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Yoongi was a simple kind of guy who just liked to avoid complicated situations. And complicated people. Many would judge him for the way he lived his life, but he honestly couldn’t give any fucks about it. He had been a naturally indifferent and cold kind of person since he could remember, so other people’s opinions never mattered much to him. Whether those people were just random strangers or his friends and parents – It didn’t matter.

He lit his first cigarette when he was fourteen years old, inside of an empty cabin in the school restroom. No one made him do it, he choose to try it on his own accord. Most people hate the taste of their first cigarette, but Yoongi liked the nuance of thrill and the thought of breaking a taboo of some sort. It surely added to the exhilaration when his friends found out about his bad habit and began lecturing him on every damn occasion and when his parents threatened to disown him because of it. It was absolutely fucking glorious, according to Yoongi.

He began drinking during his high school days and continued to do it unrestrainedly throughout his college period, when most of the time he was either completely wasted or at least hung-over. Alcohol offered a different kind of relief to Yoongi. It was the freedom to do or say whatever the fuck he wanted and a way to vent out all the stress that had been gradually piling up inside of him. Some drugs were there for the same reason, but also because they would stimulate his sense of creativity and ingenuity. Yoongi was an artistic soul after all.

It’s not that he hated human contact and socializing. No, he simply never enjoyed it much. Except his small circle of friends, he never really interacted with other people and avoided going outside as often as he can if he doesn’t have any errands to run or a party to go and get hammered at. Gratefully, his friends always seemed to understand this side of him, so they usually let him have his way of leading a rather asocial kind of life. Well, most of the time. There are also times when their nosy and obnoxious sides resurface and he has to deal with a random Hoseok clapping his hands in the middle of his room when it’s way too early (it was past noon, and for Yoongi that’s still his sleeping period) to have any kind of guests. Childhood friends or not.

“Rise and shine, sleeping beauty! Do you know what day it is today?” Hoseok hollered on top of his lungs as he pushed aside the grimly black drapes hanging in Yoongi’s bedroom and preventing the scorching sunlight from penetrating inside. Seriously, though, who buys black curtains? Hoseok thought to himself. He reckoned only vampires would need those, and he’s pretty sure his friend wasn’t one. Even though he did look the part.

A low growl emerged from Yoongi’s fortress of blankets as the sunlight hit his closed eyelids. Hoseok approached the bed and snatched the covers off the former’s body with a swift and firm tug, leaving him to huddle up in a fetus position, since he was now exposed to the cool air of his shadowy room. “What the fuck, Hoseok!” Yoongi yelled, but his eyes were not opened yet and he was still lying as if he was secretly hoping his friend would leave any time soon and let him continue his slumber. Very naive of him, still, since he should have been aware of the fact that Jung Hoseok never gives up.

Hoseok was now opening the windows so that enchanting melodies produced by Seoul’s rush hour could reach Yoongi’s ever-so-sensitive ears and so he could, too, appreciate it. Yoongi has had enough of it, and he scrambled to sit up cross-legged, while rubbing off the sleepiness gluing his eyelids. He sent a death glare at the shit-grinning Hoseok, and questioned raspily. “What the fuck is wrong with you.”

Hoseok in return gladly ignored the rhetoric question as he pinches the bridge of his nose with a dramatic sigh. “Oh man, I take back the ‘sleeping beauty’ part. You look like shit, can’t let you be compared to one of the Disney’s greatest works’ character.”

And he did have a point. Yoongi was a pale as a ghost, dark circles adorning the area under his dead eyes, black hair messier than usual and his overall facial expression painting the words ‘Kill me’. That’s why Yoongi didn’t take the statement personally, and agreed to finally get out of his bed. “Your obsession with girlish cartoons disgusts me.”

Hoseok gasped in exaggeration. “Excuse you, but Disney movies are gender and age neutral, everyone knows that!”

Yoongi merely snorted in response as he was headed to the bathroom to wash off the sleep with some cold water, while his loyal buddy Hoseok was busy with cleaning up the mess that is his room. Yoongi splashed the ice-cold water onto his face and grunted with a shiver, before staring at his own reflection in the mirror. He was rarely awake during the day so he almost forgot what his face looks like under the standard daylight, where the contrast between his paper pale skin and bruised-looking dark circles was much more perspicuous than under the artificial lighting. Yoongi let out a grunt and wordlessly concluded that it’s no use crying over spilt milk – once you start looking like shit there’s no going back.

By the time he was out of the bathroom while drying his freshly washed hair with a towel, his room was back to looking decent and Hoseok was currently putting two steaming cups of coffee onto the small dining table, where two plates filled with fried greasy food were served. Yoongi passed by the table, reaching his hand out to grab the coffee, but Hoseok stopped him by slapping his hand away and snapping, “Breakfast first, then you can drink the coffee.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to kindly remind his friend that he doesn’t eat after waking up, but was cut off by Hoseok’s push towards the chair. “You never eat anything, no wonder you’re so skinny! Now, be obedient and finish everything off that plate because I won’t allow you to leave the table until you do.” Yoongi had little time to express his being appalled by the fact that Hoseok sounds so horrifyingly similar to his seventy years old grandmother, so he settled on sending him a death glare and a grunt of displeasure. Nevertheless, he licked the plate clean in a matter of minutes, because he couldn’t exactly remember when was the last time he had eaten actual food, and not some candy bars or pieces of stale bread he would find in his pantry just to avoid dying. His friends always said that Yoongi ate only to survive and couldn’t physically enjoy eating, and Yoongi wouldn’t exactly disagree.

“So,” Yoongi started, “To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

“It’s not good for your health to be sarcastic so soon after waking up, Yoongi.” Hoseok sipped on his coffee, “It’s a nice day outside, and I thought we could go out and have some fun. With the rest of the gang, you know.”

Yoongi snorted. “I sincerely hope you’re suggesting we go to a club or bar or something. There’s no place I would want to go to during the day and you know that. So if you’re thinking some monkey balls awful coffee shop or a restaurant—“

“It’s not me suggesting it – it’s Jin hyung. And oh, he said that if you decline this time around too, he’s not going to have it. So better prepare for whatever he’s hiding up his sleeve.” He paused only to chuckle, “Probably going to become your permanent guest for the next week or so.”

The mere thought of Kim Seokjin inhabiting his apartment for a whole week and nagging him about his bad habits the whole damn time made chills run down Yoongi’s spine and his jaw clenched. “Can’t keep his nose out of my fucking asshole for once.”

Hoseok shrugged his shoulders. “It’s your choice. Just choose the lesser of two evils, no big deal. And yeah, it’s a restaurant, you know, a family one, with all the bright colours, cute decorations and screaming kids. You’re in for a lot of fun today, Yoongi-bear!”

With a shrill scream, Hoseok ducked the coaster Yoongi launched at him, and Yoongi briefly considered committing a murder. Instead of that, he put on his dark sunglasses a few hours later when he strolled out of the building with Hoseok and wondered for the millionth time already why he’s friends with a group of such obnoxious busybodies. He was sure he would be better off with no friends at all instead. But, as he reminded himself once again – it’s no use crying over spilt milk.



So at the moment, Yoongi was sitting in a gaudily loud family restaurant with equally tacky ambiance, throwing daggers with his eyes across the table at Jin, who was smiling back sweetly, obviously proud of himself for dragging the hermit out of his house. All of his friends were there, well, almost all them. There was Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin and the other two busybodies already mentioned. The only one missing was Kim Taehyung, the loudest of the bunch, but the poor guy was in his third year of college and he has never had more courses, homework, research papers and lectures throughout the whole day, until evening. So Yoongi could kind of understand why Jin didn’t bother inviting him to the get-together.


Everyone was engaging in a lively chatter, while Yoongi stared at his gin and tonic, his mind out of the focus and silently wishing he could go back to his apartment where his bed is. Jin scolded him for the fourth time already for ordering alcohol in the middle of the day (it was not day anymore, the sun was setting, reasoned Yoongi) and, what’s more, at a family restaurant. Yoongi retorted that it was his fault for making him go to such a place and added that he was not going to get wasted and make some kind of a drunken incident. Jungkook looked a bit envious since his hyung was allowed to drink alcohol while his wish was constantly being dismissed by Mum and Dad, a.k.a Jin and Namjoon, who acted like their single child began to go astray. As if he had always been the most behaving fellow.

Jimin on the other hand just ogled at Yoongi as if the latter was some kind of a hallucination, but that was admittedly understandable, since the two haven’t met eye to eye maybe for a few months in total. Namjoon was still lecturing Jungkook as to why drinking alcohol during the day is a step closer to being an alcoholic, while Jin was now nagging Yoongi for choosing to wear the colour black from head to toes, because “I didn’t invite you to a funeral, couldn’t you have put on something a bit more brighter”, to which Yoongi sharply responded with “I only own black clothes, deal with it.”

It was only after thirty minutes, two gin and tonics and a good portion of Yoongi’s nerves were wasted that their not so peaceful chatter was interrupted by Jimin’s typical high-toned voice, screaming along the screeching voices of other small children that the missing friend had made an entrance and so, the chaos ensues. Jungkook and Jimin were all of a sudden participants of a race of some kind, the winner being the one who is the first to tackle their friend in the middle of the restaurant. Not that the employees mindd the scene, because, once again, family restaurant equals hell on earth, and the poor souls have seen the worst – from little kids breaking things to throwing up on the table, that’s why a particular three-way hug-slash-wrestling didn’t bother them that much.

During that time, Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok were exchanging confused looks, since all of them were sure that no one has actually invited Taehyung, and Yoongi genuinely didn’t give a fuck anymore. He just wanted to go home and forget that this hellish day has ever happened.

Taehyung has, with a raggedly blushing face, managed to scrape Jungkook and Jimin off himself after some struggling, and raise himself from the ground only to approach the unknown girl chuckling a few meters behind them and whisper something in her ear. It is only then that Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok realised Taehyung came to the restaurant on his own accord, most likely not knowing that the rest of his gang would be there, because the place is, after all, the boy’s favourite tonkatsu place and he was probably having a date. Jungkook and Jimin were still confused as hell, because their brains wored a little slower than the older trio’s, and Yoongi was to no one’s surprise still not giving any fucks.

The two rascals were back at the table, after receiving a lecture from Jin for running around public places and causing disturbance to other guests, while Hoseok and Namjoon eyed the now politely bowing and smiling young lady standing beside Taehyung, who was having a bit trouble of introducing her to the others due to the previous embarrassment. “She’s my, uh, schoolmate from the university. Same major as me, same year, we met right at the beginning of the third year, it was a really funny incident, I tripped and fe—“

“Taehyung, I believe saying my name would be sufficient for now.” The girl chuckled and naturally stroked the flustered boy’s arm, which somehow made him even more flustered as he ducked his head and noded with a pout.

“She’s Ahn _____.” he muttered, before gesturing towards his seated friends, “These are my friends, Jungkook and Jimin are my roommates, Namjoon hyung and Hoseok hyung are seniors at a different university, Jin hyung here is a working adult and Yoongi hyung is… wait Yoongi hyung?!” Taehyung’s mouth fell open as he stares at the frowning guy who completely ignored his gaze, “What happened, why are you here?! What day is it today? Oh my god, is it someone’s birthday?”

“Taehyung, calm down. I managed to drag him out for today, but I’m sure your companion doesn’t want to listen to that story, so why don’t you two take a seat over here and join us, hm?” Jin pacified as he stood up to pull the chair beside his own to let the young girl sit like the gentleman he is. Girl’s eyes widened with surprise and she missed the way Hoseok and Namjoon clicked their tongues and murmured something along the lines of “sleazy bastard”.

The girl accepted Jin’s offer and pushed her hair behind her ear with a delicate movement, while muttering a soft “Please excuse my intrusion then” and Hoseok, Namjoon and Jin were over the moon while fawning over her ladylike actions, while Jimin and Jungkook acted like they’ve never seen a girl before and this was a pretty big spectacle for them. Yoongi noticed from the corner of his eye that the seat directly across him was now occupied and he finally raised his gaze from the almost finished glass of cocktail.

What he found there was a doe eyed girl/woman/female(?) staring at him with a small smile pulled onto her rosy lips, like she was expecting of him to say anything to her. He didn’t, of course, instead he went back to swirling the alcohol in his hand and wishing he could go home. The smile on the girl’s face faltered a bit, but resurfaced when Jin grabbed her attention by asking, “What would you like to drink, sweetie, coffee?”

“Oh, I don’t drink coffee, but a chamomile tea would be lovely.” she answered in a soft, hesitating voice, seemingly anxious as to whether someone would feel offended by her choice of drink. Which was nonsense, according to the fawning trio, who were on cloud nine, and Hoseok was already devising a way to ask the girl for her phone number.

“So, what brought you and Tae here today? On a date?” Namjoon was quicker to ask, probably due to his bigger experience with ladies compared to Hoseok, and the former felt the need to check whether the two in question were not in some kind of an about-to-hook-up relationship and the road was clear. Well, almost clear, taking into account the nearly drooling Hoseok and sleaze-ball Jin who presented the biggest threat at the moment.

“Oh no!” The girl laughed and waved her hands dismissively, “Taehyung is just taking me out for a dinner as a form of payback. As a matter of fact, it’s not the first time we’ve come here. This place is wonderful, right Taehyung?” she craned her neck over the table to grin at the sulking boy sitting at the very end of the dining table. He currently hated his hyungs so much for interfering with his date (yes it is a date!), for flirting ever-so-obviously with his crush and for generally existing.

“Uh-huh.” the tanned boy mutterd grumpily, and quickly decided he was not going to give way to his dumb hyungs. They may have been more experienced with girls, but he was much more handsome and charming – in his own humble opinion. He managed to pull a boyish grin and lock his eyes with the girl’s ones. “___ has been helping me with my reports and research papers for months now. But she’s such a darling that she won’t accept any money or presents as a form of gratitude, so we’ve made a compromise and she agreed to let me treat her to a meal every time she helps me write something. I mean, spending her precious time of the day helping me do my assignments while she could be doing other important things is really kind of her.”

His hyungs hummed unimpressedly and turned back their attention to the girl to bomb her with various personal questions, concerning her hobbies, university life, interests and of course, love life.

“Ahh, boyfriend.” The girl bashfully covered her mouth and chuckled, “I would love to have one, but university is not exactly allowing me free time as of lately. And if I were to date someone, I would like to commit myself completely to them. But the way things are right now...” She sighed, “I probably won’t get the chance to experience it until I graduate. But that’s okay, too! It’s not like I’m unhappy right now or anything!”

After noticing the gaping looks of the staring boys, she clasped her hands over her mouth, gasping, “Oh, dear! Was I rambling just now? I’m awfully sorry, it’s one of my bad habits.”

Yoongi now suppressed the urge to make a gagging sound at the goody-two-shoes behaviour, while all of his friends began to unanimously object the girl’s statement, each one of them being way too loud for Yoongi to handle, so he chose to briefly mutter ‘toilet’ and excuse himself from the table. Well, that was fucking obnoxious.


The more time Yoongi spent actually tuning into his friends’ conversation with the girl, the more he felt the need to stab something. It wasn’t his friends’ fault, to clear that up. He’s used to their occasionally pathetic behaviour, so that part was okay. The irking bit was the unnamed girl (she was introduced, but Yoongi didn’t bother remembering her name, why would he) – her manner of speech, overly girlish gestures, her wholesome attitude that made Yoongi feel sick to the stomach.

And why, you ask?

Well, to put it simply, Yoongi encountered these kind of girls a few times in his whole, not so long life and every time was a god-awful experience. Polite and well-behaved ones, straight-A students, responsible class presidents, suck-ups to the teachers, ass-kissers, two faced little bitches who wore a mask of a saint when in reality were the most despicable, bullying assholes. Not that Yoongi was ever personally bullied by them, but he saw what they would do behind teachers’ and their parents’ backs and it was anything but nice. And not to mention their thirst for men’s attention and worship. It was obvious even with this particular case that the girl reveled in the moronic drooling of his equally moronic friends over her ‘perfect girl’ image. Thanks, but no thanks – was Yoongi’s answer.

He didn’t exactly have an ideal type or something when it came to women, but he did prefer more upfront ones who are not afraid of tarnishing the image society is forcing upon them, even though it meant that those kind of girls were the ones he usually met in clubs when he got his ass drunk and fucked in the restroom or a nearby motel after some foreplay on the dance floor. Maybe they weren’t loyal or committed to their unknowing boyfriends, but Yoongi never really looked for loyalty in women. He was never a relationship-seeking guy to start with.

Now that he reminded himself of the kind of girls he likes, he got the sudden need to encounter one of those ladies that very evening and release some of today’s stress. He would probably do that, yes. Yoongi finished washing his hands in the blindingly-bright restroom of the restaurant and, after a perfect throw of crumbled paper towel into the bin, exited the toilet, only to barely catch himself before crashing into another presence, just idly standing outside.

Yoongi took a sharp breath of air as he recoiled from the person with a frown which only got deeper when he finally took in the identity of the person. It was her. Well that’s just fucking marvelous. Yoongi didn’t know why exactly she was just standing outside the restrooms and not like, moving anywhere, and he genuinely didn’t care. He caught the last glimpse of her small smile and slightly tilted head, before he stepped aside to round the girl and go back to where his friends were.

It turned out to be a bit difficult, though, when the sleeve of his black leather jacket was being gripped by the hand of the obvious culprit. Yoongi stilled in his motions, and pulled his head just a little bit, to throw an unamused look over his shoulder at the girl, asking the question with his eyes rather than words. “Ah, sorry.” muttered the girl and released Yoongi’s thick piece of clothing.

She fretfully glanced to her side while biting her lower lip, looking painstakingly like someone who was about to confess something. Yoongi felt another rush of nausea and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. “Umm,” the girls began, now curling a strand of hair around her index finger, “I just wanted to say that your tattoo looks nice.”

Yoongi’s eyebrow got a life of its own and raised itself. Huh? He threw a quick look at the only visible tattoo of his at the moment and it was the stupid pattern one on his wrist which he got done in his senior year of high school. Not the smartest decision he made. He then glanced at the girl once more, but didn’t verbalize anything. He didn’t feel the need to.

What was weird was the fact that the girl was not smiling anymore. Yoongi did expect, though, for her bashful smile to fall at his lack of response to her lame attempt at flirting, but he did not expect of her to be smirking and looking straight into his eyes, her own not so round and innocent anymore, but rather having a mysteriously dark kind of gleam. And she looked… amused?

“Ah, man, you’re even better than I expected.” She uttered in a voice completely different when compared to the one she had used in her previous conversations. It wasn’t so soft and hesitating anymore, but confident and distinct. She allowed her grin to emerge at the still poker-faced Yoongi, whose confusion was being sustained within the limits of his mind. Her lips pressed together to form a thin line, looking like she was suppressing a laugh. “Oh, don’t mind me!” the soft voice was back, and the girl waved one hand languidly, “I won’t be holding you back anymore, you can go back to your friends.”

Yoongi let out a soft huff at that and began rotating on his heels once again, trying not to let the strange, one-sided conversation get to his mind. He wasn’t in the mood for having deep thoughts anyway.

“I hope to see you soon, again, Yoongi-sshi!”

Yoongi froze in his motions for a little while, briefly considering turning around again, but decided against it, and continued his stroll towards his friends’ table. Weird. What was even weirder was the girl announcing that she’s in a hurry and must leave immediately right after she was back from the restroom. Taehyung grumbled something about not getting to actually pay her back for something or whatever, whilst the other boys made a fuss about it, too, and Yoongi could have sworn that he had caught from the corner of his eye a brief wink addressed to him, when none of his friends were looking.

Well, that was one more reason not to go to get-togethers with his friends anymore. He’d just stick to the clubs and night events. At least at those places he wouldn’t run into prudish, creepy and possibly divided-personality-having nutcases.

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Yoongi winces as he stares at his face in the mirror. His skin is as pale as ever and there are dark circles smudged just below his eyes, the contrast causing him to seem extremely ill or maybe even borderline dead. He is supposed to go clubbing with his friends that very evening after a long while, but he doesn’t exactly feel up for it. After all, he’s been spending a lot of time cocooned inside his apartment working on his music and, having not been eating or moving around too much, he’s lost quite a of bit of weight, henceforth making him feel self conscious about his appearance and not feeling up for mingling with the ladies.

That being said, he’s also been feeling unusually horny as of lately, and this outing might be salvation to his dick. There’s only so much a hand can do to satisfy his raging libido, Yoongi needed some real skin on skin contact, the other skin belonging to a kind, free spirited lady, with a hopefully thicctm ass. He ruffled his hair, giving it a slight puff-up, and put on his black leather jacket immediately after. Just then, a call from a certain moron flashed on his phone screen.


“It’s ‘hello’, Yoongi, learn some manners.”

“Fuck off.”


“Anyways, we’re already at the club, where are you?” asked the impatient Jin.

“On my way.”

“Don’t you lie to me, you’re always—“

“Got into a tunnel, see you later.” Yoongi said and hung up the phone, not exactly in a mood for listening to Jin’s meaningless lectures. He’s Min Yoongi for fuck’s sake, and he comes to a party when and if he wants to. There’s no way he’ll let a sexually frustrated, thirty-year-old preach him about tardiness. With a few last sprays of his cologne, he ambled out of his apartment and into his car.


When he got into the club, the gaudily loud electronic music made him want to push his fingers deep into his ears, but that wouldn’t make him seem so cool and trendy as the ‘young kids’, wouldn’t it? Instead, he weaved through the masses of sweaty, dancing bodies, and for a moment, he wondered if he had got into a wrong place, just until he saw Jimin and Jungkook actually humping the dance floor with a circle of people cheering around them. Those losers… that is exactly why they never get laid. He shook his head with a disproving face and continued walking until he found his friends’ table. Jin had his arms crossed and was looking really pissed. “You said you were on your way!”

“Yeah well, princess, get over it.” Yoongi said nonchalantly as he lit up a cigarette, not even five seconds after he had approached the table. Hoseok scrunched up his face and thought there we go again, as he put a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder to get his attention. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we have a lady present, maybe you’d want to smoke outside tonight.”

Raising his eyebrows with a cigarette still hanging from his lips, Yoongi looked around until he spotted her. That weirdo Taehyung brought to a family restaurant two weeks before. Jesus Christ why is she here, and most importantly what is she wearing? The girl was clad  in some flowery dress you’d only wear to church and was looking way out of place.

Yoongi made a disgusted grimace at the sight of girl with a clueless face, absentmindedly marveling at the people in the club, looking as if she never even stepped into one. Well… yeah. Figures. Yoongi thought as he deemed that nerds like that don’t really go out for drinking and a night of fun.

Nevertheless, he completely ignored Hoseok’s suggestion, as he took out the cigarette with a big puff of smoke, closing his eyes and groaning slightly with delight. “Oh, wow, Yoongi, really?” Hoseok started looking visibly annoyed, whilst Jin was already at the stage of being about to grab Yoongi’s collar. “__, I’m so sorry about him, we can get another table if you’d like…” Hoseok pressed his hands together in an apologetic gesture towards the girl, causing her to gently grasp his hands and lower them whilst saying “Oh no no, why are you apologizing, Hoseok-sshi? I’m just glad everybody has gathered, and I don’t really mind the smoke.” She smiled empathetically at the boy, making him blush at the contact.

Just then, she finally turned to Yoongi, slightly bowing to him with a smile, “It is lovely to see you again, Yoongi-sshi. How have you been?”

Yoongi stared at her obnoxious behavior indifferently and responded with a sarcastic smile, “Great, now that I see you’ve joined us.” His attention then got grasped by a girl wearing a tight, skimpy dress, revealing her amazing curves, who just brushed past him with a teasing lip bite and a smile. Yoongi continued with wicked grin, “… and I think this evening just got better, will you guys excuse me for a second?”

He said to no one in particular, because he wasn’t really intending to go back to their table. The voluptuous girl seemed like she was interested in going back to Yoongi’s place that night after all. The girl back at the table looked after his departing figure, her facial features etched with something indefinite.

“__-sshi, is everything okay?” Worried Hoseok asked the girl and broke out of her trance and she hurried to assure the boy. “Oh yes, I just dazed for a bit. Thank you for your concern, Hoseok-sshi.”

The girl looked up at the boy with a slight blush as she touched his arm again. Hoseok’s eyes widened with a much deeper shade of red on his face, and Jin cursed his fucking luck – guess he is not the one getting laid, again.


On the other side of the club, Yoongi’s tongue was already deep into the throat belonging to the busty girl with a nice ass. They broke contact to take a breather, and Yoongi, panting with a smirk on his wet lips, hoarsely said, “Wanna get out of here? I live alone.”

"Easy there, cowboy", the still nameless girl chuckled as she playfully pushed Yoongi's shoulder. "We couldn't have been here more than half an hour and you already want to go?" She had a somewhat pitying smirk on her lipstick smudged lips and Yoongi immediately knew what it meant. She was teasing him for not being young and up for partying in the club until the sunrise. And it was the truth, he wasn't, but he couldn't allow for himself to be perceived in that kind of light. There was a need for a façade in front of the female gender, and he needed to always come out as a "still energetic, almost-30-year old". Cause if he didn't, it would be a huge blow to his ego, and god knows he wouldn't like that.

“Sure, baby, whatever you want.” Yoongi forced a smile and cursed inwardly. As soon as those words left his mouth, the girl dragged him to the dance floor and then he officially wanted to die. He tried to sway along the music while the girl grinded her big butt against his crotch, but Yoongi wasn’t in a mood to get stimulated by that. He was so not into dancing and making a fool out of himself and not even some good old dry humping couldn’t help. His eyes raked around the club, not searching for anything in particular, but then, something grabbed his attention.

He noticed that psycho church girl standing alone by the bar and none of his friends were anywhere in sight. There was also some unknown guy by her side, or better yet – caging her between the bar and his huge, muscular body, probably hitting on her and not getting the hint from her clearly uncomfortable expression. Jeez, just tell him to fuck off. Yoongi huffed in annoyance and turned his attention back to the busty girl. She smiled and went in for a kiss and he smirked back and kissed her while grabbing her ass. She was about to squeal in surprise but the moment was interrupted by a sharp sound of glass breaking.

Both looked over to the bar to find some guy lying on the floor with a bloody mouth and the muscular dude from just a while ago looming over him with a pissed look. The psycho girl was staring at the punched guy with horror in her eyes, looking as if she’s about to burst crying. “She’s obviously not interested, dude!” The injured man shouted, trying to get up from the floor and the big guy snarled back, “It seems like you didn’t get enough huh?”

“N-no, please… S-stop…” the girl covered her mouth with a trembling voice until she was abruptly grabbed by her wrist and yanked through the crowd of people so quickly that she couldn’t even decipher what was happening. “P-please let go of me– I don’t want to go with you!”

The girl managed to croak out with eyes shut tightly, but there was no response from the violent man. When she opened her eyes she found herself in the fresh night air and outside of back entrance of the club. Her wrist was finally released, red marks etched into her skin and she could only then see who was actually the one that dragged her out.

Of course it was Yoongi. He was already pissed at himself for meddling into something that was clearly not his business and also at the girl for being an irresponsible brat. Yoongi squinted from the intensity of the city lights to glower at the girl. "Are you fucking insane? Why didn't you take the opportunity and run away?"

Girl's eyes widened at the harsh voice and scary glare, so she cowered and responded in hesitance, "A young man tried to defend me, a-and I couldn't let him get hurt b-because of me---"

"That is exactly what I'm talking about!" Yoongi spat back. "Who the fuck cares about that guy, what he did was on his own accord, and if you had any brain at all you would prioritize your own safety first! Jesus fucking Christ..." He exhaled sharply in anger and took a short stroll in the area they were in.

The girl lowered her head in defeat. It looked like she didn't have anything to say in opposition to that. After a while, she spoke, "I saw you with that girl inside..."

 Yoongi sent her an incredulous look, still trying to calm himself inwardly. "Oh, that girl I totally blew off just so I can come to your rescue like some fucking imbecile? Is that the girl you're thinking of?" He was sarcastic and at the end of his nerves. It was late, he was tired and just wanted to get home as soon as possible and forget the former ordeal.

"She was attractive..." the girl muttered more like to herself but Yoongi heard her alright.

 "Yeah, no shit!" His temper was acting out again, "She was a full ten and I had to fucking miss the chance with her because of a certain someone. What is your point anyway?" His face was scrunched in disgust.

"N-nothing, I just..." she trailed off for a second before continuing unsurely, "Would you... date her if this didn't happen tonight?"

A single laugh of incredulity left Yoongi's mouth. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Date?? Are you fucking serious right now?" He continued to look at the girl as if she had grown another head.

 "I-is that a no?" She asked, her eyes looking disgustingly hopeful, causing Yoongi to shudder.

"No, you goddamn idiot, I would not date her!" His squinting black eyes were piercing with imminent coldness as he snarled at the stupidity of the naïve girl, "Since you seem like you would like to know - I would take her back to my apartment, fuck the living shit out of her, make her give me a nice titty job with those huge jugs, cum unto her plastic little face and then get her the fuck out as soon as the sun would rise in the morning. I would not ask for her name, number or anything else, cause the only thing I would need to remember about her is how nice her cum stained ass, tits and face looked like and whether she gave me a good or a bad blowjob."

Yoongi knew that he might have said a tad too much, but the church girl had it coming. He was not up for acting 'nice and proper' just so he wouldn't upset her virgin ears and spare her the details of real adult life. In any case, he hated her kind of girls, saving themselves for marriage for whatever reason and sheltering themselves from what's actually happening everywhere around them. She obviously fell quiet after that so he glanced at her through messed up bangs, only to find her absentmindedly staring at the ground below. That shocked, huh. Yoongi sneered.

As if she had snapped out of her thoughts, the girl slowly began approaching Yoongi while nervously fiddling with her fingers. She stopped just in front of the boy, taking him aback a bit and causing him to straighten up his posture and clear his throat awkwardly, still maintaining his disinterested face.

„Yoongi-sshi, would you... sleep with me?“ Her calm and resolute tone was a complete contrast to the content of her question, so Yoongi finally broke his poker face, his eyes bulging out in surprise at the girl.

“Wha—what are you— are you fucking drunk right now??” His voice was a mixture of confusion and discomfort.

The girl smiled a little and looked up at the black haired boy with her innocent-looking doe eyes. “I don’t drink, Yoongi-sshi. And what do you say?”

Yoongi thought for a moment about the possibility of him being on acid and this whole situation being just some fucked up hallucination. But unfortunately, what he was seeing was in no way blurry or distorted, so that was a definite no. “Sorry, I don’t know what just got into you, but you don’t know me nor do I know you and this is all very confusing to me.” His eyebrows scrunched as he looked back into her unaffected eyes with confusion.

The girl arched her eyebrows. “Oh. But I thought you also weren’t acquainted with the girl from the club, or I’m wrong?” She pensively raised her clasped hands to the chin. “Or could it be that you don’t fancy me the same way you fancy her? I know I’m far from being that curvy, but I promise my body is not dissatisfying under this drape-y dress.” She let out a giggle as she said as-a-matter-of-factly.

Yoongi wanted to punch himself in the face because he actually glanced down her body at those words as if he was fucking checking her out. Yoongi, come to your senses, you dumb fuck. Just tell her to fuck off and don’t play along to this insanity. “Listen, I don’t know what kind of a dumb game this is, but I’m really not up for playing it right now. I’ll call Hoseok to come from wherever the fuck he had gone and take you home or something. I don’t have time for this.”

He went to fish his phone out of his pocket, but was stopped by a hand on his wrist. The girl closed the distance between them even further as she tilted her head to the side with a half devilish, half-amused grin on her lips. “Aww, come on, Hoseok is nice and all, but he’s not really my type. Well, unlike yourself,” she laughed and her voice sounded almost nothing to her previous one. Yoongi froze at the touch and just kept staring at her in shock and silence. “What is it, Yoongi-sshi? Are you really not interested in me?” She pouted almost mockingly.

And as if he wasn’t thrown into a loop of confusion even more, Yoongi actually felt a slight touch on his already somehow fully erected cock. The girl laughed even louder, while staring down at his jeans and her single finger pressed against the bulge of those same jeans. “Oh, but what is this? I haven’t even done anything and you’re already rock hard!” Her excited eyes shot up at Yoongi’s horrified ones. “Since when did you get hard, Yoongi-sshi? Oh gosh, could it be since we got outside?” The girl removed the finger to cover the lower half of her face with her hands and laugh into them.

Funnily enough, that was the same thing Yoongi wanted to know! For the past few minutes he was feeling weird and confused for sure, but horny?? Something was definitely off there and Yoongi didn’t have any further desire to explore his own feelings. He needed to get away from this situation as soon as possible. He was clearly not acting like himself – the usual Yoongi would have blown her off already and would be on his way home. This was NOT the usual Yoongi and that was probably the most confusing thing at the moment. He managed to unglue his eyes from the girl’s amused shit-eating grinning face and mumble out a “L-listen, I gotta go and—“

Well, not so quickly apparently.

Yoongi surely didn’t expect to be yanked forward by the collar of his leather jacket and to be kissed by the same girl who now had her eyes shut. Her soft lips glided against his initially stiff ones, but he wanted to punch himself again because he felt his lips involuntarily relaxing and even hesitatingly responding to the kiss. There was no tongue action involved and Yoongi couldn’t remember when was the last time he didn’t french someone.

The kiss was slow, but there was something strangely sensual about it that was also acting up on his nether region. He felt touch down there once again, but this time it was a whole palm gently sliding up his package and the girl smiled into the kiss, breaking it shortly after.

“Should I take this as a ‘yes’ to my previous question?” She smirked mischievously and licked her lower lip, looking like a predator that’s about to devour its prey with delight. It might have seemed like it was all a done deal, but Yoongi finally snapped out of whatever that loop of confusion and inability to react appropriately was.

He pushed the girl away from him and glared at her with menacing eyes that were sending a warning. “The next time you try something like this, I won’t hesitate punching your dumb face, even if you’re a fucking girl.” His voice was monotone, but etched with something frigid.

Deeming that there was no further need to explain or say anything to the absolute psychopath he had just met, Yoongi turned on his heels and hurried down the alley in the direction his car was. He didn’t bother to turn around to see the girl’s reaction or anything like that, and if she had said anything he was not in the state of mind to hear it. There was only an uncomfortable buzzing in his ears, which was not caused by the two beers he had drunk and a feeling of nausea and anxiety in his guts.

This evening was a mess.


As soon as he entered his apartment, Yoongi barged into his bathroom to splash his face with some cold water. He definitely needed that. The inside of his mind was swirling with different thoughts, causing him a headache. He just couldn't get over the fact that he acted like some spineless fool. It was as if he were possessed or something. It's all her fault. Yoongi thought as he angrily wiped his face with a towel.

But then, he looked down at his crotch with disgust and it was still there! He didn't know how long he had been hard and he didn't want to know. He spent a moment in silent dispute with himself, but then just groaned the word "fuck" before loosening the button on his jeans, pulling them down and gripping his manhood in his hand.

 He started to stroke it furiously, disgusted at himself and everything that ever existed as he edged himself closer, since it seemed that he was at that stage where he didn't need too long.

 Yoongi's black hair was tossed and messy and sweat was dripping down his face and neck as he grit his teeth. “It's all her fault.” He repeated once again, but this time out loud. His mind was too occupied with his current need for release, but there were flashes of his encounter with the culprit. His grip got tighter and he let out a strained cry of pleasure as he felt it coming.

 Quickly after, he came undone all over his hand and bathroom floor, panting as if he had run a marathon. Yoongi’s chest heaved up and down while he used his clean hand to push back the sweaty bangs out of his forehead and he sat down on the marbling floor. "Fucking shit..." He gasped out, still out of breath, looking at his half-flaccid dick and remembering the long and slender finger pressing against it and he felt as if he could cum once again if he were to be touched like that at the moment. "I must be going mad, what the fuck." Yoongi grumbled and felt sleepiness approaching him and making his eyelids heavy.                    

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After that horrendous night he had lost his mind, Yoongi thought he would be back to his normal, cool-headed self. But, oh, how he was wrong. It would be unnecessary to say that he woke up with a raging morning wood and an unquenchable thirst for female flesh. That being said, he had to resort to the help of his own hand again. His mind cleared a bit after he had done the deed and took a shower, but he still felt a clump of uneasiness in his guts. The hand won’t do for long, Yoongi thought, I need to call someone.

Yoongi suddenly remembered the night before. He remembered his own erratic behavior and the reason behind it. He snorted at himself for actually thinking that deranged girl was the reason he acted that way. As if. Yoongi shook his head in disbelief. He must have been so delirious with arousal that he had not been able to think straight. It was obvious that he had been horny because of that voluptuous girl from the club!

She was the hot and irresistible one! And she seduced Yoongi, causing him to be more than ready to fuck her brainless, but he had to go and blow her off for that psycho idiot. But still, the arousal that girl left on him was something he could not get rid of that easily. That’s why there was only one way for him at the moment. He scrolled down his phone contacts as he sipped on his coffee, looking for one specific person’s number. Bingo. Yoongi grinned and pressed the dial button.


This couldn’t be right.

Yoongi sat at the edge of his bed, wearing only his black boxers, completely horrified, eyes staring into space. He had slowly started to sweat from his neck and palms.

“Yoongi, you okay?”

Asked the female voice from behind him. There was a girl with a lot of intricate tattoos down her left arm, torso and thigh who was currently dressing herself in front of the mirror. There was no response from Yoongi, so she turned around, still half naked, and strolled over to where he sat. With a defined arched eyebrow, she hunched over to meet Yoongi’s hollow eyes. A mischievous grin spread on her face. “Was it that good?”

“H-huh?” Yoongi snapped out of his trance with a surprised look at the girl’s face in front of him. “Er… yeah, yeah. You were great as always, Jinah.” He averted his gaze to stare at the windows instead.

The smile on Jinah’s face fell. “So something is wrong,” she concluded, “You’re acting way out of character right now, Yoongi. Seriously, tell me – What’s up?”

Yoongi pursed his lips and clenched his fists. There is no way he would be able to tell her what is really up. “Listen, Jinah, I’ve got some plans in the city later, so… do you mind?” His tone was sharper this time and he sent a dark look in girl’s direction, making her scoff and straighten up.

“Now that sounds more like you.” She said coldly, promptly putting on the rest of her clothes and exiting the apartment on her own, without saying goodbye.

Yoongi threw himself back on the bed and continued his pondering whilst staring at the ceiling. Why didn’t it go away? He repeated the question in his head for the nth time already. He had called his loyal fuck buddy Jinah to help him relieve his horniness and quench his uncontrollable thirst for sex, but, even after having a few rounds of rough and sweaty sex (just the way he liked it), the feeling of dissatisfaction was still there as if he had done nothing about it.

This doesn’t make any sense. Yoongi thought as he propped himself up on his elbows, eyebrows scrunched. Maybe I’m sick or something. Only he had never heard of a sickness which symptoms included unquenchable desire for sex. And if it did exist, how was one supposed to cure that?!

Just then, a small voice inside his mind reminded him of his own theory from the night before. ‘It’s the girl’s fault.’ “Don’t be stupid!” Yoongi half-shouted out loud and scurried to get his phone off the bedside table and take his mind off dumb thoughts. He went onto his social media account to check what’s up, but the first picture that popped onto his screen was that of his friends’ group with the one person he didn’t want to think at the moment.

“What the fuck is going on, is she part of the gang now??” Yoongi grimaced at the photo and, before he could catch himself, he zoomed onto the girl’s face. They seemed to have gone to picnic or something, because the photo was taken in the midst of green grass and trees; all of his friends were there, some smiling and some making goofy faces at the camera, while the girl was also smiling kind of a laugh suppressing smile with a peace sign near her face.

She was wearing a pale blue strap dress and a white cardigan that was slipping off her shoulders, revealing her prominent collar bones and smooth skin beneath. As soon as Yoongi caught himself ogling at the girl’s zoomed face, he threw his phone on the bed like it was scorching hot and he had just burnt his hands. Fuck this shit. Yoongi thought to himself and stood up from the bed to get some alcohol from the fridge.

An hour and five glasses of whiskey later, Yoongi was back to looking at the same photo, but this time with his hand inside his jeans. Low grunts escaped his lips as sweat trickled down his temples, but he wasn’t feeling disgusted with himself this time around. He felt almost grateful for the photo, because it helped his relief much more that just imagination and, with that much blood gone from his head to his dick, he wasn’t really in a state of mind to reassess his choices at the moment.

A week or so passed and Yoongi had a feeling that the daily uploading of his friends’ photos in the company of the detestable girl was completely on purpose. The purpose being unnecessary agitating Yoongi into throwing away his dignity and masturbating way too much for his liking. The biggest low was the fact that he had screenshot those same photos and kept them in a hidden folder on his phone, like some kind of a creepy stalker.

But today was the day, Yoongi deemed. He woke up that sunny morning uncharacteristically early, groomed himself and, as he was drinking his first coffee of the day, he dialed Hoseok just to ask:

“What are we up today?”

Hoseok was, of course, evidently thrown for a loop, but before he could ask Yoongi where he was going with his question, the voice from the other side of the call interrupted with another question. “Some dreadful new coffee shop in the city? Or perhaps a picnic on the beach, right in the centre of screaming, running children?”

There was a slight pause from Hoseok before he carefully answered, “Uhh, we planned on going to an ice cream shop today?” He said, with edge in his voice and Yoongi didn’t bother to hide the groan.

“Oh, brilliant.” Yoongi’s voice was monotone and clearly sarcastic. “Just text me the details of the rendezvous, and Hoseok?”


“Uh, yeah?”


“What the hell are you doing?”


There was a long pause before Hoseok’s confused voice could be heard. “Uh, making breakfast?”


“No, like, with your life.” Yoongi interjected sharply.


This confused Hoseok even more. He finally uttered. “Yoongi is everything okay with you? You sound really weird… Listen, you don’t have to come today, I’m sure you’re—“


“Oh no, I’m coming alright. There’s something I need to do, but that’s none of your business. You just fucking wise up, ‘kay?” Yoongi said rather quickly before abruptly hanging up on the baffled boy. Hoseok removed the phone from his head and stared at it with worry flashing in his eyes. He wondered to himself what on Earth Yoongi’s deal was.


And there he was, standing at the entrance of an awful, pink themed ice cream shop, clad all in black, wearing a long black coat and sunglasses, looking like he came straight out of the Matrix. A few parents in the shop pulled their children closer, staring at the suspicious man with wary eyes, while the man himself scanned the surroundings to find the right table. With a casual stride, he approached the table, sat down with crossed legs and directed to the passing waitress, “Jack Daniels on rocks”, causing her to stare confusedly at him before stammering, “U-um, sir, we don’t serve alcohol here…”

To which Yoongi slowly turned his head at her, glaring through his sunglasses and sneering, “Do you perhaps serve coffee instead then?” The waitress nodded, terrified, and continued to stare at the man as if expecting of him to clarify what kind of coffee he wants, causing him to raise his eyebrows and elaborate with “Black?” as if the answer was pretty obvious and the girl was dull for not getting it.

When she left, he turned to his audience, of who all were staring at him with either annoyance or amazement (Jungkook), and the first who spoke up was Taehyung, who was making a grimace as if he had smelt something foul and asked through gritted teeth, “Why did you come, hyung?”

Yoongi smirked. “Is there a reason as to why I shouldn’t have come?”

Taehyung honestly wanted to answer ‘yeah’ but unfortunately, as he was scared shitless of Yoongi, he just mumbled an ‘I guess not’. Just at that moment, Jin has already started his usual rant about the way Yoongi dresses in public, but instead of listening, Yoongi eyed contemptuously the ‘no smoking allowed’ sign on the table, and used the convenience of his sunglasses to throw a glance at the girl for which he knew was present.

Fortunately, she was sitting right across him, but instead of sparing him attention, she was talking animatedly to Hoseok about something, occasionally giggling behind her hand and touching his own. Yoongi grunted and decided to garner attention on his own accord. Interrupting their conversation and also Jin mid-sentence, Yoongi posed a question in a bored voice, “Sooo, to what do we owe the pleasure of seeing you yet again, uh… what was the name?”

The girl blinked at him and answered with an awkward smile, “It’s __. I’m um…”

Jin jumped in to reprimand Yoongi, “She’s one of the gang now Yoongi, so please do refrain from being rude. __ here is still not used to your charming personality.” Taehyung quietly grumbled something to himself, the other guys just snickered and the girl continued glancing between Yoongi and the table, squirming in her seat. Then Yoongi noticed Hoseok grabbing her attention once again by whispering something in her ear and making her turn to him with a genuine smile this time.

Yoongi didn’t understand why this made him boil on the inside so he just opted for drinking his coffee in silence and staring out of the window, whilst still ignoring Jin.

“And you should really take your sunglasses off, are you not aware you’re scaring all of the underage customers and their parents?”



Yoongi was pretty vexed for the fact that he was ignored for the rest of the time spent in the shop. Well, not by everyone, there was of course Jungkook, who continuously tried to grab his attention by showing him photos of a half naked instagram girl on his phone and asking him for advice, “You see, hyung, she asked me to come to her place and teach her math but I really suck at math so I don’t know what to do—“

Nice to know someone’s still a fucking virgin, Yoongi thought disinterestedly as he waved the younger boy off, leaving him to pout and turn to Jin who was now bragging about his promotion at work. Yoongi picked up his sight to find the girl across him not talking to Hoseok any longer and instead indulging in the ice cream in front of her. Crap.

He immediately tried to look like he’s very interested in the contents of the menu, but would rather use the chance to leer at the way the girl’s tongue lashed out to lick her spoon and the way her other hand gripped the ice cream glass. He tried his best to keep a poker face even when he noticed the spoon disappearing into the girl’s mouth deeper and deeper… Wait. Yoongi broke the eye contact from her mouth to focus on her whole face and noticed the girl looking straight back at him, a smirk lingering on her lips.

Yoongi’s cock twitched as she continued to basically deep throat the spoon, only to slowly pull it out and swirl her tongue around the tip. Yoongi briskly glanced around to see if anybody was looking at her, but everyone seemed to be intently listening to Jin. One of his hands slowly slipped from the table to gently rub his package through his jeans.

The girl’s eyes narrowed at that and she closed her eyes while dipping the spoon once more in and out and letting an inaudible moan afterwards. Yoongi flinched at that, struggling to keep his eyes open in order not to miss any action, now rubbing onto his erection more vigorously, feeling the well known release incoming. Just when he needed it the most, the girl popped the spoon out of her mouth hastily, breaking the eye contact with Yoongi, to look at Jin and act as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Yoongi cursed inwardly, shaky hand now firmly gripping his bulge as he let out quiet erratic breaths.

He thought that the show was over (and that the girl is an utter bitch), but his irritated train of thoughts was broken when he felt something soft and warm press against his gripping hand. With bulging eyes, he looked down at his crotch to find a rather small and feminine foot, with pale pink pedicure gingerly removing his hand only to replace it and carefully apply pressure onto it with the heel part. This time, Yoongi didn’t hesitate to close his eyes and even throw his head back a little and indulge in the pleasure the girl was gratifying him with.

He had never gotten a foot-job before simply because of the fact that he was never into feet and always thought it was some kind of a fetish thing for the guys. But, oh, how he was wrong. There was certainly something new about the sheer size of it, or the softness of the flesh that was gentle, yet rough enough for his liking. This isn’t her first time. Was Yoongi’s thinking, considering how comfortable and clearly skilled the girl was. She seemed to know exactly how and where to apply pressure with her foot, as if she was doing an examination of his dick just by tracing the protruding lines.

With strained effort, Yoongi managed to squint at the girl, only to find her making a face she had never made in front of him before. Up to that point he had only seen her fraudulently innocent and her sexually dominant and haughty side. But at that very moment, he caught the glimpse of her extremely lustful and indulging face. It looked like she was the one getting the gratification, and not Yoongi. Her cheeks were flushed red, eyes were narrowed and glistening and lips red from all the biting. This was the finale that was about to push Yoongi to the end, just a few seconds of that magnificent feeling on his dick and he was ready to—

“So, guys, I have to get back to work now, are you all going to stay or?” Jin announced loudly, as he stood up with the sound of his chair scratching the floor.

“Uhh, no?” Said Hoseok as he turned to the girl to ask for confirmation, but as he noticed her flustered look, his voice immediately took the worried tone, “__ are you alright? You don’t look well.”

The girl’s eyes widened in surprise and she let out a loud, awkward laugh, inventing an excuse about it being too warm inside the shop and her needing some fresh air. As much as Yoongi wanted to strangle Jin and the rest of them for causing him blue balls, he was already thinking quickly about how to prolong his time in the shop. But then he got an idea.

Following the rest and standing up, Yoongi asked the girl as casually as he could manage. “So, __, where do you live?”

The girl stared at him in silence, her face unreadable, before Taehyung answered the name of the neighborhood instead of her. Yoongi took off his sunglasses for the first time as an evil grin emerged on his face, “Awesome. I’m just heading there myself. Let me give you a ride.”

The features on the girl’s face faltered for a moment, before she pressed her lips together, very clearly so as to she could suppress a mischievous smirk that would pair up with Yoongi’s. “Sure.” She said in an innocent tone, causing Hoseok to grab her forearm with an expression of panic in his eyes.

“Uhh, __, why don’t just I have you a ride, you know, like I always do? “

The girl’s doe-y eyes met Hoseok’s bulging ones and she smiled. “It’s okay, Hoseok” Yoongi scowled at the informal first name basis. “Yoongi-sshi here is already going in that direction, and you would just be making a detour, so…” She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and, with a smile that was threatening to burst into a full on grin, waved the guys goodbye and turned to chase after the already departed Yoongi.

With hands buried deep into the pockets of his coat, Yoongi hurried towards the parking lot, expecting of the girl to adapt the same speed, and, when he made sure she got into the car, he stepped onto the gas and started driving. There were a few minutes of buzzing silence inside, before the girl finally spoke.

“You’re driving the wrong way.” Her voice was devoid of any real concern, and laced instead with a layer of amusement.

“I don’t give a shit. Continue what you started.” Yoongi replied sharply, whilst not taking his eyes off the road. The girl’s head whipped towards him, eyebrows raised in even more amusement.

“Oh, dear, what could you be talking about?” Yoongi could hear the usual fake voice and he almost crashed the car on the spot.

“Don’t. Fucking. Start. It.” He gritted each word through teeth, hands now gripping the wheel so hard that his knuckles were white and veins popping.

He could hear an airy snort come from her, before she let out a laughy breath and said, “Alright, even I’m not that cruel. Knowing how much you wanted to cum back there…” She trailed off, almost dreamily, and Yoongi was about to curse at her right there, but he had to intake a sharp breath at all known feeling of a hand cupping his package. “Wait.” He struggled to whisper out, causing the girl to laugh loudly. “You said you wanted me to continue, no?”

“I need to park.” Yoongi squeezed out of his lungs, somehow managing to drive off the road and into an abandoned park and beyond the trees and bushes. When he finally turned off the engine and unfastened his belt, he let his head fall back and arms drop languidly to his sides. The girl’s smirk widened, and when she continued to gently rub onto his bulge, he instructed in a deep, throaty voice, “Take it out.”

She froze for a moment in silence, ultimately deciding to comply wordlessly, thus unzipping his jeans and diving into his boxers to grab the hard organ and take it out in the fresh air. “Ughh.” Yoongi didn’t bother to hide his grunts and moans – he wanted to completely indulge into this situation and use its potentials to the fullest.

The girl smirked evilly as she lazily glided her hand up and down the member, mumbling more like to herself, “Oh wow, I already suspected it, but you really are a huge boy.” Yoongi decided to ignore the obvious remark and urged her, “Faster.”

She paused for a bit, possibly contemplating whether to use the chance to tease the man, but apparently decided against it. The movements of her hand quickened, causing Yoongi to groan even more loudly and grip the steering wheel with one hand. After a minute of hushed curses and grunting, Yoongi heard her ask, “Tell me how you like it, come on.”

He strained to open one eye to throw her a questioning glance, only to be greeted with a mild smile and elaboration, “I mean, instruct me how to do it. Everyone has their own preferences.” He pondered for a moment whether to take this seriously or as the usual teasing, but his own chase after orgasm made him choose the first. “Rub my tip a bit. And use your other hand to touch the balls.” He let out in one sharp breath and his eyes rolled back into his head as the girl promptly complied.

One hand lightly scratching the balls, and the other one granting the tip with attention, the girl licked her lips hungrily as she kept glancing between the twitching cock and Yoongi’s orgasmic face. When she unconsciously went back to stroking the shaft, Yoongi grunted out, “I’m close. Do it with your mouth.”

Her jaw fell open as she stared at the man with something that looked like awe. Instead of taking the moment to contemplate or tease, she had, with incredible speed dived down to fit Yoongi’s thick mushroom head into her mouth. It took only two more strokes from then on for him to explode with all his might into the girl’s crevice, almost causing her to choke with the sheer amount of cum, but she managed to successfully swallow every gulp and lick the side of the shaft where a stray drop leaked.

Both panting in the aftermath of the lustful deed, Yoongi and the girl lounged back into the seats with closed eyes and flushed cheeks.  The first one to come to her senses and open her eyes was the girl, her eyes darting all over the dashboard. She brushed the sweaty stray hairs from her forehead and started to pull up her long dress up her legs. “Well, Yoongi-sshi… I can’t lie that wasn’t amazing… Now, I’m afraid I’m also in the same problem…” She trailed off with a giggle while pulling up the dress beyond her crotch to reveal her clothed sex with a clear damp stain on her pink panties.

“I can’t take it anymore. You have to fill me up with that huge cock of yours right now.” She let out an exhilarated laughter at the thought of being pounded roughly by the man’s blessed organ.

But, as few seconds passed, she noticed that no words were coming from Yoongi nor anymore pants or huffing. Still holding her dress raised, she turned to look at the man, who was now zipping himself up in complete silence, his complexion back to its usual pale color and expression completely unreadable.

When he finally decided to spare her a glance, his eyes were dark and indifferent. His lips curled up in contempt as he took in the sight of her obvious arousal, and so he said,

“Get out of my car.”

The girl’s eyes bulged out at the icy and casual tone, as she stammered in response, “E-excuse me? What do you mean—“

“Oh, I think you heard me loud and clear, get the fuck out.” Yoongi’s voice carried no traces of anger, but simply disgust and concealed triumph. He pressed the button so the door on the girl’s side opened automatically, and she, thrown for an utter loop, mechanically got out of the car. As she did so, Yoongi closed the door shut and swiftly drove the car off, leaving her to stare at it with her mouth agape and scrunched eyebrows. Yoongi popped a cigarette into his mouth and light it, a smirk lingering on his lips.



Thanks for your service, you dumb bitch.

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Playing with a burning cigarette between his slim, pale fingers whilst mulling over his thoughts, Yoongi laid on the couch of his recording studio. He was prone to brooding those days and his studio, being his comfort zone, was a perfect place for it. One might have thought he was feeling remorseful after having committed the deed with the girl, but it would need so much more for Yoongi to feel anything remotely close to remorse.

He was currently pondering over his still very present desire for the same girl, but being the logical man he was, Yoongi knew all of his chances to further use the girl were completely blown away by his own very reckless behavior and a one mere hand-job.

He was so stupid. Yoongi berated himself for not being smart enough to concoct a plan that would have tricked the girl into giving him favors for a longer time in the future. He just had to be rash and make it a one-time use, thus ending up with a disgruntled feeling in his chest and a stiffy in his pants.

Goddamn it, Yoongi. You traded everything for a fucking hand-job.

Just then, rudely interrupting his mentally punching himself, Yoongi’s phone vibrated vigorously inside his pants pocket. He answered the call with slight annoyance in his voice, only to hear Hoseok ask:


“Hey, Yoongs, I’m throwing a party at my place tomorrow night, d’you reckon you can come?”

The man detached the phone from his ear only to frown at it in confusion. A house party? Weren’t we throwing those way back in college? Yoongi clicked his tongue. This guy… He’s been affected by those kids way too much. Thinking of course of the three full fledged college students: Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung. “Uhh, listen, man… I’m way over those by now and I thought you were too. So just, like, count me out of this one okay?”

Hoseok let out a tired sigh, but still didn’t relent. “I’d really want you to come tomorrow, Yoongi. Please? For old times’ sake?”


Yoongi visibly stiffened at those words. Even though he would never admit it out loud, Hoseok was a really special person to him. He could be indifferent and even ruthless towards his other friends, but not towards Hoseok as much as he would like to sometimes. He had known the man his whole life, they went through everything together and, although their personalities were polar opposites of each other, they held each other in the high regard.

That is why, at this very much like a plea from Hoseok, Yoongi felt as if he would betray their friendship by declining. He didn’t really understand it himself, but it felt like something rather important to his friend. He groaned at his own weakness and said, “Ughh, fine! But I won’t promise I’ll stay for long!”

He honestly expected Hoseok to sound relieved or happy just like he usually would, but Hoseok’s voice sounded even stiffer than previously as he briskly answered with, “Excellent. See you, then.”

The line went dead a second later, leaving Yoongi to confusedly stare at the plain space in front of him. Hoseok has been acting really weirdly as of recent, or so he had noticed.  Yoongi guessed that it had something to do with the new addition to their friend group, but he didn’t want to give the girl too much credit. Hoseok was much too smart to be involving himself with that kind of person, even though he might didn’t like that to other people.



Yoongi appeared in Hoseok’s rather small apartment the very next day, fashionably late as usual, entering the premises with hands buried deep into his jeans’ pockets and a scowl of disgust on his face. The apartment was claustrophobically packed with drunken screaming college students, acting the way Yoongi used to act in those years and bitterly reminding him of how old he had become.

He pushed through the masses to find the equally old host of the party and show him that he had honored their deal and he could leave as soon as he got bored. (Which was about to be very soon)

“Hyuuuuung!” Came the drunken drawled voice of one of his younger friends, AKA Taehyung. He was carrying two pints of beer in his hands and a very dumb and childlike smile on his face. “I didn’ kno’ you’d come!”


Yoongi’s face scrunched up in a sour grimace as he answered stoically, “Well, yeah, neither did I.”

“Awesome!” Taehyung bellowed unnecessarily loudly as he was very close to Yoongi’s ear, handing him a pint and draping an arm around his shoulders to guide him to one of the rooms. “Man, hyung, you kno’ ho’ much I like ya! Ya look soooo nasty but ya real nice on da inside, ya know!”

A nerve twitched onto Yoongi’s forehead at the backhanded compliment. Taehyung was usually the one who was intimidated by him most of the time, sometimes even downright scared. The only time he was relaxed (a bit too much relaxed, he thought) around Yoongi was when he was drunk. And it didn’t take Kim Taehyung too much to get drunk either. A beer or two would suffice. Not only was he relaxed, but he would not have any filter over the things he’d say, usually letting his honesty get the better of him-

Yoongi was immensely glad that he was free of Taehyung’s clutches when they arrived to the bedroom, using the chance to scoot over next to Hoseok and acknowledge his presence with a brisk nod. Hoseok strained a smile back and turned his head away, once again leaving Yoongi to wonder what on earth’s his deal.

Nevertheless, he noticed that the whole gang was there, including the notorious girl, of course. Yoongi felt a bit uneasy about facing her after he had done, but, as she didn’t seem angry or uncomfortable, or even bothered by his presence, he allowed himself to relax for a little bit. He took a sip of his beer and threw a glance at his watch. Maybe I’ll stay for a bit after all.

After a while of chatting and catching up with his friends, Yoongi took notice of the strong liqueur the girl was drinking. He raised his eyebrows, a bit impressed. Breaking out of character now, are we? He smirked, but his contempt didn’t last long. He soon noticed the girl fanning herself, her cheeks already flushed pink, and, after what looked like a long fight with herself, she succumbed to loosening the first two buttons of her dress, now fanning her collar bones and neck.

Yoongi gulped and immediately looked away, teeth gritted. Now, get a hold of yourself, Yoongi. You already had your chance and you blew it, remember? There’s no changing the past now, isn’t it? He frowned as his pants tightened drastically. But she doesn’t look too bothered though? Maybe she didn’t mind me doing… that the last time so—“

She’ll let you use her and humiliate her again? His reason answered him back incredulously. I wouldn’t be so stupid to pull the same thing again! I’d let her have her fun too this time. Yoongi defended his illogical reasoning, not hearing anything back from his reason, probably because it had already given up on him. “Maybe I’m also getting too drunk…” He murmured to himself, but Hoseok heard him, using the opportunity to talk to him.

“Hey Yoongs, can you help __ get home? She doesn’t look too well and I’m way busy with everybody here so I’m not able to…” He requested, avoiding Yoongi’s frowning eyes.

“Hoseok, are you fucking serious? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m also quite tipsy!”

Hoseok waved a hand at him. “Oh, there’s no one who isn’t drunk here, believe me! I was thinking, of course, of calling a taxi for you two, ‘cause I wouldn’t feel okay with sending her on her own…”

 Yoongi didn’t retort anything back, his face etched with utter perplexity. Before he could say anything though, Hoseok continued with a pleading expression. “Yoongi… Please? Do me a favour just this once…”

Something in Yoongi’s chest stung at the look of his face and he wondered for a moment why the man also seemed grudging. He let an exasperated sigh, turning his face away from Hoseok’s confusing one. “Fuck, fine! You know how much I hate dealing with drunktards, but fuck me, right?” Unexpectedly, a surprised laugh flew from Hoseok’s mouth, his solemn face lightening up in a second.

“Thanks, Yoongi. You’re a real pal.”

Hoseok earned himself a smack in the back of his head for the wholesome assessment, causing him to further laugh in, what looked like relief, which roused the other present boys to drunkenly laugh along at nothing in particular and for Yoongi to tell them all off for being “fucking loud”.


He was now standing in the chilly night air by the street road, impatiently smoking his cigarette and tapping his foot while waiting for the ride to come. The girl was standing a good ten meters away from him, clutching the coat draped around her shoulders and gazing with gaping mouth at the starry sky above. Yoongi shook his head and sucked in a deep smoke, held it for a bit and then let it out into the fresh air. It was him who made sure to stand the farther he could away from the girl. He had promised to get her home – not carry her.

The vehicle appeared shortly and he once again made sure to sit in the front, leaving the girl to clamber her way into the back seat and continue to gaze through the window in complete silence. The driver sent perplexed glances to the stone faced man and the serene looking girl through the rear view mirror, silently wondering whether they are a couple that just got into a fight. The girl murmured her address when asked by the driver and the rest of the ride passed in complete silence.

Yoongi was very glad when the car halted, meaning that his mission was finally over, but the wobbling girl managed to open the doors only to lunge forward and fall onto the asphalt. Yoongi slapped his hand over his forehead, remaining in that position of brooding, until the driver grabbed his attention by asking,

“Oi, that’s your girl that fell outta the car, what’re you doing just sitting there?” His voice was half frustrated half incredulous, and Yoongi removed his hand only to glare sideways at the older man, making him recoil a bit in fear. “S-she’s not getting up, s-so she might b-be ill?” He stuttered.

Groaning in defeat and breaking the glare (the driver sighed and clutched his heart in relief), Yoongi got out of the vehicle and sauntered over to the kneeling girl, gazing down upon her body with indifference. He took his time grasping her upper arm and roughly pulling her up to stand, but her legs didn’t seem to have retained their balance so she staggered towards Yoongi, his chest welcoming her face.

Yoongi’s cold face scrunched up in a “are you fucking serious right now” expression, as his hand still firmly gripped the girl’s arm. For the first time, he paid attention to the building in front of them and his face promptly transformed into a flabbergasted look. “Wait. Where the fuck did you take us, you senile bastard—“

But the car had long driven off, leaving the two standing in front of the big, luxurious hotel’s entrance. The girl finally murmured into Yoongi’s chest. “My place mmm… flooded. Now at the… hotel… Staying…” Her sleepy explanation was sufficient for Yoongi to assemble the whole picture. Her place is flooded and she’s staying at a hotel at the moment, huh? Must be loaded if she chose to stay at this place.

He scrutinized with a glare the tall and shiny building, while hauling the girl along with him to the reception desk. It seemed that it was not a mistake on her part, since the receptionist greeted the girl by her full name and handed them the key to her “suite” without even asking for ID or anything else.

When they boarded the elevator, Yoongi gritted his teeth, now fully aware that he was alone with the girl and that she was pressed tightly against his front and that she smelled so goddamn nice

They both staggered inside the room (or suite as the receptionist said, holy fuck) and the man made sure to lower the girl’s body onto the first soft surface which ended up being the couch in the living room. He let her lie there without even looking at her as to retain his sanity and he hurried to get away from the place as soon as possible.

“Yoongi-sshi!” The now apparently awoken girl bellowed out, pushing herself up to stand and gaze dreamily at the departing man. “It’s so hot in here!”

“Wha— What’re you—“ Yoongi opened his mouth but pressed them tightly together as soon as he caught the sight of the girl ripping open the upper part of her dress and thus revealing her bra and bosom (it was larger than he expected it to be, so much fuller and rounder—). Yoongi took a sharp breath of air through his nose and abruptly looked away from her.

“Yoongi-shi~” The girl’s voice came out as drawled and giggling, “Why are you avoiding looking at me—“

“Shut the fuck up. “ He gritted in irritation, “You’re doing this on purpose.” He said without really thinking much about it, and was surprised when a composed voice came from the girl.

“Well, of course I am, it surely took you long enough to notice.”

His eyes bulged out, him wondering whether he had heard it clearly, and slowly turned his gaze towards the now slouching, smirking and bosom-revealing girl. “I thought you’d make your move back in the elevator but you held on much longer than I expected. I commend you, Yoongi-sshi.”

“What the— what—“

His rambling was interrupted by the girl standing up from the couch with ease and letting her dress fall down to her ankles, further revealing the rest of her lingerie-clad body. This time, Yoongi couldn’t unglue his eyes from the sight. All of a sudden, he remembered the girl’s words from the night that started it all: “I promise my body is not dissatisfying under this drape-y dress”. Well that was a fucking understatement.

She was certainly hiding her mature curves under the drape-y dresses she usually wore, as the hip, waist, bust ratio was very distinct, her whole figure looking fit but soft and gentle at the same time, her thighs juicy looking and sweet lord those breasts

His train of thoughts being cut by the short proximity to the girl, Yoongi took notice of her pretty face still flushed with an awful lot of pink, shaking him out of his reveries. “Stop pretending - you’re still drunk. And I don’t lay my hands on the intoxicated ones.” His eyes were back to dark and glaring and the girl’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

“Oh, why, yes! I completely forgot!” She squealed out, hurrying to pull out one wet wipe from the table nearby and swipe once over her cheek. She then turned the white cloth over to Yoongi, showing him the pink hue on it. “Blusher!” She said matter-of-factly and continued to wipe the rest of her face with the thing.

Still frowning, but now with slightly gaping mouth, Yoongi stammered, “W-what do you mean, you—“

“Pretended to be drunk this whole time, yes.” The girl finished it for him. “Honestly, took you long enough to notice. I guess I’m a much better actress than I thought.” She stopped and let out a laugh, “Actually that is also a lie, I know I’m a great actress.”

Yoongi couldn’t comprehend what just occurred, but one thing was clear to him. This was supposed to be some kind of revenge for what he did to her. Luring me here, what is she planning to do? He then smirked contemptuously at the thought,  sneering at the girl, “So what? You wanted to get alone with me and do what? Tell me, what can a weak-ass girl like you do to me?”

His smirk was widened into an entertained grin, one eyebrow risen amusedly as the girl finished cleaning her face and sent him a blank look. “Me? Oh, I’m not going to do anything.”

Yoongi’s grin almost faltered. This is one of her mind games. Don’t fall for it. “Oh, you aren’t? Then I guess I can go now that your ingenious ploy worked.” He said disdainfully, but didn’t move from the spot where he was standing. His eyes were still scrutinizing the almost naked girl as if to etch the image in his memory and, even though he acted as if he was above it all, he couldn’t compel himself to leave.

The girl’s lips curved into a small smile. “What is it, Yoongi-sshi? You said you’re leaving?”

“Shut up.” Yoongi spat back, “I’ll leave when I please.”

“Is that so?” The girl burst into a genuine laughter, “Oh, Yoongi-sshi, you’re so interesting. I’ve never met anyone so prideful and dishonest about their own feelings.”

For the first time in a long while, Yoongi felt his ears flush with color. “Zip your fucking mouth, what do you know about me!”

“I don’t know you too well, I admit. All of our encounters were quite short, unfortunately. But if there is one thing I know about you, it’s the fact that you desire me and can’t seem to get enough.” She said with an almost pitying smile and Yoongi scoffed in contempt.

“Oh, really now? How humble of you.”

“I’m just stating what I’m noticing, and I’ve had quite a lot of experience with that sort of behavior. If not, why would you purposely seek me after that night in the club? Only to make me pleasure you with my hand?” Her eyebrows rose as if she hinted that what she did was really miniscule compared to what she could have done.

Yoongi continued staring at her with a cold gaze, not really sure whether he should answer the question. Nevertheless, the girl carried on. “You’re an attractive young man, Yoongi-sshi, I’m quite sure you would have been able to get any kind of girl to help you with your biological needs. But you came to me. Even though you rejected me the first time.”  She tapped her finger to her lips thoughtfully, “So the only logical explanation would be that you specifically want to have me. Not any other woman, but me.” She finished with a gleeful smile and Yoongi let out a humorless laugh.

“You’re a conceited little bitch, you know that?”

The girl’s smile widened and she clapped her hands enthusiastically, “Why yes, I’ve been told that same thing my whole life!”

This caused Yoongi to scoff in amusement, having a hard time believing anybody would be so happy being called an awful thing like that. He leaned back onto the dresser and considered the girl with his dark eyes in silence. “So?” He said in an extremely calm voice, “What do you expect of me to do now? Beg?”

The girl blinked at him. “You will, indeed, Yoongi-sshi, but not verbally, because of your prideful personality.”

It was quite difficult for the man to discern the meaning of those words, but the girl quickly elaborated. “You will beg of me in a language that both you and I speak very fluently.” She elucidated, her face looking hopeful at Yoongi to catch her drift.

A few moments passed before Yoongi’s poker face contorted into a devilish smirk. “Hmm.” He mused as he languidly closed the distance between them, looking down at the girl from an inch of proximity. His eyes were dark with lust, but otherwise quite composed. “And what would you expect of me to do?”

“Oh, I’m sure you’re a very creative man.” The girl laughed, not showing any signs of being affected by the intimidation, “My guess would be that you will repay me for what you owe.”

His smirk faltered at that and he just stared coldly at her for a while. Then, without a warning or an indication he swooped down to tug the girl’s panties down to her knees and spent a moment of staring into her naked womanhood in silence. After a while he muttered, “Nice,  “ before letting two of his fingers glide along her folds and feeling the girl’s body shudder. “You’re really wet.” He stated and the girl let out a breathy laugh, “If you only knew…”

He then decided it would be better if they were both sat, so, without breaking contact with the girl’s lower region, he guided her to the closest couch, his eyes boring deep into the girl’s ones. There wasn’t really much conversation going on anymore, the only sounds were the lewd ones produced by Yoongi’s stringing fingers and the girl quiet and chocked moans. “See, I knew those beautiful long fingers would be of good use someday—“

The girl started taunting but was cut off when Yoongi spread open her legs and dived in to use his tongue and lips onto her clit and folds, causing her to roll her eyes back into the head and let out a chocked groan. “Oh god.” Yoongi smirked a little in between her thighs, as he continued to skillfully lick and suck onto her warmth. Yoongi might’ve seemed to be very selfish in bed, and he might’ve really been so, but orally pleasuring a girl was his secret talent and he quite enjoyed doing it. It made him feel that much more dominant and in control.

The girl seemed to try and suppress vocalizing her pleasure, but her body did it all anyway. Her legs shaking and toes scrunching, she breathed deeply, her rib cage rising and falling drastically. Yoongi’s fingers were buried deep into the girl’s soft thighs as he pleasured her, but he couldn’t drive off the fact that his cock was throbbing painfully in his pants for the last half an hour. He didn’t know what to expect of the girl; whether she would be so kind to return the favor or she was still in a vengeful spirit and would leave him hanging.

It didn’t take much more for the girl to cum into his face and Yoongi let out a little laugh, remembering distinctly he had performed the same action onto her a few days back and he wondered for a moment if this was karma. It didn’t feel that awful for him though. With a slightly amused expression, he sat up on the bed and grabbed a tissue from the table to wipe his face with it. He gave a girl a few minutes to collect herself after an intense orgasm, before asking, “So that is done. Am I to go now or…”

He trailed off, expecting of the girl to finish the sentence for him, but she just lay in silence, hiding her flushed face from him with her arm. He turned to look questioningly at her but let out a gasp as he felt the girl’s foot slide over the bulge in his pants. “Do you wish of me to return the favor, Yoongi-sshi?” The girl’s voice was contemptuous but still hoarse from the previous deed.

“Yep, kinda.” Yoongi grunted as he observed her small foot massaging his clothed erection.

“And what would you expect of me to do?” Her tone became more taunting and Yoongi sensed he was about to be thrown out of the apartment as a part of her revenge.

“I-if you don’t plan on retaliating I’m out.” He gritted while staring longingly at the foot. He was between a stone and a hard place, his arousal and pride fiercely battling, both trying to overcome each other. The foot applied more pressure to his cock and he let out a moan of relief. “Say what you want, Yoongi-sshi.”

The girl didn’t seem to relent in her teasing, very keen on trying to make him break and humiliate himself, apparently. Yoongi struggled to keep a straight face and composed voice as he uttered. “Just use your hand.”

He then heard the girl burst into a laugh and thought all hope was lost. “Oh, why are you being so humble?” She said, sitting up until her face was staring very closely at Yoongi’s profile. Her hand flew up to caress Yoongi’s pale cheek and smooth black hair, “You can allow yourself to be greedier than that, Yoongi-sshi,” she cooed.

Yoongi shut his eyes tightly and let out a groan and an order, “Let me fuck you.”

This time the girl didn’t laugh in contempt. She just stared, straight-faced at Yoongi, causing him to turn his head and stare back into her eyes, his own twitching and eyebrows furrowing. The girl started with no amusement in her tone, “You know, my initial plan was to lure you in here, make you do the same thing you made me do that one time and then tell you I’m not interested in returning the favor. But…”

Yoongi’s eyebrows raised at the “but” and the girl continued with a blank face, “I think we can be prideful all we want, both of us, and continue to play this stupid little game of outwitting each other, but it is a fact that we’ll still be left unfulfilled and hungry for more after we’re done. That is why I have a proposition.”

“What.” Yoongi managed to grit out since her foot never ceased rubbing him.

The girl let her eyes wander around the room, obviously uncomfortable with what she was about to suggest. “You have to understand I don’t do this often. Never, to be precise. However, I don’t think there is any other logical solution to this problem at hand.” She looked up once again at Yoongi’s pale face. “I suggest we become what most people would call ‘fuck buddies’ or ‘friends with benefits’, although I do not plan on befriending you in any way.”

Yoongi let out an amused laugh. “You sounded so serious, I was wondering what you were about to say.” The girl sent him a stern look for the first time and he shrugged with an arrogant smirk, “Fine. I do have quite a few of those already, but I guess I could squeeze you in. You don’t mind being just one of the rest, right?”

The girl returned him a smirk. “Why would I care what you do on your free time? I just wish to have you sleep with me every now and then. I also hope you don’t mind me getting pounded by guys I find in clubs on the weekends? It is my usual activity, you see.”

Yoongi’s smirked faltered a bit. “As long as you’re using a condom and not contracting any diseases, I’m fine with whatever you do.”

The girl giggled and clapped her hands. “Oh, I never let them come close to me without a condom, don’t you worry! Then we have a deal!” She extended her hand to shake Yoongi’s and he for a moment found the situation quite unusual. He was shaking on a deal to have sex without commitments with the girl while she was giving him a foot job. He had had quite a number of freaky girls in his lifetime but this one seemed to be very natural about it all, not really seeming to be trying to come off as kinky or overly sexual. It was all like some business deal to her, like sex was nothing more than a obligation to be fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Yoongi was very glad that she had chose him as her first fuck buddy – it boosted his ego and made all of his desires possible now that he was allowed to retain his pride and do whatever he wanted to the girl at the same time. But how long would it last? He wondered for a moment. It didn’t matter, Yoongi concluded quickly. He would eventually get bored as soon as he got everything he wanted and the girl was no longer interesting to him.


“Shall we get to it now?”                




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Yoongi’s eyes were focused on one single spot on the ceiling while he was exerting his whole being to concentrate and not let go just yet. Of course it was very difficult to focus when there were loud lewd smacking and sucking sounds reverberating throughout the room. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth in frustration. “Can’t you do that more quietly?”

His request did not get any answer back and was left ignored as the sounds continued to be as loud as before. His eyes twitched as he felt them tearing up a bit from not blinking. He didn’t want to dare look at her for he was afraid it would be over in an instant. But still… He sneaked a glance down at his crotch. Fuck.

The girl was on her knees in between his spread legs, her mouth filled with his glistening cock and her gaze relentlessly fixated on Yoongi’s squinting face. Her dark eyes were gleaming with perversion and for the first time Yoongi felt self-conscious, wishing to blindfold the girl and stop her from observing him.

One of her hands was gently stroking the lower part of his shaft while the other was lightly scratching the balls. She decided on taking in no more than just the head just so she could torture the man and keep him on the edge. Little did she know that this much was already too much for Yoongi as he was struggling to remain sane and not finish prematurely. His hand wandered off to the top of the girl’s head and the gentle caressing soon turned into tangling into the hair, causing the girl to let out a muffled whine.

The sound brought a lazy smirk on Yoongi’s face as he uttered in a low, grunty voice. “You enjoy this, huh?” The girl responded by taking half of his cock in an instant, making him moan, shamelessly loud, and grip her hair with sudden force. The girl also moaned, almost gagging in process as her mouth was filled with a throbbing organ to the brim. She pulled it out with a popping sound to catch her breath, her chest rising up and down sporadically.

Yoongi loosened his grip on her hair and let his hand fall down on the couch. After filling her lungs with oxygen once again, the girl snickered while muttering “Well, that was intense.” and reached to grab the pulsating organ once again to continue the pleasuring, but was stopped by Yoongi gripping her wrist. Her eyes widened as she looked up, only to find Yoongi leaning down at her with his infamously dark gaze. “Enough of that. Let me fuck you.”

She opened her mouth to object, but was held back as the pale skinned man stood up, his erection now at the same level as her face and pulled her up to make her face him. Unfortunately for Yoongi, she did not face him, and was instead staring straight down at his cock with an obvious lament on her face. He clicked his tongue while shaking his head in disbelief.

“Jeez, aren’t you a thirsty one!”

“Just don’t want to leave the poor guy unattended.” The girl said with a cheekily, as she picked up a condom from the pile on the table, ripped it open and slowly rolled it onto the thick shaft while giving the man a teasing smile. Yoongi answered the remark with a scoff as he scanned the room for a certain object. When he spotted the exact thing he was looking for, he left the girl to stare at his departing naked and white as snow ass cheeks in confusion, only to drag a chair across the room towards one of the walls. “C’mere. Don’t make me wait on you.”  He said nonchalantly as he positioned the chair to face the big mirror that was on the wall.

The girl obeyed, although with a suspicious squint on her face, whilst checking out the strangely placed object and Yoongi’s unreadable expression. The man sighed impatiently, grabbed the girl’s arm and yanked her towards himself, only to sit down and place her into his lap.

“Oh.” The girl uttered, now looking at her own reflection in the mirror with Yoongi’s face poking right beside hers. “You know, I’m not that much of a narcissist to want to look at myself fucking someone. I’d much rather just watch you.” She said as-a-matter-of-factly and Yoongi responded by moving her hair to one side to kiss and suck on her neck.

“I don’t give a shit about what you like.” He muttered between the kisses as his large hands travelled up to her breasts to cup them over the bra. “We’re gonna have to get rid of this.”  He whispered onto her skin hotly and, with one swift move, managed to unclip the garment from behind and yank it onto the ground. He felt the girl’s body flinch and stiffen, but her face remained rather composed with a faltering smirk on her lips.

Yoongi, of course, didn’t want to waste any time and deprive himself any longer from taking those two magnificent things into his possession so he seized hold of the girl’s unrealistically perky boobs, squeezing them and letting out the most satisfied sigh at the first touch. The girl’s smirk finally fell since her face was scrunched at both the intense new feeling and pleasure at the same time.

Yoongi’s mouth was opened in an amazed smile as he proceeded to knead and squeeze the only two things that could bring him happiness at the moment. His gaze was fixated on his actions in the mirror the whole time and he was impressed at the softness and perkiness and also the incredible overflowing of the breasts through the gaps of his long fingers.

“God, how I wanna put my dick in between them, mmpf.” He grunted aggressively, now taking the nipples in between his fingers and rubbing them, making the girl finally let out a loud moan. “Gnnh, t-then why don’t you?… Mmm, d-don’t t-touch… S-stop—“

In a second, Yoongi snapped out of his pleasure-driven delirium and halted his actions. He then proceeded to lower his hand onto the girl’s waist to lift her up from his lap, causing her to stare surprised at his reflection in the mirror, “W-wait, what are you—“

“Just put it in!” Yoongi gritted through his teeth, while trying to position the girl right above his erected member.

Although thoroughly taken by surprise, the girl grabbed the thick organ as per order and pointed it at her entrance. Before she could even begin to push it inside, Yoongi got ahead her by plunging his cock deep into the girl’s crevice. She let out a scream of pleasure and stinging pain and Yoongi joined her with his long held moan as his eyes rolled back in his head.

The two remained still for a while, both panting and trembling with their bodies connected, before the girl broke the silence with a shaky laugh, “W-wow, aren’t you wild? Putting it in without preparation or anything?”

Yoongi’s head was leaned against her back as he answered while tightly hugging her body from behind. “Oh, shut up, as if you didn’t like it.” He bit his lip, trying to suppress another moan at the feeling of immense tightness wrapping his dick. It felt both tense and enjoyable at the same time. Yoongi was always appreciating of a tight pussy.

“That’s besides the matter…” she threw a glance at the mirror to check out their connected parts with perverse curiosity, “So? Are you going to fuck me or not?”

Finally deciding to break his own personal moment of torment, Yoongi sighed and lifted his head, “You don’t have to ask me that twice.”

With one swift move, he lifted the girl’s body again, just to the tip of his cock, only to ram into her once again with an uncontainable moan. But this time, he didn’t make any more pauses. Instead, he kept the same rhythm of thrusting up into the moaning girl, completely being taken over by the lewd sensations of tight friction against his dick, the fleshy bounciness of her ass against his thighs and the squelching sounds echoing through the room. For a while, he felt lost to pleasure until the girl’s whines and moans finally reached his ears.

“Aaaah, FUCK— t-that’s right— your c-cock is s-s-so good AH AH AH!” Saying that Yoongi was the one who had lost his head to the pleasure was an overstatement in comparison to the girl. It was that same huge cock she had been fantasizing ever since she had touched it for the first time, that it was now deep inside of her over and over again and she was simply overwhelmed with the pleasure, like never been before.  God, he’s perfect. She thought deep in her mind. His cock, his tongue, his hands, the way he fucks me… I can’t get enough of this, I don’t want him to ever stop. She was sure that she had already orgasm-ed but continued to bounce onto the man’s dick like an animal that can’t control its hunger. Being so sex-crazed, she started spouting incoherent words depicting her pleasure, which helped Yoongi snap out of his lustful frenzy and look over the girl’s shoulder at the mirror.

He smirked mischievously and compelled himself to stop his motions, causing the girl to almost instinctively grab his thigh and dig her fingers in enough to draw blood from the soft flesh. “What are you—“, she snapped her eyes open and was immediately distracted from finishing her inquiry for she was greeted with her own reflection that looked immensely strange and unfamiliar.

Her cheeks were flushed red, eyes glistening with pleasure-induced tears; her usually straight and neat hair was messy and there was even a little bit of drool in the corner of her mouth. The girl’s stomach clenched at the sight as she was so appalled to see herself in that fashion that she needed an extra take to confirm to herself, that it was, indeed, her reflection in the mirror.

Momentarily, she looked away from the view and hurried to wipe the drool of her face and fix her hair. “What are you trying to accomplish, Yoongi-sshi?” Her voice was cold and fairly composed.

Yoongi snickered maliciously, “I just thought you ought to see your true, unfeigned appearance for once. Were you shocked?” He couldn’t hide the mocking tone in his voice.

The girl smiled coldly, as irritation was starting to show on her face, “I didn’t take you for a jokester, Yoongi-sshi. I’m seeing a lot of different sides of you today.”

“I’d say you’re seeing a lot of different sides of yourself, too. I think it’s about time you get to know yourself a little better, what do you say?”

“W-wait, what do you mean—“

The girl whipped her head back to look at the man, but was hindered by Yoongi suddenly standing up while still holding her body against his own and beginning to slowly and clumsily usher the girl to walk forward with him. When they reached the mirror, the girl grabbed onto the mirror stand below, bent over, as she was trying not to tumble forwards. She was panting in effort to hold herself stable, and was clearly alarmed, “What on Earth’s name are you doing!?”

She heard a dark chuckle from Yoongi who ordered calmly, “Pick up your head, princess.”

With her legs on tippy-toes and trembling, the girl slowly lifted up her head only to find herself once again staring at her own reflection in the mirror. The corner of her lips rose disdainfully as she spoke, “Y-you strange man, just what are you trying to accomplish—“

In an instant, the girl’s words were cut off by a ear-piercing moan that she let out since Yoongi violently thrust his hips into her, causing her to jerk forward and almost fall down. He didn’t stop roughly thrusting from behind while gripping her waist with urgency, so the girl was confronted, over and over again, with her hot mess of an appearance, moaning and crying from the insane amount of pleasure, with no hope for regaining her dignity any time soon.

As the skin on skin slapping noise drew out and the girl’s moans started to get raspier, Yoongi allowed himself to drop the satisfied smirk off his face and close his eyes to enjoy the feeling of warm friction sliding up and down his pulsating cock. His fingers were buried deep into the soft flesh of the girl’s ass, as he felt her insides convulse and tighten, threatening to entice his climax. He grit his teeth without stopping the pacing of his doggy-style fucking, and managed to squeeze out the words, “D-did you cum?”, while dancing on the thin line before going over the edge.

The girl nodded her head at first, but then quickly realized that Yoongi could only see her ass and nothing else, so she vocalized her answer, “S-several times, you c-can cum…”

As if the words were a blessing from the heavens, Yoongi released a grateful moan as he hastened his thrusting pace, accelerating the rhythm of skin-slapping noises and also the frantic panting and moaning of both of them. Just as he was getting near the edge, Yoongi removed one of his hands from the girl’s hips to mangle it into her hair and pull on it while burying himself to the hilt inside her crevice and releasing his warm load.

The girl seemingly didn’t even pay any notice to the warm feeling inside of her body, but was rather focused on the pleasure-inducing pain on her scalp instead, “Ahhhh!” She squealed gleefully, her mind completely blank from all the fucking and her multiple orgasms.

Yoongi’s breathing was rough and heavy as he stood still with closed eyes to recover from the mind-blowing climax. In the meantime, the girl allowed herself to detach her body from Yoongi’s and inevitably fall down onto the floor, sprawled naked. When he was done with his moment of zen, Yoongi threw a quick glance at the girl’s fucked out form, and then began to take care of his cum-filled condom.

There was a peaceful silence of reflection and the feeling of returning to the real world, as both of them took turns going to the bathroom to clean themselves. Yoongi was already slumped on the couch with a burning cigarette hanging from his mouth, a sight which made the girl scoff in contempt, but then again didn’t seem to mind very much since she plopped onto the seat right next to the man and mindlessly started playing with his hair.

The man didn’t want to bother opening his eyes because he felt much too lazy and relaxed to do so. “What’re you doing?” He asked hoarsely instead.

“Oh well, since you haven’t really commented anything, I was wondering how it was for you?” The girl asked nonchalantly while still curling the man’s black locks around her fingers.

Yoongi let out an airy snicker. “That was the best fucking sex I had in a long time.” He then paused and opened his eyes to squint lazily at the girl, “Don’t let it get to your head, though.”

The girl laughed, “It would have definitely gotten to my head if I didn’t feel the same way.” She stared off into the space with a small smile, “You know, my first impression of you turned out to be true. You really are something different, Min Yoongi:”

The man hummed curiously and pulled in a breath of smoke, “Hmm? What was your first impression then?”

He side-glanced to find the girl smirking at him, “Not telling!” Scoffing with disdain, Yoongi pulled out the burned out cigarette out of his mouth and extinguished it onto the decorative plate on the table. The girl raised her eyebrows at the audacious act and thanked the heavens that they were in a hotel suite and not in her own apartment.

“So…” Yoongi abruptly leaned over the girl to cage her in between his tattooed pale arms, causing her to flinch in surprise, “Are we doing the second round or nah?”

The girl’s startled face quickly transformed into a smug one, so she said while running her hands delicately up Yoongi’s arms to rest around his shoulders, “Thought you’d never ask.”



The girl was thankful for the fact that the particular hotel suite was also sound-proof and that no other guest of the hotel could hear what sounded like some sort of a sex marathon that was taking place the whole night until the early morning hours. She knew that Yoongi was almost thirty and already kind of old by her standards, so she expected a maximum of two rounds of sex from him, and she would had been completely satisfied with that, because of the quality he was providing her with.

It seemed like she had won the lottery, though, since Yoongi had incredible stamina even for a younger man, let alone a thirty year old one. It occurred to her later that it probably had something to do with the fact that he did, in fact, shag a ton of girls quite often. Even though he didn’t look like the type of person who would be physically active, he was very active in that department.

The whole night, Yoongi fucked her ruthlessly. He sneaked in while she was showering after their second round and fucked her against the shower cabin glass; he fucked her over the dining table while spanking her ass hard and calling her ‘a dirty slut’ over and over again, leaving red marks that still stung while he fucked her throat as she was sitting on the bedroom bed; she had lost count of the rounds by the time they actually got to fuck on the bed, and by that time, her mind was completely blank as she lay on the stomach, her head buried in a fluffy pillow (Yoongi helping with that by pushing her head with one hand) as he sharply snapped his hips against her still handprints-painted ass and muttered curse words and groans in between the lewd slapping and squelching sounds.

The girl’s moans which were really loud at the beginning turned into silent whines and cries, which were most definitely caused by losing her voice over the constant screaming.

When Yoongi deemed that he was (once again) at his limit, he flipped over the girl’s body with ease, quickly removed the condom and exploded all over her torso and tits. She shut her eyes tightly when a few drops also landed on her face and neck and just laid still, panting in unison with Yoongi, who was hovering over her and recovering from the orgasm.

When he regained his composure, he stood from the bed and went to the bathroom for the last time that night, but when he returned, the girl wasn’t meticulously wiping her body with baby wipes like he expected her to. She was, instead, still lying on the bed, completely covered in Yoongi’s cum and rubbing the sleepiness or exhaustion off her eyelids.

“You not getting up?”

The man asked perplexedly while walking over to the bed to sit on it and light another cigarette. The girl yawned. “I tried, but I can’t really move my legs… My whole body is sore.” Her tone was almost surrendering and it made Yoongi burst out in a laugh, almost spitting out his cigarette in the process. Not amused in the least, the girl turned her head over to look at the cackling naked man and clicked her tongue.

“And what is so funny? The fact that you utterly disabled my legs and that I won’t be able to walk until who knows when?”

Her voice was cold and sarcastic, but inside her mind she admitted to herself that she found Yoongi’ boyish laugh and gummy smile incredibly adorable and lamented over the fact that he always had a stick up his ass that prevented him from laughing his heart out just like that. The man paid no heed to the berating, allowing himself to laugh to his heart’s content, very oblivious of the fact that he was showing his intimate side to a person he didn’t trust in the least.

When he was letting out final giggles and wiping the tears out of his eyes, Yoongi turned to the girl’s poker face with a wide grin and excitement. “Well, look who’s finally off her high horse! Do you maybe want me to help you to the bathroom, princess?”

The girl didn’t like the way he emphasized the word ‘help’ in the least, but she was also aware that she didn’t really have much choice at the moment, so she responded with a tired sigh and by slowly pushing herself up by her elbows. Yoongi shook his head with a chuckle and picked her naked body up and carried her to the bathroom, while observing her cum-stained breasts with perverse curiosity.

He helped the girl wash off the sweat and other sticky liquids, which he enjoyed because he could see her prideful image crumbling the more he scrubbed her body and it made him want to take his sweet time while doing so. The girl avoided making eye contact most of the time spent in the bath, so she maintained a haughty and cold expression, refusing to show her humiliation to the man.

When Yoongi helped dry her body with a towel and get her into a bathrobe, he held the girl by wrapping her arm around his shoulders to get her back into the bed (she would not allow to be carried once again).

“Oh well, I guess I won’t be going to the lectures today… I’m going to have to inform Taehyung.” The girl mumbled nonchalantly while typing away on her phone and Yoongi shrugged his shoulders, lying on the bed beside her with a newly lit cigarette in his mouth.

When her text was sent, the girl threw her phone to the side and turned sideways to stare up at Yoongi’s profile. “That’s funny.”

Her words caught Yoongi’s attention and he spared a glance at her. “What?” His voice was muffled because of the cigarette.

“I remembered something you said the night we were at the club and we spoke for the second time…” The girl tried to say innocently, but there was a devilish smirk threatening to pull up on her lips. Yoongi didn’t prompt the answer and just continued puffing out smokes, allowing the girl to proceed with the story on her own.

“You said that you would have fucked the girl from the club, not even bothering to remember her name or number and that you would be out of her life as soon as the sun would rise in the morning. I assume this is the same manner you treat these kinds of relationships?”

Yoongi’s face was expressionless and voice monotone. “Your point?”

The girl took a moment to observe his calm and indifferent features before bursting out in a giggle. “You have gotten awfully comfortable now compared to your usual behavior then. I mean, look at you - lying here beside me and taking all the time in the world to go home.”

She could have sworn she heard Yoongi’s breathing hitch for a second, but then he continued to puff out the smoke just like before. He stared into the space, looking quite dazed, before answering in the same indifferent tone, “I spent a lot more energy than usual tonight. Can’t blame me for being an older guy.”

The smile on the girl’s face fell and was replaced by a frown. Wow. Now that’s a blatant lie. Yoongi did look tired and spent, indeed, but nowhere near her own level. He looked perfectly able to get up and take a taxi to his own apartment, so she concluded that he was being dishonest just like her own self. Fine - if that’s how you want to play this game.

She opened her mouth, ready to take another jab at the man’s evasiveness, but her phone started going off, making both of the them flinch. She quickly pushed herself up and took the phone, stared at the display for a few seconds and answered it with a sickeningly sweet, “Hoseok, hello?”

Yoongi’s full attention was immediately grabbed by those two words, causing him to take the cigarette out of his mouth and stare with unreadable expression at the flustered girl.

“Oh no, I’m already awake, you didn’t wake me up, don’t worry!” She tried to laugh it off, but there was a nervous edge to her voice, “Oh? Taehyung told you? Jeez, he’s worrying too much, that one haha.”

“Uhh, no it’s really not a big deal, it’s just the common cold, yes. No, no, there’s no need, I wouldn’t want you to catch it from me!”

“I’m serious, though!” She laughed, “No, I’m really fine. I have the medicine and everything else - I’ll recover in no time!”

Yoongi made a disgusted grimace at the shameless cunningness of the girl as he was also annoyed at the fact that Hoseok was such a busybody, being so quick to check on her ‘cold’ and obviously offering to come and take care of her. He was annoyed to the point that he had an explicit wish to ruin the girl’s façade and reveal the truth to Hoseok. That is why he couldn’t stop himself from coughing really loudly in the deepest, manliest manner he could muster. The girl flinched and froze on the spot.

“T-that was the TV!” She quickly cried into the phone, while sharply whipping her head to send a death stare to Yoongi who was smirking with satisfaction. “I should have turned the volume down, you know how loud the commercials can get!” She laughed nervously and made a move to stand up from the bed and get as far as she could away from Yoongi.

As if he had read her moves, the tattooed man grinned and grabbed a hold of her wrist to pull her back down onto the bed, right into his chest. The girl gasped and managed to hold her balance by clutching onto Yoongi’s bare shoulder with one hand, staring right into his mischievous dark eyes with her panicked, round ones and briskly saying into the phone still pressed onto her ear, “I just jumped back into my bed, yes. I think I’m going to go back to sleep now. Thanks. Take care, call you back later.” She made sure to properly end the call before scowling at the man in annoyance.

“What was all that for?”

Yoongi raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders with a smirk. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The words sounded like something the girl would usually say, so it felt like a taste of her own medicine to say the least. Still holding onto the man’s shoulders and gazing into his dark eyes, the girl felt a new wave of arousal in her nether region and was surprised with herself at how she could still be going even after a whole restless night of rough sex.

The smirk fell off Yoongi’s lips, his face back to its usual indifferent state, before he removed the girl off his body to stand up from the bed and start dressing himself. The girl scoffed at him in disbelief, which didn’t incite any kind of reaction from the man.

“So it is now that you’re going home?”  The girl asked with clear traces of contempt in her tone.

“Yep.” Yoongi shot back as casually as he could and turned to the bed to take his phone, keys and pack of cigarettes off the nightstand. He threw down a look at the girl’s sprawled body and the way her bathrobe was slipping down her shoulders and thus revealing her slender neck, collarbones and cleavage and he felt his pants getting tight. Jesus Yoongi, didn’t you have enough? He scolded himself mentally and it took him a lot of effort to peel his eyes off the girl’s figure so he could turn his back and walk towards the exit of the hotel room.

“Hear from ya later, huh?” His voice was thankfully sounding as indifferent as he liked it, which also irritated the girl enough to shout back at him,


“I’ll call you when I want it, and please do not contact me until then!”


Yoongi didn’t have to turn around to know her face was red with anger so he just laughed while putting his sunglasses on and a new cigarette in his mouth while he made himself bid goodbye to the one of the most amazing and exciting nights of his life. Well, at least, for the meantime.



Chapter Text




If asked, Yoongi would describe himself as a fairly patient guy. He was never the type to rush into things or expect of situations to unfold immediately; he was rather the kind of person to sit back and relax while waiting for shit to go down without giving a single fuck. Then again, he also wasn't the type to wait on people. If somebody wasn't willing to give him what his heart desired, Yoongi would just turn around and go the other way.

That is why his current state of mind was weirding him out. As days went by, he would be checking his phone like some teenage girl hungry for attention from her crush. What was especially weird to him was the fact that he carried his phone everywhere, when he was actually the type to sometimes leave it at home just to get rid of the pressure. Now, Yoongi carried his phone to the toilet like there is no ‘call back’ option for a missed call and he had suddenly become a goddamn idiot.

If he was being honest with himself, he would admit that the night he had spent with the girl was one of the best and also most exhausting nights of his life. Thanks to that, his mind was completely clear for the next three days and he didn’t even as much as think of sex, allowing him to entirely focus on his work at the studio.

Of course, he should have known that his intellectual bliss won’t be of a long span. Three days in, and he was back to jerking himself off at least twice a day, gradually starting to check his social media more and more often and, as mentioned before, carry his phone around everywhere.

The strange thing wasn’t only that the girl didn’t bother contacting him since their night of fun, but the fact that there was no trace of her on his friends’ social media. Hoseok, Jin and the rest of the guys stopped posting the pictures of their outing as often, and in the ones they did post, the girl wasn’t present.

In these kind of situations a normal person, like for example, Hoseok, would get extremely worried and would do everything in his power to get in contact with the girl and make sure she’s alright. Yoongi was also extremely worried. For his dick, that is. He felt bad for spoiling the poor guy with the amazing sex the girl provided him with, and now he had to satisfy him only with his hand.

Yoongi couldn’t believe the girl was so selfish as to leave him hanging like that. Yoongi deemed it was her responsibility as a fuck buddy to provide him with sexual favours at least a few times a week. He would be the one to contact her first if she hadn’t forbidden him to do so and told him to instead wait for her call. Yoongi was a big boy who didn’t like being ordered around and this whole ordeal was hell to him.

His finger was hovering over Hoseok’s name in his phone contacts, while he was egging himself on to call the boy and ask about the girl’s whereabouts in a beat-around-the-bush kind of way. Before he was ready for it, he accidentally tapped the screen and Hoseok didn’t give him time to cancel the call since he answered it on the first ring,


Hoseok’s half-anxious, half-excited voice boomed from the other end, causing Yoongi to flinch and scrunch his brows.

“Uhh, hey?” Yoongi’s deep, scratchy voice seeped into Hoseok’s ears and the boy let out a disappointed sigh.

“Oh, it’s you, Yoongi...”

Yoongi grimaced and scoffed, “Duh? Don’t you check your caller’s ID before taking the call?”

There was a short pause before Hoseok drawled out an ‘uh’. “I was expecting somebody else’s call, so I got too eager to answer it I guess... Sorry, man.”

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. He could take a guess as to what that person’s identity was, but just the thought of that irked him immensely. Instead, he tried to push it out of his mind by clearing his throat and asking, “Do you guys wanna hang out or something? It’s been two weeks since that house party of yours...”

“Uhh, sure, man.” Hoseok laughed, but Yoongi could immediately tell it was forced, “We didn’t have anything planned anyways; what do you wanna do?”

Yoongi paused to think. He didn’t plan that far with his beating around the bush. And the direction he was heading in with his invitation wasn’t what he originally wanted. “Dunno. Depends on how many of us would be there?” Nice save there, me. I’m not the smartest one in the gang for nothing.

Now it was Hoseok’s turn to not say anything for a while. When he ultimately spoke, his voice sounded empty and dispirited. “Maybe all of the guys? I know that none of them are all that busy... __ probably won’t be there though...”

Oh, bull’s-eye.

“What do you mean?” Yoongi tried his best to sound nonchalant, but even he could hear the eagerness in his own tone, “You guys had a falling-out or something?”

“No no, nothing like that!” Hoseok hurried to disagree, “She is just... busy with school work... I guess... Maybe she’s angry about something I did or said, and is just trying to avoid me now by being polite and not wanting to hurt my feelings and I’m so—“

“Wait wait!” Yoongi cut into Hoseok’s paranoid and self-deprecating rambling before it got to the point of the boy breaking out crying (it has happened on numerous occasions before, and Yoongi was always, without a fail, uncomfortable upon hearing it). “Did you say or do something to her, though? Or are you being paranoid and blaming yourself over nothing like usual, dude?”

He could hear a sniff from Hoseok’s line. “I...” His voice was chocked, “I might be overreacting...” He paused to breathe in deeply before continuing, “I’ve rewound my memory many times, but I still can’t remember anything that could’ve offended her... M-maybe that’s the problem, t-that I’m s-so inconsiderate and—“

“Okay, no, stop!” Yoongi had to cut him off again, “Dude, you’re doing it again. How many times have you blamed yourself over something like this and how many times was it actually YOUR fault?”

“W-well that’s—“

“Zero, Hoseok, the answer is zero!” The vein on Yoongi’s forehead twitched in annoyance, “The chances of her being mad for something you did are practically non-existent, and if that’s really the case, it must’ve been Taehyung or Jungkook, those two idiots...Or maybe even me?” He stiffened at what he blurted out, but continued nevertheless to avoid appearing awkward, “the night I, uh, took her back home from the party... I guess I was kinda rude to her.... Maybe she’s not used to me so she wants to avoid meeting me again.”

The words he had uttered himself stung Yoongi like poison. What if she really was avoiding them because she didn’t want to meet Yoongi? And why would that be? Did she not like the night they had spent together as much as he did? Or was it something else? Yoongi had to force himself to revert to his conversation with Hoseok and put his current problems away for a moment.

“You... you might be right.” Hoseok sniffled. “Or maybe she really wasn’t lying about having a lot of schoolwork? She isn’t someone who would lie, even not to hurt my feelings, what was I thinking, badmouthing her like that...”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. Yeah, she’s not the one to lie, sure. I wouldn’t even trust her with informing me of the weather. “’Kay, now that that is clear, if she’s busy with uni, what about Taehyung? Aren’t they the same major?”

“I dunno, he’s hanging out with Jimin and Jungkook as usual. I didn’t notice him talking about their schoolwork, but then again his grades are awful and all...” Hoseok trailed off pensively.

Even if his grades are awful and he doesn’t study, he’d surely know if they’re busy at uni; so she’s really lying then... Of course, Yoongi would not dare mention his observation out loud, because he didn’t want Hoseok to start being paranoid again.

“Well, yeah, of course he wouldn’t be busy. I can’t fathom how he even got into university with brains like that. Or more like, the lack of.” He prompted Hoseok to actually believe in the girl’s lie and put him at ease about it. Yoongi then concluded that his little investigation was finished, not as successfully as he wanted it, but at least he had found out that the girl was avoiding either one of his friends or him (more likely).

“Okay then, hear from you later, man. Gotta go.”

“Huh? Uh, okay? Bye, Yoongs.”

As he was rushed into ending the call, Hoseok was left absolutely baffled, staring at his phone, trying to process everything that had happened in the past few minutes. “W-wait didn’t he call to... ask for a meet-up? What??”


Yoongi, on the other hand, was staring at his ceiling instead, rummaging through his mind for a reason that would make the girl try to avoid him. It made no sense to him, but the suspicion itself hurt his ego a lot. I fucking knew she’s a psycho... Look what happened, really shouldn’t have put my dick in crazy, what the fuck was I thinking...



To drown out his current concerns, Yoongi accepted an invitation to go out drinking with his fellow colleagues at the music production company where he was employed, even though most of them were considerably older than him. And also married.

“Oh man, I should really go home soon, it’s really late, guys, my wife is gonna kill me.” One of the men slurred drunkenly with a flushed face.

Then don’t fucking go out drinking if you have a family. Yoongi thought to himself while taking another sip from his alcoholic mix of beer and soju. He didn’t have anything against the men who were married, but he did reckon that if they had willingly chosen a boring life of a family man, they had the obligation to commit to it; not go out drinking out late every night and ogle at much younger girls at the clubs. Fucking assholes.

“Aww, come on, man! Are you saying you’re bailing on the second round? You know we’re going to a hot new club in Gangnam, right?”

The other drunk man teased sleazily, causing the married guy’s eyes to bulge out, before breaking out into an equally sleazy smile, “Oh well, now you’re talking! You know me, man, I can’t pass on that!” Yoongi’s stomach churned and he felt nauseated, and to worsen the situation, a fat arm coiled itself around his neck and pulled him towards a particularly alcoholic breath.

“We don’t fuck around here! And we also have mister young and handsome here to attract a few babes for us with his pretty face!” He laughed while spitting, making Yoongi shut his eyes close and attempt not to make a disgusted face.

Yoongi forced a laugh, “Uh, I wouldn’t know about the ‘young’ part, hyungnim. Most of these kids over there are like ten years younger than me, so I’ve been feeling very out of touch as of lately.”

The guy removed his arm to ruffle Yoongi’s black hair and the younger prayed to the Heavens to give him strength to resist punching the oaf in the face. The oaf laughed gauntly, “You don’t have to worry about that, my man, just leave it all to your looks to speak for itself and we’re all walking out with a young babe tonight.”

Yoongi cursed the moment when he agreed to go out with a bunch of apes.




Oh, well. Even though he felt utterly embarrassed for being surrounded by a group of old, sleazy men with extremely cringe-worthy behaviour, coming to a night club didn’t seem like such a bad idea after all. He was still being haunted by his insecurities about his sex performance with the girl, so he figured that those would be debunked once he’d fuck some other hot girl and the club was the right place for finding one of those.

However, his chances of picking one up were drastically reduced by his current company.

Quite a number of attractive young women passed by their table, but not one seemed to notice Yoongi amongst his colleagues, because he was like a beautiful flower surrounded by a huge pile of excrement, and no one wanted to throw a look at a pile of excrement.

“Hey, what’s this all about?” The oaf asked in frustration, “I thought you’d get approached by some cute babes, but no one’s even looking this way!”

Maybe because of your huge, ugly head. Yoongi thought with annoyance as he took a shot of alcohol to numb down the pain. For a few moments, he considered two options. One was to just leave and try to forget this traumatic experience, and the second one was to separate himself from the horde of nasty apes and take a stroll around the club to hopefully get hit on by a hot girl who’d be willing to get home with him.

He was leaning towards the latter option more, when his train of thoughts was interrupted by the sleazy voice of one of his ape-like colleagues. “Oh, hey there, cutie! I see you looking this way, come and join us, don’t be shy!”

Yoongi frowned upon the information that someone actually looked their way and didn’t instantly throw up, so he was curious to see what she looked like. It seemed like one of the oafs chose a wrong girl to catcall, since a huge guy, whose aesthetic vaguely reminded of Yoongi’s, stepped in front of the girl, to protect her from the sleazy looks from the bunch.

“You talking to me, old man?” The young man’s voice was deep and, although smiling, he looked very intimidating. Yoongi didn’t find all of his tattoos nor black clothes nor ear piercings intimidating, since he himself also adorned all of those. Instead, what he found intimidating was the man’s tall and muscular frame, especially broad shoulders and bulging biceps from below his tight black T-shirt. That one doesn’t skip going to the gym for sure.

“Oh no no, I just mistook her for somebody else!” The sleazy guy laughed nervously, even though it was evident on his face that he was fuming inside for being talked down from somebody so much younger.

The tall, tattooed guy snickered. “Thought so. Come on babe, let’s go back.” He securely enveloped his arm around the girl’s waist and Yoongi immediately noticed her distinctive proportions under her tight and short black dress. He could only catch a glimpse of her face from the profile view, but he concluded that she was, after all, a pretty one. Pretty, but taken, unfortunately for him.




“Thanks, baby, but I was going to get this special cocktail from the bar. I think I’m okay now, you can go back.” The girl pulled the tattooed man down to say over the loud music in his ear, making him send her a dubious look.

“Are you sure you’re okay on your own? I don’t want some old creeps to catcall you like that again.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get near that table again!” The girl laughed and got on her tippy-toes to plant a kiss on the guy’s mouth. “I’ll be back as soon as they make my cocktail, relax!”

The guy smiled at the kiss, even though he still looked hesitant about not accompanying the girl, but ultimately nodded his head and mouthed a ‘be careful’ over the blasting techno music to her. The girl giggled and waved the man off before heading back to the bar the long way, as not to pass by the old creeps table.

“Can I have one of the tonight’s special mix, please?” The girl shouted over to the barman when it got her turn to order amongst a huge mass of waiting people. “And can you, please, leave out the vodka and replace it with something non-alcoholic?”

“Sure thing, doll.” The waiter nodded with a smile after checking the girl out.


“I see somebody’s still stuck up even after changing identity.”


A familiar deep and raspy voice boomed into the girl’s ear, followed by a warm, minty breath and she flinched as goose-bumps peppered her entire body. Fuck. Her legs started trembling as her heart threatened to break out of her chest with its loud thumping, but she still managed to compel her body to turn around and greet the intruder.

“G-good evening, Yoongi-sshi. Fancy meeting you here tonight.” The girl forced a quivering smile, and was greeted by a stony, unimpressed male face.

“Oh? So we’re pretending you didn’t see me a while ago and hid behind that dude like some kind of a rat?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking—“

“Oh drop the act.” Yoongi sharply cut her off. He let his eyes wander down her tightly clad body and fierce make-up adorned face. He raised an eyebrow, “Well don’t you look different.”

The girl let out a nervous laugh while putting her hair behind her ear. “I think it’s good to dress appropriately for this kind of place.”

Yoongi sneered down at her, “I don’t remember you dressing ‘appropriately’ the last time we were at this kind of place together though.”

Her eyes bulged out a little in realization, but she composed herself quite quickly, “Why are you here, Yoongi-sshi? Actually no, I understand why you would come to this club, but why did you follow me to the bar?”

Yoongi’s eyes were not focused at the girl’s ones, but were instead glued to her quite exposed bust with a burning interest. “Just thought I’d come here and make you uncomfortable for a little while. I see you have been avoiding me for the past few weeks, huh.”

A triumphant smirk emerged on the girl’s face, “I wouldn’t call that ‘avoiding’, Yoongi-sshi; I was merely not interested in seeing you. I was busy with other people, as you might have already seen. Why? Could it be that you missed me?” She covered her mouth to laugh at last spoken sentence and Yoongi’s eyes twitched.

“Keep on dreaming.” He spat out coldly, “As you can see, I’m also ‘busy with other people’ here tonight, so you can freely go back to your fuck-boy over there.”


God, I wanna fuck her so badly.

No, Yoongi. You have to act disinterested. She’s not worth throwing your pride away for. Just go now and forget about her once and for all. Yoongi retained his expressionless face, as the girl retained her smirk, so they had their own relentless staring competition amongst the mass of drunk, dancing people around them. I just... I just wish I could touch them... And by ‘them’, Yoongi of course referred to the girl’s tits. He felt like they were calling out for him and enchanting his mind with their exceptional plumpness tonight.


“Babe, why are you taking so long? You got me worried!”

The deep male voice boomed from behind the two and they both froze. When the tall man noticed Yoongi beside the girl, he stared him down threateningly. “Is this guy bothering you?”

Immediately, the girl seemed to be at a loss for words, so she just opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water. Instead of her, Yoongi was the one who answered.

“We’re just two close friends who happened to run into each other by accident. There’s no need to worry about your girlfriend, man.” Yoongi said with small smile, that also looked very contemptuous.

The tall guy was not impressed with the answer. He took a step closer towards Yoongi to stare down at him from high up above with a challenging smirk on his face. Yoongi did not relent in glaring up at the younger man, but still felt little, which he never liked.

It was a hard hitting fact that Yoongi was a man of short stature, but with his usually intimidating personality, there were very few and rare occasions in which he would feel little. Even amongst his friends who were almost all taller than him, Yoongi was the one with the most intimidating and 'big' aura.

Never in his life has anyone tried to mess with him or try to threaten him. Yoongi was the one who did those. That is why at the current moment he hated his own physical position and wished for the courage to just punch the guy without being afraid of the consequences.

Unfortunately for him, he was not drunk enough to attempt something so stupid. Yoongi was all sharp tongue and scary face, but not a lot of muscles and actual physical strength. Something told him that if he were to get into a fight with the guy it would end with the guy having a few scratches and maybe a bruise, while Yoongi would end up in a hospital. Peace is always the right option. Peace....

Was it really the right option even though the guy was incredibly annoying with his childish provocations and Yoongi felt the need to smash a glass ashtray against his handsome little head?

After the staring down (or up), Yoongi decided to be the one to speak up first. "So, __ here never told me she had a boyfriend. To be fair, we didn't see each other in a while though."

He searched for an expected reaction on the guy's face and he got it. The guy dropped the intimidating smirk and his features immediately transformed to looking boyish when he threw a glance at the girl. "We... actually met here tonight. Right, babe?" He is young and naive after all. Yoongi thought with dark satisfaction.

Yoongi could hear the girl let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah..."

He snickered and tapped the guy's shoulder. "Oh, I see. Everything gets real quick for our __ here. Once she takes a liking to someone, she has to have them right away, ya know?"

The guy frowned, evidently puzzled and sent the girl another look. Yoongi also glanced at her to catch her avoiding their gazes and taking a big gulp from her cocktail. He grinned evily. "But don't worry. Once you accept her, she’ll take real good care of you, if you know what I mean. Been there, done that, mate."

At this, he saw the girl choke on her drink and start coughing, and the guy's eyes bulge out at Yoongi, before they altered into looking infuriated. The guy grabbed a hold of Yoongi's collar and got dangerously close to his face.

"Listen here, you little fucker. I don't care that you know __, but there's a limit as to how far you can run your big mouth. She's here with me tonight, and if you're jealous or desperate to get her to like you, you should think of some other way to do that."

Yoongi frowned at the man, and instantly pushed him away from his body. "I'm not fucking jealous of you, you little shit. And neither would I want to get this slut to like me; if I wanted to get someone like her, I'd just pay a hooker." Yoongi laughed spitefully in the tall guy's fuming face, and he had at that moment honestly anticipated it, but it still came off as a huge shock to him.

He felt an intensely sharp pain in his jaw, as he was sent tumbling backwards, where his back hit the floor. All of a sudden, he heard a mix of collective gasps and squeals around him and he just wanted for the floor to open up and swallow him.

He pressed his palm against his lips and saw that there was blood on his fingers. Great. He managed to look up, only to catch the sight of the guy holding the girl's hand and urging her to follow him.

The last thing Yoongi saw was the girl's worried expression quickly morph into a maliciously gleeful smile, as she looked down at his pathetic figure sprawled on the floor. She must have enjoyed this. Fucking bitch. Yoongi death-glared back at the girl, but she had already departed from the scene along with his assailant.

After a few more seconds of enduring painful embarrassment of being in the centre of the public eye, Yoongi prompted himself to stand up, refuse to answer a few of the "are you okay?" questions from the people surrounding him, and also going for the exit of the club.

When he got out into the crispy night air, Yoongi didn't even light a cigarette like he always would upon leaving from the club, but instead kept on mindlessly walking down the street, his head a huge jumble of reliving the night's events and berating himself for behaving the way he did.

This was definitely not Yoongi's standard behaviour. He was not the one to lose his temper and act so rashly. He was a capricious type of person, yes, but only within the limits of sanity. This was not sane.

And for what reason did he act so recklessly? To humiliate the girl? She was certainly not worth it by his standards. Then what else was there? To pick a meaningless fight with a man much younger and much stronger than himself? Now that he repeated it to himself, his actions sounded even stupider, if that was even possible.

And her... She must be so fucking satisfied with herself now. She managed to humiliate me in front of that many people and act all innocent just the way she likes it. Now she's probably getting rammed by that guy in his car or something. Being younger and all, she must find him to be better than me...

Suddenly, Yoongi stopped in his tracks in the midst of his scurrying down the streets of Gangnam. His face bleached in horror at the realization that he was, after all, filled to the brim with jealousy and anger over the fact that the girl actually chose someone else over him.

His face was then abruptly flushed with the color of red, as he slapped a hand over his mouth in order to stop himself from screaming out a loud "FUCKING SHIT" in the middle of the crowded pavement. Am I... Am I actually going fucking insane? Jealous? Me??? This is batshit crazy, that's what it is. She's the last girl on Earth I should feel this way about. Oh my fucking god. What the fuck did I let happen to me? Maybe I was cursed... YES! Cursed! Then all of this would actually make sense.

As he was having an inner feud with himself, people passing by his motionless body didn't pay any heed to him and he was able to get lost in his thoughts without being interrupted. He had already, quite beside himself, come to a conclusion that some kind of a dark magic was involved with him acting the way he did and that the way he felt about the girl was utterly abnormal and artificial.

His wild frenzy was brought to a halt by the feeling of someone's hand squeezing his shoulder from behind. The feeling jerked his mind back to reality and he was so shell-shocked that a nausea trigger was activated, and so he ran towards the closest dark alley to throw up.

As he had discharged half of his soul through his mouth and the buzzing in his ears finally ceased, Yoongi strainedly pried his eyes open to peer through his sweaty bangs and find a pair of exposed and long female legs in front of him. He closed his eyes back again, deeming that he was already done with this evening and that he would spend the night sleeping in that very spot, in a dark alley in Gangnam and that no one could compel him to do otherwise. "You can’t spend the night here, Min Yoongi. Come on, get up."

He heard a female voice say before letting out a deep sigh, although it all sounded very distorted in his ears. He felt himself getting pulled up by one arm and urged to walk forward. "Come on. Open your eyes and walk. There's a taxi waiting for us just around the corner, so please cooperate?"

Even though a few seconds before he was dead set on spending the night in the alley, now he was obeying the orders and actually helping the person half-carrying him to get his groggy self into a vehicle.

Before he was even aware of it, he was already feeling comfortable, lying in a moving car and his head was pressed against something soft and warm. He was so cozy and warm and didn't want to move an inch, but he still couldn't help and move his head a bit to the side to see in whose lap he was resting.

Sleep instantly washed over him and he felt like he was being dragged off to the unconscious realm, which he wasn't fighting in the least. The only confusing thing that was bothering him a second before he fell asleep was the mirage of the girl's frowning face looking down at him and whispering the words "What is it?"



Chapter Text





Yoongi felt his body hit a very soft and comforting surface with a thud. He struggled to pry his eyes open, only to find his surroundings wrapped in opaque darkness. He pressed one hand against his forehead and groaned. Just then, the sound of heels clacking against the floor reverberated throughout the room.

“Wait!” Yoongi groaned out loud, making the sharp sounds cease at once. There was a prolonged deafening silence in the room, before he mumbled out,

“Can you bring me a glass of water?”

There was no response to his request for a while until he heard a deep exhale coming from the other end of the room. Once again, the heels started clacking away from him which caused him to quietly curse under his breath and roll over to bury his head in the pillows.

However, he flinched in surprise when he heard the same sounds once again, but this time they were becoming louder and louder in his sensitive ears.


Finally, the other voice apart from his own deadpanned and he made an effort to roll over to his back and try to slightly push himself up. His eyes squinted up in the darkness of his room. They adjusted a little bit and he saw a female silhouette standing right above him. He slowly reached for the shape of the glass as not to let it spill and his warm fingers brushed against the female's cold ones.

He let the cold, refreshing liquid slowly trickle down his throat as he felt his body revitalize itself a little bit. He definitely needed that. As he had finished drinking every last drop, Yoongi put the glass away on the bedside table and looked up.

"Why did you come back?"

The girl immediately exhaled with annoyance. He could see her head turning in the direction of the windows, as she seemed to want to avoid looking at him even in the dark. The girl chose not to answer anything for a few long moments before sighing again, and this time also letting out an involuntary groan.

"Please don't ask me that."

Yoongi grimaced in confusion. "And why is that?"

The girl snapped her gaze back at him, "Because even I don't know the reason. It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision, alright? There's no need to read too deep into it."

Yoongi scoffed with a smile as he laid back on the bed. "Is that so?"

"Yeah. Can I go now? You look pretty much sobered up already." There was an impatient edge in her tone.

Yoongi rubbed his eyes. "I was never really drunk. Just felt sick for some reason."

The girl hummed. "Alright. You seem to be feeling okay now. I'll leave you to it then."

Yoongi hastily sat up from the bed and clasped his hand around the girl's wrist to stop her from leaving. "Why in such a hurry?"

She looked down at him with cold, narrowed eyes. "I have other business to attend to, which isn't any of your concern." She felt his grip tighten on her arm, so she clawed at his hand and forcibly pried it off.

Yoongi just groaned in defeat and ducked his head down. "You're going back to that guy from the club? Is that your 'business'?"

The girl scoffed in disbelief. "Oh, wow. Could it be that you're actually jealous, Yoongi-sshi?" Her usual taunting demeanor replaced the indifferent one, and she thought of how he would not be able to get out of this situation as easily.

The thing that made her eyes widen in surprise, though, was the fact that Yoongi didn't even try to defend his case and dismiss the provocations as he usually would. There was an uncomfortable silence in which the girl physically cringed, before the man finally spoke up without raising his head.

"So what if I am?"

The girl almost choked on air in her windpipes at the calmly spoken words. She produced an inscrutable sound of trying to process and react to the question, but ultimately figured out that the man had lied and was actually still drunk. A drunk man's words didn't mean much in her opinion. She sighed with a smile,

"Oooh, I see, you're jealous, Yoongi-sshi. I guess I shouldn't have gone out with another man, but instead kept myself busy only with your own mighty self, hmm?" Her voice was cooing as if she was speaking to a toddler and not a grown man, and frankly, she admitted inwardly that she was having a tad too much fun while at it.

Yoongi's head was still bowed down so she couldn't see his expression, but she could guess that it was contorted with anger.

"It's not that." Yoongi spoke out quietly, "I just… I just thought that…"

With a smirk on her lips, the girl crouched down on the floor to look up at Yoongi's sitting form. "What did you think, Yoongi-sshi?" Her voice was dripping with derision and she felt a new kind of pleasure.

In a moment, Yoongi finally raised his head to look directly into the girl's eyes with his own defeated and pitiful ones, causing her to flinch in shock. "I just thought that… That you liked that guy better than me because he's younger, taller and whatnot…"

To say that she was utterly shell-shocked would have been a complete understatement. She kept on staring at the man's face with the eyes the size of saucers, her lips opening and closing in poor attempt to think of a witty comeback. She couldn't.

Yoongi didn't snap back into reality or anything of sort, instead, he still maintained the pitiful and broken look on his face as he let his body fall back on the bed. "I am kinda old compared to you… I guess my prime has passed or something…"

The girl could not believe her ears - she was currently witnessing Min Yoongi's fall from grace and personal moments of self-doubt. This was the best day of her life. With an uncontrollable grin on her face she slowly stood up to observe the pathetic curved up body of Min Yoongi and thought up of a two directions she could go in. First one was to use the opportunity to laugh in his face for all she could and utterly destroy every last ounce of his ego and self-esteem until he becomes a broken, hollow shell of a human being.

As much as that sounded fun and exciting, the girl immediately berated herself for almost choosing that option. It was so wrong! What would she even gain from that except contemporary feeling of glee and satisfaction?

With lips pursed in order to stifle a grin, the girl sat on the bed and brought her body closer to Yoongi's lying form. Her hand loomed over his head for a long moment, while observing his darkness-enveloped features with hardly suppressed mischief. She allowed herself to gently stroke the man's soft black locks, her cool hand stopping at the back of his warm neck, making the man shudder for a bit and let out a quiet sigh.

"Yoongi-sshi…" She started softly, "I believe you misunderstood my intentions." Yoongi jerked lightly and he opened his eyes to stare up at the girl.

“It is absolutely untrue that I thought you are too old for me – I honestly don’t understand how you got to that conclusion. In fact, I found the sex with you so amazingly good that I became scared of getting too used to it and in a way, this might sound stupid but, I was scared of spoiling myself too much.” Well, some of that is true.

The man’s eyes dilated in surprise. “So that’s why you…”

The girl laughed softly. “Yes. I was in fact avoiding you. Or rather, I thought it would be better to just create some distance between us and try to get my mind off that night by sleeping with other men. But… I have to admit that the more I was away from you, the more I wanted to see you again.”

She had to remove her hand from the man’s neck since he slowly began to push himself up from the bed, not once breaking eye-contact with the girl. The two kept staring deeply into each other’s eyes in complete silence, before Yoongi cleared his throat and spoke.

“I don’t really get it, but… There’s no such thing as having sex that’s ‘too good’ with somebody. You were just over-thinking it.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

Almost there.

The girl smiled sheepishly while twirling a strand of her hair around her fingers. “I know it was stupid, but I simply didn’t know what to do. I really felt as if we are too compatible, and… it felt dangerous, I guess.”

Just a little bit more.

She felt the man’s burning gaze all over her face as if he was searching for something. It made her feel incredibly horny, but it was not the time for it. There would be another chance to be scrutinized by the suspicious glare of Min Yoongi and she would allow herself to enjoy it when that time comes. All of a sudden, she covered her face in the palms of her hands.

Oh, god. I think I said way too much. I’ll… I’ll just go!”

She pushed herself to stand up from the bed and dramatically run into the night or, at least, that’s what she wanted Yoongi to believe, but was instead pulled back onto the soft bed and this time there were Min Yoongi’s lips on her own.


For a moment she was confused, for Yoongi was not kissing her with the certain kind of urgency she expected to be kissed with. Whilst she was incredibly aroused and wanted some sloppy tongue action, the man was kissing her with a plenty of passion, no doubt, but there was a bit too much sincerity and emotion in his kisses.

Their lips slowly, but firmly glided against one another, allowing them to share each other's body warmth, until Yoongi's big soft hands grabbed the sides of the girl's face to hold her more securely and provide with certain tenderness.

The girl was confused for the fact that this was the first time she was kissed this way by the man in question, and she also doubted that the man was even capable of sharing such a naïve kiss. One of Yoongi's hands slowly slipped down from her cheek to graze her naked arms, her waist and then finally ended up travelling below her skirt-line.

The girl smiled into the kiss at the warm soft feeling of the man's hand caressing her inner thigh, so she gripped his hair with urgency and tried to part his lips with her tongue. Yoongi pulled back from the kiss with surprise in his eyes, his own tongue instinctively lashing out to lick his lips. Heat bubbled in the girl's nether regions at the sight, causing her to grab a hold of the man's belt with hunger.

Yoongi was swift enough to immediately clasp his hands around hers and slowly take them off his clothing garment. The girl was utterly confused by the action which was evident in her desperate-looking gaze, but her emotion did not last too long since Yoongi brought his face close to her own, until their noses were touching and said in a deep, husky voice,

"Let me be the one to please you tonight."


She gasped loudly and instantly felt heat coming up to her face. She had found Yoongi to be one of the most attractive men ever since she first laid her eyes on him, but his current level of hotness made her positively overwhelmed. The man moved his head down to sensually kiss and suck on her neck whole holding her body steady by enveloping it in his secure embrace. The girl's breathing was heavy and ragged in between her moans and slurred words of how good it felt, causing Yoongi to snicker into her neck - like she didn't already find him unbearably hot.

She felt her body slowly being released from his firm grip and there was a warm feeling sneaking up her thigh, to her already soaked panties. Yoongi didn't waste time pulling the underwear off with a jerking motion, and was surprised himself when he heard a tearing sound of a flimsy fabric crack through the air. The two looked in each other's widened eyes before Yoongi raised his hand with completely ruined lacy panties around his index finger and they both burst out in laughter.

Yoongi shook his head with a smirk as he threw the now useless piece of fabric somewhere on the floor, "Well, you won't need those anymore."

The girl bit her lips expectantly while observing Yoongi who was gently rolling her tight dress up and spreading her legs to get a better view of her exposed area. The man licked his lips lustfully before getting down on his elbows and beginning to kiss and suck on the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs whilst gripping them.

"Ahhh, mmmm…."

The girl tried to suppress the desperation in her voice, but failed to do so. He was so close yet so far and it was driving her crazy. She couldn't resist grabbing a bundle of the man's locks to guide him to her neediest spot. Yoongi laughed against her skin, sending vibrations through her body and making her convulse with pleasure.

"Be patient over there."

He muttered with amusement before going back to his kissing business, but not without suddenly dipping two fingers into the girl's crevice. She moaned loudly in surprise, but what a pleasant surprise it was. The girl immediately adapted her humping motions to the rhythm of Yoongi's fingers' thrusting as she threw her head back and didn't restrain herself from letting out whines and moans all the same.

“F-fuck yeah… T-that’s it— ah!”

Yoongi ceased violating her thighs for a second to throw a curious glance at the girl’s fucked out frenzy. He raised his eyebrows and smirked, quite impressed with the way she utilized his two fingers to practically fuck herself even when he wasn’t moving them anymore. She was very obviously chasing her own orgasm by the look of her impatient hip-thrusting and the shamelessly loud moans of pleasure she was producing. Abruptly, Yoongi pulled out his two fingers causing the girls moans to die out with a whine and leave her feeling empty and frustrated.

She angrily snapped her head to glare down at the man who was looking at her with so much amusement on his face. She bit down on her lip in exasperation, secretly hoping that the man was just being a tease and would not stop pleasuring her just when she was so close to coming undone. Her wishes were, though, granted because the man did not waste too much time relishing in her frustration, since he grabbed her by dipping his fingers deep into the soft skin of her ass to pull her towards him and also dipping his face right in between her legs.


The girl immediately gasped at the feeling of Yoongi’s warm tongue penetrating her, intermittently dipping out just to suck on her clit and occupy her insides with his roughly pumping fingers. This time she was a crying and wailing mess from the pleasure she was experiencing, leaving her with no strength to move hips as she did before. The man kept ferociously abusing her womanhood, fingers angrily pumping in and out of her crevice and mouth hungrily sucking on her most sensitive spot until he felt her insides convulse and release wetness as she arched her back as much as she could muster and let out a long, silent scream.

Yoongi detached his mouth from her clit to dip his soaked fingers out of her cavern and then into his own mouth to lick them clean. Unfortunately for the girl, she was too preoccupied with lying on the bed to catch her breath to get a glimpse of the very kinky, but attractive action, but Yoongi didn’t mind.

Her sporadic and heavy breathing started to slow down and become more quiet, as the man casually began unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans and boxers to take out his full erection and give it a few pumps before saying,

“It’s time for the ‘good part’ now, just wait a sec until I find some condoms.”

He hurriedly jumped off the bed to rummage inside his bedside drawer in search for a little packet. After a few frustrated seconds, he managed to find a bunch, so he tore off one and opened it with his teeth with impatience. When the latex material was rolled onto his cock, he climbed back onto the bed to get in between the girl’s widely spread legs and grab her by her waist.

“You’re gonna have to take it if I’m being too rough - I’m way too fucking horny ‘cause of your dirty little mouth.”

He was just about to plunge himself deep into the girl when he noticed her serene face and closed eyes and also the quiet breathing sounds coming out of her nostrils. He froze in his motions, thrown for a loop at the sight. “Are you— are you fucking sleeping right now?”

He asked her unconscious self incredulously, both mouth and eyes gaping in pure shock and his cock already bowing down in disappointment.

“Oh my fucking god. You actually fell asleep!”

He snapped, not caring one bit whether his loud voice would wake her up or not. Actually, scratch that, he wanted her to wake up and let him finish what he started. Completely beside himself, Yoongi started shaking the girl’s spread out legs in order to also shake her out of her snooze. “Come on. Come on, now!”

His face perpetually started looking more and more desperate as the girl would not come to her senses, but instead grunted a bit in protest to the bothering and rolled over to lie on her sides. Yoongi’s eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets at the sight, as he felt deeply insulted by the unintentional disregard of his current needs.

“You have to be fucking kidding me…” He groaned out in utter despair while face-palming himself with both hands. Then, he sadly looked down at his almost gone erection. This is how it’s going to end, really? Is this some sort of divine punishment, what the fuck? He thought to himself before angrily getting off the bed and stomping to the bathroom to take a shower and try and calm his nerves down even for a little bit.

What Yoongi didn’t know was the fact that he was, indeed, right about what he had thought. It was a punishment for him, but not from some divine being in the heaven (or rather hell), but from the very culprit behind his current troubles.

The girl tried to hold in her laughter with all the will-power she could muster, until she could hear the muffled sound of shower from the bathroom before she burst out, laughing triumphantly to her heart's content.

It was mostly due to her extraordinary acting skills that she was able to fool over even the mighty sharp Min Yoongi, but also due to her own determination to make the man suffer for his consistent arrogance and self-importance.

She was lying down on the bed that had such a strong Min Yoongi™ scent, while smiling with satisfaction and maybe also sniffing the tantalising smell of the soft fabrics and regretting a tiny bit for not going all the way with the man. She lifted her hand and gazed at her spread out fingers,

"Have patience, me. He'll soon be yours to play around, just give it time…"

Soon enough, though, sleepiness began washing over her, this time for real, and she found herself fluttering her eyes close and yawning, the dark room gradually turning pitch black and the calming sound of shower disappearing into the distant void until everything was completely still and tranquil.




When she opened her eyes again, the girl found herself surrounded by the darkness once more. For some strange reason, she felt well rested, even though it couldn't have passed more than a couple of hours, by the looks of it. She immediately remembered where she was, throwing a quick look at the other side of the bed which remained unoccupied. Where is he?

She made an effort to push herself up from the bed and groggily walked over to the windows to let some fresh air into the stuffy room. However, as she made move to draw the curtains, she found herself absolutely blinded by the unexpected flare of sun rays piercing through the glass and into her eyes.

"Aaaah!" She yelped loudly and immediately shielded her abused vision. "What the heck…" Squinting at the bright noon sky and the bustling city outside, the girl found herself thrown for a loop. Then, as the bright flashes in her vision calmed down a bit, she finally took in the sight of the thick and black material of the curtains. Her face contorted into a disgusted grimace,

"Who the hell buys black curtains?"


"Oi, if you're up get your ass over here!" Yoongi's muffled voice boomed from outside the room, causing her to flinch in surprise.

When she made appearance in the kitchen, the girl finally took notice that she was not wearing her dress from the night before but a very baggy and long black hoodie instead. There was an appetizing smell of eggs and bacon wafting through the air and, as the kitchen counter came into her sight, she noticed Yoongi with his back turned, standing right above the stove and stirring the sizzling food.

"I wonder if setting the table would be too difficult of a task for your royal ass, hmm?" The man mused lifelessly as he kept stirring, and the girl snapped out of her fumbled thoughts and hurried to his side to open the first cabinet she saw.

"Not that one, upward left."

"Oh. Thanks."

The atmosphere felt horrifyingly domestic and wholesome for the next few seconds as the girl set the table and Yoongi brought the frying pan with food in the centre of it. It was only when the girl took the first bite of the egg, that she took heed of the fact that Yoongi was wearing a black apron, matching his usual black asthetic! Unnecessary to say, she choked on the food, covering her mouth and coughing, while Yoongi muttered an 'are you fucking kidding me' and rushed to pour some milk into a glass and hand it to the girl.

She gratefully accepted the offering and washed down the egg while still staring, freaked out, at the silly inscription on Yoongi's apron. 'All butts deserve good rubs' with a small image of a pig underneath it. Yoongi figured out the reason behind her choking, so he swiftly blushed and grit his teeth in embarrassment.

"This is not— I d-didn't— IT WAS HOSEOK, OKAY, HE BOUGHT IT!" He yelled out in panic at the girl who just nodded reflexively. Yoongi's breathing was frantic and he had crazy eyes, while fumbling for a good excuse for not throwing the piece of fabric away and not only keeping it, but also wearing it!

"T-this is my nice shirt, I didn't want to let the oil stain it, a-and this is the only apron I have okay?!"

His voice became drastically more demanding, but the girl just kept repeatedly nodding her head and avoiding the eye contact with the crazed man. This side of Yoongi was something she never saw before and although it did kind of shatter her image of his cool self, she felt intrigued and wanted to see more of it for some reason.

"This is delicious." She muttered awkwardly to steer away the conversation topic a bit, while stabbing a piece of bacon.

Yoongi was now fanning himself to cool his humiliation down, the cursed apron already lying sadly on the floor after he had catapulted it across the room.

"It's just fried bacon and eggs. A literal toddler could make this." He remarked coldy while stuffing his face with the food, stopping only to throw a frowning glance at the chuckling girl.

"A toddler, now? I highly doubt that." She laughed, filling her own mouth with food and sending a mysterious smirk to the chimpunk-resembling man.

Yoongi just grunted in displeasure and continued focusing on his own plate of food and not the boner that suddenly sprung onto him. Just one smirk? That's all it fucking takes now, huh? Fuck my life. They ate the food in silence, the only sounds being made from the silverware, plates and quiet chewing.


Oh fuck. Why did I have to get this horny now?



The girl thought to herself whilst she tried her best to just think of the food and her daily responsibilites that awaited her later  on the day. But it was nearly impossible to do so with Min Yoongi sitting right across her in all of his black glory, looking hotter than ever.

He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with a wide neckline, exposing his beautiful collarbones and neck to the world, which contrasted greatly against his pale skin and also accentuated his leanly built body. He almost purposefully showed off his sharp jawline with every chew of the food like it was nobody's business. The way those long, slender fingers fumbled with the fork and knife kept reminding her of how just the night before he fumbled with her—

No, get a grip! She mentally slapped herself. If you give in now, then all of this was for nothing. Get your head out of the gutter and just play hard-to-get that's something you're good at, at least. She nodded her head, determined, and smirked to herself with satisfaction.




She gripped the counter until her knuckles turned white while Yoongi's balls slapped against her ass, the only sounds echoing through the room being her loud moans and Yoongi's grunts and inconsistent dirty talk, while the two went to town right in the middle of Yoongi's kitchen.

"You're swallowing my cock, y-you filthy whor—FUCK, you feel so nice, ah aah! L-let me fill you up— oh g-god, fuck me!"

Yoongi kept plunging in and out of the girl, his hands firmly grabbing her waist and he already felt his eyes going back into his head from the intense pleasure. The girl was gasping for air while struggling to hold onto the last straw of her sanity, but it felt impossible with the way the man's huge cock kept filling her up every other second and his insults kept getting kinkier and hotter.

One of Yoongi's older next door neighbours frowned and looked up from his newspaper to glance at the clock on the wall.

"Well, that's unusual." He mumbled curiously, "It's only ten o'clock and they're already going at it."

"I think this is the new one." His wife commented off-handedly while dusting the bookshelf. "I saw them coming together last night. She's quite pretty." The grandma smiled softly to herself.

The grandpa cleared his throat. "Oh, well. Must be nice being that young."




Chapter Text




Yoongi pulled out with a strained huff and immediately limped towards the rubbish bin to dispose of the latex material. He grabbed the nearby paper towel to wipe the sweat off his flushed face and then use it to also wipe any remnants of cum off his member. There was a gagging sound. Yoongi looked up.

“That’s so gross, go take a shower or something!”

The girl chided, as she picked up the discarded hoodie off the floor to pull it over her head. Pausing for a moment, Yoongi’s eyebrows rose in confusion and he asked, “Wait, I thought we’d do another round… Or a few more?”

Chuckling in contempt, the girl sneered, “And what makes you think I have the time for that? It’s already late as it is…” She mumbled while checking the time on her phone.

Scoffing in an unimpressed manner, Yoongi rolled his eyes, “Whatever, nerd…” The derogatory term earned him a glare, but he continued nevertheless, “After two weeks of not seeing each other, we finally have sex and I get to cum once. Great.”

“I did it twice, so…” The girl shrugged her shoulders, ignoring Yoongi’s ‘are you fucking kidding me’ look, but then it dawned onto her, “Oh, wait. It was actually three times! Remember last night?”

Having her laugh mockingly in his face, Yoongi opened his mouth in realization, as his features contorted in anger, “Are you— fucking serious? You faked your sleep last night? You so fucking did it, didn’t you!” He yelled at the now shit-grinning girl who just shrugged with false innocence.

“Who knows? May have or may have not…” She trailed off, glancing at her phone again.

“Wow! You’re such a fucking bitch!” The man snapped whilst angrily hoisting up his boxers and pants, as to not give the girl any further pleasure of shamelessly staring at his cock. “Why the fuck would you do that!”

“Oh, please. You’re acting as if me being a bitch to you is something new. And I don’t need a reason, Yoongi-sshi, I just like seeing you suffer.” She smiled behind her hand while typing something on her phone.

Yoongi’s eye twitched in frustration, him also wanting to tell her off and promise her that he won’t be the only one suffering if she continues to challenge him, but his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a phone going off. The girl immediately picked it up,

“Yes, Taehyung? What’s up?”

“I was serious, though! I’ll be there later, I promise, haha! Okay, you just save me a seat next to you then. Sure. “

Yoongi watched the girl talk on her phone with narrowed eyes while impatiently tapping his foot. Will you finish already? Just then, the girl turned towards him with a mischievous smile, making his frown deepen in concern.

“And of course I’ll join you guys later in the evening! I was really busy with schoolwork these days, but now I can finally hang out with you. I really missed you guys, honestly! I hope Hoseok’s also coming, though. Yeah. Okay then, great! I’ll see you later then, bye!”

“Uhh, what was that all about?”

“Oh, nothing special. Just made some plans to meet up with the gang today, it has been a while.” The girl commented off-handedly, while passing by Yoongi and disappearing into his bedroom. The man promptly dashed after her. “Oh, I see. Now that you’re done avoiding me, you can go back to licking my friends’ asses!”

He heard the girl laugh while taking off his hoodie and replacing it with her dress from the night before. He took the chance to observe the naked back of her body with deep interest. She pulled the tight dress over her panty-less body, since the garment was ruined by the same man who was perversely checking her out. “Yoongi-sshi, please…” The girl started with a grin as she turned to face him,

“If you want to come, you can just say it, you know? No need to accuse me of such immoral acts!”

“Your whole fucking existence is immoral!” Yoongi spat back in disgust, “And why the fuck would I want to come? I’d very much rather go and get beaten up again than be a part of your horrible get-togethers!”

“Don’t be over-dramatic, Yoongi-sshi, you were just punched once, not beaten up.” The girl mockingly laughed into her hand. Hearing that, Yoongi bit the inside of his cheeks in irritation and flipped her girl off before storming back into the kitchen to find a cigarette and a lighter. Pulling her heels on and picking up her handbag while chuckling, the girl soon followed the man, only to find him already puffing out clouds of smoke by the window.

She stood a tad bit awkwardly in the middle of the room before announcing her leaving, “Oh well, then. I guess I’ll be off now. I suppose I won’t see you again today?” She asked teasingly only to hear no response from the man whose back was turned towards her and who was still smoking angrily. She was about to turn on her heels before a thought crossed her mind, “Oh, I almost forgot!”

“I have to inform you that our ‘private’ meetings from now on can occur only on hotel grounds. I won’t be coming to your apartment anymore.”

She expected of Yoongi to continue sulking, but strangely, the man whipped around to glare at her. “Excuse me? And why is that?” He snapped.

She raised her eyebrows nonchalantly, “Well, for privacy reasons, obviously. I don’t want anybody else finding out about the two of us, which I’ve already made clear previously, and Hoseok, for example, told me once that he barges into your apartment whenever he feels like surprising you. Hence, it would make it very troubling for me if he stumbled into us fornicating on your kitchen table.”

Yoongi scoffed. “So what if he does? Why do you care?”

“I have my own reputation to uphold.” She said with a cynical smile, “And being with someone like you, no offense, would greatly damage it:”

“Hah!” The man derided, “You’re so fucking delusional, I swear to god…” He paused to take in a puff of smoke and exhale it through the nose, “You’re acting like people actually care about you that much.”

“Well, Hoseok obviously does.”

Yoongi glared at her mysteriously smiling face and gritted his teeth. What the fuck does she plan to do with that knowledge? I have to fucking warn Hoseok about this psycho or something… “So... If we can’t meet here, why does it have to be a hotel? Can’t we do it at your place?” The man asked, wanting to change the subject.

“That is even more out of the question.” The girl suddenly fell serious at the suggestion, her tone of voice becoming lower and colder than usual. “Me not wanting Hoseok to find us out cannot even compare to the other people in my life finding about it. I’m sorry, but I won’t be answering any of your stupid questions on this subject anymore – if you want to continue meeting me, it will be in a hotel of my own choice, or it won’t happen at all. It’s up to you to decide.”

She said everything quickly and in a deadpan voice, whilst Yoongi listened with his famously indifferent expression as he lit another cigarette. When she was finished, Yoongi had already started to turn his back to her again to gaze down at the bustling city with a new cigarette in his mouth and the last thing he heard from the girl that morning was:

“Alright then. I’ll give you some time to make a decision, even though I personally think it’s idiotic that you’re being stubborn like this for no reason. If you agree with my terms, you can text me – the other guys have my number. I’ll take my leave now.”



“So, Taehyung, how have you been lately?” The girl chirped with a smile.

Taehyung giggled and blushed, “Uhh, I’ve been fairly good, I guess? The lectures did feel kinda lonely without you at the campus, though.” The boy said as he sheepishly glimpsed at the girl who was walking beside him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that!” The girl whipped her head at the boy with a worried look in her eyes and reflexively clutched his forearm. “I also missed you a lot, and I feel so bad for not going to lectures with you for that long…”

Taehyung’s eyes blew wide open as he scrambled to reassure her, “Oh, no, don’t apologize! I know you were busy and stressed, you would’ve come if you could; there was just no helping it.”

Yeah, I sure would have… The girl thought sarcastically inside her head as she felt a little bit sorry for how naïve Taehyung was. If Taehyung were to be her target, it wouldn’t take even one day to get him wrapped around her finger. Too bad he was far from what she desired, personality-wise. However, her gaze lingered a bit too long on the boy’s utterly handsome side-profile. Would it really hurt to play around with him, even just for a little bit, though?

Her mischief-filled pensiveness and Taehyung’s rambling were, anyhow, interrupted by the loud voice of the eldest member of the gang, calling for their attention from the street. The two simultaneously turned around to find Jin waving at them from inside his car and beckoning them to get into the vehicle. The two hurried to oblige since Jin had stopped his car in the middle of the busy road and was completely ignoring the angry sirens from the cars behind him.

“It’s so lucky that I spotted you guys, otherwise you would have had to use that icky public transport to get to the restaurant. No need to thank me, though.” Jin said pompously after the two had boarded, causing the girl to chuckle and Taehyung to roll his eyes in annoyance. If only his meddling hyung hadn’t been there, he would have spent much more time talking to the girl. Always there to meddle, Taehyung thought in discontent.

All of his precious time to catch up with the girl and get some private time was robbed by Jin’s blabbering. The whole ride he talked about his new job position and how much he was paid, and the new car he had just bought, most likely in attempt to impress and woo the said girl, who didn’t show much reaction to the humble bragging except for chuckling politely and affirming that she was listening to him.

When the trio had finally arrived to the family restaurant, both Jimin and Jungkook jumped up from their seats to express their joy over meeting the girl by granting her with high-fives. Namjoon had, attempting to appear more mature than the two, calmly stood up to offer the girl a handshake which she returned with the same enthusiasm that she showed the two younger boys. The only person who did not stand up at the sight of the girl was Hoseok who just greeted her with an awkward smile from the other end of the table.

Having noticed the strange behavior right away, the girl just blinked in confusion, as she quickly decided to squeeze her way through the narrow space between the table and the walls, just so she could plop right beside Hoseok. The man was evidently surprised, as he stared at her like she had grown another head, but it was nothing compared to his reaction when the girl suddenly enveloped him in a tight hug. Hoseok almost completely stopped breathing for a few long moments, his face gradually getting redder than a tomato and there were a few gasps from the rest of the table.

“Hey, that’s not fair, I didn’t get a hug!”

They could hear Jungkook say in a whiny, spoiled-child-like voice, before hearing a smacking sound, probably produced by Namjoon’s hand against Jungkook’s head. With a bashful smile, the girl promptly let go of Hoseok, only to bit her lower lip in embarrassment and cautiously look up at the blushing man. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” She quickly blurted out, “I just didn’t see you in while and, and we didn’t even keep in touch, so I’m just really glad that I can finally—“

“Oh, come on, get a room!” Jimin teased with a mischievous smile, and it was him who got smacked this time by Namjoon, however, his remark had caused the girl to uncomfortably bow her head down at the fact that everybody saw and heard her embarrass herself. Jin cleared his throat, also visibly uncomfortable and a little bit irritated by the fact that it was Hoseok and not himself who got the special treatment, but he had, ever so kindly, begun to steer the attention away to his own voice, by speaking loudly,

“So I drove __ and Taehyung here in my new car – Well, I’m saying that I drove them, but the car was really mostly driving itself; Honestly, I don’t regret spending all that money, it was clearly a great investment—“

As the man rambled on about his wealth, the girl, who was still just staring awkwardly at her own lap, felt a hesitant touch on her shoulder which made her slowly and carefully turn her head to the side. She found Hoseok, who was now a little less, but still quite a bit red in the cheeks, sheepishly smiling at her. “Hey, there.” The man said softly, only for her to hear.

Her lips pursed in a smile, “Hey.”

Hoseok opened his mouth and paused for a second, as if to collect his thoughts, “Sorry for these guys, they’re just being idiots.” He scratched his head with a playful frown.

The girl giggled and responded quietly, “Why are you apologizing? You were just now the victim of my bear hug attack.” Both of them laughed, their faces quite close, before Hoseok said gently, “I missed you, too. A lot. I-I’m sorry for not texting you at least, I was being worried that you were mad about something, which I guess isn’t the case.”

Biting on her lip to suppress a wide grin, the girl put her hand over Hoseok’s and looked deep into his eyes, “I could never be mad at you, Hoseok. Believe me.”

Just as another wave of ferocious blush was threatening to paint Hoseok’s entire face, the duo’s little moment was broken by a sharp sound of a familiar deep and monotone voice from right above their heads,

“Mind if I take a seat here?”

Both Hoseok and the girl flinched in surprise and twisted their necks back to gape at the all-black-clad, Matrix-looking Min Yoongi in all of his lifeless glory, staring back at them with narrowed eyes. “Well, don’t you two look cozy.”

“Hyung! You made it!” Jungkook stood up from excitement at the arrival. “You can sit here – I saved you a spot!”

The rest of the table’s confused gazes just followed Yoongi going around the table to pass by Jungkook and ruffle his hair, “Thanks, Jungkook, but I much prefer that seat over there.” Yoongi said while languidly pointing at the girl and Hoseok. Jungkook opened his mouth to whine at the notion, but was cut off when Yoongi threw his coat into his hands and transferred his sunglasses from his own eyes to Jungkook’s. “Can you put that away for me?”

Like enchanted, Jungkook beamed at the man and agreed to ‘help’ him with way too much enthusiasm. Yoongi then turned around and took the seat right next to the girl, completely ignoring everybody’s questioning gazes to skim through the menu. “I didn’t know you would be joining us today, Yoongi.” Jin remarked with an arched brow.

“Oh, I was the one who called him earlier today, when he asked me what I was up to.” Jungkook said with a certain amount of pride while sitting back at the table. Yoongi felt the girl’s eyes on him from his side-view, and he smirked while still not taking his eyes off the menu.

“Well, that’s nice that you’re finally coming out of your shell.” Jin smiled and the other boys nodded in agreement, “We’ll make sure to call you every time we hang out from now on then. You’ve been missing out all these years – it’s time to make up for that.”

In your fucking dreams.

Yoongi thought to himself, but did not express any emotion outwardly other than simply nodding his head at the words, thus satisfying Jin. As he was not being very verbal, the other boys, with the exception of Hoseok, decided to further engage in their own discussion over something utterly irrelevant to Yoongi and then he heard Hoseok call out his name.

“What have you been up to, Yoongs? The last time we heard from each other you said you wanted to meet up and then we didn’t make any plans after that.” Hoseok laughed, trying to break the ice that ensued after Yoongi’s arrival.

Yoongi frowned for a second, perplexed about not remembering the mentioned instance, until it sprung to his mind and he nodded, “Oh, that time. Sorry, I was busy with work and it kinda made me distracted.” He said as he inspected the girl’s features to catch her reaction when uttering the following:

“My mind was also on this one girl who seemed to be avoiding me.”

The girl’s face immediately tensed up as she stared at the empty space without blinking once. Yoongi smirked. “Wait what?!” Hoseok exclaimed with a surprised smile, “Oh my god, did you finally find someone?” With an undying smirk, Yoongi glanced between Hoseok’s elated face and girl’s rigid one. “Not in that way, chill.”

The pale man said, resting the side of his face onto his palm, “She’s just a fuck buddy – we didn’t have anything deeper than that. But it’s weird, right? We agreed on having just a casual relationship, but she started avoiding me for some reason. What do you think that is, Hoseok?”

Hoseok actually squealed in excitement, “Oh my god, she’s so in love with you!”

Yoongi couldn’t help but laugh out loud, however, not at Hoseok’s independent conclusion, but rather at the way the girl clawed at her dress until her knuckles turned white. “Fuck, you really think so?” Yoongi teased further with a smug grin, “I didn’t mean to give her any false hope or anything, though.”

Hoseok’s smile immediately fell, replaced by a stern look, “Yoongi, you can’t do that! If you have that kind of relationship with a lady, you can’t expect of her not to feel anything for you! Maybe she even liked you before you two became… that and she thought she could make you reciprocate her feelings if she agrees to do… that.” He said with an evident blush on his cheeks, utterly ashamed that he was even speaking of such a disgraceful relationship. Hoseok was a romantic soul, after all.

Yoongi pretended to mull over the thought, “You might be right. She did kinda chase me around before we started fucking.”

Hoseok gasped in horror, “Yoongi, stop cursing! Doing that may be harmless to you, but to a girl it might be super damaging and humiliating! You should put an end to that relationship at once! That girl deserves better than to be treated like a piece of meat!”

Oh, Hoseok, you always had a way with words. Such a white knight. Yoongi thought, barely sustaining to hold back a grin while still attentively watching the girl’s face for any reaction other than complete standstill of all functions. Suddenly, she stood up. “Excuse me. Restroom.” She swiftly announced and brushed against Yoongi’s legs while trying to get out as soon as possible. Yoongi looked after her with a curious smirk and felt Hoseok slap his arm, “Oh, you idiot! Your story probably made her uncomfortable! Talking about such disgraceful things in front of a lady, jesus!” The latter scolded him and Yoongi blinked with disinterest at him. But wait. This is a great opportunity!

“You’re probably right, what was I thinking haha.” Yoongi rubbed his neck with a forced laugh, “Should I go after her and apologize?” He asked even though he knew exactly what Hoseok was going to answer.

“Of course you should! That’s just basic manners! What you shouldn’t do is wait for her to come back and embarrass her by talking about it in front of everyone!” He said as he carefully eyed the rest of the friend group, currently engaged in their own chat. Yoongi nodded, thanking himself for knowing Hoseok way too well, before he also stood up and strode to the female toilet to plant himself in front of it.

After a while, the girl came out, stony-faced, almost colliding with Yoongi’s frame, hadn’t he held her to help her regain balance. All of a sudden, her face morphed into looking absolutely livid. “What do you want?” She said quietly through gritted teeth, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Yoongi smiled down at her endearingly, hand going to her hair to run through it, “Not even close.” He said.

The girl slapped his hand away, “Well, I’m not up for taking it anymore – I’ll leave immediately if you don’t stop.”

The man sighed and rolled his eyes while rubbing the slapped hand, “Oh, come on. I won’t do it anymore, okay?  Just thought I could tease you a little bit.”

Her anger escalating at the words, the girl took in a sharp breath through her nose, “Tease me? That’s not just plain old teasing, he could’ve figured out!”

Yoongi arched his eyebrows when he took notice of the fact that they were attracting attention from their surroundings for arguing right in front of the toilet. “Wait. Come here.” He quickly said as he nonchalantly grabbed the girl by the elbow and slowly dragged her to the isolated corner of the restaurant. “We’ll talk here.”

He was now practically cornering her against the wall and thus guarding her from anybody’s point of vision, but his very own. The girl stared up with a frown at the towering man, having troubles focusing on looking at his face and not the rest of his body. Why did he, of all days, choose today to wear that glove-like-fitting black dress shirt, with sleeves rolled up just enough to reveal some of his tattoos? She took in another sharp breath to calm herself down, but unfortunately that resulted in her taking in a whiff of Yoongi’s tantalizing cologne. God fucking damn it.

The man was not aware of the effect he had on her. Thankfully. “Listen. There’s no way Hoseok would figure out who I was talking about from that. Not because he’s dense, which he is, but because what I said could have applied to literally anyone. And he wouldn’t even count you in – he thinks way too highly of you.”

She scoffed, “Oh, what a cautious man you are, Min Yoongi. You reveal confidential stuff in an enigmatic manner! Oh dear, should I have thanked you?”

“Come on…” Yoongi drawled with a lazy smile, now resting his forearm against the wall and bringing his body closer to the girl’s. She held her breath with a straight face. “You can’t blame me for wanting to tease you and see your reaction. You’ve also done that to me before, right?”

She had long stopped blinking in fear of revealing her arousal. Why must he smile that way? “Still, this is pushing the boundary. And you’ve purposely chosen Hoseok of all people to give hints about our relationship – don’t think I’m stupid.” She uttered quickly and almost robotically while crossing her arms, “If you attempt something like this again, I will definitely not see you anymore – I can promise you that!”

“Ooooh, does that mean I didn’t blow my chance yet?” Yoongi chuckled lowly and brought his face even closer to the girl’s fixed one. The girl stared deeply into those two dark orbs of his and she felt hypnotized. She cleared her throat awkwardly,

“O-of course, I would have already cut you off because of what you did, but I deem it would be a waste, considering how compatible we are.” She said, trying her best to appear formal and indifferent.

“A huge waste, indeed.” Yoongi agreed, his voice dangerously low now and his minty breath scarcely grazing her cheek. His eyes were calm and focused while staring into her narrowed ones.

Give me a break.

Was the girl’s last thought before all of her self-control went out of the window and she grabbed Yoongi’s collar with urgency to pull him towards her accepting lips. Initially, Yoongi’s eyes blew wide open at the gesture, the prospects of a kiss being the last thing on his mind in that situation. However, he quickly adapted to the abrupt turn of events, so he returned the gesture by firmly clutching onto that waist he had been previously ogling at and slipping his tongue into her mouth, which she gladly welcomed.

The two went off the rails right in that corner of the family restaurant, desperately clutching at one another’s body and clothes, while kissing with passion not at all acceptable in public places such as this one. “Fuck.” Breathed Yoongi against the girl’s wet lips before continuing where he left off, while the said girl mangled her hands in his hair, ruffling it beyond the point of fixing.

“Umm, excuse me?”

Fuck off. Yoongi thought with his last two brain-cells because her leg was now in between his own two legs, her knee brushing against his currently neediest region.

“Umm, sir? I’m v-very sorry, but you can’t do that here…”

The agitated young female voice said again, this time with more panic in her tone than before, before Yoongi’s bad temper rose and he unlatched his mouth from the girl’s soft inviting ones, still holding her waist, to whip around and glare at the intruder. There stood a trembling female part time worker, most likely a high school student, with absolute panic in her eyes,

“I-I’m sorry for interrupting, s-sir, but this is a f-family place and that is not allowed.”

He was about to tell the youngling off to mind her own business (although this happened to literally be her business), but instead he felt a push against his front from the girl. “Christ, what are we even doing!” If anything could be measured with the part-timer’s panic, it was the girl’s own hysteria. “What are you doing? Get away from me, jeez!” She snapped at Yoongi who quickly transformed into looking like a sad abandoned puppy, while she went back into the toilet, probably to fix her appearance and calm herself down.

The waitress sighed in relief and, glancing one last time at the mind-boggled Yoongi, went about her own business. After staring into blank space for a while, trying to comprehend what actually occurred, Yoongi ultimately decided to give his cheeks a few slaps before going back to their table. Everybody sent him strange looks when he took his seat with lost-looking eyes and slightly red cheeks and it didn’t take too long for the girl to also return to her seat, even though she looked exactly the same as when she left.

“What were you two doing for that long?”

It was Jungkook’s brave attempt to ask what was on everybody’s mind. He and Jimin were furiously blushing, their minds already filled with all sorts of lewd and inappropriate scenarios, Namjoon merely looked curious and Taehyung and Jin had very dark expressions while staring Yoongi, in particular, down. The two were frozen and could not for the love of god think of a believable excuse for their prolonged absence, but, fortunately for them, they had Hoseok jump in,

“Hey now, get your minds out of the gutter, what are you accusing them off?!” His voice was stern and scolding, “For your information, Yoongi went out to buy cigarettes – he told me when he left, and __ is a girl! And you guys should know better than ask a girl why she took too long in the toilet, right?” He rebuked, specifically Jimin and Jungkook, and the rest of the gang let out a long “oh” in realization and immediately started talking over each other, apologizing to the girl and ignoring Yoongi’s potentially hurt feelings.

She laughed and brushed the matter off, saying that they didn’t do anything wrong. However, she was very confused as to why Hoseok of all people was the one to get them out of the sticky situation. Sticky in both meanings of the word – she was unbearably wet because of certain someone. She glanced to the side at Yoongi to see his reaction, when Hoseok leaned over to speak in a way that only the two of them could hear,

“Seems like they’ve bought it. I hope you apologized properly, Yoongi!” Hoseok said seriously to the man who stared back at him in confusion, before he put his hand onto the girl’s shoulder with a gentle smile, “I’m also sorry for engaging in that disgraceful discussion with this idiot here, __. I know it must have made you immensely uncomfortable – that’s why I told Yoongi to follow you and apologize to you in private. It’s also mainly my fault that this stupid misunderstanding with the guys occurred, I’m so sorry!”

Everything finally clicked in the girl’s mind when she looked back into Hoseok’s meek and remorseful face, so she smiled in relief. Oh, thank god. “Don’t worry, Hoseok, I’m fine – I really am! And Yoongi-sshi here apologized so many times that I’m already feeling guilty myself for over-reacting like that! But thank you so much for your concern!” She giggled at Hoseok’s relieved smile while clutching onto his arm. The two smiled sweetly, looking into each other’s eyes and leaving the now pissed Yoongi to sulk and glare at the ceiling.

“And that is, Jungkook, why you should never jump to your own, stupid conclusions, did I make myself clear?”

Jin scolded Jungkook, who bowed his head down with a pout in both remorse and, honestly, a little bit of disappointment.



When it was the time to go home, Hoseok stood outside of the restaurant, checking the time on his watch while waiting for the girl to bid goodbye to all the other guys and then join him. She was still waving at the boys while slowly approaching Hoseok who watched her with a mesmerized smile.

“So, shall we go?” The girl sighed happily as she looked up at Hoseok.

“As you wish, milady.” Hoseok said in an exaggerated rich person accent while tipping his imaginary chauffer hat. The girl burst out laughing and playfully pushed him. However, she was smirking smugly on the inside. I wonder what are you up to now, Min Yoongi? Not going to pull another ‘I’m going in her direction today, so I can be the one to drive her home’, huh? Too bad you’ll have to take an L this time, though. Her heart fluttered in anticipation as she glanced back to catch the sight of Yoongi ambling towards them. Here it comes, she thought, biting down on her lip to suppress an excited smile from breaking out.

Yoongi stopped in between the two and draped his arm around Hoseok’s shoulders, making the latter shoot him a quizzical look. “Can you give me a ride too, man? I came here by foot.”

The girl froze at the words, her eyes blown wide open. Hoseok had the same reaction. “Wait, what?” He asked incredulously, “What do you mean you came here by foot? You hate walking!”

Yoongi shrugged, “We had a nice weather today. Thought some physical activity might do me good.”

Hoseok was still giving him the look of the popular expressionist painting – The Scream, “You hate nice weather! And physical activity!” Was the only intelligent thing he could muster saying, which Yoongi just returned with a silent ‘please stop talking’ look.

After the trio has hopped into the car with Hoseok in the driver’s seat, the girl in the front passenger’s and Yoongi in the back, the girl was feeling uncomfortable, knowing that Yoongi was about to find out where she lived. She had tried telling Hoseok to drop off pale man first, but unfortunately for her, Yoongi lived just a few blocks away from the former, whilst her apartment was on the other end of the town. He did this on purpose, the bastard!

While she was occupied by her own thoughts, ignoring what Hoseok and Yoongi were chatting about, it wasn’t long before they were parked in front of her very own building. Snapping out of her troubled pondering, she whipped around to stare at Hoseok. The man smiled at her, “Here you are!” She nodded absentmindedly, clutching the car door handle to get out. It was then that Yoongi’s low voice cracked the silence,

“That’s a fancy building.” He noted with a mysterious tone, “I wonder how it looks on the inside. Don’t you, Hoseok?”


Hoseok laughed and turned around, “You bet, man! I bet the apartments are huge here!”

The girl was frozen, one of her hands still on the car door, when Yoongi leaned forward to peek his head in between the seats, “Would it be imposing of us to check out your fancy apartment, Miss __? We wouldn’t stay longer than five minutes.”

Hoseok was excited with the thrilling turn of events, but his smile fell when he noticed the girl’s reluctant expression. He gasped, “Oh, hey, if you’re too tired or something, don’t mind us, feel free to decline! We don’t want to intrude!”

The girl looked at him, her lips pursed in absolute contemplation as a small bead of sweat trickled down her back, “Uhh, I…”

It would be weird to reject them if they just want to see the place. Hoseok would definitely think it’s weird. Her head was swimming with thoughts, until her mind reached a final decision.

“It’s fine.”

She uttered in defeat, giving her best to force a reassuring smile to Hoseok, when she heard Yoongi burst out into a loud triumphant laughter from behind.




Chapter Text




“Woaaaaah, it’s like one of those rich people apartments from dramas!”

Hoseok marveled with a gaping smile, his whole body whirling around to get every glimpse of the wide shiny place. Yoongi just followed behind him in silence while being secretly envious of the girl’s privilege. I had to work that hard for years to get myself a small shitty apartment and she gets something like this handed to her on a silver platter, ugh. No wonder she’s so fucking spoiled and demanding.

Hoseok directed an excited look to the girl who just forced a smile and gestured with her hand, “You can freely explore the rest of the apartment, I don’t mind.”

Although she did. However, it was not Hoseok’s presence in her living space that bothered her, but rather somebody else’s. She glared at Yoongi with crossed arms, who just returned her a smirk and a shrug. The girl sighed and wordlessly sauntered over to the living room. Yoongi laughed and shook his head before following her and taking a seat on the couch right next to her. “You don’t have to stick that close.” She remarked, attempting to shuffle away from the man, but he stopped her with a hand on her thigh.

“Why are you so scared for?” Yoongi rolled his eyes at her, “I just wanted to see what’s the big deal with you hiding where you live – I don’t plan on coming here to stalk you.”

The girl stared at his hand still gripping her thigh in silence before looking at him, unsettled. “Are you sure we can talk like this? We’re not alone, you know?” She said quietly.

Yoongi scoffed. “It’s fine. He’s still looking around. I’ll move when I hear him coming.”

“Still, this is too risky.” The girl huffed and tried to pry his hand off her leg. Yoongi’s grip tightened, making it impossible for her to remove it. She snapped at him with a glare.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yoongi’s face fell serious as he asked, “Why are you panicking so much?”

She bit the inside of her cheeks and exhaled sharply through the nose. “Yoongi-sshi… This place is not exactly my safe zone, so I can’t afford to play along to your stupid games as usual. There is a reason why I didn’t want to ever bring you here…”

“Cause we’ll get caught by someone you know? Couldn’t you just pretend not to be at home?”

“They have the pass-code.”

Yoongi groaned, “Can’t you change it—“

“I don’t get the luxury to do so!” The girl interjected, very irritated already, “Nor do I get to turn them away, so please, just go home already.” She lowered her voice again, anxiously looking around for Hoseok.

Yoongi just stared at her, unimpressed with a raised eyebrow, before sighing in defeat. “Whatever then… And who’s ‘them’? Your parents or something?”

The girl froze at the question and gulped. “T-that’s none of your concern. Just g-get up and let me go.” She was still warily looking around to catch the sight of Hoseok when he appears around the corner, before she felt a hand on her jaw which pulled her face back.

Yoongi was glaring at her with a dark gleam in his eyes from just an inch of distance, his hand still gripping her face. “You know, it hurts being ignored like this. How about I take your mind off Hoseok and back to myself, hmm?”

Her eyes widened in surprise, “W-what are you—!”

Her words got stuck in the back of her throat as she gasped at the feeling of Yoongi’s other hand groping her crotch over her dress. The man’s expression didn’t change for a second, as he proceeded to rub the girl’s groin with a poker-face. “S-stop—“ The girl chocked out, but also closed her eyes at the same time with a gaping, indulging expression on her already flushed face.

Yoongi scoffed with  a smile at how honest she could become once sex gets involved, continuing to put pressure on her clothed nether regions, his face coming closer, as he was ready to dive down and feast on her elongated neck. However, his eyes snapped wide open at the sound of approaching footsteps and he immediately jumped off the couch to stare at the painting on the wall. The girl opened her eyes to glare angrily at Yoongi for leaving her hanging like that, “Hey, what’s—“

“Did you finish jerking off or whatever you were doing for so long, Hoseok?” The girl flinched at the loud, monotone voice and immediately froze.

“Oh my god, Yoongi, don’t be rude!” Hoseok scolded with a blushing face, “I just kinda got lost checking out ___’s books’ collection – it’s truly impressive!”

“T-thank you for saying that, Hoseok, I just can’t help it when it comes to books. Maybe I have a bit of a problem.” The girl tried to say cheerfully, as to make sure Hoseok wouldn’t suspect anything happened in his absence. Although, there was still a tremble in her voice from previous pleasuring. Yoongi quickly smirked down at her and she averted her gaze.

“Oh no, I think it’s very admirable that you like books so much. I mean, I love reading them, but I never seem to get myself to actually buy them—“

“Okay okay, we get it, you’re a nerd, we’re going back.” Yoongi cut him off while strolling by and tapping the slightly taller man’s shoulder.

Hoseok turned to look at Yoongi’s back with a frown before turning back to the now standing girl with an apologetic expression. “I’m so sorry for imposing on you like this, __. I just got too excited and—“

The girl laughed and waved the man off, “Don’t apologize, Hoseok. You can come again and we’ll go over those books together then.”

“Oh my god, that would be awesome!” Hoseok blushed, smiling widely, “I can’t wait then!”

“Me neither!” The girl also blushed and shyly covered the lower half of her face.

Slowly and thus eerily turning around, Yoongi pierced the girl down with a death-stare.  Oh, so that ‘you can’t come here’ thing doesn’t include Hoseok, huh? Fucking two-faced bitch. As if she had read his exact thoughts the girl laughed at his not-really-intimidating face, throwing Hoseok for a loop. “Um, __? What’s… so funny?”

“I was just thinking of how much fun the two of us are going to have reading and talking about books, I apologize!” The girl smiled innocently and Hoseok laughed bashfully in return.

“Oh… Yeah.”

He gazed down at the girl, eyes looking dazed and absolutely bewitched, snapping back into reality only when Yoongi roughly cleared his throat. “I’ll be waiting for you on the parking lot since you’re filming a soap opera over there.”

Letting out a loud and forced laugh, Hoseok tried to hide his blushing cheeks, “That Yoongi, always so sharp-tongued and rude… But he’s actually much nicer when you get to know him!”

The girl smiled knowingly, “I already guessed so… Maybe I just have to work harder to make him warm up to me.”

Hoseok nodded with enthusiasm,  “Yes! He’s a great friend – you won’t regret it.”

With her mind someplace else, the girl said, “I sure hope I won’t…”



When Hoseok got back into the driver’s seat, Yoongi was puffing out smoke through the open car window. “You know Yoongi, it wouldn’t hurt you to be nice sometimes, or at least, stop being so rude to people.” Hoseok rebuked while fastening his seatbelt. Yoongi scoffed and took out his cigarette with a smirk.

“Why? Did I hurt her feelings?”

“I wouldn’t know about that since she didn’t really show anything, but she did say that she wants you to warm up to her.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise, “Did she now?”

“Yes.” Hoseok sighed, “She said she’ll work harder to make it so, but it would be very helpful if you worked a little harder, too!”

I did break quite a bit of sweat when it comes to her - although, literally. Yoongi thought smugly.  “I don’t get it, though. Why would she even want that?”

“Because out of our friend group, you’re the only one who still doesn’t accept her, Yoongi.” Hoseok said, frustrated, “And I think it’s really sweet of her to want to be on good terms with every single one of us – even you!”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “How do you know she doesn’t have some other ulterior motive? Maybe she wants to get closer to me for some other reason…” Come on, Hoseok, take the hint and stop being so dumb. I don’t want to spell it out for you.

“No, she doesn’t!” Hoseok yelled out, maybe a little too loud, making Yoongi flinch and receive an incredulous look from him, “I-I mean, that’s what I also thought back then when I threw that party at my place…” Yoongi just raised his eyebrows at the mention of the party, not really sure whether Hoseok got something figured out or not, so he simply allowed him to elaborate.

“I didn’t want to tell you this since I felt really stupid for thinking that way afterwards, but… Back at the party she got a little bit drunk.” Nope, she didn’t, thought Yoongi. “And I, of course, offered to take her back home when she said she wanted to go… However,” Hoseok bit his lower lip at the bitter memory, “She said that she would like me to ask you of all people to take her home. A-and in that moment, I was heartbroken! I thought she was interested in you and that there’s no place for me! Even though I did later insist for you to go with her instead of me… But I wasn’t happy about it.”

Hoseok kept staring at the road ahead, the memories of that night replaying inside his head and making his stomach churn in nervousness. Yoongi had not spoken anything in the mean time – he just kept staring at Hoseok with eyes widened in panic. Why did he have to fall for her of all people? What the fuck… After he had calmed down a little bit, Hoseok took a deep breath and turned to Yoongi with a small smile. “But then, I realized.” That she’s two-faced little bitch? That nothing good will come out of liking her?

“I realized that I was wrong. She wasn’t pursuing you in that kind of way! She just wanted to make friends with you, just like she did with the rest of us.” He laughed in relief, “I mean, I know this doesn’t mean she’ll like me! Or that she would ever agree to b-be with me, but…” He wanted to cover his flushed face with his hands, but unfortunately, he was the one driving the car, “I dunno, I felt relieved knowing that I still may have a chance.”

Hoseok waited with an embarrassed smile for Yoongi to comment something on his chaste confession, but the man did not respond, yet still. Confused, Hoseok glanced quickly at the man in his passenger’s seat who expressionlessly stared ahead of himself. “Yoongs? Don’t you wanna say anything? I mean, I kinda poured out my heart over here.”

After a while, Yoongi spoke hesitantly, “Hoseok, listen. I think you should stop liking her.”

“Wait, what?” Hoseok’s smile immediately fell.

“She’s… not what you think she is. And if you keep liking her and thinking you guys should get together, you’ll get hurt real bad!” The black-haired man suddenly raised his voice, the desperation in it palpable.

Hoseok scoffed, visibly offended, “Oh, you mean she’s out of my league or something? You know, Yoongi, if you also liked her, you could have just said so!”

Yoongi’s face scrunched up in a grimace, “Wait what? I don’t like her, you dork! She’s so fucking horrible, who would?!”

Hoseok’s face was already red with anger and it helped that they had already arrived in front of Yoongi’s place and that he could glare the said man down while seething. “I do, Yoongi. I like her.” He gritted, while obviously trying his best to control his temper and not punch the face of his childhood friend, “And what gives you the right to call her horrible? You didn’t even try to get to know her!”

Yoongi laughed incredulously, but to Hoseok it looked like he was mocking him, “Oh, believe me, I got to see enough of her to see what she’s really like. And it’s not her who’s out of your league, it’s the opposite!” Hoseok frowned in confusion before Yoongi derisively spat out, “She’s the lowest kind of slut who likes playing innocent for naïve dumbasses such as yourself!”

With the way instant anger flashed in Hoseok’s eyes, Yoongi thought he would definitely get punched in the face second day in a row. However, just as quickly as it came, the anger evaporated, replaced with something Yoongi couldn’t put his finger on. Bowing his head low in order to hide his conflicted face, Hoseok just uttered weakly, “Yoongi, just… Please get out. I have nothing more to say to you.”

Although Yoongi did feel the need to elaborate on what he said about the girl, he ultimately decided that maybe this wasn’t the right time for that. Hoseok was usually kind and mild-tempered, but only in a few rare instances would he get mad and even Yoongi felt intimidated in those cases. He felt like if he uttered another word about the girl he really would get punched once again. Choosing the lesser of two evils, Yoongi decided to wordlessly climb out of the car and watch as it promptly drove off.


Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Yoongi resembled a steam locomotive when stomping his way towards his apartment building, since he was inhaling and exhaling the cigarette smoke at a very rapid rate, indeed. His face perfectly mirrored the inside of his head, as it was filled to the brim with angry feelings towards Hoseok.

Why is he being so stupid? Why wouldn’t he just fucking listen? He’s acting like a fucking baby!

Yoongi was extremely frustrated. He had been ready to spill the beans about the girl and save Hoseok from the pain of having to find it all out on his own – even if it meant the girl would consider that as breaking the rules of their deal and the benefits of their relationship would cease to exist. He was ready to throw it all away for his friend’s sake and this is how he shows gratitude? This just means he doesn’t even trust me, doesn’t it? He’d rather trust her over me, even though they’ve only known each other for like what – a few months?

He’s so fucking stupid.  Was he really always this dumb? God! Yoongi flicked aside his cigarette butt just before entering the building and getting into the elevator with a murderous intent reflected in his eyes. I should just fucking let him get burnt and maybe then he’ll learn his lesson and stop being such a gullible fool! And I’ll just watch it all from the sidelines until he comes crawling to apologize for not believing my word. The dumbass.


Finally getting to his floor, he made a bee-line for the apartment, not really paying attention to his surroundings because of a certain vengeful plot assembling itself inside of his mind. Surely enough, he would have collided with an entire person if the said person hadn’t helped him snap out of his stupor with a loud “Um.” Freezing in his steps, Yoongi jerked his head up to find a very bewildered-looking girl in a horrible sun-dress standing right beside his door with crossed arms.

She was obviously put off by Yoongi’s fuming expression and was, hence, bracing herself for a confrontation of some kind. Yoongi didn’t help put her at ease since he kept staring at her in silence with what still looked like wrath in his gaze, so the girl opted for carefully clearing her throat and bravely speaking up first, “I, um, thought I’d come over and…” Am I actually going to finish this sentence? She thought to herself incredulously for a moment before doing exactly that, “let you finish what you started at my p-place?”

Thinking that saying it as a question would somehow make it sound less provocative, the girl also added an awkward smile as an offer of peace (and maybe also sexual release, but that part was not as urgent). Yoongi kept staring her down in silence, curdling the tension like dairy and causing the girl’s palms to start sweating profusely. It’s her. The root of all of your current problems. If only she didn’t exist, then… He swallowed the bile in his throat, lips twitching, before taking a step towards the girl, his dark eyes firmly fixated on her own intimidated ones.

“Yoongi-sshi—“ The girl started weakly, but was abruptly cut off by two hands cradling the sides of her face and pulling her in for a deep, passionate kiss. She gasped into the kiss, not at all expecting this course of action from the man, but the man did not think of anything at all. His strong arms went down to wrap themselves around the girl’s waist and pull her even closer to his body. His warm lips glided against hers with desperation for something… real.

The girl moaned into the lip-lock, gradually becoming more aroused as the seconds trickled on with her being in Yoongi’s arms and being kissed with such a palpable ardour. Her arms went up to twist around the man’s shoulders to bring him even closer. Her nether region was soaked and unbearably hot at this point, as everything she wanted was for Yoongi to quickly get them inside the apartment and get himself inside of her.

As if he had read her mind, Yoongi released one arm to punch in the pass-code, without taking his lips off her even for a second. They stumbled inside the apartment, immediately hitting the first wall and the girl got an idea. Finally breaking the lip-lock with a loud and wet smacking sound, she smirked at Yoongi’s slightly frowning, but still mostly dazed face, with her swollen red lips. Her hands grabbed a hold of his belt, trying to undo it with urgency so she could give the man a treat before they start.

However, Yoongi swiftly gripped her hands so he could press them against the wall, right beside her head. She stared inside his enigmatic eyes with confusion; though, Yoongi quickly made sure to express his own inner desires by diving down to leave open-mouthed kisses on her neck. “Oh my gah—“, the girl gasped at the wet feeling, promptly closing her eyes to indulge in the ministrations.

Yoongi’s kisses weren’t lust-driven, but rather the opposite – he was being quite gentle and sensual while stamping every spot on the girl’s neck and collarbones with utmost care and attention. His own eyes were also closed, eyebrows scrunched in concentration as not to leave a miss a spot. One of his hands released the girl’s wrist to slowly travel down her waist and hips and then end up cupping and rubbing her clad warmth. Fucking finally. The girl let out a grateful moan before going back to biting her lower lip from all the sensations on her body. 

The man’s long slender fingers skillfully stroked all the right spots with just the right amount of pressure, causing the girl’s chest to rise and fall heavily. He didn’t stop kissing her body for a second while gently lifting her dress’ skirt and continuing his attentiveness underneath it. After massaging her soaking wet panties for a while, he pushed the material aside to get some skin-on-skin contact. There was enough of lubrication for his fingers to smoothly glide in between the girl’s lower lips, his middle finger dipping inside every now and then, driving the girl crazy with desire.

After a while of pleasuring (or teasing, more like), Yoongi finally moved his head from the girl’s neck area, just so he could slip one of his arms around the back of her knees and pick her up –bridal style. With her soaked panties stuck awkwardly to the side of her needy place, the girl desperately clutched Yoongi’s dress shirt, begging with her gaze for him to finish her off. The man was not actually heeding her gaze since he was looking for a first comfortable surface he could lower her body onto.

With her lying comfortably on her back and praying to the heavens for Yoongi not to leave her hanging as some form of revenge, the girl panted with anticipation and arousal. After a few seconds, Yoongi also got back onto the bed, while being in the midst of unbuttoning his shirt. Oh lord. The girl ogled the man’s sexy digits handling the buttons, one by one, and thus revealing his naked torso. Her hands gripped the sheets in frustration.

After taking care of his piece of clothing, Yoongi leaning over to push her dress up her body and she gladly obliged by making the job easier for him. The dress had hit the floor, and soon did her panties and bra. “Ahh…” The girl sighed whilst letting Yoongi feast his eyes on her exposed body in silence. Her hands went up to grab and squeeze her own breasts, head teasingly lolling to the side.

“Is looking all you’re going to do to my body, Yoongi-sshi?”  She bit her lip, smile threatening to break.

Yoongi’s face was still dazed and drunken-looking, but his hands got a life of their own, reaching to replace her hands with his own and squeeze the abundant and soft flesh. The girl arched her back at the sensation, letting out a satisfied sigh. The man’s hands worked wonders as he massaged her breasts, sporadically brushing over her ever so sensitive nipples and making her gasp. Soon enough, he couldn’t resist lowering his head and taking one nipple in his mouth to suck like he needed it.


The girl’s eyes went back into her head from the pleasure, but she still felt the need to lower her own fingers down and rub her clit impatiently. Leaving one swollen and wet nipple, the man went to the other one to mark it the same way. However, this time he wasn’t as gentle. He lightly bit on the sensitive bundle of nerves, making the girl moan loudly, before roughly sucking and making a hickey on the underside.  Pulling back to admire his work, Yoongi immediately noticed the girl furiously rubbing her crotch and chasing her orgasm, which made his eyes widen in surprise.

With a loud snap, his hand was once again on hers, removing it from the crotch and depriving her of much needed release. What are you… The girl slightly opened her tears-filled eyes, frowning at the man at first, but grinning when she caught him finally unfastening his belt and pushing down his trousers and boxer shorts. His member proudly sprung up and the girl’s chest filled up with warmth at the reunion with her favourite thing in the world.

She didn’t know when he opened it, but Yoongi was already rolling a condom onto his cock, which was also twitching in anticipation at reuniting with the girl. She bent and spread her legs obediently so Yoongi could center his head at her entrance and slowly push in, eyebrows furrowed and a lip in between his teeth. His shaft easily slid inside, to neither one’s surprise, but Yoongi still found her tight as usual, and it was his eyes this time going back into his head.

“Mmmm…” The girl pressed her lips tightly against each other at the feeling of being filled to the brim with the large organ. One of her hands glided against the man’s naked chest and their eyes met. Something dark flashed in Yoongi’s eyes and he finally started moving.

“F-fuck…” He panted while trying his best to retain his sanity and keep a slow thrusting pace. The girl moaned in unison with his huffing, gripping his flexed arms and lolling her head back.

“H-hey, is it okay like this?” Yoongi’s trembling low voice pulled her back from her daze and she squinted at him in confusion. “Is it h-hitting it in this pose? Or do you wanna... wait.” The man mumbled before pausing and bringing one of her legs over his shoulder and holding it steady there.

“Oh MY!” Her eyes widened at the new feeling and angle, her leg now flush pressed against Yoongi's torso and his cock even deeper inside of her which she thought to be impossible. How did he even know about this? “Ohh, Yoongi…”

The man was too busy thrusting at a little faster pace and not letting go just yet to notice that the girl addressed him informally for the first time. His gaze kept wandering between her lewd flushed face and her boobs which were bouncing with every thrust. Goddamn it. He thought, cursing his own fate for letting him meet the girl. She’s so… He was at a loss for an appropriate attribute to describe the girl’s existence, because even he wasn’t sure what she meant to him. I… I don’t want to stop it, fuck. He grit his teeth.

What exactly he didn’t want to stop was something the girl could never ever find out. It was something Yoongi decided in that moment of weakness before lowering his body to capture her open lips in a kiss. To say that she was caught off guard would have been an understatement, since she never took Yoongi to be someone who kisses during sex – that was something she usually found way too… intimate, to say the least. But then again, all of Yoongi’s behavior that past half an hour was alien to her to start with.

She wanted to be more freaked out by the man’s antics, but it showed to be difficult with him repeatedly hitting her G-spot with precision. Knowing she would regret it later, the girl enveloped her arms around the man’s shoulders, pulling him even closer and returning the kiss with the same intensity and passion. As their lips melted into each other, they felt the same kind of warmth they both always dreaded. This is so wrong. Was the only thing the girl thought as she felt an intense orgasm coming while in Yoongi’s embrace, not for a second detaching her lips from his own.

As he felt her twitch and convulse around his member, it didn’t take long for Yoongi to also join her in experiencing a scarily strong climax, so he moaned her name against her lips while exploding inside her wet crevice. Both slowly rode out their highs, now not kissing anymore, but rather just breathing rapidly against each other’s wet and swollen lips. Their eyes, which were dazed in the aftermath of fervent love-making, gradually began regaining their soberness, so they were left staring at each other in mild astonishment, until Yoongi was the first one to break the awkward eye-contact.

He swiftly pulled out, jumping off the bed and heading straight for the bathroom. The girl, on the other hand, did not move for a while. Her astonishment was now not so mild, as she wondered inwardly:

What the fuck have we done?

The awkwardness was almost tangible in the air when Yoongi returned, freshly showered, and they had nothing to say to each other. Instead, the girl used the chance to escape the situation under the excuse of showering and try to wrap her mind round the thing that had just occurred and how was she to deal with the consequences. Or were there consequences? She honestly didn’t have any desire of finding out.

When she got back to the room after taking a tad too long in the shower than usual, towel wrapped around her body, Yoongi was already lying on the bed, sleeping, or at least pretending to. The girl bit her lip nervously, running all of her options in her mind. Maybe I should just go? Or would that be even more awkward…

In that moment, she took in the sight of Yoongi’s big hoodie neatly folded at the edge of the bed. He left it there for me… Jeez. She sighed while putting on the baggy material once again and crawling onto the bed and under the covers. She laid there in the semi-dark, staring at the man’s back and wondering whether there was a reason behind everything that had happened between them; and if there was, what was it.

Just then, her phone, that she had pulled out before going to shower, flashed from the bedside table, grabbing her attention. Reaching for the device, her eyebrows rose in confusion at the name of on the screen.


Hey, __. Sorry for texting you this late, but I had to tell you something.

Her heart started pounding and her breath hitched.

You should give up on trying to befriend Yoongi. He’s just not worth it, I finally see it now. I’ll make sure you don’t have to see him during out gatherings ever again, so don’t worry about that. I apologize if this seems confusing to you, cause it actually is, but I have my own reasons for saying it. The only thing I’ll ask of you is to trust me… So, will you? Please?

With eyebrows furrowed in bewilderment and slight fear, the girl looked over to Yoongi lying just a few inches away from her.


What the hell did you say to him, Min Yoongi?

Chapter Text




A noise from the outside made the girl stir in her sleep. She mewled while stretching out her numb limbs, her eyes slowly fluttering open. The first thing in her line of sight was a treat for eyes, especially her own, very biased ones. Yoongi’s face, propped by one of his arms, was just a few centimeters away from her own, seemingly still soundly sleeping. His lips were slightly open and pouting, while his long lashes were softly grazing his pale cheeks, creating an angelic impression for the girl, enough to make her swoon.

Quickly snapping back to her senses, the girl pulled back the hand that was about to caress Yoongi’s cheek and pushed herself to sit up. I should go before he wakes up. She thought, but her plans were immediately ruined as Yoongi also, woken by her movements, rustled in between the sheets and yawned. She froze for a bit before bravely deciding to turn around.

Yoongi was steadily staring back at her through barely opened eyes, the sleepiness still very evident on his features. The girl felt the uncomfortable sweat break out on her back area, mind working in overdrive to think of a thing to say after everything that had happened the night before.

“Do you want to get some breakfast together?”

Yoongi helped the conversation flow, although with an unexpected suggestion, and the girl just bit her lower lip before nodding in affirmation. The man also pushed himself to sit up while also leaning slightly towards the girl, looking down at her lips before matching her gaze. The gleam in his sleepy eyes was inscrutable and he looked as if he had something to say. Her breathing stopped for a moment in which she thought Yoongi was about to go in for a kiss, but was disappointed right after she saw him get up from the bed to get dressed.



It was when they were sat one across another in a bustling American-style diner that the girl felt immensely out of place. Yoongi didn’t pay much attention to her nervous squirming, as he was busy scanning down the foreign-looking menu. “I usually don’t eat breakfast, but this place is good. Might be too greasy for you if you’re on a… diet or something.” He mumbled out, giving her a quick, frowning glance at the ‘diet’ part.

“It’s fine.” The girl said quickly, still looking around the unfamiliar place.

After telling their order, Yoongi scratched his head in slight frustration, “I might have over-ordered.”

And indeed he did. Soon enough, the table was packed with all kinds of greasy fried foods, including deserts like pancakes and waffles with a criminal amount of maple syrup. The girl’s face was pulled into a grimace as she said, “Uhh, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish my share…”

Yoongi’s lips were pursed. “Neither can I. It’s okay; I’ll tell them to pack it all up later.”

The girl nodded and promptly excused herself to go to the restroom before yielding herself to three cheat day’s worth of meals in one. At first Yoongi thought she forgot something when he saw that her place was occupied once again, but to his surprise, he found out his ex/current/??? fuck-buddy sitting across him with a teasing grin on her face. Jinah brushed her long red hair to the side and leaned over the table to get a better view of the baffled Min Yoongi.

“Hey there, Yoongi. Fancy meeting you here.”

His startled face quickly retracted back into looking unimpressed. “What do you want, Jinah? I’m not alone.”

The tattooed woman shook her head laughingly, “Oh, I’ve sure noticed. You know, Yoongi, seeing you bring other girls to our special place that I’ve shown you – it kinda hurts.” She mockingly pouted with her hand clutching at her chest.

Yoongi’s facial expresseion didn’t change, expect maybe looking a tad bit darker. “Are you done? Can you please leave?”

“Ooooh, don’t wanna let the little missy know about me? What are you so scared of; that’s so unlike you!” Jinah laughed derisively, ready to jab some more at the man’s nerves of steel to get some revenge for getting ignored by him.

However, her intentions were cut off by the return of the ‘other girl’ with a very sweet-sounding, “I’m back, Puppy, I hope you didn’t wait too long for me!” The girl hopped onto the seat right next to Yoongi and wrapped her arm around his. Yoongi’s survival instinct kicked in and he froze, waiting for the danger to be over until he heard Jinah burst out in a maniacal laughter.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT!” She didn’t stop laughing for a while, giving Yoongi time to send a questioning look to the girl currently clutching his arm, who just smiled sweetly and shrugged her shoulders before turning to the girl who was gasping for air from too much laughter.

“Um, excuse me, but what is so funny?” The girl blinked innocently.

“Oh god— Sorry, sweetie, I just got too shocked out of my mind, I wasn’t laughing at you.” Jinah managed to say through gasps of residual giggles, before stopping to scan the girl beside Yoongi. “Fuck me sideways, Yoongi, but I never thought you’d actually give dating another try. And with such a cute girlfriend, too, good lord!”

Yoongi cleared his throat uncomfortably, choosing not to look at the red-haired girl but instead stare at the decorations on the wall. The faux girlfriend giggled, cupping her blushing cheeks and bowing slightly, “Oh my, thank you for such a nice compliment! And your name is…?”

“Jinah.” She smiled knowingly, contemplating for a moment whether to reveal what she is, or rather was, to Yoongi before deciding to reveal another fun fact about herself, “You know your little puppy and I used to date once. Although it lasted only two days. Can’t get this one to commit himself, really.”

The girl snapped her innocent-looking eyes at Yoongi who was still avoiding eye-contact with either of the girls. “Oh… This is a bit awkward.” She said gloomily, now loosening her hold on Yoongi’s arm to let her hands rest in her lap.

Jinah’s eyebrows shot up, “Oh h-hey, don’t mind me, it wasn’t my intention to ruin your adorable little date or anything!” She said, also feeling awkward herself, even though it was, in fact, her intention to ruin their date. “I’m just saying, you know… Be careful when it comes to Yoongi! That’s my piece of advice as someone who knew him since high school. Okay?”

Still looking very unsure and dejected, the girl frowned slightly, “Yoongi-puppy has been nothing but sweet and kind towards me for the past month.”

Jinah’s eyes almost popped out at the last part, so she looked at Yoongi for confirmation, but the man was, with a clenched jaw, still boring holes into the wall. “I see… well then, I guess I’ll be off now. Wish you two happiness, have a great time.” Jinah stammered out, slowly standing up from her seat and the girl’s face was graced with a smile.

“Thank you, Jinah-sshi. I hope you have a wonderful day, too.”

After checking that Jinah has indeed gone away, the girl went back to her previous seat with a disappointed sigh. “Well, that was kind of boring. I expected some jealous action or something, but I guess she doesn’t really care that much for you, Yoongi-sshi.”

Yoongi finally looked away from the wall to glare daggers at her. “Was that really necessary?”

“Oh, come on, if there’s a chance for me to tease, I’ll always take it!”

The girl laughed as Yoongi remained not amused, but he didn’t seem angry or anything similar to that – he also didn’t care what Jinah thought of him, after all. After a while of eating in peace and quiet, the girl suddenly initiated a new topic with a question:

“Yoongi-sshi, what did you tell Hoseok yesterday?”

She looked up to find him frozen once again, in the midst of chewing and staring at her in surprise. It looked like he was struggling to give her an answer to the tricky question, so she helped by prompting him,

“Did you tell him about us?”

Her tone was calm and neutral-sounding, but her face was devoid of any amusement. Yoongi swallowed the food in his mouth to answer, “I didn’t. I told him about what kind of person you are, or rather, I tried to. He didn’t really wanna listen to me after the initial insult.”

He squirmed nervously, already bracing himself for what was about to come, but to his bemusement, the girl just kept pensively stirring her cup of tea. Finally, she spoke, “You’re a loyal friend, Yoongi-sshi.” Yoongi’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and she elaborated, “You ignored your own gain just so you could prevent your friend from getting hurt. I’m pretty sure you were aware of what the consequences of that could end up being, but you still talked to him.”

She picked her inscrutable gaze up to match Yoongi’s still confused one. “To be honest, I’ve already predicted you would attempt such a thing, but I wanted to let you do it and then… Well, I wasn’t sure about what I would do about it. I knew I wouldn’t be particularly angry, however…”

She laughed humorlessly, “I definitely thought about punishing you for revealing that to him.”

Yoongi scoffed lightly, “So? Will you?”

He was pretty much sure at this point that their special relationship was to be terminated then and there. However, the girl nonchalantly quirked her eyebrows and shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t think I will.”

“Wait, what?”

“Yoongi-sshi,” She perched her chin onto her intertwined hands, “I doubt you’d remember this, but I once told you that Hoseok is nice and all, but that he’s not my type. My opinion of him has not changed since that time.”

Yoongi was about to question what that statement had anything to do with what they were talking about, but the girl was quicker to elaborate, “It means I don’t really have any intention of keeping myself single for Hoseok. His feelings towards me are very obvious, yes, but I don’t intend to reciprocate them. That being said, I still want to retain my reputation amongst your friend circle.”

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at.” The man scratched his head.

“It means I can’t let Hoseok nor the rest of your friends find out about the nature of our relationship. Being your fuck-buddy doesn’t really go with the image of an innocent girl who just wants to experience pure romance that they hold of me. That is why I ask of you once again not to tell Hoseok or anybody else about us – and I’ll talk to him so he doesn’t get too hurt when he finds out I’m currently only interested in you.”

A relieved smile began to break out onto Yoongi’s face, but he hurried to hide it by scoffing and taking a sip of his coffee. His ears were still a bit red around the edges, though. “We have a deal then. You talk to Hoseok and I’ll keep my mouth shut.” He tried his best to show as little emotion as possible and the girl laughed incredulously.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you, Min Yoongi-sshi.”



The girl stared into the space absent-mindedly, the muffled voice of her professor droning on about a very important subject concerning their next exam. Just then, her attention was grasped by the feeling of vibration against her leg. She discreetly unlocked her phone to find a new message with a photo attached from Yoongi. Raising her eyebrows curiously, she opened it and a bored face of Yoongi, leaning back into the chair of his studio, popped up.

How can anyone be productive during this heat?

A grin unconsciously emerged on the girl’s face, as she thought for a while of a witty reply to send. It was on the day they went out for a meal for the first time that they exchanged phone numbers. Yoongi was the first one to ask, of course, as casually as he could, pointing out that it is necessary for them to be able to arrange their rendezvous more easily. She didn’t know, though, that he would be sending her random texts like this one over the past few days when they couldn’t see each other.

I’m a college student who can still afford not to be productive. You on the other hand have a job – try to keep it. :)

They can’t fire me. I’m irreplaceable.

She laughed.

So humble. :'(

“Texting during a lecture? Ooooh, someone’s become a rebel!”

The girl flinched and scrambled to hide her phone screen. The face of Kim Taehyung was inside her personal space, curiously glancing between her face and her phone. “Is everything okay?”

She laughed nervously. “Everything’s alright, sorry for reacting like that – I just got surprised.”

Taehyung nodded his head with a pout, once again glancing down at her phone which she didn’t pick up for the rest of their lecture.



Just like after every other day full of lectures and vigorous study sessions in the university library, Taehyung and the girl walked back home together with sore shoulders and rumbling stomachs. Taehyung was in the middle of talking about how he was going to have Jimin’s special stew that night (which he also dreaded because Jimin was not the best cook), when his attention went to something, or rather someone else.

“Oh my god, Yoongi-hyung!”

The girl’s eyes widened at the called out name, her gaze snapping in the direction Taehyung was looking, so she could catch the sight of the older man leaning against his car, just outside the campus’ entrance gate, looking up from his phone. He waved at them, prompting Taehyung to start jogging towards him with an excited smile.

“Hyung, what’re you doing here? What a crazy coincidence bumping into you!”

“It’s not a coincidence, Taehyung.” Yoongi said, “I came to pick you guys up and take you out for a dinner.”

The girl caught up with Taehyung just in time to hear the last part of what he said, and her face was etched with shock. Taehyung’s exhilarated grin, on the other hand, could not grow any bigger. “Fuck yeah!” Was his reaction to the invitation, mainly because he’d have an excuse to avoid Jimin’s questionable stew, at least this time.



The girl immediately recognized the restaurant Yoongi took them to, per Taehyung’s insistent suggestion, as the place she met Yoongi and the rest of the gang for the first time. She smiled nostalgically, looking around at the interior, while Taehyung kept trying to convince Yoongi to order a tonkatsu since it was ‘the best tonkatsu place in the city’ instead of a regular steak. The older man looked visibly irked and already regretful of the fact that he allowed Taehyung to come too, so he yielded in and ordered three tonkatsu steaks through gritted teeth.

As she was eating her steak, which ended up actually living up to Taehyung’s praises, the girl kept sneaking glances at Yoongi who was too busy trying to ignore the younger boy’s persistent requests about recording a rap mixtape. He sent her a few quick glances here and there, but that was about it.

It’s okay, though.

The girl thought with excitement while biting on her lower lip to suppress a smile. There’s only one reason he brought us here… She looked up to observe Yoongi’s mildly irked face and felt her panties get wet. He’ll bring me to his apartment after this. Right after he drops Taehyung off, of course, and then… She almost became delirious thinking about all kinds of things she could do with Yoongi when they finally got into Taehyung-free zone. Oh gosh, let’s wrap this thing up already. She glared down at her half eaten meal with impatience.

The time to leave the restaurant came not so long after, and by then, her lower region was burning with need, so she tightly pressed her thighs together in order to hold on until they get to Yoongi’s place. She was thrown for a loop, though, when the car, with Taehyung in the front seat, was parked in a place too familiar to her. She leaned toward the car window to make sure that it is, indeed, her apartment building they had stopped by. Wait, what?

The confusion on her features perfectly matched the confusion on Taehyung’s face which was now looking back at her, “___? Is there something wrong?”

Oh shoot. She awkwardly laughed and quickly got out of the car. What the hell is he thinking… She saw Taehyung waving at her from the inside of the car and Yoongi giving her a little nod, before starting the engine once again, “Bye, __! See you at uni!” Taehyung yelled over the sound of the engine before the car drove off, leaving her to frown at it while clawing at her dress.

“What the hell does this even mean?”

He wanted to tease me, is that it? But why would he go out of his way to do all of this just to tease me? This doesn’t even make sense. She rubbed her temples, feeling a headache incoming, as she strolled into her apartment building. Punching in the pass-key, she entered her apartment, ready to take a long shower and bring the exhausting day to an end. However, a very familiar pair of shoes awaited her at the shoe-stand. She froze.

“__, is that you?”

Older female voice yelled from the living room, prompting the girl to rush towards it as fast as she could. She stopped at the door frame, staring in shock at the feminine frame sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in her hand. The older woman raised an eyebrow at her, “Why didn’t you answer my question? You took me by surprise, storming in here like some kind of a savage.”

“I-I’m sorry.” The girl stammered out, face blanching and mind filled with more questions than it could handle at a time. Why is she here? Did something happen? She would have called me to her place if something did happen. This is strange.

“Do you want something to drink, Mother?” She forced her questions back into her subconscious and also forced a smile on her face.

“I already have made myself tea, have you gone blind?” The woman scoffed incredulously, putting the cup down to cross her arms. “Stop just standing there and sit down. You really have a way of making people uncomfortable in their own home, good grief!”

This is my home, though. The girl thought bitterly before obliging and taking a seat on the other couch, as far away from the woman as she could. She hates it when people sit close to her anyway. The woman sighed during the awkward pause and glared her daughter down. “Let me ask you, __. What have you been doing this past month?”

“Well, I have been pretty busy with my studies, so I am on the campus most of the time…” The girl said too quickly, taking in a sharp breath of air after speaking.

The woman raised an eyebrow, “Oh, is that so?”

Crap. What does she know? There were small beads of sweat already trickling down the girl’s back and her palms were moist as well. The woman made sure to take her sweet time elaborating, just to add to the anxiety of the situation. After several painfully quiet moments, she said:

“I know you have been engaging in promiscuous activities.”

Silence. Gripping her knees to stop her hands from shaking ever so obviously, the pure fear that had filled up the girl’s whole being mirrored itself in her gaze. “W-what—,“ She started to stammer, but was cut off by a familiarly frigid tone of her mother’s voice.

“Your futile little lies won’t work this time, I have pictures.”

Yoongi. Was the girl’s first terrifying thought. She knows about Yoongi – somebody followed me and they saw me with h-him, what do I— She could hear her own violent heartbeat inside her ear drums, her breathing also becoming very shallow and ragged. “M-mother, I never—“

“Save your excuses for someone who will actually buy them!” Her mother raised her voice and the girl looked as if she was slapped. The older woman angrily took her phone out of her purse, scrolled on it for a bit and turned its screen towards the absolutely horrified girl, “Now, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Having expected a voyeuristically-taken picture of her and Yoongi having sex on his kitchen counter, the girl was hit with a pang of confusion at the innocent picture of her smiling along Taehyung, Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok beside a cultural monument. Huh? She sent a confused look at her mother who was now red in the face. “How dare you act so obliviously in front of me! If only your father knew…” She pressed her hand against her chest to take an exaggeratedly loud breath. “I don’t know where we went wrong with you, if only I had a son instead…”

The girl bit her lower lip at the usual reminder. She paused for a bit to carefully pick her next words, before speaking up, “Mother, these are my friends… I haven’t been doing anything improper,  w-we have just been hanging out together!”

Hanging out?” The woman scoffed incredulously, “Since when have you been using that kind of disgraceful language!” She then laughed humorlessly, “Oh, wait, I think I know where you learned how to speak that way…”

Starting to feel more irked by seconds, the girl gripped her knees once more to sustain herself. “Mother.” She said, determinedly, “I have been very stressed out by my studies, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with finding an outlet for taking my mind off exams even just for a while.”

“What are you blabbering about!” The woman’s eyes threatened to pop out and the corner of her lips curled up in contempt, “Your studies are the only thing you should concern yourself with - that is the sole reason we allowed you to live alone here. If only I had known you would start whoring yourself out as soon as you got out of our sight—“

“Mother!” The girl raised her voice in distress, but immediately fell back when pierced by the infuriated gaze.

“How dare you raise your voice at me, learn your place!” The woman admonished and shot up from her seat, promptly followed by the girl matching her movements. “I will not tell your father about this, yet. But if you continue to bring shame and disgrace to our family, he will, too, know about this and you know he is not as forgiving as I am!”

The woman picked her purse with a jerk and stomped her way out of the apartment, as the daughter followed her like a lost puppy, already unsure of what else to say to mend, or at least not worsen the situation. Her mother, enraged to the point of trembling, turned one last time to send her a disgusted glare, “I cannot believe this is how you repay me for raising you. Instead of being a grateful daughter and finding a suitable fiancé, you choose to live your life like this? I hope you are happy with yourself now.”

Those were her last words before she stormed into the elevator, leaving the girl to stare in shock after her withdrawing figure. When the elevator door finally closed, the girl’s hands flew up to grab her pulsating head. What the hell just happened? She thought to herself incredulously, a small part of her feeling relieved that her mother hadn’t actually found out about Yoongi and her actually promiscuous ways. Her finding out about Taehyung and the gang, though, was still stressful enough.

Figures. The girl thought resentfully. Me being friends with a bunch of men… I’ve been in trouble for a lot less. This much is enough to make her foam at the mouth and come all the way here to threaten me. God, what do I do now? She slowly removed her hands, closing the entrance door after her and absent-mindedly stroll towards her bedroom.

Opening the door of her massive closet, she took her time scanning through all of the ‘special opportunities’ items. ‘I don’t know where we went wrong with you, if only I had a son instead…’ Her mother’s hurtful words resonated inside her head, causing it to prickle at the temples. She swiftly grabbed hold of the shortest, tightest dress she owned and put it against her front. Tonight needs to be special, after all. She thought and disappeared into the bathroom to get herself ready for a night out.



The familiar smell of cigarette fumes and alcohol wafting through the congested space of a club usually roused the feeling of thrill and adrenaline within her. It usually signified that she was about to break all of the rules her parents had imposed on her. Breaking those rules was the only way she could ever take her revenge for every hurtful experience they made her go through, and it was the only way for her to find comfort and satisfaction.

It didn’t take long for her to attract attention from a tall young man who had approached her with a sleazy pick-up line, his breath carrying the strong mix of cigarettes and whiskey. She displayed her expertly practiced smile and had quickly accepted a drink from the man. As they engaged in superficial conversation, the man’s hands kept wandering around her waist area, very evidently showing his impatience for playing along the ‘I’m trying to get to know you’ game.

The girl thought of his actions as very predictable, but did not mind it, as she was in quite a hurry as well. She was about to ask the touchy man if he would like to get out of the club with her, when she felt her phone vibrate vigorously inside her purse. Excusing herself, she picked up the device to find two missed calls and twice as many texts from the man she didn’t wish to think of that evening.

Is everything okay? Why are you not answering your phone?

Was the most recent message she had gotten from Yoongi, which made her frown until she saw the previous ones he had sent her approximately two hours before.

Couldn’t bring you back to my place after the restaurant, ‘cause I had to go back to work. I just thought I could make use of my dinner break. It sucked we had to bring Taehyung, too, though. Next time I’ll tell you beforehand so you can make that little shit go home first.

“What.” She said and made the man next to her put his hand on her shoulder.

“Is everything alright?”

She looked at him, confused, for a few moments before saying,

“Sorry, I have to make a phone call.”


Yoongi pushed his car door shut before stepping out on a bustling night street.  He looked around while turning about, finding it difficult to focus on every single passing face as there were too many. Instead, he fished his phone out of the pocket and typed out a quick text: I’m here, where are you? He stared at the screen for a while before his attention was averted to the person calling out his name.

Looking up, he saw the girl pushing her way through the mass of moving bodies to approach him. Staring her up and down, Yoongi frowned at her appearance. “What the hell are you wearing?”

“Can we just go?” The girl said, visibly annoyed while pulling her dangerously short skirt hem down. Yoongi had way too many questions, but chose to oblige and led the way to his car. He was fairly surprised when he got the call from the girl while preparing to go to bed, asking him to come and pick her up from the street famous for clubs. He thought that something was definitely off when she didn’t reply to his texts or answer his calls, but this was not the place he expected of her to be. Seeing her attire and the location she chose to visit made all kinds of assumptions conjure up inside his head – and he didn’t like any of them in the least.

After a while of driving in complete silence, he glanced to his passenger’s seat and accidentally caught the way her tight dress had pulled up almost all the way up her thighs and how much it was squeezing the soft and plump flesh. Snapping his gaze back to the road ahead, Yoongi gulped and attempted asking in an nonchalant tone,

“Couldn’t wait until I was available, so you went out to fuck another guy, huh?”

It came out much harsher than he intended it to sound, but maybe she deserved it, he thought. He heard a sharp exhale, followed by a pause and:

“Yeah, I guess…”

He snorted. “So? Why did you end up calling me then?”

“I, um…” She started unsurely and hummed as if to collect her thoughts, “I couldn’t do it.”

Yoongi glanced at her, frowning, “Couldn’t do what?”

“I don’t know. Sleeping around with different men always felt wrong, that is why I liked doing it. This time it also felt wrong, but I just couldn’t get the… feeling.”

Yoongi felt like he was tripping on mushrooms trying to comprehend the mumble-jumble of the girl’s words, henceforth his face was pulled up in a puzzled grimace. “Are you drunk right now?”

Her bell-like laughter sounded. “Sorry, I know it’s confusing.”

“Confusing is a very mild word to describe how I feel right now. I don’t get it – it feels wrong and you like doing it? Why would you like something that feels wrong for you?”

Sighing, the girl looked at him with a soft smile, “It is how I was raised, Yoongi-sshi. Sleeping with strangers has been implemented in me as something utterly wrong. I cannot look at it in any different way.”

Sparing her a quick look, Yoongi scoffed, “Okay, so? Why would you like it then?”

She pursed her lips thoughtfully before hanging her head a bit lower, “Doing things I was taught were inexcusable would always make me imagine my parents’ reactions. How angry and betrayed they would feel… How humiliated I would cause them to be… I… liked that.” Yoongi’s skeptical expressions momentarily morphed into looking shocked. “I wanted them to feel horrible, just like I always did. Because they don’t deserve anything better than that.”

She finished, looking a lot more calm and indifferent. Yoongi didn’t know what to comment, so he opted for just raising his eyebrows in silent contemplation. It was not long before he had parked his car in front of his place, causing the girl to laugh in disbelief and flash her gaze at him. “You can tell me what happened tonight later. If you want to.” She never expected of him to be curious about her personal issues, and although she was still on her guard about it, there was also something a bit endearing about him acting that way.



As soon as they got in, she began slowly taking her heels off while giving Yoongi a look as if to ask what their next course of action would be. Yoongi took his jacket off in silence before wandering off in the direction of the bathroom, leaving the perplexed girl to stand in the middle of the entranceway, immobile.

“Go take your clothes and make-up off in my room! You’ll find some cleansing products in the left drawer!”

Yoongi’s voice muffled voice yelled from inside the bathroom and the girl’s heart skipped a beat. Oh. She bit her lip and looked down at her tightly clad body. Of course. She smirked before going towards the bedroom and pulling her dress off in the process. She rummaged a bit to find some cotton pads and quickly wiped all of her make-up off, before also unclasping her bra and pulling down her panties to lie on the bed as a part of surprise. She tried a few different poses and decided on lying on her tummy with her bare bottom jutting up in the air. He’ll like this, for sure.

She thought smugly, already getting wet in anticipation, ready to take Yoongi’s massive dick right there in that pose if only he hadn’t cock-blocked himself by yelling once more from the bathroom, but this time to call her over. With a slightly annoyed frown, she stood up and stomped over to the darned bathroom. Pushing the door open, she found the man with rolled-up sleeves, standing by the bathtub and wiping the sweat of his forehead.


The sweaty man almost choked on air at the sight of the stark naked girl, standing under his doorframe with no shame on her face what so ever. His initial reaction was pure shock, but soon his ears started turning red against his will and he covered his mouth with a forced frown. “Why the fuck are you naked?” He muffled out, cursing his pants for being so tight in the moment.

The girl raised a curious eyebrow, “I thought we’d fuck? Are we not?”

­­ “Jeez, is sex all you think about?” Yoongi deadpanned, having a little bit of trouble focusing on her face.

“Look who’s talking.” She snorted. With arms crossed over her bare chest, she curiously came closer to peer at the bubbly colorful bath. “What is that?”

“I used a bath-bomb. Thought you might need to relax, and this thing always helps me when I’m stressed.”

She sent him a quizzical look. “I’m not stressed, though?”

“Well, you look like it.” He shrugged his shoulders and ambled towards the bathroom door. “Just take your time and I’ll cook us some ramen or something.” He added before closing the door shut, leaving the confused girl to stare at the bubbling warm suds. Slowly, she dipped her body in the bath, letting out a relieved deep sigh and closing her eyes when her head was rested at the edge of the ceramic.

Why is he being so considerate? It’s so out of place… She wanted to feel annoyed but the warmth of the water was relaxing her muscles way more than she thought it would. But, this is nice, I guess. Maybe I should stop looking too much into it, ‘cause it’s not like this has a meaning or anything. Hmmm.

I might really be stressed, though. I still don’t know what to do with Taehyung and the rest of them. I can’t be this public anymore, that’s for sure. If only there was a way… And Yoongi… She slowly opened her eyes. He might be much more dangerous than I initially thought. Shit.

Yoongi was in the middle of washing the dishes he used to cook the noodles when he heard a noise from the hallway. Turning around he caught the girl, wrapped in a big towel, standing in the doorway, just staring at his antics. “What?” He asked, and she bit her lip in thought.

“I’m ready to talk about myself. If you don’t mind listening.”




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“So… where do I start from?”

“The beginning?”

She chuckled.

“It would help if you just asked what you were curious about, Yoongi-sshi.”

Mulling his thoughts over, Yoongi hummed. “I guess you can explain why you called me to pick you up from the club tonight? Instead of, like, shagging some other guy out there?”

She blinked, surprised at the question and averted her gaze awkwardly, “Well, I’ve already told you that it felt wrong… I guess… And—“

“Yeah, you were talking some gibberish about ‘feeling wrong’ and also liking it, but I understood none of it. Care to explain in a language I’m familiar with?” Yoongi yawned, leaning back into his seat.

The girl sighed. “I don’t think there’s a need to elaborate on this topic since I’ve already kind of blurted out that it has something to do with my parents. I deem that much is sufficient for you to know.”

“And there you go putting your defenses up again.” Yoongi said, unimpressed, “I thought you were ready to open up and talk?”

Feeling conflicted, the girl bit her lower lip nervously, “I-I know but…”

“But, what?” Yoongi’s dark eyes pierced her down, “Why don’t you start by explaining what you meant by saying you wanted to humiliate your parents? Cause I thought I was fucked up, but damn.”

“They… They’re not very nice people!” The girl retorted back, as if to defend herself. Yoongi raised an eyebrow in query, making her avoid his gaze, hand going to the back of her neck to rub it awkwardly, “I mean, it’s not like it is undeserved when it comes to them.”

She glanced for a second at the man to find him still looking at her questioningly, and it was maybe the fact that he was showing genuine interest in her issues that gave her the bravery to speak up about her feelings and past for once. Not like she has had anyone to talk to about those things before. “My family is, as you might have already noticed yourself, very wealthy.” Yoongi’s face almost pulled up a grimace of his own feelings of resentment for her financial luck, but he controlled himself.

“It is normal for an only daughter of a rich family to have high expectations imposed on her since the young age, but my parents were always pioneers when it came to that.” She chuckled bitterly and, catching a glimpse of Yoongi’s unreadable, but concentrated look, she decided to continue. “Ever since I’ve been aware, I was attending supplementary lessons after school, violin concours, math competitions and so on… I always excelled, of course, but only because I was giving my all to always get the first place and please my parents.”

“And so they liked that?” Yoongi prompted when she paused, but the girl only shook her head lightly at that.

“I doubt they could ever feel that way about me. They just found it acceptable – not being first, on the other hand, was utterly impermissible and disappointing, though. That is why, whenever I got home with a new trophy or medal, I would never get the words of praise I was looking for – only a cold acknowledgement of my existence.”

Thinking back to what a problematic child he was, Yoongi frowned in confusion at what he was hearing the girl say. She smiled, a bit amused with the changes on the man’s face. “Anyway, it took good fifteen years of my life for me to realize they would never really show any kind of appreciation for me; no matter how hard I studied, practiced or behaved properly. I was always going to be a useless female child, who is of no worth to them except for catching them a rich, influential son-in-law in the future.”

“The hell?  What century are they from?” Yoongi asked, baffled and the girl laughed.

“Well, they are the proof that that kind of people still exist in this day and age. Anyway, when I was about fifteen, I got pushed into dating this boy my age who was a son of a really big conglomerate family. My parents were the ones doing the pushing, of course, expecting an engagement to come out of it. Unfortunately for them, I am still not engaged to anyone to this day, which makes them very bitter – more than they already were.”

A silence ensued in which the girl smiled with satisfaction and Yoongi kept giving her a blank look, “What happened with that boy you were dating?” He ultimately asked, not being able to contain his curiosity about the girl’s past dating life.

She smiled nostalgically. “He was uh, responsible for turning me into the kind of person I am today, actually…”

Yoongi’s stomach churned at the response paired up with her nostalgic smile, the pieces of puzzle assembling themselves inside of his head, completely against his own will. “First love?” He managed to squeeze out, body clenched and stone-faced.

“Oh, dear god, no!” The girl looked at him incredulously and laughed off the question like a joke, “I never had feelings for him, no, but we did share a very special relationship. With him I had discovered, well, my other needs.”

She grinned mischievously and Yoongi scoffed. “Both of us being fifteen, we were very inexperienced with sex and other stuff, so, having been pushed into having a relationship, we decided that we might as well make some use of it. At first, we were really shy and reluctant with the whole ordeal, having been taught by our parents that we were to wait until we got married to do the ‘fun stuff’. However, it didn’t take long for two horny teenagers to become very fascinated, to say the least, with all the things we could do with our bodies.”

Yoongi looked visibly disgusted at the thought of two fifteen-year-olds having intercourse, even though he himself had been sexually active even before that. “So? How did your little fairytale end then?”

She pursed her lips at the recollection. “You know, it felt really good – that thing we had together. But, mostly because I knew I was doing something behind my parents’ back. Something I was not allowed to do. But at some point, it seemed like even that wasn’t enough.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was, well, somebody my parents approved of. Marriage-wise. So at some point I wondered what it would feel like if I had done all those things but with someone my parents wouldn’t like as much. That is why I tried sleeping with one of his friends.”

She paused to look at Yoongi’s eyes widening drastically, giving her a look of complete disbelief. With a bittersweet smile, she continued talking, “Having done that, it turned out I was right. It did feel better doing it with someone who didn’t get my parents’ approval. I also went for some of his other friends, as I didn’t possess any male friends of my own, until the secrets I shared with every single of them eventually leaked out. The boy I was to be engaged to dumped me, his friends were all disgusted, having found out I wasn’t as innocent and naïve as they thought, and so I was back to being single again.”

“It was only from then on that I started… experimenting.” She said pensively, tracing her cleavage line, unintentionally attracting Yoongi’s attention. “I had done it with other guys in my family’s wealthy friend circles, but it kind of panned out to feeling inadequate. It was after I ventured out of those circles and started going for some ‘lower class’ men that it felt dangerous and exhilarating again. I eventually figured out my ‘type’, so to say, which was basically the kind of man my parents would probably die if they knew I had something to do with.”

Looking up to give the man sat across from her a knowing smile, throwing him for a loop, she said: “It’s you, Yoongi-sshi.”

“What?” He asked, even more confused.

“The kind of man I would consider perfect for me. Or, to be fair, perfect for crushing all of my parents’ illusions if they were ever to find out.” She felt her neck getting kind of hot, unsure of why that would be, so she swiped her hair to the side and casually started fanning herself while avoiding eye-contact.

Gears were still grinding inside of Yoongi’s head, as he was trying his best to figure out the point of her story. “You think I’m perfect because I’m… lower class?”

The girl burst out laughing at the absurd conclusion, her previous embarrassment long forgotten, but Yoongi was not in the least amused. “What— why is that the thing the thing that stuck with you the most?”

“Well? Isn’t it?”

She scratched her head, still chuckling, “I mean, looking from my point of view, you are lower class, I guess, but— why are you giving me that look?” She couldn’t stop grinning at how offended the man appeared to be. “Oh come on, we are very obviously from two different worlds. There’s nothing that weird about it!”

“Yeah, except for me being a dirty peasant and you the king’s daughter.”

“Oh, let it go already!” The girl rolled her eyes, but there were still traces of utter amusement showing on the features. “That was not the point of my story, you know! What I meant to say is, you represent everything my mother and father wouldn’t want me to become. That is why I was attracted to you, at least at first.”

She saw Yoongi raise an eyebrow at the last addition, causing her to clear her throat, turning flustered again. “It was, of course, when I found out how blessed you are down there that I found myself even more attracted to you.” She scrambled to save face, and it looked like it worked on the man, because he scoffed and rolled his eyes with groan.

“All you think about, I swear.”

“Can’t blame me, since you seem to be the same kind of a pervert, ogling my chest so shamelessly ever since I started talking!” She flipped her hair back sassily and Yoongi couldn’t help but break out a smirk.

“So? You still haven’t told me why you called me tonight? Why didn’t you fuck some guy from the club to get that passive-aggressive ‘revenge’ on your parents?” He persisted with his initial question which made the girl curse him out inwardly and avoid his gaze for the n-th time already.

“I-I just couldn’t, okay! There isn’t some bigger reason behind it, I just couldn’t tonight. I was in a bad mood to start with, so it’s not really that surprising.” She crossed her arms defensively, bringing out an amused scoff out of Yoongi. “A-and the reason I called you and not someone else is because you’re the only one who knows about my secrets! I couldn’t have let Hoseok or Jin-oppa come and pick me up from such a place.”

She seemed pretty satisfied with her response, but uncertainty filled her chest when she saw Yoongi’s lop-sided smile. “You couldn’t have called a taxi?”

He asked, making a finishing blow to the girl’s arguments, leaving her to open and close her mouth like a fish out of water, unsure of what else she could say in her defense. Yoongi’s smugness evaporated into the thin air as soon as he saw the girl sulkingly puff out her cheeks and glare at him in the least intimidating way, causing him to, for one fleeting moment, think of her as cute and immediately wanting to punch himself in the face.

Flustered, he stood up with a huff, “It’s quite late already, I think I’ll go to sleep. You can finish that ramyeon and go to sleep yourself. Or whatever.” He blurted out quickly, wanting to escape the confrontation with his own conflicting thoughts, but the girl jumped from her seat and grabbed his arm.


Yoongi didn’t dare turn around due to the confusion caused by his own emotions, afraid that he might slip up and say something stupid, so he remained frozen and mute with his back turned. Still firmly gripping his arm, the girl was confused herself with her reflex-induced action, so she cleared her throat before speaking.

“I also, uh, have a question for you!”

“What is it?” The man mumbled through clenched jaw and the girl frowned.

“Could you, like, turn around maybe? It’s kinda awkward talking to you like this.”

Fuck. Yoongi sighed and turned slowly and warily, as if anticipating an attack or something of similar nature. He focused his gaze, though, on the floor beneath. The girl also exhaled deeply, mentally preparing for what she was about to ask.

“Why did you come to pick us up today at the uni?”

You’re asking that? Really? “What do you mean? Told you I had a dinner break and wanted some company.”

“No.” She said seriously, “You said in your texts that you didn’t want Taehyung to come along, implying that you wanted us to be alone. Why would you say that?”

“Huh?”  Yoongi scoffed derisively, “Aren’t you looking too deeply into this? I only enjoy your company more than his since he can be such a fucking menace sometimes. That doesn’t make you special or something.”

“I see.” She scoffed back. “I’m sorry, Yoongi-sshi, but I can’t help but take all of this in like some kind of a bad excuse. You bothered to drive all the way to my campus just to have some company over the dinner break – really now? Not to mention, you don’t seem like the type of a person to think up something as random as that.”

“It’s not random.” He retorted, “I just don’t mind talking to you.”

“Don’t mind or ‘like’?”


Yoongi felt the corners of his ears getting hotter as he began to splutter words incoherently,  “W-what are you on— it’s not like that—“

“I just asked if you liked talking to me, Yoongi-sshi, what are you getting so worked up for?” The girl raised a suspicious eyebrow, even though there were slight traces of blush on her cheeks and her voice was anything but stable-sounding.

“I g-guess?” He took a step back, arms immediately crossing against his chest and gaze flickering between the girl’s face and the rest of the room. “Why are you so persistent with this?”

“Because you—“ She blurted out while taking a sudden step forward, only catching herself when she realized that neither did she understand her own abrupt stubbornness.

“I’m what?” Yoongi narrowed his eyes down at her, ears now burning red, but if there was one thing he had mastered – it was the poker face.

“You…” Her features started softening as she reached a dead end. With a defeated sigh, she lowered her gaze, “You’ve been acting weird lately. I don’t claim to know you, but you certainly weren’t this kind of person when we first met…”

“So what? People change.”

The seemingly nonchalant attitude evoked irritation inside the girl. “Ha! You’ve been texting me throughout the whole day! C-came to pick me up from the club as soon as I called you— oh yeah! You called me several times when I didn’t reply to your texts, asking me if I was okay! Like— Like you’re worried or something!” She sputtered out and heard Yoongi take a sharp intake of air.

She snapped her gaze at the man, who was staring into the space. After a while, he sighed and spoke, “I was worried. I didn’t want anything bad to happen to you because you’re… important, I guess.”

“H-huh?” It was her turn to flush completely beet-red, however, Yoongi interjected.

“As you’ve already said before, we’re very compatible. That’s why I… don’t want this thing we have to stop – anytime soon.” His face had no traces of smugness, eyes looking as serious as ever and tone sounding very… genuine. The girl felt out of breath for no reason in particular other than Min Yoongi’s piercing gaze and words. “Do you… feel the same way?” He managed to squeeze out, against his better judgment, but the way the girl frowned with clearly burning cheeks and hesitantly nodded her head, made him wish to ask it again just so he could see the same thing.

“Well… yeah. Obviously.” She began, “Honestly, after tonight’s experience, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep with anyone else at least for a while. It just doesn’t seem appealing anymore…”

Yoongi grunted in response, this time fully aware of the fact that he was, indeed, feeling elated about the fact he had just heard. “Cool.” He just replied in his usual deep, monotone voice and the girl scoffed in disbelief. “What about you? Unlike myself, do you not have troubles whoring around as usual?”

He frowned at that, “I haven’t been with anyone ever since we started doing this.”

Her eyes widened in slight suspicion, before she concluded that he might actually be telling the truth – if judging by his expression. “I see…” She mumbled awkwardly, twirling a strand of hair around her finger as he cleared his throat to break the weird atmosphere. “Do you, uh, wanna eat first and then we can… you know?” He yawned out the last two words. The tiresome day had already caught up with him, all of his energy dissipating within one yawn’s worth. He had not slept much the past several days, since he had been working on a new project and it was not surprising that he had trouble keeping his focus once he got reminded of sleep.

“Um, hey, I’m not really hungry!” The girl rubbed her arms, “And you don’t look exactly… in the mood.” He attempted to glare at her, but it looked more like he struggled to keep his eyes fully open. “Why don’t we lie down and I can help you fall asleep more easily?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, come on, Yoongi-sshi, acting as if you don’t know.” She smirked while smoothly closing the distance between them. Her hands slowly glided from the man’s shoulders, down to his abdomen, causing him to flinch in anticipation. He blinked down at her curiously, while she looked up, catching his lips in a wet, gentle kiss. “Mmmm…” Yoongi moaned into the lip-lock, his arms encircling round her waist, but she broke the contact to breathe and laugh against his lips, amused by the both sleep-deprivation and lust in the man’s dark eyes.

“You just take your clothes off and relax, and I’ll do all the hard work, okay?”



Yoongi was lying in his boxers and a T-shirt on his bed, listening to the rustling of clothes from the corner of the room. Fuck. He sighed as his hand traveled down to cup and grip his package with impatience, inwardly telling himself to hold on a little longer and not screw it all up. By screwing up he meant, of course, the fact that he had been very sexually frustrated the previous couple of days, as he could not arrange a meet-up with the girl and thus relieve all of his pressing needs. Masturbation didn’t help, as usual, and the pent-up horniness was threatening to burst out and make him behave in a desperate foolish manner at any given moment. The girl also didn’t help with her teasing words, evoking a sort of perverse anticipation in the man.

What does she mean by saying she’ll do all the hard work? Jeez, I wanna fuck her so badly…He was now languidly rubbing his erection like some kind of a zen-inducing meditation. It was all to let him keep a sane mind, however, his heart almost jumped out of his ribcage when he felt the dip in the bedding and opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of the girl, in one of his T-shirts, crawling towards his body.

Unhesitatingly, she straddled the man, making him groan at the contact of her panty-clad warmness (or rather wetness in this case) and his blatantly pulsating hard-on and also to take a firm hold of her waist. “Easy there, big boy.”

The girl laughed, gently removing his hands and pinning them beside his head. “What are you…”

“I told you I’ll be only putting you to sleep tonight, didn’t I? You look way too tired to be having sex, anyway.” She said and Yoongi opened his mouth to protest, before closing them when he admitted to himself that he was, indeed, way too tired to even move from his current position, let alone ready to ram into the girl with all the force he wished to posses at the moment.

“Ahhh…” He groaned when he felt her slowly grind down on his needy part, biting his lower lip to suppress embarrassingly loud moans of pleasure, “W-what are you… Gonna do then?” Eyes rolling into the back of his head, he managed to lightly hump up and meet the girl’s rhythm of rubbing, making her also kind of lose sanity.

“Mmmm…” She breathed heavily, enjoying every single bit of delicious friction on her lower region before she remembered that it was not her turn that night. Immediately sliding off Yoongi’s thighs, she made him snap his eyes open in surprise.

“Where are you—“

Wasting no time, the girl plopped down on her elbows right beside the man’s crotch, briskly pulling his boxers lower and taking his shaft out, followed by a hiss from the owner. “Shit!” Yoongi cursed at the incredible feeling of her soft and warm hand gripping his now rather impatient member. “Fucking shit.

He couldn’t help but moan out loudly when he felt her spit on the head and began jerking him off in a controlled, yet wild rhythm. Her hand was gliding against him ever so nicely, he actually couldn’t help but thrust up to speed up the rhythm and chase his much needed release. He heard the girl click her tongue as she abruptly stopped her action, making a whine die down Yoongi’s throat. “Are you kidding me!!” He thrashed around helplessly, just wishing for this sweet, sweet torture to stop already before he felt his whole shaft get engulfed by something wet and warm. Is it—?

Hoping that the girl finally gave in and properly sat down on him, Yoongi moaned in appreciation, hand blindly going up to grab a hold of her hips before he felt something that feels like hair and… head and… OH FUCK.

The girl was, indeed, deep-throating him with the kind of expertise Yoongi never really experienced before. In her rhythmic bobbing of the head, not once did she stop to gag or take a deep breath, instead, she was just going for it, her throat completely relaxed and tongue pulled all the way back. Her cheeks were sucked-in, of course, providing certain tightness around the shaft and giving off the feeling of being milked to Yoongi.

“Wait wait wait slow down.” He managed to wail out in between the moans, and the girl was feeling generous enough to slow down the rhythm, still bobbing her head up and down and taking all of his manhood inside her mouth. “Fuckkkkk.”

Yoongi gripped her hair with urgency, eyes rolling inside his skull and the girl moaned at the delicious pain, this time causing her to gag on the organ. With a squelching sound, she popped it out of her mouth to regain oxygen, but there was not a moment when Yoongi let go of the grip on her long locks.

With a trickle of drool coming down her chin, she squinted in the dark to look at the man who was staring back into her eyes, looking more tortured than ever. He was also breathing rather irregularly, jaw slightly slacked and hair tousled and sweaty all over his forehead. “Please…” He begged quietly, “D-don’t stop…”

She wasn’t sure if it was possible for someone to cum just from hearing and looking at something, but if it was, her panties were completely creamed up and ruined for future use. Holy fuck. She already had a lot of different kinks, but with this man she was re-discovering herself almost every day. Damn you, Min Yoongi. You’ve made a first-class pervert out of me. She bit down on her lower lip to suppress a moan of excitement while slowly grabbing the base of her favourite thing and dipping her head in once again, only this time much more slowly and gently.

Her throat was relaxed, panties unbearably wet and hot and mind filled to the brim with an image of fucked-out Min Yoongi begging her to finish him off. God… I want him so much… Yoongi trembled at the feeling of being sucked in over and over again, as he felt his release coming from afar and felt the need to somehow warn the girl, even though he was a moaning and grunting mess. “Mmm, fuck… H-hey...”

The rhythm of bobbing wasn’t obstructed which didn’t sit quite well with Yoongi as he was any moment away from busting a huge nut down the girl’s throat and potentially making her choke. “S-stop I’m gonna— fuck y-yeah just like that mmm… n-no…”

His words were a bunch of incoherent cries at this point and he genuinely had no other wish than to finally let go and not think about anything else. The girl was no amateur though – she had already taken notice of how close his release was by the uncontrollable pulsating of his cock against her throat, but she had no intention of stopping or taking it out. Just a little bit more…

The lewd, squelching sounds continued to reverberate more loudly and at a faster pace as Yoongi saw white light flash against his eyelids as equally white fluid spurted out of his dick and into the girl’s oral crevice. She had already pulled back until the beginning of the mushroom head, to be able to collect all the warm liquid and swallow it all up when the last spurt was out.

“You— You fucking d-did it—“

Breathing heavily, Yoongi swept the sweaty bangs off his forehead and cussed out loud. He could hear the girl cough and chuckle at the same time, which made him prop his abdomen by the elbows to better observe her. She had a hand pressed against her mouth, still coughing slightly, looking a tad too amused to be in that kind of situation. Yoongi frowned. “Are you okay?”

She waved him off, concurrently wiping a stray drizzle of the thick liquid off her chin back into her mouth. She looked straight into Yoongi’s eyes for reaction and he scoffed with a narrowed gaze. “Well, that was way more than I expected it to be. Haven’t been masturbating much lately?”

She asked nonchalantly and Yoongi laid back down, turning to the side. “Mind your own fucking business.” He murmured and the girl laughed before laying right next to him, also on her sides.

“Your cock is my business, Yoongi-sshi? Have you forgotten that?”

The man could see her shit-eating grin in the semi-dark and it made him want to kiss her, but he resisted. For pride reasons. The girl’s grin very soon fell and was replaced by a rather solemn stare. “Was it good?” Was the only thing the girl asked after an uncertain amount of time, causing Yoongi to snort in response.

“What do you think?”

Although the tone was cold and sarcastic as usual, it made the girl giggle with delight and dare to cuddle up to his body, leaving both herself and the man at a loss for oxygen. Yoongi’s whole body tensed up, mind running thousand miles per hour just to figure out what the peculiar situation was meant to represent while the girl wanted to die for automatically snuggling up to the man’s chest without any care in the world. He’ll forget about this tomorrow, it’s fine.

She reassured herself, not even an ounce aware of how much thought Yoongi was putting into deciding whether to wrap his arms around her or not. Ultimately, he decided to just awkwardly place his hand on her head and hope to the heavens that he wasn’t showing any kind of softness to the girl god forbid. He felt sleepiness washing over him, the persistent arms of dreamland wrapping around his body and pulling him into the calm and dark abyss. The last thing he heard that night was the softly whispering voice that said:


“It comes in handy that I practiced my deep-throating with that many guys…”





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