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"Really?! You're tired of me bothering you? After everything, you've done to me? To Deku?!?! To this whole fucking class?!" The chestnut-haired girl fumed, her eyes burning with hurt and rage as she stood inches away from Katsuki. She paused but was interrupted by a calm, yet, more timid voice.

"Uraraka-chan... I don't think this is a good idea. Maybe we should just leave him be, plus I'm used to him being curt with me. It's okay, really. He didn't do anything, I'm not hurt." Eijiro turned and noticed the green-haired Izuku, murmuring in the girl's direction. She must not have heard him because she appeared as if she was going to keep yelling before she was interrupted by the blonde raising his hand in the air. Presumably, he was signaling for her to leave him alone.

"I don't have time for this. Leave me alone." Katsuki deadpanned, not sharing as much as a glance with Ochako. He didn't normally act like this. Typically, Katsuki was more than outspoken when he was irritated, but Eijiro could understand his friend's attitude if he put some thought into it. It had been five weeks since Katsuki was rescued from the League of Villains, and if a classmate was getting upset about telling someone he'd known for years to "fuck off," he assumed he wouldn't have much energy to deal with it either. As his best friend, Eijiro was worried about Katsuki and made an effort to be there for him in light of recent events. He understood the consequences of trying to be a helping hand for his friend, but the blonde didn't seem to mind as much when he offered, even though he never accepted. The redhead concluded that he would approach his friend about it every so often, always making it clear that what he was doing wasn't out of pity. He wished he could do more, but he didn't want to worsen any negative emotions his friend could already be harboring and figured it would be best to act subtly. Eijiro was shortly brought back to reality after he heard Ochako's high-pitched voice echo through the classroom once more. He turned his head, slightly concerned.

"You, don't have time for this?!" Ochako paused, emphasizing her first word.

"Well guess what, neither does everyone in this class. Neither does the whole world. Go take a fucking swan dive off the roof, we'd all be better off that way!" She roared louder than before. Eijiro's eyes widened in shock, anger, and most of all concern. The whole classes' heads turned in awe and utter disbelief. He had never seen Ochako so angry, but what took all of his attention was the slight movement of Katsuki's eyes. The blonde shifted in his seat and sighed, his previously annoyed expression morphing into an emotionless one. Katsuki stood up, picked up his bag, and exited the classroom at a brisk pace. Eijiro immediately moved from his once frozen stance towards the doorway, to follow his friend, but was interrupted by another high-pitched yell. What did she want now? He was beginning to feel Katsuki's frustration towards their brunette classmate. He needed to hurry and though he didn't want to jump to conclusions, for all he knew, his friend could at least be hurt and at worst, in danger.

"Why are you even going after him?! He doesn't deserve to be where he is, he doesn't deserve us, and he damn well doesn't deserve you!" She stood up, slamming her fist on her desk, a tear running down her face. Eijiro wasn't one to get emotional, but he couldn't help himself after the harsh words that had been exchanged, mostly from Ochako's end. He was about to speak, a feigned smile forming across his face, about to give a composed and dignified response, but he couldn't force himself to do it, not when he knew his friend could be hurting. The classic smile the redhead maintained slowly vanished. It was replaced by a more serious expression. He didn't appear angry which seemed to be the scariest thing of all to their classmates. They had never seen him unhappy, literally ever. Except for maybe Ashido and, of course, Katsuki.

"Because he's my best friend. Because even if you can't see it, he's a person too. I know several others in this class can see it. The people who know and care about him can see it!" The redhead paused, shifting his feet doubtfully, but regained some confidence after reminding himself what he was still standing there to say.

"Midoriya-kun can see it, and apparently you weren't listening to him when he, the person you were trying to defend, was talking to you. You were too focused on harassing one of your other classmates! And every person in this fucking classroom deserves to feel heard. Everyone here deserves to have a shoulder to lean on, my friend, or not. Everyone here deserves respect!" Eijiro's eyes widened, tears forming at the brims. Pausing his emotional outburst, he stopped talking. He needed to speak clearly to be heard. The red-head spoke again, his voice calmer than before.

"I considered you all as friends. I can't say the same now after he was treated that way. The only thing Katsuki Bakugou doesn't deserve is to be treated like that." Eijiro walked quickly towards the door, a determined look spreading across his face. He didn't want to hear what else she had to say. He said what he needed to and it was time to go after his friend. Unfortunately, things don't always go his way.

"You know, if you don't like to see people treated like that, then why are you friends with him. Don't you know?" Ochako snickered sarcastically, wiping the tears away from her face. Eijiro paused his brisk walk towards the door, flashing her a confused glance. The rest of the classes' eyes were fixated on her.

"He told Deku to do the same thing back in middle school." she laughed. The classes' eyes widened in shock. Before anyone could open their mouths, their tired homeroom teacher entered the room; however, no one seemed to notice except Ochako, because Izuku stood up, walking towards Eijiro and facing the class. Mr. Aizawa found it wisest to observe what was happening on the sidelines. However, his plans were put on hold due to Ochako's high pitched voice booming through the room.

"Aizawa-sensei! Bakugou yelled at Deku this morning and when I confronted him about it he-!" Ochako's voice was interrupted by Izuku's quick yell. Eijiro was still standing in shock because of Ochako's comment on Katsuki's behavior towards Izuku in middle school. Was it really true? Mr. Aizawa continued to quietly observe. He seemed to be shocked by the tears surrounding Eijiro's eyes and Izuku's aggressive tone.

"NO! I'm sorry Aizawa-sensei, but I can't allow this. I've been quiet for a while, but as someone who was Kacchan's childhood friend, I can clarify that what he said that day wasn't his fault. So, let's not bring up something that he was f- no. His actions that day were justified and he later opened up about his reasoning and personally apologized. Kacchan doesn't do that. Uraraka-chan, I'm your friend and I appreciate you trying to stand up for me, but Kacchan didn't actually tell me to 'fuck off' this morning like you assumed he did. I was concerned for him because he's been somewhat quiet lately and I thought maybe he was struggling with what happened during the kidnapping and in the recent weeks. He told me to leave him alone. That's it. I'd like to say that what you did, unlike what happened with Kacchan, which is personal, is not okay. Even as your friend I have to agree with Kirishima-kun on this one. I will not stand by as your classmate, friend, future colleague, and hero and watch him he treated that way. So, please the rest of you. Act like decent human beings towards him. I'd really appreciate that. He may be brash but he does deserve the same level of respect and friendship that the rest of us do. When I confronted him this morning, I knew the repercussions. I realized he might get mad at me, which he didn't. He just asked for some space. And if anything, he's worked harder than any of us to get to his spot here, so don't insult his effort."

Eijiro was about to speak and thank the green-haired boy beside him when their teacher gripped both of their shoulders. Ochako's face contorted into pure shock at her green-haired crush's words.

"What's going on here." Mr. Aizawa muttered, clearly not in the mood to take care of what had just ensued. Unexpectedly, Shouto decided to speak up first.

"Uraraka-san confronted Bakugou-kun about a dispute he had with Midoriya-kun this morning. It turns out Bakugou-kun asked Midoriya-kun to give him some space. Uraraka-san misinterpreted this information. She attempted to confront Bakugou-kun at his desk, but he didn't want to talk to her, claiming he didn't have time. Uraraka-san told him to kill himself. Bakugou-kun left the room, Kirishima-kun attempted to go after him. Uraraka-san stopped him. They conversed briefly. After Uraraka-san accused Bakugou-kun of saying something similar to Midoriya-kun in middle school, as you saw, Midoriya-kun stood in front of the class and presented that Bakugou-kun didn't have a choice in the matter at the time for unshared reasons. And that he, as Kirishima-kun said, deserved the friendship and respect he had earned. He asked the rest of the class to treat him with respect because he is still a person. Kirishima-kun tried to go after Bakugou-kun again, but then you entered the fray."

Mr. Aizawa placed his hands over his face, rubbing his eyes open and sighing. He looked surprised at the situation he had just been made aware of but still opened his mouth to speak.

"I'd still like to go after him," Eijiro spoke softly, hoping Mr. Aizawa would let him go, but his teacher's grasp on his shoulder tightened.

"Uraraka, you're on house arrest for five days. You will attend a meeting with the school counselor and Principal Nezu. You will also present your classmate with a handwritten apology. Kirishima, you stay here."

"But-" Eijiro turned looking at his teacher in the eye nervously.

"No buts. You're too emotional, the adults will handle this." Mr. Aizawa finished, pushing him back in the direction of his seat. Their teacher was about to do the same with Izuku, but he opened his mouth to speak first.

"Wait, Aizawa-sensei! I've known Kacchan for the longest.. and as someone who's been concerned for him recently, I actually think it would be a good idea for Todoroki-kun to go after him."

"Why is that?" Mr. Aizawa sighed, a confused tone coating his voice. Both Shouto and Mr. Aizawa glanced at the green-haired boy like he was insane.

"I haven't seen Kacchan act like that since when we were in middle school after the incident Uraraka mentioned. Someone needs to go after him, and if not Kirishima-kun, then based on what I was briefly told when we were kids, I think Todoroki-kun would understand..."

Izuku paused briefly, regaining his confidence. "I don't know what's going on with Kacchan fully, and Aizawa-sensei, you probably won't understand what I'm saying, but I'm sure Todoroki-kun will. I think the only person who can approach him right now is someone who knows how he feels. Who knows how he felt and understands the things he..."

Izuku trailed off as Shouto's eyes widened in shock looking towards Izuku, appearing to ask if they were on the same page. The green-eyed boy nodded slightly. Shouto's eyes darkened as he glanced at Mr. Aizawa. The bi-colored strands of hair swept in front of his face, a determined look accentuating its features. He stood up quickly approaching Mr. Aizawa, stopping in front of him and speaking softly. Eijiro strained his ears to hear what his classmate was saying.

"Aizawa-sensei, there are few things Midoriya-kun knows about me, but if he's referring to what I think he's referring to, I should leave the classroom as of immediately."

Mr. Aizawa looked at Shouto's darkened eyes and tense posture and waved his hand towards the door.

"Fine, go ahead. Midoriya, can I talk to you outside."
Shouto moved quickly through the hall, looking back and forth between the different entrances and exits of the school. He immediately stopped in his tracks as he heard a soft noise from the 1-A males' locker room. He walked closer, slowly opening the door, giving away his presence as the door squeaked open.

"Shit." Katsuki cursed from the corner of the room he was sitting at, hunched over. Shouto glanced at Katsuki, who was quickly shoving his blazer on and throwing something in his bag.

"The fuck do you want Icyhot?" The blonde felt something trickling down his arm. Presumably blood from the deep cut he just made down his arm, but Shouto didn't need to know that. Katsuki clutched the edge of his blazer, not wanting to have to explain himself to his classmate.

"I- Look this isn't out of pity, I want you to know that, but-" Shouto's soft voice was cut off by Katsuki's sharp one.

"I don't know what you're getting at— but leave it be if you're here to apologize for her, don't. If she wants to say sorry, she can say it to my face. I'm going back to the dorms now, tell Aizawa I won't make it back to class today."

"Bakugou wait-" Shouto called out to the blonde, who was still clutching his sleeve. Katsuki turned around, clearly irritated.


"I get it," Shouto muttered, shifting.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?!" Katsuki demanded with a little less fury than before.

"Midoriya-kun said that-" Shouto was interrupted once more by Katsuki's low mutter.

"He fucking promised... he said he wouldn't. I'm gonna kill him." Before Katsuki could open the door, Shouto grabbed him by the shoulder. The blonde winced.

"The fuck is your problem?!" Katsuki yelled, trying to shake the shorter boy off of him.

"You didn't let me finish. After you left the class Kirishima tried to go after you, but Uraraka kept taunting him, prompting him to stay and defend you. Midoriya stood up to defend you too. She received a few days of house arrest, a visit with principal Nezu and the guidance counselor, and is required to write you a letter of apology."

"Like I care." The blonde paused, taking a few steps away from the door.

"She can take that apology and shove it up her ass," Katsuki grumbled, still grasping the sleeve of his blazer tightly.

"I really need to be going now." He muttered.

"Just give me a second okay?" Shouto looked into his eyes, he knew he appeared annoyed, but there was a hint of pleading in his voice. He hoped Katsuki would notice. He gestured towards one of the benches.

"Tch. Fine. This is only because I somewhat respect you, got it? If you were anyone else I would've fucking kicked you out by now."

"Even Kirishima?" Shouto asked questioningly, shooting a glance at the blonde, who was tapping his foot against the ground.

"Not the point, get on with it."

"Midoriya told Aizawa-sensei that if it wasn't Kirishima, who he refused to let come because he was too emotional-"

"Since when was Shitty-hair emotional?"

"He yelled at the whole class, but that's beside the point, as you said. Anyway, Aizawa said that the adults would handle it. Until Midoriya said that if it wasn't Kirishima, then I'd be the next best person who could help or who you'd listen to... I thought it was just because you respected me, but then he said something about having someone there for you who you could relate to. He said that you'd talk to someone who understood. I don't know if this is what he meant and if it isn't it's fine, but either way please don't tell anyone..." Shouto sighed, hands fiddling with each other.

"My old man... he- my mom she... Shit man, I'm sorry I'm not good at this..." Regaining some courage, he continued, noticing the blonde slowly releasing the firm grip he had on his wrist and taking off his coat. Out of his backpack, he pulled a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and gauze.

"Go on, Kirishima doesn't know what's going on with me by the way. I don't want him to." The blonde murmured, shakily sitting back down next to his classmate, applying the alcohol to his bleeding arms. Shouto stared in shock for a second but decided to continue.

"You know what quirk marriages are?" Shouto questioned.

"Yeah." Katsuki breathed softly.

"My old man and my mom are in one. When he realized he couldn't surpass All Might himself, he tried to do so through other means." He paused, composing himself, and continuing.

"I have three older siblings who failed to complete that desire, and I, as the fourth child was deemed as the one with the perfect quirk. Since I was four, he forced me to train, my mother tried to convince him otherwise, but when she tried, he hit her. When I tried to say no, he hit me. Then, it became more often and more serious until my mother finally cracked. I remember that day, she was on the phone with her mother. She called my left side unsightly. When she saw me standing in the hallway, looking up at her, she held me there and poured boiling water on my face. After that, she was sent to a psychiatric hospital where I started to visit her after the sports festival. That's how I got this and that's why I wouldn't use my left side on you there. The only reason I did in the first place was because Midoriya convinced me to in the spur of the moment, but afterward, I didn't feel comfortable. It's not that I didn't view as a worthy opponent." Katsuki, who's arms were now wrapped in gauze, stared in awe for a while until he decided to speak softly.

"Do you know why I act the way I do towards Deku?"


"When I was young, my mom used to hit me too. I remember the first time it happened when I was five, soon after my quirk had first manifested. I accidentally blew up one of the pillows on the couch. She slapped me and I started to cry. She said that we Bakugous were 'strong' and didn't cry, because 'crying is weak'. That if she saw me do it again, she'd have to punish me. I thought it was okay at that time. I thought it was okay for a long time. That everyone's parents were like that. Then, I met Deku. One day, in the second grade, some fourth graders were picking on me and trying to beat me up, so not really knowing what I was doing I sent an explosion their way. One of them scraped their knees and the other two got second-degree burns from the explosions and had to go to the hospital. The kid with the smallest amount of injuries went to the teacher to report me and said it was my fault. They said I tried to beat them up and when they stood up to me, I used my quirk on them. The teacher was about to call my parents until a green-haired bystander I didn't even know was there, popped up, and defended me." The blonde softly smiled and laughed, tears forming in his eyes. Shouto looked at Katsuki, trying his best to give his classmate all of his attention.

"He told our teacher what happened and got the teachers to check the school cameras to see what really transpired. That's when we became friends. I started to realize what my mom was doing wasn't okay around 9. After the incident with the older kids, my mom scolded me for being weak and hit me the hardest she ever had before. It only got worse from there. She called me a villain, banning me from using my quirk in the house, beating the shit out of me at every instance she could. One day my parents weren't home, so I finally accepted Deku's constant pestering to come over. He always questioned why I couldn't come, but I just said my parents were being strict. It became a tradition that whenever my parents weren't around, I'd go over to his house and his mom would cook us dinner. We'd talk, play games, and we'd watch movies. I realized I wanted to become a hero when I watched my first All Might documentary. I knew he was the number one hero, but I didn't really know who he was, considering I wasn't allowed to watch TV. Deku had wanted to become a hero since he was four even though he was quirkless and I always admired that. He wouldn't stop rambling about the number one hero and one day I asked him what he looked like. He was so shellshocked that I'd never seen him before that he took me to his room and showed me all of his merchandise, comics, magazines, and movies. When I watched that documentary, it changed my life. No matter what situation he was in, no matter how difficult or painful, he always won and came out on the other side. I wanted to win like that, as a hero, in my life, and with my parents. It all took a turn for the worse one day when I asked Deku a question. As I said, I thought all parents hit their kids. I thought it was normal, so it confused me why Deku's mom was so nice to him and to me. She made us dinner when I had to cook for the whole family. She held him while he cried while my mom beat the shit out of me. We were sitting alone in his room one day when I asked him why his mom was so nice. He said 'Because she's my mom and she loves me and I love her!'. I looked at him confused and asked him if she ever hit him. He looked surprised and said no. I told him to forget about it..." Katsuki paused again, wiping the tears sliding down his face. Shouto put a hand on his shoulder, then bent down to clean up the remaining medical supplies off of the floor.

"I didn't know at the time, but after I left that day... Deku asked his mom about it. He told her 'Kacchan asked me why you were so nice to me. Then he asked me if you hit me and when I said no because you love me he said to forget about it. What does that mean Mom?' or something like that. As the weeks went by, Deku asked me more about it. He didn't really understand what was going on because his mom didn't tell him, but I told him about how my mom hit me, but it was okay because 'just like All Might' I would always win. I would always promise to see him at school the next day and that maybe 'my mom just does it because I haven't earned her respect and don't deserve her love yet.' That maybe if I 'won' just like All Might she'd treat me like Deku's mom treated him, like she treated me. A few days after that, my mother got a call from child protective services. She lied her way out of the situation and my father was too in love with her to speak up. He loved her more than he loved me. After I came home that day, she hit me with the back of a burning frying pan, I kind of have a scar, but not really as bad as yours." The blonde shrugged gesturing to a spot on his back that his shirt covered.

"Anyway, she forbade me from speaking to Deku ever again. She said that if I did he and his mom would get in trouble, and so would I. So, I stopped. What fucking hero would let his friend get in trouble." Katsuki laughed sadly and stopped talking again to cough a little, wiping the tears around his eyes.

"I stopped but he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept asking me what was wrong, following me around, trying to approach me. I just wanted him to leave me alone. I didn't want him to get hurt, he was the only one who ever treated me kindly. He was the only one who accepted me for who I was. I wanted to repay him by making sure he didn't get hurt. I knew if I told him the truth that he wouldn't stop talking to me, so I started getting brasher. I started becoming meaner towards him, but he still clung onto me. When I was ten, I told my mom I wanted to be a hero. She laughed in my face, told me I had a villain's quirk. She told me if I could pass first in the U.A. entrance exam, then she'd let me become a hero. I know she meant that sarcastically because she thought I'd never pass at all, but I took her seriously. From that point on, I behaved my best at home and my worst at school to keep Deku away from me. Every night I snuck out to the nearby park to practice using my quirk. I set up fucking obstacle courses with tree branches and park equipment. I did this for four years. I'd sneak out at midnight and come back to the house at 5 am, sleep for an hour, go for a jog at 6 am, wake up, and do chores at seven. I was fucking exhausted, giving my all 24/7. Everything seemed to be okay until the sludge attack. Yes, I was the Bakugou who was attacked by the sludge villain. The green-haired quirkless kid was Deku. My parents were infuriated by this and though I was praised by the heroes, I was definitely not praised by them. You already know how it goes, I'm sure. I told Deku to kill himself that day. I didn't fucking mean it. He just wouldn't leave me alone. The next day I pulled him aside and told him that I had to and I couldn't tell him why but I needed him to leave him alone. So, for once he stopped. We didn't talk after that and the hostile facade remained after he began trying to talk to me again here at U.A. As you can tell, I was able to take first place on the entrance exam here. Out of pure shock, my mother let me attend. I wanted to not only to 'win with my parents' like I wanted to when I was younger but to 'win for myself.' Now I'm starting to think I'm fucking selfish for that. I didn't leave because Uraraka was wrong, I left because she was right. I don't deserve to be where I am. I don't deserve anything or anyone. I was stupid to think I could make a difference and the world would probably be better off without me..." Katsuki began to zip up his bag.

"I want you to know that none of this is your fault," Shouto replied calmly, looking Katsuki in the eyes, trying to be as comforting as possible. Katsuki stared back in silence for a second. Already triggered, he responded, his voice straining as he attempted to yell.

"Don't you get it!? All of this is my fucking fault! Deku had low self-esteem for years because of me! All Might, the symbol of peace who always wins retired because I, someone who looked up to him with all my heart, body, and soul was weak! Kirishima was in there yelling at the class because I was weak and left instead of just answering Uraraka's stupid question! Best Jeanist the number three hero, got a hole blasted into his stomach by fucking All for One because I was weak! U.A., the school of my dreams is under fire because I was stupid and I was weak. It's because I was wrong and I was weak. I'm the one hurting people! I'm even burdening you by saying this right now, just forget it." Katsuki roughly wiped the tears off of his face.

"Bakugou." Shouto put his hand on my shoulder and spoke seriously. The blonde put on his blazer, slightly shaking, ignoring.

"Are we going to talk about it?" Shouto asked Katsuki, concerned.

"Talk about what?"

"Are you going to hurt yourself? I know you have been, but please don't.. do anything. We can talk about it okay? I can get Kirishi-" He stated calmly.

"No, keep Kirishima and Deku out of this. If I knew you were going to react like this I wouldn't have told you. I don't know why I did, I'm just going to burden you too. I won't tell anyone about what happened with your dad, I hope it gets better and I'm fucking sorry." Katsuki muttered. He attempted to stand up from the bench where they were sitting, but Shouto pulled him down.

"Give it to me," Shouto stated sternly. In denial, the blond shoved himself off his classmate.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You weren't putting away just anything when I came in here. Give me the knife Bakugou and we can go back to the dorms and talk about this."

"No." Katsuki got up quickly, his heart pounding and made a b-line towards the door. Shouto couldn't take this away from him. He deserved this, he needed to punish himself. He couldn't deal with the pain without it. Shouto quickly grabbed his bag and walked after him.

"Bakugou just give it to me, please. Don't make me get Aizawa." Shouto called after Katsuki who was already halfway down the hallway trying to make it to the exit, letting his anxiety overtake him.

"Bakugou where are you going?!" Shouto shouted a little louder earning no response from his blonde classmate who began to walk faster. They were nearing class 1-A and the exit. If this went on for much longer, he'd have to get Mr. Aizawa. As Katsuki continued not to respond, Shouto's heart quickened, and he started jogging after his classmate. At this point, they were right outside of class 1-B.

"Bakugou!" Shouto called after the blonde who, once again, didn't respond.

"Bakugou! Hey! Where are you going!" Shouto called again, this time louder, not caring at this point how loud he was being. He was too concerned for his classmate's and possibly friend's safety. It's not like he had to worry about the noise since unless doors were open, the classrooms were practically soundproof.

"Back to the dorms like I said earlier! Don't follow me!" Katsuki yelled back a little louder.

"Bakugou... let me come with you!" Shouto caught up to him and tried to stop him, but Katsuki pushed him away. When the blonde turned for that brief second, he could see Katsuki's puffy eyes.


"Bakugou! Are you going to be okay?! Can I trust you to be safe?!" Shouto exclaimed, exasperated, continuing to jog after Katsuki down the hall.

"Fuck off! I'm fine!" Katsuki yelled louder than before, beginning to jog away as well.

"If you're fine then give me the knife Bakugou! Come on man please! Don't make me take it from you! I don't want you hurting yourself. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I didn't see your arms bleeding earlier! That I didn't see those scars on your body! You can't keep doing this to yourself!" Shouto's tone began to soften, as he put a firm hand on the blonde's shoulder.

"I'm going back to the dorms. I can't do this here, the school will come under more fire. It'll be better if I just disappeared. They'll assume the villains took me again." Katsuki grumbled, shaking himself out of Shouto's grip, beginning to speed walk away, his body shaking.

"Bakugou! Don't say things like that! Just talk to me, give it to me! I can help you- please you can get through this!" Shouto pleaded loudly.

"FINE. Fine, I'll give it to you just let me go!" Katsuki's yells echoing through the hallway as he reached in his backpack and pointed to where the bloodied pocket knife laid. Shouto stared in awe for a second, taking in the image of the slowly drying blood. When he looked up, Katsuki, who was no longer there, had broken into a run. Shouto's heart began to pound faster. Katsuki wouldn't just leave his bag behind like that.

"BAKUGOU! I will seriously get Aizawa if you don't stop right now!!!" Shouto exclaimed chasing Katsuki until they were right behind 1-A.

"IF YOU GET AIZAWA I WILL TELL HIM ABOUT ENDEAVOR! JUST LEAVE ME BE I'M FUCKING FINE!" At this point, the two boys were yelling at the top of their lungs at each other, both worried about the other's actions. Shouto was typically calm, but when Katsuki began to sprint towards the exit without his bag, Shouto knew. Katsuki wasn't ever careless and wouldn't have left his phone and personal belongings on the floor. He wouldn't have said those things about U.A.'s reputation or disappearing. That wasn't the Katsuki he knew, even at an unhealthy level. He didn't want to trigger his classmate, but at this point, he was very concerned about the blonde's safety. After those things he'd said, at best, Katsuki would find another way to harm himself again, and at worst, well frankly he didn't want to think about it. Yelling, Shouto leaped forward, using a small trail of ice to speed him up, tackling the blonde, and holding him down. Once Katsuki was on the ground, he spoke, at first yelling, but then softening his voice when Katsuki began to shake.

"I DON'T CARE! Don't you see Bakugou! I'm not going to just watch you hurt yourself. I'm not dumb! Even if you left that knife right there, I know you would've found another way. I'm going to get Aizawa and you're going to-" Shouto was interrupted by Katsuki's sudden yell, morphing into a plead as he sobbed into the ground, trembling.

"NO! DON'T just... please- Don't, just don't okay... Just tell Deku I'm fucking sorry, but don't tell him the truth- he'll blame himself and do the same for Kirishima... Just tell him that he's the best person that I've ever met and that I l- that I'm sorry for getting him in trouble for rescuing me... and thanks for talking to me too. And... I'm sorry..." Katsuki's tone softened, tears rolling down his cheeks. Shouto relaxed his grip, red flags going off in his head. He wanted to make sure his classmate was safe, but also didn't want to increase his anxiety.

"I'm sorry," Katsuki said before miraculously, setting off a small explosion, aiming it at the floor, propelling himself upward, and Shouto behind him. His heart pounding, Katsuki broke a faster sprint, setting off a series of small explosions behind him, landing himself right next to the exit. He shot himself upward, bounced off the ceiling, and fell back to his bag where the bloody pocket knife laid. He picked it up quickly, holding it next to his wrist, shaking. Katsuki pulled up his blazer, knife barely hovering over his skin, Shouto inches behind him when the door to their class opened a few feet behind them both.

The two boys didn't seem to notice the door opening just behind them, presumably because of their current circumstances.

"Bakugou?" Eijiro's soft voice echoed through the hallways. Tears began forming in the redhead's eyes as some of Katsuki's tears rolled down his face.

"I-I s-sor-" the blonde stuttered, his body shaking, but completely paralyzed. Eijiro approached him timidly. Katsuki, from his perspective, seemed panicked, and he didn't want to make any sudden movements that would prompt him to harm himself.

"Katsuki.." Eijiro's voice trailed off, a tear rolling down his face. When he was a few inches away from the blonde, he took his hand and softly and pulled the knife away, Katsuki's body still trembling. Trying his best not to freak out, he held his hand out behind him for Shouto to take the sharp object. Shouto took it from his hands, taking a few steps backward.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm here okay? It's okay. C'mere." He nudged Katsuki's face towards his chest, wrapping his arms around him slowly.

"D-don't want to hurt you.." Katsuki cried softly into his friend's chest, still trembling slightly.

"I-I m-made you upset.."

"Shhh... You've never hurt me and you never will okay. It's going to be alright. Todoroki will go tell Aizawa-sensei that you need to go back to the dorms. Then we can do whatever you want. It's going to be alright, okay?" Shouto got the signal and quickly walked into Mr. Aizawa's class.

"B-b" Katsuki started again, but Eijiro hugged him tighter.

"No buts okay? Promise me." The redhead spoke softly, kissing his temple.

"Promise." Katsuki let out a sigh, leaning further into the embrace. He was too vulnerable to care about appearances anymore, and even though he felt he didn't deserve it, he knew that the redhead would always be there for him when he needed it. At first, he tried his best not to lean into the hug too much, but at this point, he couldn't help himself. All he wanted at this moment was to be closer to his friend, even though he didn't understand why.

Chapter Text

Shouto sighed, placing the bloodied pocket knife into his pocket. He concluded it'd be best not to show Mr. Aizawa, considering it was likely he would call Katsuki's parents, and he knew from personal experience that wouldn't go well. They would find a way to discuss it with him later. So, hand slightly crusted over with dried blood, Shouto entered the classroom. The eyes of his classmates were on him, so he attempted to be as subtle as possible when approaching his homeroom teacher, who shot him a questioning look. He felt Izuku's concerned eyes burning into him. Shouto understood his appearance was shaken but tried to act as naturally as possible.

"Bakugou needs to return to the dorms for the day for personal reasons. Kirishima and I will be accompanying him there. I just wanted to inform you. I apologize for my sudden decision to skip class and Kirishima and I will take responsibility for any problems posed by this situation and respectfully accept the consequences, but for his wellbeing, we both must go." Shouto spoke in a hushed tone, bowing in front of Mr. Aizawa, who sighed, rubbing his temples. He responded quietly back to his student.

"I'll make an exception for now, but don't let this happen again. I expect an explanation at some point."

"Aizawa-sensei?" Shouto asked shooting his teacher one more questioning gaze.


"Can Midoriya-kun accompany us as well? There are some things I need to explain to him."

"Fine. Midoriya, you're excused from class for today. Pack up your things and go with a Todoroki. As for the rest of you, get back to work. I don't want to hear a peep out of any of you." Mr. Aizawa raised his voice so that the rest of the class could hear. Izuku stood up, throwing his school supplies in his bag and hurrying to the door with Shouto. As they made it outside, Izuku caught a glimpse of Katsuki huddled on the floor in Eijiro's embrace.

"We'll go over there in a second, but we need to find out how to get rid of this first. Kirishima took it away from him, but I didn't give it to Aizawa yet because I had a feeling they'd call his parents or try to send him somewhere. I don't think that would be the best idea..." Shouto murmured, gently removing Katsuki's pocket knife from his pocket. Izuku's eyes widened in surprise, but his voice remained calm.

"We'll dispose of it at the dorms." The green-haired boy began walking in Katuski's direction shortly after he spoke, with Shouto by his side. Gradually approaching him, Shouto leaned down next to Eijiro, who still had the blonde leaning on his chest. Eijiro running his hands up and down his back trying his best to soothe him.

"Bakugou, do you want me to explain to Kirishima what you told me?" he asked while gathering up his and Katsuki's things.

"I- I don't know," Katsuki answered timidly, leaning out of his hug with Eijiro. His eyes widened in shock when he spotted Izuku helping Shouto gather their things.

"Either way I'm here to listen okay?" Eijiro added quickly.

"Izuku is worried about you too. If you want me to tell him I can do that too. He still doesn't blame you for anything now, even though he doesn't know the full story okay?" Shouto assured him, slowly approaching him again, while Izuku collected their remaining bags in the distance.

"Okay. Y-y... you can tell them" Katsuki sighed, still struggling to form sentences as he leaned back up against the wall, trying to contain his anxiety. For the second that Shouto's back was turned, Eijiro noticed this and gave the blonde a gentle peck on the cheek. He immediately flushed and didn't say anything, but leaned into Eijiro more. Katsuki was almost certain he didn't do that with his other friends, but he didn't mind it either. The affection made him feel warm inside. Turning back around, Shouto crouched down and spoke again, making eye contact with the blonde.

"Okay, I'll try my best to make it quick. We can talk about it more later, but I'll just give them the gist of it. We should focus on getting you back to the dorms. I didn't tell Aizawa by the way. I just told him that you needed to leave for personal reasons and that he needed someone to be with you beside me. After Kirishima left the room, I figured he'd be the best choice. I might not have been the most responsible not telling him, but him contacting your parents or placing you on hold would be a bad idea and I know it. I know that the way Kirishima found you is compromising, but it doesn't mean you outright admitting anything, so I won't say. But please promise me you won't. Please. Even if it's just for our sake." Shouto paused, standing back up and stretching his arms behind his back.

"Okay. I promise." Katsuki murmured.

"Alright. Can I trust you to sit here alone for a minute? I'm just going to explain to them the gist of it and then we'll go okay?" Shouto questioned, his eyes glistening with expectation.

"Yeah." Katsuki breathed, bringing his legs to his chest, and scooting away from Eijiro. The two other boys stood up, following Shouto a few feet away, where they spoke softly. Shouto briefly explained what Katsuki had confided in him and what had occurred. Eijiro stood there silently, nodding, eyes filled with concern and shock. Izuku's head was in his hands as he wiped the tears away from his face. As soon as Shouto was done, the three approached Katsuki once more. Eijiro bending down swiftly in front of Katsuki, who still had his arms wrapped around his legs protectively. The latter flinched at his friend's actions, but Eijiro put a hand soothingly on his friends, using his free hand to brush a tear from Katsuki's cheek.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. I'm not going to hurt you, I've got you alright." The redhead paused, Shouto and Izuku were still standing. They were a few feet away from Eijiro, but held their ground, figuring it was best for Katsuki to calm down a bit before they spoke to or approached him. Eijiro paused for a second and looked his blonde friend in the eyes, shooting him a caring smile. He lowered his voice, speaking in a tone only Katsuki could hear.

"We've all got you. We care about you. That's what you deserve. You deserve to be loved and cared for. You deserve to be able to show your emotions. We love you Katsuki, you hear? Please don't ever leave me."

"Yeah..." Katsuki whispered. Standing up, the redhead held out his hand for the blonde to grab. Katsuki took it as his friend pulled him into another hug. Slightly this time, the redhead spoke again.

"None of this is your fault, okay? We all forgive you, even though you did nothing wrong. I know it doesn't feel like it, but I hope you can understand that too one day. For now though just tell me it isn't your fault, even if you don't believe it. Just for me okay?" The blonde shook slightly in his friend's arms, tears dampening Eijiro's uniform.

"It isn't my fault." The blonde responded, just above a whisper. He broke away from the hug, turning to face Izuku and Shouto. His eyes were still damp and eyes puffy. Trying to suck up his emotions for a second, Katsuki composed himself as the four of them began to walk towards the exit.

"Todoroki. I'm sorry for threatening to tell Aizawa-sensei, it was fucked up. Especially from someone who gets why you don't wanna tell people. I'm sorry you had to see me act out like that, it was weak of me. It's not me. I was so... anxious... I couldn't think about fucking anything except.." Katsuki trailed off. Shouto gazed into the blonde's red eyes, observing how they were slightly softer than how they were usually.

"It's okay, and I decided to tell Kirishima about Endeavor. Before you interrupt me to apologize for that too, I did it on my own accord and the way you acted did not spur me to, it was my own decision. I'm sure both Kirishima and Izuku are screaming to you in their heads right now, so I'm going to say what I think they want to. You're not weak. You were a good friend to Midoriya when he needed it and you made it count. When you pushed him away it was because you were trying to protect him. The actions of your parents were and are unjustified and unacceptable. Please don't ever think that's what you deserved. Also, trust me I've acted out worse than the way you think you just did. Many times. Of course, things escalated. I was scared for your life and you were scared to be alive, but we're here now. Let's put that behind us." Shouto expressed calmly, hoping to reassure the blonde.

"Alright.. but, Deku.." Katsuki paused, then straightened up, attempting to get himself together. The green-haired boy turned his head eyes wide with worry.

"I can't offer you the apology you deserve right now. I can't ever fucking repent for the pain I've caused you ever, but I want to say I'm still sorry for being a real piece of shi-" he was cut off by Izuku's voice. His assertive tone didn't match the tears beginning to form in his eyes, but he too tried his best to compose himself.

"Kacchan.. you're right. You can't repent for the pain you caused me, because I caused that pain myself. It was never you. I chose to keep trying to talk to you when you told me to leave you alone. I chose to worry. I made those choices and I chose not to listen to you. So don't you ever blame yourself for that. Yes, some of the things you said to me were screwed up, but I forgive you. We all do. Why don't we start fresh? Friends?" Izuku reached out his fist, raising it slightly in Katsuki's direction, a smile forming on his face, cheeks still wet.

"Tch... yeah okay." A small smile formed on the blonde's face, a tear rolling down his cheek. He raised his fist, bumping it with Izuku's.

"And Kirishima... thanks for what you did back there, in the class and here."

"How did you... it's no problem. You didn't deserve to be talked to like that, but Bakubro there's actually something I got to tell you." Eijiro put his hand on the blonde's shoulder, a small smirk forming at his lips. Anything that would make the blonde feel better, even if it was their friends acting stupid. That was Eijiro's logic as he continued.

"Really, that nickname, now? Two can play at that game Shitty-hair." Katsuki shoved him slightly. The redhead decided to play along, laughing back slightly. Shouto and Izuku decided to stay quiet, walking slightly in front of them, to allow the friends to talk, and possibly brighten Katsuki's rough day just a little.

"I was gonna tell you, Ashido dared Kaminari and Sero to do something to your room this morning."

"Oh no." Katsuki still tense muttered sarcastically, putting his hands on his face, sounding exasperated.

"They told me not to tell you bro, but we're bros and I got to tell my bro when-" The redhead was cut off by Katsuki's sharp voice.

"Say bro one more time Kirishima-"

"Okay, okay! Well, Kaminari snuck into your room during your morning run and put a pair of crocs full of condoms filled with Capri-sun and M&Ms in your room."

"The actual fuck" Shouto cursed, sounding amused, glancing at Eijiro and Katsuki whose fingertips were brushing against each other. Katsuki sighed, facepalming.

"Your friends are interesting, Kacchan!" Izuku laughed.

"Interesting my ass. I swear fucking Pikachu and Soy sauce do this shit all the damn time and it's always Raccoon eyes that encourage them. It's a dysfunctional family. I think I'm surprised then they manage to top it every time. It gets worse." Katsuki grumbles, his sad expression morphing into a scowl. He was annoyed, but also felt relieved by the normality of their friend group.

"He's not wrong." Eijiro chuckles slightly as they approach the dorm.

"Remind me to throw those at them later."

"Gotcha Kacchan, but um I kind of have to apologize to you too.." Izuku who now wanted to in on the joke, feigned a remorseful tone. Katsuki looked at him confused.

"I ate your leftover cookies.."

"You what?!? You know what I took your limited addition All Might clock!" Katsuki yelled back.

"You did WHAT!! I've been looking for that for years!" Izuku yelled exasperatedly.
The four classmates decided to all go to Eijiro's room since it had the most space for the four of them all relax in. Katsuki and Izuku caught up while they watched anime, Katsuki bringing up Izuku's old All Might fanfiction when he insisted on watching the All Might: Animated saga. The pressure of looming bigger issues remained, but the boys tried to catch up, let loose, and distract themselves like it was the most normal thing in the world. Shouto and Izuku were having fun but ultimately had to study that day and were contemplating a time to leave since both Eijiro and Katsuki had fallen asleep on each other.

"Should we wake them?" Shouto questioned packing up his things before heading to the door with Izuku.

"No, it's okay, Kacchan is a heavy sleeper, I think he'd be displeased." Izuku chuckled lightly opening the door to Eijiro's dorm room, leaving the two boys alone.

A few hours passed before the redhead woke up to Katsuki leaning on him, his friend's face buried in his chest. Eijiro was scrolling down his socials when Katsuki awoke.

"Morning sunshine" Eijiro joked, prodding the blonde awake. Katsuki grumbled lowly pulling himself to sit up next to Eijiro, still leaning on him.

"You feeling any better?" The redhead questioned, rubbing Katsuki's arm.

"Don't think this is going to become a normal thing. Me, just unloading my shit onto you. Right now though, I'm going to be straight up. I'm too fucking tired to lie. So, still kind of shitty to be honest... I'm trying to turn this day around for the better, but I still feel like crap. Hanging out with you guys earlier made me feel better though... and I sure as hell hope things can get better. Sometimes I feel like I don't fucking deserve it. I know what my parents did to me isn't okay, but I can't bring myself to hate them. I'm going to U.A., to pursue my dream career. Due to my own hard fucking work. I don't want to spend hours in court trying to achieve justice or whatever. I just want to be away from them and happy now with you guys because this is my home or the closest thing to home I've fucking got."

"I wanted to feel something, that's why I did it, cut, I mean. Besides the fact that I feel or felt like I deserved or deserve it. Fuck... that's a lot to unpack. I think if you didn't show up I would've done it. I don't actually wanna die, Kiri, I wanna fucking live and do shit. I wanna be happy, but I can't help but feel like I don't deserve that. And even when I do, shit like what happened in the hallway, I get so fucking anxious I lose myself and do the most stupid stuff without even thinking about it out of impulse... I won't admit this to you again or at least while I'm feeling normal, I'm pretty fucking vulnerable right now..." Katsuki trailed off rubbing underneath his eyes and leaning against the headboard of Eijiro's small bed.

"I just want to help Bakugou. In whatever way, I can. I know we came back here to have fun and stuff, but honestly. You're my best friend. I think you're the reason I'm still breathing right now too, to be honest. I don't want to drag myself into this right now, but if there's anything I can do to make you feel good or better, please tell me. Because you are worth it and you do deserve happiness. Plus I can mention multiple occasions where literally or not, you've saved my life. Please let me be here for you." Eijiro wrapped his hands around Katsuki, pulling him into a hug, sitting beside his friend.

"..I- Nevermind... it's stupid.." The blonde blushed then trailed off again. He didn't know what it was, but something about being this close to his friend was all the comfort he needed. He didn't want to be weird though. It's just that the redhead made him feel appreciated. The Eijiro turned to look at Katsuki, confused, eyes curious.

"No, it's really nothing Ki-"


"W-what?" Katsuki stuttered, chewing his lip defensively. What was even going on with him? The nitroglycerin was supposed to come out not go in, so why the fuck did he feel like he was going to explode inside?!

"You can call me Ei, Bakugou.."

"..Okay... it's only fair that you do the same for me.." Katsuki mumbled, turning his face away from the redhead’s.

"What, call you Ei?" Eijiro snickered, receiving a light shove from his blonde-haired friend.

"No dumbass.. you know what I fucking mean.." Still facing away from his friend, Katsuki murmured, almost shyly.

"Okay, Katsuki.." Eijiro smiled, voice deepening. He paused, remembering that Katsuki never told him what he was going to say.

"What were you gonna tell me!" The redhead exclaimed, shooting him a goofier grin.

"I thought you forgot!" Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes and facepalming.

"I never forget! Just tell me Katsuki, just let me know how I can help, seriously." Eijiro shot back, wrapping his arm around Katsuki, causing his friend to shutter.

"Oh, shit sorry-"

"Tch.. ts not you.. just... don't fucking judge me okay I don't- today has been really shitty and I think you're the reason I'm still breathing right now and.."

"Katsuki it's okay.. just tell me.." Eijiro trailed off, eyes beginning to look concerned.

"N-no. It's nothing like that just... makes me feel better when you did the stuff you did earlier.."

"Hm? Like what? Katsuki you gotta be more specific. Just tell me what I did, I want to keep making you feel good!" Eijiro smiled, rubbing slight circles on Katsuki's shoulders.

"..When you.. when you touch me... you're the only one I'd really let do that.. it just feels nice... helps.." The blonde trailed off again, gaze shifting throughout the room.

"Touch you?" Eijiro questioned, looking genuinely confused, then remembering when he sat on the floor of the school with him. Did he notice when he kissed him on the cheek? Fuck. Could he maybe have...? There's no way. Eijiro told himself slightly flushing at the thought. He didn't exactly understand how he felt about his friend, but he decided to just go with it. Those kisses were just for comfort, though they were kind of unnecessary and he probably wouldn't have done that for his other friends. The redhead's pondering was interrupted by Katsuki's soft, murmuring voice.

"You're thinking to loud.. and it's just I-I kind of like- It felt really good when you- when you.." The blonde's face turned slightly pink, causing him to turn away. Eijiro took it as the opportunity to see how his friend reacted. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his bro, and he didn't mind giving him a few pecks on the cheek if it made him feel better. That's what friends do.

"Did you like it when I did this maybe...?" Eijiro leaned in, laying a soft kiss on Katsuki's jaw. His breath hitched, ears turning a soft pink.

"I- fuck... y-ye- can you..?" Katsuki faced his friend, his face completely red. Eijiro thought he'd never see this side of the blonde, he looked so... shy.

"You want me to keep doing that?" Eijiro, who was now blushing too, looked into Katsuki's eyes questioningly, moving one of his hands to cup the blonde's cheek, finger brushing across it. Katsuki nodded, then spoke softly, barely above a whisper.


"W-where do you want me to..?" Eijiro stuttered slightly. Fuck. He was supposed to be sounding comforting right now.

"Fucking- like I know just... eve-anywhere just—" Katsuki stammered arms wrapping around himself defensively.

"Okay I'll just.." The redhead responded by leaning forward and kissing the blonde's forehead, then leaning over to kiss Katsuki's temple. Against his skin, he murmured.

"Is this okay...?"

"Y- fucking idiot what do you think.." Katsuki replied, muttering softly. Eijiro realized how bad this situation could look out of context. He was just there to help his friend and if this, something he didn't mind doing, was helping then he'd keep doing it. In all honestly, he didn't know what to do. He laid the third kiss behind Katsuki's ear and began trailing a few more down his jaw. He pretended not to notice the way the blonde's breathing hitched and head leaned back when he first kissed his neck. As he continued to kiss Katsuki's neck he reminded himself he was here to help his friend. He was here to help h-

"..Ah," Katsuki immediately slammed his hand over his mouth, surprised by the sound he just made just as much as the redhead seemed to be. Whatever he just did felt a million times better than it did before, he didn't care how this looked, he wanted his friend to keep doing it. He wanted to be closer. It made his body shudder. It made Katsuki feel guilty, Eijiro was trying to comfort him. His cheeks were completely flushed, his head turning away slightly in embarrassment. The blood was traveling down... shit.

"Katsuki..." Still drunk on the effects of whatever sound his friend just made, he spoke.

"It's okay... I want to hear you. It tells me I'm making you feel good and that's what this is right? Can you lay down for me Kat? It'll probably be more comfortable.. then you can rest." Eijiro cupped Katsuki's cheek once more, his voice soothing, as he brushed his finger across his friend's lip. The blonde obliged, lying back against the pillow of the bed, Eijiro climbing on top of him, sitting in between his legs and moving to press another kiss upon that spot on Katsuki's neck. Truthfully, Eijiro didn't know what the fuck he was doing or what they were doing. He didn't want to stop though and Katsuki wanted him to keep going, so there wasn't any harm in it. He was just being a good friend. The best kind of friend. This time he decided to indulge and experiment a little, opening his mouth a tad and sucking on the spot. Katsuki's heart immediately started beating faster, his pants tightening, as his body rubbed against Eijiro's stomach. He unconsciously, bucked his hips up slightly, letting out a higher-pitched sound, surprising them both. Eijiro, now aware of his friend's... situation, flushed slightly. He gazed into Katsuki's eyes with a look he didn't recognize, even though Katsuki was the one under him, his eyes looked pleading.

"Shit.. sorry." The blonde's eyes shifted away, clearly embarrassed.

"It's fine it happens.." Eijiro paused, trailing off.

" said.. you said I could kiss you anywhere right..? Is that still..?" In a moment of boldness, the redhead spoke again, still pressed into Katsuki and hovering over him.

"..Y-yeah...." Katsuki flushed harder, his pants straining. Eijiro quickly leaned down, capturing Katsuki's lips with his own. Deep down he knew that friends didn't just do this, but they'd figure it out later. Katsuki was surprised for a second, eventually melting into the kiss. It was delicate, gentle, and soft. He didn't put up much of a fight and let Eijiro slip his tongue in between his lips. Tongues colliding, Eijiro, conscious of it or not was overtaken by the lust, kissing his friend more passionately, muttering little affirmations to the blonde whenever he came up for air.

"So good for me Katsuki..” The redhead murmured in his ear. Katsuki was still panting when Eijiro returned to kissing and sucking on that spot on his friend's neck that he seemed to like, causing the blonde to groan and make a shallow thrust towards Eijiro.


"Shhhhh.. show me where Katsuki, just tell me where I'll take care of you.." Eijiro whispered into his ear, breathily and slid his hand under Katsuki's, speaking again.

"Show me where you want me... no need to be embarrassed... I just want to make you feel good remember?" Eijiro murmured, sucking on the blondes earlobe, causing him whimper. Nervously and carefully, Katsuki moved his friend's hand to the bulge in his pants, still blushing, but too high on this feeling to stop. Eijiro's pants were beginning to get tight, but Katsuki was his priority right now.

"Oh.. you want that.. mmm okay. You're so good for being honest with me... I think you deserve a reward, don't you..?" Brushing his fingertips along the bulge, Eijiro began kissing down his neck once more, Katsuki whimpering after he removed his hand.

"It's okay Katsuki, I'm here... I promise I'm going to make you feel good.. can you lift your arms for me?" The redhead questioned softly, rubbing circles along the blonde's shoulders with his fingertips. Katsuki lifted his arms, allowing Eijiro to pull off his shirt. Katsuki's eyes remained on the redhead as he bent down and began kissing his chest, a loud sound escaping Katsuki's mouth when Eijiro began to slowly grind his own body against Katsuki's.

"Oh..." Katsuki whimpering, bucked his hips in the air trying to gain as much friction as possible when the redhead softly sucked on his nipple. At this point, both of them simply couldn't take it. The blonde's mouth forming an O as he let the feelings overtake him.

"Please what Katsuki.. just tell me," Eijiro says softly dragging his body forward and kissing Katsuki on the lips once more.

"Please.. touch me.." Katsuki dragged Eijiro's hand to the button of his uniform pants.

"Mmm," Eijiro hummed, slowly unbuttoning Katsuki's pants and pulling down the zipper. The blonde wiggled his hips slightly, but Eijiro held them down.

"You're being so good and patient for me... I'm so proud of you..." Eijiro murmured, pulling down his friend's pants as he kissed down his stomach. Both of them were lost in lust. Katsuki lost to the tingles his friend was leaving all over his body and the praise while Eijiro was lost to the soft sounds his normally brash friend was making. As soon as his pants were at his knees, Katsuki kicked them off, spreading his legs wider. His length stood there, practically weeping for attention when Eijiro kissed the inside of his thigh, causing him to whimper. He began palming Katsuki through his boxers softly.


The feeling caused Katsuki to shudder, a wet spot on his underwear already forming when Eijiro decided to yank his friend's underwear off, leaving Katsuki's whole body completely bare. Eijiro stared for a second, he would be lying if he said he never noticed how pretty Katsuki was, but this was something else.

"W-why are you still dressed...?" Katsuki grumbled, blushing, slightly snapping out of his haze.

"We can fix that.." Eijiro responded quickly, throwing off his shirt, then taking Katsuki's hand reaching for his pants as a cue to take them off as well. Katsuki blushed as he noticed Eijiro's underwear forming a tent. Without warning, Eijiro took Katsuki's length into his mouth, prompting him to moan softly.

"This is how you make me feel.. so good.. so proud of you.." Eijiro murmured against his skin, sucking on its head slightly, sending vibrations through Katsuki's body.

"Ei.." As Katsuki whimpered Eijiro continued, lapping his tongue around its base causing him to groan again, a little louder this time.

"Oh.. Ei.... fuck.. please, just like that.." He shivered as Eijiro took almost all of his length into his mouth, squeezing its base with his hand. Trailing one of his hands up to pinch the blonde's nipple, he licked the slit, prompting Katsuki to moan loudly.

"Mmmm.. good boy." The redhead grumbled against his friend's skin, sending vibrations through his body.

"Oh..! Ei, please... ahh..! F-fuck me.."

Chapter Text

Katsuki to Deku

10:57 pm

Katsuki: hey

: hi Kacchan! what's up!! I know we've just started being friends again, but I'm really excited! We should hang out again later! I liked watching the All Might movies with you again especially with Todoroki-kun and Kirishima-kun! I hope you're feeling better. Please give me back my All Might clock though... did Todoroki-kun tell you about his Endeavor poster? it's really hilarious-


Katsuki: deku 


Deku: aa- sorry I'm just rambling again.. it's been years it's good to have you back though !!


Katsuki: can i ask you something 


Deku: sure!! anything! i promise I'll do my best to answer :))


Katsuki: you and todoroki are friends right


Deku: yeah! we're pretty close 


Katsuki: do you guys like kiss ever


Deku: ... w   H a t! 


Katsuki: nvm 


Deku: wait it's okay! we don't really.. don't tell him, but i do like him a lot- but not the point, we don't kiss ..wait Kacchan do you like him too 0-0


Katsuki: ew no


Deku: o thank gosh


Katsuki: i really don't know how to respond to that, but good luck with your gay panic


Deku: how did you know i was— did someone- i- it was not gay panic!!!


Katsuki: well i got lucky on that one. no one told me, you just never really liked girls when we were kids and you did tell me you had a crush on me for like 3 months-


Deku: when we were 9 we agreed to never speak of that !


Katsuki: you made me a bracelet with hearts on it, deku 


Deku: okay off topic! if you tease me i'm gonna ask you why you asked me about me and todoroki! plus you still owe me because you have my all might clock!


Katsuki: omg the all might clock again, deku I was messing w you i don't know where the fuck it is-


Deku: freaking frick ;cc.  i'm going to show sero and kaminari the pictures of you in the all might onesie if you don't tell me why you asked about todoroki 


Katsuki: if you do that i will tell todoroki you have all might boxers 


Deku: dushskkdvdisbdndndnd no!!! plus ..we promised not to bring that up either making you owe me more!


Katsuki: nah if you show them that shit I'll tell all might about the dave x all might Harry Potter crossover fanfiction you wrote.


Deku: y ou wo u l n d t d a r e  :)


Katsuki: *wouldn't


Deku: i hate you. 


Katsuki: again, says the dude who literally made me a friendship bracelet with hearts on it


Deku: that was one time!! anyway! I will come over to kirishima's dorm right now! tell me 👀


Katsuki: i swear to fucking god if you open your mouth I will tell all might about the fanfiction and todoroki that you want to make out with him


Deku: okay okay ! i wont.. so why did you ask 

: i wanted to know if friends of the same gender kissing each other was normal 


Deku: why


Katsuki: you're pushing it Deku


Deku: I'll drop it if you buy me a new all might 


Katsuki: I swear. If. You. Mention. That stupid. All might. Clock. One. More. Goddamn. Time. I will march my way down to your dorm and blow it up. If you want the clock ASK ALL MIGHT!!!!


Deku: I take that as a no— 

Deku: tell meeeeeeeeeee!!! 


Katsuki: you haven't changed since we were kids. 


Deku: kacchan you're changing the topic 


Katsuki: fine. You want to know? a platonic male friend kissed me and i kissed back and it's not weird because we're just friends i'm sure plenty of other people do it. cause i don't have any feelings at all.


Deku: ...

Deku: .... 

Deku: !!!!!!!!! 

Deku: KACCHAN OmGggggg 


Katsuki: ..I'm going to skin you alive 


Deku: WAS IT KIRISHIMA-KUN                               



Katsuki: that's it I'm telling all might


Deku: OMg it WAs Omg OmG oMggg you were


Deku: wait.. are you actually going to tell all might.. 


Deku: okay fine if it wasn't Kirishima was it Sero 


Katsuki: fuck no


Deku: Kaminari? 


Katsuki: ew, fucking Pikachu? you think I'd kiss him?


Deku: I'm sorry Kacchan but you said it was platonic ! why aren't you ew-ing at mystery guy totally not Kirishima because I don't want my ff to be revealed to all might 👀


Katsuki: I'm not— because I don't fucking know just because!!


Deku: you like himmmmmmm 


Katsuki: I'm going to kill you


Deku: you're not denying it


Katsuki: yes I am!  


Deku: so you're in denial :)))


Katsuki: no I'm not!!


Deku: so you're not in denial ;))


Katsuki: omg Deku you know what I mean ! I'm so done with you'll I'll fill your fucking room with all might clocks when you're gone! i only fucking kissed back because it felt good 

: I—

Deku: I— 

Deku: I—


Katsuki: stop saying that! 


Deku: did  

Deku: you 

Deku: make 

Deku: out  

Deku: with 

Deku: Kirishima-kun 


Katsuki: i hate you 


Deku: omg you made out with kirishima 

Deku: how did it feel


Deku: H-HOW


Katsuki: i'm not a nerd


Deku: you go to bed at 8pm!!!


Katsuki: shut


Deku: ;(( 

Deku: so back to kirishima ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Katsuki: no. Deku- 


Deku: yes Deku  

Deku: plz tell meee 


Katsuki: we've literally only been talking again since today


Deku: it's fine we used to take baths together 


Katsuki: i thought we agreed to never speak of that


Deku: you broke the never speak of rule TWICE!


Katsuki: fine. tell you what?


Deku: how is kissing ???


Katsuki: like how kissing feels.


Midoriya: oh come on!! how'd it happen spill all the juicy details!!!!! it helps my gay panic to see someone else in other circumstances !!


Katsuki: Deku omg I swear

Katsuki: he just kissed me earlier didn't you fucking notice. on the cheek in the hallway and on my head.  

Katsuki: since HE ASKED i told him it felt good when he touched me and made me feel better and i didn't know what else to say so he fucking asked if this was what i was talking about and fucking kissed my jaw. then i said yeah that's fine and he asked me where he should kiss me and i said anywhere is fine and it just fucking happened okay and he kissed me more in other places that's it.  

Katsuki: i asked if todoroki and you did that cause we're just friends and it's not like we like each other he was just being nice and i just like physical comfort.


Deku: HE WHAT OMG OMG OMG. HUGS ARE PHYSICAL COMFORT!!! THAT'S— KACCHAN                                                     


Deku: I want todoroki to kiss me in other places— 


Katsuki: gross 


Deku: I- 

Deku: wdym other places tho


Katsuki: i didn't say that


Deku: yeaH yOu DiD omg WDYM OTHER PLACES 


Katsuki: nothing 


Deku: omg— I— did you.. do SOMETHING


Katsuki: wtf do you mean 


Deku: W h a t do e s o th e r pl a ce s m ea n 


Katsuki: my internal organs, get your mind out of the gutter


Deku: sarcasm kacchan :((( I want the tea-


Katsuki: we're just friends 


Deku: okay fine you're just friends w him but where else


Katsuki: neck


Deku: I— dat it?


Katsuki: chest, lips, i ain't saying anything else


Deku: O m g

Deku: O mg  



Deku:  l    i      p      s 


Katsuki: ...

Katsuki: does dadmight know about your sexuality


Deku: yis


Katsuki: and your crush on todoroki


Deku: yes 0-0


Katsuki: k


Deku: Wait why?  

Deku : Kacchan why? 0-0 

Deku : Omg kacchan!! 


Katsuki: it's okay, just forget about it. expect a visit from all might later on your questions about reproductive health and hygiene. 


Deku: you DIDN't >:( 

Deku : okay wdym by you ain't saying anything else


Katsuki: it means i'm not telling you anything else.


Deku: there was more 0-0


Katsuki: possibly. but we're just friends. he was just trying to comfort me and make me feel good or better. that's what he said. and that's what I took it as. it felt how it felt.


Deku: I—  

Deku: Did he— make you "feel good"  

Deku: ?!?!?! 

: i have so many questions !! you asked me if it was normal for friends of the same gender to kiss not do all of that !! 

Deku: i will tell all might you have questions too unless you tell me ;cc


Katsuki: i swear  

Katsuki: he fucking blew me okay, there. i said it.


Deku: what does that mean ??


Katsuki: omg

Katsuki: if you don't know i'm not telling you and don't look it up. 


Deku: it's fine i'll ask all might 😊


Katsuki: Don't ask all might


Deku: I think I'll go "what does Kacchan mean when he says 'he blew me'."

Deku: I fr don't know what it means tho— 

Deku: I'm assuming it's something bad since you told me not to look it up


Katsuki: i swear please do not fucking tell all might that 


Deku: fine fine I'll ask iida 


Katsuki: please don't ask iida he'll give the class a lecture  


Deku: omg are you saying plz fine okay I'll ask uh todoroki what blew means 


Katsuki: okay actually yeah you do that lmao, but ask him what a blowjob is. do not mention me. 


Deku: Okay!!


Midoriya to Todo

11:24 pm


Midoriya: hey todoroki!! I have a question 👀


Todo✨: yeah what's up 


Midoriya: what's a blowjob?


Todo✨: ...

Todo✨: what. 


Midoriya: i wanna know, someone told me that someone blew them and they wouldn't tell me what it meant so i asked them who i should ask and i wanted to ask all might or iida first but they said no too because it would be weird and i'd get a lecture! Idk what it is


Todo✨: who is this person


Midoriya: they said not to tell you :c


Todo✨: Midoriya did you hear that on the internet?


Midoriya: No! It was from someone else I swear!


Todo✨: Don't worry about it. 


Midoriya: Oh .. okay—


Midoriya to Kacchan

11:31 pm


Midoriya: Todoroki won't answer me! he said not to worry about it.. fine I won't look it up but I'm gonna ask Kaminari !! he seems to have all the street smarts!


Kacchan: omg  

Kacchan: fuck, that's probably the worst idea ever but okay. knock yourself out.


Midoriya: Or I could ask all might!


Kacchan: No. that's worse.


Midoriya: Okay, I'll tell you how it goes!


Midoriya to Kaminari

11:33 pm


Midoriya: Hey Kaminari-kun! I was wondering if I could ask you about something! No one I ask tells me and I don't know if I should look it up because I'm worried something bad will come up :(( like maybe someone was just pranking me by saying something like that.


Kaminari: Oh yeah mido go for it, I've got practically all the street smarts 


Midoriya: what's a blowjob?


Kaminari: ... 

Kaminari: you don't know what that means really mido? 


Midoriya: no I honestly don't! I asked todoroki-kun and he wouldn't tell me and he said not to worry about it!


Kaminari: who told you about blowjobs mido you poor innocent baby 


Midoriya: I- 

Midoriya: I can't tell you they said not to mention them when I asked abt it but i want to know! 


Kaminari: ah okay so you know like the birds and the bees talk right 


Midoriya: yeah- Kaminari I know what sex is!


Kaminari: ooookay well a blowjob is basically when someone sucks your dick 


Midoriya: ....

Midoriya: I—  

Midoriya: Omg I can't believe.. THAt omg that happened between omg omg omg 


Kaminari: yeah, tbh for someone in high school I was surprised even you didn't know that— and wdym is this tea can i— is this a conspiracy 


Midoriya: idkndwkdkndkeksow you sound like todo w his conspiracy theories 👀 

Midoriya: I didn't know people actually did that— the blowing thing.


Kaminari: Yeah they do


Midoriya: how does that even work—


Kaminari: well um.. it's basically to get the other person off they just it's exactly how it sounds they like put it in their mouth and suck on it idk mido 


Kaminari to Hanta

11:39 pm 


Kaminari: Hanta Sero wtf 


Hanta: what's going on Denks


Kaminari: I FUCKING— how do i even— 


Hanta: omg just tell me 


Kaminari: midoriya is asking me sex questions 


Hanta: W h a t


Kaminari: he asked me what a blowjob was and he told me todoroki wouldnt tell him 😂😂😂


Hanta: Omg that's fucking—


Kaminari: then he asked me : how does it work. like i feel bad he doesnt know this stuff but idk how to fucking explain it lmao 


Hanta: just send him a link to urban dictionary man 


Kaminari: omg ur so right- ur a genius Hanta thx 🙏 


Kaminari to Midoriya

11:45 pm



Kaminari: that should explain it better 

Kaminari: if youve got any more questions ask me or probs the best option is to look it up here. its blunt but you wont see anything you don't want to 👀


Midoriya: Thanks Kaminari! I know that was probably an awkward question!


Kaminari: np, i've gotchu man


Midoriya: um one more thing, is it normal for a friend possibly of the same gender to give that to another friend but they're like just friends 


Kaminari: i- who told you that lmao

Kaminari: oof yeah you can't say nvm  

Kaminari: i mean not really. normally when that happens it means you like the other person or theres some mutual feeling. can v well be casual too tho like casual sex where you do it but you don't have feelings for the other person like friends w benefits 


Midoriya: oh thanks! I would really tell you if I could 


Kaminari: anytime man and dw abt it


Midoriya to Kacchan

11:46 pm 




Midoriya: What the heck Kacchan?!?!?!  

Midoriya: Kaminari sent me to this website to explain how it worked!!!  

Midoriya: HE DID THAT TO YOU. WHEN YOU SAID OTHER PLACES I DIDN’T THINK THAT!! Midoriya: I’ll never be able to look him in the eye! 

Midoriya: are you and Kirishima-kun friends with benefits 👀


Kacchan: wtf did kaminari. omg. 

Kacchan: yes. He sucked my dick. that’s it  just we’re just friends. no we’re not friends with benefits and we don’t like each other. we’re both straight.


Midoriya: But how— 

Midoriya: Okay, fine then. 

Midoriya: how did it feel kacchan 👀


Kacchan: that— I’m not telling you that


Midoriya: should I ask kaminari-kun again? i already asked him and i feel bad asking again.. has he gotten one ??


Kacchan: no just don’t fucking omg


Midoriya: so it wouldn’t be weird if I asked todoroki to do that for me? like if I needed comforting?


Kacchan: yes, it would be weird.


Midoriya: then how come Kirishima-kun gave you one 0-0


Kacchan: i’m not answering that.


Midoriya: fine then >:( i’ll ask Sero


Kacchan: Do. Not. Ask. FUCKINg. Sero. Oh. My. God! why not ask todoroki again!!


Midoriya: because I like him and it’s weird 👀


Kacchan: fine. It felt fucking good. You happy?


Midoriya: ... 

Midoriya: I—


Kacchan: You literally asked the question


Midoriya: Wait nonono I’m not judging but those so those other places were


Kacchan: yes. and my thighs.


Midoriya: Oop—


Kacchan: Are we done w this conversation yet


Midoriya: hmm. For now but I’ll ask you more later I’ll text todoroki first


Kacchan: Omg.


Midoriya: can i tell him?????


Kacchan: fucking— fine if you’ll get off my ass about it just tell him not to say anything. I trust the guy but seriously Deku— I don’t want Ei thinking shit.




Kacchan: shut it. go text your crush.


Midoriya to Todo

11:52 pm


Midoriya: hi


Todo : hey mido what’s up


Midoriya: umm.. well i kinda wanted to say sorry abt earlier— i asked Kaminari-kun what it is was and he told me 👀 it must have been really awkward ! i’m sorry todo!


Todo : it’s okay dw about it.. wait he told you smh 🤦


Midoriya: yeah cause you wouldn’t tell me and well when i asked the person who said he got one he told me not to look it up and that he wouldn’t tell me!!  and then you wouldn’t either which i get why, so i asked him if i could ask kaminari-kun which he said was bad idea! but i asked and he told me and i was super shocked. the friend who told me he got one said i could tell you but told me you had to promise not to say anything ! it’s just really a lot 👀 especially after everything that happened today!!


Todo : well we can talk about it if you want, if you just want to get it off your chest


Midoriya: aaaa ig so I’m sorry if this is weird.. 

Midoriya: also!! if all might says anything weird to me later just ignore it!


Todo : wdym why would all might— it’s fine just tell me later, what’s going on. I’ll keep my mouth closed.


Midoriya: umm so this is kinda about kacchan. maybe like an hour ago he texted me and asked me if well like you and i kissed and stuff and um i said no we don’t and i kept pestering him abt why he was asking


Todo : okay, go on.


Midoriya: well in short I kept pestering him—


Todo : oh no. also would screenshots be easier with your explanation 👀


Midoriya: uh yeah actually that’s a good idea thanks todo! 

Midoriya: well then he basically said this— 



Todo : Oh shit— 👀


Midoriya:  but basically after that and a lot of arguing this is what happened- 



Todo : I— “nO hOmO”


Midoriya you meme ?!?! ( )


Todo : i do in fact meme. but i also want to know how the heck you heard the term blowjob—


Midoriya: oh- it’s coming


Todo : idek if i wanna know


Midoriya: but basically the conversation continued and idk if you know who “he” is but i’m p sure you can guess and if you don’t know i think his name comes up later 

Midoriya: and basically the second and third ones kinda explains why i was telling you to ignore the stuff about all might and what not—




Todo ✨: lmao and I—.. is all might.. your father— are you his secret love child we discussed?!?! 

: Nonono!!! Todo noooo i swear no more conspiracies ;cc he's not my dad i promise,, idk why kacchan said that but moving on:

Midoriya: then you know how i am i will literally ask until you tell me 👀 so um..


Todo ✨: oh god should i prepare myself. and side note can we get an f for bakugo restating the fact they're just bros like 500,000 times-


Midoriya: omg— I— big f. (Don't tell kacchan I said that he'll skin me alive plz) and idk, if you should tbh, but here


Todo ✨: part of me saw this coming but was also like— i did not need to know that. Also midoriya. "did he make you feel good?" Really?


Midoriya: okay liSteN! see i didn't even know what it meant so that lead to this:


Todo ✨: i literally can't even— you were seriously going to ask all might or iida what a blowjob was. i'm  so relieved you asked me, but not so relieved you asked Kaminari my crackhead conspiracy buddy.


Midoriya: Conspiracy wat now— I— todo, welp. ANYWAY— that led to me asking you and then this um happened i feel really bad for Kaminari-kun now,, ;(( 


Todo ✨: lol even kami, probably the most openly sexual person ever, thinks you're too precious to know what a blowjob is. 


Midoriya: omg.. its not bad to just KNOW what it is— kacchan was the one who got it!! 


Todo ✨: really Midoriya. "how does it work" ???


Midoriya: okay listen— I DIDN'T KNOW 


Todo ✨: it's pretty simple.


Midoriya: well he explained it so it's fine— 



Todo ✨: oh no. let me guess you took this newfound information back to Bakugo.


Midoriya: yes i actually did!! I was and AM STILL very shocked !!!!!!! He asked me if it was normal to KISS your friends i started this conversation thinking they kissed ONCE, likely on the cheek NOT. THERE.


Todo ✨: lmao "there”


Midoriya: ;((


Todo ✨: okay, now I'm invested I wanna see his reaction lol 


Midoriya: okay, okay  


Todo ✨: great start lol


Midoriya: ;cc hush!!  



Todo ✨: Oh my god. "we're both straight." I'm laughing my fucking ass off. He's trying to pull that it was just a brojob shit- I can't— 


Midoriya: you mean blowjob?


Todo ✨: nope. I mean brojob, look it up on the sight Kami sent you— it literally omg I cant.


Midoriya: I— 

Midoriya: I've found it—  

Midoriya: also you can buy mugs with the definitions on here and you can upload your own definitions ! isn't that fun todo !


Todo ✨: just peachy, please continue, but if he's going by brojob logic then why would it be weird for us? 


Midoriya: Ummmmm UHHHH                       



Todo ✨: ...mkay then. 


Midoriya: no uhm okay this wasn't supposed to come out rn but um,, i dont wanna make this weird since i don't know your sexuality but i kinda have a tiny little crush on you.. which is why it would be weird honestly I'm sure it's fine i won't let it get in the way of our friendship aaaaaaaaa ik you probably like momo-chan 


Todo ✨: ...

Todo ✨: did you not know i was gay mido?


Midoriya: UHH                                                       



Todo ✨: also, i like you too




Todo ✨: Okay no don't do that, calm down


Midoriya: Oki oki I'll finish w the screenshots




Todo ✨: that's. a lot.

Todo ✨: What's his # btw I wanna send him something 


Midoriya: O no 0-0, I'll send you his contact 


Waking up from their second nap of the day, Katsuki and Eijiro finally forced themselves to get up. Katsuki, who woke up earlier, was on his phone texting, while Eijiro was stretching and starting to change into a fresh pair of clothes. Their faces were both flushed the and words they exchanged were faint and few. That was until Katsuki spoke up, a little louder than before.

"Uh... I was kind of overwhelmed that all that shit happened so don't get fucking mad but I kind of told Deku... Well I mean he kind of forced it out of me considering he would tell All Might that I had questions about my reproductive health if I didn't fucking tell him. Or show Sero and Kaminari pictures of me as a kid, but, uh... sorry, I guess. I... uh, appreciate what you did." The blonde started awkwardly but began to laugh as he remembered the other aspects of his conversation with Izuku.

"Katsuki, I'm not mad at all if I were in that situation I probably would've told Kaminari or something. Poor Deku." Eijiro reassured him, throwing on Katsuki's skull shirt and continued to look for some shorts in his dresser.

"Uhh about y' know Pikachu—"

"What! Oh no." The redhead chuckled, then facepalmed, running his hands through his hair.

"So uh let me tell you about these fucking conversations. Our friends are insufferable. So eventually I was like 'Fine. He blew me. I said it.' and then Deku was like 'I don't know what that means.' As soon as he said that I was like, fuck no."

"Oh god. Please continue" Eijiro murmured, amused while pulling up his basketball shorts and tossing a set of clothes to Katsuki.

"So he asked me and I told him no and he said it was fine because he would just ask All Might!" The blonde was cut off by Eijiro's loud, surprised laughter echoing through the room.

"Yeah, I know," Katsuki said, smirking.

"So I told him no, don't ask All Might. Then he was basically like then I'll just ask Iida and I'm like definitely not Iida please do not fucking ask Iida." Katsuki continues, still surprised by the situation. Eijiro gestures to the door of his dorm room. It's about midnight, past curfew, so he assumed that no one would be downstairs, gesturing for Katsuki to follow him. As they walk through the hallway the blonde continued.

"So then he's like 'I'll just ask Todoroki' and I was like yeah sure go do that because first of all I wanted to see how he reacted and second of all he probably wouldn't tell him which spoiler alert, he didn't. So Deku comes back to me and is like 'should I ask Kaminari-kun because he seems to know everything' and I was like that's a terrible idea but knock yourself out. So you want to know what Kaminari does, first off he tells him, then explains it to him, the sends him a link to fucking urban dictionary. How do I know this because I get an image from Deku listing the steps on how to give a proper blowjob."

"This is actually fucking gold oh my god." Eijiro chuckled loudly.

"I know right. So then he comes back to me like oh yeah 'he did that to you.' in typical Deku fashion. Then he's like- 'are you and Kirishima-kun friends with benefits?' -apparently, another term fucking Pikachu taught him. I was trying to avoid telling him about it but when I said that you kissed me in other places he was like 'What do you mean he kissed you in other places Kacchan?' So yeah he was like 'When you said other places was that?' and I was like yes. Then he kept pushing it like 'Kacchan how did it feel? If you're not going to tell me, should I ask Kaminari-kun again or should ask Sero?' So I was like 'What the fuck! I'm not answering that but don't go to fucking Sero and ask him how a blowjob feels. So I finally just snapped and went 'It felt good okay'. Then he asked me if he could tell Todoroki about it and I said, yeah if you get off my ass about it. We haven't talked since. I seriously can't even with this situation!" Katsuki exclaimed. His fingertips were brushing with the redheads while they walked down the stairs, presumably the most discreet route to the showers and kitchen, where they were headed.

"I can't believe Midoriya went to Kaminari asking him what a blowjob was first of all. Second of all what the fuck Kaminari. Third of all I literally cannot and don't want to imagine him going to All Might like 'Excuse me All Might, what did Kacchan mean when he said Kirishima-kun blew him?'" Eijiro raised his voice higher to impersonate Izuku, leaving his blonde-haired friend in laughter.

"Oh my god, I swear to god Ei he literally said something like that to me on text asking me how should he word it like no! Do not, under any circumstances, ask fucking All Might about my blowjob!" Katsuki said exasperatedly, making his way towards the kitchen, Eijiro following not far behind him. Katsuki, mischief surrounding his voice, spoke again.

"Hungry Eijiro? Really. I could have sworn you already ate?""Oh my god, your dick in my mouth doesn't count as digestible food Katsuki!" Face reddening, Eijiro responded flustered, whisper-shouting at his friend. 

"It could if you want it to." Katsuki retorted, a soft grin spreading across his face. At this point, his tired haze caused the words to simply fall out of his mouth. Eijiro still flushed, walked towards the blonde.

"What are we Katsuki...?" He asked quietly, looking into his friend's crimson eyes, not noticing the faint footsteps approaching the common room.

"I don't know... I don't know how I feel..." Katsuki began blushing as the redhead inched closer to him, his friend's advances causing him to take in a sharp breath.

"Me neither... Friends... can do this, right?" Eijiro murmured, nose touching with Katsuki's.

"Yeah, I'm sure friends do this all the time... ts fine we're friends.." Katsuki responded, dazed, just above a whisper. When he instinctively wrapped his arms around Eijiro's neck, the redhead leaned forward to capture Katsuki's lips in his. As soon as their lips touched, both friends leaned in passionately, craving each other's touch. Eijiro, still kissing Katsuki, backed him into the counter, sliding his tongue across his bottom lip and into his mouth. This didn't last long though because they were quickly brought back to reality by the tired sounding voice of their homeroom teacher.

Chapter Text

The pair instantly sprung apart from each other, knocking some pots and pans over in the process. Both of them were thoroughly flushed and in shock, like two deer in the headlights. They completely forgot about the dorm checks. After the Kamino incident, there were routine midnight patrols or dorm checks that were done by a teacher in the dorms' hallways, outside territories, and common areas to ensure the students' safety and immediate removal of any intruders.



"Shit." Katsuki and Eijiro whispered in unison.


"Alright. I know you're students, but it's still unclear to me who you are, so you're going to stay put while I go and turn the light on. We're going to have to sit down and have a talk about this. Don't move an inch." Mr. Aizawa answered sternly, promptly turning his back and walking towards the light switch. Katsuki and Eijiro didn't respond, afraid to give their identities away when Eijiro had a reckless idea. If they were going to get in trouble, either way, they might as well try to escape the situation. Neither of them wanted to be scolded by their tired, annoyed homeroom teacher. As Mr. Aizawa continued walking, Eijiro grabbed Katsuki's hand and rushed over to the elevator as quietly as possible, spamming the up button. Miraculously, it's doors opened seconds later, the two boys hurrying inside as Mr. Aizawa turned the lights on.  Out of shock, Katsuki accidentally pressed the second floor with his palm, prompting both boys to try and get the doors to close faster, hearing Aizawa's yelling as they finally did. They both sighed in relief, but it was short-lived because they panicked realizing Katsuki pressed the wrong floor. 


"It's fine we'll just bang on Deku's door and hope he's awake." The blonde spoke in between breaths, trying to convince himself of what he was saying, as well as Eijiro next to him.


As soon as the elevator doors opened they already heard footsteps approaching near the staircase and booked it towards Izuku's doorway. As soon as they got there, Katsuki pounded on his door loudly, Eijiro hearing footsteps not far behind them. Luckily for them, the door opened and they were met with a tired and confused-looking Izuku.


"Kacchan— Kirishima-kun? It's midnight what are-" Midoriya's soft, bewildered whisper was interrupted by Katsuki pushing himself in the room with Eijiro. Both boys gestured for Izuku to close the door and lock it. The green-haired boy's eyes changed to a concerned expression, as he eyed both of his friends catching their breaths.


"That was so fucking close." Katsuki murmured, attempting to stand up straight while he leaned against the wall. Eijiro nodded but followed his gesture with a whisper, prodding his friend's shoulder as he spoke.


"Are we going to tell him why we barged into his room all a sudden?" Eijiro asked breathlessly, still trying to calm down from the literal sprint they just took down the hallway.


"Woke up... went for snacks... Aizawa.. caught us... we fucking booked it.. midnight patrol... pressed the wrong floor..." Katsuki huffed in between breaths, slowly regaining some energy.


"Sorry Midoriya-kun I don't want to intrude-" Eijiro stood up, leaning further up against the wall next to Katsuki as he spoke. His apology was interrupted though, by Izuku's reassuring tone. 


"No, no don't worry about it, it's completely fine! Make yourselves at home. I have a futon if you guys want to share!" He mumbled, dragging a full-sized futon out of his small closet. Katsuki and Eijiro shrugged, deciding that was probably the best option. The redhead helping Izuku pull it onto the floor while Katsuki was occupied with a text from an unknown number.



Todoroki to Bakugo



  Todoroki:ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡ °)ノ♪


  Bakugo: the fuck? who is this


  Todoroki: todoroki lmao, and uh midoriya told me


  Bakugo: ...


  Todoroki: thanks for getting us together 


  Bakugo: wait what, what the fuck lol


  Todoroki: your reasoning behind whether blowjobs between friends are normal or not got us together,, here's  your reward.     


  Bakugo: no comment. he knows i told deku btw, idk if he knows you know, but it's all chill cause we just friends it didn't mean anything.


  Todoroki: *is in denial*


  Bakugo: shut your trap or i will murder you and expose what deku said


  Todoroki: i— what did he say 



Eijiro and Midoriya, who were distracted setting up the futon, were interrupted by Katsuki's exasperated whisper-shout. 


"Hey Deku! Your boyfriend wants to know what you said earlier. Can I tell him?" 


"W-what how did— what thing?!?" Deku stuttered somewhat loudly, stumbling over his words. 


"He told me. Also, the 'I want Todoroki to kiss me in other-'"


"No!!! Do not tell him I said that. Oh my gosh, Kacchan I will kick you out and let Kirishima-kun stay!" Midoriya rambled, embarrassed as Eijiro gestured for Katsuki to lay down next to him. Katsuki obliged opening his mouth to speak again.


"Fine, fine I won't, relax." Katsuki rolled around on the futon, snickering and opening his messages with Todoroki once more, who he quickly added to his contacts.



Katsuki to Todoroki

12:22 am


  Katsuki: i can't tell you lmao he said he'd kick me out of his room


  Todoroki: why are you in his room lol


  Katsuki: ei and i got caught downstairs by aizawa on midnight patrol trying to get snacks we both forgot so when he went to turn the light on we booked it to the elevator and accidentally pressed floor two so with aizawa literally feet away from us we pounded on dekus door and we're staying the night on his futon in fear of aizawa 


  Todoroki: the futon is horrid 


  Katsuki: the futon is my fucking savior 


  Todoroki: do you know it's sheets are all might themed 


  Katsuki: you've got to be shitting me


  Todoroki: nope, also, ei?


  Katsuki: kirishima


  Todoroki: ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡ °)ノ♪


  Katsuki: fuck off 


  Todoroki: was getting snacks the only thing you did down there ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡ °)ノ♪


  Katsuki: oh my god.


  Todoroki: wait wait wait hold up is getting snacks some weird sexual innuendo 


  Katsuki: no.


  Todoroki: after everything I've been told today i def did not take your word and i'm going to ask kami cause he's my conspiracy buddy and we will uncover the mysteries of the universe 


  Katsuki: wtf todoroki

  Katsuki: also since when are you friends w Pikachu  


  Todoroki: since a while 

  Todoroki: sleep well ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡ °)ノ♪


  Katsuki: i am very much displeased with you right now. 


  Todoroki: ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡ °)ノ♪


  Katsuki: omg. forget it. gn. 


After Katsuki finished texting Todoroki, Eijiro wrapped his arms around the blonde, pulling him closer. Izuku, who had already fallen asleep was lightly snoring on his bed.


"Mmmm... no, get off you ass," Katsuki grumbled into his pillow, clutching the blankets he was hogging tighter. 


"No c' mere... I'm cold-" the sheets shuffled as Eijiro tried to pull the blonde closer to him. Katsuki stubbornly kept his back turned to the redhead until Eijiro rolled his body on top of the blondes making Katsuki grunt in shock.


"The fuck Eijiro get off.. I'm fucking tired," Katsuki whined trying to shake the redhead off of his back, but he stayed in place.


"Not unless you c' mere" the redhead pouted wrapping his arms underneath Katsuki's torso.


"Mph fine.." Katsuki trailed off after he was released from Eijiro's grip and turned towards his friend. The redhead pulled his blonde friend closer intertwining their legs together. He leaned forward giving Katsuki a soft peck on the lips. Katsuki intertwined his own body with his friends further, leaning into the peck and kissing his friend again. 


"Mmm no more, not on the stupid All Might futon." Katsuki murmured, slightly amused.


"It's All Might themed?" Eijiro snickered, pitting his hand up to his face then speaking again. 


"Of course it is."


 Katsuki snuggled closer to Eijiro giving him another peck on the lips causing the redhead to sigh in contentment. 


"Todoroki's just like Kami y' know."  


Eijiro laughed softly pressing his forehead against Katsuki's, causing their noses to brush against each other. 


"How so?" the redhead smirked, lifting his eyes to meet Katsuki's. 


"He's fucking insane that's how. I swear I told him we went downstairs to get snacks and got caught by Aizawa and he asked me if getting snacks was a sexual innuendo and said he was going to look into it with Kaminari." the blonde grumbled loudly, causing Deku to wake up from his light sleep. The green-haired boy slowly opened his eyes, but it went unnoticed the Katsuki and Eijiro who were still cuddling on the floor.


"I mean as long as Kami and Todoroki don't show up with a science fair board tomorrow and start stating their hypothesis I think we're good, Kats." Eijiro murmured softly, still cuddling Katsuki.


"Honestly Kami has written essays about his conspiracies before I wouldn't be surprised," Katsuki muttered in frustration, prompting Eijiro to sit up a bit and place a kiss on Katsuki's forehead. 


"It would be kinda ironic if you think about it. We were technically getting snacks until someone decided to make a sex joke and it went south from there." Eijiro snickered flicking Katsuki's forehead.


"Says the person who tried to make out with me on the kitchen counters." the blonde shot back, flicking the redhead's forehead a little harder. A tiny grin appeared on the redhead's face. Deku who was still somewhat awake tried to fall back asleep as he listened to a conversation he instinctively thought he'd rather not hear.


"Mmm go to bed. And before you fucking mount me again I need to turn or I won't be able to feel my side." Katsuki muttered softly, turning his back away from the redhead. 


"Fine, I'll come over there. Where's my goodnight kiss?" Eijiro teased, which got him a slight elbow in his stomach. 


"Katsuki.." the redhead whined prodding his friend's shoulder until he gave in.


"Fucking.. fine you're so needy," Katsuki replied, frustrated. Immediately popping up and tackling the redhead pulling him into a kiss. Eijiro kissed back softly. Their movements became more heated after a few seconds, but when a minute passed Katsuki pulled away for air.


"I thought you said not on the All Might futon," Eijiro smirked, now hovering over him.


"Fuck you, I'm going to bed." The blonde shook out of his grip turning over. The redhead followed suit cuddling closer to Katsuki and whispering.


"Good night Katsuki," Eijiro whispered softly, kissing his cheek.


"G'night, Ei."


Todoroki to Claminari⚡️

12:40 am


  Todoroki: Dhisnnfskjfjek okay

  Todoroki: i have a proposal for you.


  Claminari⚡️: yis we stan, plz go on 👀


  Todoroki: it's a new theory which hypothesis is based on two students who got caught by aizawa downstairs during midnight dorm checks


  Claminari⚡️: oop— are they alive lmfaoo, but i like where this is going 


  Todoroki: yeah, i think aizawa doesn't know who he caught somehow and they miraculously escaped his wrath by the power of running when he went to turn on the lights and spamming the elevator button 


  Claminari⚡️: omg whoever they are i stan them for being brave enough to defy aizawa legit bet 👀 anyway continue my mind needs more theories ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ


  Todoroki: k so like the one of the two people said they got caught "getting snacks" downstairs and i thought hmmm cause i was teasing at first saying what else did you get "downstairs" 


  Claminari⚡️: omg todoroki you are a freaking big brain i wish i came up w that dirty joke but go on


  Todoroki: thank you. anyway these two people have been and i found out were sexually involved on the same day but were extremely unwilling and secretive about it so i figured that eating snacks must have been a sexual innuendo of some sort. 

  Todoroki: going back to the innuendos do you realize that almost all sexual innuendos and acts can be twisted to sound like consumption 

  Todoroki: like "eating dick" or "creaming," etc.

  Todoroki: I think i'm onto something here 


  Claminari⚡️: hmmmm 

  Claminari⚡️: i think you are but idk what 

  Claminari⚡️: wait 

  Claminari⚡️: wait wait

  Claminari⚡️: omg 


  Todoroki: what 👀


  Claminari⚡️: todoroni my man I've made a discovery 


  Todoroki: please elaborate 


  Claminari⚡️: okay okay hear me out— 

  Claminari⚡️: what if 

  Claminari⚡️: all the innuendos and sexual acts are called that because we all want to secretly consume each other 

  Claminari⚡️: like cannibalism 


  Todoroki: i knew i was on to something 

  Todoroki: Kaminari

  Todoroki: you are a genius 


  Claminari⚡️: thx you  


  Todoroki: i think we should narrow it down though


  Claminari⚡️: how solo 


  Todoroki: okay for example sexual innuendos are sexual and most of the time you do sexual things when you're attracted to someone in one way or another 


  Claminari⚡️: mhm 

  Claminari⚡️: so like if ur attracted to someone like that and you guys do sex-related stuffs you like want to eat them and vise versa 


  Todoroki: precisely.


  Claminari⚡️: again todo you r big brain 

  Claminari⚡️: should we make a pp presentation to share w the class


  Todoroki: yes and pp presentation 👀


  Claminari⚡️: omg you right— you hit me w those innuendos 


  Todoroki: anyway let's get started  ??  I'll share it w you on slides and we can transfer it 


  Claminari⚡️: Fs fs 


Eijiro's eyes opened to the unfamiliar morning light filling the room, shining directly over where he was laying, next to Katsuki, who was still entangled with him. Memories of the previous night flashing before his eyes, he groaned, closing his eyes again and pulling Katsuki closer to him, giving the blonde a soft kiss on his forehead. After a few seconds of snuggling Katsuki closer, his eyes flashed open and the blonde was brutally awoken by the obnoxious alarm blaring through the room. 


"I AM HERE! I AM HERE! I AM HERE! I AM HERE! I AM HERE! I AM-“ The loud recording of All Might's voice echoed for a few seconds, promptly being stopped by a hand slapping the top of the phone where the noise was emitted. Midoriya rolled out of his bed, blinking his eyes open as Eijiro wiggles out of Katsuki's arms, groaning and rubbing his eyes to adjust to the light.


"Fucking hell.." Katsuki grumbled, pulling the covers over himself and burying his face in the futon's pillow. Eijiro sighed and laughed slightly prodding at the blonde's shoulder softly as Midoriya began to make his bed. He figured he'd wake up his blonde friend first before making conversation with Midoriya.


"C'mon Bakubro you gotta get up, we got to go back to our rooms." The redhead stated amused, attempting to shake Katsuki awake. The blonde clutched the sheets tighter in response, grumbling again.


"Don't fucking bro me after yesterday, and fucking no I'm going back to sleep..." Eijiro sighed at his friend's response, slowly pulling the covers off of Katsuki, who was content on sleeping through class apparently.


"C'mon Katsuki up. Seize the day! We're in Midoriya's room remember we don't want to disturb him." Eijiro murmured softly, pulling the sheets off Katsuki a little more, ending him up with a defiant tug back.


"He bothered me plenty yesterday— mm sleep.." Realizing that he'd probably have to drag Katsuki off the futon and away from the blankets, Eijiro wrapped his arms around Katsuki's waist and pulled him up out of bed, earning a soft growl from his blonde friend.


"Fine! Fine geez I'll get up!" Katsuki stood up shaking the sleep from his eyes as Eijiro spoke again, a slight smirk forming on his face.


"Morning Midoriya, sorry for not saying so earlier I was trying to wake this one up as you could probably tell." Midoriya laughed in response shooting a grin in his friends' direction.


"It's no problem, I'm glad I could be of some help!" he replied enthusiastically, shuffling around his room and picking up any trash or objects lying on the ground.


"Deku your alarm can die and your boyfriend wouldn't stop texting me about his conspiracy theories last night. He left me by saying he and Pikachu are going to solve the mysteries of the world or some shit." Katsuki yawned, then muttered, yanking the sheets off of the futon and pushing it back into the closet leaning Eijiro to fold the sheets, which he happily did. 


"Oh no. Kacchan he didn't get in too deep with the conspiracy theories did he?" Midoriya sighed, facepalming. 


"Like hell, if I know, at least not with me." the blonde muttered, rubbing his hands through his hair as Eijiro finished folding the futon's sheets and placed them on a neat pile on the floor. 


"It always happens when he goes to Kaminari and they talk about it together and they make essays and diagrams and it's, I can't. I don't even know what to say half the time.." Midoriya trailed off exasperatedly.


"Sounds like Kami, except he always mentions Todoroki instead." Eijiro laughs then pauses as speaks again questioningly in Katsuki's direction.


"You ready to go?" It was Saturday morning, so they didn't really need to worry about getting to class, but they did both need to go shower and change. 


"Yeah. I won't fucking repeat myself, but thanks Deku, talk later." Katsuki yawned, gesturing his hand in the green-haired boy's direction, causing him to smile. Eijiro spoke again, happiness lacing his voice.


"Yeah! Thanks again Midoriya, it means a lot. Also, hanging out yesterday was fun. The four of us should do it again!" 


"Oh yeah for sure, and it was no problem, you both are welcome anytime," Midoriya replied cheerfully. Katsuki opened the door to Midoriya's room, Eijiro walking out first and him following shortly after. They walked together to the elevator in silence, Katsuki pressing the fourth floor once they both entered. 


"You want to get our clothes and stuff, shower, and go back to sleep?" Eijiro asked, rubbing Katsuki's shoulders as he leaned against the elevator's wall. Katsuki responded, yawning again after he heard the elevator's ding, signaling they reached their floor.


"Yeah, can we stay in your room again?" 



The two boys made their way down to the showers, their fingertips brushing against the others' hands every so often. Once they made it inside, Eijiro locked the door behind them so they wouldn't be disturbed. He didn't want anyone getting the wrong impression. Though he doubted that would happen since it was only six in the morning. Katsuki headed towards his typical shower in the back, placing his toiletries inside of it as Eijiro put his duffel bag full of their clothes between Katsuki's stall and the one right beside it. The blonde stepped into the shower, wasting no time, tossing the set of clothes Eijiro gave him and throwing them over the shower stall. He turned the water all the way to hot when Eijiro spoke teasingly.


"So what do we want, 2000's hits, sad songs, country?"


"Fuck off. But if you're serious, which you probably are why am I even surprised." the blonde's voice echoed through the room which was slowly being filled with the steam emitted from the stall.


"Literally anything but country." 


"Honestly so glad you said that— anyway 2000's hits it is." Eijiro laughed slightly selecting a random YouTube playlist. As he was removing his own clothes and preparing himself to hop into the shower he was interrupted by Katsuki's slightly softer voice.


"Uh... Ei do you want to maybe... I don't know nevermind." The blonde-haired boy asked shyly from his stall, voice still echoing and eventually trailing off.


"What's up Katsuki? Honestly just tell me it's probably fine." Eijiro responded casually, removing the rest of his clothes and stretching.


"Do you want to save some water maybe..? It would probably be faster if you c.. just forget I said anything I don't know what I'm saying, fucking hell my brain's being weir-" Katsuki's flustered voice was cut of by Eijiro's.


"Don't worry about it and it's fine I'll come in there," Eijiro replied softly and reassuringly, gathering his toilet trees in his hands and walking over to Katsuki's shower. 


"Uh, can I give these to you first to put in there?" The redhead questioned, sticking his arms full of toiletries past the curtain. He let go once he felt his friend's hands grab them and move them aside.


"Just tell me when you're ready for me to com-" Eijiro's voice was interrupted by Katsuki's quick response.


"Y-yeah I'm ready.." After the blonde's confirmation, Eijiro stepped into the shower, turning towards Katsuki, whose eyes were on him and cheeks flushed. 


"My eyes are up here" the redhead offered Katsuki a goofy smile before stepping in front of him and underneath the shower to wet his hair. Katsuki turned around and grabbed his shampoo bottle shaking it, trying to get the remaining bits of the shampoo out, but ultimately failing, cursing to himself in his corner of the shower. Eijiro turned towards his friend, smiling, glancing curiously in his direction.


"Need help?" the blonde turned to him and eyed him begrudgingly. Eijiro squeezes some of the last shampoos out of the bottle into his own hand and reached for Katsuki's hair in front of him. Katsuki's eyes darted away from his in embarrassment, but eventually relaxed and closed his eyes, leaning onto the wall as Eijiro massaged the product into his scalp. When he was finished, Katsuki began washing his hair out and the redhead approached him again. With soap in his hands, he started to rub the soap on Katsuki's back causing the blonde to flinch. 


"O-oh uh sorry Katsuki. Could you turn around so I can wash you off?" Eijiro asked shooting the blonde a confused glance as he continued to stand still. 


"..Kat?" a confused tone laced the redhead's voice as his friend continued to stand still.


"Well I'm coming in front of you-" Eijiro stated confused walking around where Katsuki was facing, squeezing his way in front of his friend when he felt something hard pressing on his leg. Oh shit. 


Katsuki's face flushed when he felt Eijiro's leg brush up against him and shuddered slightly from the touch. The redhead looked up at him, Katsuki avoiding his eye contact as he lathered the soap in his hands.


"I'm just going to wash you off, Katsuki" Eijiro smiles softly, looking up at the blonde and speaking with an innocent tone, while lowering his voice to emphasize his friend's name. Eijiro's hands ran down Katsuki's chest and back until they rested right above his hip where he made soft circles with his fingers. His length twitched slightly against the redhead's leg, prompting him to speak.


"Katsuki..." The redhead murmured, looking at the blushing blonde who chose not to maintain eye contact with him. He leaned closer, causing their noses to brush and gave his friend a soft, wet peck on the lips prompting Katsuki to move forward, wrapping his arms around Eijiro's neck. The blonde proceeded to kiss him back lightly. They gazed at each other for a few seconds, confused, until they both began to instinctively lean in once more. The second kiss was still as gentle as the first but was left uninterrupted. After a few minutes of delicate kissing, it grew more desperate. As Eijiro slid his tongue along Katsuki's bottom lip, he cornered him into the shower's wall. Katsuki, being pushed backward, fell onto the bench of the stall instead. Eijiro, doing the same shortly after him, ended up straddling him. To be more comfortable, the redhead shifted, breaking away from the kiss, evoking a groan from Katsuki and a shiver down his spine. Leaning forward and capturing his friend's lips with his, the song playing faded into the background. Eijiro began to slowly rub his body against Katsuki's causing both of them to moan against their kiss. Experimentally he began to pick up the pace, causing both of them began to feel lost in pleasure. Katsuki's head fell back against the wall as he moaned lewdly. This probably wasn't going to last long. 


"Ahhh... Ei.. fuck..p-please like that.." the blonde began shallowing bucking his hips up to create more intense friction between himself and Eijiro, only driving him closer to the edge. Tingling shot through Eijiro's body as Katuski placed his hands on his hips and pulled them closer.


"Mmm ahh.. god... Katsuki you're so good for me... fuck.. you feel so good rubbing on me like that.." Eijiro moaned breathily into Katsuki's ear. Truthfully, neither of them knew what they were saying at the moment, they were just letting the words slip out. The redhead pulled Katsuki down for another open-mouthed kiss, their lips meeting thirstily as both friends continued grinding against each other. Eijiro brought his hand down between them and began pumping both himself and Katsuki, quickly flicking his wrist and maintaining the slow rut against his best friend. Katsuki, who leaned his head against the tile again, lost in bliss, groaned loudly, thrusting his hips up to meet Eijiro's flicks and rubs. To lessen the burden, Katsuki moved his free hand to where Eijiro was pumping them both of them and wrapped his own hand around the redhead's length. Eijiro began to kiss the blonde's neck at the same spot he did before, occasionally nipping or sucking on it.


"Ah... AHH OH GOD..! fuck, fuck.. please Ei please please oh god.. oh gosh I'll do anything.. please.." Katsuki's eyes were closed, mouth puffy, and body tense as he begged for release. With his free hand, Eijiro grabbed Katsuki's nipple and pinched lightly causing him to moan louder. As he felt the pressure building up in his own stomach, he quickened his pace.


"Aaah.. mmm you're doing so good asking me nicely like that pretty boy.. how can I say no..? C'mon... cum for me Katsuki.." Eijiro trailed sloppy kisses up Katsuki's neck and behind his ear, murmuring into it in between breaths. As he continued thrusting his hips against Katsuki's underneath him, the blonde began to shake, tensing up as he let out a load needy moan. 


"Ei... C-coming... AHH EI! EI OH GOD FUCK EI..!!  ahh.." 


"M-me to.. AHH KATSUKI OH GOD..!" Continuing to pump the other through their climaxes, Eijiro yanked Katsuki's hair with his free hand, pulling him into a sloppy kiss as they came. 


After they came down from their temporary high, the pair of boys looked into each other's eyes in awe for a few seconds. Eijiro laughed awkwardly and leaned down to give Katsuki a peck on the lips. For a second, the blonde began to laugh as well and responded with a confused kiss of his own. They stayed like that for a few minutes, until they decided to properly wash each other off and end their shower. Changing into their sets of clothes, the pair headed back to Eijiro's dorm to go back to rest. Katsuki quickly fell into a deep sleep and while he cuddled the redhead on his bed. It was a lot to take in, but the blonde figured that it would be better to just go with it. It's not like this was such a bad thing anyway.