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Hello, Little Ones

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“It looks gweat on you Minnie.” Kookie praised his brother who was currently trying on an oversized yellow hoodie. Minnie immediately smiled to his little brother for the compliment he received and added the piece of clothing on his assigned cart.



“Kookie mwatch with Minnie?” The little muttered questioningly while trying to look for the same hoodie Minnie had. He successfully found the same clothing after minutes of bothering his older brother, rummaging through the different clothes rack. He picked a blue color which was his favorite color.



Koo spotted a purple hoodie of the exact same design. He got the clothing and put it on his assigned cart, “TaeTae also.” The little smiled, imagining how they will look cute with matching outfits.



Contrary to the two Littles, TaeTae was just looking and touching clothes that he thought looked cute. He did not want to burden his brothers’ caregivers and settled on appreciating the designs and fabrics. He watched as his brothers try on some of the clothes that they had picked. Yoongi and Hoseok noticed that the Tae’s cart contained only few clothes, handpicked by the caregivers earlier.



“TaeTae, why are you not picking some clothes that you want?” His Papa questioned the little who looked surprise at the caregiver’s remark. Hoseok carried the little back in his arms and agreed to Yoongi.



“Why are you only touching it?” The caregiver questioned the little who hid his head on his chest, refusing to answer him.



“This will look great on you.” Yoongi muttered as he picked the shirt Tae had lain his eyes to a while ago. It was a simple, printed green shirt.



“Minnie and Kookie are your only bwabies.” Tae said while nuzzling his face deeper on the caregiver’s chest, “TaeTae nwot.” He argued. The caregiver noticed some tears were staining Hoseok’s shirt. They rubbed the little’s back, soothing him.



TaeTae felt loved even for a short while of bonding with his brothers’ caregivers. He was too afraid that if he became too attached to the caregivers, he would just hurt himself. He knew that the caregivers did not belong to him. He was so ashamed of himself because he tagged along with the group, knowing that he was a burden. It was supposed to be the caregivers’ bonding time with Minnie and Kookie and not a bonding time with Minnie, Kookie, and Tae.



He felt very bad. He was starting to love his brother’s family, hoping that could stay permanently in their arms. But no. It was just temporary.



He continued to cry to the caregiver’s arms. His Appa shushed him and started swaying him side to side. The little continued to cry for a few more minutes until Tae heard a grunting sound coming from the caregiver.



“Ouch!” The caregiver muttered while rubbing on his shin with one hand while his other hand consoled Tae.


“You made TaeTae cwy,” Kookie crossed his arms in front of him and proceeded helping Tae get out of Appa’s hold, “Bwad Appa.” The little pouted. Minnie carried Tae in his arms. Even though Minnie was the shortest in the group, Tae was the lightest one in the group. Minnie was used in carrying his brothers in his arms.



Hoseok was mesmerized to see the littles became overprotective of their little brother. Tae tried to stop his brothers, but as he was explaining, he was shushed by Minnie. Minnie stopped him, saying that he did not need to explain the situation because they clearly ‘understood’ it.



“I will tell you to Daddy.” Minnie threatened their caregivers who were trying to hold back their laughter. They were interrupted with a sound of throat clearing, it was Seokjin and Namjoon who were observing them. Seokjin was alarmed, when he realized, that Minnie was carrying Tae. The caregiver immediately took the little out of Minnie’s hold.



Kookie immediately approached his Dada and Daddy to tell them what Papa and Appa did to their beloved little brother.



“Papa and Appa mwade Tae cwy. I saw it when Appa carried Tae, Tae cwied, and Papa swaid asked him swomething which mwade TaeTae cwy again.” Koo explained to his caregivers while Minnie agreed to his brother.



The two ‘guilty’ caregivers were trying to hold back their laughter, adoring the cute reactions of the two littles. Seokjin instructed Tae to go with his brothers for a serious talk with the other caregivers. Tae was having a second thought but eventually followed. He made his way to his brothers who were throwing deathly glares over their Papa and Appa.



The two caregivers explained to the other two caregivers what really happened. Seokjin and Namjoon were trying their best not to laugh also. Seokjin maintained his not-so straight face as he instructed Yoongi and Hoseok to continue shopping for the missing items on the list.



“By the way, why were you two so late? I know that Joonie finished his grocery shopping an hour ago and also you.” Yoongi questioned the two who were smiling mischievously at each other. Seokjin and Namjoon blushed, tension present in the air, finding a way to escape the situation.



“Well... uhm...we…” Namjoon could not find a proper excuse, looking at Seokjin for help.



“We took care of some important matters.” Seokjin explained while his face flushed red.



“Oh my god. Do not tell us.” The two muttered in unison, starting to blush also.



“Shut it.” Seokjin dismissed the two caregivers and proceeded approaching the three Littles who was busy distracting Tae, kissing his bread cheeks repeatedly. The two caregivers started the conversation by explaining to Minnie and Koo that their Papa and Appa did not hurt Tae in fact they were just helping Tae. The two felt sorry and realized that they owed the caregivers an apology.



“Little Munchkin why did you feel sad?” Their Daddy questioned the youngest who was now adjusting himself to sit comfortably on his Daddy’s lap.



“I am botherswome,” The little explained while his eyes landed on the floor, playing with his fingers, “Not my fwamily.” Tae said sadly.


“I am not your fwamily.” Tae repeated while holding back his tears. The two littles comforted their little brother by hugging him and kissing his cheeks.



“TaeTae fwamily.” Koo reassured him as he hugged his little brother.



“Do not say bad things.” Minnie said to Tae as kissed his cheek.



“Tae listen to me. You will also be a part of our family. We will make sure of it. We will adopt Minnie, Kookie, and TaeTae” Their Dada replied pressing their cute noses as he mentioned their names.



“And TaeTae do not feel like you are bothersome to us because you are not. You will never be. We love you, and we will make sure that our future babies will have the best life ever.” His Daddy said to him.



After a few more hours of shopping, they had finished.



They were extremely exhausted, tired of the long hours of strolling. They agreed on eating dinner before returning the littles to the facility. The littles did not want to eat anymore, so the caregivers gave them their milk.



The caregivers ate as fast as they could to settle the littles more comfortably inside the car. The littles started drifting away from sleep. Yoongi called their driver.



The driver arrived just in time and the things they had bought were settled inside. The enormous stuff toys were placed beside the littles who were latching on their milk. Minnie was the first one to fall asleep, and Hoseok quickly adjusted the middle seats. Their car was customized. The middle seats can be folded and become a large bed. He quickly placed Minnie on the bed. Kookie was second to fall asleep and he was placed on the side of Minnie. The two looked peaceful in each other’s arms. TaeTae was the last one to sleep. As Namjoon adjusted him to place him between Minnie and Kookie, he whined and grabbed Namjoon’s arms. Seokjin stopped Namjoon from putting Tae on the bed since it might wake him up. Namjoon quickly adjusted the Little to put him on a better position on his arms.



“Thwank you daddies. I wove you.” TaeTae mumbled as he was drifting away from sleep.



The caregivers smiled to the Little and whispered a ‘you’re welcome’ to his ears.



As the atmosphere became quiet, the caregivers opened their group chats.



Hoseok: Oh my god, stop me from squealing. He is so cute. So precious.


Yoongi: Truly, an angel


Namjoon: I will not forgive myself if the facility did not agree to take TaeTae with us


Hoseok: I will sue them


Yoongi: What did you two do? @Seokjinie @Namjoonie  


Seokjin: Oh my god, guys. Please stop it. I thought we were finished in that discussion. 


Hoseok: Wah! I am so jealous


Yoongi: Are you sure there were no hidden cameras around you while you were doing ‘some important matters’?


Seokjin: Oh my god please shut up.


Yoongi: Favoritism. 


Namjoon: I am his favorite^_^


Seokjin: Oh my gosh



Yoongi noticed that Kookie was sucking his thumb again so he quickly replaced it with a pacifier. Tae was gently sucking on Namjoon’s index finger while the little was asleep. The caregiver tried removing it, but the little whined and pouted his lips. Seokjin giggled from the scene and quickly replaced Namjoon’s finger with a pacifier.



After a couple minutes of driving, they had arrived on the facility.



Exactly 8 pm as promised.



The caregivers carried the littles back to the facility. As they entered Kookie and TaeTae’s room, they tried putting the two littles down, but they failed as the littles woke up. As for Minnie, he also woke up and transferred himself to his younger brother’s bed.



“Stway.” The three muttered in unison, pouting.



“Little munchkins, we cannot stay but we promise, we will be back tomorrow morning.” Their Dada tried to reason out.



The three Littles started to sob, and their guardians quickly entered the room to see what was going on.



“Well, you can stay on the other room,” Mina suggested when she saw that the littles were about to throw a tantrum, “there is an empty room with a king-sized bed and aircon.” She explained.



“Well…” Seokjin considered it.



“Okay.” Yoongi mumbled. Tomorrow will be their day-off whether the managers would like it or not.