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Hello, Little Ones

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As soon as they arrived, they were warmly greeted by the head of the adoption facility and some of the guardians that supervised the Littles which were not busy attending to the other littles. The adoption facility was quite small compared to other facilities, but it had a light and home-y atmosphere. The walls were painted white and the interiors were designed perfectly, considering the littles’ safety.



According to Anna, the head of facility, their facility houses a total of 25 littles at the present. TaeTae being the 25th and latest little to return.



“Good morning!” Anna greeted the soon-to-be caregivers with a warm smile plastered in her face.



Seokjin offered his hand for a handshake as a sign of courtesy to the facility head that was accepted tenderly by Anna.



“In fact, good morning to all of you!” Seokjin returned the previous greeting to all of the people inside of the room. Seokjin was one of the most introverted one among them, but, if some situation called for it, he does not hesitate to show his friendliness to other people.



“Are you here to pick up your Littles?” Anna questioned the group while eyeing some guardians who were beyond ecstatic of meeting the famous boyband.



“Yes.” he muttered with a heart-shaped smile present in his lips.



Hoseok silently inspected the whole facility, curiosity present in his eyes. He counted the doors around the facility. A total of twenty doors was counted by him. He thought that maybe some of the littles were sharing one room. No littles can be seen loitering outside their room maybe because it was too early for them to wake up.



“By the way where is Mina?” Namjoon inquired. Mina was the guardian he met. She seemed like the guardian who was assigned to their two littles and TaeTae. She was one of the best guardians that they had met while visiting the facility. The caregivers adored her since she willingly gave out some information about their littles. Some likes and dislikes, interests, habits, mannerisms, and attitudes of the littles that were not listed in their information sheet.



“Oh! She is currently putting TaeTae to sleep,” Anna replied with a grin plastered to her face, “but do not worry the backpacks of your Littles are already packed. You can ask me if you want me if you need someone to do you some favor. I am more than willing to help.” she added while tucking some loose strands of her blond, perfectly dyed hair.



Namjoon nodded to her as a reply to end the conversation. Honestly, he, together with his husbands, felt uncomfortable talking to facility head every time that they visit the facility. Anna was quite touchy to them, and she does not respect personal space.



Maybe she thinks that she can still change us. Namjoon inwardly thought, but still flashed a smile to Anna to avoid awkwardness. Anna is still the facility head, and they owed her so much since she was the one who took care of Minnie and Kookie and hopefully TaeTae.



“No, thank you.” Namjoon dismissed her proposal. There room was filled with awkward silence. Anna, not knowing what to reply and the other caregivers, not knowing what to reply also.



They were interrupted when someone pulled the hem of Hoseok’s sweatshirt. Hoseok was wearing a flashy, yellow sweatshirt, so they were not surprised that they saw a little behind him. They were instantly cooed when they saw Jimin.



They assumed that Jimin escaped his guardian since his curly locks were still damp from water, and he smelled too fruity. He blushed when he realized that there were many people there. He flashed his bright smile and his eyes turned crescent shaped as he giggled softly. He was only wearing a yellow bathrobe which revealed his pale skin that radiated through the sun, his cheeks plumped and looks so soft.



“Minnie! You are not yet done. Come back here!” They heard a voice coming from third door which they assumed was the bathroom. A head poked out, revealing Eunha. They had met Eunha a few times already. She was one of the youngest guardians inside the facility.



“Wanna play?” Minnie giggled, not minding his guardian who was calling out for him. Hoseok carried him in his arms and pressed his nose lightly.



“We’ll play after you get dressed. You might catch a cold.” Hoseok promised the little who seemed to be disappointed by the man’s reply.



Minnie was returned inside the bathroom, and in no time, he was dressed in comfortable clothes.



Hoseok carried him again as he ran towards the caregiver without hesitation.



“Wanna play now?” The little inquired, eyes curious for the answer. Hoseok agreed to his request and he was carried inside the playroom. Compared to other littles, Minnie was very light, but the facility assured them that Minnie’s health was in good condition. Jimin pointed to the playroom as they neared towards it.



The playroom was full of toys which were free for the Littles to play with. It was categorized depending on the age range of the Littles. It contained different kinds of blocks from cushioned color blocks to wooden blocks, different types of stuffies, colorful rattles, clays, and storybooks. Practically, every toy that was present in the store can be found inside the playroom. Hoseok placed Minnie on the rubbered mat and picked up some wooden blocks that were safe for Jimin to play. They began stacking the blocks, agreeing to make a castle out of it.



Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi were left in the entrance with Anna. They invited her for a talk inside her office for privacy in which the lady accepted. She led the three caregivers to her office, and she offered them some tea and something to eat. The three respectfully declined her offer as they proceeded to make the discussion quick.



“What seems to be the problem?” Anna asked the three men. Seokjin acknowledged her inquiry and nodded to Namjoon, signaling the youngest in the group to start talking. Yoongi sat still in the cushioned sofa as he distracted himself by looking around the office.



“It is about TaeTae.” Namjoon started the discussion, clearing his throat.



“What about him?” The woman questioned, knowing the direction of the conversation.



“According to the personal information of our two Littles TaeTae seemed to have a special connection with our littles.” Namjoon continued his statement while trying his best to pick the right words in order to convince the head.



“Is this about the call from Mr. Hoseok and Mr. Yoongi weeks ago?” she inquired, voice sterned as she put on her reading glasses.



“Yes.” Seokjin muttered, not beating around the bush. He rubbed small circles around Namjoon’s back to ease the younger’s tension. Seokjin was proud to his husband as he spoke out fist this time. Seokjin felt that Namjoon seemed to be very concerned about TaeTae who would be left behind in case they adopted the two.



“Hm…” Anna muttered as he rummaged through their file box. The three men were watching her carefully and assumed that she was looking for TaeTae’s files.



“TaeTae is the same age as Minnie, and he was the roommate of Kookie ever since he returned from his foster house,” she read the first sentence aloud, adjusting his eyeglasses, “he is from Daegu.” that statement caught Yoongi’s attention who was now spacing out from the discussion.



The three men listened to the personal information of TaeTae attentively, not leaving a single information behind.



“He had a past trauma. Mainly because of the house where he was fostered and stayed for about a year.” She continued as she read the latest report from Tae’s doctor consultation. The caregivers felt disappointed to the facility. How can they be so careless?



“We can assure you that we screen foster parents carefully. We did not know that the foster family would abuse the little since they seemed to have a good record of fostering.” she continued reading the sheet, reassuring the caregivers that they did not do anything wrong.



The three men was looking at her dumbly because they knew that information already. Yoongi is now thinking of ways on how they can convince TaeTae to go with them.



Shall he just kidnap him? Yoongi thought.






“What seems to be the problem?” Seokjin questioned her.



“Why is he not up for adoption?” he questioned her.



“We cannot just entrust TaeTae to other people. Taking into consideration that he takes various medications and monthly check up on a doctor. I know that you are busy.” Anna argued.



It was true that the four caregivers were busy, but they talked about this issue before they agreed to adopt littles. Since taking care of littles were tiresome, they had agreed on the specific tasks that they need to attend to, considering their own schedules specially Yoongi and Namjoon who stayed long hours inside their studios.



“He does not trust any caregivers only guardians inside this facility,” she added while continuing to scan the Little’s sheet, “he was deprived of everything in his previous foster house. As soon as they got the perfect little for their family, TaeTae was neglected. Only some scraps of their new Little were given to TaeTae. His clothes, toys, and food came from the scraps of the family’s spoiled little who seemed to dislike Tae. We did not know about this. We only knew about his when TaeTae was hospitalized due to poor nutrition and some of the bruises and scratches that were present in his skin.” The three felt uncomfortable hearing the story.



That family should be imprisoned! They thought.



“As of now, we really did not know what really happened and what was the real reason behind it since the family migrated to another country that was why the case did not push through, and Tae did not want to talk about it. Sadly, TaeTae is still living in his dark past, and he does not entrust himself to anyone. He does not show any of his vulnerabilities except for his guardians and his two brothers who took care of him throughout his process of recovering.” Anna said while closing the personal file of TaeTae.



“Did the doctor said anything to you?” Yoongi asked the facility head, sighing as he massaged his temples. He knew that they cannot convince the facility head right now. He was stating to lose his patience.



“Well, honestly, we got weekly reports from the doctor and the appropriate medication for him,” Anna replied, “but we cannot make let anyone adopt him just yet.” she continued while stirring the cup of cold tea she is holding.



“I think the best way to heal him is to make him trust other people more and accept that there are other families that will treat him right,” Namjoon suggested, “why not try letting him trust us?” Namjoon questioned.



“And besides, his brothers were adopted by us. He will learn to trust us more since his brothers will trust us as their caregivers.” Seokjin added, trying his best not to show any hint of annoyance.



Anna took her time thinking if that was the best solution for their TaeTae then she nodded.



Maybe it would work out.



“Try taking him with your two Littles,” she replied while taking a look of her wristwatch, “however, I think it will take an hour to get him ready.” she replied smiling to the three men. If only these men were not handsome, she thought.



“We will be more willing to wait for him.” the three men replied, smiling brightly.



“I am not giving you assurance that you can adopt him,” she warned the, now, smiling three men, “but you can test the waters with him.” she continued.



They bowed to her as they left the room. She called the intercom connecting to Tae’s room signaling to prepare his backpack and take him for a bath. Luckily the little was still not sleeping. Today, they will go shopping.



The three men hurriedly knocked on the door where Hoseok and Jimin was playing. To their surprise Kookie was also there munching some biscuits.



They were greeted by Hoseok’s warm smile then he proceeded hugging them. The two Littles giggled looking at each other.



“How did it go?” he questioned.



“Great.” They replied.