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Shouto sighed, placing the bloodied pocket knife into his pocket. He concluded it'd be best not to show Mr. Aizawa, considering it was likely he would call Katsuki's parents, and he knew from personal experience that wouldn't go well. They would find a way to discuss it with him later. So, hand slightly crusted over with dried blood, Shouto entered the classroom. The eyes of his classmates were on him, so he attempted to be as subtle as possible when approaching his homeroom teacher, who shot him a questioning look. He felt Izuku's concerned eyes burning into him. Shouto understood his appearance was shaken but tried to act as naturally as possible.

"Bakugou needs to return to the dorms for the day for personal reasons. Kirishima and I will be accompanying him there. I just wanted to inform you. I apologize for my sudden decision to skip class and Kirishima and I will take responsibility for any problems posed by this situation and respectfully accept the consequences, but for his wellbeing, we both must go." Shouto spoke in a hushed tone, bowing in front of Mr. Aizawa, who sighed, rubbing his temples. He responded quietly back to his student.

"I'll make an exception for now, but don't let this happen again. I expect an explanation at some point."

"Aizawa-sensei?" Shouto asked shooting his teacher one more questioning gaze.


"Can Midoriya-kun accompany us as well? There are some things I need to explain to him."

"Fine. Midoriya, you're excused from class for today. Pack up your things and go with a Todoroki. As for the rest of you, get back to work. I don't want to hear a peep out of any of you." Mr. Aizawa raised his voice so that the rest of the class could hear. Izuku stood up, throwing his school supplies in his bag and hurrying to the door with Shouto. As they made it outside, Izuku caught a glimpse of Katsuki huddled on the floor in Eijiro's embrace.

"We'll go over there in a second, but we need to find out how to get rid of this first. Kirishima took it away from him, but I didn't give it to Aizawa yet because I had a feeling they'd call his parents or try to send him somewhere. I don't think that would be the best idea..." Shouto murmured, gently removing Katsuki's pocket knife from his pocket. Izuku's eyes widened in surprise, but his voice remained calm.

"We'll dispose of it at the dorms." The green-haired boy began walking in Katuski's direction shortly after he spoke, with Shouto by his side. Gradually approaching him, Shouto leaned down next to Eijiro, who still had the blonde leaning on his chest. Eijiro running his hands up and down his back trying his best to soothe him.

"Bakugou, do you want me to explain to Kirishima what you told me?" he asked while gathering up his and Katsuki's things.

"I- I don't know," Katsuki answered timidly, leaning out of his hug with Eijiro. His eyes widened in shock when he spotted Izuku helping Shouto gather their things.

"Either way I'm here to listen okay?" Eijiro added quickly.

"Izuku is worried about you too. If you want me to tell him I can do that too. He still doesn't blame you for anything now, even though he doesn't know the full story okay?" Shouto assured him, slowly approaching him again, while Izuku collected their remaining bags in the distance.

"Okay. Y-y... you can tell them" Katsuki sighed, still struggling to form sentences as he leaned back up against the wall, trying to contain his anxiety. For the second that Shouto's back was turned, Eijiro noticed this and gave the blonde a gentle peck on the cheek. He immediately flushed and didn't say anything, but leaned into Eijiro more. Katsuki was almost certain he didn't do that with his other friends, but he didn't mind it either. The affection made him feel warm inside. Turning back around, Shouto crouched down and spoke again, making eye contact with the blonde.

"Okay, I'll try my best to make it quick. We can talk about it more later, but I'll just give them the gist of it. We should focus on getting you back to the dorms. I didn't tell Aizawa by the way. I just told him that you needed to leave for personal reasons and that he needed someone to be with you beside me. After Kirishima left the room, I figured he'd be the best choice. I might not have been the most responsible not telling him, but him contacting your parents or placing you on hold would be a bad idea and I know it. I know that the way Kirishima found you is compromising, but it doesn't mean you outright admitting anything, so I won't say. But please promise me you won't. Please. Even if it's just for our sake." Shouto paused, standing back up and stretching his arms behind his back.

"Okay. I promise." Katsuki murmured.

"Alright. Can I trust you to sit here alone for a minute? I'm just going to explain to them the gist of it and then we'll go okay?" Shouto questioned, his eyes glistening with expectation.

"Yeah." Katsuki breathed, bringing his legs to his chest, and scooting away from Eijiro. The two other boys stood up, following Shouto a few feet away, where they spoke softly. Shouto briefly explained what Katsuki had confided in him and what had occurred. Eijiro stood there silently, nodding, eyes filled with concern and shock. Izuku's head was in his hands as he wiped the tears away from his face. As soon as Shouto was done, the three approached Katsuki once more. Eijiro bending down swiftly in front of Katsuki, who still had his arms wrapped around his legs protectively. The latter flinched at his friend's actions, but Eijiro put a hand soothingly on his friends, using his free hand to brush a tear from Katsuki's cheek.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. I'm not going to hurt you, I've got you alright." The redhead paused, Shouto and Izuku were still standing. They were a few feet away from Eijiro, but held their ground, figuring it was best for Katsuki to calm down a bit before they spoke to or approached him. Eijiro paused for a second and looked his blonde friend in the eyes, shooting him a caring smile. He lowered his voice, speaking in a tone only Katsuki could hear.

"We've all got you. We care about you. That's what you deserve. You deserve to be loved and cared for. You deserve to be able to show your emotions. We love you Katsuki, you hear? Please don't ever leave me."

"Yeah..." Katsuki whispered. Standing up, the redhead held out his hand for the blonde to grab. Katsuki took it as his friend pulled him into another hug. Slightly this time, the redhead spoke again.

"None of this is your fault, okay? We all forgive you, even though you did nothing wrong. I know it doesn't feel like it, but I hope you can understand that too one day. For now though just tell me it isn't your fault, even if you don't believe it. Just for me okay?" The blonde shook slightly in his friend's arms, tears dampening Eijiro's uniform.

"It isn't my fault." The blonde responded, just above a whisper. He broke away from the hug, turning to face Izuku and Shouto. His eyes were still damp and eyes puffy. Trying to suck up his emotions for a second, Katsuki composed himself as the four of them began to walk towards the exit.

"Todoroki. I'm sorry for threatening to tell Aizawa-sensei, it was fucked up. Especially from someone who gets why you don't wanna tell people. I'm sorry you had to see me act out like that, it was weak of me. It's not me. I was so... anxious... I couldn't think about fucking anything except.." Katsuki trailed off. Shouto gazed into the blonde's red eyes, observing how they were slightly softer than how they were usually.

"It's okay, and I decided to tell Kirishima about Endeavor. Before you interrupt me to apologize for that too, I did it on my own accord and the way you acted did not spur me to, it was my own decision. I'm sure both Kirishima and Izuku are screaming to you in their heads right now, so I'm going to say what I think they want to. You're not weak. You were a good friend to Midoriya when he needed it and you made it count. When you pushed him away it was because you were trying to protect him. The actions of your parents were and are unjustified and unacceptable. Please don't ever think that's what you deserved. Also, trust me I've acted out worse than the way you think you just did. Many times. Of course, things escalated. I was scared for your life and you were scared to be alive, but we're here now. Let's put that behind us." Shouto expressed calmly, hoping to reassure the blonde.

"Alright.. but, Deku.." Katsuki paused, then straightened up, attempting to get himself together. The green-haired boy turned his head eyes wide with worry.

"I can't offer you the apology you deserve right now. I can't ever fucking repent for the pain I've caused you ever, but I want to say I'm still sorry for being a real piece of shi-" he was cut off by Izuku's voice. His assertive tone didn't match the tears beginning to form in his eyes, but he too tried his best to compose himself.

"Kacchan.. you're right. You can't repent for the pain you caused me, because I caused that pain myself. It was never you. I chose to keep trying to talk to you when you told me to leave you alone. I chose to worry. I made those choices and I chose not to listen to you. So don't you ever blame yourself for that. Yes, some of the things you said to me were screwed up, but I forgive you. We all do. Why don't we start fresh? Friends?" Izuku reached out his fist, raising it slightly in Katsuki's direction, a smile forming on his face, cheeks still wet.

"Tch... yeah okay." A small smile formed on the blonde's face, a tear rolling down his cheek. He raised his fist, bumping it with Izuku's.

"And Kirishima... thanks for what you did back there, in the class and here."

"How did you... it's no problem. You didn't deserve to be talked to like that, but Bakubro there's actually something I got to tell you." Eijiro put his hand on the blonde's shoulder, a small smirk forming at his lips. Anything that would make the blonde feel better, even if it was their friends acting stupid. That was Eijiro's logic as he continued.

"Really, that nickname, now? Two can play at that game Shitty-hair." Katsuki shoved him slightly. The redhead decided to play along, laughing back slightly. Shouto and Izuku decided to stay quiet, walking slightly in front of them, to allow the friends to talk, and possibly brighten Katsuki's rough day just a little.

"I was gonna tell you, Ashido dared Kaminari and Sero to do something to your room this morning."

"Oh no." Katsuki still tense muttered sarcastically, putting his hands on his face, sounding exasperated.

"They told me not to tell you bro, but we're bros and I got to tell my bro when-" The redhead was cut off by Katsuki's sharp voice.

"Say bro one more time Kirishima-"

"Okay, okay! Well, Kaminari snuck into your room during your morning run and put a pair of crocs full of condoms filled with Capri-sun and M&Ms in your room."

"The actual fuck" Shouto cursed, sounding amused, glancing at Eijiro and Katsuki whose fingertips were brushing against each other. Katsuki sighed, facepalming.

"Your friends are interesting, Kacchan!" Izuku laughed.

"Interesting my ass. I swear fucking Pikachu and Soy sauce do this shit all the damn time and it's always Raccoon eyes that encourage them. It's a dysfunctional family. I think I'm surprised then they manage to top it every time. It gets worse." Katsuki grumbles, his sad expression morphing into a scowl. He was annoyed, but also felt relieved by the normality of their friend group.

"He's not wrong." Eijiro chuckles slightly as they approach the dorm.

"Remind me to throw those at them later."

"Gotcha Kacchan, but um I kind of have to apologize to you too.." Izuku who now wanted to in on the joke, feigned a remorseful tone. Katsuki looked at him confused.

"I ate your leftover cookies.."

"You what?!? You know what I took your limited addition All Might clock!" Katsuki yelled back.

"You did WHAT!! I've been looking for that for years!" Izuku yelled exasperatedly.
The four classmates decided to all go to Eijiro's room since it had the most space for the four of them all relax in. Katsuki and Izuku caught up while they watched anime, Katsuki bringing up Izuku's old All Might fanfiction when he insisted on watching the All Might: Animated saga. The pressure of looming bigger issues remained, but the boys tried to catch up, let loose, and distract themselves like it was the most normal thing in the world. Shouto and Izuku were having fun but ultimately had to study that day and were contemplating a time to leave since both Eijiro and Katsuki had fallen asleep on each other.

"Should we wake them?" Shouto questioned packing up his things before heading to the door with Izuku.

"No, it's okay, Kacchan is a heavy sleeper, I think he'd be displeased." Izuku chuckled lightly opening the door to Eijiro's dorm room, leaving the two boys alone.

A few hours passed before the redhead woke up to Katsuki leaning on him, his friend's face buried in his chest. Eijiro was scrolling down his socials when Katsuki awoke.

"Morning sunshine" Eijiro joked, prodding the blonde awake. Katsuki grumbled lowly pulling himself to sit up next to Eijiro, still leaning on him.

"You feeling any better?" The redhead questioned, rubbing Katsuki's arm.

"Don't think this is going to become a normal thing. Me, just unloading my shit onto you. Right now though, I'm going to be straight up. I'm too fucking tired to lie. So, still kind of shitty to be honest... I'm trying to turn this day around for the better, but I still feel like crap. Hanging out with you guys earlier made me feel better though... and I sure as hell hope things can get better. Sometimes I feel like I don't fucking deserve it. I know what my parents did to me isn't okay, but I can't bring myself to hate them. I'm going to U.A., to pursue my dream career. Due to my own hard fucking work. I don't want to spend hours in court trying to achieve justice or whatever. I just want to be away from them and happy now with you guys because this is my home or the closest thing to home I've fucking got."

"I wanted to feel something, that's why I did it, cut, I mean. Besides the fact that I feel or felt like I deserved or deserve it. Fuck... that's a lot to unpack. I think if you didn't show up I would've done it. I don't actually wanna die, Kiri, I wanna fucking live and do shit. I wanna be happy, but I can't help but feel like I don't deserve that. And even when I do, shit like what happened in the hallway, I get so fucking anxious I lose myself and do the most stupid stuff without even thinking about it out of impulse... I won't admit this to you again or at least while I'm feeling normal, I'm pretty fucking vulnerable right now..." Katsuki trailed off rubbing underneath his eyes and leaning against the headboard of Eijiro's small bed.

"I just want to help Bakugou. In whatever way, I can. I know we came back here to have fun and stuff, but honestly. You're my best friend. I think you're the reason I'm still breathing right now too, to be honest. I don't want to drag myself into this right now, but if there's anything I can do to make you feel good or better, please tell me. Because you are worth it and you do deserve happiness. Plus I can mention multiple occasions where literally or not, you've saved my life. Please let me be here for you." Eijiro wrapped his hands around Katsuki, pulling him into a hug, sitting beside his friend.

"..I- Nevermind... it's stupid.." The blonde blushed then trailed off again. He didn't know what it was, but something about being this close to his friend was all the comfort he needed. He didn't want to be weird though. It's just that the redhead made him feel appreciated. The Eijiro turned to look at Katsuki, confused, eyes curious.

"No, it's really nothing Ki-"


"W-what?" Katsuki stuttered, chewing his lip defensively. What was even going on with him? The nitroglycerin was supposed to come out not go in, so why the fuck did he feel like he was going to explode inside?!

"You can call me Ei, Bakugou.."

"..Okay... it's only fair that you do the same for me.." Katsuki mumbled, turning his face away from the redhead’s.

"What, call you Ei?" Eijiro snickered, receiving a light shove from his blonde-haired friend.

"No dumbass.. you know what I fucking mean.." Still facing away from his friend, Katsuki murmured, almost shyly.

"Okay, Katsuki.." Eijiro smiled, voice deepening. He paused, remembering that Katsuki never told him what he was going to say.

"What were you gonna tell me!" The redhead exclaimed, shooting him a goofier grin.

"I thought you forgot!" Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes and facepalming.

"I never forget! Just tell me Katsuki, just let me know how I can help, seriously." Eijiro shot back, wrapping his arm around Katsuki, causing his friend to shutter.

"Oh, shit sorry-"

"Tch.. ts not you.. just... don't fucking judge me okay I don't- today has been really shitty and I think you're the reason I'm still breathing right now and.."

"Katsuki it's okay.. just tell me.." Eijiro trailed off, eyes beginning to look concerned.

"N-no. It's nothing like that just... makes me feel better when you did the stuff you did earlier.."

"Hm? Like what? Katsuki you gotta be more specific. Just tell me what I did, I want to keep making you feel good!" Eijiro smiled, rubbing slight circles on Katsuki's shoulders.

"..When you.. when you touch me... you're the only one I'd really let do that.. it just feels nice... helps.." The blonde trailed off again, gaze shifting throughout the room.

"Touch you?" Eijiro questioned, looking genuinely confused, then remembering when he sat on the floor of the school with him. Did he notice when he kissed him on the cheek? Fuck. Could he maybe have...? There's no way. Eijiro told himself slightly flushing at the thought. He didn't exactly understand how he felt about his friend, but he decided to just go with it. Those kisses were just for comfort, though they were kind of unnecessary and he probably wouldn't have done that for his other friends. The redhead's pondering was interrupted by Katsuki's soft, murmuring voice.

"You're thinking to loud.. and it's just I-I kind of like- It felt really good when you- when you.." The blonde's face turned slightly pink, causing him to turn away. Eijiro took it as the opportunity to see how his friend reacted. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his bro, and he didn't mind giving him a few pecks on the cheek if it made him feel better. That's what friends do.

"Did you like it when I did this maybe...?" Eijiro leaned in, laying a soft kiss on Katsuki's jaw. His breath hitched, ears turning a soft pink.

"I- fuck... y-ye- can you..?" Katsuki faced his friend, his face completely red. Eijiro thought he'd never see this side of the blonde, he looked so... shy.

"You want me to keep doing that?" Eijiro, who was now blushing too, looked into Katsuki's eyes questioningly, moving one of his hands to cup the blonde's cheek, finger brushing across it. Katsuki nodded, then spoke softly, barely above a whisper.


"W-where do you want me to..?" Eijiro stuttered slightly. Fuck. He was supposed to be sounding comforting right now.

"Fucking- like I know just... eve-anywhere just—" Katsuki stammered arms wrapping around himself defensively.

"Okay I'll just.." The redhead responded by leaning forward and kissing the blonde's forehead, then leaning over to kiss Katsuki's temple. Against his skin, he murmured.

"Is this okay...?"

"Y- fucking idiot what do you think.." Katsuki replied, muttering softly. Eijiro realized how bad this situation could look out of context. He was just there to help his friend and if this, something he didn't mind doing, was helping then he'd keep doing it. In all honestly, he didn't know what to do. He laid the third kiss behind Katsuki's ear and began trailing a few more down his jaw. He pretended not to notice the way the blonde's breathing hitched and head leaned back when he first kissed his neck. As he continued to kiss Katsuki's neck he reminded himself he was here to help his friend. He was here to help h-

"..Ah," Katsuki immediately slammed his hand over his mouth, surprised by the sound he just made just as much as the redhead seemed to be. Whatever he just did felt a million times better than it did before, he didn't care how this looked, he wanted his friend to keep doing it. He wanted to be closer. It made his body shudder. It made Katsuki feel guilty, Eijiro was trying to comfort him. His cheeks were completely flushed, his head turning away slightly in embarrassment. The blood was traveling down... shit.

"Katsuki..." Still drunk on the effects of whatever sound his friend just made, he spoke.

"It's okay... I want to hear you. It tells me I'm making you feel good and that's what this is right? Can you lay down for me Kat? It'll probably be more comfortable.. then you can rest." Eijiro cupped Katsuki's cheek once more, his voice soothing, as he brushed his finger across his friend's lip. The blonde obliged, lying back against the pillow of the bed, Eijiro climbing on top of him, sitting in between his legs and moving to press another kiss upon that spot on Katsuki's neck. Truthfully, Eijiro didn't know what the fuck he was doing or what they were doing. He didn't want to stop though and Katsuki wanted him to keep going, so there wasn't any harm in it. He was just being a good friend. The best kind of friend. This time he decided to indulge and experiment a little, opening his mouth a tad and sucking on the spot. Katsuki's heart immediately started beating faster, his pants tightening, as his body rubbed against Eijiro's stomach. He unconsciously, bucked his hips up slightly, letting out a higher-pitched sound, surprising them both. Eijiro, now aware of his friend's... situation, flushed slightly. He gazed into Katsuki's eyes with a look he didn't recognize, even though Katsuki was the one under him, his eyes looked pleading.

"Shit.. sorry." The blonde's eyes shifted away, clearly embarrassed.

"It's fine it happens.." Eijiro paused, trailing off.

" said.. you said I could kiss you anywhere right..? Is that still..?" In a moment of boldness, the redhead spoke again, still pressed into Katsuki and hovering over him.

"..Y-yeah...." Katsuki flushed harder, his pants straining. Eijiro quickly leaned down, capturing Katsuki's lips with his own. Deep down he knew that friends didn't just do this, but they'd figure it out later. Katsuki was surprised for a second, eventually melting into the kiss. It was delicate, gentle, and soft. He didn't put up much of a fight and let Eijiro slip his tongue in between his lips. Tongues colliding, Eijiro, conscious of it or not was overtaken by the lust, kissing his friend more passionately, muttering little affirmations to the blonde whenever he came up for air.

"So good for me Katsuki..” The redhead murmured in his ear. Katsuki was still panting when Eijiro returned to kissing and sucking on that spot on his friend's neck that he seemed to like, causing the blonde to groan and make a shallow thrust towards Eijiro.


"Shhhhh.. show me where Katsuki, just tell me where I'll take care of you.." Eijiro whispered into his ear, breathily and slid his hand under Katsuki's, speaking again.

"Show me where you want me... no need to be embarrassed... I just want to make you feel good remember?" Eijiro murmured, sucking on the blondes earlobe, causing him whimper. Nervously and carefully, Katsuki moved his friend's hand to the bulge in his pants, still blushing, but too high on this feeling to stop. Eijiro's pants were beginning to get tight, but Katsuki was his priority right now.

"Oh.. you want that.. mmm okay. You're so good for being honest with me... I think you deserve a reward, don't you..?" Brushing his fingertips along the bulge, Eijiro began kissing down his neck once more, Katsuki whimpering after he removed his hand.

"It's okay Katsuki, I'm here... I promise I'm going to make you feel good.. can you lift your arms for me?" The redhead questioned softly, rubbing circles along the blonde's shoulders with his fingertips. Katsuki lifted his arms, allowing Eijiro to pull off his shirt. Katsuki's eyes remained on the redhead as he bent down and began kissing his chest, a loud sound escaping Katsuki's mouth when Eijiro began to slowly grind his own body against Katsuki's.

"Oh..." Katsuki whimpering, bucked his hips in the air trying to gain as much friction as possible when the redhead softly sucked on his nipple. At this point, both of them simply couldn't take it. The blonde's mouth forming an O as he let the feelings overtake him.

"Please what Katsuki.. just tell me," Eijiro says softly dragging his body forward and kissing Katsuki on the lips once more.

"Please.. touch me.." Katsuki dragged Eijiro's hand to the button of his uniform pants.

"Mmm," Eijiro hummed, slowly unbuttoning Katsuki's pants and pulling down the zipper. The blonde wiggled his hips slightly, but Eijiro held them down.

"You're being so good and patient for me... I'm so proud of you..." Eijiro murmured, pulling down his friend's pants as he kissed down his stomach. Both of them were lost in lust. Katsuki lost to the tingles his friend was leaving all over his body and the praise while Eijiro was lost to the soft sounds his normally brash friend was making. As soon as his pants were at his knees, Katsuki kicked them off, spreading his legs wider. His length stood there, practically weeping for attention when Eijiro kissed the inside of his thigh, causing him to whimper. He began palming Katsuki through his boxers softly.


The feeling caused Katsuki to shudder, a wet spot on his underwear already forming when Eijiro decided to yank his friend's underwear off, leaving Katsuki's whole body completely bare. Eijiro stared for a second, he would be lying if he said he never noticed how pretty Katsuki was, but this was something else.

"W-why are you still dressed...?" Katsuki grumbled, blushing, slightly snapping out of his haze.

"We can fix that.." Eijiro responded quickly, throwing off his shirt, then taking Katsuki's hand reaching for his pants as a cue to take them off as well. Katsuki blushed as he noticed Eijiro's underwear forming a tent. Without warning, Eijiro took Katsuki's length into his mouth, prompting him to moan softly.

"This is how you make me feel.. so good.. so proud of you.." Eijiro murmured against his skin, sucking on its head slightly, sending vibrations through Katsuki's body.

"Ei.." As Katsuki whimpered Eijiro continued, lapping his tongue around its base causing him to groan again, a little louder this time.

"Oh.. Ei.... fuck.. please, just like that.." He shivered as Eijiro took almost all of his length into his mouth, squeezing its base with his hand. Trailing one of his hands up to pinch the blonde's nipple, he licked the slit, prompting Katsuki to moan loudly.

"Mmmm.. good boy." The redhead grumbled against his friend's skin, sending vibrations through his body.

"Oh..! Ei, please... ahh..! F-fuck me.."