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Hello, Little Ones

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Unknowingly, the Littles woke up in the middle of the night. Their room was also covered with glow in the dark stars.



The caregivers were knocked out on their beds, and the littles were now awake. Koo went to Minnie’s bed with his favorite, blue blanket. He had a hard time climbing out of his bed because it had railings on both sides, but he managed still managed to get out and walk towards Minnie’s bed. Minnie was doing his best to fall asleep again, counting sheep, murmuring a lullaby. He immediately turned around when he felt a dip in his bed and saw Koo’s bunny smile. The little was crawling on the edge of Minnie’s bed, positioning himself awkwardly on his brother’s side. Minnie readjusted his position to cuddle with his brother.



Kookie was giggling softly, proud of accomplishing his mission. Minnie shushed him, afraid that TaeTae would wake up from their noise. That was the last thing the littles wanted to happen because a disrupted sleep equals a grumpy Tae.



Kookie was whispering what happened earlier, before his oldest brother fell to his dreamland. He told how he realized his bad actions and how he reconciled with Tae. Minnie smiled and ruffled his hair, proud of his younger brother for fixing the problem without his help. Back in the day, the oldest always helped Koo every time he got into trouble.



The younger nuzzled his nose on Minnie’s neck and hugged the older to give him an extra warmth.



But all of a sudden… he sneezed loudly, causing sleeping the youngest to wake up. Tae started to move around his crib, finding a perfect spot to fall asleep again, but he failed to find that. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting his eyes from the dark. He looked for Kookie but to no avail his brother was not there.



“Kookie…” Tae muttered, looking around the room, finding his older brother. The little thought that his older brother went missing.



“Here. I am hwere TaeTae” Kookie said, while raising his left arm as high as possible, but the little failed to find it. Minnie was quick to get out of his bed, approaching Tae by his crib. Kookie had a hard time getting out of Minnie’s bed since it was so high for him. He landed his bottom on a carpet and approached Tae too.



“Kookie’s here. Silly.” Koo said, in front of the crib. Tae got out of his blanket, sitting inside his crib while looking at his older brothers.



“Stay there, baby.” Minnie told the little, attempting to reach Tae. The bars of the crib were wide, enough for his arms to reach the little. Tae tried to stand up on his crib to unite with his brothers.



“No, no, go back to sleep.” Koo stopped the little.



“Here…” Tae said to his older brothers while pointing on the empty space beside his bed. His crib was big enough to fit the three littles. His two brothers knowingly nodded to each other.



Kookie attempted to climb inside his younger brother’s crib, but to no avail, it was too high for him. Minnie tried it too but also failed miserably. On the second try, Minnie successfully climbed inside the crib and reunited with his brother, giving him a tight, warm hug and a kiss in the cheek. Koo became competitive when he saw his older brother succeed. He tried to climb up again but his foot slipped out from the railings of the crib.



He fell on the floor and landed on his wrong foot.



“Ouch!” He muttered loudly.



“Kookie, are you okay?” Minnie asked the other little, looking concerned, while comforting the younger who was surprised from his brother’s fall.



“Hurts.” Koo uttered while holding his ankle which was in serious pain now. He attempted to stand up, but his ankle was badly hurting. He massaged his ankle, trying to relieve pain, but it got worse.



Minnie climbed out of Tae’s crib to help his younger brother. Tae was also trying to get out of his crib.



Minnie panicked, when he saw that Kookie cannot stand up properly because of his right leg. He tried supporting his younger brother, supporting the other.



Luckily, Seokjin was awakened from the noise inside the little’s room. He heard the noise of coming from the littles’ bedroom. Luckily, they already installed the baby monitor. He checked it quickly, afraid that something happened inside the bedroom. He saw Minnie and Kookie sitting on the floor. Minnie was touching Koo’s ankle while the other was wincing from pain. Tae was looking at his brothers with concern.



Seokjin quickly got out of his sheet, not bothering disturbing Hoseok’s deep sleep. He woke Namjoon up who was sleeping on the opposite end of the bed beside Yoongi.



“Joonie I think something happened inside the littles’ bedroom.” Seokjin muttered while nudging the other. Namjoon scratched his eyes as he was processing the information.



“I think Koo broke his ankle.” Seokjin said to his younger lover while preparing the first aid kit.



“Do we need to get him into the hospital?” Namjoon replied, now aware of the situation as he checked the littles on the baby monitor.



Seokjin woke the other two caregivers from their sleep. Yoongi cursed him out while Hoseok stared blankly on the wall. Seokjin informed them the situation calmly.



Seokjin got out of their room and retrieved some ice pack from the kitchen. He quickly entered the littles’ room and carried Kookie in his arms, asking him what happened as he placed him on a small couch. He placed an ice pack in the little’s ankle and instructed him not to move his feet first.



Namjoon got Tae out of his crib when he noticed the sad and worried look of the little. Hoseok carried Minnie and sat him beside Koo. Minnie was comforting his brother, whimpering because of the cold sensation.



“What happened?” Seokjin asked the Littles, calm.



“TaeTae was sad, looking for Kookie, we climbed to his crib, too high, Kookie fell.” Minnie said to his daddies who were worried. Koo was able to move his ankle slowly now. It seems like he sprained his ankle from his fall.



“TaeTae’s sowwy.” The little apologized to his daddies which surprised them.



“No baby, it was no one’s fault.” Seokjin replied to him reassuringly as he adjusted the ice in Koo’s ankle. Yoongi brought bandages to immobilize the foot temporarily.



“But…” Tae said to his Dada which was shushed by his Daddy who was carrying him.



“It’s no one’s fault TaeTae. It was just an accident.” Namjoon replied to the little, smiling brightly.



Minnie was helping his Dada, placing the ice pack on Koo’s ankle, massaging the affected ankle while his Papa was busy bandaging the little’s ankle.



“Go back to sleep, our babies.” Their Dada told them as he turned off the lights.



“Want daddies.” Koo said while hugging his new bunny stuff toy. The other two littles agreed to their brother, nodding their heads.



Their daddies were exchanging looks before they agreed. They carried the littles inside their room with their reheated milk that can help them fall asleep faster. Their bed was huge enough to fit the seven of them. They placed the three littles in the middle with Tae on the middle. His brothers wrapped their arms around him, hugging him tightly to give him warmth. Beside Kookie were Namjoon and Seokjin and beside Minnie were Hoseok and Yoongi.



When the morning came, the littles were awakened by a delicious smell, coming from the kitchen. They were the only persons who were left on the bed. Minnie got off the bed and proceeded inside the kitchen where he can smell pancakes. Dada and Papa were busy preparing the pancakes while Daddy and Appa were busy slicing some fresh fruits. There were freshly prepared juices for the littles, one orange and two strawberries.



“Good morning daddies.” He said cheerfully, his cheeks plump. His daddies gave him good morning kisses one by one and placed him on his designated chair. Unlike his younger brothers, he was placed in an ordinary chair.



“Morning baby.” They replied, smiling.



Hoseok placed their freshly cut fruits in a bowl while Yoongi placed their home-made pancakes on a plate. They heard giggles inside their bedroom. After a few minutes, the two littles came out form the bedroom. The caregivers carried them and placed them in their highchair.



“Morning daddies.” The two said in unison while giggling.



Their daddies kissed him on the cheek.



“Our babies seem to be in a good mood today.” Hoseok commented.



“Does your ankle hurt Koo?” Yoongi asked the little who was now chewing his youngest brother’s index finger.



“No Koo.” Tae begged his older brother as he playfully bit the finger.



“My ankle is good.” Koo replied as he stopped teasing Tae. Relief was felt by his daddies, but they still called for a doctor to check on him to make sure.



“Let’s eat.” Their daddies announced.



They were busy eating their delicious food. Of course, the caregivers did not escape from some spills and small accidents. When they finished eating together, the caregivers quickly washed the dishes while the littles settled in the living room watching some cartoons.



When they finished their tasks, they watched their littles as they argued cutely on who was the cutest character in the TV show that they were watching.



All was well until they heard a doorbell rang. Yoongi checked on the door and revealed that the doctor had arrived to check on Koo.



Koo was alarmed as soon as he saw the doctor. He panicked since he knew that a doctor means one thing, vaccine shots. He quickly got out of the living room and hid on their bedroom. The two littles were dumbfounded by his action.



Seokjin sighed as he saw Koo’s reaction to the doctor and immediately entered the bedroom to get the hiding little.



“Koo, let’s get your ankle checked, hm?” Seokjin tried reaching Koo who was hiding under his bed.



“No.” The little replied to him.



“Come on.” The caregiver urged him as he tried reaching for Koo’s hand.



“Pwomise me. No shots.” The little replied while holding out his arm, reaching out for a pinky promise.



“I promise.” The caregiver replied while intertwining their pinky fingers.



Kookie got out under his bed and he was carried by his Dada back in their living room, resting his head on the caregiver’s shoulder.



The doctor was now interviewed by the two curious littles, asking him some questions in which the doctor gladly replied.



Seokjin placed Koo on the couch and the doctor greeted him.



“Hello baby. I am Doctor Rowoon and I will be your doctor today. What is your name?” The young doctor asked him, smiling brightly.



“Kookie.” The little answered, shy to maintain eye contact to the doctor.



“Wow! That is a cute name.” The doctor praised.



“I am Minnie, and this is TaeTae.” The oldest one interjected, sitting down beside the doctor while Tae was on the floor, playing with his brother’s toy.



The caregivers were busy watching over them, smiling fondly at the Littles.



“I heard that Kookie got hurt…” the doctor asked the little dramatically, “but I do not know where it is. Can you show me Kookie?” He questioned.



“Here… Here.” Minnie was excited showing the doctor where Koo was hurt. The doctor smiled at him then ruffled his hair. Koo remained silent.



“What a good boy Minnie is.” The doctor praised him while patting his back.



Kookie got competitive again, looking at his brother.



“Koo is a good boy too.” He muttered. The doctor laughed at him then ruffled his hair also.



“I know Kookie’s a good boy too, but where were you hurt, my love?” The doctor asked him while getting something out of his duffle bag.



The doctor smiled at him and gave him a lollipop in which he accepted gladly. Minnie also reached out his hand, hoping for a treat too. The doctor smiled at him and gave him a lollipop too. Tae was pouting, assuming that the doctor forgot about him. He whined to get his attention, but he was surprised when he was only given gummy bears.



“Baby, you cannot eat lollipop, you might choke. I am sorry.” The doctor said to him, opening the gummy bears.



“Here.” Koo said while pointing on his bandaged ankle. The doctor smiled when Koo replied to him.



The doctor instructed him to lie down in which he complied quickly, sucking on his lollipop. The doctor removed his bandage and now his ankle was swelling. The doctor assessed the area that was swelling and starting to bruise. The doctor moved his foot to check which positions caused discomfort to the little. When the little winced, he stopped.



“Seokjinnie, it seems like your hunch was right. Your little has a sprained ankle, but it is not that severe. I will prescribe you with some pain relievers in case the pain is not tolerable for your little. Remember to let it rest…” The doctor reported his findings to the caregivers as he was giving them also some instructions.



They were relieved that Koo’s ankle was alright, and it just need some rest and extra care. TaeTae was busy chewing on his gummy bears and giving some to his older brothers.



After that they said their goodbyes to the doctor. Before going, the doctor suggested for the caregivers to update the vaccinations of the littles since they were lacking some. Tae was behind five shots while the two who littles were only behind two shots. The caregivers suggested to save it for another time.