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Hello, Little Ones

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That was the first emotion that the caregivers had felt when they arrived at the shopping mall. There were many people who were swarming around the mall’s entrance, holding fan banners, gigantic cameras which they recognized some of their fan sites, and flashing cameras. They assumed that some of their ‘fans’ leaked private information again. They sighed as they saw large volume of people, pushing each other in an attempt to be the first person to see the band.



When the fans saw a familiar plate number, cameras started flashing towards the car’s direction. The fans were hoping to get the first glimpse of the new littles. Yoongi inwardly cursed whoever leaked the private information.



Do not get them wrong. They adored their own fans and appreciated their loyalty. But this is too much. They cannot live a normal life where they will be treated as a person.



Yoongi first thought of the littles’ safety since there are people. Too many people and that thought scared him so much. He knew that the littles will be more surprised compared to them. The littles were not used to the crowd, doing anything they can to grab their attention like shouting, screaming etc.



When they got out of their car, the caregivers inwardly cursed, for they were defenseless as the fans grabbed any part of the littles. Their hands, feet, shoulder, and even hair.



Yoongi was shielding Koo from the fans that attempted to grab him. The caregiver earned few scratches from the crowd. Kookie was never fond of large crowds, and he was doing the best that he can to make himself little to hide on his caregiver. He was thrashing around, distress noticeable, and loudly whimpering. Yoongi was feeling sorry as he hushed him to make him calm down. Kookie was trying his best to hold back his tears, afraid to show his vulnerability to the crowd.



But as he noticed that the crowd became thicker, and the screams became louder.



He failed.



He began to sob quietly, as he hid his face in his caregiver’s shoulder, then tears began falling from his cheeks. The caregiver noticed the little was crying when he felt his shirt become damp. He called the attention of the little and removed him from hiding in his shoulder. He was afraid that the little would have a hard time breathing if he continued to hide on his shoulder. His nose started to flash red as his cries became louder. Yoongi was doing the best that he can to distract the little.



“Oh, he is so cute when he cries.” A woman in her early twenties commented while taking a photo of the distressed little.



“I volunteer to be their nanny.” Another commented while giggling at the sight.



Yoongi felt furious, as he heard more murmurs and more whispers, from the crowd. He heard a series of comments, telling that the littles were very fortunate to have them as their dads and how they wished it were them if possible. Some said that they were more than willing to babysit the littles for free.



Minnie was holding Hoseok’s hand tightly, afraid that someone would forcefully grab him and take him away from his Appa. The littles showed his annoyance to the crowd as some hands tried to grab him, touched him harshly, patted his back, pinched his cheeks forcefully, ruffled his hair.



Unlike his two younger brothers, Minnie made sure that he expressed his feelings to the crowd. He was very vocal. The little slapped some of the hands of people who were all over him. It served as a warning to them because the next thing that he would do is to bite their fingers off.



“That’s bad.” The little said to an older lady who was trying to take a hold of his hand. The stranger quickly retracted and felt embarrassed. He asked his Appa to carry him as he got tired of walking. His Appa smiled at him and immediately complied. He kissed the little’s cheek as he whispered a ‘Good job’ in his ears.



The other two caregivers, Seokjin and Namjoon, were having a hard time keeping TaeTae asleep as the crowd became nosier. He was currently sleeping in Seokjin’s arms, but the fans were very curious about the third little. Someone tried to grab the sheet that was covering TaeTae’s body. Namjoon stopped the man as he grasped on the stranger’s arm and looked at him directly with rag in his eyes. The caregiver fixed the little’s blanket and covered him gently.



However, the crowd was not yet satisfied. They were so curious about the last little, for they knew that the family only planned to have two littles. They made all sorts of noises to make TaeTae awake, clapping their hands, screaming at the top of their lungs etc.



“Where are the damn guards?” Namjoon asked their manager who was calling him from the phone. The manager was informed by the whole situation by the driver. Namjoon gritted his teeth as he aggressively pushed his phone’s end call button after hearing their manager’s reply.



TaeTae started to move in Seokjin’s hold.



The two knew that it was there end.



TaeTae woke up from the heat of the blanket that was covering him. He opened his eyes and started blinking, trying to adjust his eyes to the light. He was unaware of his surroundings. The first thing that he saw was handsome looking man whom he recognized as one of his best friends’ soon-to-be daddies. He panicked when he did not see the familiar man. The caregiver with deep dimples.



His stopped panicking when he felt a hand holding his clenched fists. The dimpled man was trying his best in order to distract the little.



The little looked at his surroundings then he saw many people.



His eyes became wide in surprise, and he was shocked when he saw the thick crowd right in front of his eyes. His stomach clenched as bright lights came flashing. He did not know what to do. The handsome man grounded the little with his hold as the dimpled man calmed him down.



Then the little started crying.



The youngest little cried very hard, enough to make his breathing become harder for him. His nose became clogged, his vision blurry. The two caregivers were trying the best that they can to calm Tae down as he was struggling for breath.



“Can you please make some space for our little. Please?” Namjoon requested the crowd, for they were still snapping a picture of the struggling little.


The crowd seemed to listen to Namjoon as they made a space but still snapping a few pictures.



Eventually, guards from the mall arrived and started surrounding the group. They acted like a human barricade and threatened the crowd that tried to break through them. The guards made sure to deliver the message clearly that if the crowd started and tried to cause chaos again, they will be banned from entering the mall.



After a few statements from the guards, the crowd left, glad that they were able to snap some photos of the group with their new littles. The guards quickly apologized to the group, bowing their heads deeply, explaining that they were short from people, and that they were unaware of the situation that is why they took time to respond.



Yoongi dismissed the guards, knowing the situation cannot be undone anymore. The group tried to be more understanding, for they were also at fault since their arrival was unannounced.



Kookie had stopped crying when the crowd left. They handed out his cute, bunny stuff toy to the little. He wriggled out from Yoongi’s hold then he approached TaeTae who was still sobbing. He knew that his younger brother was more scared.



Seokjin and Namjoon sat on a long, metal, uncomfortable chair that was provided by the mall while attempted to make Tae calm down.



“Okay, baby, follow my breathing,” The dimpled man asked the little as the youngest continued sobbing in Seokjin’s hold, “1…2…3…” Namjoon counted as he slowly breathed in air, demonstrating it to the little. Taehyung complied and imitated the caregiver, following the breathing pattern.



Seokjin was bouncing the little on his lap, up and down, to also help the Little calm down. They were interrupted when Kookie approached TaeTae bravely climbed up Namjoon’s legs. Namjoon readjusted the little to make him sit comfortably on his lap.



Jungkook quickly handed out his bunny stuff toy to TaeTae.



“Mr. Bunny dwoes not want you to be swad.” Koo said to his younger brother. The other little surprisingly stopped crying and stared at the Koo who was still offering his bunny stuff toy.



The little grabbed on the toy and smiled at Koo brightly.



“Mr. Bunny will prwotect TaeTae always.” Kookie added as he wiped some of the tears of his brother. TaeTae showed his boxy smile again and started to breathe normally.



The two caregivers exchanged knowing looks to each other. TaeTae was very special to their two littles.



TaeTae slides off Seokjin’s lap, attempting to stand up. Kookie quickly helped him stand on his own as he wriggled to get off Namjoon’s lap. TaeTae was now walking towards Minnie, as Koo assisted him patiently, for his steps were very unsteady.



Minnie noticed them and went to his brothers quickly. They hugged each other tightly.



 “You ‘kay?” TaeTae questioned his oldest brother. Minnie quickly patted his head and proceeded ruffling his hair with his little hands.



“Of cwourse,” He replied as he smiled brightly to his younger brothers.



“I will always protect you my two brothers”



Their hugs were interrupted when the caregivers approached them and separated them, carrying the three Littles. They promised the littles that it was now okay and that it would not happen again.



Then, the caregivers and the littles giggled when they heard Kookie’s stomach grumble, signifying that he was indeed starving. It was past their usual lunch time. Kookie blushed from the sudden interruption. The littles were awed when they saw Yoongi laugh. When they first saw the serious man, they were scared since he had a stern look in his face. His gummy smile appeared.



“Do not worry baby, we will find a place to eat.” Yoongi said to the little he was carrying, pinching his warm cheeks.



“Minnie’s hungry too.” Minnie crossed his arms in front, waiting for attention.



Hoseok pressed his tiny nose and replied the same to the Little he was carrying.



TaeTae was feeling hungry too, but he did not want to complain. He remembered that it was considered very disrespectful for a little to ask for food from their caregivers. He must learn how to wait patiently. That was one of the things he learned from his foster parents. As he remembered the one time he asked for some food since he was very hungry. He did not eat breakfast and lunch already, and his stomach was hurting. When he asked for food from his foster parents, he was reprimanded and was not given dinner also.



Namjoon and Seokjin was waiting for TaeTae to raise his concern also, but after a few minutes have passed the Little remained quiet.



They thought that the little was shy, so they were the one to ask him.



“Does our little TaeTae want to eat also?” The dimpled man asked the little who was hiding in the crook of Seokjin’s neck. Seokjin was sure that the little was also hungry since he can hear the youngest’s stomach grumbling.



“Bwad.” he replied to the dimpled man. The caregivers did not understand what he meant, but eventually started to understand what the little had said, remembering his past family.



These bastards, how dare they teach this to a little, knowing that the little will believe them. The caregivers inwardly cursed, sharing the same brain cell.



Why would anyone deprive their littles for food, really?



Seokjin made the little face him as he tried to maintain eye contact to the Tae.



“Munchkin, it is not bad to ask you caregiver for food, specifically if you are hungry. We will happily give it to you anytime. Food is very important for you and even for us. It will make your body strong and make your stomach really happy.” The handsome man said to Tae while Namjoon was nodding his head to confirm it.



Yoongi had a phone call from their manager while holding Kookie. He reported that the situation was now under control as the manager stated his apology that failed to give the establishment a heads up regarding the visit. Yoongi dismissed the apology and muttered that they were alright and none of them was hurt, some few scratches. Yoongi wished that there would be no ‘fans’ that will follow them. The manager quickly assured the man that they can have their peaceful stroll inside the mall as the crowd was banned from entering the mall.



TaeTae nodded to the two men as he exchanged sad glances to Minnie. It was his first-time hearing words like that. Back in the facility, Tae only waited for his guardians to feed him even though they were sometimes late, sometimes the meal portion was not enough for him, or they were so fast feeding him to a point that he sometimes did not chew the food anymore and choke.



It was all because he will be considered rude and he will not be a good boy like Minnie and Kookie. He always wanted to be a good boy.



Hoseok recommended that they should eat in a restaurant which were serving they meals suitable for the littles. Since he suggested it, he tried to search through the Internet for some recommendation. As he was scrolling through various website, he found the perfect restaurant.



“Guys let us try eating in Bangtan.” The man said as he continued reading some of the reviews online. Seokjin accepted the recommendation, trusting Hoseok, and searched for the directions. Since Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon were currently carrying the Littles, he was the one in-charge of the directions.



After a few minutes of being lost, Seokjin successfully found the restaurant. The caregivers were having a hard time carrying the Littles and their arms were starting to ache.



I must start working out. Yoongi thought as he was readjusting Koo in his arms. The little was immersed on staring at the flashy paintings in the restaurant’s walls.



Seokjin talked to the server and asked if there were available seats. Luckily, there were vacant seats because they went to the restaurant during late lunch. They were ushered in a 6-seater table and Seokjin asked for the menu and two highchairs for the younger littles.



After a few minutes, the highchairs were given to them. It had two holes in front for the little’s legs to put in and a belt to make it more secure. There was also a plastic table in front of it and a cushioned seat. Kookie and TaeTae was placed on the chair. TaeTae was seating between Namjoon and Seokjin. Yoongi and Hoseok was seating on the opposite heads of the table. Minnie and Kookie were sitting beside of each other, in front of Seokjin and Namjoon. The caregivers placed a bib to their Littles so that their clothes would not get dirty. Minnie was insisting that he can seat on an ordinary chair that was why Hoseok was very focused keeping an eye on him as he might fall from the chair.



Kookie was nibbling some of his biscuits again. Yoongi reminded him that they will eat soon and that he might get full before eating if he continued munching some biscuits. The little agreed that he may get full, so he offered his remaining three biscuits to Yoongi. The caregiver accepted it and stuffed it all on his mouth, and he earned a cute bunny smile from Kookie.



When the menu was given to them, Namjoon ordered what the group wanted. Honey-glazed chicken, plain fried chicken, japchae, cold noodles etc.



For the Littles they ordered something that they wanted, Minnie asked for spaghetti with meatballs and chicken sandwich and Kookie asked for hamburger and fries. TaeTae was hesitant in ordering his food, so Seokjin and Namjoon urged him to get anything he wanted.



“Stwabewwy please.” The little muttered while his eyes were staring down the floor because he was so shy to give the caregivers his answer. Namjoon nodded as he said it to the server



“Anything else?”






Seokjin did not agree because he knows that TaeTae’s hunger will not be satisfied only by fruits and that he might get an upset stomach afterwards.



“TaeTae’s tummy will get angry if he will only eat fruits.” The handsome man scared the little. The little just continued to stare on the floor. They were so concerned. But Minnie came to the rescue, feeling that he needs to help his best friend.



“TaeTae’s favorite is black bean noodles!” Minnie excitedly said to Namjoon. The caregiver nodded and ordered it for him, “and kimbap” the little added.



Namjoon also ordered it, and TaeTae looked very betrayed by his best friend. Minnie just giggled in return and stuck out his tongue to Tae.



Kookie tried to comfort his little brother almost in front of him. “Tae do not be shwy, our daddies are your daddies too.” he added while playing with the training chopsticks that was earlier given to him by Yoongi. TaeTae felt helpless and looked at his older brother. He flashed his boxy smile to the group and the two caregivers cannot handle it. They pinched his bread cheeks.



After a few minutes, their food was served. Minnie quickly dived into his food as he independently ate while Kookie was trying his hard to pick up the small pieces of his sliced hamburgers and fries with his training chopsticks. Yoongi was watching Koo as the caregiver ate. TaeTae just stared at the noodles not knowing what to do since he could not grip the training chopsticks which was given to him by the dimpled man. Namjoon noticed the struggling little and put aside his food. The caregiver placed Tae’s bowl in front of him, twisting some noodles with his chopsticks.



He started with small portions because he might upset the little’s stomach. Tae pliantly received the food that was offered to him, knowing that he cannot eat the food without caregiver’s help.



When he was finished Namjoon gave him the plate of thinly sliced strawberries in which he grabbed quickly, putting the fruit inside his mouth one by one. Namjoon finished eating his food while Tae was busy with his fruits. He caught the attention of Namjoon by grabbing his hands and tried to offer him strawberries in which Namjoon gladly accepted. Seokjin was busy scrolling through their list, the items that were needed to be bought, and his attention was caught when Tae offered him the precious strawberry. Seokjin quickly put down his phone and got Tae out of his seat and situated him in his lap. Tae grabbed some strawberries and offered it to Yoongi who was busy feeding french fries to Kookie. Kookie opened his mouth as Tae shoved a strawberry in his mouth with the help of Seokjin. The handsome man transferred him to dimpled man, knowing his plan. The little proceeded giving Hoseok strawberries in which Hoseok happily received, muttering his ‘thank you’. Jimin’s hand was ready to receive the fruit from Tae. The youngest gave it to him, it was biggest piece of strawberry that he saw on his plate, in which Minnie happily ate. Seokjin and Namjoon smiled brightly at the precious little.



They knew from their hearts that they needed TaeTae to be a part of their family. This precious boy deserved the world. He was a strong fighter even though he had a dark past, in which they had a glimpse of, he did not fail to give joy to other people unconditionally.