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Hello, Little Ones

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While the three other men had entered the head’s office, Hoseok was spending his time with their little, Minnie. This fluffball was truly a ray of sunshine because he smiled all the time and giggled cutely. He can lift anyone’s mood.



Hoseok picked up the wooden blocks located in the topmost layer of cabinets where the toys were contained. He stacked the blocks and let Minnie take it down either by swinging his arms or throwing other scattered pieces of blocks. The castle was never built.



“What’s your name, Mister?”  Minnie asked him while he was busy helping the caregiver pick up the pieces of wooden blocks on the floor. Hoseok smiled. He knew that the Littles were just oriented that they will be going to a new home, but they were clueless who will be their parents.



“Mister Seokie. I am Mister Hoseokie.” he replied while ruffling Jimin’s hair, making sure that the curly locks of the boy were brushed away by his fingers. “I am one of your future daddies. I would appreciate if you would call me Appa.” Hoseok continued. He noticed the wrinkle of Minnie’s forehead. The little was confused by his statement.



“One of our future daddies?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, “how many daddies do I and Kookie have?” Jimin questioned.



Hoseok acknowledged Jimin’s question and pretended to count. Jimin was patiently waiting for his answer. “Four. Your soon-to-be daddies are four.” Hoseok replied.



“Really? That is many,” Jimin muttered while drinking his favorite freshly-squeezed orange juice from his favorite sparkly, blue plastic cup, “daddies are enough to also get TaeTae?” he questioned his Appa.



Hoseok did not know what to say to their little because there was no assurance that they can convince the facility and adopt TaeTae. He did not want to break the little’s heart if ever they cannot adopt Tae.



They were interrupted when a small boy entered the room holding two packs of biscuits in both hands. The boy seemed surprise that there was a stranger playing with his Minnie that was why he hurriedly approached the two. He exchanged looks with Minnie, hoping for an answer from his best friend.



Hoseok was quietly observing the little boy in front of them. He did not attempt to approach the boy first because he might startle him. He waited for the other little to approach him.



He was smiling brightly to the boy, maintaining a calm atmosphere. He observed his deep dimples in each side of his cheeks while munching on his biscuits. His bunny smile was present and his big, doe eyes were shining brightly to his Minnie. He knew that the boy was Kookie.



“Appa.” Jimin grasped Hoseok’s hand and introduced them to each other. “Kookie, this is Appa. Appa this is Kookie.” Jimin said to Kookie while reaching for the other’s hands to let his Appa and younger brother shake hands.



“Appa?” Kookie asked then Jimin nodded. The little was confused at first, but he shook his Appa’s hand in Jimin’s hold. He offered the biscuits he was eating to the man which was rarely done by Koo since he did not usually share his food with other people.



“Appa want swome?” he offered while munching cheerfully the other pieces of biscuits left in the packet.



“Thank you, Muchkin,” Hoseok got the biscuit that the little offered then ate it enthusiastically, “so delicious” Hoseok replied to Koo who was waiting for a feedback.



It was rewarded by Kookie’s tiny giggles, his doe eyes scrunched. Minnie offered the caregiver to take a sip from his cup in which the caregiver declined. Then, he offered his cup to his younger brother. The other little was struggling obviously, for he was used in having straws as an aid to prevent him from ‘drowning’ from any type of liquid. He took a sip from the cup without hesitation, but Minnie tilted the cup without warning him resulting for him to lightly drown from the liquid.



He coughed some of the juice that he drank. Some was excreted through his nose. Jimin bolted to his guardians to get some tissues as Hoseok was patting his back.



“Minnie is sorry Kookie, did not mean to.” Jimin apologized to the other while wiping the juice off his brother’s clothes and face. He also wiped the floor.



Hoseok was patting Kookie’s back then the little started coughing badly that he cannot breathe through his nose. The caregiver was so afraid, he thought that Koo was choking.



He panicked.



So, he hurriedly lifted Jungkook away from the playing mat. Kookie was surprised by the sudden action of his Appa and started crying which worsened the situation. The caregiver tried his best to hush him by whispering calming words while lightly rocking him to help him calm down crying. He eventually stopped crying when he started to breathe normally. Jimin was muttering a series of ‘sorry’ repeatedly to Kookie, feeling sorry.



“It is okay, baby. You are fine.” His Appa whispered some words of assurance to the Little. He was breathing normally now. The guardians heard the commotion, and they hurriedly entered inside the playroom. They took Kookie out of his Appa’s hold to check on him.



“Shhh. Are you okay precious?” one of the guardians swayed him from side to side. Hoseok looked at her name tag then he read her name. Her name was Yuna. Yuna seemed to be a new face inside the facility that is why her face was unfamiliar.



Kookie nodded, looking at the guardian with his wide, doe eyes.



“Are you sure Kookie?” she repeated the question. Kookie nodded again then she placed the little down the playmat. She gave some biscuits to Kookie again in which Kookie happily received, thinking that it was his reward.



She ruffled the little’s hair then exited the room, not forgetting to say goodbye to the caregiver and the littles.



Kookie reassured Minnie that it was not his fault and hugged him tightly so that he can calm his brother down because Minnie was showing early signs of panic.



Hoseok supervised them while playing the with the wooden blocks. Hoseok was busy thinking of his lovers if they were able to convince the facility head to let them adopt TaeTae.



His train of thoughts were suddenly stopped when he heard the boys trying to whisper but failed in keeping it a secret because their Appa can clearly hear the boys.


Kookie: I hwope TaeTae can come with us. I hope dwaddies adwopt him also.


Minnie: I hope so


Kookie: Cwan he twake my plwace?


Minnie: I do not want to leave him behind.


Kookie: I do nwot want to go with thwem without TaeTae



Hoseok felt the pain of the two littles while they were having their ‘quiet’ conversation. They really do not want to leave TaeTae alone. Hoseok was hoping that they would get positive results.



His long wait had come to a finale when the three men came out from the office wearing their bright smiles. He assumed that he would hear some good news.



His assumption was correct when Seokjin said that the facility agreed to take TaeTae with them for shopping.



Honestly, the task that they would do was not that tiring. They would just go to the shopping mall with their Littles to bond and to complete the things that were lacking in the little’s rooms. They allotted two rooms for the two Littles. If ever, that there would be a new addition to the family they can renovate the room. They planned to destroy the walls between the two rooms and make it as one. Since the room was very spacious, they can add three beds inside there, build a play pen, set-up a diaper changing table, etc.



Minnie was playing inside the playroom while Kookie was taken back to his room for him to change his soiled clothes from the previous mishap. The caregivers were busy entertaining Jimin who was now playing with the stuff toys and using them as a bed.



Kookie quickly knocked on the door of the playroom, wearing his bright smile. He quickly hugged Minnie, and he said that he missed him. He was now wearing a denim jumper shorts matched with Minnie. His inner shirt was colored pastel yellow with identical patches of carrots. They cooed at the little.



Minnie was wearing pastel blue inner shirt with yellow stripes. The two looked cute and the caregivers cannot resist snapping a photo of the two littles using their phones. Kookie noticed the flash of the camera and did not approve of it then. He whined as a sign of disapproval. The caregivers were surprised by the little’s behavior.



“With TaeTae.” He muttered while chewing the inside of his cheek. The caregivers understood what he meant and quickly reassured him that they will take a picture again with TaeTae.



They were surprised when there was a knock coming from the door. Then, the door swung open revealing the cute Little. He was tear stained and sucking his thumb. His distress was easily recognized by the caregivers. Mina was carrying him while his backpack was placed at her back.



“Sorry, he just had tantrums, but you do not need to worry he is now okay.” Mina apologetically stated while whispering something to TaeTae’s ears. Apparently, the little was sleepy a while ago. The little nodded then smiled brightly at her.



Unlike the two Littles, TaeTae was quite sensitive when meeting other people. He glanced around the playroom, and he saw that there were four men who were inside. He looked for his two older brothers, and he saw who he was looking for quickly.



He wriggled out of the woman’s hold. Mina stopped the little from wriggling his way out, afraid that he would slip from her hold. He placed the little on the floor.



He stood up and walked carefully to his brothers who were more than willing to snuggle to him. His walk was very unstable and out of direction, but he still managed to welcome the warm hugs of his brothers.



The boy has a mop of shiny, brown hair that bounced around as he walked towards the two. His boxy smile was present, his sparkling eyes were focused, and his tall nose scrunched as his brothers hugged him. The little cannot talk as much, and he mostly used only hand signals and facial gestures to his guardians.



He looked at the four men then held the hands of Minnie and Koo tightly, not trusting the men who were watching them.



“TaeTae it’s okay,” Minnie assured him as the youngest’s grip became tighter, “Daddies.” He continued while pointing to the caregivers, smiling warmly towards their daddies.



“Your Daddies?” TaeTae questioned Minnie while looking at him with puppy eyes and Minnie gestured a ‘no’ to him.



“Ours.” Kookie said while smiling.



TaeTae did not look like he comprehended what his brothers had said. Instead, he opted to crawl towards the four men. The caregivers did not know what to do that was why they stayed still, afraid that they might startle the little.



The Little sat on his bottom then sucked his thumb while examining them. The men flashed some of their most awkward smiles to him.



He must learn to control himself from thumb sucking Seokjin thought as he noticed that the Little was still sucking hardly his thumb to soothe himself. He knew that thumb sucking had some negative effects specially for the normal alignment of the teeth.



They were surprised as in seriously surprised when he made grabby hands towards Namjoon, expressing that he wanted to be carried by Namjoon. The caregiver hurriedly obliged to the little’s request. He stood up then picked TaeTae in his arms. The little observed his face and poked in his dimples that were too deep.



“Koo” TaeTae giggled.



“Yes baby, Daddy has dimples similar to Kookie’s” Seokjin said as he got up smoothing the wrinkles of TaeTae’s shirt. The little was wearing a cotton shirt with designs of pawprints of dogs and a denim short. The green shirt seemed to suit him well.



TaeTae rested his nose in the crook of Namjoon’s head, taking in the caregiver’s scent then played with the strings of the tall man’s hoodie.



“Wow, I am so jealous.” Hoseok muttered too loudly.



“He must have saved the whole nation in his past life.” Yoongi huffed.



“Beginner’s luck.” Seokjin bitterly stated.



Namjoon shot a piercing glare to his lovers as he adjusted TaeTae’s position for it to be more comfortable. The little sucked on his thumb again which was removed by Namjoon stating that he should refrain doing it. The little just stared at him with wide eyes. It seemed like he did not understand it.



Kookie interrupted them when he gestured for a camera. Then, they remembered that they promised the little they would take pictures once Tae arrived.



TaeTae was hurriedly placed on the mat and he was supported by Minnie for him not to stumble. Kookie situated himself beside TaeTae. Minnie whispered to Tae’s ear for him to smile at the camera.



The three Littles flashed their brightest smile to the caregivers. After that, TaeTae made grabby hands to Namjoon again then he yawned earning a coo from the remaining caregivers. Seokjin hurriedly rummaged the TaeTae’s backpack which was left on the floor by Mina a while ago to give the group some space.



He saw Tae’s bottle then tried to give it to him. He was so pliant as he latched on the feeding bottle’s nipple then sucked the milk out. He was drowsy. Namjoon was humming a lullaby to make the little fall asleep faster.


The little felt safe on the man’s hold. He did not trust him that much, but he was sure that the man would not harm him. The little started to get drowsy.



Kookie made grabby hands to Yoongi. Yoongi was surprised when he saw the Little tried his best to reach him for him to be carried. He obliged and picked the little up. The Little rested his chin in the caregiver’s shoulder.



Minnie offered his hand to Hoseok. Hoseok was confused whether the Little wants to be carried or not. He understood the situation when Minnie intertwined their fingers then swayed it. Hoseok nodded to the Little realizing that he prefers walking than being carried.



“Off we go.” Seokjin leading the way out of the facility and towards the car. He was assisting his boyfriends as he led the way to the car. He called for their driver who arrived minutes later.



Hoseok and Minnie were sitting on the first row of the seat. Hoseok was rummaging through his backpack to find out he contents of it. He saw a carton of orange juice, a carton of milk, cup, biscuits, extra clothes, a cat stuff toy, blanket, small pillow.



“Minnie you do not use feeding bottles?” Hoseok panicked, thinking that the guardian left the feeding feeding bottle. He started dialing the facility’s number.



“’m big boy.” Jimin replied. Hoseok replied smile widening.



“You are a big boy, huh?” Hoseok replied as he began tickling Minnie’s tummy and armpits.



“No, no, stop please,” Jimin replied while laughing because he was very ticklish in most of the areas, “ I surrwender.” he continued begging while laughing hardly.



TaeTae, who was situated on Namjoon’s lap and Seokjin beside them, tensed and panicked. He thought that the man was hurting his Minnie. He quickly got up from Namjoon’s lap. Fresh tears started flooding all the way down his flushed cheeks when the man did not stop.



“No, hwurt Minnie” was the only thing that the little could say. Namjoon tried to calm him down and sat him again on his lap comfortably.



Seokjin hit Hoseok’s shoulder to warn him. “Seokie, I swear that I would beat your ass later, just wait.” Seokjin warned the red hair. Hoseok replied with his puppy eyes and muttered a sorry to the Minnie who was busy wiping down tears from laughing.



Namjoon was focused on rubbing circles in Tae’s back while Seokjin was busy entertaining him so he could stop crying. Namjoon explained to him that Appa and Minnie were just playing. Eventually, he stopped crying when Minnie said to him that he was okay and that they were just playing. He repositioned himself. He made grabby arms to the other caregiver sitting beside him. Seokjin hurriedly obliged and sat him on his lap. He hummed some calming music to the little’s ears.



With soft whimpers the Little went back to his sleep while sucking his thumb. The caregiver was concerned of the little’s thumb sucking so when he was sure that the little was sleeping, he removed his thumb and replaced it with a pacifier. The pacifier bobbed up and down cutely at the littles mouth and he cannot resist to take a picture of the moment.



Kookie was busy pointing at the window. Yoongi and Koo was sitting on the last row of the seats. He asked Yoongi every object that he saw outside. Yoongi answered his questions intelligently while giving him some of his favorite biscuits. While he was busy scanning the bag of Kookie which contained powdered milk, feeding bottle, straw, cup, blanket, small bunny stuff toy, and small pillow, he noticed a whole plastic of Kookie’s favorite biscuits. He mentally noted that when the little is under their care he would regulate the intake of these biscuits and that he will replace it with fruits.



After minutes of waiting the car stopped signaling that they arrived at the shopping mall.



They quickly got off the car with the Littles who was now full of energy, coming from a quick nap inside the car.



This was quite a long day.