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"Really?! You're tired of me bothering you? After everything, you've done to me? To Deku?!?! To this whole fucking class?!" The chestnut-haired girl fumed, her eyes burning with hurt and rage as she stood inches away from Katsuki. She paused but was interrupted by a calm, yet, more timid voice.

"Uraraka-chan... I don't think this is a good idea. Maybe we should just leave him be, plus I'm used to him being curt with me. It's okay, really. He didn't do anything, I'm not hurt." Eijiro turned and noticed the green-haired Izuku, murmuring in the girl's direction. She must not have heard him because she appeared as if she was going to keep yelling before she was interrupted by the blonde raising his hand in the air. Presumably, he was signaling for her to leave him alone.

"I don't have time for this. Leave me alone." Katsuki deadpanned, not sharing as much as a glance with Ochako. He didn't normally act like this. Typically, Katsuki was more than outspoken when he was irritated, but Eijiro could understand his friend's attitude if he put some thought into it. It had been five weeks since Katsuki was rescued from the League of Villains, and if a classmate was getting upset about telling someone he'd known for years to "fuck off," he assumed he wouldn't have much energy to deal with it either. As his best friend, Eijiro was worried about Katsuki and made an effort to be there for him in light of recent events. He understood the consequences of trying to be a helping hand for his friend, but the blonde didn't seem to mind as much when he offered, even though he never accepted. The redhead concluded that he would approach his friend about it every so often, always making it clear that what he was doing wasn't out of pity. He wished he could do more, but he didn't want to worsen any negative emotions his friend could already be harboring and figured it would be best to act subtly. Eijiro was shortly brought back to reality after he heard Ochako's high-pitched voice echo through the classroom once more. He turned his head, slightly concerned.

"You, don't have time for this?!" Ochako paused, emphasizing her first word.

"Well guess what, neither does everyone in this class. Neither does the whole world. Go take a fucking swan dive off the roof, we'd all be better off that way!" She roared louder than before. Eijiro's eyes widened in shock, anger, and most of all concern. The whole classes' heads turned in awe and utter disbelief. He had never seen Ochako so angry, but what took all of his attention was the slight movement of Katsuki's eyes. The blonde shifted in his seat and sighed, his previously annoyed expression morphing into an emotionless one. Katsuki stood up, picked up his bag, and exited the classroom at a brisk pace. Eijiro immediately moved from his once frozen stance towards the doorway, to follow his friend, but was interrupted by another high-pitched yell. What did she want now? He was beginning to feel Katsuki's frustration towards their brunette classmate. He needed to hurry and though he didn't want to jump to conclusions, for all he knew, his friend could at least be hurt and at worst, in danger.

"Why are you even going after him?! He doesn't deserve to be where he is, he doesn't deserve us, and he damn well doesn't deserve you!" She stood up, slamming her fist on her desk, a tear running down her face. Eijiro wasn't one to get emotional, but he couldn't help himself after the harsh words that had been exchanged, mostly from Ochako's end. He was about to speak, a feigned smile forming across his face, about to give a composed and dignified response, but he couldn't force himself to do it, not when he knew his friend could be hurting. The classic smile the redhead maintained slowly vanished. It was replaced by a more serious expression. He didn't appear angry which seemed to be the scariest thing of all to their classmates. They had never seen him unhappy, literally ever. Except for maybe Ashido and, of course, Katsuki.

"Because he's my best friend. Because even if you can't see it, he's a person too. I know several others in this class can see it. The people who know and care about him can see it!" The redhead paused, shifting his feet doubtfully, but regained some confidence after reminding himself what he was still standing there to say.

"Midoriya-kun can see it, and apparently you weren't listening to him when he, the person you were trying to defend, was talking to you. You were too focused on harassing one of your other classmates! And every person in this fucking classroom deserves to feel heard. Everyone here deserves to have a shoulder to lean on, my friend, or not. Everyone here deserves respect!" Eijiro's eyes widened, tears forming at the brims. Pausing his emotional outburst, he stopped talking. He needed to speak clearly to be heard. The red-head spoke again, his voice calmer than before.

"I considered you all as friends. I can't say the same now after he was treated that way. The only thing Katsuki Bakugou doesn't deserve is to be treated like that." Eijiro walked quickly towards the door, a determined look spreading across his face. He didn't want to hear what else she had to say. He said what he needed to and it was time to go after his friend. Unfortunately, things don't always go his way.

"You know, if you don't like to see people treated like that, then why are you friends with him. Don't you know?" Ochako snickered sarcastically, wiping the tears away from her face. Eijiro paused his brisk walk towards the door, flashing her a confused glance. The rest of the classes' eyes were fixated on her.

"He told Deku to do the same thing back in middle school." she laughed. The classes' eyes widened in shock. Before anyone could open their mouths, their tired homeroom teacher entered the room; however, no one seemed to notice except Ochako, because Izuku stood up, walking towards Eijiro and facing the class. Mr. Aizawa found it wisest to observe what was happening on the sidelines. However, his plans were put on hold due to Ochako's high pitched voice booming through the room.

"Aizawa-sensei! Bakugou yelled at Deku this morning and when I confronted him about it he-!" Ochako's voice was interrupted by Izuku's quick yell. Eijiro was still standing in shock because of Ochako's comment on Katsuki's behavior towards Izuku in middle school. Was it really true? Mr. Aizawa continued to quietly observe. He seemed to be shocked by the tears surrounding Eijiro's eyes and Izuku's aggressive tone.

"NO! I'm sorry Aizawa-sensei, but I can't allow this. I've been quiet for a while, but as someone who was Kacchan's childhood friend, I can clarify that what he said that day wasn't his fault. So, let's not bring up something that he was f- no. His actions that day were justified and he later opened up about his reasoning and personally apologized. Kacchan doesn't do that. Uraraka-chan, I'm your friend and I appreciate you trying to stand up for me, but Kacchan didn't actually tell me to 'fuck off' this morning like you assumed he did. I was concerned for him because he's been somewhat quiet lately and I thought maybe he was struggling with what happened during the kidnapping and in the recent weeks. He told me to leave him alone. That's it. I'd like to say that what you did, unlike what happened with Kacchan, which is personal, is not okay. Even as your friend I have to agree with Kirishima-kun on this one. I will not stand by as your classmate, friend, future colleague, and hero and watch him he treated that way. So, please the rest of you. Act like decent human beings towards him. I'd really appreciate that. He may be brash but he does deserve the same level of respect and friendship that the rest of us do. When I confronted him this morning, I knew the repercussions. I realized he might get mad at me, which he didn't. He just asked for some space. And if anything, he's worked harder than any of us to get to his spot here, so don't insult his effort."

Eijiro was about to speak and thank the green-haired boy beside him when their teacher gripped both of their shoulders. Ochako's face contorted into pure shock at her green-haired crush's words.

"What's going on here." Mr. Aizawa muttered, clearly not in the mood to take care of what had just ensued. Unexpectedly, Shouto decided to speak up first.

"Uraraka-san confronted Bakugou-kun about a dispute he had with Midoriya-kun this morning. It turns out Bakugou-kun asked Midoriya-kun to give him some space. Uraraka-san misinterpreted this information. She attempted to confront Bakugou-kun at his desk, but he didn't want to talk to her, claiming he didn't have time. Uraraka-san told him to kill himself. Bakugou-kun left the room, Kirishima-kun attempted to go after him. Uraraka-san stopped him. They conversed briefly. After Uraraka-san accused Bakugou-kun of saying something similar to Midoriya-kun in middle school, as you saw, Midoriya-kun stood in front of the class and presented that Bakugou-kun didn't have a choice in the matter at the time for unshared reasons. And that he, as Kirishima-kun said, deserved the friendship and respect he had earned. He asked the rest of the class to treat him with respect because he is still a person. Kirishima-kun tried to go after Bakugou-kun again, but then you entered the fray."

Mr. Aizawa placed his hands over his face, rubbing his eyes open and sighing. He looked surprised at the situation he had just been made aware of but still opened his mouth to speak.

"I'd still like to go after him," Eijiro spoke softly, hoping Mr. Aizawa would let him go, but his teacher's grasp on his shoulder tightened.

"Uraraka, you're on house arrest for five days. You will attend a meeting with the school counselor and Principal Nezu. You will also present your classmate with a handwritten apology. Kirishima, you stay here."

"But-" Eijiro turned looking at his teacher in the eye nervously.

"No buts. You're too emotional, the adults will handle this." Mr. Aizawa finished, pushing him back in the direction of his seat. Their teacher was about to do the same with Izuku, but he opened his mouth to speak first.

"Wait, Aizawa-sensei! I've known Kacchan for the longest.. and as someone who's been concerned for him recently, I actually think it would be a good idea for Todoroki-kun to go after him."

"Why is that?" Mr. Aizawa sighed, a confused tone coating his voice. Both Shouto and Mr. Aizawa glanced at the green-haired boy like he was insane.

"I haven't seen Kacchan act like that since when we were in middle school after the incident Uraraka mentioned. Someone needs to go after him, and if not Kirishima-kun, then based on what I was briefly told when we were kids, I think Todoroki-kun would understand..."

Izuku paused briefly, regaining his confidence. "I don't know what's going on with Kacchan fully, and Aizawa-sensei, you probably won't understand what I'm saying, but I'm sure Todoroki-kun will. I think the only person who can approach him right now is someone who knows how he feels. Who knows how he felt and understands the things he..."

Izuku trailed off as Shouto's eyes widened in shock looking towards Izuku, appearing to ask if they were on the same page. The green-eyed boy nodded slightly. Shouto's eyes darkened as he glanced at Mr. Aizawa. The bi-colored strands of hair swept in front of his face, a determined look accentuating its features. He stood up quickly approaching Mr. Aizawa, stopping in front of him and speaking softly. Eijiro strained his ears to hear what his classmate was saying.

"Aizawa-sensei, there are few things Midoriya-kun knows about me, but if he's referring to what I think he's referring to, I should leave the classroom as of immediately."

Mr. Aizawa looked at Shouto's darkened eyes and tense posture and waved his hand towards the door.

"Fine, go ahead. Midoriya, can I talk to you outside."
Shouto moved quickly through the hall, looking back and forth between the different entrances and exits of the school. He immediately stopped in his tracks as he heard a soft noise from the 1-A males' locker room. He walked closer, slowly opening the door, giving away his presence as the door squeaked open.

"Shit." Katsuki cursed from the corner of the room he was sitting at, hunched over. Shouto glanced at Katsuki, who was quickly shoving his blazer on and throwing something in his bag.

"The fuck do you want Icyhot?" The blonde felt something trickling down his arm. Presumably blood from the deep cut he just made down his arm, but Shouto didn't need to know that. Katsuki clutched the edge of his blazer, not wanting to have to explain himself to his classmate.

"I- Look this isn't out of pity, I want you to know that, but-" Shouto's soft voice was cut off by Katsuki's sharp one.

"I don't know what you're getting at— but leave it be if you're here to apologize for her, don't. If she wants to say sorry, she can say it to my face. I'm going back to the dorms now, tell Aizawa I won't make it back to class today."

"Bakugou wait-" Shouto called out to the blonde, who was still clutching his sleeve. Katsuki turned around, clearly irritated.


"I get it," Shouto muttered, shifting.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?!" Katsuki demanded with a little less fury than before.

"Midoriya-kun said that-" Shouto was interrupted once more by Katsuki's low mutter.

"He fucking promised... he said he wouldn't. I'm gonna kill him." Before Katsuki could open the door, Shouto grabbed him by the shoulder. The blonde winced.

"The fuck is your problem?!" Katsuki yelled, trying to shake the shorter boy off of him.

"You didn't let me finish. After you left the class Kirishima tried to go after you, but Uraraka kept taunting him, prompting him to stay and defend you. Midoriya stood up to defend you too. She received a few days of house arrest, a visit with principal Nezu and the guidance counselor, and is required to write you a letter of apology."

"Like I care." The blonde paused, taking a few steps away from the door.

"She can take that apology and shove it up her ass," Katsuki grumbled, still grasping the sleeve of his blazer tightly.

"I really need to be going now." He muttered.

"Just give me a second okay?" Shouto looked into his eyes, he knew he appeared annoyed, but there was a hint of pleading in his voice. He hoped Katsuki would notice. He gestured towards one of the benches.

"Tch. Fine. This is only because I somewhat respect you, got it? If you were anyone else I would've fucking kicked you out by now."

"Even Kirishima?" Shouto asked questioningly, shooting a glance at the blonde, who was tapping his foot against the ground.

"Not the point, get on with it."

"Midoriya told Aizawa-sensei that if it wasn't Kirishima, who he refused to let come because he was too emotional-"

"Since when was Shitty-hair emotional?"

"He yelled at the whole class, but that's beside the point, as you said. Anyway, Aizawa said that the adults would handle it. Until Midoriya said that if it wasn't Kirishima, then I'd be the next best person who could help or who you'd listen to... I thought it was just because you respected me, but then he said something about having someone there for you who you could relate to. He said that you'd talk to someone who understood. I don't know if this is what he meant and if it isn't it's fine, but either way please don't tell anyone..." Shouto sighed, hands fiddling with each other.

"My old man... he- my mom she... Shit man, I'm sorry I'm not good at this..." Regaining some courage, he continued, noticing the blonde slowly releasing the firm grip he had on his wrist and taking off his coat. Out of his backpack, he pulled a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and gauze.

"Go on, Kirishima doesn't know what's going on with me by the way. I don't want him to." The blonde murmured, shakily sitting back down next to his classmate, applying the alcohol to his bleeding arms. Shouto stared in shock for a second but decided to continue.

"You know what quirk marriages are?" Shouto questioned.

"Yeah." Katsuki breathed softly.

"My old man and my mom are in one. When he realized he couldn't surpass All Might himself, he tried to do so through other means." He paused, composing himself, and continuing.

"I have three older siblings who failed to complete that desire, and I, as the fourth child was deemed as the one with the perfect quirk. Since I was four, he forced me to train, my mother tried to convince him otherwise, but when she tried, he hit her. When I tried to say no, he hit me. Then, it became more often and more serious until my mother finally cracked. I remember that day, she was on the phone with her mother. She called my left side unsightly. When she saw me standing in the hallway, looking up at her, she held me there and poured boiling water on my face. After that, she was sent to a psychiatric hospital where I started to visit her after the sports festival. That's how I got this and that's why I wouldn't use my left side on you there. The only reason I did in the first place was because Midoriya convinced me to in the spur of the moment, but afterward, I didn't feel comfortable. It's not that I didn't view as a worthy opponent." Katsuki, who's arms were now wrapped in gauze, stared in awe for a while until he decided to speak softly.

"Do you know why I act the way I do towards Deku?"


"When I was young, my mom used to hit me too. I remember the first time it happened when I was five, soon after my quirk had first manifested. I accidentally blew up one of the pillows on the couch. She slapped me and I started to cry. She said that we Bakugous were 'strong' and didn't cry, because 'crying is weak'. That if she saw me do it again, she'd have to punish me. I thought it was okay at that time. I thought it was okay for a long time. That everyone's parents were like that. Then, I met Deku. One day, in the second grade, some fourth graders were picking on me and trying to beat me up, so not really knowing what I was doing I sent an explosion their way. One of them scraped their knees and the other two got second-degree burns from the explosions and had to go to the hospital. The kid with the smallest amount of injuries went to the teacher to report me and said it was my fault. They said I tried to beat them up and when they stood up to me, I used my quirk on them. The teacher was about to call my parents until a green-haired bystander I didn't even know was there, popped up, and defended me." The blonde softly smiled and laughed, tears forming in his eyes. Shouto looked at Katsuki, trying his best to give his classmate all of his attention.

"He told our teacher what happened and got the teachers to check the school cameras to see what really transpired. That's when we became friends. I started to realize what my mom was doing wasn't okay around 9. After the incident with the older kids, my mom scolded me for being weak and hit me the hardest she ever had before. It only got worse from there. She called me a villain, banning me from using my quirk in the house, beating the shit out of me at every instance she could. One day my parents weren't home, so I finally accepted Deku's constant pestering to come over. He always questioned why I couldn't come, but I just said my parents were being strict. It became a tradition that whenever my parents weren't around, I'd go over to his house and his mom would cook us dinner. We'd talk, play games, and we'd watch movies. I realized I wanted to become a hero when I watched my first All Might documentary. I knew he was the number one hero, but I didn't really know who he was, considering I wasn't allowed to watch TV. Deku had wanted to become a hero since he was four even though he was quirkless and I always admired that. He wouldn't stop rambling about the number one hero and one day I asked him what he looked like. He was so shellshocked that I'd never seen him before that he took me to his room and showed me all of his merchandise, comics, magazines, and movies. When I watched that documentary, it changed my life. No matter what situation he was in, no matter how difficult or painful, he always won and came out on the other side. I wanted to win like that, as a hero, in my life, and with my parents. It all took a turn for the worse one day when I asked Deku a question. As I said, I thought all parents hit their kids. I thought it was normal, so it confused me why Deku's mom was so nice to him and to me. She made us dinner when I had to cook for the whole family. She held him while he cried while my mom beat the shit out of me. We were sitting alone in his room one day when I asked him why his mom was so nice. He said 'Because she's my mom and she loves me and I love her!'. I looked at him confused and asked him if she ever hit him. He looked surprised and said no. I told him to forget about it..." Katsuki paused again, wiping the tears sliding down his face. Shouto put a hand on his shoulder, then bent down to clean up the remaining medical supplies off of the floor.

"I didn't know at the time, but after I left that day... Deku asked his mom about it. He told her 'Kacchan asked me why you were so nice to me. Then he asked me if you hit me and when I said no because you love me he said to forget about it. What does that mean Mom?' or something like that. As the weeks went by, Deku asked me more about it. He didn't really understand what was going on because his mom didn't tell him, but I told him about how my mom hit me, but it was okay because 'just like All Might' I would always win. I would always promise to see him at school the next day and that maybe 'my mom just does it because I haven't earned her respect and don't deserve her love yet.' That maybe if I 'won' just like All Might she'd treat me like Deku's mom treated him, like she treated me. A few days after that, my mother got a call from child protective services. She lied her way out of the situation and my father was too in love with her to speak up. He loved her more than he loved me. After I came home that day, she hit me with the back of a burning frying pan, I kind of have a scar, but not really as bad as yours." The blonde shrugged gesturing to a spot on his back that his shirt covered.

"Anyway, she forbade me from speaking to Deku ever again. She said that if I did he and his mom would get in trouble, and so would I. So, I stopped. What fucking hero would let his friend get in trouble." Katsuki laughed sadly and stopped talking again to cough a little, wiping the tears around his eyes.

"I stopped but he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept asking me what was wrong, following me around, trying to approach me. I just wanted him to leave me alone. I didn't want him to get hurt, he was the only one who ever treated me kindly. He was the only one who accepted me for who I was. I wanted to repay him by making sure he didn't get hurt. I knew if I told him the truth that he wouldn't stop talking to me, so I started getting brasher. I started becoming meaner towards him, but he still clung onto me. When I was ten, I told my mom I wanted to be a hero. She laughed in my face, told me I had a villain's quirk. She told me if I could pass first in the U.A. entrance exam, then she'd let me become a hero. I know she meant that sarcastically because she thought I'd never pass at all, but I took her seriously. From that point on, I behaved my best at home and my worst at school to keep Deku away from me. Every night I snuck out to the nearby park to practice using my quirk. I set up fucking obstacle courses with tree branches and park equipment. I did this for four years. I'd sneak out at midnight and come back to the house at 5 am, sleep for an hour, go for a jog at 6 am, wake up, and do chores at seven. I was fucking exhausted, giving my all 24/7. Everything seemed to be okay until the sludge attack. Yes, I was the Bakugou who was attacked by the sludge villain. The green-haired quirkless kid was Deku. My parents were infuriated by this and though I was praised by the heroes, I was definitely not praised by them. You already know how it goes, I'm sure. I told Deku to kill himself that day. I didn't fucking mean it. He just wouldn't leave me alone. The next day I pulled him aside and told him that I had to and I couldn't tell him why but I needed him to leave him alone. So, for once he stopped. We didn't talk after that and the hostile facade remained after he began trying to talk to me again here at U.A. As you can tell, I was able to take first place on the entrance exam here. Out of pure shock, my mother let me attend. I wanted to not only to 'win with my parents' like I wanted to when I was younger but to 'win for myself.' Now I'm starting to think I'm fucking selfish for that. I didn't leave because Uraraka was wrong, I left because she was right. I don't deserve to be where I am. I don't deserve anything or anyone. I was stupid to think I could make a difference and the world would probably be better off without me..." Katsuki began to zip up his bag.

"I want you to know that none of this is your fault," Shouto replied calmly, looking Katsuki in the eyes, trying to be as comforting as possible. Katsuki stared back in silence for a second. Already triggered, he responded, his voice straining as he attempted to yell.

"Don't you get it!? All of this is my fucking fault! Deku had low self-esteem for years because of me! All Might, the symbol of peace who always wins retired because I, someone who looked up to him with all my heart, body, and soul was weak! Kirishima was in there yelling at the class because I was weak and left instead of just answering Uraraka's stupid question! Best Jeanist the number three hero, got a hole blasted into his stomach by fucking All for One because I was weak! U.A., the school of my dreams is under fire because I was stupid and I was weak. It's because I was wrong and I was weak. I'm the one hurting people! I'm even burdening you by saying this right now, just forget it." Katsuki roughly wiped the tears off of his face.

"Bakugou." Shouto put his hand on my shoulder and spoke seriously. The blonde put on his blazer, slightly shaking, ignoring.

"Are we going to talk about it?" Shouto asked Katsuki, concerned.

"Talk about what?"

"Are you going to hurt yourself? I know you have been, but please don't.. do anything. We can talk about it okay? I can get Kirishi-" He stated calmly.

"No, keep Kirishima and Deku out of this. If I knew you were going to react like this I wouldn't have told you. I don't know why I did, I'm just going to burden you too. I won't tell anyone about what happened with your dad, I hope it gets better and I'm fucking sorry." Katsuki muttered. He attempted to stand up from the bench where they were sitting, but Shouto pulled him down.

"Give it to me," Shouto stated sternly. In denial, the blond shoved himself off his classmate.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You weren't putting away just anything when I came in here. Give me the knife Bakugou and we can go back to the dorms and talk about this."

"No." Katsuki got up quickly, his heart pounding and made a b-line towards the door. Shouto couldn't take this away from him. He deserved this, he needed to punish himself. He couldn't deal with the pain without it. Shouto quickly grabbed his bag and walked after him.

"Bakugou just give it to me, please. Don't make me get Aizawa." Shouto called after Katsuki who was already halfway down the hallway trying to make it to the exit, letting his anxiety overtake him.

"Bakugou where are you going?!" Shouto shouted a little louder earning no response from his blonde classmate who began to walk faster. They were nearing class 1-A and the exit. If this went on for much longer, he'd have to get Mr. Aizawa. As Katsuki continued not to respond, Shouto's heart quickened, and he started jogging after his classmate. At this point, they were right outside of class 1-B.

"Bakugou!" Shouto called after the blonde who, once again, didn't respond.

"Bakugou! Hey! Where are you going!" Shouto called again, this time louder, not caring at this point how loud he was being. He was too concerned for his classmate's and possibly friend's safety. It's not like he had to worry about the noise since unless doors were open, the classrooms were practically soundproof.

"Back to the dorms like I said earlier! Don't follow me!" Katsuki yelled back a little louder.

"Bakugou... let me come with you!" Shouto caught up to him and tried to stop him, but Katsuki pushed him away. When the blonde turned for that brief second, he could see Katsuki's puffy eyes.


"Bakugou! Are you going to be okay?! Can I trust you to be safe?!" Shouto exclaimed, exasperated, continuing to jog after Katsuki down the hall.

"Fuck off! I'm fine!" Katsuki yelled louder than before, beginning to jog away as well.

"If you're fine then give me the knife Bakugou! Come on man please! Don't make me take it from you! I don't want you hurting yourself. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't see your arms bleeding earlier! That I didn't see those scars on your body! You can't keep doing this to yourself!" Shouto's tone began to soften, as he put a firm hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"I'm going back to the dorms. I can't do this here, the school will come under more fire. It'll be better if I just disappeared. They'll assume the villains took me again." Katsuki grumbled, shaking himself out of Shouto's grip, beginning to speed walk away, his body shaking.

"Bakugou! Don't say things like that! Just talk to me, give it to me! I can help you- please you can get through this!" Shouto pleaded loudly.

"FINE. Fine, I'll give it to you just let me go!" Katsuki's yells echoing through the hallway as he reached in his backpack and pointed to where the bloodied pocket knife laid. Shouto stared in awe for a second, taking in the image of the slowly drying blood. When he looked up, Katsuki, who was no longer there, had broken into a run. Shouto's heart began to pound faster. Katsuki wouldn't just leave his bag behind like that.

"BAKUGOU! I will seriously get Aizawa if you don't stop right now!!!" Shouto exclaimed chasing Katsuki until they were right behind 1-A.

"IF YOU GET AIZAWA I WILL TELL HIM ABOUT ENDEAVOR! JUST LEAVE ME BE I'M FUCKING FINE!" At this point, the two boys were yelling at the top of their lungs at each other, both worried about the other's actions. Shouto was typically calm, but when Katsuki began to sprint towards the exit without his bag, Shouto knew. Katsuki wasn't ever careless and wouldn't have left his phone and personal belongings on the floor. He wouldn't have said those things about U.A.'s reputation or disappearing. That wasn't the Katsuki he knew, even at an unhealthy level. He didn't want to trigger his classmate, but at this point, he was very concerned about the blonde's safety. After those things he'd said, at best, Katsuki would find another way to harm himself again, and at worst, well frankly he didn't want to think about it. Yelling, Shouto leaped forward, using a small trail of ice to speed him up, tackling the blonde, and holding him down. Once Katsuki was on the ground, he spoke, at first yelling, but then softening his voice when Katsuki began to shake.

"I DON'T CARE! Don't you see Bakugou! I'm not going to just watch you hurt yourself. I'm not dumb! Even if you left that knife right there, I know you would've found another way. I'm going to get Aizawa and you're going to-" Shouto was interrupted by Katsuki's sudden yell, morphing into a plead as he sobbed into the ground, trembling.

"NO! DON'T just... please- Don't, just don't okay... Just tell Deku I'm fucking sorry, but don't tell him the truth- he'll blame himself and do the same for Kirishima... Just tell him that he's the best person that I've ever met and that I l- that I'm sorry for getting him in trouble for rescuing me... and thanks for talking to me too. And... I'm sorry..." Katsuki's tone softened, tears rolling down his cheeks. Shouto relaxed his grip, red flags going off in his head. He wanted to make sure his classmate was safe, but also didn't want to increase his anxiety.

"I'm sorry," Katsuki said before miraculously, setting off a small explosion, aiming it at the floor, propelling himself upward, and Shouto behind him. His heart pounding, Katsuki broke a faster sprint, setting off a series of small explosions behind him, landing himself right next to the exit. He shot himself upward, bounced off the ceiling, and fell back to his bag where the bloody pocket knife laid. He picked it up quickly, holding it next to his wrist, shaking. Katsuki pulled up his blazer, knife barely hovering over his skin, Shouto inches behind him when the door to their class opened a few feet behind them both.

The two boys didn't seem to notice the door opening just behind them, presumably because of their current circumstances.

"Bakugou?" Eijiro's soft voice echoed through the hallways. Tears began forming in the redhead's eyes as some of Katsuki's tears rolled down his face.

"I-I s-sor-" the blonde stuttered, his body shaking, but completely paralyzed. Eijiro approached him timidly. Katsuki, from his perspective, seemed panicked, and he didn't want to make any sudden movements that would prompt him to harm himself.

"Katsuki.." Eijiro's voice trailed off, a tear rolling down his face. When he was a few inches away from the blonde, he took his hand and softly and pulled the knife away, Katsuki's body still trembling. Trying his best not to freak out, he held his hand out behind him for Shouto to take the sharp object. Shouto took it from his hands, taking a few steps backward.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm here okay? It's okay. C'mere." He nudged Katsuki's face towards his chest, wrapping his arms around him slowly.

"D-don't want to hurt you.." Katsuki cried softly into his friend's chest, still trembling slightly.

"I-I m-made you upset.."

"Shhh... You've never hurt me and you never will okay. It's going to be alright. Todoroki will go tell Aizawa-sensei that you need to go back to the dorms. Then we can do whatever you want. It's going to be alright, okay?" Shouto got the signal and quickly walked into Mr. Aizawa's class.

"B-b" Katsuki started again, but Eijiro hugged him tighter.

"No buts okay? Promise me." The redhead spoke softly, kissing his temple.

"Promise." Katsuki let out a sigh, leaning further into the embrace. He was too vulnerable to care about appearances anymore, and even though he felt he didn't deserve it, he knew that the redhead would always be there for him when he needed it. At first, he tried his best not to lean into the hug too much, but at this point, he couldn't help himself. All he wanted at this moment was to be closer to his friend, even though he didn't understand why.