


 It’s funny he thought to himself, how his left eye was golden similar to a pool of honey and lively like their mother, and his right was a deep dark brown so dark it almost looks black. He wasn’t the only one who was “blessed” with this appearance; his sister also shares a similar feature as him. They were almost like twins but not quite due to the gender/age and how she had longer curls in her hairs just like how their mother did. He also can’t find out why his sister also shared the same heterochromia but it’s the opposite placements in her eye than his.


Still deep in thoughts and now playing with his curly locks, a loud banging can be heard on the opposite of the door and a few voices accompany it. Snapping out of his thoughts he quickly grabbed his bag and the leftover paper that was neatly placed on his desk.


“COME ON SHOUYOU! YOU DON’T WANNA BE LATE AGAIN! OR THAT’S ANOTHER MARK ON THE ATTENDANCE SHEET!” As the banging continued he could easily tell the voice behind it was Koji and Izumi.


Swinging the door open almost making koji almost slip- but he caught him right in time.


“Jeez, bang on it one more time and it’s gonna come unhinged you dipshits” sighing afterward and placing Koji back so he can stand.


“Well Hinata, if you have woken up earlier this wouldn’t have happened” scoffs Izumi ruffling Hinata's hair a bit making it more fluffy * messy mostly 


“Okay okay chill ” taking Izumi’s hand off his head, “I just brushed it be careful, I’m trying to look somewhat presentable here” he snarks


Laughing erupted as the trio started to walk down the hall to the main room, where they will be presented with the assessment they will have to take to get out of this hell.


 Location ; The Main  / Time ; 6:50 am


Kids crowded the area, Some in large groups and some sitting by themselves, listening to music and doing their work. He doesn’t understand why they even bother if they only have 5 minutes before class starts. Yet he still had bad markings on his test and quizzes, just thinking about the subject makes his head dizzy.


Spotting his sister with her ginger locks brighter than ever from the sun reflecting it through that small opening of a window *(honestly it’s just a small box, you can’t even see out of it) . She was quite popular with the girls. They all surrounded her in the morning “free time” (only 10 minutes).


After free time was over they all began to move to their oranged seating charts, silent but quickly he was quite impressed with how big the lecture hall is and how all the students filled up the seats.


Rich people are crazy ’ sighing at the thought, he was very sure there were over 200 + seats currently in this one lecture hall. Deep in thought, a shove was given to him by Izumi notifying him that his name was being called for attendance. 


“Here!” he says, while sticking his tongue out at Izumi.


After the torture of having to sit and hear all the names the class began, A bright screen rose up showing them this year's assessment and how it will be held.


‘Two groups of two will be made to battle against each other during this assessment. Teachers recommended the best students to be put against and with each other.


Today we’ll be using the white room as the place where this assessment will be held, the scenery of this white room is a small japan town. That includes multiple buildings and walls best used if you know what you’re doing. Cameras will be placed around the entire map so we will be able to view your tactics. This assessment will inform us many things about you, so do everything in your power when it comes to it”


Looking at the screen that was currently being presented to them, there was a map and the diagram/3d model of the map they will be placed in. On the side laid Students that were currently active in the class.


“Now we’ll be showing the first group who will go head-on to start off our first assessment of the year!”


Fidgeting with his fingers in between Natsu and Koji scared of who he will be placed with and the team he will go against. A nudge was made, looking beside him. Natsu gave him a warm smile which calmed him down a bit. The names came- looking back onto the board he can see his name clearly as the first to take this assessment.


A sigh can be heard from both sides of him and now actually looking around back on the board he can see the names of the rest. Seeing it evaporated the anxiety that was building up during the entire process.

TEAM 1 ;


Shouyou Hinata


  • Age; 17


  • Height ; 162.8 cm



Specialties and Stats ; 


  • 5/5 Stamina


  • Sharp eyesight / Sharp Shooter
  • Knife Dueling + Throwing
  • Effective Decoy
  • 5/5 Hand To Hand Combat 
  • 4/5 Stealth



Natsu Hinata


  • Age; 15


  • Height; 160.5



Specialties and Stats ; 


  • 5/5 Analysing


  • 5/5 Stamina
  • Incredible Flexibility
  • Chemical Mix / Bombs and Grenades 
  • Knife dueling
  • 4/5 Hand to Hand Combat 
  • 4/5 Stealth



Team 2 ; 


Koji Hinata


  • Age; 16


  • Height; 164.3



Specialties and Stats ;


  • Short and Long-range shooting


  • 3/5 Hand to Hand Combat
  • 3/5 Stealth




Izumi Hinata


  • Age; 17


  • Height; 165.7



Specialties and Stats ;


  • 2/5 Hand to Hand Combat


  • 4/5 Stealth
  • 4/5 Bow and Arrow Shooter




Sighing in relief, he smirks looking back at Natsu, Izumi, and Koji. ‘


Let the game begin’ cracking his fingers.

Location ; White Room  / Time ; 7:30 am


They started on opposite sides of the arena, both teams were given the color.


Team 1 was given Blue as their color, the reasons for color was to see marks as if they were using actual weapons. The marks of the color show where the damage and the hit have been made by the opponents. This gives the information to the viewers above *the superior / teacher for them to write down.


Team 2 was given Red 



Now starting both teams in white uniforms ready to take each other on. 


“Now Shouyou. Don’t fuck this up, Cause I really need to get out of this hell-hole” Natsu smirks while twirling a grenade she was given a minute ago with the rest of the supplies.


“Don’t worry.. We both want to get the same thing. Just don’t get left behind” Shouyou smiles while holding a knife that was dipped in blue paint and adjusting his earpiece.


The Siblings nodded to each other, now going into a state they usually do before going for the kill. Eyes blank. The coldness was radiating off both as they got in position.


A shot can be heard. Informing the round has started.


Team 1 can be seen sprinting like the speed of light towards their opponents but then splitting up to take each head-on.


Natsu takes in the walls and blocks- around her to see what can be used to her advantage. Hearing footsteps she immediately went to cover herself behind the wall. The cameras flash a red light- giving her the benefit of knowing her target was here. As the footsteps became close she went in for the kill. And Click.



On the side buildings, there was Shouyou and Izumi. Izumi always knew Shouyou's weakness and what ticks him off. Shouyou, on the other hand, knows more about Izumi than he thinks he knows. The first thing he had to do was dis-arm Izumi. Knowing his Hand To Hand Combat is kinda bad he was gonna have fun doing this.


Both hiding in a white structure now near each other Shouyou takes a quick leap and uses the walls to his advantage using his decoy abilities, he gets Izumi to show part of himself making it easier for Shouyou to get him. Doing a flip using his weight over the wall, Their eyes met.


“Don’t be such a show-off.” laughs Izumi as a bow that was ready to be shot, nearly hitting shouyou. He tumbled towards the floor, Shou quickly got up and went to kick his hands disarming him from the usage of the weapon. Unable to process the situation the Bow was kicked away, and shouyou grabbed both of his shoulders flipping him over and had a knife stained with blue paint at his throat. Izumi saw no emotion across the face Shouyou gave him before he was behind him with a knife at his throat.


Scared to do anything else- a line was made on his throat indicating that he had been taken out. Shouyou dropped Izumi hard on the floor before running off to help his sister or assist. Still trying to connect what just happened he quickly got up and returned to the starter line.

While running & trying to connect to his sister with the earpiece given-. an explosion can be heard from the other side. Knowing that sound he could tell that they have officially won this match. Arriving at the scene blue paint was splatter everywhere. Still being stealthy, Shouyou took out his knife in case if this was a trap to lure him in. Turning the corner he was met with Golden + Brown Eyes, The sun shining into the room reflects off her eyes. Now looking down she had Koji pinned down he was covered in blue paint.


“Good Game,” she says excitedly to Koji, She helps Koji up and man- was the area messy. Blue and Red paint can be seen splattered across the walls some mixing into purple which was quite satisfying to see.


Both now at “eye” level stared at the window of spectators and camera and wave. Natsu and Hinata gave them their signature smile making the dark aurora dissolve from the tension of this match.




Skipping forward a few weeks they’ve now arrived at their lovely home. Seeing their father and his bitch smiling in front ready to welcome them in. 


Stepping out of their car, they were met with irritated voices of their “ parents ”.


“Welcome back! We can’t wait to discuss some things about what will be happening in a couple of days” Giving a fake smile to the new arrivals. As the servants behind them pick up our luggage- 

Making their way into the household, the same scent still lingers around. It’s been the same since the last time they were in the house. A mix of a tangerine scent and cinnamon. It was alright. Not the best scent in his favor. But he manages.


They were led to the dining room by a former maid that's been working here for a while. Sitting next to Natsu at the dining room table and koji and Izumi on the opposite side. Looking at both ends sat their “ mother ” and “ father ”, his hands moved around. Hearing the sounds of paper moving around.


Why are we even here. I just wanna go to bed and sleep ’ shouyou sighs not caring how he’s behaving at that moment, He’s just so tired at this point.


A voice spoke up.


Due to your returning, We shall grant you a welcoming party for your accomplishments ” he smiles.


Eyes still dull as ever and a fake smirk creeping up on his face sent shivers down his and Natsu spines. Thinking back to the talk after their mother has been killed by this bastard , he has silenced us and told us to never mention a word or else he’ll come after us. All records of her ever marrying or existing were wiped clean. As if she never existed and gave birth to us. We have been told to say “ we were adopted / we were long lost children of his ” if the media ever asked. 


Ever since I've dyed my hair he always used it as proof as we were his lost children that went “ missing ” or “ kidnapped ” but then got returned. He also had the audacity that Natsu’s hair was the one that had been “dyed” red due to being afraid of looking like her kidnapper? Like how does that even make any sense? But Obviously they believed it.




“Also the day we will be holding this Grand day, We will be Releasing one of our new products, because of that reason -some of my friends will be joining us for that day.” 


I can’t wait to meet them, dear, they seem like nice men,” she said while showing her smile and blinking to show off her long eyelashes.


Both cringing at the snake trying to be humble and nice makes them sick to the stomach. How can anyone be willing to marry this man, even if it’s just for money that’s disgusting? They would both gladly play Russian roulette but with all the ammo still loaded. Simple and Easy way out.


A snicker snuck out of Shouyou leading all the attention towards him, the woman looking at him weirdly like he’s a poor commoner and a peasant that begged for money. 


“Do you have anything you like to talk about.” She says disgustingly like the two kids in front of her weren't even part of their family.


“I deeply apologize, miss yosuke,” he said slyly as he ever can, with a bit of respect to piss her off even more.


Now both staring daggers at each other while the rest of the members just stare.


“Well I guess this is the ending of this meeting, We would like to now excuse ourselves. Thank you for telling us the information.” she snickers, now getting up and grabbing shouyou and drags him out of the so-called dining room. The rest also leaves the room leaving only their “ father ” and “ mother ”.


Koji and Izumi don’t even bother with their mother, they knew this treatment has been going on to the shouyou siblings ever since they joined the family. They tried everything but can’t figure out why their mother had something against them ever since. 




Now back to the safety of their rooms after walking the annoyingly long steps of stairs up. ‘ Like why the fuck is there so many steps’ 


Seeing their luggage that the servants brought up they slowly unloaded their clothing in the right placements.


“So- What the hell was that about?” talking across the hallway to the open door of a shouyous room.


Shrugging at the question “ she’s a bitch Natsu, I’m never gonna treat her like my actual mom ” 


Nodding at the answer and giving him a look before she turns around to continue her organization of clothing she needs to make.



“I’m sick and tired! How can YOU even tolerate those eyesores!” She screams at her dear husband, smashing a vase down to the floor of their bedroom.


Silence overcame.


“They’re our kids, We can’t just abandon them” he grabs her hand.


She scoffs at the term “our kids?!”


“Our kids!? You can’t be serious. They look nothing like me! Their eyes terrify me, every time I make eye contact with them it looks like they want to kill me!”


“Suke- I need Shouyou, he's gonna become the heir of this household. He has what it takes.” Staring at his wife.


“Fine. Then I’m taking Izumi and Koji. And we’re leaving this household. Since you LOVE your children so much more than me .” she poisoned her words knowing damned well he would never let her since she knows how much he loves her and is willing to do anything for her. Even if it meant killing.


Taking hold of her hands


“Please don’t” now begging 


I’ll do anything, anything you want please..even if it means disciplinary towards shouyou, Or removing Natsu from this family. ” Staring into her eyes




Anything? Anything.. Is that what I’m hearing ” grinning like the devil she is.


I want those kids gone. I want them OUT. of this household. I don’t wanna see them together and be reminded of that...of t-that ” now stuttering to seal the deal


“That dead wife of yours. Whenever I see them I get reminded of her and it hurts me every time.. ” tears now rolling down the side of her cheeks


“Anything for you my dear”


Moving the brown locks from her eyes and hugs her.


“I’ll fix the problem.”




Noises advance around them, on the floor, laid two bodies.


Holding onto the body - clingy to it like it’s the end of the world, a storm was coming. Clouds now snuffing out the warmth leaving them cold. Holding the lifeless body in his hands close to his chest, blood soaking through her once white dress she has been preparing to wear for this event. Tears streamed down.


He cried and cried, till everything went numb. The sound of his breathing. Everything. Looking around at the wandering eyes that were staring at them. Crowding around with them makes it harder to breathe. Whispers went around the circle.


Why weren't they helping.. Someone please help.. Help US. PLEASE HELP US!


The noises in his head grew louder and louder… he knew who was behind this fucking massacre..he felt something snap inside of him. Not caring about what's happening he sat still on the floor looking at his once lively sister now cold in his arms. Her eyes drained of colors turning dull exactly like their mother on that night. He held her tight trying to warm her, but it was no use any matter of how much denial he was in. It was no use.


Now looking beside him laid another body.. It was a boy- he couldn’t quite tell who it was till a high shrill pitch of noise came from the crowd. Out came a woman who fell onto her knees in front of the boy, and stared her devil eyes at Shouyou and back at the lifeless body of a kid. 




Before even getting a chance to respond she slowly brings out a pistol she somehow had.

Hearing the click he stayed still waiting for the impact not caring since the only thing that he cared about was now dead in his arms. Cold. Tears coming out of his eyes- he didn’t know how to react since it’s been so long since he last cried.


Closing his eyes and waiting. A shot can be heard. Opening his eyes the crowd's face still blurred out now looking at the target who carried the weapon. Shock is all he can think of. No emotion on his face. Still blank like that day but with tears this time. There was another boy. One with much darker hair, his best guess was that it was koji. Now grabbing onto his stomach and leaking into his once white shirt turning blood red. A scream can be heard piercing everyone’s ear. The woman grabbed her kid and held him close to her.


He wanted to giggle, Laugh really -on how the situation did a full 180 in that 10 minutes of this situation. The pain on the woman's face warms him a bit, hugging the body still, he whispers to it ‘I guess you were the one who left me behind’ sniffing and drying his tears with the sleeves of his bloodied up shirt. Some blood got smeared across his eyes but he didn’t mind. Raven hair draped over his red puffed up eyes. Closing the once golden eyes and the moonless eye. He then closed his eyes. Sirens can be heard and once again it went inaudible.



May / 28 / 2032 


Fuuuuck, What’s taking this bastard so long. That bitch didn’t take this long to kill- ” he sighs getting tired of holding the scope on top of this wack ass construction crane. Aiming at the building the fucker was working in. The office had a nice view over Tokyo which irritated him even more. His 20+ sighs today a figure emerges from the door. 


FINALLY ” he murmurs to himself excitedly. Getting back in the position he looked into the scope waiting for the best opportunity to deck this old man out- and- BANG


…’ he went down right?!?!’ confused as hell he sat there in silence. The man quietly got up and stared back the way the shot was made from. Spotting the orange hair blowing in the wind and a mask covering his face. which is quite annoying but it felt good. Seeing the old cocaine head saying something two men who seem to be his bodyguard since “ he’s a pussy and can’t post the fuck up-” Now both making eye contact, Shouyou now knew it was time to bolt the fuck out.


Grabbing the scope and sliding down the side towards the rooftop he was met with two other fuckers. He had no clue who the fuck they are or how they quickly made it to the rooftop in the span of 5 minutes of him sliding down the side, but he had two choices right now. To go left towards them or Right which is the ledge of the roof. Thinking of the two choices it was quite obvious which one… Right?...


Running towards the right and flipping them off while doing so; he jumped-  bodyguards were still on his ass- not thinking this situation through he crashed into one of the hotel windows that was near the building he chose to scope on. Now achieving that stunt- he thinks logic just went out the window once he came crashing in - Looking at the two people he realized he lowkey kinda fucked up. Them staring back in shock and him staring back. The blonde spoke-


Who the hell are you-


Getting up and realizing he must’ve cut his leg, he proceeded to try to leave the room without making this more awkward than it already is. Limping while doing so--

“Ah ahah congrats on your relationship um ” limping towards the door, glass still covered his body- slowly opening it while still making eye contact with the two people who were..’ mesh together ’ . “Don’t forget to wear a condom or uh some shit like that” closing the door behind him and running the fuck out. 

Back at the Building where shouyou tried to scope but failed miserably 


“ Who does that orange fucker think he is? ” Putting his hands to the face


“ Now hiring a redhead to do his dirty job?, I thought of him as better man ” scoffing at the remark


“ If you wanna play I’ll play dirty. Watch out Hinata Shouyou. Two can play this game of life.




“ Tenma..? Are you here? ” he asked, closing the door behind him, still limping after the stunt that was pulled earlier. Taking off his mask giving him better access to take in air. 


“ Holy Shit - Shouyou are you alright” walking out from the corner and seeing the view in front of him. 


Glass pieces and some bruises blended into his legs, including blood that was slowly leaking and dying his pants; a scope can be seen on his back, informing Udai that he tried to assassinate someone again. Sighing in frustration he returned to his room to grab a medkit.


Returning quickly, he sat shouyou on the chair propping the purple blend of a leg up on the table. 


“You know Shou, you honestly could be using your talents for something else useful. Instead of trying to get revenge on him” irritatingly said by udai, while trying his best to tweeze out the small glass shards from the leg.


Grunting, Shouyou gave Udai a look of confusion and “ hurt ” 


“I’m serious Shouyou, you turned 19 not long ago. And personally, it’s time for you to get a job instead of hiding out- I honestly have some connections if you want- ” looking back up and making eye-contact before getting cut off-


“It’s great that you’re worried about me” shou smiles “but I honestly don’t think there’s a job fit for an assassin/hitman in Tokyo” scoffing at the remark.


“Plus I don’t think it’s simple. For a former kid of Hinata Fuka, who went missing a few years ago from the hospital to just pop out of nowhere.


All that will lead to is drama and uproar, which we can both agree is quite annoying .” Now staring down to his savior who’s now bandaging up the leg.


Sighing and getting frustrated by the stubborn kid he was repairing. Udai turned on the T.V


Igniting the room, the glow flashing in their face. Both squinting at first, but then surely was met with a headline that both made them shocked.


Both breathing slowing down. They stared at the screen for a quick minute. Silent broke as both could hear each other mumble underneath their breaths.






There lies on the screen in bold words illuminating and flashing in their faces taunting them.




‘A fugitive with the name of Hinata Shouyou is on the loose’