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Hello, Little Ones

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Koo and Tae eventually made up after almost three hours of their fight with the help of their oldest brother.








The inevitable still happened. The caregivers were beyond devastated as they were packing Tae’s things in his bag. Today was the day he will return to the facility. As they had promised. They did the best that they could to prolong Tae’s stay, but to no avail they failed.




Once his adoption process to the other family, they will be given full custody of their supposed to be little. The facility informed that the adoption process of the little would be faster since the family was so eager to meet Tae. And that, they should be relaxed because Tae’s soon-to-be family was great.  




TaeTae was trying his best to cheer up his daddies and older brothers who were busy of packing his things. His crib was emptied out, making sure that they packed all of his stuffies, his favorite pillows, and his favorite blanket that his Daddy bought in an online shop.




“TaeTae don’t gwo.” Koo said while clinging on his brother.




“Hwide inside the cwoset.” The little suggested, thinking that he his brother would avoid returning to the facility if they hid him.




Tae looked at his caregivers, asking for help. The little did not want his brother to believe that hiding him is not the solution to their problem. The caregivers quickly understood him and nodded.




“Kookie, even though Tae would hide inside the closet, the facility would still look for him.” Their Papa explained to the little who was trying to hold his tears.




“Bwut, I don’t want Tae to go.” The little explained to his Papa, starting to cry. The little knew that his suggestion was silly, but he still tried to convince his daddies.




Maybe. Just maybe.




“Shhh… Shhh… It will be okay.” Yoongi carried Koo in his arms while the other caregivers were packing the remaining things in Tae’s closet.




Minnie was doing his best helping the caregivers, also trying to hold back his tears. His caregivers were comforting him but eventually he gave up. He cried, hugging the caregiver closest to him.




“Shhh…” His Dada comforted him, hugging him in return.




“Minnie, Koo, you look so swilly.” Tae said to them as he smiled sadly to his brothers. He crawled towards his brothers who were now sulking, hugging them each tightly.








The caregivers were having a hard time separating the three littles, for Minnie and Kookie were basically clutching Tae. They were afraid that if they forced the two littles let go of their brother, they would hurt each other more. But they eventually succeeded when Tae helped them. He was the one the remove his brothers’ strong grasp and told them he was hurting.




They came to an agreement not to take the two littles to the facility since it would be harder to separate them and it would be more stressful for the littles as well as the caregivers. They called their manager to be look after the two littles temporarily.




Their manager took Tae inside their car in which the little agreed, hoping that it would be an easier farewell to his two brothers.




But their plan was not followed when the Minnie and Koo clung on their legs and begged their daddies to let them stay with Tae, agreeing that they would stay inside the car. The caregivers were having second thoughts about the littles’ proposal since they knew that it would not happen. But when Minnie and Kookie got on their knees, the caregivers changed their mind. They carried the two littles and told them that they did not need to go as far as that.



They agreed to take the two littles with them, realizing that they deserved it since Tae was their brother and their special best friend. They tried their best to calm the two littles who were crying, saying that Tae would be sadder if he saw them cry.



The two littles got inside the car on their car seats with the help of their daddies. Tae was beyond surprised when he saw his two brothers sitting beside him. The caregivers were soon to follow, making sure that all of the things that Tae owned was there even the items that they had recently bought.



The facility was very stern on their decision. They apologized for giving hope to the caregivers that they will gain custody over Tae. They felt sorry upon the decision of their higher ups, regarding Tae. According to the facility, they felt like the caregivers were not suitable to take care of Tae since they had a busy work schedule and they had two littles adopted.



TaeTae needed extra attention, so they thought that the other family was more suitable caregivers than the four men. Money was not an issue, for the family owned a large business. It cannot be compared to the group’s wealth, but it was more than enough to support Tae. They were sure that the little will receive a lot of care and attention there since the soon-to-be two caregivers already handed the business to someone trustworthy and relieved their positions to be full time parents. Also, taking into consideration, that Tae was the first little of the couple.



Even though the littles were secured in their car seats, Minnie and Koo were doing the best that they can to hold Tae’s hand, kissing the back of his hand gently. Even though their hands almost cramped because they were stretching it fully, they did not falter to let Tae’s hand be empty, assuring him that it would be okay, that they were okay, that Tae was okay.



“TaeTae do not gwo with thwem.” Kookie uttered while wiping his tears with his free hand. Koo knows that once Tae goes back to the facility, they would not see him again like what happened to the other littles that disappeared. Actually, it was up to the caregivers who adopted them, but sometimes the facility needs to intervene and not allow the adopt littles to visit the facility since it would be harder to grow apart.



“Minnie volunteers to go to them in place for Tae.” Minnie boldly said as he raised his free hand, high. It was no use. The caregivers were very silent, focusing their eyes on the road, trying their best to be strong.



Tae chuckled to them. “Swilly, only TaeTae can retwurn. Minnie and Koo will stway with dwaddies.”



“No. We will stway together with daddies.” Koo corrected him as he looked at his daddies.



“Right, daddies?” Again, the caregivers did not give him some answers. The caregivers were very much hurting, but they cannot live a false hope to the little, it will be harder for all the three of them.



They counted their remaining days with Tae and spent every second making memories with him. There were no dull moments. One day, while they were talking of their dreams. They said to their daddies that they wanted to visit other countries. Their daddies promised them that when the right time comes, they will go to all parts of the world. They would try different fun activities like scuba diving, fishing, swimming, mountain climbing, postponed camping trip, etc. They, eventually, cancelled it when they knew that Tae would leave soon.



“TaeTae promise us that you will eat all the healthy foods that was given to you, play with your stuffies, sleep when it is bedtime, and enjoy all the moments of your life.” His Papa said to him.



“Pwomise.” Tae let go of Minnie and Koo’s hands and offered his pinky finger and his Papa stretched his hand to intertwine his pinky finger to Tae. The little let out a small giggle and kissed their intertwined pinkies.



“TaeTae, promise me that you would always be a good boy. You will always be our good boy and your brothers’. Do not let anyone hurt you, bite them.” His Dada muttered while trying his best to hold back his tears. The little chuckled because his caregiver’s face crumpled as he intertwined their pinkies.






“TaeTae contact us. Hm?” His Daddy said which earned him a smack on the head by his Appa.



“How will he contact us? Genius.” His Appa grumbled.



“I will twy bwut no pwomise.” Tae said to his daddies. The little did not know how he would contact them since they were not allowed to have phones.



“Daddies, be gwood to Minnie and Koo, pwomise?” TaeTae said while biting his lips. The streets started to be very familiar to him. The trees, the flowers, the stray animals, and the empty seats. They were about to arrive to their destination.



“We promise.” His daddies said, trying their best to smile to him, reassuring him. His older brothers’ grip became tighter as they noticed the familiar scenery.



He did not say anything to his older brothers, since he knew that his brothers will not accept his farewell and gripped their hands in return.



I do not want to leave them, but it is time.



“We’re here.” The driver announced to them once they arrived the front of the facility.



This was it.



The two littles, which seemed calm a while ago, were bawling their hearts out, now gripping Tae’s arms. They held on it tightly, not wanting to be separated to the youngest. The caregivers loosened up their grip to Tae, saying that they were starting to hurt their brother.



Tae acted like he was wincing in pain of his brothers’ hold but the truth was he was pained leaving them. He was pained of leaving his daddies, whom he trusted and loved the most. He was pained of leaving his brothers, whom he cared and loved the most. He was pained of the feeling that he would be left alone again. He was pained of everything. He started feeling numb.



He waved goodbye to his brothers and glanced a last look as he allowed his Daddy to carry him outside the van.



“No! TaeTae!” Minnie screamed and worked his way to unbuckle the seatbelt. He succeeded and ran towards his brother. The little hugged him tightly. Kookie imitated what he saw and succeeded unbuckling his seatbelt too.



They hugged the youngest one last time and kissed him, squishing his cheeks.



“Goodbye TaeTae. We promise, we will see you again.” Minnie said to him while blowing his nose on his shirt.



“Pwomise us, you will go see us agwain.” Koo said as he wiped his tears forcefully. The caregivers did not tell the littles yet that TaeTae will soon be adopted by another family. It would be more heartbreaking.



The youngest nodded as they detached themselves to Tae. Their Papa carried them back to their car and told the driver to child lock the car doors and windows so that the littles will not escape again. The driver obeyed him. Minnie and Kookie were crying ferociously, their driver who was assigned to look out was very much worried since they looked like they were not breathing normally. He tried to soothe the littles as best as he could.



TaeTae was carried by his Daddy as they entered the facility. The facility looked the same. Seokjin and Hoseok was carrying the little’s bag. They placed the bags on the floor. The little was whimpering, he surely did want to leave his daddies.



“Good morning TaeTae,” Anna greeted him, “hope you had fun with your brothers’ daddies for a while.” She continued. Yoongi was burning with frustration, as the little thrashed in Namjoon’s hold.



The little nodded in agreement. He was beyond happy together with his daddies and brothers. The facility head called Mina to get TaeTae from Namjoon. Mina was worrying when she saw how distressed the little looked, so she did not carry Tae inside his room yet. Instead, she carried the little on her arms and swayed him. The little buried his face on her neck, trying to hide his tears.



“Wanna say byebye to them?” Mina felt bad as she uttered it, the little started crying silently on his shoulder. She knew that the caregivers were a perfect match to Tae.



The little nodded. “Please. Rwoom. Alone.”



The guardian quickly understood it and invited the caregivers to the room, not minding what the facility head will say later. She exited as soon as the caregivers entered the room, excusing herself.



TaeTae was sat on a carpet together with his favorite puppy stuffie. The entire room stayed silent. He as it hit him. This was the last goodbye. He started crying, burying his whole face to his large stuff toy.



“Still wanna go home with you.” Tae said while he wiped his tears on his stuff toy. His Dada crouched down to him and sat him down properly. He caressed his face gently to wipe the little’s tears.



“TaeTae. Listen to me. You will have a real home soon.” His Dada said. He was not supposed to tell the information to Tae since he knew that it would cause more stress. Tae looked at him confused plastered in his face.



“You will understand it when the right time comes.” His Daddy said.



He sobbed as his daddies stood up.



“Remember that daddies would not give up on you. We will always fight for you.” His Papa said as he opened the door.



“Goodbye dwaddies.” The little said as his daddies exited the room. He ran outside the room to catch his daddies to hug and kiss them for the one last time.



He saw that his daddies were out the main door. It was too late. He ran towards it. The guardians, in there, were not quick to react as he escaped them. He ran towards his caregivers, stumbling a bit, legs still wobbly, exiting the facility.



“No! Dwon’t go.” The little said and the caregivers heard him. The caregivers stopped on their tracks and waited for Tae. Tae gave them the tightest hug and pecked a kiss on their cheeks. They ruffled the little’s head, feeling sorry. It was time to let go.



“TaeTae, it is time for the daddies go.” His Dada said as he signaled Mina, who was waiting patiently behind the little, to take Tae. Tae was resisting the guardian, thrashing. The caregivers were not looking back at him because they knew that if they looked back, they will not be able to contain themselves and just kidnap Tae for the sake of their sanity.



But they knew that it was wrong.



They hurried back to their car and saw their littles with puffy eyes and red noses from crying. The littles were beyond exhausted today.



They instructed for the driver to start his engine as they wiped their tears harshly, giving water to their two littles while trying to calm them down again.



Seokjin dialed their manager’s number while trying his best to maintain a steady voice.



“Are you sure that this is the number?



No, they would not give up like that.







TaeTae was returned inside of his room in the facility by Mina. Tae was left alone in his crib by his most trusted guardian. Mina promised to return to him as soon as possible. She was called by the facility head for an urgent discussion. Mina knew that she would be scolded by her actions.



Tae scanned his shared room with Koo. It was still the same, except Koo was not there. He laid there alone, feeling empty. In the past, together with Minnie and Koo, they cramped themselves on the bed so that they can sleep together. But it is now different.



His stomach wrenched at the thought. How was he supposed to live now?



He heard a knock on his door, and it revealed Mina. The guardian was smiling brightly at him. He stared at his guardian as he hid his face on the pillow. She made her way inside the crib, placing herself beside Tae. She knew the little needed comfort the most. She wrapped her arms to the little and hugged him gently to calm his sobs down. After a few minutes, the little’s sobs became muted. She lifted her head and checked on the little who fell asleep on her arms. She remained still.