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Hello, Little Ones

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“TaeTae, do not cry,” Minnie begged his favorite brother and bestest friend in the whole wide world, “we will not lweave you.” he added while patting his brother’s back a few times to calm him down a bit.



It seems like TaeTae did not hear it and cried harder. Tears started to flow out of his eyes like a waterfall with no chance of stopping anytime soon. He heard from his guardian, Mina, that knowing that both of his loved ones were getting adopted by a new family.



It seems like the world was against him since he knew that the two of them are adopted together in one family. He sulked as he cannot imagine a life without his Minnie and Kookie.



During the first few days of hearing that his best friends were getting adopted, he was feeling giddy and excited for them because finally they will get a chance to be in a new family. Unlike his new best friends, TaeTae has been fostered to a previous home in which he was supposed to be loved, nurtured, and taken care of.



But that is what he thought.


During the first month of his stay in the foster house, he felt what it is to have a real family. With an endless amount of love and attention from his caregivers. The facility had agreed to let the couple foster TaeTae in hope that they will soon adopt him. It was like a trial and error to see if the little fit their family.



However, things went whirlwind when they had found a little that they wanted to adopt. The arrival of the new adopted little changed everything…


“Stop cwrying.” Kookie urged his youngest best friend and brother. Kookie was starting to get worried to the other little since he was crying nonstop.



Kookie was the first Little to approach TaeTae when he went back to the adoption facility, for the other littles were scared of him, believing that Tae was returned to the facility again by his previous family because he was bad little. Kookie did not believed it. He knew that the other little was nice and precious.



TaeTae shared bedroom with Kookie. The facility knew that it was the best option since they knew that they have near age range in their headspace. TaeTae’s age range when he arrived was roughly between three to four years old while Kookie’s age range was between four to six years old, but it depends to the littles really.



TaeTae was taken aback when Kookie also started sobbing because he thought that he was the one at fault why Koo cried. Kookie memorized the little, and he knew how to make the other little stopped crying. That is, if he cried also.



“No please, no crwy,” he said while patting Kookie’s back, attempting to soothe the other little. Minnie was also alarmed by the crying of, now, two littles. Unlike the two littles, Minnie was like an older brother to them. Minnie’s age range was between six to eight years old and took the position of being the oldest of the group. The members working in the facility trusts him the most.



“I, no crwy too.” TaeTae added as he calmed himself and stopped crying.



“Really?” He knew that his planned worked and eventually started to calm himself to stop crying too. He had usually done other smart antics in order to distract TaeTae.



How can he do it? Minnie inwardly thought as he saw the whole scene unfolding in front of him. He, truly, adore Koo’s ability.


But what If he will be separated truly from TaeTae forever? He continuously thought. The idea of it made him sadder. He was feeling a little guilty.



He stopped himself from his train of thoughts.



No, he cannot let it happen…






Minnie decided to get some tissues from their guardians, he passed some of the biscuit, that he was currently eating, to Koo for him to share with TaeTae. The youngest little stopped crying and only small sobs were escaping from his lips.



Taetae hurriedly reached out from the snack that the other little offered. Koo blushed and smiled when TaeTae’s boxy smile appeared at his sight. The perfect boxy smile that he wished would stay forever.



Eventually, Minnie came back. He fetched a significant amount of tissue roll and handed some to Kookie. He helped Tae wipe his tears as Kookie independently started wiping his own tears with a smile on his face. The little was contented making his youngest brother smile.



TaeTae hugged his bestest friend first, muttering a ‘thank you’ and kissed him on his cute nose. After that, he hugged Koo tightly that the little thought his lungs were squished and kissed him on his cheek. The littles wrapped their arms to one another tightly and showered kisses.



I do not want to lose them. The youngest thought while he was hugging his brothers.



Can we stay forever? He questioned himself. He knew that his wish was impossible, knowing that almost all of the family prefer littles who was not fostered, afraid that they would have a hard time taking care of the littles.



“TaeTae we will just go back to your room. Okay baby?” Mina snapped him out of his thought. He quickly nodded and detached himself to his brothers. Then, he rested his nose to the crook of her neck, looking for a slight affection to soothe him. He felt assured when the Mina stroked his hair in return.



He was put inside a play pen loaded with toys in the room he shared with Kookie. He began grabbing the nearest toy beside him and played with it silently.



He knew that today was the day that the new family will meet his brothers. He busied himself playing with one of Kookie’s favorite toys, named Mr. Rabbit, which is a small bunny colored in pastel blue, carrying a small carrot. It was very soft and cute like his small toy dog which resembles like a Pomeranian dog, Tannie, which were a combination of black and brown and had a furry hair. He played with the two stuff toys, knowing that Kookie would not get mad at him for playing with his toys.



His other two brothers were separated to another room together, nervous of meeting their new family. They were planning of ways to escape the impending adoption, for they did want Tae to be left alone.






The couples were busy scanning the personal information of the two littles that they agreed to adopt. They have come to an agreement that they can only adopt two littles and contacted the facility that their manager recommended to them. According to his connections, they were one of the greatest adoption facilities in Seoul. They requested if it was possible to get two littles who were brothers in real life. The facility assured them that they had the perfect littles that fit the description.



Minnie and Kookie.



They were busy running mental notes to themselves on how to approach the two Littles. They were on their way to meet them. They smiled as they saw the individual photos of the two littles. The two had cute, distinct features.



Minnie had softer features compared to Kookie. He had a bright smile that turned his eyes into crescent, a small, cute nose, squishy cheeks, and curly golden locks that fit his pale skin. The first thing that they noticed was Kookie’s cute smile because of his bunny teeth, his rosy cheeks, brown hair that complemented his golden skin nicely.



The driver picked them up in front of their mansion, making sure that there were no paparazzi that were following them.



Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were from a popular boy group produced by a previously small company that eventually became big. When they were starting, the group was not as famous compared from now. They knew that their success was a product of their continuous effort and hard work. They knew that the path they were going was hard since they came from an unknown company and other prejudices that came after that. But they still managed all of it and worked themselves to the top.




They were now a famous boy group both known internationally and local scale.



Their relationship with each other have garnered a lot of disappointments to their fans. Even though they know that a lot of fans may leave and abandon them, they did not care. They still announced publicly about their relationship and even announced the media that they were planning to build a bigger family by adopting littles. Surprisingly, many fans chose to stay by their side and support them. However, some of their fans chose not to support them which were more than fine with them.



Real Name: Jeon Jungkook

Nickname: Kookie

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Real Age: 22 years old

Little’s Age: 4 to 6 years old

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Likes: Painting, Photography

Dislikes: Leaving TaeTae

Additional Notes

Kookie likes to paint. In fact, he has won a lot of competitions that were made specially for Littles. A lot of family has tried to adopt him: however, he refused to go with them. His best friends and brothers are TaeTae and Minnie. They must never be separated at all times. Take note that Kookie does not like the crowd. He is very competitive with games and always expects a reward if ever he did something successfully.



Real Name: Park Jimin

Nickname: Minnie, Jiminie

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Real Age: 24 years old

Little’s Age: 6 to 8 years old

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Likes: Dancing

Dislikes: Leaving TaeTae

Additional Notes

He has an extreme passion for dancing. He thinks that his real soulmate is TaeTae. He is the best friend and brother of Kookie. Take note that he is prone to different kinds of allergies in food like seafood and garlic. Be careful of giving food to him because he only has his favorites. He eats all kinds of fruits and he is picky with vegetables. He must never be separated with TaeTae. He is afraid of the dark and thunderstorms. Be sure to wash everything he touches because he is prone in having an upset stomach



Namjoon flipped through the information sheets that he was reading. Currently, he was reading Minnie’s.



“Love, who is TaeTae?” Namjoon asked Seokjin who is also busy reading the other half of Minnie’s information sheet. He felt pressured as he was memorizing and reading the information sheets of the two littles.



“The one that we saw playing with our Littles.” Seokjin replied to Namjoon who was busy nibbling his fingernails while flipping the pages. When they first went to the facility, they met the two littles, but the littles did not notice them. They were so focused playing pretend with the other little.



“Why don’t we adopt him too?” Namjoon suggested the group. Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok turned to him with a surprised look in their faces. They did not know that Namjoon would suggest it also.


“Joonie,---” Seokjin replied, picking the right words so that he could avoid hurting the feelings of the other, “we are sorry but we cannot take care of three Littles.” he continued, biting his lips, hoping for a positive reaction from the other.



“But both of the information sheets said that the three should never be separated from each other.” Namjoon argued to them. He felt sorry for the other little who would be left behind in case they adopted the two.



Hoseok cleared his throat making sure that his presence was noticed. “Yoongi and I contacted the adoption facility a week ago to address this problem,” He said, “but he was not available for adoption.” he continued, eyes faltering, asking for Yoongi’s affirmation.



“They said that TaeTae was still in a process of healing himself from the previous foster family that he was in for about a year.” Yoongi continued Hoseok’s statement, massaging his temples. Hoseok gently caressed his hands and massaged it to the right pressure points to calm Yoongi down. “He was abused, and he is afraid of having a new family.” The second to the oldest reported. It felt like the words that escaped from his lips were a poison, he could taste the bitterness of it.



“But can we at least try?” Namjoon said, even though he knew that he will not win this conversation. If he felt worse a while ago. Now, he felt worst from the information Yoongi reported.



“Sorry, Joonie, we cannot.” the others replied with a sigh, ending the conversation. Namjoon looked helpless knowing that he can never convince the others to try. He sighed then got his phone to busy himself in making song lyrics.



The others felt guilty knowing that they just hurt one of their love and that they did not try to convince the facility.



But what can they actually do?



After a couple minutes of awkward, dead silence inside the car, Seokjin nudged Namjoon to call his attention. The other was surprised by his action. “Okay, we will try convincing them.” he replied which earned them a bright smile from Namjoon. The two others also nodded to confirm it.



They can at least try.



They were interrupted when the driver announced that they have arrived their destination. They were surprised that the facility was not that big, but they were sure that it was enough for all of the littles there.



Feeling nervous of the possible outcome, they entered the adoption facility, grabbing the hands of each other.






 Namjoon silently wished.