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Hello, Little Ones

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“Daddy, I finished all the collecting stickers.” Minnie proudly announced to his daddies. Kookie eventually gave up to their race to reach twenty stickers, thinking that he would just let his older brother win.



“Wow, Minnie is truly a good boy.” Hoseok praised the little who was beaming with joy while Kookie was busy munching on some biscuits his daddies recently bought. TaeTae was inside the nursery sleeping. His caregivers alternately checked on him from time to time in case the youngest would wake up.



“So, what is your wish?” Seokjin asked the little.



“I want TaeTae to stay with us forever.” Minnie said to his daddies. He got worried when his caregivers shared sad faces to each other.



“Munchkin, we cannot promise you that, but we will try our best to make your brother stay with us.” Yoongi explained to the eldest as he ruffled the little’s hair.



“You promise?” Minnie held out his pinky.



“We promise.” His daddies took turns sealing their promise with their pinkies. Even though he was quite disappointed, he knew that his daddies would do everything that they can.






Three weeks had already passed, and the caregivers’ anxiety were growing as they did not get a reply from the facility regarding Tae’s possible adoption. According to their manager, the facility follows strict rules for the adoption of TaeTae.



Unlike Tae’s adoption process, their two littles were officially theirs. The paper works were very exhausting, but it was all worth it.



Minnie and Koo were busy smothering kisses to their youngest brother, muttering some praises to the little. The caregivers stopped them when Tae’s whole face was covered with their saliva. Tae seemed to be unbothered by his older brothers, choosing to focus on the current cartoon he was watching. He was seating on a purple stool they bought few weeks ago. Their daddies made sure that the littles watched television with moderation by setting up a timer. Only three hours are allotted per day for them because too much exposure to radiation can harm their babies.



The caregivers were situated in a large couch watching over Minnie and Koo who were wrestling each other quite roughly while Tae was busy sucking on his pacifier. The caregivers were busy planning on a camping trip with their littles, making sure that the camping site were secured and there would be no ‘fans’ who will disturb their privacy. They contacted their manager to tell their plan and the manager reassured that he will be making special arrangements (if needed) in advance in which the caregivers greatly appreciated.



Minnie and Koo were roughly playing with each other, rolling on the floor, fighting who will be the one winning the top position.



“Yah! Stop that!” Yoongi exclaimed. He was worried that the two will hurt each other unintentionally.



The two littles immediately stopped their play, and they approached Tae. The two started to pepper kisses on Tae’s cheek, pressing their faces on Tae’s cheeks too hardly, bothering him. One thing that they should not do was to bother Tae when he was watching television because the youngest will be antsy. They continued their mission of annoying the youngest, wanting some attention, ruffling his hair, playing with his hand, and combing his hair, in which the little returned with a groan, starting to get annoyed at his brothers.



“Stwop please.” He muttered while maintaining his focus on the cartoon. He pushed Minnie and Koo’s head away from him so that they would stop.



His older brothers seemed to be in a mood of annoying him because they did not stop what they were doing. Hoseok noticed, that the two were up in a mission of annoying the youngest, so he intervened. He removed Namjoon’s legs which were on situated on the top of his thighs to approach the littles. He was about to reach the babies when suddenly Tae fell on the floor and hit the back of his head on the rubbered mat.



The scene felt like it was in a slow motion. The two littles were immersed in smothering kisses to the youngest, they accidentally pushed the little back with the weight of their body. The little hit his head while his older brothers landed on top of him, their eyes widely opened.



The two littles panicked and got off Tae quickly. His eyes were closed, and his brothers shook him hardly because they were worried of the unconscious state of the other. Hoseok quickly carried the two littles away from Tae, giving him space.



The three caregivers quickly got off their sit and approached the youngest. They were sure that there was no concussion in the little’s head because he fell from the rubbered mat. He was just unconscious from the shock. Yoongi and Hoseok quickly escorted the two littles to their shared bedroom to calm them down and reassured them that Tae would be okay.



Seokjin and Namjoon was tapping Tae’s shoulder lightly who was regaining his consciousness. They were relieved when they heard a groan from the youngest’s mouth.



“Hurts.” The little muttered while holding the back of his head.



“Munchkin, do not get up quickly.” His Dada instructed him when he tried to get up from the floor but failed when he felt pain in his head.



Namjoon quickly checked his head and felt a huge bump. His Daddy sighed and quickly exited the living room to get ice from the refrigerator.



“I’m sleepy.” He muttered to his Dada. Seokjin was alarmed from the statement of the little.



“No…no… sweetheart, you need to stay awake.” His Dada urged him. Tae tried his best to listen to his Dada. His Daddy was quick to return with an ice bag from his hand. Seokjin quickly placed it on the back of his head where the bump was located. He was lifted off the floor and into the arms of Seokjin.






Yoongi was pacing back and forth in the littles’ bedroom to contact Rowoon, their family doctor, but to no avail his line was busy. He continued contacting the doctor and when the doctor picked up the phone, he stated the incident. He felt relieved when the doctor said that he will come to their home as fast as he can.



The two littles were feeling absolutely guilty. They were looking down the floor, avoiding eye contact. Minnie was playing with the hem of his shirt while Koo was chewing on his inner cheek. Hoseok was watching over them.



Tae did not cry when he started to regain his composure. He just stayed quiet and stared on the wall. His two daddies were worried sick to him as they ask what he was feeling in which he replied with a short okay.



Meanwhile, the two littles were being reprimanded inside their bedroom with their Papa and Appa. They were crying and muttering a series of sorry, explaining that what happened was just an accident. The caregivers agreed that it was only an accident, but they had to be disciplined since earlier they were wrestling each other in which their daddies told them to stop, and they were annoying the youngest who was busy minding his own business.



They were told that they will be receiving a total of ten spanks each and a time out for thirty minutes. Yoongi and Hoseok instructed them to count for them and tell them if ever it hurts too badly so that they could slow down. More streaks of tears fell down their eyes when their two daddies started, aiming gently on their bottoms.



When they finished, they explained the littles what they did wrong in which the littles acknowledged.



“Minnie and Koo, do you know why you were spanked and asked for a time out?” Yoongi asked them gently and they nodded, “You annoyed Tae and played too roughly with each other.” He continued.



“Did you understand that?” He asked while Hoseok was calming the two down.



“Yes, we’re sworry.” The two muttered in unison as more tears slides off their faces and snot going outside their noses.



The two caregivers nodded and directed the littles to face the wall. Hoseok set up the time and told the two to behave and stay for thirty minutes inside their room. The other two caregivers ran down to the living room, announcing to Namjoon that the doctor will come soon maybe just stuck in a heavy traffic.



Seokjin was busy talking to the Tae who was just nodding his head for affirmation.



“Sweetheart, does your head hurt?” Hoseok asked their baby with a bright smile. The caregiver’s question was unanswered.



“Does baby like anything, strawberries or milk?” Yoongi continued and he was still ignored by the boy.



“Munchkin, what do you feel?” Namjoon asked. But he was still unanswered.



Finally, after a few minutes of questioning Tae. He answered.



“I’m not little.” The four caregivers were surprised by his statement.



Yoongi uttered a series of curses while the other three were left shocked.



“Can I have a glass of water?” Tae asked the caregivers. Yoongi left the living room and got him a glass of water. He also dialed the doctor, asking him if he could go faster and reported the state of Tae.



Yoongi quickly handed water to Tae who was quite puzzled by the whole situation.



“Where is Jiminie and Jungkookie?” He asked.



“They’re upstairs.” Yoongi answered. Taehyung placed the empty glass on a table and nodded to him.



“The doctor will come soon. Do not worry.” Yoongi said to him.



Well shit.