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Yoongi was a simple kind of guy who just liked to avoid complicated situations. And complicated people. Many would judge him for the way he lived his life, but he honestly couldn’t give any fucks about it. He had been a naturally indifferent and cold kind of person since he could remember, so other people’s opinions never mattered much to him. Whether those people were just random strangers or his friends and parents – It didn’t matter.

He lit his first cigarette when he was fourteen years old, inside of an empty cabin in the school restroom. No one made him do it, he choose to try it on his own accord. Most people hate the taste of their first cigarette, but Yoongi liked the nuance of thrill and the thought of breaking a taboo of some sort. It surely added to the exhilaration when his friends found out about his bad habit and began lecturing him on every damn occasion and when his parents threatened to disown him because of it. It was absolutely fucking glorious, according to Yoongi.

He began drinking during his high school days and continued to do it unrestrainedly throughout his college period, when most of the time he was either completely wasted or at least hung-over. Alcohol offered a different kind of relief to Yoongi. It was the freedom to do or say whatever the fuck he wanted and a way to vent out all the stress that had been gradually piling up inside of him. Some drugs were there for the same reason, but also because they would stimulate his sense of creativity and ingenuity. Yoongi was an artistic soul after all.

It’s not that he hated human contact and socializing. No, he simply never enjoyed it much. Except his small circle of friends, he never really interacted with other people and avoided going outside as often as he can if he doesn’t have any errands to run or a party to go and get hammered at. Gratefully, his friends always seemed to understand this side of him, so they usually let him have his way of leading a rather asocial kind of life. Well, most of the time. There are also times when their nosy and obnoxious sides resurface and he has to deal with a random Hoseok clapping his hands in the middle of his room when it’s way too early (it was past noon, and for Yoongi that’s still his sleeping period) to have any kind of guests. Childhood friends or not.

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty! Do you know what day it is today?” Hoseok hollered on top of his lungs as he pushed aside the grimly black drapes hanging in Yoongi’s bedroom and preventing the scorching sunlight from penetrating inside. Seriously, though, who buys black curtains? Hoseok thought to himself. He reckoned only vampires would need those, and he’s pretty sure his friend wasn’t one. Even though he did look the part.

A low growl emerged from Yoongi’s fortress of blankets as the sunlight hit his closed eyelids. Hoseok approached the bed and snatched the covers off the former’s body with a swift and firm tug, leaving him to huddle up in a fetus position, since he was now exposed to the cool air of his shadowy room. “What the fuck, Hoseok!” Yoongi yelled, but his eyes were not opened yet and he was still lying as if he was secretly hoping his friend would leave any time soon and let him continue his slumber. Very naive of him, still, since he should have been aware of the fact that Jung Hoseok never gives up.

Hoseok was now opening the windows so that enchanting melodies produced by Seoul’s rush hour could reach Yoongi’s ever-so-sensitive ears and so he could, too, appreciate it. Yoongi has had enough of it, and he scrambled to sit up cross-legged, while rubbing off the sleepiness gluing his eyelids. He sent a death glare at the shit-grinning Hoseok, and questioned raspily. “What the fuck is wrong with you.”

Hoseok in return gladly ignored the rhetoric question as he pinches the bridge of his nose with a dramatic sigh. “Oh man, I take back the ‘sleeping beauty’ part. You look like shit, can’t let you be compared to one of the Disney’s greatest works’ character.”

And he did have a point. Yoongi was a pale as a ghost, dark circles adorning the area under his dead eyes, black hair messier than usual and his overall facial expression painting the words ‘Kill me’. That’s why Yoongi didn’t take the statement personally, and agreed to finally get out of his bed. “Your obsession with girlish cartoons disgusts me.”

Hoseok gasped in exaggeration. “Excuse you, but Disney movies are gender and age neutral, everyone knows that!”

Yoongi merely snorted in response as he was headed to the bathroom to wash off the sleep with some cold water, while his loyal buddy Hoseok was busy with cleaning up the mess that is his room. Yoongi splashed the ice-cold water onto his face and grunted with a shiver, before staring at his own reflection in the mirror. He was rarely awake during the day so he almost forgot what his face looks like under the standard daylight, where the contrast between his paper pale skin and bruised-looking dark circles was much more perspicuous than under the artificial lighting. Yoongi let out a grunt and wordlessly concluded that it’s no use crying over spilt milk – once you start looking like shit there’s no going back.

By the time he was out of the bathroom while drying his freshly washed hair with a towel, his room was back to looking decent and Hoseok was currently putting two steaming cups of coffee onto the small dining table, where two plates filled with fried greasy food were served. Yoongi passed by the table, reaching his hand out to grab the coffee, but Hoseok stopped him by slapping his hand away and snapping, “Breakfast first, then you can drink the coffee.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to kindly remind his friend that he doesn’t eat after waking up, but was cut off by Hoseok’s push towards the chair. “You never eat anything, no wonder you’re so skinny! Now, be obedient and finish everything off that plate because I won’t allow you to leave the table until you do.” Yoongi had little time to express his being appalled by the fact that Hoseok sounds so horrifyingly similar to his seventy years old grandmother, so he settled on sending him a death glare and a grunt of displeasure. Nevertheless, he licked the plate clean in a matter of minutes, because he couldn’t exactly remember when was the last time he had eaten actual food, and not some candy bars or pieces of stale bread he would find in his pantry just to avoid dying. His friends always said that Yoongi ate only to survive and couldn’t physically enjoy eating, and Yoongi wouldn’t exactly disagree.

“So,” Yoongi started, “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

“It’s not good for your health to be sarcastic so soon after waking up, Yoongi.” Hoseok sipped on his coffee, “It’s a nice day outside, and I thought we could go out and have some fun. With the rest of the gang, you know.”

Yoongi snorted. “I sincerely hope you’re suggesting we go to a club or bar or something. There’s no place I would want to go to during the day and you know that. So if you’re thinking some monkey balls awful coffee shop or a restaurant—“

“It’s not me suggesting it – it’s Jin hyung. And oh, he said that if you decline this time around too, he’s not going to have it. So better prepare for whatever he’s hiding up his sleeve.” He paused only to chuckle, “Probably going to become your permanent guest for the next week or so.”

The mere thought of Kim Seokjin inhabiting his apartment for a whole week and nagging him about his bad habits the whole damn time made chills run down Yoongi’s spine and his jaw clenched. “Can’t keep his nose out of my fucking asshole for once.”

Hoseok shrugged his shoulders. “It’s your choice. Just choose the lesser of two evils, no big deal. And yeah, it’s a restaurant, you know, a family one, with all the bright colours, cute decorations and screaming kids. You’re in for a lot of fun today, Yoongi-bear!”

With a shrill scream, Hoseok ducked the coaster Yoongi launched at him, and Yoongi briefly considered committing a murder. Instead of that, he put on his dark sunglasses a few hours later when he strolled out of the building with Hoseok and wondered for the millionth time already why he’s friends with a group of such obnoxious busybodies. He was sure he would be better off with no friends at all instead. But, as he reminded himself once again – it’s no use crying over spilt milk.



So at the moment, Yoongi was sitting in a gaudily loud family restaurant with equally tacky ambiance, throwing daggers with his eyes across the table at Jin, who was smiling back sweetly, obviously proud of himself for dragging the hermit out of his house. All of his friends were there, well, almost all them. There was Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin and the other two busybodies already mentioned. The only one missing was Kim Taehyung, the loudest of the bunch, but the poor guy was in his third year of college and he has never had more courses, homework, research papers and lectures throughout the whole day, until evening. So Yoongi could kind of understand why Jin didn’t bother inviting him to the get-together.


Everyone was engaging in a lively chatter, while Yoongi stared at his gin and tonic, his mind out of the focus and silently wishing he could go back to his apartment where his bed is. Jin scolded him for the fourth time already for ordering alcohol in the middle of the day (it was not day anymore, the sun was setting, reasoned Yoongi) and, what’s more, at a family restaurant. Yoongi retorted that it was his fault for making him go to such a place and added that he was not going to get wasted and make some kind of a drunken incident. Jungkook looked a bit envious since his hyung was allowed to drink alcohol while his wish was constantly being dismissed by Mum and Dad, a.k.a Jin and Namjoon, who acted like their single child began to go astray. As if he had always been the most behaving fellow.

Jimin on the other hand just ogled at Yoongi as if the latter was some kind of a hallucination, but that was admittedly understandable, since the two haven’t met eye to eye maybe for a few months in total. Namjoon was still lecturing Jungkook as to why drinking alcohol during the day is a step closer to being an alcoholic, while Jin was now nagging Yoongi for choosing to wear the colour black from head to toes, because “I didn’t invite you to a funeral, couldn’t you have put on something a bit more brighter”, to which Yoongi sharply responded with “I only own black clothes, deal with it.”

It was only after thirty minutes, two gin and tonics and a good portion of Yoongi’s nerves were wasted that their not so peaceful chatter was interrupted by Jimin’s typical high-toned voice, screaming along the screeching voices of other small children that the missing friend had made an entrance and so, the chaos ensues. Jungkook and Jimin were all of a sudden participants of a race of some kind, the winner being the one who is the first to tackle their friend in the middle of the restaurant. Not that the employees mindd the scene, because, once again, family restaurant equals hell on earth, and the poor souls have seen the worst – from little kids breaking things to throwing up on the table, that’s why a particular three-way hug-slash-wrestling didn’t bother them that much.

During that time, Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok were exchanging confused looks, since all of them were sure that no one has actually invited Taehyung, and Yoongi genuinely didn’t give a fuck anymore. He just wanted to go home and forget that this hellish day has ever happened.

Taehyung has, with a raggedly blushing face, managed to scrape Jungkook and Jimin off himself after some struggling, and raise himself from the ground only to approach the unknown girl chuckling a few meters behind them and whisper something in her ear. It is only then that Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok realised Taehyung came to the restaurant on his own accord, most likely not knowing that the rest of his gang would be there, because the place is, after all, the boy’s favourite tonkatsu place and he was probably having a date. Jungkook and Jimin were still confused as hell, because their brains wored a little slower than the older trio’s, and Yoongi was to no one’s surprise still not giving any fucks.

The two rascals were back at the table, after receiving a lecture from Jin for running around public places and causing disturbance to other guests, while Hoseok and Namjoon eyed the now politely bowing and smiling young lady standing beside Taehyung, who was having a bit trouble of introducing her to the others due to the previous embarrassment. “She’s my, uh, schoolmate from the university. Same major as me, same year, we met right at the beginning of the third year, it was a really funny incident, I tripped and fe—“

“Taehyung, I believe saying my name would be sufficient for now.” The girl chuckled and naturally stroked the flustered boy’s arm, which somehow made him even more flustered as he ducked his head and noded with a pout.

“She’s Ahn _____.” he muttered, before gesturing towards his seated friends, “These are my friends, Jungkook and Jimin are my roommates, Namjoon hyung and Hoseok hyung are seniors at a different university, Jin hyung here is a working adult and Yoongi hyung is… wait Yoongi hyung?!” Taehyung’s mouth fell open as he stares at the frowning guy who completely ignored his gaze, “What happened, why are you here?! What day is it today? Oh my god, is it someone’s birthday?”

“Taehyung, calm down. I managed to drag him out for today, but I’m sure your companion doesn’t want to listen to that story, so why don’t you two take a seat over here and join us, hm?” Jin pacified as he stood up to pull the chair beside his own to let the young girl sit like the gentleman he is. Girl’s eyes widened with surprise and she missed the way Hoseok and Namjoon clicked their tongues and murmured something along the lines of “sleazy bastard”.

The girl accepted Jin’s offer and pushed her hair behind her ear with a delicate movement, while muttering a soft “Please excuse my intrusion then” and Hoseok, Namjoon and Jin were over the moon while fawning over her ladylike actions, while Jimin and Jungkook acted like they’ve never seen a girl before and this was a pretty big spectacle for them. Yoongi noticed from the corner of his eye that the seat directly across him was now occupied and he finally raised his gaze from the almost finished glass of cocktail.

What he found there was a doe eyed girl/woman/female(?) staring at him with a small smile pulled onto her rosy lips, like she was expecting of him to say anything to her. He didn’t, of course, instead he went back to swirling the alcohol in his hand and wishing he could go home. The smile on the girl’s face faltered a bit, but resurfaced when Jin grabbed her attention by asking, “What would you like to drink, sweetie, coffee?”

“Oh, I don’t drink coffee, but a chamomile tea would be lovely.” she answered in a soft, hesitating voice, seemingly anxious as to whether someone would feel offended by her choice of drink. Which was nonsense, according to the fawning trio, who were on cloud nine, and Hoseok was already devising a way to ask the girl for her phone number.

“So, what brought you and Tae here today? On a date?” Namjoon was quicker to ask, probably due to his bigger experience with ladies compared to Hoseok, and the former felt the need to check whether the two in question were not in some kind of an about-to-hook-up relationship and the road was clear. Well, almost clear, taking into account the nearly drooling Hoseok and sleaze-ball Jin who presented the biggest threat at the moment.

“Oh no!” The girl laughed and waved her hands dismissively, “Taehyung is just taking me out for a dinner as a form of payback. As a matter of fact, it’s not the first time we’ve come here. This place is wonderful, right Taehyung?” she craned her neck over the table to grin at the sulking boy sitting at the very end of the dining table. He currently hated his hyungs so much for interfering with his date (yes it is a date!), for flirting ever-so-obviously with his crush and for generally existing.

“Uh-huh.” the tanned boy mutterd grumpily, and quickly decided he was not going to give way to his dumb hyungs. They may have been more experienced with girls, but he was much more handsome and charming – in his own humble opinion. He managed to pull a boyish grin and lock his eyes with the girl’s ones. “___ has been helping me with my reports and research papers for months now. But she’s such a darling that she won’t accept any money or presents as a form of gratitude, so we’ve made a compromise and she agreed to let me treat her to a meal every time she helps me write something. I mean, spending her precious time of the day helping me do my assignments while she could be doing other important things is really kind of her.”

His hyungs hummed unimpressedly and turned back their attention to the girl to bomb her with various personal questions, concerning her hobbies, university life, interests and of course, love life.

“Ahh, boyfriend.” The girl bashfully covered her mouth and chuckled, “I would love to have one, but university is not exactly allowing me free time as of lately. And if I were to date someone, I would like to commit myself completely to them. But the way things are right now...” She sighed, “I probably won’t get the chance to experience it until I graduate. But that’s okay, too! It’s not like I’m unhappy right now or anything!”

After noticing the gaping looks of the staring boys, she clasped her hands over her mouth, gasping, “Oh, dear! Was I rambling just now? I’m awfully sorry, it’s one of my bad habits.”

Yoongi now suppressed the urge to make a gagging sound at the goody-two-shoes behaviour, while all of his friends began to unanimously object the girl’s statement, each one of them being way too loud for Yoongi to handle, so he chose to briefly mutter ‘toilet’ and excuse himself from the table. Well, that was fucking obnoxious.


The more time Yoongi spent actually tuning into his friends’ conversation with the girl, the more he felt the need to stab something. It wasn’t his friends’ fault, to clear that up. He’s used to their occasionally pathetic behaviour, so that part was okay. The irking bit was the unnamed girl (she was introduced, but Yoongi didn’t bother remembering her name, why would he) – her manner of speech, overly girlish gestures, her wholesome attitude that made Yoongi feel sick to the stomach.

And why, you ask?

Well, to put it simply, Yoongi encountered these kind of girls a few times in his whole, not so long life and every time was a god-awful experience. Polite and well-behaved ones, straight-A students, responsible class presidents, suck-ups to the teachers, ass-kissers, two faced little bitches who wore a mask of a saint when in reality were the most despicable, bullying assholes. Not that Yoongi was ever personally bullied by them, but he saw what they would do behind teachers’ and their parents’ backs and it was anything but nice. And not to mention their thirst for men’s attention and worship. It was obvious even with this particular case that the girl reveled in the moronic drooling of his equally moronic friends over her ‘perfect girl’ image. Thanks, but no thanks – was Yoongi’s answer.

He didn’t exactly have an ideal type or something when it came to women, but he did prefer more upfront ones who are not afraid of tarnishing the image society is forcing upon them, even though it meant that those kind of girls were the ones he usually met in clubs when he got his ass drunk and fucked in the restroom or a nearby motel after some foreplay on the dance floor. Maybe they weren’t loyal or committed to their unknowing boyfriends, but Yoongi never really looked for loyalty in women. He was never a relationship-seeking guy to start with.

Now that he reminded himself of the kind of girls he likes, he got the sudden need to encounter one of those ladies that very evening and release some of today’s stress. He would probably do that, yes. Yoongi finished washing his hands in the blindingly-bright restroom of the restaurant and, after a perfect throw of crumbled paper towel into the bin, exited the toilet, only to barely catch himself before crashing into another presence, just idly standing outside.

Yoongi took a sharp breath of air as he recoiled from the person with a frown which only got deeper when he finally took in the identity of the person. It was her. Well that’s just fucking marvelous. Yoongi didn’t know why exactly she was just standing outside the restrooms and not like, moving anywhere, and he genuinely didn’t care. He caught the last glimpse of her small smile and slightly tilted head, before he stepped aside to round the girl and go back to where his friends were.

It turned out to be a bit difficult, though, when the sleeve of his black leather jacket was being gripped by the hand of the obvious culprit. Yoongi stilled in his motions, and pulled his head just a little bit, to throw an unamused look over his shoulder at the girl, asking the question with his eyes rather than words. “Ah, sorry.” muttered the girl and released Yoongi’s thick piece of clothing.

She fretfully glanced to her side while biting her lower lip, looking painstakingly like someone who was about to confess something. Yoongi felt another rush of nausea and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. “Umm,” the girls began, now curling a strand of hair around her index finger, “I just wanted to say that your tattoo looks nice.”

Yoongi’s eyebrow got a life of its own and raised itself. Huh? He threw a quick look at the only visible tattoo of his at the moment and it was the stupid pattern one on his wrist which he got done in his senior year of high school. Not the smartest decision he made. He then glanced at the girl once more, but didn’t verbalize anything. He didn’t feel the need to.

What was weird was the fact that the girl was not smiling anymore. Yoongi did expect, though, for her bashful smile to fall at his lack of response to her lame attempt at flirting, but he did not expect of her to be smirking and looking straight into his eyes, her own not so round and innocent anymore, but rather having a mysteriously dark kind of gleam. And she looked… amused?

“Ah, man, you’re even better than I expected.” She uttered in a voice completely different when compared to the one she had used in her previous conversations. It wasn’t so soft and hesitating anymore, but confident and distinct. She allowed her grin to emerge at the still poker-faced Yoongi, whose confusion was being sustained within the limits of his mind. Her lips pressed together to form a thin line, looking like she was suppressing a laugh. “Oh, don’t mind me!” the soft voice was back, and the girl waved one hand languidly, “I won’t be holding you back anymore, you can go back to your friends.”

Yoongi let out a soft huff at that and began rotating on his heels once again, trying not to let the strange, one-sided conversation get to his mind. He wasn’t in the mood for having deep thoughts anyway.

“I hope to see you soon, again, Yoongi-sshi!”

Yoongi froze in his motions for a little while, briefly considering turning around again, but decided against it, and continued his stroll towards his friends’ table. Weird. What was even weirder was the girl announcing that she’s in a hurry and must leave immediately right after she was back from the restroom. Taehyung grumbled something about not getting to actually pay her back for something or whatever, whilst the other boys made a fuss about it, too, and Yoongi could have sworn that he had caught from the corner of his eye a brief wink addressed to him, when none of his friends were looking.

Well, that was one more reason not to go to get-togethers with his friends anymore. He’d just stick to the clubs and night events. At least at those places he wouldn’t run into prudish, creepy and possibly divided-personality-having nutcases.