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Hello, Little Ones

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When the doctor left their home, Kookie was told not to engage in strenuous activities and not to move much as per the doctor’s recommendation. His brothers were very caring to him, especially Minnie, who was acting like his personal assistant, handing him all the things he needed for playing. Tae was very helpful too as he is guarding Koo like a cute puppy from the things that may hurt his older brother like simply getting his toy or coloring a book.



The caregivers took turns watching their Littles while some were cleaning the house and preparing some of the snacks for the littles. They did not waste any moments created by the littles. They snapped significant amounts of pictures of their babies.



They would reprimand them if their arguments escalated and praise them if they did a good thing.



Seokjin had suggested for them to impose a reward system for the littles. They agreed on giving the littles stickers if they did a good thing. They could collect them, if they completed a total of twenty stickers, one of their wishes can be granted. Of course, their wishes should be realistic and not out of this world.



Two weeks have passed, and Koo’s feet was healing. He can now walk freely without limping. His brothers were happy seeing him as they can play more freely. The caregivers and the littles were adjusting rapidly.



Yoongi was contacted by the facility head, apologizing for the inconvenience that they have caused for the caregivers. Actually, it was not considered as an inconvenience for the group as they had given a time to bond with their littles, taking into account that it was their free time. The facility head reassured them that they would be contacted if the situation were better and they can return Tae to the facility as Minnie and Koo’s adoption process were approved a week before.



The caregivers had a serious talk the night after that, stating that they would not give up Tae, The day after that, they contacted the facility to say that they were more than willing to adopt Tae and ready to apply for the adoption process of the little. They did not understand why the facility was so adamant in letting Tae get adopted even though Jackson had recommended that it was better for Tae to stay with them.



“If I get all twenty stickers, I will wish for TaeTae to stay with us.” Minnie boasted to Koo. He was the leading person on the board, for he had collected a total of twelve stickers. Koo was next to him with a total of eleven stickers.



They were doing everything that they can like cleaning up their toys, not fighting with each other, listening to their daddies, and looking after each other.



“Nuh-uh, I am gonna wish for that fwirst.” Koo said while playing with his toys. Tae was busy watching some cartoons which he was currently addicted to. He was hypnotized with bright colors and catchy music.



They were told to watch over Tae since the caregivers were on the kitchen, preparing their dinner. The littles can be overlooked in the kitchen, but the caregivers were too focused preparing their dinner.



Tae’s eyes were starting to droop as he was fighting his urge to sleep. His caregivers told him to wait until the dinner was finish before sleeping as they did want for the little to sleep with an empty stomach.



His brothers were surprised when he collapsed on the floor. He had slept on the carpet. His brothers hurriedly went to their daddies and told them.



“Daddy! TaeTae fwell asleep.” Koo said, his eyes were wide expressing his concern.



Namjoon who was putting some fruits in a bowl left his task and went to Tae who has his face buried on the carpet. He called for Tae and the little opened his eyes, wincing from the interruption of his sleep. His Daddy hurriedly carried him and went back to the kitchen.



Seokjin was acknowledging the two littles from their good work and gave them one sticker each which was put on their board.



Meanwhile, Tae went back to his sleep in his Daddy’s arms, drooling on the caregiver’s favorite shirt. Seokjin told the Namjoon to place Tae on his crib and just give him a bottle of milk. They did not want to risk an upset stomach later.



Minnie and Kookie placed themselves in the table as they happily ate their dinner together with their caregivers. Minnie was not able to finish his food, stating that he was full. His daddies urged him to finish his food as they noticed that the little only ate few amounts of food, but to no avail he got up from his chair and proceeded to brushing his teeth to prepare going to bed.



Koo was given a sticker because he was able to finish his food and did not waste any bit of it. He was so happy when the caregiver put an additional sticker on his board. Now, he and Minnie were tied.



Minnie was sleepy as he went back to the kitchen to kiss the group goodnight as he noticed that there was a new sticker under Koo’s name. He hurriedly went back to their room where Koo was busy brushing his teeth.



He pushed the other little and the other pushed him back stronger.



“Why do you have another sticker? You cheated!” he asked angrily to the other little who was surprised by his action.



“I ate all of my fwood.” Koo replied.


“No fair. Cheater. I am sure you cheated.” Minnie said angrily to him. Their daddies were busy washing the dishes and cleaning the table. They were unaware of the whole situation as they were sure that the littles will not cause trouble, knowing that their youngest brother was asleep in their room.



“Nuh-uh, I did not chweat.” Koo replied to his older brother as he splashed some water from the faucet to the other.



Minnie pushed him hard that he fell on the bathroom. Tae was awakened from the sound and started to wince. The two littles were busy arguing over the whole sticker situation and they did not notice that Tae woke up.



Tae’s eyes went big when he saw his two older brothers pushing each other inside the bathroom in which he can watch clearly from his crib. He was surprised when Koo pushed Minnie so hard that he went outside the bathroom.



“You are so useless, you made a mess inside the bathroom.” His daddy pushed him from their bathroom and slapped him hard in his face, causing some red marks on his cheeks.


“I told you to wash your hands, not to play with water.” His daddy continued. He did not mean to make a mess inside the bathroom, he was only reaching the sink that was too high for him that is why the water made a mess.


“Sorry Daddy. Sorry.” He chanted continuously as his daddy continued in hurting him.


“You are good for nothing, useless piece of trash.” He said to the little who was crying the hurtful words.


“No one would love you ever.” He continued as he locked Tae in one of the cabinets as a punishment.



Tae’s memories of the past came back to him like it was yesterday. He loudly cried while chanting a sorry repeatedly. He had caught his brothers’ attention and the fight immediately stopped.



They were soaking wet with water when they checked on the youngest as they were throwing water to each other.



Their caregivers heard Tae was crying, their initial response was to get to their little. They thought that Tae was awakened by his brothers’ goodnight kisses. But they were all wrong.



When they entered the room, Tae was crying nonstop while his brothers tried to shush him. They noticed that he was saying sorry repeatedly to his ‘daddy’. They were confused. They picked Tae from his crib and tried calming him but to no avail, they failed. They passed the little to one another, hoping they could calm him down.



“What happened?” Yoongi asked the two littles who were wet.



“Minnie and I were fighting. Stwickers. Minnie said I was a chweater. Pushed me.” Koo said accusingly to his caregivers.



“You pushed me first Kookie.” Minnie argued to him while he pushed Kookie even though their caregivers were there.



“Hey stop.” Yoongi snapped at them while separating them. TaeTae was sobbing in Seokjin’s arms while he tried everything to make him calm down.



Seokjin decided to separate the youngest form his two older brothers. Seokjin smiled to the sobbing little who started to calm down. He decided to take Tae on their guest room and lay him there while he got his feeding bottle with warm milk.



Namjoon entered their bedroom where the baby monitor was placed to review the footage. There he saw Tae quietly sleeping, then Minnie approached Koo inside the bathroom, and there were a series of pushes, and water splattering over the floor. Namjoon sighed as he saw the footage. And the reason for all of that were stickers.



The other two caregivers were with Minnie and Koo who were not talking to each other and their arms were crossed. Yoongi was massaging his temples, it seemed that there was no way that the two will say sorry to each other and acknowledge their mistakes. Their Appa was urging the littles to talk.



When Namjoon arrived, he said what he saw in the footage. The two littles were arguing who started the fight. A series of arguments were made but they did not seem to regret what they did. Minnie huffed and tried to leave to get on his bed and Koo was busy biting his inner cheek for the tension he felt.



“You know that it was bad to fight with each other, considering that your youngest brother was asleep. You pushed each other and splashed water to each other, all because of a sticker.” Namjoon said to the littles who were at the opposite sides of the bedroom.



“Koo you pushed your brother first and Minnie you pushed Kookie while your caregivers were there. That was very disrespectful.” Namjoon continued as he sighed.



“Both of you, face the wall for twenty minutes. You are not going to move until one of you say sorry to each other.” Both of the littles huffed from Namjoon’s instructions as they stood up and faced the wall. Hoseok sighed and started the timer.



Seokjin was busy distracting Tae in which he succeeded, as the little giggled from his funny faces. Tae accepted the feeding bottle his Dada was giving to him. He laid on his back and started latching over the nipple of the bottle. His cheeks were still puffy and red from crying. Seokjin smiled at his baby not wanting to confront him now.



Tae’s eyes started to water, he scratched his eyes, and started closing his eyes. His Dada was rubbing on his tummy to make him fall asleep faster. Seokjin succeeded when the bottle fell from the youngest’s mouth. He removed the feeding bottle and shuffled to check on his husbands. As he was leaving the room, TaeTae whined from his sleep causing him to come back. The Little wrapped his arms and legs to his caregiver, placing his head on his Dada’s chest. The caregiver sniffed his hair and hugged him back tightly. He supposed that his husbands can handle that as he closed his eyes.



Back in the room, the two littles were crying while facing the wall. The caregivers sighed because none of them approached each other to apologize.



After few minutes, Minnie caught Koo’s attention by calling his name.



“Koo, Minnie is sorry. Should not have pushed you and said to you you’re a cheater.” Minnie said while wiping his tears. He apologized to the younger since he was the older one.



“I am sorry daddies I pushed Koo while you were there and made TaeTae wake up.” He continued.



“Minnie I am sorry too. Should not have pwushed you and spwashed water on your face.” Koo replied to him while wiping his tears also.



The caregivers called them and made them sit on the bed. Their daddies gave them a lecture after that incident which lasted about fifteen minutes. They hugged each other and Koo kissed Minnie’s cheeks. The other flushed red from the gesture.



“Now is time to sleep.” Yoongi announced to the other two in which they nodded. They went to their own beds and fell asleep fast, exhausted from their fight.



The three caregivers searched where Seokjin went and they went to the guest room when they checked that they were not in the bedroom. They cooed when they saw Seokjin and TaeTae tangled with each other.



The three caregivers quietly closed the door and proceeded in their bed.






The day after that incident, the two older brothers apologized to Tae stating that they were only arguing over stickers.



The youngest was surprised over the reason of their argument.



“Minnie and Koo can have mwy stwickers.” Tae offered to his older brothers, in total he had seven stickers in his board.



“Are you sure?” The two asked him in unison and he nodded the two beamed with happiness and kissed their little brother’s forehead.


The caregivers were proud seeing their littles happy, even though there were ups and downs.