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Hello, Little Ones

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“You’re up!” The stage director called the group.



It was their first time of appearing on an interview after returning to South Korea. They went overseas to tie the knot legally since marriage of the same gender was prohibited in their country. Namjoon fixed his necktie that was put tightly by his stylist. Seokjin was busy fixing his newly dyed hair. Yoongi was checking himself out on the mirror. Hoseok was tying his lose shoelaces.




“Let us not be nervous. Hm? This is just like previous interviews, do not stress yourself out.” Namjoon reminded his members, now lovers as they started to walk towards the studio set that was set up especially for them.



There sat a familiar reporter, their long-time friend, Jiwoo. They settled themselves on the long couch, fixing themselves before the camera goes on air.



The interview started with a greeting from the reporter and by the group. They started small talks as a conversation starter and lighten up the mood since the boys were feeling nervous. It seemed like it was their first appearance on a television. In no time, the conversation became more natural and comfortable.



“I am sorry to say this to their fans to are watching, but this is the last segment of the show,” The reporter said, “the group will now answer all of the questions that you asked on social media.” Jiwoo read her cue card.



“Okay. Are you ready for the questions?” The reporter said and the boys nodded. They knew what the questions were in advance. Their company made sure that the questions asked were safe and nothing too personal for the group.



“This question came from @dimplejoonie.”

“Can you describe what your wedding felt like? I also dreamt of marrying my partner abroad. More power to you guys I will continue to support you!”


Hoseok was the one who answered the question. “Honestly, our wedding that happened overseas was not that grand. We were literally nervous that we were stuttering during our exchange of vows. But the ceremony ended as how we liked it, married with each other.” He chuckled.



“Another question by @yoongleees, was there any adjustment when you moved in the same house?”


Namjoon answered it. “When it comes to living with each other now that we are married. No, there were no changes when it comes to that. We literally lived in the same dorm for many years and we know each other’s likes and dislikes.”



“This question came from @pleasebeminejoon, how are you coping up with some changes in your career.”


Yoongi was the one who answered it. “We knew that our marriage would leave a taint in our career, but we really do not care. Our goal still was not changed, married or not. We will continue to make music that will be a source of strength to our fans. We do not care even though some of the fans left, we will continue to work harder in the future for those who chose to stay with us.” He boldly said.


“Another question by @hobihibisunshine, do you plan on expanding your family in the future?”

Seokjin answered it. “Yes, we plan on expanding our family. Additional details will remain as private.”



“Seokjin-ssi, may I ask how many additions you would like to add in your family.” Jiwoo asked the man.



“Hm. Maybe two?” Seokjin muttered. He wanted to adopt two littles in the future.



“Very well then.” The reporter was thankful that Seokjin answered her question.



“Last question is from @kingseokjin, how do you see yourself after 10 years?”


Namjoon answered the last question. “I mean 10 years is a great amount of time. In 10 years, I see my husbands, fighting over for some herbal supplements since our joints are starting to hurt. I see myself, living the most contented life with my husbands by my side and our soon-to-be littles.” He smiled.



The reporter thanked the group as she ended the interview, saying some closing remarks before ending the show.



When the broadcast went off air, the reporter hurriedly approached the group.



“Thank you for agreeing for an interview. I hope that I didn’t overstep some boundaries.”



“Jiwoo, the interview went well. We enjoyed it thanks to you and do not worry you did not overstep your own boundaries.” Namjoon assured the girl.



They left the broadcasting company in the secret exit door, knowing that there were many fans waiting for them outside. They entered their car that was heavily tinted as they drove him. They did not forget to wave goodbye to their fans by opening their window slightly.



Seokjin posted some photos in their official social media account to thank the fans. Hoseok was busy commenting on some fans.



“Well that went well.” Yoongi muttered as he adjusted himself to go in a more comfortable position on the chair to sleep.