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Hello, Little Ones

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Settled in with their married life, the couples decided it is the right time to adopt their own Littles. At first, they all agreed to adopt two. It will be perfect for them, four caregivers, which initially planned on focusing their full attention to raise, nurture, and protect with their full might. However, their plan did not go as expected when they met Little TaeTae which was friends with their two littles, Little Kookie and Little Minnie. Unlike the other two which had a perfect life inside the facility, TaeTae has been struggling mentally fighting himself in his headspace. Luckily, Kookie and Jiminie were his best friends who were willing to help him and even give up their chances of getting adopted.

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“TaeTae, do not cry,” Minnie begged his favorite brother and bestest friend in the whole wide world, “we will not lweave you.” he added while patting his brother’s back a few times to calm him down a bit.



It seems like TaeTae did not hear it and cried harder. Tears started to flow out of his eyes like a waterfall with no chance of stopping anytime soon. He heard from his guardian, Mina, that knowing that both of his loved ones were getting adopted by a new family.



It seems like the world was against him since he knew that the two of them are adopted together in one family. He sulked as he cannot imagine a life without his Minnie and Kookie.



During the first few days of hearing that his best friends were getting adopted, he was feeling giddy and excited for them because finally they will get a chance to be in a new family. Unlike his new best friends, TaeTae has been fostered to a previous home in which he was supposed to be loved, nurtured, and taken care of.



But that is what he thought.


During the first month of his stay in the foster house, he felt what it is to have a real family. With an endless amount of love and attention from his caregivers. The facility had agreed to let the couple foster TaeTae in hope that they will soon adopt him. It was like a trial and error to see if the little fit their family.



However, things went whirlwind when they had found a little that they wanted to adopt. The arrival of the new adopted little changed everything…


“Stop cwrying.” Kookie urged his youngest best friend and brother. Kookie was starting to get worried to the other little since he was crying nonstop.



Kookie was the first Little to approach TaeTae when he went back to the adoption facility, for the other littles were scared of him, believing that Tae was returned to the facility again by his previous family because he was bad little. Kookie did not believed it. He knew that the other little was nice and precious.



TaeTae shared bedroom with Kookie. The facility knew that it was the best option since they knew that they have near age range in their headspace. TaeTae’s age range when he arrived was roughly between three to four years old while Kookie’s age range was between four to six years old, but it depends to the littles really.



TaeTae was taken aback when Kookie also started sobbing because he thought that he was the one at fault why Koo cried. Kookie memorized the little, and he knew how to make the other little stopped crying. That is, if he cried also.



“No please, no crwy,” he said while patting Kookie’s back, attempting to soothe the other little. Minnie was also alarmed by the crying of, now, two littles. Unlike the two littles, Minnie was like an older brother to them. Minnie’s age range was between six to eight years old and took the position of being the oldest of the group. The members working in the facility trusts him the most.



“I, no crwy too.” TaeTae added as he calmed himself and stopped crying.



“Really?” He knew that his planned worked and eventually started to calm himself to stop crying too. He had usually done other smart antics in order to distract TaeTae.



How can he do it? Minnie inwardly thought as he saw the whole scene unfolding in front of him. He, truly, adore Koo’s ability.


But what If he will be separated truly from TaeTae forever? He continuously thought. The idea of it made him sadder. He was feeling a little guilty.



He stopped himself from his train of thoughts.



No, he cannot let it happen…






Minnie decided to get some tissues from their guardians, he passed some of the biscuit, that he was currently eating, to Koo for him to share with TaeTae. The youngest little stopped crying and only small sobs were escaping from his lips.



Taetae hurriedly reached out from the snack that the other little offered. Koo blushed and smiled when TaeTae’s boxy smile appeared at his sight. The perfect boxy smile that he wished would stay forever.



Eventually, Minnie came back. He fetched a significant amount of tissue roll and handed some to Kookie. He helped Tae wipe his tears as Kookie independently started wiping his own tears with a smile on his face. The little was contented making his youngest brother smile.



TaeTae hugged his bestest friend first, muttering a ‘thank you’ and kissed him on his cute nose. After that, he hugged Koo tightly that the little thought his lungs were squished and kissed him on his cheek. The littles wrapped their arms to one another tightly and showered kisses.



I do not want to lose them. The youngest thought while he was hugging his brothers.



Can we stay forever? He questioned himself. He knew that his wish was impossible, knowing that almost all of the family prefer littles who was not fostered, afraid that they would have a hard time taking care of the littles.



“TaeTae we will just go back to your room. Okay baby?” Mina snapped him out of his thought. He quickly nodded and detached himself to his brothers. Then, he rested his nose to the crook of her neck, looking for a slight affection to soothe him. He felt assured when the Mina stroked his hair in return.



He was put inside a play pen loaded with toys in the room he shared with Kookie. He began grabbing the nearest toy beside him and played with it silently.



He knew that today was the day that the new family will meet his brothers. He busied himself playing with one of Kookie’s favorite toys, named Mr. Rabbit, which is a small bunny colored in pastel blue, carrying a small carrot. It was very soft and cute like his small toy dog which resembles like a Pomeranian dog, Tannie, which were a combination of black and brown and had a furry hair. He played with the two stuff toys, knowing that Kookie would not get mad at him for playing with his toys.



His other two brothers were separated to another room together, nervous of meeting their new family. They were planning of ways to escape the impending adoption, for they did want Tae to be left alone.






The couples were busy scanning the personal information of the two littles that they agreed to adopt. They have come to an agreement that they can only adopt two littles and contacted the facility that their manager recommended to them. According to his connections, they were one of the greatest adoption facilities in Seoul. They requested if it was possible to get two littles who were brothers in real life. The facility assured them that they had the perfect littles that fit the description.



Minnie and Kookie.



They were busy running mental notes to themselves on how to approach the two Littles. They were on their way to meet them. They smiled as they saw the individual photos of the two littles. The two had cute, distinct features.



Minnie had softer features compared to Kookie. He had a bright smile that turned his eyes into crescent, a small, cute nose, squishy cheeks, and curly golden locks that fit his pale skin. The first thing that they noticed was Kookie’s cute smile because of his bunny teeth, his rosy cheeks, brown hair that complemented his golden skin nicely.



The driver picked them up in front of their mansion, making sure that there were no paparazzi that were following them.



Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were from a popular boy group produced by a previously small company that eventually became big. When they were starting, the group was not as famous compared from now. They knew that their success was a product of their continuous effort and hard work. They knew that the path they were going was hard since they came from an unknown company and other prejudices that came after that. But they still managed all of it and worked themselves to the top.




They were now a famous boy group both known internationally and local scale.



Their relationship with each other have garnered a lot of disappointments to their fans. Even though they know that a lot of fans may leave and abandon them, they did not care. They still announced publicly about their relationship and even announced the media that they were planning to build a bigger family by adopting littles. Surprisingly, many fans chose to stay by their side and support them. However, some of their fans chose not to support them which were more than fine with them.



Real Name: Jeon Jungkook

Nickname: Kookie

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Real Age: 22 years old

Little’s Age: 4 to 6 years old

Birthday: September 1, 1997

Likes: Painting, Photography

Dislikes: Leaving TaeTae

Additional Notes

Kookie likes to paint. In fact, he has won a lot of competitions that were made specially for Littles. A lot of family has tried to adopt him: however, he refused to go with them. His best friends and brothers are TaeTae and Minnie. They must never be separated at all times. Take note that Kookie does not like the crowd. He is very competitive with games and always expects a reward if ever he did something successfully.



Real Name: Park Jimin

Nickname: Minnie, Jiminie

Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Real Age: 24 years old

Little’s Age: 6 to 8 years old

Birthday: October 13, 1995

Likes: Dancing

Dislikes: Leaving TaeTae

Additional Notes

He has an extreme passion for dancing. He thinks that his real soulmate is TaeTae. He is the best friend and brother of Kookie. Take note that he is prone to different kinds of allergies in food like seafood and garlic. Be careful of giving food to him because he only has his favorites. He eats all kinds of fruits and he is picky with vegetables. He must never be separated with TaeTae. He is afraid of the dark and thunderstorms. Be sure to wash everything he touches because he is prone in having an upset stomach



Namjoon flipped through the information sheets that he was reading. Currently, he was reading Minnie’s.



“Love, who is TaeTae?” Namjoon asked Seokjin who is also busy reading the other half of Minnie’s information sheet. He felt pressured as he was memorizing and reading the information sheets of the two littles.



“The one that we saw playing with our Littles.” Seokjin replied to Namjoon who was busy nibbling his fingernails while flipping the pages. When they first went to the facility, they met the two littles, but the littles did not notice them. They were so focused playing pretend with the other little.



“Why don’t we adopt him too?” Namjoon suggested the group. Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok turned to him with a surprised look in their faces. They did not know that Namjoon would suggest it also.


“Joonie,---” Seokjin replied, picking the right words so that he could avoid hurting the feelings of the other, “we are sorry but we cannot take care of three Littles.” he continued, biting his lips, hoping for a positive reaction from the other.



“But both of the information sheets said that the three should never be separated from each other.” Namjoon argued to them. He felt sorry for the other little who would be left behind in case they adopted the two.



Hoseok cleared his throat making sure that his presence was noticed. “Yoongi and I contacted the adoption facility a week ago to address this problem,” He said, “but he was not available for adoption.” he continued, eyes faltering, asking for Yoongi’s affirmation.



“They said that TaeTae was still in a process of healing himself from the previous foster family that he was in for about a year.” Yoongi continued Hoseok’s statement, massaging his temples. Hoseok gently caressed his hands and massaged it to the right pressure points to calm Yoongi down. “He was abused, and he is afraid of having a new family.” The second to the oldest reported. It felt like the words that escaped from his lips were a poison, he could taste the bitterness of it.



“But can we at least try?” Namjoon said, even though he knew that he will not win this conversation. If he felt worse a while ago. Now, he felt worst from the information Yoongi reported.



“Sorry, Joonie, we cannot.” the others replied with a sigh, ending the conversation. Namjoon looked helpless knowing that he can never convince the others to try. He sighed then got his phone to busy himself in making song lyrics.



The others felt guilty knowing that they just hurt one of their love and that they did not try to convince the facility.



But what can they actually do?



After a couple minutes of awkward, dead silence inside the car, Seokjin nudged Namjoon to call his attention. The other was surprised by his action. “Okay, we will try convincing them.” he replied which earned them a bright smile from Namjoon. The two others also nodded to confirm it.



They can at least try.



They were interrupted when the driver announced that they have arrived their destination. They were surprised that the facility was not that big, but they were sure that it was enough for all of the littles there.



Feeling nervous of the possible outcome, they entered the adoption facility, grabbing the hands of each other.






 Namjoon silently wished.






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As soon as they arrived, they were warmly greeted by the head of the adoption facility and some of the guardians that supervised the Littles which were not busy attending to the other littles. The adoption facility was quite small compared to other facilities, but it had a light and home-y atmosphere. The walls were painted white and the interiors were designed perfectly, considering the littles’ safety.



According to Anna, the head of facility, their facility houses a total of 25 littles at the present. TaeTae being the 25th and latest little to return.



“Good morning!” Anna greeted the soon-to-be caregivers with a warm smile plastered in her face.



Seokjin offered his hand for a handshake as a sign of courtesy to the facility head that was accepted tenderly by Anna.



“In fact, good morning to all of you!” Seokjin returned the previous greeting to all of the people inside of the room. Seokjin was one of the most introverted one among them, but, if some situation called for it, he does not hesitate to show his friendliness to other people.



“Are you here to pick up your Littles?” Anna questioned the group while eyeing some guardians who were beyond ecstatic of meeting the famous boyband.



“Yes.” he muttered with a heart-shaped smile present in his lips.



Hoseok silently inspected the whole facility, curiosity present in his eyes. He counted the doors around the facility. A total of twenty doors was counted by him. He thought that maybe some of the littles were sharing one room. No littles can be seen loitering outside their room maybe because it was too early for them to wake up.



“By the way where is Mina?” Namjoon inquired. Mina was the guardian he met. She seemed like the guardian who was assigned to their two littles and TaeTae. She was one of the best guardians that they had met while visiting the facility. The caregivers adored her since she willingly gave out some information about their littles. Some likes and dislikes, interests, habits, mannerisms, and attitudes of the littles that were not listed in their information sheet.



“Oh! She is currently putting TaeTae to sleep,” Anna replied with a grin plastered to her face, “but do not worry the backpacks of your Littles are already packed. You can ask me if you want me if you need someone to do you some favor. I am more than willing to help.” she added while tucking some loose strands of her blond, perfectly dyed hair.



Namjoon nodded to her as a reply to end the conversation. Honestly, he, together with his husbands, felt uncomfortable talking to facility head every time that they visit the facility. Anna was quite touchy to them, and she does not respect personal space.



Maybe she thinks that she can still change us. Namjoon inwardly thought, but still flashed a smile to Anna to avoid awkwardness. Anna is still the facility head, and they owed her so much since she was the one who took care of Minnie and Kookie and hopefully TaeTae.



“No, thank you.” Namjoon dismissed her proposal. There room was filled with awkward silence. Anna, not knowing what to reply and the other caregivers, not knowing what to reply also.



They were interrupted when someone pulled the hem of Hoseok’s sweatshirt. Hoseok was wearing a flashy, yellow sweatshirt, so they were not surprised that they saw a little behind him. They were instantly cooed when they saw Jimin.



They assumed that Jimin escaped his guardian since his curly locks were still damp from water, and he smelled too fruity. He blushed when he realized that there were many people there. He flashed his bright smile and his eyes turned crescent shaped as he giggled softly. He was only wearing a yellow bathrobe which revealed his pale skin that radiated through the sun, his cheeks plumped and looks so soft.



“Minnie! You are not yet done. Come back here!” They heard a voice coming from third door which they assumed was the bathroom. A head poked out, revealing Eunha. They had met Eunha a few times already. She was one of the youngest guardians inside the facility.



“Wanna play?” Minnie giggled, not minding his guardian who was calling out for him. Hoseok carried him in his arms and pressed his nose lightly.



“We’ll play after you get dressed. You might catch a cold.” Hoseok promised the little who seemed to be disappointed by the man’s reply.



Minnie was returned inside the bathroom, and in no time, he was dressed in comfortable clothes.



Hoseok carried him again as he ran towards the caregiver without hesitation.



“Wanna play now?” The little inquired, eyes curious for the answer. Hoseok agreed to his request and he was carried inside the playroom. Compared to other littles, Minnie was very light, but the facility assured them that Minnie’s health was in good condition. Jimin pointed to the playroom as they neared towards it.



The playroom was full of toys which were free for the Littles to play with. It was categorized depending on the age range of the Littles. It contained different kinds of blocks from cushioned color blocks to wooden blocks, different types of stuffies, colorful rattles, clays, and storybooks. Practically, every toy that was present in the store can be found inside the playroom. Hoseok placed Minnie on the rubbered mat and picked up some wooden blocks that were safe for Jimin to play. They began stacking the blocks, agreeing to make a castle out of it.



Seokjin, Namjoon, and Yoongi were left in the entrance with Anna. They invited her for a talk inside her office for privacy in which the lady accepted. She led the three caregivers to her office, and she offered them some tea and something to eat. The three respectfully declined her offer as they proceeded to make the discussion quick.



“What seems to be the problem?” Anna asked the three men. Seokjin acknowledged her inquiry and nodded to Namjoon, signaling the youngest in the group to start talking. Yoongi sat still in the cushioned sofa as he distracted himself by looking around the office.



“It is about TaeTae.” Namjoon started the discussion, clearing his throat.



“What about him?” The woman questioned, knowing the direction of the conversation.



“According to the personal information of our two Littles TaeTae seemed to have a special connection with our littles.” Namjoon continued his statement while trying his best to pick the right words in order to convince the head.



“Is this about the call from Mr. Hoseok and Mr. Yoongi weeks ago?” she inquired, voice sterned as she put on her reading glasses.



“Yes.” Seokjin muttered, not beating around the bush. He rubbed small circles around Namjoon’s back to ease the younger’s tension. Seokjin was proud to his husband as he spoke out fist this time. Seokjin felt that Namjoon seemed to be very concerned about TaeTae who would be left behind in case they adopted the two.



“Hm…” Anna muttered as he rummaged through their file box. The three men were watching her carefully and assumed that she was looking for TaeTae’s files.



“TaeTae is the same age as Minnie, and he was the roommate of Kookie ever since he returned from his foster house,” she read the first sentence aloud, adjusting his eyeglasses, “he is from Daegu.” that statement caught Yoongi’s attention who was now spacing out from the discussion.



The three men listened to the personal information of TaeTae attentively, not leaving a single information behind.



“He had a past trauma. Mainly because of the house where he was fostered and stayed for about a year.” She continued as she read the latest report from Tae’s doctor consultation. The caregivers felt disappointed to the facility. How can they be so careless?



“We can assure you that we screen foster parents carefully. We did not know that the foster family would abuse the little since they seemed to have a good record of fostering.” she continued reading the sheet, reassuring the caregivers that they did not do anything wrong.



The three men was looking at her dumbly because they knew that information already. Yoongi is now thinking of ways on how they can convince TaeTae to go with them.



Shall he just kidnap him? Yoongi thought.






“What seems to be the problem?” Seokjin questioned her.



“Why is he not up for adoption?” he questioned her.



“We cannot just entrust TaeTae to other people. Taking into consideration that he takes various medications and monthly check up on a doctor. I know that you are busy.” Anna argued.



It was true that the four caregivers were busy, but they talked about this issue before they agreed to adopt littles. Since taking care of littles were tiresome, they had agreed on the specific tasks that they need to attend to, considering their own schedules specially Yoongi and Namjoon who stayed long hours inside their studios.



“He does not trust any caregivers only guardians inside this facility,” she added while continuing to scan the Little’s sheet, “he was deprived of everything in his previous foster house. As soon as they got the perfect little for their family, TaeTae was neglected. Only some scraps of their new Little were given to TaeTae. His clothes, toys, and food came from the scraps of the family’s spoiled little who seemed to dislike Tae. We did not know about this. We only knew about his when TaeTae was hospitalized due to poor nutrition and some of the bruises and scratches that were present in his skin.” The three felt uncomfortable hearing the story.



That family should be imprisoned! They thought.



“As of now, we really did not know what really happened and what was the real reason behind it since the family migrated to another country that was why the case did not push through, and Tae did not want to talk about it. Sadly, TaeTae is still living in his dark past, and he does not entrust himself to anyone. He does not show any of his vulnerabilities except for his guardians and his two brothers who took care of him throughout his process of recovering.” Anna said while closing the personal file of TaeTae.



“Did the doctor said anything to you?” Yoongi asked the facility head, sighing as he massaged his temples. He knew that they cannot convince the facility head right now. He was stating to lose his patience.



“Well, honestly, we got weekly reports from the doctor and the appropriate medication for him,” Anna replied, “but we cannot make let anyone adopt him just yet.” she continued while stirring the cup of cold tea she is holding.



“I think the best way to heal him is to make him trust other people more and accept that there are other families that will treat him right,” Namjoon suggested, “why not try letting him trust us?” Namjoon questioned.



“And besides, his brothers were adopted by us. He will learn to trust us more since his brothers will trust us as their caregivers.” Seokjin added, trying his best not to show any hint of annoyance.



Anna took her time thinking if that was the best solution for their TaeTae then she nodded.



Maybe it would work out.



“Try taking him with your two Littles,” she replied while taking a look of her wristwatch, “however, I think it will take an hour to get him ready.” she replied smiling to the three men. If only these men were not handsome, she thought.



“We will be more willing to wait for him.” the three men replied, smiling brightly.



“I am not giving you assurance that you can adopt him,” she warned the, now, smiling three men, “but you can test the waters with him.” she continued.



They bowed to her as they left the room. She called the intercom connecting to Tae’s room signaling to prepare his backpack and take him for a bath. Luckily the little was still not sleeping. Today, they will go shopping.



The three men hurriedly knocked on the door where Hoseok and Jimin was playing. To their surprise Kookie was also there munching some biscuits.



They were greeted by Hoseok’s warm smile then he proceeded hugging them. The two Littles giggled looking at each other.



“How did it go?” he questioned.



“Great.” They replied.


Chapter Text

While the three other men had entered the head’s office, Hoseok was spending his time with their little, Minnie. This fluffball was truly a ray of sunshine because he smiled all the time and giggled cutely. He can lift anyone’s mood.



Hoseok picked up the wooden blocks located in the topmost layer of cabinets where the toys were contained. He stacked the blocks and let Minnie take it down either by swinging his arms or throwing other scattered pieces of blocks. The castle was never built.



“What’s your name, Mister?”  Minnie asked him while he was busy helping the caregiver pick up the pieces of wooden blocks on the floor. Hoseok smiled. He knew that the Littles were just oriented that they will be going to a new home, but they were clueless who will be their parents.



“Mister Seokie. I am Mister Hoseokie.” he replied while ruffling Jimin’s hair, making sure that the curly locks of the boy were brushed away by his fingers. “I am one of your future daddies. I would appreciate if you would call me Appa.” Hoseok continued. He noticed the wrinkle of Minnie’s forehead. The little was confused by his statement.



“One of our future daddies?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, “how many daddies do I and Kookie have?” Jimin questioned.



Hoseok acknowledged Jimin’s question and pretended to count. Jimin was patiently waiting for his answer. “Four. Your soon-to-be daddies are four.” Hoseok replied.



“Really? That is many,” Jimin muttered while drinking his favorite freshly-squeezed orange juice from his favorite sparkly, blue plastic cup, “daddies are enough to also get TaeTae?” he questioned his Appa.



Hoseok did not know what to say to their little because there was no assurance that they can convince the facility and adopt TaeTae. He did not want to break the little’s heart if ever they cannot adopt Tae.



They were interrupted when a small boy entered the room holding two packs of biscuits in both hands. The boy seemed surprise that there was a stranger playing with his Minnie that was why he hurriedly approached the two. He exchanged looks with Minnie, hoping for an answer from his best friend.



Hoseok was quietly observing the little boy in front of them. He did not attempt to approach the boy first because he might startle him. He waited for the other little to approach him.



He was smiling brightly to the boy, maintaining a calm atmosphere. He observed his deep dimples in each side of his cheeks while munching on his biscuits. His bunny smile was present and his big, doe eyes were shining brightly to his Minnie. He knew that the boy was Kookie.



“Appa.” Jimin grasped Hoseok’s hand and introduced them to each other. “Kookie, this is Appa. Appa this is Kookie.” Jimin said to Kookie while reaching for the other’s hands to let his Appa and younger brother shake hands.



“Appa?” Kookie asked then Jimin nodded. The little was confused at first, but he shook his Appa’s hand in Jimin’s hold. He offered the biscuits he was eating to the man which was rarely done by Koo since he did not usually share his food with other people.



“Appa want swome?” he offered while munching cheerfully the other pieces of biscuits left in the packet.



“Thank you, Muchkin,” Hoseok got the biscuit that the little offered then ate it enthusiastically, “so delicious” Hoseok replied to Koo who was waiting for a feedback.



It was rewarded by Kookie’s tiny giggles, his doe eyes scrunched. Minnie offered the caregiver to take a sip from his cup in which the caregiver declined. Then, he offered his cup to his younger brother. The other little was struggling obviously, for he was used in having straws as an aid to prevent him from ‘drowning’ from any type of liquid. He took a sip from the cup without hesitation, but Minnie tilted the cup without warning him resulting for him to lightly drown from the liquid.



He coughed some of the juice that he drank. Some was excreted through his nose. Jimin bolted to his guardians to get some tissues as Hoseok was patting his back.



“Minnie is sorry Kookie, did not mean to.” Jimin apologized to the other while wiping the juice off his brother’s clothes and face. He also wiped the floor.



Hoseok was patting Kookie’s back then the little started coughing badly that he cannot breathe through his nose. The caregiver was so afraid, he thought that Koo was choking.



He panicked.



So, he hurriedly lifted Jungkook away from the playing mat. Kookie was surprised by the sudden action of his Appa and started crying which worsened the situation. The caregiver tried his best to hush him by whispering calming words while lightly rocking him to help him calm down crying. He eventually stopped crying when he started to breathe normally. Jimin was muttering a series of ‘sorry’ repeatedly to Kookie, feeling sorry.



“It is okay, baby. You are fine.” His Appa whispered some words of assurance to the Little. He was breathing normally now. The guardians heard the commotion, and they hurriedly entered inside the playroom. They took Kookie out of his Appa’s hold to check on him.



“Shhh. Are you okay precious?” one of the guardians swayed him from side to side. Hoseok looked at her name tag then he read her name. Her name was Yuna. Yuna seemed to be a new face inside the facility that is why her face was unfamiliar.



Kookie nodded, looking at the guardian with his wide, doe eyes.



“Are you sure Kookie?” she repeated the question. Kookie nodded again then she placed the little down the playmat. She gave some biscuits to Kookie again in which Kookie happily received, thinking that it was his reward.



She ruffled the little’s hair then exited the room, not forgetting to say goodbye to the caregiver and the littles.



Kookie reassured Minnie that it was not his fault and hugged him tightly so that he can calm his brother down because Minnie was showing early signs of panic.



Hoseok supervised them while playing the with the wooden blocks. Hoseok was busy thinking of his lovers if they were able to convince the facility head to let them adopt TaeTae.



His train of thoughts were suddenly stopped when he heard the boys trying to whisper but failed in keeping it a secret because their Appa can clearly hear the boys.


Kookie: I hwope TaeTae can come with us. I hope dwaddies adwopt him also.


Minnie: I hope so


Kookie: Cwan he twake my plwace?


Minnie: I do not want to leave him behind.


Kookie: I do nwot want to go with thwem without TaeTae



Hoseok felt the pain of the two littles while they were having their ‘quiet’ conversation. They really do not want to leave TaeTae alone. Hoseok was hoping that they would get positive results.



His long wait had come to a finale when the three men came out from the office wearing their bright smiles. He assumed that he would hear some good news.



His assumption was correct when Seokjin said that the facility agreed to take TaeTae with them for shopping.



Honestly, the task that they would do was not that tiring. They would just go to the shopping mall with their Littles to bond and to complete the things that were lacking in the little’s rooms. They allotted two rooms for the two Littles. If ever, that there would be a new addition to the family they can renovate the room. They planned to destroy the walls between the two rooms and make it as one. Since the room was very spacious, they can add three beds inside there, build a play pen, set-up a diaper changing table, etc.



Minnie was playing inside the playroom while Kookie was taken back to his room for him to change his soiled clothes from the previous mishap. The caregivers were busy entertaining Jimin who was now playing with the stuff toys and using them as a bed.



Kookie quickly knocked on the door of the playroom, wearing his bright smile. He quickly hugged Minnie, and he said that he missed him. He was now wearing a denim jumper shorts matched with Minnie. His inner shirt was colored pastel yellow with identical patches of carrots. They cooed at the little.



Minnie was wearing pastel blue inner shirt with yellow stripes. The two looked cute and the caregivers cannot resist snapping a photo of the two littles using their phones. Kookie noticed the flash of the camera and did not approve of it then. He whined as a sign of disapproval. The caregivers were surprised by the little’s behavior.



“With TaeTae.” He muttered while chewing the inside of his cheek. The caregivers understood what he meant and quickly reassured him that they will take a picture again with TaeTae.



They were surprised when there was a knock coming from the door. Then, the door swung open revealing the cute Little. He was tear stained and sucking his thumb. His distress was easily recognized by the caregivers. Mina was carrying him while his backpack was placed at her back.



“Sorry, he just had tantrums, but you do not need to worry he is now okay.” Mina apologetically stated while whispering something to TaeTae’s ears. Apparently, the little was sleepy a while ago. The little nodded then smiled brightly at her.



Unlike the two Littles, TaeTae was quite sensitive when meeting other people. He glanced around the playroom, and he saw that there were four men who were inside. He looked for his two older brothers, and he saw who he was looking for quickly.



He wriggled out of the woman’s hold. Mina stopped the little from wriggling his way out, afraid that he would slip from her hold. He placed the little on the floor.



He stood up and walked carefully to his brothers who were more than willing to snuggle to him. His walk was very unstable and out of direction, but he still managed to welcome the warm hugs of his brothers.



The boy has a mop of shiny, brown hair that bounced around as he walked towards the two. His boxy smile was present, his sparkling eyes were focused, and his tall nose scrunched as his brothers hugged him. The little cannot talk as much, and he mostly used only hand signals and facial gestures to his guardians.



He looked at the four men then held the hands of Minnie and Koo tightly, not trusting the men who were watching them.



“TaeTae it’s okay,” Minnie assured him as the youngest’s grip became tighter, “Daddies.” He continued while pointing to the caregivers, smiling warmly towards their daddies.



“Your Daddies?” TaeTae questioned Minnie while looking at him with puppy eyes and Minnie gestured a ‘no’ to him.



“Ours.” Kookie said while smiling.



TaeTae did not look like he comprehended what his brothers had said. Instead, he opted to crawl towards the four men. The caregivers did not know what to do that was why they stayed still, afraid that they might startle the little.



The Little sat on his bottom then sucked his thumb while examining them. The men flashed some of their most awkward smiles to him.



He must learn to control himself from thumb sucking Seokjin thought as he noticed that the Little was still sucking hardly his thumb to soothe himself. He knew that thumb sucking had some negative effects specially for the normal alignment of the teeth.



They were surprised as in seriously surprised when he made grabby hands towards Namjoon, expressing that he wanted to be carried by Namjoon. The caregiver hurriedly obliged to the little’s request. He stood up then picked TaeTae in his arms. The little observed his face and poked in his dimples that were too deep.



“Koo” TaeTae giggled.



“Yes baby, Daddy has dimples similar to Kookie’s” Seokjin said as he got up smoothing the wrinkles of TaeTae’s shirt. The little was wearing a cotton shirt with designs of pawprints of dogs and a denim short. The green shirt seemed to suit him well.



TaeTae rested his nose in the crook of Namjoon’s head, taking in the caregiver’s scent then played with the strings of the tall man’s hoodie.



“Wow, I am so jealous.” Hoseok muttered too loudly.



“He must have saved the whole nation in his past life.” Yoongi huffed.



“Beginner’s luck.” Seokjin bitterly stated.



Namjoon shot a piercing glare to his lovers as he adjusted TaeTae’s position for it to be more comfortable. The little sucked on his thumb again which was removed by Namjoon stating that he should refrain doing it. The little just stared at him with wide eyes. It seemed like he did not understand it.



Kookie interrupted them when he gestured for a camera. Then, they remembered that they promised the little they would take pictures once Tae arrived.



TaeTae was hurriedly placed on the mat and he was supported by Minnie for him not to stumble. Kookie situated himself beside TaeTae. Minnie whispered to Tae’s ear for him to smile at the camera.



The three Littles flashed their brightest smile to the caregivers. After that, TaeTae made grabby hands to Namjoon again then he yawned earning a coo from the remaining caregivers. Seokjin hurriedly rummaged the TaeTae’s backpack which was left on the floor by Mina a while ago to give the group some space.



He saw Tae’s bottle then tried to give it to him. He was so pliant as he latched on the feeding bottle’s nipple then sucked the milk out. He was drowsy. Namjoon was humming a lullaby to make the little fall asleep faster.


The little felt safe on the man’s hold. He did not trust him that much, but he was sure that the man would not harm him. The little started to get drowsy.



Kookie made grabby hands to Yoongi. Yoongi was surprised when he saw the Little tried his best to reach him for him to be carried. He obliged and picked the little up. The Little rested his chin in the caregiver’s shoulder.



Minnie offered his hand to Hoseok. Hoseok was confused whether the Little wants to be carried or not. He understood the situation when Minnie intertwined their fingers then swayed it. Hoseok nodded to the Little realizing that he prefers walking than being carried.



“Off we go.” Seokjin leading the way out of the facility and towards the car. He was assisting his boyfriends as he led the way to the car. He called for their driver who arrived minutes later.



Hoseok and Minnie were sitting on the first row of the seat. Hoseok was rummaging through his backpack to find out he contents of it. He saw a carton of orange juice, a carton of milk, cup, biscuits, extra clothes, a cat stuff toy, blanket, small pillow.



“Minnie you do not use feeding bottles?” Hoseok panicked, thinking that the guardian left the feeding feeding bottle. He started dialing the facility’s number.



“’m big boy.” Jimin replied. Hoseok replied smile widening.



“You are a big boy, huh?” Hoseok replied as he began tickling Minnie’s tummy and armpits.



“No, no, stop please,” Jimin replied while laughing because he was very ticklish in most of the areas, “ I surrwender.” he continued begging while laughing hardly.



TaeTae, who was situated on Namjoon’s lap and Seokjin beside them, tensed and panicked. He thought that the man was hurting his Minnie. He quickly got up from Namjoon’s lap. Fresh tears started flooding all the way down his flushed cheeks when the man did not stop.



“No, hwurt Minnie” was the only thing that the little could say. Namjoon tried to calm him down and sat him again on his lap comfortably.



Seokjin hit Hoseok’s shoulder to warn him. “Seokie, I swear that I would beat your ass later, just wait.” Seokjin warned the red hair. Hoseok replied with his puppy eyes and muttered a sorry to the Minnie who was busy wiping down tears from laughing.



Namjoon was focused on rubbing circles in Tae’s back while Seokjin was busy entertaining him so he could stop crying. Namjoon explained to him that Appa and Minnie were just playing. Eventually, he stopped crying when Minnie said to him that he was okay and that they were just playing. He repositioned himself. He made grabby arms to the other caregiver sitting beside him. Seokjin hurriedly obliged and sat him on his lap. He hummed some calming music to the little’s ears.



With soft whimpers the Little went back to his sleep while sucking his thumb. The caregiver was concerned of the little’s thumb sucking so when he was sure that the little was sleeping, he removed his thumb and replaced it with a pacifier. The pacifier bobbed up and down cutely at the littles mouth and he cannot resist to take a picture of the moment.



Kookie was busy pointing at the window. Yoongi and Koo was sitting on the last row of the seats. He asked Yoongi every object that he saw outside. Yoongi answered his questions intelligently while giving him some of his favorite biscuits. While he was busy scanning the bag of Kookie which contained powdered milk, feeding bottle, straw, cup, blanket, small bunny stuff toy, and small pillow, he noticed a whole plastic of Kookie’s favorite biscuits. He mentally noted that when the little is under their care he would regulate the intake of these biscuits and that he will replace it with fruits.



After minutes of waiting the car stopped signaling that they arrived at the shopping mall.



They quickly got off the car with the Littles who was now full of energy, coming from a quick nap inside the car.



This was quite a long day.

Chapter Text




That was the first emotion that the caregivers had felt when they arrived at the shopping mall. There were many people who were swarming around the mall’s entrance, holding fan banners, gigantic cameras which they recognized some of their fan sites, and flashing cameras. They assumed that some of their ‘fans’ leaked private information again. They sighed as they saw large volume of people, pushing each other in an attempt to be the first person to see the band.



When the fans saw a familiar plate number, cameras started flashing towards the car’s direction. The fans were hoping to get the first glimpse of the new littles. Yoongi inwardly cursed whoever leaked the private information.



Do not get them wrong. They adored their own fans and appreciated their loyalty. But this is too much. They cannot live a normal life where they will be treated as a person.



Yoongi first thought of the littles’ safety since there are people. Too many people and that thought scared him so much. He knew that the littles will be more surprised compared to them. The littles were not used to the crowd, doing anything they can to grab their attention like shouting, screaming etc.



When they got out of their car, the caregivers inwardly cursed, for they were defenseless as the fans grabbed any part of the littles. Their hands, feet, shoulder, and even hair.



Yoongi was shielding Koo from the fans that attempted to grab him. The caregiver earned few scratches from the crowd. Kookie was never fond of large crowds, and he was doing the best that he can to make himself little to hide on his caregiver. He was thrashing around, distress noticeable, and loudly whimpering. Yoongi was feeling sorry as he hushed him to make him calm down. Kookie was trying his best to hold back his tears, afraid to show his vulnerability to the crowd.



But as he noticed that the crowd became thicker, and the screams became louder.



He failed.



He began to sob quietly, as he hid his face in his caregiver’s shoulder, then tears began falling from his cheeks. The caregiver noticed the little was crying when he felt his shirt become damp. He called the attention of the little and removed him from hiding in his shoulder. He was afraid that the little would have a hard time breathing if he continued to hide on his shoulder. His nose started to flash red as his cries became louder. Yoongi was doing the best that he can to distract the little.



“Oh, he is so cute when he cries.” A woman in her early twenties commented while taking a photo of the distressed little.



“I volunteer to be their nanny.” Another commented while giggling at the sight.



Yoongi felt furious, as he heard more murmurs and more whispers, from the crowd. He heard a series of comments, telling that the littles were very fortunate to have them as their dads and how they wished it were them if possible. Some said that they were more than willing to babysit the littles for free.



Minnie was holding Hoseok’s hand tightly, afraid that someone would forcefully grab him and take him away from his Appa. The littles showed his annoyance to the crowd as some hands tried to grab him, touched him harshly, patted his back, pinched his cheeks forcefully, ruffled his hair.



Unlike his two younger brothers, Minnie made sure that he expressed his feelings to the crowd. He was very vocal. The little slapped some of the hands of people who were all over him. It served as a warning to them because the next thing that he would do is to bite their fingers off.



“That’s bad.” The little said to an older lady who was trying to take a hold of his hand. The stranger quickly retracted and felt embarrassed. He asked his Appa to carry him as he got tired of walking. His Appa smiled at him and immediately complied. He kissed the little’s cheek as he whispered a ‘Good job’ in his ears.



The other two caregivers, Seokjin and Namjoon, were having a hard time keeping TaeTae asleep as the crowd became nosier. He was currently sleeping in Seokjin’s arms, but the fans were very curious about the third little. Someone tried to grab the sheet that was covering TaeTae’s body. Namjoon stopped the man as he grasped on the stranger’s arm and looked at him directly with rag in his eyes. The caregiver fixed the little’s blanket and covered him gently.



However, the crowd was not yet satisfied. They were so curious about the last little, for they knew that the family only planned to have two littles. They made all sorts of noises to make TaeTae awake, clapping their hands, screaming at the top of their lungs etc.



“Where are the damn guards?” Namjoon asked their manager who was calling him from the phone. The manager was informed by the whole situation by the driver. Namjoon gritted his teeth as he aggressively pushed his phone’s end call button after hearing their manager’s reply.



TaeTae started to move in Seokjin’s hold.



The two knew that it was there end.



TaeTae woke up from the heat of the blanket that was covering him. He opened his eyes and started blinking, trying to adjust his eyes to the light. He was unaware of his surroundings. The first thing that he saw was handsome looking man whom he recognized as one of his best friends’ soon-to-be daddies. He panicked when he did not see the familiar man. The caregiver with deep dimples.



His stopped panicking when he felt a hand holding his clenched fists. The dimpled man was trying his best in order to distract the little.



The little looked at his surroundings then he saw many people.



His eyes became wide in surprise, and he was shocked when he saw the thick crowd right in front of his eyes. His stomach clenched as bright lights came flashing. He did not know what to do. The handsome man grounded the little with his hold as the dimpled man calmed him down.



Then the little started crying.



The youngest little cried very hard, enough to make his breathing become harder for him. His nose became clogged, his vision blurry. The two caregivers were trying the best that they can to calm Tae down as he was struggling for breath.



“Can you please make some space for our little. Please?” Namjoon requested the crowd, for they were still snapping a picture of the struggling little.


The crowd seemed to listen to Namjoon as they made a space but still snapping a few pictures.



Eventually, guards from the mall arrived and started surrounding the group. They acted like a human barricade and threatened the crowd that tried to break through them. The guards made sure to deliver the message clearly that if the crowd started and tried to cause chaos again, they will be banned from entering the mall.



After a few statements from the guards, the crowd left, glad that they were able to snap some photos of the group with their new littles. The guards quickly apologized to the group, bowing their heads deeply, explaining that they were short from people, and that they were unaware of the situation that is why they took time to respond.



Yoongi dismissed the guards, knowing the situation cannot be undone anymore. The group tried to be more understanding, for they were also at fault since their arrival was unannounced.



Kookie had stopped crying when the crowd left. They handed out his cute, bunny stuff toy to the little. He wriggled out from Yoongi’s hold then he approached TaeTae who was still sobbing. He knew that his younger brother was more scared.



Seokjin and Namjoon sat on a long, metal, uncomfortable chair that was provided by the mall while attempted to make Tae calm down.



“Okay, baby, follow my breathing,” The dimpled man asked the little as the youngest continued sobbing in Seokjin’s hold, “1…2…3…” Namjoon counted as he slowly breathed in air, demonstrating it to the little. Taehyung complied and imitated the caregiver, following the breathing pattern.



Seokjin was bouncing the little on his lap, up and down, to also help the Little calm down. They were interrupted when Kookie approached TaeTae bravely climbed up Namjoon’s legs. Namjoon readjusted the little to make him sit comfortably on his lap.



Jungkook quickly handed out his bunny stuff toy to TaeTae.



“Mr. Bunny dwoes not want you to be swad.” Koo said to his younger brother. The other little surprisingly stopped crying and stared at the Koo who was still offering his bunny stuff toy.



The little grabbed on the toy and smiled at Koo brightly.



“Mr. Bunny will prwotect TaeTae always.” Kookie added as he wiped some of the tears of his brother. TaeTae showed his boxy smile again and started to breathe normally.



The two caregivers exchanged knowing looks to each other. TaeTae was very special to their two littles.



TaeTae slides off Seokjin’s lap, attempting to stand up. Kookie quickly helped him stand on his own as he wriggled to get off Namjoon’s lap. TaeTae was now walking towards Minnie, as Koo assisted him patiently, for his steps were very unsteady.



Minnie noticed them and went to his brothers quickly. They hugged each other tightly.



 “You ‘kay?” TaeTae questioned his oldest brother. Minnie quickly patted his head and proceeded ruffling his hair with his little hands.



“Of cwourse,” He replied as he smiled brightly to his younger brothers.



“I will always protect you my two brothers”



Their hugs were interrupted when the caregivers approached them and separated them, carrying the three Littles. They promised the littles that it was now okay and that it would not happen again.



Then, the caregivers and the littles giggled when they heard Kookie’s stomach grumble, signifying that he was indeed starving. It was past their usual lunch time. Kookie blushed from the sudden interruption. The littles were awed when they saw Yoongi laugh. When they first saw the serious man, they were scared since he had a stern look in his face. His gummy smile appeared.



“Do not worry baby, we will find a place to eat.” Yoongi said to the little he was carrying, pinching his warm cheeks.



“Minnie’s hungry too.” Minnie crossed his arms in front, waiting for attention.



Hoseok pressed his tiny nose and replied the same to the Little he was carrying.



TaeTae was feeling hungry too, but he did not want to complain. He remembered that it was considered very disrespectful for a little to ask for food from their caregivers. He must learn how to wait patiently. That was one of the things he learned from his foster parents. As he remembered the one time he asked for some food since he was very hungry. He did not eat breakfast and lunch already, and his stomach was hurting. When he asked for food from his foster parents, he was reprimanded and was not given dinner also.



Namjoon and Seokjin was waiting for TaeTae to raise his concern also, but after a few minutes have passed the Little remained quiet.



They thought that the little was shy, so they were the one to ask him.



“Does our little TaeTae want to eat also?” The dimpled man asked the little who was hiding in the crook of Seokjin’s neck. Seokjin was sure that the little was also hungry since he can hear the youngest’s stomach grumbling.



“Bwad.” he replied to the dimpled man. The caregivers did not understand what he meant, but eventually started to understand what the little had said, remembering his past family.



These bastards, how dare they teach this to a little, knowing that the little will believe them. The caregivers inwardly cursed, sharing the same brain cell.



Why would anyone deprive their littles for food, really?



Seokjin made the little face him as he tried to maintain eye contact to the Tae.



“Munchkin, it is not bad to ask you caregiver for food, specifically if you are hungry. We will happily give it to you anytime. Food is very important for you and even for us. It will make your body strong and make your stomach really happy.” The handsome man said to Tae while Namjoon was nodding his head to confirm it.



Yoongi had a phone call from their manager while holding Kookie. He reported that the situation was now under control as the manager stated his apology that failed to give the establishment a heads up regarding the visit. Yoongi dismissed the apology and muttered that they were alright and none of them was hurt, some few scratches. Yoongi wished that there would be no ‘fans’ that will follow them. The manager quickly assured the man that they can have their peaceful stroll inside the mall as the crowd was banned from entering the mall.



TaeTae nodded to the two men as he exchanged sad glances to Minnie. It was his first-time hearing words like that. Back in the facility, Tae only waited for his guardians to feed him even though they were sometimes late, sometimes the meal portion was not enough for him, or they were so fast feeding him to a point that he sometimes did not chew the food anymore and choke.



It was all because he will be considered rude and he will not be a good boy like Minnie and Kookie. He always wanted to be a good boy.



Hoseok recommended that they should eat in a restaurant which were serving they meals suitable for the littles. Since he suggested it, he tried to search through the Internet for some recommendation. As he was scrolling through various website, he found the perfect restaurant.



“Guys let us try eating in Bangtan.” The man said as he continued reading some of the reviews online. Seokjin accepted the recommendation, trusting Hoseok, and searched for the directions. Since Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon were currently carrying the Littles, he was the one in-charge of the directions.



After a few minutes of being lost, Seokjin successfully found the restaurant. The caregivers were having a hard time carrying the Littles and their arms were starting to ache.



I must start working out. Yoongi thought as he was readjusting Koo in his arms. The little was immersed on staring at the flashy paintings in the restaurant’s walls.



Seokjin talked to the server and asked if there were available seats. Luckily, there were vacant seats because they went to the restaurant during late lunch. They were ushered in a 6-seater table and Seokjin asked for the menu and two highchairs for the younger littles.



After a few minutes, the highchairs were given to them. It had two holes in front for the little’s legs to put in and a belt to make it more secure. There was also a plastic table in front of it and a cushioned seat. Kookie and TaeTae was placed on the chair. TaeTae was seating between Namjoon and Seokjin. Yoongi and Hoseok was seating on the opposite heads of the table. Minnie and Kookie were sitting beside of each other, in front of Seokjin and Namjoon. The caregivers placed a bib to their Littles so that their clothes would not get dirty. Minnie was insisting that he can seat on an ordinary chair that was why Hoseok was very focused keeping an eye on him as he might fall from the chair.



Kookie was nibbling some of his biscuits again. Yoongi reminded him that they will eat soon and that he might get full before eating if he continued munching some biscuits. The little agreed that he may get full, so he offered his remaining three biscuits to Yoongi. The caregiver accepted it and stuffed it all on his mouth, and he earned a cute bunny smile from Kookie.



When the menu was given to them, Namjoon ordered what the group wanted. Honey-glazed chicken, plain fried chicken, japchae, cold noodles etc.



For the Littles they ordered something that they wanted, Minnie asked for spaghetti with meatballs and chicken sandwich and Kookie asked for hamburger and fries. TaeTae was hesitant in ordering his food, so Seokjin and Namjoon urged him to get anything he wanted.



“Stwabewwy please.” The little muttered while his eyes were staring down the floor because he was so shy to give the caregivers his answer. Namjoon nodded as he said it to the server



“Anything else?”






Seokjin did not agree because he knows that TaeTae’s hunger will not be satisfied only by fruits and that he might get an upset stomach afterwards.



“TaeTae’s tummy will get angry if he will only eat fruits.” The handsome man scared the little. The little just continued to stare on the floor. They were so concerned. But Minnie came to the rescue, feeling that he needs to help his best friend.



“TaeTae’s favorite is black bean noodles!” Minnie excitedly said to Namjoon. The caregiver nodded and ordered it for him, “and kimbap” the little added.



Namjoon also ordered it, and TaeTae looked very betrayed by his best friend. Minnie just giggled in return and stuck out his tongue to Tae.



Kookie tried to comfort his little brother almost in front of him. “Tae do not be shwy, our daddies are your daddies too.” he added while playing with the training chopsticks that was earlier given to him by Yoongi. TaeTae felt helpless and looked at his older brother. He flashed his boxy smile to the group and the two caregivers cannot handle it. They pinched his bread cheeks.



After a few minutes, their food was served. Minnie quickly dived into his food as he independently ate while Kookie was trying his hard to pick up the small pieces of his sliced hamburgers and fries with his training chopsticks. Yoongi was watching Koo as the caregiver ate. TaeTae just stared at the noodles not knowing what to do since he could not grip the training chopsticks which was given to him by the dimpled man. Namjoon noticed the struggling little and put aside his food. The caregiver placed Tae’s bowl in front of him, twisting some noodles with his chopsticks.



He started with small portions because he might upset the little’s stomach. Tae pliantly received the food that was offered to him, knowing that he cannot eat the food without caregiver’s help.



When he was finished Namjoon gave him the plate of thinly sliced strawberries in which he grabbed quickly, putting the fruit inside his mouth one by one. Namjoon finished eating his food while Tae was busy with his fruits. He caught the attention of Namjoon by grabbing his hands and tried to offer him strawberries in which Namjoon gladly accepted. Seokjin was busy scrolling through their list, the items that were needed to be bought, and his attention was caught when Tae offered him the precious strawberry. Seokjin quickly put down his phone and got Tae out of his seat and situated him in his lap. Tae grabbed some strawberries and offered it to Yoongi who was busy feeding french fries to Kookie. Kookie opened his mouth as Tae shoved a strawberry in his mouth with the help of Seokjin. The handsome man transferred him to dimpled man, knowing his plan. The little proceeded giving Hoseok strawberries in which Hoseok happily received, muttering his ‘thank you’. Jimin’s hand was ready to receive the fruit from Tae. The youngest gave it to him, it was biggest piece of strawberry that he saw on his plate, in which Minnie happily ate. Seokjin and Namjoon smiled brightly at the precious little.



They knew from their hearts that they needed TaeTae to be a part of their family. This precious boy deserved the world. He was a strong fighter even though he had a dark past, in which they had a glimpse of, he did not fail to give joy to other people unconditionally.


Chapter Text

They had settled the bill quickly after finishing their food. Seokjin ran through the things-to-buy list with his fellow caregivers, items like mattress, groceries, clothes, etc.



The littles came out the restaurant with a happy stomach. And what comes second after eating? You guessed it right. Sleeping. The littles snuggled closer to their caregivers as they yawned. Their eyes started water as they fought the urge to sleep.



The caregiver decided to find a place where the three littles could rest comfortably. Luckily, after a few minutes of strolling, they found a sleeping area made for the sleepy littles. They did not hesitate to leave their littles there.



They checked-in their things inside a locker and their littles. They paid an extra to make the three littles stay in one room with a guardian that would look after them while they slept. The room was modest with three cribs. The light was dim, only a lamp on a bedside table was the only source of light and also the glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers attached on the ceiling.



The caregivers reminded the front desk that they will check on their littles by hour and to look after their littles well.



They left the area with a worry plastered to their face, wishing that none of the littles would wake up without them by them by their side.



Shopping time.


Shopping time had never been this hard for the group in the past, for they preferred ordering online, but when they were shopping for some littles’ supply, they made sure that they were the ones who handpicked them since the actual may be different from the picture posted online.



In the past, they did not care about the brand, color, size, or price. They shopped for items that first caught their attention. But this was different.



And yes, they were now having a mental breakdown. When they entered the enormous department store, they were greeted by many salesladies, offering their products. They went first to the little’s section that offered wide variety of products to choose from, differing from price, brand, color, etc.  Hoseok knew that this will end up in an argument, fighting whose choice will be obeyed.



They ended up holding a small meeting in a long, cushioned bench inside the mall, discussing on how they would make shopping easier. Seokjin decided to divide the checklist into four separate sheets for the four caregivers.



“Any more suggestions on how we will make shopping easier?” Seokjin questioned the group while handing out the checklist to them. They decided to play rock-paper-scissors to designate who will choose first.



“How about we buy things only from one brand so that we will not have a hard time finding the products?” Namjoon suggested, he growled when he saw the sheet that he picked, groceries. Seokjin nodded and acknowledged his suggestion.



“But what brand?” The other questioned. Namjoon did not think about that.



“Can we just choose the most expensive brand that we can see? It usually works.” Yoongi suggested. Back in the time, Yoongi chose the products which were the most expensive, thinking that it was made from good quality.



“But the expensive ones do not guarantee that the products are high quality sometimes you are just paying for the brand name.” Hoseok argued. Hoseok was the most practical one in the group. He did not believe that expensive ones were the best since the item that he just bought a few months ago broke only a few days after its delivery.



Seokjin also agreed to Hoseok’s statement, for he was also a victim of it.



“How about we just choose from a variety of brands and not settle from one brand only? We can save more money in that way.” Hoseok suggested the group while he searched for some brand recommendations on social media.



“I agree,” Namjoon nodded, “also, can we assign a designated color for each little so that their stuff would not mix with each other?” he added.



“I agree.” Yoongi second the motion. It would be a lot easier to remember and to avoid mixing up.



“Okay, let us choose yellow items for Minnie,” Hoseok smiled, “he said that his favorite color was yellow, a while ago. I think yellow suited him the best.”



“Okay then, let us choose blue items for Kookie. I saw on his personal information that he loves color blue because it reminds him of the water,” Yoongi muttered.“



“How about TaeTae? We are not yet sure about him being adopted?” Hoseok said to the group. That thought made him sad.



“Well, if ever he would not be adopted by us the, items can still be used in his shared room with Koo,” The eldest caregiver muttered, “and do not worry about it too much. I know that we will be able to get him.” He cheered up the group.



There was nothing wrong in staying positive, right? And besides, in the small span of time that they had bonded with the little, they knew that the little was meant for their family.



“I suggest for color purple.” Namjoon said while reading through the grocery list. I think that it was his favorite color.



“Then it is settled.” Seokjin dismissed their meeting and the group parted ways.




Hoseok was happily skipping through the halls of the mall, as he dialed the front desk of the sleeping area where the littles were staying. The first hour mark had passed, and he was the first caregiver to check on their babies that was also determined with the game of rock-paper-scissors.



In no time, the phone was passed to the guardian, named Chan, who was looking after them. According to him, the littles were still sleeping, but the little who was placed in the middle was whimpering, having a bad dream. Luckily, the little did not wake up but to make sure the guardian turned on some lullabies to ease the little.



Hoseok was sure that Tae was positioned in the middle that is why he almost ran to the mall’s sleeping area. But his attention was caught by a cute boutique, selling clothes and other cute items for littles. His attention was fixed on some cute onesies. He did not think twice and bought it with matching sterile pacifiers, and he bought an adorable stuff toy for Minnie, knowing that the Little does not use pacifiers anymore.



In a couple of minutes, he arrived the sleeping area. He quickly entered the room were their littles were located. The guardian voluntarily dismissed himself, knowing that the caregiver needed some privacy.


The first thing that he noticed was Kookie and TaeTae were sucking in their thumbs. He removed Kookie’s thumb and replaced by the newly-bought, carrot—shaped, orange pacifier. He also attempted to remove Tae’s thumb, but he failed, for the little returned his thumb back in his mouth. He tried again and succeeded that earned a pout from Tae. Hoseok replaced his thumb with a newly--bought, bone-shaped pacifier. He also placed the small stuff toy he bought for Minnie beside the little.



The caregiver’s smile quickly faded when the little started to move from his crib, turning to each side, finding a comfortable position. The caregiver tried to put him back to sleep but failed.



Yes, Tae woke up. The caregiver sighed as the Little tried adjusting his eyes from the darkness, full attention on the glow-in-the dark solar system on the ceiling. And it hit him, there was no one beside him. Well, Kookie was always beside him in his sleep, and Minnie also when they were lucky. He tried looking for them, but there was a curtain blocking his sight.



He started whimpering loudly, but he was shushed by the cheerful man, Minnie and Koo’s Appa.  The man turned on the lamp located in the far left of Tae’s crib. The little immediately stopped whimpering when he saw a heart-shaped smile. The man carried him outside the crib.



“’dy?” Tae questioned, alert but still groggy from his sleep.



“No Munchkin, I am Appa.” Hoseok answered Tae while he was swaying the little softly in his arms.



“Appa?” Tae repeated with wide eyes. Hoseok chuckled and nodded, ruffling the little’s hair.



Hoseok felt a patch of liquid from the little’s bottom as they sat down on a rocking chair. He quickly checked Tae’s shorts and crib. Yes, the tittle has wet himself during his sleep. It seemed like his diaper was already full that was why the liquid was able to spill out of his diaper and into his clothes. The little was still unbothered, still feeling sleepy.



The caregiver lifted the little first, startling him then proceeded to their assigned lockers to look for a clean set of diapers, wet wipes, and powder. The caregiver also informed Chan to change the sheets.



He settled the little on a table inside their assigned room. He carefully positioned Tae on the table so that he would get comfortable.



The little was still confused then he started to process what Hoseok will do to him.





No, he cannot let the caregiver change him. He will see.



He started struggling to get out of the changing table. He almost slipped off Hoseok’s hold, but to no avail his Appa gripped him.



“Munchkin, I will just change your diaper. No need to worry. It is okay,” His Appa calmly said while trying to make the Tae more relaxed, “we do not want some itchy rashes on your bottoms, right?” The caregiver tried to convince him, but also failed as the youngest continued squirming out from his hold.



Tae started silently started to cry and fresh tears slid down his puffy face. He did not fully trust ‘Appa’ yet. Not yet.



“Want Daddy.” The little begged the caregiver. Hoseok quickly understood what the little had meant. He wanted Joonie. He quickly dialed Namjoon’s number.



Back inside the grocery, the other caregiver was busy distracting himself by looking at different products in the aisle he was stuck into. The line inside the grocery was very long. That was why he hates doing groceries. He felt his phone buzzed from his pocket. Namjoon was confused since it was Hobi, according to the caller’s ID.



“Joonie, we got an emergency.” Hoseok muttered calmly. Namjoon panicked when he heard the word emergency even though he did not know what the problem was.



“Our precious TaeTae had wet himself from his sleep. He only wants you to change him.” Hoseok explained to the other. Namjoon heard a whimpering sound on the other line, confirming the problem. Namjoon was considered leaving his groceries behind, but he knew that was not the ideal solution. He almost spent half an hour in line.



“Hobi, I cannot leave these groceries.” Namjoon regretfully answered.



Then, he thought of a plan. He wished that it would work. “Can you pass the phone to Tae? Hang up this audio call and switch to video call” Hoseok quickly understood his plan and complied.



Hoseok called the number again but his time, it was video call. Namjoon noticed that Tae was still on the changing table, flat on his back. The Little felt worse. He was being a nuisance to his best friends’ caregivers.



Stupid TaeTae he inwardly thought.



He wants ‘Daddy’ to change his diapers because he was the only person, he trusted the most. His thoughts were disrupted when he heard his Daddy’s calming voice.



“Munchkin, how are you?” His Daddy asked him while showing his dimpled smile on the camera. The little was sure that he was inside the grocery since there were many people and food. The little wiped his tears with the help of his Appa.



“Not good.” The little answered.



“Listen Muchkin, Daddy is very busy right now. Very, very, very busy.  I am so sorry precious.” His daddy apologetically said.



“Can your Appa change you? I promise Appa is very good at changing diapers even better than me.” His Daddy said to the little.



“No wanna. Want Daddy” The Little replied, still wanting his Daddy. The little started to whimper again. Honestly, Namjoon’s heart was breaking.



“Munchkin, can you listen to Daddy? Appa is as trustworthy as Daddy. He is a very nice guy. Please stop crying.” His daddy said.



“Tell Daddy later if he hurt you. I will be the one to hurt him one hundred times more.”



The little stopped whimpering and started to laugh as his Appa looked at the camera dramatically, like being stabbed in the heart. Tae nodded to his Daddy’s request, thinking that his Appa was also a good person.



Hoseok was amazed by Joonie’s way of convincing the Little. He should learn to convince too. He smiled as he repositioned the little.



“Be brave and good for Daddy, Munchkin. I love you. See you later.” Namjoon muttered while smiling on the camera then he waved goodbye, feeling accomplished.



Hoseok started tying some soft straps in Tae’s body to secure him, if ever he moves, preventing an accidental fall. Hoseok smiled to the Little and assured him that he will be careful and gentle.



The Little’s face was still unsure, but he still nodded to Appa. Hoseok stated tear the side of his diaper. Luckily, the facility made sure that the littles wore an easy pull up pants. It was easier to remove the diaper. Tae whimpered as cold air met his bare skin.



Hoseok felt the distress of the little and whispered reassurances to him to make the atmosphere lighter and distract the little who was feeling very vulnerable. He lifted both legs so that he can remove the diaper entirely. Tae had never been this kind of vulnerable and exposed to other people except his guardians in the facility. He hid his face in his hands that earned a light chuckle from the caregiver. Hoseok knew that Tae’s reaction was just normal because he still did not trust him.




“What is my little sunshine doing, why is he hiding his gorgeous face?” Hoseok teased Tae, trying to distract him. TaeTae questioningly removed the hands from his face, checking his Appa who was grinning.



“Oh, there he is. I thought he was gone” His Appa said to him while cleaning him up with wet wipes. The little shuddered when the wet wipes rubbed his skin.



“Munchkin, can you turn to the side? I will just put powder.” The caregiver instructed him.



Not there. The little refused, concerned.



 He refused to follow the caregiver’s instruction. Hoseok was quite surprised when he did not comply immediately.


No, it cannot be, not this pure soul. The caregiver thought. He was furious taking in the idea. Not his pure baby.



“It is okay, Little one. Appa cannot see it because the room is very dark now.” The caregiver assured the little.  He knew that he was lying to himself since the lamp was enough for him to see. The little turned to his side slowly. I am sorry baby I lied to you.



Hoseok was not mistaken from what he thought. He saw few scars on Tae’s bottom, an indicator of abuse. He was on the verge of tears, but he tried to hold it. He quickly put on some powder then fixed the Little’s diaper.



“There you go, you are finished.” His Appa informed the little.



The caregiver carried Tae out of the changing table to change his clothes also. He saw a more healing scars in Tae’s back. He just acted as if he did not see it. He dressed Tae with the cute onesie he recently bought. It fit him perfectly? Well, a little bit big, but it was alright. It was a cute puppy onesie with a hood designed with puppy ears. He was awarded by Tae’s boxy grin and a surprising kiss on the cheek. Hoseok hugged the Little tightly.



“Look like Tannie.” Tae muttered to him while busy checking out himself in a mirror.



“Yes baby, you look like Tannie.” The caregiver smiled at him.



He was busy giving the Little some biscuits to eat while the little was showing his adorable, happy dance. The other two Littles started to move from their cribs. He knew that the two would up any minute from now.



And he was right.



“Appa!” the two screamed in unison as they were getting out of the crib.

Chapter Text




A few minutes ago, he was busy consoling Tae, and now he was busy watching over the three active littles. He was beyond exhausted. As he heard another argument between the three littles on who will get to play first in the swing since the caregiver can only push one little at a time.



As soon as the littles woke up, they clung to their Appa, inviting him to play. Hoseok used his remaining strength to balance the two littles who were clinging on each of his legs while he carried Tae on his arms. He suggested for them to play in the play area since the caregiver did not want to disturb the other littles who were sleeping. The sleeping area was connected to the play area.



The play area was enormous. Almost all of the fun activities that a little would wish for was there. The area was complete with slides, swings, see-saws, carousels, etc. The flooring was rubbered, and the littles needed to wear socks for hygienic purposes.


At first, the two older littles did not know where to play first. They had separated their ways, one heading towards the slides, the other heading towards the monkey bars, leaving a confused Tae on the floor. The little was picked up by their caregiver and sat on a chair.



“Baby, do you wanna play with you brothers?” His Appa suggested while ruffling his hair. The little immediately nodded.



“Minnie, Koo! TaeTae wants to play.” The caregiver called the attention of the two littles who were immersed in their own world. The two littles looked and waved back to their Appa, not minding the caregiver’s statement.


“Want Koo.” Tae slid off the chair and attempted to crawl towards the monkey bars. The caregiver quickly carried him, afraid that the little would get hurt there.



“Not so fast Munchkin, you might get hurt there.” His Appa reminded him while pressing his cute nose gently. The little pouted to the caregiver and crossed his arms. The caregiver chuckled and kissed his bread cheeks. They were interrupted by a yell from Minnie.



“Appa, TaeTae, look!” the little, who was on the top of the slide, muttered. The caregiver waved his hand and cheered together with Tae. Minnie slid successfully landed on his bottom. He proudly returned to his amazed little brother.



“Did you see me TaeTae?” Minnie bragged.



The youngest little nodded happily, earning a giggle from Minnie.



“TaeTae wants.” The little muttered, pout visible in his face. His oldest brother chuckled and ruffled his hair.



“Appa can TaeTae go with me?” Minnie asked for the approval of the caregiver to be sure. He knew that Tae cannot go with him, but nothing will be lost with trying.



“Minnie, I am so sorry baby, your little brother still cannot ride on the slide, he is too little to ride. Maybe next time precious.” The caregiver sadly said to Minnie while readjusting the little in his arms. Minnie understood what his Appa said and nodded.



“Trampoline?” Minnie suggested while scanning around the area, hoping that he can find other activities where the youngest can join too.



Hoseok approved Minnie’ s suggestion, earning him a bright smile from the two littles.



When they entered the netted trampoline, they quickly invited Koo who was busy playing in the slide. Koo immediately abandoned the slide and approached the big trampoline. The littles were patiently waiting for the other, making room for Koo.



“Babies be careful not to step nor jump on each other.” The caregiver reminded his babies, afraid that they would stumble on each other.



The littles agreed and started jumping on the trampoline, making adorable and wacky poses while they were in the air. Hoseok made sure that he captured every moment with a camera. He was outside the trampoline to give more space to the excited littles.



Hoseok: They really fit in with each other

He hurriedly sent the recent picture he caught in their group chat. The fellow caregivers seen the picture and replied quickly.


Namjoon: Awww! So cute! How I wish the grocery line will come to an end.


Yoongi: Yah! Hobi your time is up! I am now the one in charge of the Littles.


Seokjin: Our babies are very cute uwu.


Hoseok turned off his phone and continued watching over the Littles. He was expecting Yoongi to come any minute from now since his one hour had finished.



“Appa, thirsty.” Minnie approached the caregiver while wiping his sweat on his forehead, exhausted from playing with his brothers. Hoseok called for the previous guardian assigned to them to watch the littles temporarily as he fetched some drinks.



When the guardian arrived, the caregiver swiftly went out the area.  He entered the nearest food store. He got three bottles of water and three small cups of orange, banana, and strawberry smoothie.



He quickly grabbed on some fresh towels inside the locker for the littles, as he entered.



When he entered the play area, he was greeted by the three Little seating on the stools and table. According to them, Mr. Chan instructed them to take a seat and wait patiently for their caregiver.



Minnie was smiling to the caregiver when he saw the bottled water while his small arms acted like a support for Tae’s back. Koo was sulking beside Tae, for he thought that playtime was over. Hoseok flicked Koo’s chin teasingly and handed him water. He gave the other bottle to Minnie. Tae received his last, for the caregiver transferred the fluid in his feeding bottle first.



When the littles’ thirst was quenched, their Appa presented his surprise, the juices he bought. Of course, Minnie was the first one to choose since he was the eldest. Obviously, he grabbed the orange smoothie. Kookie was next and chose the strawberry smoothie. Tae, hesitantly, picked the banana smoothie that was left. Hoseok was surprised when Minnie suddenly hit Kookie with his free hand, not too hard, on the back that earned an annoyed glare from the other.



Hoseok immediately mediated the situation and separated the two. He started by asking Minnie why he had hit Kookie.



“TaeTae is not supposed to eat banana,” Minnie huffed while exchanging the drinks of his younger brothers, “He gets an itchy.” He added as he successfully exchanged the two drinks. Hoseok nodded and understood what the Little had meant.



“But Minnie that is bad. Please, next time it happens, ask Kookie nicely. Okay?” the caregiver smiled. Minnie nodded and caught the attention of a surprised Koo.



“’m sorry.” Minnie mumbled to his younger brother. Koo pouted then smiled brightly to the other. Then they hugged each other.



“Sorry too.”




“Tae you get the stwabewwy.” Koo instructed Tae. Even though Minnie had switched their smoothies, the other Little did not touch it. He knew that Kookie also loved strawberries. He was willing to give up drinking smoothie for the sake of Kookie. The youngest got an idea.



“Shware?” The little said while he was removing the lid at the top of the cup. Kookie was surprised by the other Little’s offer. Then, he quickly nodded to the other’s idea.



“Really?” He said while handing Tae his, now, empty bottle with a straw. Hoseok smiled and assisted Tae in pouring the smoothie over Koo’s cup.



They were interrupted when a grey-haired, serious man entered the play area and greeted their Appa with a kiss in the cheek.



“Hi babe, get out of here. It is my time to watch over the babies.” Yoongi passive aggressively muttered to the other caregiver.



Hoseok approached the Littles who seemed like having a cute discussion over their cups of smoothies.



“Excuse me babies, your Papa will be the one who will watch over you make sure not to misbehave.” Their Appa winked while carrying the three littles out of their seats. The littles seemed sad of the announcement, understanding that their Appa will leave them. They tightly hugged and gave a bunch of kisses to their Appa and waved goodbye.




Yoongi was smiling like an idiot.


Yoongi was busy watching the Littles playing. Actually, it was easier to watch over them then do shopping. The littles agreed to play only one area which made life easier for Yoongi. He was only busy taking pictures of the three. One picture every minute. The littles posing for the camera.



“With Papa too.” Minnie muttered while collecting his little brothers’ hands so that they can approach their Papa.



In a blink of a second, the three littles were gathered in the table where the caregiver was sitting. To his surprise, Tae positioned himself in the caregiver’s lap. Yoongi wrapped an arm around his waist and readjusted him on his lap. Minnie and Kookie hugged him from each side. Then, he snapped a picture.



“One mwore.” Koo said while trying a different pose for the camera.



Yoongi was busy fixing the lens of his camera. “Certainly…” the caregiver agreed, “1… 2…” he counted so that the littles will look on the camera. Before muttering the word three, he was surprised when the littles kissed him on the cheeks. Koo and Tae kissed his right cheek and Minnie kissed his left cheek. Luckily, he caught the precious moment on the camera.



“Pway.” Tae said when Yoongi was finished. His brothers quickly held his both hands to assist him in walking. They had agreed to play inside the colorful ball pit.



About half an hour already passed and the allotted time for their stay was finished. Yoongi contacted the caregivers to ask for some opinion if they would choose to extend the time there or not. The caregivers refused to let the littles stay longer since they will surely face some grumpy and irritable littles. Hoseok suggested for Yoongi to bring the Littles inside the department store so that they could choose whatever items they needed or wanted. Yoongi agreed to that idea, thinking that it was easy to handle the Littles.



But he was damn wrong.



He took out the bags out of the lockers and put each on the Littles’ back.



“Okay babies, I want you to listen to Papa,” Yoongi instructed the littles, “we will go inside the department store.” The caregiver announced. The littles were beyond ecstatic. The department store was where toys came from.



“But I want you to stay together, hold Papa’s hands and do not let go. There would be many people in there so you might get lost.” Yoongi continued, explaining that it was very important not to let go of each other’s hands, and it will make his life easier.



“Papa, hweavy.” Tae complained while adjusting the straps of his bag. Minnie quickly offered his help an suggested to let him carry the bag since he understood that the youngest had the heaviest bag.



“Papa will carry it.” Their Papa said to Tae while removing the bag from the little’s bac, earning him a big, boxy smile from the little.



“Twank you.” The little muttered while linking hands with his Minnie.



Kookie quickly took his Papa’s right hand while Minnie took the left side. The caregiver was unsure whether he would trust Tae of not letting go of Minnie’s hand. He watched the two littles, enjoying holding each other’s hands, swinging their linked arms, and giggling softly. Yoongi decided not to ruin the moment. He just needed take an extra attention to the two littles.



After a couple of minutes of walking through the mall, Kookie spotted a cute stuff toy that caught his attention. He quickly loosened his hands from Yoongi’s hold in which the caregiver noticed so he led the two other Littles to the diretction Koo was taking.



Kookie’s face stuck on the mirror, literally aweing over a toy in which the two other littles imitated, pointing over the toys.



There were large-sized stuff toys. A cat, puppy, and bunny, having a tea party at a table. The babies were giving him the best puppy look for them to enter the store and check on the stuffies closer.



Of course, Yoongi cannot resist their cuteness so they entered the store, knowing that after exiting the store, the three littles will be carrying giant stuff toys.



Well, yeah. He was smitten by their babies. So, without hesitation, he bought the stuff toys for them and gave it to them. Minnie picked up the calico cat, Kookie picked up the blue bunny, and Tae picked up the cute puppy.



He snapped a photo of the Littles holding the stuff toys and then sent it to the group chat



Seokjin: Don’t tell me

Yoongi: Yes


Seokjin: YOONGI!!!


Seokjin: Oh my god. Seriously? 


Namjoon: WHIPPED. The physical embodiment of being whipped.


Hoseok: Wow! You already spoilt them.


Yoongi: As they should be.


Hoseok: Wow, so jealous of our littles. I wish Yoongi would spoil me too.  ­



He picked up Tae in his arms to make it faster for the group to walk while he instructed the other two littles to grab on his shirt.



“Yoongles!” Hoseok greeted them while hugging the Littles whose faces were not seen because of the large stuff toys they were carrying.



“Do not call me that other people might hear it.” Yoongi gritted to the other, annoyed by his nickname.



“No fwight.” Tae stopped the caregivers, not knowing that the caregivers were just joking. The caregivers ruffled his hair and said to him that they were not arguing with each other, assuring that they just loved annoying each other.




They walked through many aisles, searching for clothes which will spark the Little’s interest. They deposited the three large toys to a baggage counter so that it will be easier for them to shop.



The littles were excited scanning the aisles with the two caregivers’ supervision, putting in many items in their carts. The caregivers were busy watching over them, enjoying the sight.



Imagining that this would be the usual scenario in their family soon.

Chapter Text

“It looks gweat on you Minnie.” Kookie praised his brother who was currently trying on an oversized yellow hoodie. Minnie immediately smiled to his little brother for the compliment he received and added the piece of clothing on his assigned cart.



“Kookie mwatch with Minnie?” The little muttered questioningly while trying to look for the same hoodie Minnie had. He successfully found the same clothing after minutes of bothering his older brother, rummaging through the different clothes rack. He picked a blue color which was his favorite color.



Koo spotted a purple hoodie of the exact same design. He got the clothing and put it on his assigned cart, “TaeTae also.” The little smiled, imagining how they will look cute with matching outfits.



Contrary to the two Littles, TaeTae was just looking and touching clothes that he thought looked cute. He did not want to burden his brothers’ caregivers and settled on appreciating the designs and fabrics. He watched as his brothers try on some of the clothes that they had picked. Yoongi and Hoseok noticed that the Tae’s cart contained only few clothes, handpicked by the caregivers earlier.



“TaeTae, why are you not picking some clothes that you want?” His Papa questioned the little who looked surprise at the caregiver’s remark. Hoseok carried the little back in his arms and agreed to Yoongi.



“Why are you only touching it?” The caregiver questioned the little who hid his head on his chest, refusing to answer him.



“This will look great on you.” Yoongi muttered as he picked the shirt Tae had lain his eyes to a while ago. It was a simple, printed green shirt.



“Minnie and Kookie are your only bwabies.” Tae said while nuzzling his face deeper on the caregiver’s chest, “TaeTae nwot.” He argued. The caregiver noticed some tears were staining Hoseok’s shirt. They rubbed the little’s back, soothing him.



TaeTae felt loved even for a short while of bonding with his brothers’ caregivers. He was too afraid that if he became too attached to the caregivers, he would just hurt himself. He knew that the caregivers did not belong to him. He was so ashamed of himself because he tagged along with the group, knowing that he was a burden. It was supposed to be the caregivers’ bonding time with Minnie and Kookie and not a bonding time with Minnie, Kookie, and Tae.



He felt very bad. He was starting to love his brother’s family, hoping that could stay permanently in their arms. But no. It was just temporary.



He continued to cry to the caregiver’s arms. His Appa shushed him and started swaying him side to side. The little continued to cry for a few more minutes until Tae heard a grunting sound coming from the caregiver.



“Ouch!” The caregiver muttered while rubbing on his shin with one hand while his other hand consoled Tae.


“You made TaeTae cwy,” Kookie crossed his arms in front of him and proceeded helping Tae get out of Appa’s hold, “Bwad Appa.” The little pouted. Minnie carried Tae in his arms. Even though Minnie was the shortest in the group, Tae was the lightest one in the group. Minnie was used in carrying his brothers in his arms.



Hoseok was mesmerized to see the littles became overprotective of their little brother. Tae tried to stop his brothers, but as he was explaining, he was shushed by Minnie. Minnie stopped him, saying that he did not need to explain the situation because they clearly ‘understood’ it.



“I will tell you to Daddy.” Minnie threatened their caregivers who were trying to hold back their laughter. They were interrupted with a sound of throat clearing, it was Seokjin and Namjoon who were observing them. Seokjin was alarmed, when he realized, that Minnie was carrying Tae. The caregiver immediately took the little out of Minnie’s hold.



Kookie immediately approached his Dada and Daddy to tell them what Papa and Appa did to their beloved little brother.



“Papa and Appa mwade Tae cwy. I saw it when Appa carried Tae, Tae cwied, and Papa swaid asked him swomething which mwade TaeTae cwy again.” Koo explained to his caregivers while Minnie agreed to his brother.



The two ‘guilty’ caregivers were trying to hold back their laughter, adoring the cute reactions of the two littles. Seokjin instructed Tae to go with his brothers for a serious talk with the other caregivers. Tae was having a second thought but eventually followed. He made his way to his brothers who were throwing deathly glares over their Papa and Appa.



The two caregivers explained to the other two caregivers what really happened. Seokjin and Namjoon were trying their best not to laugh also. Seokjin maintained his not-so straight face as he instructed Yoongi and Hoseok to continue shopping for the missing items on the list.



“By the way, why were you two so late? I know that Joonie finished his grocery shopping an hour ago and also you.” Yoongi questioned the two who were smiling mischievously at each other. Seokjin and Namjoon blushed, tension present in the air, finding a way to escape the situation.



“Well... uhm...we…” Namjoon could not find a proper excuse, looking at Seokjin for help.



“We took care of some important matters.” Seokjin explained while his face flushed red.



“Oh my god. Do not tell us.” The two muttered in unison, starting to blush also.



“Shut it.” Seokjin dismissed the two caregivers and proceeded approaching the three Littles who was busy distracting Tae, kissing his bread cheeks repeatedly. The two caregivers started the conversation by explaining to Minnie and Koo that their Papa and Appa did not hurt Tae in fact they were just helping Tae. The two felt sorry and realized that they owed the caregivers an apology.



“Little Munchkin why did you feel sad?” Their Daddy questioned the youngest who was now adjusting himself to sit comfortably on his Daddy’s lap.



“I am botherswome,” The little explained while his eyes landed on the floor, playing with his fingers, “Not my fwamily.” Tae said sadly.


“I am not your fwamily.” Tae repeated while holding back his tears. The two littles comforted their little brother by hugging him and kissing his cheeks.



“TaeTae fwamily.” Koo reassured him as he hugged his little brother.



“Do not say bad things.” Minnie said to Tae as kissed his cheek.



“Tae listen to me. You will also be a part of our family. We will make sure of it. We will adopt Minnie, Kookie, and TaeTae” Their Dada replied pressing their cute noses as he mentioned their names.



“And TaeTae do not feel like you are bothersome to us because you are not. You will never be. We love you, and we will make sure that our future babies will have the best life ever.” His Daddy said to him.



After a few more hours of shopping, they had finished.



They were extremely exhausted, tired of the long hours of strolling. They agreed on eating dinner before returning the littles to the facility. The littles did not want to eat anymore, so the caregivers gave them their milk.



The caregivers ate as fast as they could to settle the littles more comfortably inside the car. The littles started drifting away from sleep. Yoongi called their driver.



The driver arrived just in time and the things they had bought were settled inside. The enormous stuff toys were placed beside the littles who were latching on their milk. Minnie was the first one to fall asleep, and Hoseok quickly adjusted the middle seats. Their car was customized. The middle seats can be folded and become a large bed. He quickly placed Minnie on the bed. Kookie was second to fall asleep and he was placed on the side of Minnie. The two looked peaceful in each other’s arms. TaeTae was the last one to sleep. As Namjoon adjusted him to place him between Minnie and Kookie, he whined and grabbed Namjoon’s arms. Seokjin stopped Namjoon from putting Tae on the bed since it might wake him up. Namjoon quickly adjusted the Little to put him on a better position on his arms.



“Thwank you daddies. I wove you.” TaeTae mumbled as he was drifting away from sleep.



The caregivers smiled to the Little and whispered a ‘you’re welcome’ to his ears.



As the atmosphere became quiet, the caregivers opened their group chats.



Hoseok: Oh my god, stop me from squealing. He is so cute. So precious.


Yoongi: Truly, an angel


Namjoon: I will not forgive myself if the facility did not agree to take TaeTae with us


Hoseok: I will sue them


Yoongi: What did you two do? @Seokjinie @Namjoonie  


Seokjin: Oh my god, guys. Please stop it. I thought we were finished in that discussion. 


Hoseok: Wah! I am so jealous


Yoongi: Are you sure there were no hidden cameras around you while you were doing ‘some important matters’?


Seokjin: Oh my god please shut up.


Yoongi: Favoritism. 


Namjoon: I am his favorite^_^


Seokjin: Oh my gosh



Yoongi noticed that Kookie was sucking his thumb again so he quickly replaced it with a pacifier. Tae was gently sucking on Namjoon’s index finger while the little was asleep. The caregiver tried removing it, but the little whined and pouted his lips. Seokjin giggled from the scene and quickly replaced Namjoon’s finger with a pacifier.



After a couple minutes of driving, they had arrived on the facility.



Exactly 8 pm as promised.



The caregivers carried the littles back to the facility. As they entered Kookie and TaeTae’s room, they tried putting the two littles down, but they failed as the littles woke up. As for Minnie, he also woke up and transferred himself to his younger brother’s bed.



“Stway.” The three muttered in unison, pouting.



“Little munchkins, we cannot stay but we promise, we will be back tomorrow morning.” Their Dada tried to reason out.



The three Littles started to sob, and their guardians quickly entered the room to see what was going on.



“Well, you can stay on the other room,” Mina suggested when she saw that the littles were about to throw a tantrum, “there is an empty room with a king-sized bed and aircon.” She explained.



“Well…” Seokjin considered it.



“Okay.” Yoongi mumbled. Tomorrow will be their day-off whether the managers would like it or not.



Chapter Text

The caregivers agreed to stay until the littles were asleep. They had called their manager to tell him that they will be home late and in worst case scenario, they will be staying overnight. Obviously, the manager rejected it, saying that they had a very busy schedule ahead of them and a day off was a big no-no. They still stayed with their littles.



The facility head lent them some clothes so that they can change into more clothes while they took a rest. They were opposed to that idea since they won’t be staying long, but the guardians recommended them to change some clothes since the clothes, that they wore, were exposed to the outside environment.



While the Littles were being washed by their respective guardians, the caregivers also washed their faces so that it would be more comfortable for them.



After the Littles were changed into a comfortable, clean, sleeping clothes, they were settled on the big bed. Tae was not used into sleeping in a big bed, he was used to sleeping in a small crib that is enough for him and his brothers. He opted to settle himself in the middle of the bed. His two brothers quickly placed themselves beside TaeTae, sandwiching him, squishing him in hug.



“Cwan’t bweathe.” Tae complained to both of his brothers who were still hugging him tightly. The two littles immediately let go of him and Minnie started rubbing his belly. Minnie knew that Tae would fall asleep faster if someone rubbed his soft tummy.



The caregivers quickly settled themselves on Minnie and Kookie’s side. Hoseok placed himself beside Minnie, and he was followed by Yoongi who was at the edge of the bed. Namjoon placed himself beside Kookie, and Seokjin settled beside him. They watched as the littles started dozing off.



Minnie politely asked for Yoongi to hand over the feeding bottles of his younger brothers to make them fall asleep faster. He knew that the caregivers were also exhausted from the long day.



The caregivers hugged the Littles softly as they sang a lullaby to the littles. The caregivers were also starting to get sleepy from their long day.



After a couple of hours, the littles were starting to squirm from their sleep. Hoseok was the first one to wake up and notice it. When he looked around, his lovers were far too far from their dreamland. He patted Minnie’s thighs so that he could go back to sleep. He woke Yoongi up to say that it was safe to leave which earned him a deathly glare from the older. Seokjin woke up as soon as he felt movement on the bed and woke up Namjoon also. Groggily, Namjoon opened his eyes and tried his best not to move too much to avoid waking up the babies. They left the bed slowly and quietly, making sure that there were no noises. They put some pillows so that the Littles won’t notice their absence.



Even though they felt guilty of escaping, there was no chance that they can convince the management to allow them. They woke their driver up who was sleeping in their car and asked him to take them back to their dorm.






When the Littles woke up, they felt betrayed that the caregivers left them. The Littles started with their morning routine washing, eating, and exercising.



“Thwey left us.” Kookie huffed while chewing on his food, cheeks full.



Minnie was just observing his younger brothers, knowing that even though the caregivers wanted to stay, they really can’t.



“Koo, they are busy, and they promised that they will come back. Right?” Minnie told his brother.



Tae was busy chewing on his food while Minnie and Kookie were having a mini argument.






After four days, the caregivers did not come back yet which made Minnie and Kookie more anxious.



The truth is the caregivers were very busy with their schedules. Even though they wanted to visit the Littles, there was no free time available.



Tae, on the other hand, was feeling very unsettled because one of his guardians told him that he needed to visit the doctor again tomorrow.



He hated going to the doctor because they were so scary and intimidating for him. He spent many hours with the doctor which asked him many questions and sometimes gives him few shots.



He wished that his daddies will be there.


But no, they were not his



There was no way.






Early in the morning, he was woken up by his guardian to prepare him before going to the doctors. Kookie was still sleeping in their shared bed and Minnie’s door was shut which means he was also still sleeping. He got sad, knowing that he cannot say his goodbyes to his brothers.



Back in the caregivers’ dorm, the caregivers were having a serious argument because no one woke up from the alarm. The facility head informed them, two days ago, that Tae will visit a doctor. If they wanted, they could accompany the Little, but here they were having an argument, rummaging through their cabinets for clothes, bathing quickly together, and fixing their hair messily.



“I cannot believe that you turned off the five alarms and went to sleep again.” Seokjin said to Namjoon who admitted that he was the one who switched off the alarm.



“I thought that there were 10 minutes interval between the alarm clocks.” Namjoon argued to the group while he was busy tying his shoelaces.



“Just hurry up already! We will be late to Tae’s doctor appointment.” Seokjin aggressively said to the group.



After a long, exhausting days of continuous work, their managers allowed them for a month-long vacation. They made sure that they finished up all their schedules so that there would be no distractions anymore. Their house was also on the process of renovating so that it would be more comfortable for the littles to move in. They decided to allot a bigger room for the nursery and add more playmats I the living room. They made sure to secure all electrical sockets and the stairs.



After a couple of minutes of argument, the caregivers were off to the hospital where Tae was having regular checkups. They were not surprised when the driver dropped them off in an infamous hospital which had a bad reputation. According to some patients, their situation became worse after consultation in the hospital. The prices of each consultation were relatively cheaper. They knew that that the facility was short of funds and donations.



TaeTae, together with Mina, was waiting inside a small playroom. Mina was waiting for Tae’s turn to enter the room. The little was quietly playing with the soft blocks inside. He was missing his brothers because sometimes they would accompany him in the hospital.



He knew that even though Minnie and Koo were awake, they cannot join him since the other littles were feeling unwell and the guardians were having a hard time.



“Tae baby, what do you want to eat while we wait for your doctor?” Mina asked the little since she knew that Tae would feel a lot calmer if he ate some snacks. Tae quickly shook his head, wanting to finish his checkup quickly and see his brothers.



Mina looked around and saw the caregivers waving at her and signaling her to be quiet because Tae was so occupied. The little did not notice the caregiver.



“Oh, really? The baby does not want any strawberries?” The caregiver questioned the little whose face suddenly lit up when he saw the caregivers. Namjoon placed the container full of strawberries in front of the little which was cut into small, bite-sized pieces.



Seokjin placed a piece of strawberry in the fork and offered it to Tae. The little opened his mouth and accepted the strawberry. Mina hurriedly excused herself and said goodbye to the Little. Yoongi told her that their driver was waiting for her outside to take her back faster in the facility.



The caregivers were busy entertaining Tae and honestly the Little felt at ease even though he knew that he had a scheduled appointment with a doctor.



After a couple of minutes, Tae was called to go inside the room, but he was accompanied by the caregivers.



They were greeted by a young doctor named Jackson. Honestly, his aura was quite intimidating compared to the other doctors. Tae shivered in Namjoon’s hold. The caregiver patted his back to remind him that they were there for him.



“Good morning. Have a seat. You must be the caregivers whom the facility head said would come with baby TaeTae,” the doctor smiled at them awkwardly while scanning the progress report of Tae, “I am Doctor Jackson by the way and I am Tae’s doctor.” Jackson said while reaching out for the right hand of Tae.



“Tae are you feeling a little bit better now?” He questioned the Little while maintaining eye contact.



The caregivers were observing the doctor while he asked the little questions.



Tae always answered with a nod to the doctor which earned him an unimpressed look.



“I need your words baby.” The doctor reminded, the Little who fidgeted from Namjoon’s lap.



“Communication is very important.”



“Yes, sworry.” Tae answered the doctor, feeling bad.



“Okay. Good. Do you know who these people are?” The doctor continued questioning.



“Minnie and Kookie’s dwaddies.”



Honestly, the caregivers wanted to correct him and say that they were also his daddies but no, it was too early for that.



Their consultation went on and after an hour passed, they were almost finished. Yoongi was yawning in his seat which Seokjin disapproved of so he kicked the younger’s chair.



“How do you feel if they will be your daddies also?” Jackson questioned the little. Honestly, the caregivers were taken aback from the question, knowing that the Little might reject them because they knew that the Tae did not trust them one hundred percent as of now.



Tae thought about his answer thoroughly.



“Vewy hwappy,” he said while adjusting himself in his Daddy’s lap so that he can hide his face in the caregiver’s neck. He just feels that it was his safe place. Jackson smiled to the caregivers because they seemed to be nervous about a couple of minutes ago, “TaeTae wants to be Minnie and Kookie’s fwamily too.” He continued.



“Very well then. Can TaeTae be a good boy and play in the play area there? There are new toys there.” Jackson smiled to the Little while making notes to the Little’s progress report.



Tae quickly nodded and walked to the play area inside the clinic.



“Well, it seems that this baby had trusted you so much that he wants to be a part of your family. Honestly, I was surprised when he answered that he wanted to be with your family because it is very hard to earn his trust. Are you sure you want to adopt him? I heard that you had an interest with Tae when you saw the personal information of Minnie and Kookie.” Jackson confronted to the group of caregivers.



“Yes, it was true that we grew interest with TaeTae when we saw the information sheet of the two littles we were supposed to be adopting,” Yoongi said honestly to the doctor, “but as soon as we saw him and got a chance to bond with him and know him we promised ourselves that there was no way we would not adopt him.” He continued.



“We knew about his past because the facility head told us. We knew that there are many responsibilities that we must take note of when it comes to adopting Tae. But we are willing to learn it and help the little overcome it.” Seokjin said.



“I must say to you that I would not recommend for Tae to be adopted this early because the past is still hunting him but with the determination you showed me, I might reconsider it.” He said.



The doctor took a deep breath before telling the story of the Little.



“When baby TaeTae was introduced to me by the facility, the first that I noticed from him were his bruises. I was allowed to examine him. At first, he was very hesitant about showing me his body even though he knew that I was a doctor and that I would do everything that I can to help him.” Jackson sighed as he remembered the frail little.



“But after a few more visits, he finally consented me to examine him. At that time, the bruises were starting to heal from his face and whole body. They were some noticeable wounds that I am sure ended up with some scars.” The doctor showed the caregivers the photos that were taken as a solid evidence for abuse. The caregivers sighed as they scanned through the photos. Hoseok confirmed the scars that were formed on Tae’s back.



“He was very afraid opening up with me, doubting me, but I was very patient to him. I did not force him to tell me what really happened inside the house.” There was a long pause. The doctor seemed to be having a hard tie reminiscing it.



“When he came back after a few more days, he started opening up to me. Apparently, when his foster family found their perfect little, he was neglected. With all the attention to the new addition of the family, he was left unnoticed. His supposed-to-be sibling was very jealous of him.”



 Tae, he was a people pleaser, that was the opposite of his sibling. The other little would try to frame him to got him into trouble. Afraid of telling the truth, he would just admit that he did it, even though his brother really did it.”



“One time his brother slipped himself in a puddle of water then he blamed Tae pushed him. Tae’s foster parents grew tired of their fighting and taught Tae a lesson, not knowing that Tae was not the one to be blamed.” Jackson sighed. The caregivers were furious, hearing the story.

“They would feed Tae last, usually coming from their scraps, which gave the little bad stomach. They taught Tae that it was bad for him to request anything from them because he was a just freeloader in their house.”



“Tae’s life was also put in danger when one time he had a fever and his foster parents left him at home to take their own little on a small vacation. Luckily, a concerned neighbor saw Tae lying on ground, whimpering, covered with sweat and tears, and that was why the facility intervened to get Tae out of his foster home. There are more stories that I should share to you, but I think that you should attend to TaeTae first.” Jackson said while pointing towards TaeTae’s direction with his pen. The little had fallen asleep on the play area with his body slumped on the mat. Hoseok, since he was the nearest, quickly attended to the Tae.



“Do not worry, I think Tae will heal if he comes with you.” The doctor had said while he smiled to Hoseok who was now adjusting the sleeping little in his arms.



“I will make a call to the facility to recommend you.” Jackson smiled to the three while he closed the progress report of Tae.



The caregivers went out of the room while Hoseok was carrying TaeTae. Tae was unbelievably lighter than the other two littles. He was like an angel who was sleeping in Hoseok’s arms.



“Is that them?” The nurses pointed out to the group of caregivers. Apparently, they recognized the members of the famous boyband.



“Let us take a picture with them.” One patient said who was now currently approaching the caregivers. Hoseok hid Tae in his arms, afraid that the little might wake up.



“Is that their new baby? I thought that they would only adopt two.” Another patient said, struggling to take closer look at the Little.



Yoongi quickly grabbed Hoseok’s hoodie and pulled him to the nearest comfort room. He locked the door to protect the Little’s identity as well as his sleep.



Seokjin and Namjoon took care of the situation and begged the people not to crowd them because their baby was sleeping and for those who wanted their new albums, it will be given free as long as they would keep their mouths shut.



Yoongi called their driver so that they can make an escape in the hospital.



After a couple of minutes, the driver notified them that he was waiting in the back exit. Yoongi and Hoseok covered the Little with a thin blanket and dragged the other two caregivers who were giving fan signs in the hospital.



They got in the van and cursed quietly.



“I am never going back to that hospital again. You have Jackson’s number, right? Tell him I prefer an in-house consultation.” Yoongi said to Namjoon who was busy texting their manager to take care of the situation that they left in the hospital.



They focused their attention to the sleeping angel in Hoseok’s lap who was shifting his position to his Appa. He was bobbing his lips up and down, which was vacant of pacifier. His pacifier was left in the facility because the guardians were too busy to sterilize it.



Seokjin was making Tae formula milk in his bottle when Tae suddenly grabbed Yoongi’s resting hand in Hoseok’s thigh. The caregiver was surprised when the Little sucked on his pinky finger. He tried to remove it, knowing that the little might get sick because, even though he washed his hands and disinfected it with alcohol, it was not enough.



“Does our little baby want his pacifier?” Yoongi asked the little who was now starting to wake up.



The little whined when Yoongi successfully removed his finger and started to sob. Seokjin was quick to act and he placed the feeding bottle in Tae’s mouth. Hoseok passed the little to Seokjin’s arms as the little fell asleep again.



When they arrived in the facility, they were greeted by a guardian outside. She quickly asked for the caregivers not to enter the area anymore because most of the littles were sick, and Tae was prone of getting infected. According to them, the facility head allowed the three littles to stay with their soon-to-be caregivers first, for a month, after the other littles are cured. Apparently, they were infected with measles. Rest assured the two other littles were infected because they were isolated inside Kookie’s room. The guardian told them to wait for the other two because Mina was not finished packing their backs and said that they should wait on the back door.



They were greeted by an energetic Minnie and playful Kookie as they entered the car. Mina said that she also packed Tae’s bag, and she informed that the facility head agreed to let Tae stay with them as long as they promised to take care of him.



Even though the caregivers were surprised because of the sudden incident, they did not argue because it was a win for their part to take home the three littles.

Chapter Text

The caregivers immediately instructed for their driver to take them in the nearest restaurants where the littles can also eat since it was past their dinner time. The driver quickly nodded and searched for the nearest eating place.



Minnie was suffocating, I mean, hugging his caregivers one by one. Kookie, on the other hand, was very quiet, looking outside the window, distracting himself even though all that he could see were the night sky.



“I thought you left us.” Minnie said his caregivers, pouting his lips. The caregivers immediately corrected him and explained to the little that they were too busy, that they felt guilty leaving without proper farewell.



Minnie quickly turned his cute pout into a smile, understanding that his caregivers were also busy.



“Just promise you won’t do that again. Pinky promise.” Minnie extended his pinky finger to his daddies while waiting for their answer.



The caregiver gladly nodded to the little and held out their pinkies to seal their deal. Minnie quickly noticed that Tae was waiting for his turn to seal his promise with his pinky finger. He was offering the oldest his cute pinky finger.



“Silly. Not you.” Minnie said while ruffling his younger brother’s hair. Tae sulked in his Daddy’s lap. He cannot believe he was rejected. Minnie noticed, so he held out his pinky finger for the younger.



“You will be always by our side. Promise?” Minnie presented his pinky finger to his sulking little brother. When the younger noticed that Minnie was reaching out his pinky finger, he also sealed their deal while giggling to his brother.



TaeTae hugged his brother tightly, throwing himself to the other little. He missed his oldest brother even though it was only eight hours of separation.



“Seems like someone is grumpy.” Hoseok noticed Kookie who was ignoring the group.



“Why is Kookie upset?” Namjoon questioned the little while bouncing TaeTae on his lap. Instead of an answer, the little just ignored them and crossed his arms.



The caregivers looked at each other and decide to give him space. Koo noticed the silence of his daddies, so he looked beside him only to see the worrying faces of the group.



TaeTae quickly got off his Daddy’s lap and crawled towards Koo who was sitting beside them. He was grabbing on his brother’s shirt to get his attention again, when he turned his face to the window. He was ignored by his brother. His Daddy was supporting him from his position in case the driver would break unknowingly.



Tae pouted his lips when he was not acknowledged by his brother, he missed Koo too.



“KooKoo…” Tae whined from his uncomfortable position, balancing himself. Tae caught Koo’s attention as the older looked at him.



He came closer to Kookie’s seat and positioned himself in little’s lap, hugging him tightly while burying his nose to his brother’s neck.



“Mwissed you so so much” The younger said to Koo. The older little felt guilty of not noticing the younger. His Daddy quickly got Tae out from his lap, afraid that the little might stumble.



“Mwissed you too.” Koo said to Tae, who was now facing him, sitting on their Daddy’s lap. The younger showed his boxy smile to his brother.



“Angwy?” Tae asked his brother, knowing him too well. Kookie crossed his arms again, unable to escape his brother’s question.



“Daddies lied. They said that they will be bwack but they did not. They do not love us anymore. They just love their work.” Kookie huffed, explaining himself. Tae was about to oppose to his brother.



“That’s not twue.” Minnie argued to his younger brother. The argument eventually became more heated.



Tae was torn on whose side he will be in. The caregivers gave the Littles time to let out their thoughts before explaining.



“Minnie is being a meanie agwain.” Koo said while sticking out his tongue to the older.



“Kookie is being dumb again.” Minnie said to his brother which surprised his caregivers and Tae who was busy watching his brothers argue.



“Okay. That is enough,” the caregivers intervened, “First of all, we want to apologize for not returning. We were too busy with our schedules. We all know that we are at fault, knowing that we promised you that we would return, but due to unfortunate circumstances even though we want to come and visit you we were also too tired and forced to rest.” Their Dada said.



“Second, we also tried our best for our babies not to miss us. Remember? The letter attached on your favorite meal that was delivered by our manager.” Seokjin said to make the Koo remember. It was true that the caregivers sent them all their favorite food with special, handwritten letters.



“Lastly, Minnie, why did you say a bad word to Koo?” Seokjin questioned the Little, maintaining his eye contact to the Little. Seokjin is soft for his babies but when it comes to discipline, he was strict.



“Do you know that it is bad?”



“Kookie was talking back to me.” Minnie answered, making it a point that Koo should not have argued with him since he was older and older means that you are always right.



“Munchkin, Kookie was trying to explain his opinion to you, his side. You should not have said a bad word to him.” Seokjin continued, reprimanding the little.



“As for you Kookie,” Seokjin directed to the Little who was grinning, thinking that he won the argument “you should not have said that mean words to you brother.” The caregiver reprimanded the other. It was true that Minnie was at fault for saying bad word, but Koo was also at fault.



“What should you say to each other?” The caregiver questioned.



“Sorry.” The two littles mumbled in unison and hugged each other at the middle of their Daddy, squishing their youngest brother.



“Sorry daddies. We won’t fwight again.” The two said, still in each other’s arms.



“Forgiven,” Seokjin said, “now hug more gently, I think TaeTae cannot breathe anymore.” Their Dada continued while laughing for the cuteness of their Littles.



“Cwan’t bweathe.” Tae struggled saying while his brothers were busy hugging each other. They let go of each other and proceeded on kissing each other’s cheeks.



Their car stopped at a famous restaurant in town. It seems like their manager had already reserved a seat for the family.



They ordered the food that they wanted to eat. As they settled in their seat, waiting for their orders, Yoongi called their housekeeper and notified that the littles will be staying over at their house. The housekeeper said that the rooms were almost ready to be used. It needs a little bit of cleaning.



As they finished eating dinner, making sure to buy a take-out meal for their driver, they drove back to their home. Minnie and Kookie were now sitting next to each other playing with their action figures. Tae was watching them play since he cannot join them. He was starting to drift away from sleep as his Appa was now rocking him.



His eyes were almost closing when he heard Kookie’s whine of protest, so his eyes opened again.



“TaeTae, do not sweep again, I am not yet dwone telling you the stowy.” Koo whined, protesting to the drowsy little. It seems like the two littles were telling a story to Tae using their action figures.



“TaeTae want to sweep.” The youngest muttered, trying his best to keep his eyes from closing.



“Minnie, Koo your brother is feeling sleepy. Could you continue the story tomorrow?” Hosoek asked the littles as he felt Tae starting to sleep in his arms.



The three caregivers, on the other hand, were knocked out from exhaustion. Hoseok was trying to mediate the situation as quietly as possible for his lovers to get enough rest since he was the one who got the most rest in the past few days.



“But Appa, Tae pwomised he would fwinish it today.” Koo said while trying to get the attention of Tae.



Minnie let go of his toy to look for his orange juice while Koo was arguing with their Appa.



“Koo bear, baby TaeTae is very sleepy. He needs some rest. Maybe later when we arrive home and he woke up you can continue the story.” Hoseok urged Koo who was now patting Tae’s head in order for the little not to fall asleep.



Hoseok adjusted the little whose head was on the top of his shoulder, watching his brothers play in the back seat between Yoongi and Seokjin who had no idea.



It seemed like the patting of Koo on his head only urged Tae to fall asleep faster. His Appa was now rocking his body from side to side, but Koo was doing his best to wake the younger up.



Hoseok was aware that Koo was patting Tae’s head still and he let him, knowing that Koo gave up in arguing.



As he was humming a lullaby to Tae, he felt someone pulled Tae’s hair hardly. The caregiver cannot react fast since their position was hard, not knowing who pulled Tae’s hair. The person pulled the strands harder as the youngest started to flinch on his hold and started waking up.



Tae who was starting to wake up felt pain in his head. His hair strands were pulled hardly by Koo. He started to cry loudly as loudly as possible, causing his caregivers to wake up and their driver to stop.



“Koo stop, you are hurting TaeTae.” Minnie grabbed his hands which were pulling Tae’s hair. The juice that Minnie was drinking was spilled in an attempt to stop Kookie.



“Listen to Kookie.” Koo demanded Tae who was now crying in Hoseok’s arms. The caregiver did not know what to do since pulling the little out of Kookie’s hold would hurt the little more.



Yoongi was quick to take action, and he yanked Kookie’s grasp from Tae’s hair.



Tae was still crying as he was passed to the front row where his Daddy was resting. The caregiver tried to shush him.



“But I am not finish with the stowy.” Koo argued, not realizing his mistake, as he threw a fit.



“Story time is over.” His Papa said who did not mind him throwing a tantrum.



Minnie was trying to clean up the juice that he spilled inside the car, but his Dada quickly stopped him saying that the mat absorbed the liquid already.



Kookie was still sulking in his sit, thinking that his caregivers ruined the story he was supposed to tell Tae.



The loud crying turned to soft sobs as his Daddy tried to calm him and get him back to sleep from the outburst. When Namjoon felt the little was sleepy, he lied them down to the seat and put Tae on his chest. The little adjusted himself in his Daddy’s chest and slept peacefully.



There was a tension in the back seat as Kookie was still not acknowledging his mistake. Minnie was trying to explain to his daddies what really happened since he was the only one who witnessed the whole situation.



Kookie was sitting quietly, crossing his arms. Every time his daddies tried to talk to him, he would roll his eyes to them. The caregivers gave up, agreeing to settle the problem in their home since they were nearby.



When they got out of the car, Tae was carried by his Daddy. The pair was the first one to enter the house. Namjoon quickly placed him in his crib, putting on some blanket and adjusting the pillows. Minnie walked out of the car and was mesmerized from the enormous house. The little was sleepy, so he brushed his teeth and changed into comfortable clothes with the help of his Appa. The caregiver placed him in the bed beside Tae, and Minnie quickly fell asleep. Kookie was throwing a tantrum again, too tired of the exhausting day. He did not want to go outside the car.



Seokjin and Hoseok carried him to take him outside of the car even though he was resisting. When he entered the house, he was sat on a chair and the two caregivers warned that if he tried escaping, he would be in more trouble.



“Okay Koo do you know what you did wrong?” Yoongi confronted the little who was glaring at him.



“Baby, answer us.” Seokjin sighed, also tired. It seems that the Little has no plans of acknowledging his mistake.



“I think someone is in need of spankies.” Yoongi told the other, pretending Koo was not in front of them.



Koo started crying feeling guilty for what he did to Tae. Actually, he knew that it was bad to pull Tae’s hair, but he wanted the Little to listen to him, so he yanked the hair of the youngest.



“I pulled his hair.” He replied simply and the caregivers nodded, asking for more explanation.



“But he was supposed to listwen to my stowy.” Koo argued.



“But what you did was wrong.” Seokjin said to him making him understand his bad actions.



“It is bad to hurt other people just because they won’t listen to you. You must remember that Tae is your brother and he is younger than you. Do you like it when someone disturbs you in your sleep or when someone prevents you from sleeping?” Seokjin questioned.



“No.” Kookie replied.



“Okay baby. We will give you five minutes of timeout for you to reflect on your actions. Face that wall.” Yoongi said while pointing on the blank white wall. Seokjin carried Kookie out of the chair and placed him in front of the wall. He was crying so hardly that Tae woke up from his sleep. He made grabby hands to his Daddy who was busy watching them sleep. He was carried by the caregiver.



“Kookie?” The little asked the caregiver while worrying for his brother.



Namjoon was not sure if he would carry Tae outside of the room, knowing that his older brother was being reprimanded by the other two caregivers.



Seokjin noticed that Namjoon was peeking out of the room and carrying the awakened little. Seokjin smiled and nodded to Namjoon which meant that it was a go signal. He placed Tae on the floor and Seokjin spread his arms widely while the little was walking towards him, unsteady.



“Time’s up.” Yoongi said to the Kookie, and he carried him in his arms.



“Do you know now what you did wrong?” Yoongi was comforting the little in his arms.



“I made Tae cwy because I pulled his har.” Koo replied and Yoongi smiled to him and kissed him, wiping away some fresh tears.



“What should you do?” Yoongi asked the little.



“Say sorry.” Kookie answered him and Yoongi pressed his cute nose as he nodded to the Little.



Seokjin was carrying Tae on his arms who was worried of his older brother. When Tae saw him, he quickly got out of Seokjin’s hold and approached Papa who was carrying Kookie. Yoongi immediately let Koo down.



“Sowwy Koo, TaeTae slept.” Tae said, not knowing that his brother was the one who should say sorry.



“No, TaeTae, Kookie is very sorry. He pulled your hair.” The little said to his younger brother.



“Sorry TaeTae.” He repeated.



Tae hugged his brother tightly and kissed him on the lips. Kookie returned it to him.



“It is okay, we mwake mistwakes.” Tae said while still hugging his older broher.



The caregivers separated them and told them it was time to sleep. The caregivers immediately worked on brushing their teeth and changing them to more comfortable clothes. Kookie was placed on his bed beside Tae while Tae was placed inside the crib.



After a few minutes, they were starting to fall asleep. As their eyes was started to close, the two younger ones whispered a sweet ‘I love you’ to each other



The caregivers were smiling at them fondly watching as their Littles falling asleep.



“It has been a long day, right?” Namjoon questioned the other caregiver beside him.



“Totally.” Seokjin replied as they prepared also to go to sleep.

Chapter Text

Unknowingly, the Littles woke up in the middle of the night. Their room was also covered with glow in the dark stars.



The caregivers were knocked out on their beds, and the littles were now awake. Koo went to Minnie’s bed with his favorite, blue blanket. He had a hard time climbing out of his bed because it had railings on both sides, but he managed still managed to get out and walk towards Minnie’s bed. Minnie was doing his best to fall asleep again, counting sheep, murmuring a lullaby. He immediately turned around when he felt a dip in his bed and saw Koo’s bunny smile. The little was crawling on the edge of Minnie’s bed, positioning himself awkwardly on his brother’s side. Minnie readjusted his position to cuddle with his brother.



Kookie was giggling softly, proud of accomplishing his mission. Minnie shushed him, afraid that TaeTae would wake up from their noise. That was the last thing the littles wanted to happen because a disrupted sleep equals a grumpy Tae.



Kookie was whispering what happened earlier, before his oldest brother fell to his dreamland. He told how he realized his bad actions and how he reconciled with Tae. Minnie smiled and ruffled his hair, proud of his younger brother for fixing the problem without his help. Back in the day, the oldest always helped Koo every time he got into trouble.



The younger nuzzled his nose on Minnie’s neck and hugged the older to give him an extra warmth.



But all of a sudden… he sneezed loudly, causing sleeping the youngest to wake up. Tae started to move around his crib, finding a perfect spot to fall asleep again, but he failed to find that. He opened his eyes slowly, adjusting his eyes from the dark. He looked for Kookie but to no avail his brother was not there.



“Kookie…” Tae muttered, looking around the room, finding his older brother. The little thought that his older brother went missing.



“Here. I am hwere TaeTae” Kookie said, while raising his left arm as high as possible, but the little failed to find it. Minnie was quick to get out of his bed, approaching Tae by his crib. Kookie had a hard time getting out of Minnie’s bed since it was so high for him. He landed his bottom on a carpet and approached Tae too.



“Kookie’s here. Silly.” Koo said, in front of the crib. Tae got out of his blanket, sitting inside his crib while looking at his older brothers.



“Stay there, baby.” Minnie told the little, attempting to reach Tae. The bars of the crib were wide, enough for his arms to reach the little. Tae tried to stand up on his crib to unite with his brothers.



“No, no, go back to sleep.” Koo stopped the little.



“Here…” Tae said to his older brothers while pointing on the empty space beside his bed. His crib was big enough to fit the three littles. His two brothers knowingly nodded to each other.



Kookie attempted to climb inside his younger brother’s crib, but to no avail, it was too high for him. Minnie tried it too but also failed miserably. On the second try, Minnie successfully climbed inside the crib and reunited with his brother, giving him a tight, warm hug and a kiss in the cheek. Koo became competitive when he saw his older brother succeed. He tried to climb up again but his foot slipped out from the railings of the crib.



He fell on the floor and landed on his wrong foot.



“Ouch!” He muttered loudly.



“Kookie, are you okay?” Minnie asked the other little, looking concerned, while comforting the younger who was surprised from his brother’s fall.



“Hurts.” Koo uttered while holding his ankle which was in serious pain now. He attempted to stand up, but his ankle was badly hurting. He massaged his ankle, trying to relieve pain, but it got worse.



Minnie climbed out of Tae’s crib to help his younger brother. Tae was also trying to get out of his crib.



Minnie panicked, when he saw that Kookie cannot stand up properly because of his right leg. He tried supporting his younger brother, supporting the other.



Luckily, Seokjin was awakened from the noise inside the little’s room. He heard the noise of coming from the littles’ bedroom. Luckily, they already installed the baby monitor. He checked it quickly, afraid that something happened inside the bedroom. He saw Minnie and Kookie sitting on the floor. Minnie was touching Koo’s ankle while the other was wincing from pain. Tae was looking at his brothers with concern.



Seokjin quickly got out of his sheet, not bothering disturbing Hoseok’s deep sleep. He woke Namjoon up who was sleeping on the opposite end of the bed beside Yoongi.



“Joonie I think something happened inside the littles’ bedroom.” Seokjin muttered while nudging the other. Namjoon scratched his eyes as he was processing the information.



“I think Koo broke his ankle.” Seokjin said to his younger lover while preparing the first aid kit.



“Do we need to get him into the hospital?” Namjoon replied, now aware of the situation as he checked the littles on the baby monitor.



Seokjin woke the other two caregivers from their sleep. Yoongi cursed him out while Hoseok stared blankly on the wall. Seokjin informed them the situation calmly.



Seokjin got out of their room and retrieved some ice pack from the kitchen. He quickly entered the littles’ room and carried Kookie in his arms, asking him what happened as he placed him on a small couch. He placed an ice pack in the little’s ankle and instructed him not to move his feet first.



Namjoon got Tae out of his crib when he noticed the sad and worried look of the little. Hoseok carried Minnie and sat him beside Koo. Minnie was comforting his brother, whimpering because of the cold sensation.



“What happened?” Seokjin asked the Littles, calm.



“TaeTae was sad, looking for Kookie, we climbed to his crib, too high, Kookie fell.” Minnie said to his daddies who were worried. Koo was able to move his ankle slowly now. It seems like he sprained his ankle from his fall.



“TaeTae’s sowwy.” The little apologized to his daddies which surprised them.



“No baby, it was no one’s fault.” Seokjin replied to him reassuringly as he adjusted the ice in Koo’s ankle. Yoongi brought bandages to immobilize the foot temporarily.



“But…” Tae said to his Dada which was shushed by his Daddy who was carrying him.



“It’s no one’s fault TaeTae. It was just an accident.” Namjoon replied to the little, smiling brightly.



Minnie was helping his Dada, placing the ice pack on Koo’s ankle, massaging the affected ankle while his Papa was busy bandaging the little’s ankle.



“Go back to sleep, our babies.” Their Dada told them as he turned off the lights.



“Want daddies.” Koo said while hugging his new bunny stuff toy. The other two littles agreed to their brother, nodding their heads.



Their daddies were exchanging looks before they agreed. They carried the littles inside their room with their reheated milk that can help them fall asleep faster. Their bed was huge enough to fit the seven of them. They placed the three littles in the middle with Tae on the middle. His brothers wrapped their arms around him, hugging him tightly to give him warmth. Beside Kookie were Namjoon and Seokjin and beside Minnie were Hoseok and Yoongi.



When the morning came, the littles were awakened by a delicious smell, coming from the kitchen. They were the only persons who were left on the bed. Minnie got off the bed and proceeded inside the kitchen where he can smell pancakes. Dada and Papa were busy preparing the pancakes while Daddy and Appa were busy slicing some fresh fruits. There were freshly prepared juices for the littles, one orange and two strawberries.



“Good morning daddies.” He said cheerfully, his cheeks plump. His daddies gave him good morning kisses one by one and placed him on his designated chair. Unlike his younger brothers, he was placed in an ordinary chair.



“Morning baby.” They replied, smiling.



Hoseok placed their freshly cut fruits in a bowl while Yoongi placed their home-made pancakes on a plate. They heard giggles inside their bedroom. After a few minutes, the two littles came out form the bedroom. The caregivers carried them and placed them in their highchair.



“Morning daddies.” The two said in unison while giggling.



Their daddies kissed him on the cheek.



“Our babies seem to be in a good mood today.” Hoseok commented.



“Does your ankle hurt Koo?” Yoongi asked the little who was now chewing his youngest brother’s index finger.



“No Koo.” Tae begged his older brother as he playfully bit the finger.



“My ankle is good.” Koo replied as he stopped teasing Tae. Relief was felt by his daddies, but they still called for a doctor to check on him to make sure.



“Let’s eat.” Their daddies announced.



They were busy eating their delicious food. Of course, the caregivers did not escape from some spills and small accidents. When they finished eating together, the caregivers quickly washed the dishes while the littles settled in the living room watching some cartoons.



When they finished their tasks, they watched their littles as they argued cutely on who was the cutest character in the TV show that they were watching.



All was well until they heard a doorbell rang. Yoongi checked on the door and revealed that the doctor had arrived to check on Koo.



Koo was alarmed as soon as he saw the doctor. He panicked since he knew that a doctor means one thing, vaccine shots. He quickly got out of the living room and hid on their bedroom. The two littles were dumbfounded by his action.



Seokjin sighed as he saw Koo’s reaction to the doctor and immediately entered the bedroom to get the hiding little.



“Koo, let’s get your ankle checked, hm?” Seokjin tried reaching Koo who was hiding under his bed.



“No.” The little replied to him.



“Come on.” The caregiver urged him as he tried reaching for Koo’s hand.



“Pwomise me. No shots.” The little replied while holding out his arm, reaching out for a pinky promise.



“I promise.” The caregiver replied while intertwining their pinky fingers.



Kookie got out under his bed and he was carried by his Dada back in their living room, resting his head on the caregiver’s shoulder.



The doctor was now interviewed by the two curious littles, asking him some questions in which the doctor gladly replied.



Seokjin placed Koo on the couch and the doctor greeted him.



“Hello baby. I am Doctor Rowoon and I will be your doctor today. What is your name?” The young doctor asked him, smiling brightly.



“Kookie.” The little answered, shy to maintain eye contact to the doctor.



“Wow! That is a cute name.” The doctor praised.



“I am Minnie, and this is TaeTae.” The oldest one interjected, sitting down beside the doctor while Tae was on the floor, playing with his brother’s toy.



The caregivers were busy watching over them, smiling fondly at the Littles.



“I heard that Kookie got hurt…” the doctor asked the little dramatically, “but I do not know where it is. Can you show me Kookie?” He questioned.



“Here… Here.” Minnie was excited showing the doctor where Koo was hurt. The doctor smiled at him then ruffled his hair. Koo remained silent.



“What a good boy Minnie is.” The doctor praised him while patting his back.



Kookie got competitive again, looking at his brother.



“Koo is a good boy too.” He muttered. The doctor laughed at him then ruffled his hair also.



“I know Kookie’s a good boy too, but where were you hurt, my love?” The doctor asked him while getting something out of his duffle bag.



The doctor smiled at him and gave him a lollipop in which he accepted gladly. Minnie also reached out his hand, hoping for a treat too. The doctor smiled at him and gave him a lollipop too. Tae was pouting, assuming that the doctor forgot about him. He whined to get his attention, but he was surprised when he was only given gummy bears.



“Baby, you cannot eat lollipop, you might choke. I am sorry.” The doctor said to him, opening the gummy bears.



“Here.” Koo said while pointing on his bandaged ankle. The doctor smiled when Koo replied to him.



The doctor instructed him to lie down in which he complied quickly, sucking on his lollipop. The doctor removed his bandage and now his ankle was swelling. The doctor assessed the area that was swelling and starting to bruise. The doctor moved his foot to check which positions caused discomfort to the little. When the little winced, he stopped.



“Seokjinnie, it seems like your hunch was right. Your little has a sprained ankle, but it is not that severe. I will prescribe you with some pain relievers in case the pain is not tolerable for your little. Remember to let it rest…” The doctor reported his findings to the caregivers as he was giving them also some instructions.



They were relieved that Koo’s ankle was alright, and it just need some rest and extra care. TaeTae was busy chewing on his gummy bears and giving some to his older brothers.



After that they said their goodbyes to the doctor. Before going, the doctor suggested for the caregivers to update the vaccinations of the littles since they were lacking some. Tae was behind five shots while the two who littles were only behind two shots. The caregivers suggested to save it for another time.

Chapter Text

When the doctor left their home, Kookie was told not to engage in strenuous activities and not to move much as per the doctor’s recommendation. His brothers were very caring to him, especially Minnie, who was acting like his personal assistant, handing him all the things he needed for playing. Tae was very helpful too as he is guarding Koo like a cute puppy from the things that may hurt his older brother like simply getting his toy or coloring a book.



The caregivers took turns watching their Littles while some were cleaning the house and preparing some of the snacks for the littles. They did not waste any moments created by the littles. They snapped significant amounts of pictures of their babies.



They would reprimand them if their arguments escalated and praise them if they did a good thing.



Seokjin had suggested for them to impose a reward system for the littles. They agreed on giving the littles stickers if they did a good thing. They could collect them, if they completed a total of twenty stickers, one of their wishes can be granted. Of course, their wishes should be realistic and not out of this world.



Two weeks have passed, and Koo’s feet was healing. He can now walk freely without limping. His brothers were happy seeing him as they can play more freely. The caregivers and the littles were adjusting rapidly.



Yoongi was contacted by the facility head, apologizing for the inconvenience that they have caused for the caregivers. Actually, it was not considered as an inconvenience for the group as they had given a time to bond with their littles, taking into account that it was their free time. The facility head reassured them that they would be contacted if the situation were better and they can return Tae to the facility as Minnie and Koo’s adoption process were approved a week before.



The caregivers had a serious talk the night after that, stating that they would not give up Tae, The day after that, they contacted the facility to say that they were more than willing to adopt Tae and ready to apply for the adoption process of the little. They did not understand why the facility was so adamant in letting Tae get adopted even though Jackson had recommended that it was better for Tae to stay with them.



“If I get all twenty stickers, I will wish for TaeTae to stay with us.” Minnie boasted to Koo. He was the leading person on the board, for he had collected a total of twelve stickers. Koo was next to him with a total of eleven stickers.



They were doing everything that they can like cleaning up their toys, not fighting with each other, listening to their daddies, and looking after each other.



“Nuh-uh, I am gonna wish for that fwirst.” Koo said while playing with his toys. Tae was busy watching some cartoons which he was currently addicted to. He was hypnotized with bright colors and catchy music.



They were told to watch over Tae since the caregivers were on the kitchen, preparing their dinner. The littles can be overlooked in the kitchen, but the caregivers were too focused preparing their dinner.



Tae’s eyes were starting to droop as he was fighting his urge to sleep. His caregivers told him to wait until the dinner was finish before sleeping as they did want for the little to sleep with an empty stomach.



His brothers were surprised when he collapsed on the floor. He had slept on the carpet. His brothers hurriedly went to their daddies and told them.



“Daddy! TaeTae fwell asleep.” Koo said, his eyes were wide expressing his concern.



Namjoon who was putting some fruits in a bowl left his task and went to Tae who has his face buried on the carpet. He called for Tae and the little opened his eyes, wincing from the interruption of his sleep. His Daddy hurriedly carried him and went back to the kitchen.



Seokjin was acknowledging the two littles from their good work and gave them one sticker each which was put on their board.



Meanwhile, Tae went back to his sleep in his Daddy’s arms, drooling on the caregiver’s favorite shirt. Seokjin told the Namjoon to place Tae on his crib and just give him a bottle of milk. They did not want to risk an upset stomach later.



Minnie and Kookie placed themselves in the table as they happily ate their dinner together with their caregivers. Minnie was not able to finish his food, stating that he was full. His daddies urged him to finish his food as they noticed that the little only ate few amounts of food, but to no avail he got up from his chair and proceeded to brushing his teeth to prepare going to bed.



Koo was given a sticker because he was able to finish his food and did not waste any bit of it. He was so happy when the caregiver put an additional sticker on his board. Now, he and Minnie were tied.



Minnie was sleepy as he went back to the kitchen to kiss the group goodnight as he noticed that there was a new sticker under Koo’s name. He hurriedly went back to their room where Koo was busy brushing his teeth.



He pushed the other little and the other pushed him back stronger.



“Why do you have another sticker? You cheated!” he asked angrily to the other little who was surprised by his action.



“I ate all of my fwood.” Koo replied.


“No fair. Cheater. I am sure you cheated.” Minnie said angrily to him. Their daddies were busy washing the dishes and cleaning the table. They were unaware of the whole situation as they were sure that the littles will not cause trouble, knowing that their youngest brother was asleep in their room.



“Nuh-uh, I did not chweat.” Koo replied to his older brother as he splashed some water from the faucet to the other.



Minnie pushed him hard that he fell on the bathroom. Tae was awakened from the sound and started to wince. The two littles were busy arguing over the whole sticker situation and they did not notice that Tae woke up.



Tae’s eyes went big when he saw his two older brothers pushing each other inside the bathroom in which he can watch clearly from his crib. He was surprised when Koo pushed Minnie so hard that he went outside the bathroom.



“You are so useless, you made a mess inside the bathroom.” His daddy pushed him from their bathroom and slapped him hard in his face, causing some red marks on his cheeks.


“I told you to wash your hands, not to play with water.” His daddy continued. He did not mean to make a mess inside the bathroom, he was only reaching the sink that was too high for him that is why the water made a mess.


“Sorry Daddy. Sorry.” He chanted continuously as his daddy continued in hurting him.


“You are good for nothing, useless piece of trash.” He said to the little who was crying the hurtful words.


“No one would love you ever.” He continued as he locked Tae in one of the cabinets as a punishment.



Tae’s memories of the past came back to him like it was yesterday. He loudly cried while chanting a sorry repeatedly. He had caught his brothers’ attention and the fight immediately stopped.



They were soaking wet with water when they checked on the youngest as they were throwing water to each other.



Their caregivers heard Tae was crying, their initial response was to get to their little. They thought that Tae was awakened by his brothers’ goodnight kisses. But they were all wrong.



When they entered the room, Tae was crying nonstop while his brothers tried to shush him. They noticed that he was saying sorry repeatedly to his ‘daddy’. They were confused. They picked Tae from his crib and tried calming him but to no avail, they failed. They passed the little to one another, hoping they could calm him down.



“What happened?” Yoongi asked the two littles who were wet.



“Minnie and I were fighting. Stwickers. Minnie said I was a chweater. Pushed me.” Koo said accusingly to his caregivers.



“You pushed me first Kookie.” Minnie argued to him while he pushed Kookie even though their caregivers were there.



“Hey stop.” Yoongi snapped at them while separating them. TaeTae was sobbing in Seokjin’s arms while he tried everything to make him calm down.



Seokjin decided to separate the youngest form his two older brothers. Seokjin smiled to the sobbing little who started to calm down. He decided to take Tae on their guest room and lay him there while he got his feeding bottle with warm milk.



Namjoon entered their bedroom where the baby monitor was placed to review the footage. There he saw Tae quietly sleeping, then Minnie approached Koo inside the bathroom, and there were a series of pushes, and water splattering over the floor. Namjoon sighed as he saw the footage. And the reason for all of that were stickers.



The other two caregivers were with Minnie and Koo who were not talking to each other and their arms were crossed. Yoongi was massaging his temples, it seemed that there was no way that the two will say sorry to each other and acknowledge their mistakes. Their Appa was urging the littles to talk.



When Namjoon arrived, he said what he saw in the footage. The two littles were arguing who started the fight. A series of arguments were made but they did not seem to regret what they did. Minnie huffed and tried to leave to get on his bed and Koo was busy biting his inner cheek for the tension he felt.



“You know that it was bad to fight with each other, considering that your youngest brother was asleep. You pushed each other and splashed water to each other, all because of a sticker.” Namjoon said to the littles who were at the opposite sides of the bedroom.



“Koo you pushed your brother first and Minnie you pushed Kookie while your caregivers were there. That was very disrespectful.” Namjoon continued as he sighed.



“Both of you, face the wall for twenty minutes. You are not going to move until one of you say sorry to each other.” Both of the littles huffed from Namjoon’s instructions as they stood up and faced the wall. Hoseok sighed and started the timer.



Seokjin was busy distracting Tae in which he succeeded, as the little giggled from his funny faces. Tae accepted the feeding bottle his Dada was giving to him. He laid on his back and started latching over the nipple of the bottle. His cheeks were still puffy and red from crying. Seokjin smiled at his baby not wanting to confront him now.



Tae’s eyes started to water, he scratched his eyes, and started closing his eyes. His Dada was rubbing on his tummy to make him fall asleep faster. Seokjin succeeded when the bottle fell from the youngest’s mouth. He removed the feeding bottle and shuffled to check on his husbands. As he was leaving the room, TaeTae whined from his sleep causing him to come back. The Little wrapped his arms and legs to his caregiver, placing his head on his Dada’s chest. The caregiver sniffed his hair and hugged him back tightly. He supposed that his husbands can handle that as he closed his eyes.



Back in the room, the two littles were crying while facing the wall. The caregivers sighed because none of them approached each other to apologize.



After few minutes, Minnie caught Koo’s attention by calling his name.



“Koo, Minnie is sorry. Should not have pushed you and said to you you’re a cheater.” Minnie said while wiping his tears. He apologized to the younger since he was the older one.



“I am sorry daddies I pushed Koo while you were there and made TaeTae wake up.” He continued.



“Minnie I am sorry too. Should not have pwushed you and spwashed water on your face.” Koo replied to him while wiping his tears also.



The caregivers called them and made them sit on the bed. Their daddies gave them a lecture after that incident which lasted about fifteen minutes. They hugged each other and Koo kissed Minnie’s cheeks. The other flushed red from the gesture.



“Now is time to sleep.” Yoongi announced to the other two in which they nodded. They went to their own beds and fell asleep fast, exhausted from their fight.



The three caregivers searched where Seokjin went and they went to the guest room when they checked that they were not in the bedroom. They cooed when they saw Seokjin and TaeTae tangled with each other.



The three caregivers quietly closed the door and proceeded in their bed.






The day after that incident, the two older brothers apologized to Tae stating that they were only arguing over stickers.



The youngest was surprised over the reason of their argument.



“Minnie and Koo can have mwy stwickers.” Tae offered to his older brothers, in total he had seven stickers in his board.



“Are you sure?” The two asked him in unison and he nodded the two beamed with happiness and kissed their little brother’s forehead.


The caregivers were proud seeing their littles happy, even though there were ups and downs.

Chapter Text


“Daddy, I finished all the collecting stickers.” Minnie proudly announced to his daddies. Kookie eventually gave up to their race to reach twenty stickers, thinking that he would just let his older brother win.



“Wow, Minnie is truly a good boy.” Hoseok praised the little who was beaming with joy while Kookie was busy munching on some biscuits his daddies recently bought. TaeTae was inside the nursery sleeping. His caregivers alternately checked on him from time to time in case the youngest would wake up.


“So, what is your wish?” Seokjin asked the little.



“I want TaeTae to stay with us forever.” Minnie said to his daddies. He got worried when his caregivers shared sad faces to each other.



“Munchkin, we cannot promise you that, but we will try our best to make your brother stay with us.” Yoongi explained to the eldest as he ruffled the little’s hair.



“You promise?” Minnie held out his pinky.



“We promise.” His daddies took turns sealing their promise with their pinkies. Even though he was quite disappointed, he knew that his daddies would do everything that they can.



Three weeks had already passed, and the caregivers’ anxiety were growing as they did not get a reply from the facility regarding Tae’s possible adoption. According to their manager, the facility follows strict rules for the adoption of TaeTae.


Unlike Tae’s adoption process, their two littles were officially theirs. The paper works were very exhausting, it was all worth it.



Minnie and Koo were busy smothering kisses to their youngest brother, muttering some praises to the little. The caregivers stopped them eventually when Tae’s whole face was covered with their saliva. Tae seemed to be unbothered by his older brothers, choosing to focus on the current cartoon he was watching. He was seating on a purple stool they bought few weeks ago. Their daddies made sure that the littles watched television with moderation by setting up a timer. Only three hours are allotted per day for them because too much radiation exposure can harm their babies.


The caregivers were situated in a large couch watching over Minnie and Koo who were wrestling each other quite roughly while Tae was busy sucking on his pacifier. The caregivers were busy planning on a camping trip with their littles, making sure that the camping site are secured and there would be no ‘fans’ who will disturb their privacy. They contacted their manager to tell their plan and the manager reassured that he will be making special arrangements (if needed) in advance in which the caregivers greatly appreciate.



Minnie and Koo were busy wrestling with each other, rolling on the floor, fighting who will be the one winning the top position.



“Yah! Stop that!” Yoongi exclaimed. He was worried that the two will hurt each other truly.



The two immediately stopped their play, and they approached Tae who was so immersed on the cartoon. The two started to pepper kisses on Tae’s cheek, pressing their faces on Tae’s cheeks too hardly. One thing that they should not do is bother Tae when watching television because he surely be antsy if interrupted. They ruffled, played, and combed Tae’s hair in which the youngest returned with a groan, starting to get annoyed at his brothers.



“Stwop please.” He muttered while maintaining his focus on the cartoon. He pushed Minnie and Koo’s head away from him so that they would stop.



His older brothers seem to be in a mood annoying him because they did not stop what they were doing. Hoseok noticed that the two were up in a mission to annoy the youngest so he intervened. He removed Namjoon’s legs which were on situated on his thighs to approach the littles. He was about to reach the babies when suddenly Tae fell on the floor and hit the back of his head on the rubbered mat.


The scene felt like it was in slow motion. The two littles were smothering kisses to the youngest, they put the weight of their body over Tae in which the little obviously cannot handle so he leaned back and that he was sitting on a stool without back support. He hit his head while his older brothers landed atop of him with their eyes widely opened.



The two littles panicked and got off Tae quickly. His eyes were closed, and his brothers shook him hardly because they worried from the unconscious state of the other. Hoseok quickly got the two littles away from Tae, giving him space.



The three caregivers quickly got off their sit and approached the youngest. They were sure that there would be no concussion in the little’s head because he fell from the rubbered mat. He was just unconscious from the shock. Yoongi and Hoseok quickly escorted the two littles to their shared bedroom to calm them down and reassured them that Tae would be okay.



Seokjin and Namjoon was tapping Tae’s shoulder lightly trying to regain his consciousness. They were relieved when they heard a groan from the youngest’s mouth.



“Hurts.” The little muttered while holding the back of his head.



“Munchkin, do not get up quickly.” His Dada instructed him when he tried to get up from the floor but failed when he felt pain in his head.



Namjoon quickly checked his head and felt a huge bump. His Daddy sighed and quickly exited the living room to get ice from the refrigerator.



“’m sleepy.” He muttered to his Dada. Seokjin was alarmed from the statement of the little.



“No…no… sweetheart, you need to stay awake.” His Dada urged him. Tae tried his best to listen to his Dada. His Daddy was quick to return with an ice bag from his hand. Dada quickly placed it on the back of his head where the bump is located. He was lifted off the floor and into the arms of Seokjin.



Yoongi was pacing on the littles’ bedroom to contact Rowoon, their family doctor, but to no avail his line was busy. He continued contacting the doctor and when the doctor picked up the phone he stated the incident. He felt relieved when the doctor said that he will come to their home as fast as they can.



The two littles were feeling absolutely guilty. They were looking down the floor, avoiding eye contact. Minnie was playing with the hem of his shirt while Koo was chewing on his inner cheek. Hoseok was watching over them.



Tae did not cry when he started to regain his composure. He just stayed quiet and stared on the wall. His two daddies were worried sick to him as they ask what he was feeling in which he replied with a short okay.



Meanwhile, the two littles were being reprimanded inside their bedroom with their Papa and Appa. They were crying and muttering a series of sorry, explaining that what happened was just an accident. The caregivers agreed that it was only an accident but they had to be disciplined since earlier they were wrestling each other in which their daddies told them to avoid, and they were annoying the youngest who was busy minding his own business.


They were told that they will be receiving a total of ten spanks each and a time out for thirty minutes. Yoongi and Hoseok instructed them to count for them and tell them if ever it hurts too badly so that they could slow down. More streaks of tears fell down their eyes when their two daddies started, aiming gently on their bottoms.



When they finished, they explained the littles what they did wrong in which the littles acknowledged.



“Minnie and Koo, do you know why you were spanked and asked for a time out?” Yoongi asked them gently and they nodded, “You annoyed Tae and played too roughly with each other.” He continued.



“Did you understand that?” He asked while Hoseok was calming the two down.



“Yes, we’re sworry.” The two muttered in unison as more tears slides off their faces and snot going outside their noses.



The two caregivers nodded and directed the littles to face the wall. Hoseok set up the time and told the two to behave and stay for thirty minutes inside their room. The other two caregivers ran down to the living room, announcing to Namjoon that the doctor will come soon maybe just stuck in a heavy traffic.



Seokjin was busy talking to the Tae who was just nodding his head for affirmation.



“Sweetheart, does your head hurt?” Hoseok asked their baby with a bright smile. The caregiver’s question was unanswered.



“Does baby like anything, strawberries or milk?” Yoongi continued and he was still ignored by the boy.



“Munchkin, what do you feel?” Namjoon asked. But he was still unanswered.



Finally, after a few minutes of questioning Tae. He answered.



“I’m not Little.” The four caregivers were surprised by his statement.



Yoongi uttered a series of curses while the other three were left shocked.



“Can I have a glass of water?” Tae asked the three. Yoongi left the living room and got water. He also dialed the doctor, asking him if he could go faster.



Yoongi quickly handed water to Tae who was quite puzzled by the whole situation.



“Where is Jiminie and Jungkookie?” He asked.



“Their upstairs.” Yoongi answered. Taehyung placed the empty glass on a table and nodded to him.



“The doctor will come soon.” Yoongi said to him.



Well shit.

Chapter Text

When they heard Hoseok call them to announce that their punishment time was over, the two littles rushed towards to the living room to apologize to their youngest brother. To their surprise, Tae was sitting on a couch which seems odd because the little was not allowed to sit on it unless their daddies will supervise him. Tae seems to be preoccupied with something as he stares on the empty wall. The caregivers were simply staring at him, not knowing what to do.



The doctor did not arrive yet. However, Rowoon notified the caregivers that he was still stuck in heavy traffic and apologized in advance.



The two littles climbed on the couch with the help of their Papa, making sure that they would not fall and they are properly placed so that they would not fall.



Minnie hugged Tae and apologized sincerely to the other.



“Minnie is so sorry TaeTae, I just want to kiss you hardly.” Minnie explained to him while kissing his cheek gently. Minnie was surprised when the younger smiled and ruffled his hair.



“It is okay Jiminie.” Jiminie. Jiminie. The little was surprised when the other called him Jiminie. Could it be?



Kookie was next to apologize to him.



“TaeTae, Kookie is vewy sowwy, I did not know.” Kookie explained to him. The little was about to say something but he was cut off by Tae.



“It’s okay, Jungkookie.” Tae also ruffled his hair and smiled at him. Jungkookie. Jungkookie? What?



The two littles were confused. They knew that there was something different to their youngest. The first that they have been called Jiminie and Jungkookie was when Tae had returned from his foster family. Their guardians explained to them that Tae was big that moment. Big which means he was in an older headspace.



They remembered how the facility was having a hard time to put Tae back in his younger and normal headspace. A lot of patience and care were needed for the little to trust them and go back to his normal headspace. Eventually, with the help of Minnie, Kookie, and selected guardians, their efforts paid off when the little learned to trust them and go back on his headspace.



Their guardians explained to them that when a little force himself to be big, it can be dangerous because they are resisting their headspace. Minnie and Kookie understood it and made mental notes that Tae has tendency to resist his headspace which can be dangerous and that they would do everything to avoid it, knowing that Tae trusts them the most.



“Does Tae want to play with Minnie and Kookie?” Kookie asked Tae who was busy biting his lips. Tae grinned at him and declined the offer.



“Hmmm… I think Minnie and Koo can play without Tae.” He replied.



“But we want you to play with us.” Kookie said to him, lips pouting. Namjoon and Hoseok quickly shushed Kookie as they approached the other two.



“I think Minnie and Kookie need to sleep.” Their Daddy said as he was picking Minnie up and Hoseok soon followed picking Koo up. It was true that the two littles were feeling sleepy after minutes of crying and exhausted. They just confirm if Tae was really feeling big which confirmed was confirmed when he refused to play with the two.



Tae whispered a ‘thank you’ to Hoseok and Namjoon as they were picking the two littles to go back in their room.



After a few minutes, Taehyung started to talk to Seokjin and Yoongi who were trying their best to stay calm. They were sure that the little was having a hard time fighting himself to stay in that headspace.



“Are you sure that you would take good care of my brothers?” He asked while biting his lip quite roughly.



“Yes. We would take good care of them as well as you. We will make sure that you three will stay together. We will do everything t hat we can.” Yoongi confidently replied to the other which surprised Tae.



Tae nodded and continued to look around the living room.



“Can I take a stroll outside this house.” He asked the two.



“No, Tae, the doctor will soon arrive.” Seokjin replied to him. He was very worried over their little.



Taehyung pouted when he was not allowed to go outside and slumped himself further in the couch.



They were startled when the doorbell rang, signifying that the doctor has already arrived. Seokjin was very fast to act on it and volunteered to get the door for him. Taehyung nervously sat on the couch as soon as he heard the doorbell. Yoongi sensed his distress and he was soon comforted by a hand rubbing his back.



“It’s gonna be okay Tae.” Yoongi said to him.



“Where could be our little TaeTae be?” Taehyung was confused when he saw a very tall man with a duffle bag in his left hands. He was wearing a button down blue long sleeves and slacks, his hair was parted on the side.



When he realized that it was the doctor, Rowoon, that examined Kookie, and it was not Jackson, his previous doctor. He smiled brightly revealing his box smile.



“I could not find him.” the young doctor said, acting as if he was looking for Tae.



Tae felt that he was starting to slip to his normal headspace but a voice inside his head said no.



“I am here.” He said unenergetically.



The doctor was calculating his next step as if it were an exam in Calculus. He specializes in Littles that is why he felt that there was something wrong to Tae.



He smiled and sat on the opposite side of the couch, not invading Tae’s personal space.



“Tae, can I sit beside you?” He asked. Taehyung was hesitant to answer the doctor but soon nodded to him. The doctor asked the two caregivers to leave the room first because he would have a talk tot Tae in which the caregivers complied. They headed to the littles’ room where Hoseok and Namjoon were.



Taehyung was fidgeting in his seat.



“Tae may I ask you something?” The doctor said to Tae who was now playing with his fingers. Tae nodded and the doctor smiled.



“Are you feeling alright?” The doctor said.



“I am feeling alright except that my head hurts a little from my fall and there is a bump in my head.” He replied while pointing on the bump in his head.



“Aigoo,” the doctor said while checking on the bump on the other’s head, “Tae was hurt badly.” He cooed to Tae.



“Do you feel anything else?” He asked again. The other’s eyes were starting to water and started to droop, signaling him that Tae was sleepy.



“No.” He replied blankly and started to yawn.



He nodded to Tae’s answer and smiled at him. The doctor called Seokjin who was on the littles’ bedroom and asked him if he could escort Tae to the bedroom.



Seokjin understood it and began taking Tae on the large, shared bedroom where Minnie and Kookie were now sleeping.



“I cannot sleep on the crib.” Taehyung stated, worried that he would sleep on a crib. Seokjin nodded and told him to wait for a few minutes. He also asked Seokjin to bring him some ordinary shirt and jogging pants for him to change. Hoseok help Seokjin by getting clothes in their wardrobe. Since Tae was almost the size of Namjoon, he got some clothes for Tae to borrow. Hoseok handed the clothes over Tae and gave directions where the bathroom is located for him to change.



Seokjin was very careful carrying Kookie out of his bed to place him inside the Tae’s crib and he succeeded transferring the little. He offered Tae, Kookie’s bed.



“Thank you.” He replied as soon as he got out of the bathroom, cute wearing a large shirt over his frame that dropped on his shoulder and jogging pants which was tied tightly around his waist. He quickly approached the bed and threw himself on the bed. He quickly dozed off and Seokjin put the railings on the bed in case.



The four caregivers were gathered in the living room as the doctor was busy preparing Tae’s medications, He told the caregivers to look out for Tae in case he felt some headaches or vomiting. He instructed the caregivers to give some pain relievers or paracetamol if Tae’s condition becomes worse and monitor him closely.


The caregivers expressed their concern about Tae who was big as of the moment. The doctor assured them that he will come back to his normal headspace if he felt like it. He also said that they do not need to force the little to go back to his normal headspace because he will slip naturally. They just need more patience and the doctor said that it would not be hard for him to slip because his brothers were there.



They bid their goodbye to the doctor as they escorted him outside of their house. The caregivers went inside the bedroom and saw that Minnie left his bed and slipped himself in Tae’s bed. Minnie was hugging Tae as they slumber.


The caregivers sighed looking at the littles.



It might be hard at first but they were reassured that they can overcome this as long as they were together.

Chapter Text

Minnie was the first one to wake up from their slumber. He groaned as he felt hot sunlight entering their room. He squinted his eyes only to see his brother who was still sleeping deeply. It was true that he went to Tae’s bed and wrapped his arms around the boy last night.


He tried to shield Tae’s eyes from the sunlight. He checked on Kookie who was still sucking on his pacifier, also sleeping deeply.



Hoseok knocked on the door and entered it quietly. The caregiver seemed like he just woke up from his slumber also as his hair was disheveled and his face puffy. He saw the little trying to shield his hands over Tae’s eyes and chuckled.



“Good morning baby.” The caregiver greeted the little as he was closing the blinds to prevent sunlight from coming in.



“Morning Appa.” The little replied brightly while he was trying his best not to wake up his brother from his movements. He successfully did. He grabbed the caregiver’s hand and motioned him outside the room. His Appa understood it quickly, and they quietly left the room.



“Let us make some breakfast.” He said to the little while squeezing his squishy cheeks.



The little nodded as he skipped happily to the kitchen. His favorite chore now was helping his daddies prepare food because he always got a chance of tasting the food first.



Tae scrambled in his sheet from the sudden lost of his companion in bed. He was aware that his brother slipped into his bed last night, wrapping his arms around him. He groaned when he felt no one beside him, annoyed on the other’s absence.



His head hurts from the event yesterday, and he felt quite dizzy. It was not because of his fall but because of something else.



He felt little.



But not quite yet.



He felt slipping into his headspace and he was so scared of slipping alone.



Kookie woke up when he heard his brother groaning. He hurriedly stood up, supporting himself from the railings of Tae’s crib.



“TaeTae, are you okay?” He asked the other, slightly panicking for he cannot do anything because he was trapped inside the crib and he cannot do anything.



The other did not respond to him and continued to groan.



He tried everything that he can to escape from the crib. Fortunately, he succeeded when he piled up all of the pillows inside the crib and hang his legs over the crib. He made sure to drop all of the stuffies inside in case he cannot balance himself from the fall. He successfully escaped the crib in a matter of minutes. His adrenaline doing his job.


“Wait a minute TaeTae our daddies will come.” He reassured his brother who was now quiet and staring blankly on the wall.



He quickly ran to their daddies’ bedroom, not wasting a second. He saw that his daddies are still asleep, the three of them. He hurriedly climbed up the bed and jumped on the bed. He shook his daddies one by one in order for them to wake up.



“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” He continuously chanted to his daddy to wake him up, but to no avail he failed when the other turned to the other side.



“Papa!” He pounced his Papa, using his body weight. He succeeded when the caregiver opened his eyes, but muttered a bad word, scratching his head.



“The fuck!” He exclaimed as he was opening his eyes, but he was surprised when he saw Kookie on their bed looking panicked.



Namjoon woke up from Yoongi’s cursing and turned to the scene. Kookie was surprised too.



“Baby, what is the matter? Why are you on our bed?” His Daddy questioned. He was the first one to break the silence.



“T-TaeTae…” The little replied, panicking.



“What happened?” Namjoon asked the little.



Seokjin woke up from the noise and the first thing that he did was to check on the baby monitor on their bedside.



‘I thwink he is nwot fweeling good. I heard him cwy then after a mwinute he was stawing on the wall” The little reported.



Seokjin quickly got up on his bed and ran inside the littles’ bedroom. The other two caregivers, together with Kookie, followed too. Namjoon carried the little out of their bed.



“Koo, can you go with your Papa first? You help Appa and Minnie prepare breakfast.” He said while rubbing circles on Kookie’s back to help him calm down. The little nodded even though he was having second thoughts. He was passed to Yoongi’s hold.



“Hoseokie!!!” Namjoon called the attention of the other caregiver in the kitchen.



“Yoongi and Koo will help you prepare breakfast.” He announced.



“Okay.” Hoseok answered from the kitchen. He was sure that they were preparing a delicious breakfast by the delicious aroma from the kitchen.



“… and by the way Yoongi said a bad word while Kookie was there.” Namjoon revealed to the other caregiver.



“Yoongi!” Hoseok called loudly on the other caregiver.



“Come here instantly!” He added.



“Wow thanks.” Yoongi angrily muttered, exiting together with Koo.



Seokjin approached Tae’s bed. The younger was staring blankly on the wall.



“TaeTae…” He said while trying to get the attention of Tae.



The younger whined as he faced the caregiver. Seokjin’s initial assumption was correct. Tae was already feeling little.



Namjoon entered the room when he heard Tae whining who was maintaining his eye contact to Seokjin.



“Is my baby feeling alright?” Namjoon questioned him while he approached Tae to sit on the bed. Seokjin made some space for him to sit.



Tae whined again, tears starting to fall on his puffy cheeks.


“’m not little.” He replied while trying to resist the urge to slip.



“Oh, Tae, you do not need to fight against it.” The caregivers cooed. They knew that Tae was resisting his urge to slip.



“It is okay.” Seokjin said to him while brushing his bangs from his forehead.



“We are here for you.” Namjoon smiled at him sincerely.



He turned his back to the caregivers, his sobs become louder. The caregivers waited for him to calm down, allowing him to take time.



He turned his back to his caregiver again, facing them.



“Breakfast is now ready.” Hoseok announced.



“Bweakfast is weady.” They heard Koo.



Tae’s stomach grumbled, his caregivers chuckled and look at one another.


“I think your stomach is hungry.” Seokjin said to Tae who seemed to be preoccupied.



“Do you wanna be carried or do you wanna walk?” Namjoon questioned him. The little seemed having a hard time choosing. He chose the former.



Namjoon carried him inside the kitchen with Seokjin following on his back. The breakfast was on the table when they arrived. There were traces of food on the two littles’ mouth, a concrete evidence that the two caregivers gave something in advance.



“Yoongi! Hoseok!” Seokjin exclaimed.



“What?” The two questioned in unison. The two littles chuckled, for they knew that that their daddies will be scolded.



“You made them eat in advance, they might lose their appetite before properly eating.” He said, approaching the two caregivers to hit them on their back.



“Hey! Hit from the other side.” Yoongi said to Seokjin as he showed to the group the red mark that they were sure came from Hoseok.



Seokjin still continued to hit them.



“You know what daddies. Appa hit Papa’s back a while ago. I cannot understand them, but I just heard something about Kookie and a bad word.” Minnie reported to his other daddies and Kookie chuckled.



They noticed that Namjoon was carrying Tae in his arms. They cooed at the Tae who was feeling shy, hiding his wholef ace on Namjoon’s chest.



“Good morning TaeTae.” Koo greet him happily.



“Do you wanna sit beside me?” Kookie added, offering the highchair beside his seat.



“Tae, do you wanna sit beside Koo or beside Minnie?” Namjoon questioned him. Minnie was seating on an ordinary chair.



“Kookie.” He answered. Kookie showed his bunny smile on him and happily bounced on his chair, excited of eating as well as Tae agreeing to seat beside him.



Tae was starting to slip on his headspace without him noticing it. His caregivers waited patiently for him to slip comfortably, going with Tae’s flow. They knew that if they forced the other to slip, Tae would resist his urge.



Minnie transferred to a seat beside his brothers. He was beside Tae. He offered some sliced strawberries to him. Tae nodded to him, and he put on his brother’s mouth. Together with Kookie, they alternately gave Tae some fruits, except bananas of course. The caregivers watched the cute scene.



“Minnie, Kookie, eat your food. I think Tae’s stomach will be full of fruits if you do not stop giving him.” Hoseok chuckled.



The two littles stopped and ate their own fruits. The caregivers started giving their main meal. Minnie requested for pancakes. Pancakes were his favorite specially if there were maple syrup, butter, and fruits on the top. Kookie was waiting for his caregiver to pour some milk in his bowl and add his favorite cereal. He got pancakes too.



“Tae what do you wanna eat?” Seokjin asked the little. Normally, little Taehyung would request for mashed potatoes, but they were not sure as of the moment.



“Uhmmm…” Tae answered them as he was scanning the table.



“TaeTae you love mashed pwotatoes.” Koo said brightly to him as he placed his chin on his brother’s table attached on their highchair.



“Koo…” Namjoon called his attention.



Tae felt bad not choosing to eat mashed potatoes.



“Mwashed pwotatoes please.” He replied. He was also surprised from the uttered words, but hey happily complied to the other, not showing any signs of indifference.



Namjoon got his plate and put some mashed potatoes in his bowl, putting only the right amount.



They silently ate.



Tae was having a hard time using his spoon to eat, so Minnie hurriedly ate his favorite pancakes and proceeded feeding Tae.



Tae felt comfortable hat he started slipping completely.



He was very compliant, letting Minnie feed him. Minnie was happy feeding his brother. Kookie also ate his meal rapidly to help Minnie.



Then Tae let go.



“Mwore please…” He requested his daddies, happily eating his mashed potatoes with Minnie’s help.



“Oh, I see that is your favorite food.” Hoseok gladly refilled his bowl.



The caregivers were busy watching their littles feeding each other as Kookie also asked Minnie for a bite. Minnie too was eating the mashed potatoes, making sure he served his younger brothers equally.



Tae’s tummy started to get full so he rejected the mashed potato that Minnie was offering him.



“Fwull now.” Minnie was relieved when he heard his brother. He knew that Tae was not big anymore from the words he uttered and how compliant he was.



“Pway?” He asked his older brothers while taking the bottle full of water that his Dada offered him.



“Certainly.” They replied.

Chapter Text


TaeTae was feeling a little bit of uneasy when his brothers practically dragged him inside the living room where their toys were currently situated because their playroom was under the process of reconstruction. TaeTae was shy of the attention he received in a span of almost two days from his older brothers and caregivers.



He did his best not to show any signs of distress, but Minnie knew his little brother too well. While they were busy offering some toys to Tae, he caught his little brother’s attention when their daddies were not looking at them, busy of talking about adult stuffs.



“Do not worry TaeTae, we will twake care of you and our daddies too.” Minnie whispered to him while combing his bangs that were covering his eyes.



Tae blushed, he knows that Minnie knew him very well that even his inner thoughts can be read by his brother. Tae grinned and showed his boxy smile to Minnie.



He nodded and pulled Minnie into a tight hug while kissing his cheeks. Minnie was surprised on Tae’s sudden affection, but he hugged him also tightly. Kookie, who was so immersed stacking some blocks, noticed that his brothers were hugging.



“No fwair.” Kookie blustered while crossing his arms on his chest.



“Come here.” Minnie urged him in which Kookie happily listened, crawling towards his brothers.



Kookie threw his body on his brothers, causing them to stumble. Minnie quickly acted, catching Tae’s head on his small hands.


“Kookie! Be careful.” Minnie exclaimed as Koo wrapped his hands over Tae, cuddling onto him tightly.



Tae returned the hug to Koo, turning his whole body to his brother while smiling. Minnie complained when his youngest brother turned away from him to hug Koo.



Their caregivers were happily giggling, secretly watching over their littles, snapping some photos of them.






The day after that, the littles noticed that one of their daddies were missing. They silently counted their daddies who were busy preparing their breakfast.



“Appa, not thwere.” Koo whispered to his brothers. The two nodded in response. Their Appa always makes breakfast. Why is he not there?



When it was time to eat, their three daddies sat on their usual seats, but one seat was vacant. Their Appa’s chair.



“Where is Appa?” Minnie questioned while chewing on his food.



“Minnie, please do not talk when your mouth is full. Hm?” His Dada reprimanded him. Minnie had a habit of talking while his mouth was full that caused worry to his daddies because he might choke.



“Sorry.” He replied, but still waiting for any of his daddies’ reply.



“Your Appa was not feeling well and he is afraid of getting you sick also, so he stayed on the guest room.” Their Papa said reassuringly.



“But…” Minnie said.



“Eat your breakfast.” Yoongi interrupted what he was about to say.




The three littles sighed as they ate their breakfast quietly, feeling the absence of their Appa.




“TaeTae, do you know where the guest room is?” Minnie asked his youngest brother ecause he knew that Tae stayed there with their Dada.



“Cannot rewembwer.” The youngest replied, sad that he could not help.



The two sighed again. They were situated in the living room, asked to play with their toys. Their Daddy was the one who was looking over them. Their Dada and Papa were busy cleaning up the kitchen.



“Let us go to Appa.” Minnie suggested to his younger brothers.



“But we dwon’t know where he is.” Koo argued. Minnie smiled to him, whispering to his brothers.




“We gonna fwind out.” Minnie said.



The three littles planned their escape from their Daddy. Minnie was assigned to lead the way. Koo was on look out if ever one of their daddies noticed them because they knew that they were not allowed to go to their Appa since he was sick. Tae was the one who will verify if the route was correct according to what he remembered.



Even though they were asked by their daddies not to go to their Appa. They missed him so, so much even though it was only for one day.



They waited for Namjoon to get bored and sleep since their daddy was yawning endlessly. Their other two caregivers where still in the kitchen debating their meal plan for next week.



When their Daddy closed his eyes, they quietly crawled to the long hallway, led by Minnie. They scanned the whole hallway where the doors were almost identical. Tae was having a hard time remembering the guest room. One door caught his attention. He remembered the smudged yellow paint on the door.



He pointed at the door and Minnie nodded and led the way.



“Are you sure TaeTae?” Minnie questioned him.



Tae nodded.



“Good boy.” Minnie said as he ruffled the little’s room.



“Minnie huwwy up, I thwink daddies are coming.” Kookie announced to them as he heard some footsteps coming from the kitchen coming to the living room.



Minnie knocked on the door twice and turned the doorknob.



“Minnie, Kookie, TaeTae!” The littles gasped as they heard their Papa called for their name. They were sure that they would get on serious trouble, but hey just want to see their Appa.



Minnie opened the door with a loud bang that they were sure that their daddies will get there on a matter of minutes.



“Babies, what are you doing here?” Their Appa was startled to see their babies on the door, making their way towards the bedroom.


“You are not supposed to go here.” Their Appa added while signaling the littles to stay there.



“But we missed you.” Kookie argued as he stomped one of his foot on the floor.



Even though they were not allowed to enter by their Appa, they did not listen. When they were halfway from the bed where Appa was lying, a hand scooped them separately. They whined. Apparently, their three daddies heard them from the guestroom.



“Say goodbye to your Appa.” Yoongi urged their littles who were trying to escape from their hold.



“No…no… we mwissed Appa.” Koo grumbled as he tried to wriggle to escape his Papa’s hold.



Hoseok felt bad when he saw their little, doing everything that they can to see him.



“Tomorrow, munchkins, I will feel better.” Their Appa promised, blowing them a flying kiss as they left the room. Hoseok groaned as he stood up from his bed and locked the door.



The three littles were crying as their caregivers returned them in the living room.



“We want to see Appa!” Minnie whined as he angrily wiped his tears from his frustration.


“Minnie, Koo, and Tae, Appa is not feeling well.” Namjoon explained, sighing.



“But we want to swee him.” Koo argued, crossing his arms in front of him.



“Do you want Appa to get sick badly?” Seokjin questioned as he tried to calm the littles down, “because when he hears you crying, he feels worse.” Seokjin explained.



The three littles stopped crying, looking at their caregivers attentively.



“Rweally?” Tae said as his Dada wiped his tears.



“Of course!” Their Daddy said.



“Appa will get sick badly. If Appa gets sick, he will go to a doctor and stay there for many days. You will not see him more.” Yoongi said.



“We’re sworry.” Koo apologized, knowing that they were at fault because they knew that their Appa was sick, and they did not listen to their daddies.



“Sworry, we just mwissed Appa.” Tae mumbled, feeling bad.



“Since we knew that you missed your Appa, we will just let it slide, but that will be the last time you won’t listen to us.” Yoongi said to them while he got their bottles to let them drink water.



The littles nodded quickly. The two caregivers handed them their water.



“But when will Appa get better?” Koo asked, curious when will their caregiver return.



“Maybe, tomorrow?” Seokjin guessed. He knew that Hoseok will feel better since he took the correct medication.



“Let us just call Appa.” Their Daddy said as he dialed Hoseok’s number.



Hoseok was surprised when he saw the caller ID, it was Namjoon. What on earth was he thinking? They lived in the same house!



He quickly pressed the answer button, thinking that it was an emergency. He was surprised when he saw their littles fighting over the phone, arguing who will speak first. Eventually, they let TaeTae be the first since he was the youngest.



“Appa! TaeTae here.” The little beamed as he smiled to his Appa.



“Hello baby!”


“I am nwext!” Koo argued, making his way to the camera.



“KooKoo also here.” The little smiled, showing his cute bunny smile.



“Minnie is here also.” Minnie interjected while pushing Koo out of the camera.



Hoseok smiled brightly to the camera, seeing their littles fight over again to talk to him again. Yoongi mediated the situation and placed the phone in the middle so that all of the littles can be seen.



“Appa we mwissed you so so mwuch.” Koo said, upset that he cannot play with his Appa today.



“Who will fweed TaeTae?” Tae said as he remembered that his Appa always feeds him during dinner time.



Their daddies laughed about Tae’s sudden thought.



“Oh, baby! Your Papa is more than wiling to let him feed you.” His Daddy teased. Yoongi groaned thinking of him feeding TaeTae. Tae was a messy eater. Most of his food end up on his table. Also, the little has short attention span, but he always got tricked with train sounds.



Tae heard his Papa groaned and pouted showing his puppy eyes. “Fine.” Yoongi muttered.


“Namjoonie, make sure that you will take a video of Yoongles, making train sounds to feed Tae.” Hoseok said to the other caregiver who was listening.



“I’ll make sure of that.” Namjoon smiled at the caregiver on the other line. Yoongi glared at them, seeking help to Seokjin.



“We’ll send it to you right away.” Seokjin chuckled.



“Appa, do not stay swick. We mwissed you so much.” Minnie uttered.



“Sorry, muchkins. I got carried away of making music yesterday.” Their Appa apologized. It was true that it was their free time, but ideas do not come easily. When he saw a good inspiration, he did not hesitate to write it, and even stayed up late writing that earned him a tingling headache. He was afraid that it was symptoms of an influenza, so he stayed in the guest room to prevent transmission to the littles.



“I am hungry,” Hoseok muttered to the camera, “how about my babies make food for me?” Their Appa suggested, mischievously smiling on the camera. The caregivers groaned, knowing that it would cause a huge mess in the kitchen and only the three of them will clean up. Hoseok was good at cleaning and without him, the caregivers will remain in the kitchen tidying up for hours.



“Yes! Yes!” The littles chanted, excited.



“Can we?” Minnie asked their daddies who seemed to regret every life decision that they had made throughout their life, but when they saw the littles’ puppy eyes, they gave in. Who cares about tidying up, anyways?



Hoseok waved goodbye to their babies and ended the call. The littles hurriedly went on the kitchen. Their caregivers followed them, putting on some aprons to themselves and to their littles.



The porridge soup which roughly takes about half an hour to prepare, took them one and half hour to prepare. The littles were fighting over who will hand their Dada, the ingredients their Papa chopped, the one who will peel the eggshells, the one who will put the finising touches, and much more. They tried heir best not to fight over since their daddies said that they would leave the kitchen if they fought.



After hoursof preparing, they finally plated the hot porridge in a bowl. The littles were impressed by their helping skills, feeling proud of themselves. On the other hand, the caregivers were exhausted. They managed to put out the dishes they have used in the sink. They were busy thinking on how they will clean the whole kitchen afterwards.



They carefully made their way to the gust room, with the supervision of their daddies. Minnie was the one who held the porridge that was placed on a tray, Koo was assigned to bring the utensils, and Tae was assigned to bring the water.



Seokjin knocked in Hoseok’s door as the littles placed their assigned items on the floor. Koo placed the utensils on tray.



“Spwecial delivewy.” The littles announced.



They heard their Appa say thank you and as promised they left the hallway.



“Yah! Get your porridge.” Seokjin muttered.



Hoseok was busy devouring the said porridge, which was so delicious, taking into consideration that their littles helped in preparing it. He heard some noises inside the kitchen. He was sure that the other caregivers were having a hard time cleaning up the kitchen.



The littles were exhausted in they immediately slumped on the floor to take a nap. Namjoon, before helping, took out some blankets, pillows, and some stuffies for their littles to sleep on. He adjusted the three to make their bodies rest comfortably.



The two other caregivers were starting to wash the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Hoseok opened the door.



“Love you!” he shouted loud enough for the other caregivers to hear as he knew that they were having a hard time.

Chapter Text


When Hoseok woke up the next day, he was feeling better. Scratch that, he feels great. He had slept for about ten hours which was uncommon for him, considering his career. He got out of the guest room and made his way towards their bedroom. The other caregivers were still asleep, exhausted of taking care of the three littles. He checked on the baby monitor located at their bedside table, and he was beyond elated when he saw that the littles were starting to wriggle out of their bed.



He ran to the littles’ bedroom, and he saw Minnie and Kookie awake, rubbing their eyes. TaeTae was still asleep. When the two littles saw him enter the room, they squealed which caused for Tae to be woken up.



“Appa! Appa! We missed you.” The two chanted in unison while getting out of their bed to hug their Appa. Tae was surprised when he saw his Appa. The two littles succeeded at their little mission of hugging the caregiver and peppering him with some kisses. Tae pouted when he saw his brothers getting ahead of him.



“Mwissed Appa too.” He groaned as he was trying to escape from his crib. His Appa chuckled and tried his best to walk because the two littles were clinging on him.



“Really?” He teased the youngest as the little made grabby hands to him, so the caregiver carried him.



“Uh-huh.” The little said while hugging him tightly and kissed on his lips hardly.



The caregiver let the littles bond with him for a few minutes, and he decided to make a hearty breakfast to his fellow caregivers.



“Do my babies want to help their Appa prepare breakfast for their other daddies?” Their Appa proposed.



“Yes!” The three littles said as they made their way out of the bedroom to go to the kitchen.



“Careful babies.” He reminded the littles while trying to hold back his laughter.





After a few minutes of preparing the breakfast, they were done. It was faster and easier this time since the littles were now used to their assigned roles. They were preparing the table when their Appa said that they should go wake up their other daddies.



“Wake your daddies now.” Their Appa announced.



The littles complied immediately and went to their daddies’ bedroom. When they saw their daddies still asleep, they rode their daddies’ back to wake them up.



“Wake up! Wake up!” The littles said in unison while bouncing on the bed.




Their daddies groaned from the sleep interruption, but they opened their eyes, thinking that the littles have a very important message to convey.


“Okay, okay! Calm down first.” They said as they tried to stop the littles from a possible impeding disaster. The littles stopped eventually.



“Bweakfast is weady.” Tae announced.



“Hurry up!” The three littles tried their best to make their caregivers stand up to their bed. The caregivers let their littles tug them off their bed.



They were greeted with a delicious smell of breakfast, prepared by Hoseok and the littles. They mentally saluted Hoseok for managing to keep the kitchen clean despite receiving an extra helping hand from their babies.



They sat to their places and enjoyed the delicious breakfast.





The caregivers and the littles were on the living room, watching cartoons. The littles were giggling nonstop as they placed different colored ribbons on Yoongi’s hair who was sleeping on the playing mat. They tugged and tied every strand of their Papa’s hair and to their luck their Appa seems like in a deep sleep. The caregivers snapped some photos and sent it to their group chat.



Yoongi was woken up by the sound of his phone ringing. He groaned as he searched for his phone in his pockets. He hurriedly picked it up without checking on the caller ID.



“Hello?” He muttered sleepily, unaware of the littles’ makeover of him.



“Hello. Good afternoon. Is this Mr. Min Yoongi?” The woman from the other line asked.



“Ribbons?” He muttered when he realized that his hair was tied up with different kinds of ribbons.



“Sorry. What?”



Yoongi blushed when he realized that he answered the woman in the phone. The other caregivers were trying heir best to hold back their laughter, but it was another way around to their littles as they giggled.



“Uhm. Sorry. This is Min Yoongi. What can I do for you?”



“Okay, I am Anna, the head of the facility, if you can remember?”






“I am here to inform you that it is safe to return TaeTae to our facility now. Do not worry we had the facility sanitized recently.” She said casually.



“What?” The caregiver was taken aback, he thought that the adoption process of Tae was taken care of.



“You can now return Tae safely here.” She repeated.



“But we thought that the adoption of Tae is currently going well and meticulously reviewed?” Yoongi answered her, ignoring what she said. The caregivers were surprised by what Yoongi had said.



The littles stopped playing with their toys and stared at their Papa who was upset by the situation that he did not think that the littles were there.



“Wait a minute. I will call you back later.” He said to the woman on the line.



“Hoseokie, can you play with the littles first in their room and lock the door first. Hm?” Yoongi instructed the caregiver in which the other immediately complied, carrying Tae and inviting the two other littles.



“Let us go munchkins. Let us play on your rooms.” Hoseok urged them while making the atmosphere inside the room lighter.



“No! no! TaeTae will stay here!” Minnie stomped his foot in annoyance, crossing his arms in front of him.



“Yes. Wanna twalk to Mwiss Anna.” Kookie imitating his older brother.


“Babies, can the adults take care of this?” Seokjin said sighing, feeling disappointed.



The two littles eventually gave in as they felt that they are giving their daddies a harder time. They agreed to go with Hoseok and play with him.



TaeTae was sitting quietly while he held on his big, puppy plushie, the one that was bought by his Papa. He smiled sadly to the plushie, holding back his tears. He understood that his stay there was temporary since Minnie and Koo were the only one who will be adopted. Hoseok felt bad.



Incredibly bad as he eyed on the TaeTae. If only he can do something. Minnie and Koo did not know what to do for them to console Tae. They knew that their youngest brother was sad, but they knew that if they talked to him, he would be sadder. They watched Tae, not knowing what to do. They also felt bad.



“Pway?” Tae asked his brothers. He felt that his brothers were feeling bad also, so he tried to lighten up the mood.



The two were taken aback, but they eventually nodded.



“Mind if I join?” Their Appa asked while settling on the play pen in their bedroom.



“If Appa wants to.” Minnie said.


“Of course.”




Back in the living room, the three caregivers were arguing on what will they do. They knew that they were fighting a losing battle since the facility was persistent not to give them custody over Tae.



A few hours have passed, but the caregivers were still having a serious discussion. Hoseok eventually joined the others. The littles decided to take an afternoon nap on Koo’s bed. The bed was spacious enough for the three of them, squishing Tae in between.



“Can we ask for an update regarding Tae’s adoption process?” Seokjin suggested, contacting their manager.



“But I think that it was rejected again since they contacted us to return Tae as soon as possible.” Yoongi answered.



“Why can’t they give Tae to us?” Namjoon said, confused.



“I agree. The facility knows that Minnie and Koo cannot last a day without him and the same goes for Tae.” Hoseok said.



They sighed, as they talked to their manager about the problem.



“It seems like Tae is getting adopted by another family.” Their manager reported to them. Their manager was using all his means to get some information about Tae. He was also confused why the facility rejected the adoption papers, five times to be exact.



“What?” The caregivers questioned angrily. So that is why they did not agree to give Tae to them.



“When was it decided?” Yoongi was now beyond pissed off.



“Three days ago. The family seemed to take interest of Tae last week.” The manager continued.



“What? We appealed for Tae’s adoption a few weeks ago, and they decided to approve the application process of the other family.” Seokjin said furiously, his head started to ache from stress. Namjoon tried to comfort him.



“This will not do!” Yoongi said as he dialed the facility’s number.



“Yoongi! No!” Seokjin stopped him.



“Do not talk to the facility right now, specially if you are mad. It can worsen the situation.” Seokjin continued and he eventually listened as he dropped the call.



Back in the room, the littles were now awake. They were coddling Tae who was trying his best to smile, but his brothers knew him too well and can recognize his fake smile.


“Do not worry TaeTae, our daddies will take care of it.” Minnie assured the youngest.



“We agweed to bwe with you fworever. Right?” Kookie said while hugging his brother tightly.



“A pwomise is a pwomise.” Koo continued.



“Silly. TaeTae will nwot be with you fowever.” Tae said.



“You can.” Minnie said, thinking positively.



“Pwomise me, you will be gwood to our dwaddies.” Tae said to his older brothers.



“No, TaeTae will stway with us.” Koo interjected.



“Koo does not want to twalk with TaeTae anymwore.” Koo said while standing up from his bed, pouting.



Tae hugged Minnie who was surprised by Koo’s departure. He hugged his brother tightly as if not wanting to let go, but he knew he must. Minnie hugged him without saying anything, letting Tae’s sobs fill the room.

Chapter Text

Koo and Tae eventually made up after almost three hours of their fight with the help of their oldest brother.








The inevitable still happened. The caregivers were beyond devastated as they were packing Tae’s things in his bag. Today was the day he will return to the facility. As they had promised. They did the best that they could to prolong Tae’s stay, but to no avail they failed.




Once his adoption process to the other family, they will be given full custody of their supposed to be little. The facility informed that the adoption process of the little would be faster since the family was so eager to meet Tae. And that, they should be relaxed because Tae’s soon-to-be family was great.  




TaeTae was trying his best to cheer up his daddies and older brothers who were busy of packing his things. His crib was emptied out, making sure that they packed all of his stuffies, his favorite pillows, and his favorite blanket that his Daddy bought in an online shop.




“TaeTae don’t gwo.” Koo said while clinging on his brother.




“Hwide inside the cwoset.” The little suggested, thinking that he his brother would avoid returning to the facility if they hid him.




Tae looked at his caregivers, asking for help. The little did not want his brother to believe that hiding him is not the solution to their problem. The caregivers quickly understood him and nodded.




“Kookie, even though Tae would hide inside the closet, the facility would still look for him.” Their Papa explained to the little who was trying to hold his tears.




“Bwut, I don’t want Tae to go.” The little explained to his Papa, starting to cry. The little knew that his suggestion was silly, but he still tried to convince his daddies.




Maybe. Just maybe.




“Shhh… Shhh… It will be okay.” Yoongi carried Koo in his arms while the other caregivers were packing the remaining things in Tae’s closet.




Minnie was doing his best helping the caregivers, also trying to hold back his tears. His caregivers were comforting him but eventually he gave up. He cried, hugging the caregiver closest to him.




“Shhh…” His Dada comforted him, hugging him in return.




“Minnie, Koo, you look so swilly.” Tae said to them as he smiled sadly to his brothers. He crawled towards his brothers who were now sulking, hugging them each tightly.








The caregivers were having a hard time separating the three littles, for Minnie and Kookie were basically clutching Tae. They were afraid that if they forced the two littles let go of their brother, they would hurt each other more. But they eventually succeeded when Tae helped them. He was the one the remove his brothers’ strong grasp and told them he was hurting.




They came to an agreement not to take the two littles to the facility since it would be harder to separate them and it would be more stressful for the littles as well as the caregivers. They called their manager to be look after the two littles temporarily.




Their manager took Tae inside their car in which the little agreed, hoping that it would be an easier farewell to his two brothers.




But their plan was not followed when the Minnie and Koo clung on their legs and begged their daddies to let them stay with Tae, agreeing that they would stay inside the car. The caregivers were having second thoughts about the littles’ proposal since they knew that it would not happen. But when Minnie and Kookie got on their knees, the caregivers changed their mind. They carried the two littles and told them that they did not need to go as far as that.



They agreed to take the two littles with them, realizing that they deserved it since Tae was their brother and their special best friend. They tried their best to calm the two littles who were crying, saying that Tae would be sadder if he saw them cry.



The two littles got inside the car on their car seats with the help of their daddies. Tae was beyond surprised when he saw his two brothers sitting beside him. The caregivers were soon to follow, making sure that all of the things that Tae owned was there even the items that they had recently bought.



The facility was very stern on their decision. They apologized for giving hope to the caregivers that they will gain custody over Tae. They felt sorry upon the decision of their higher ups, regarding Tae. According to the facility, they felt like the caregivers were not suitable to take care of Tae since they had a busy work schedule and they had two littles adopted.



TaeTae needed extra attention, so they thought that the other family was more suitable caregivers than the four men. Money was not an issue, for the family owned a large business. It cannot be compared to the group’s wealth, but it was more than enough to support Tae. They were sure that the little will receive a lot of care and attention there since the soon-to-be two caregivers already handed the business to someone trustworthy and relieved their positions to be full time parents. Also, taking into consideration, that Tae was the first little of the couple.



Even though the littles were secured in their car seats, Minnie and Koo were doing the best that they can to hold Tae’s hand, kissing the back of his hand gently. Even though their hands almost cramped because they were stretching it fully, they did not falter to let Tae’s hand be empty, assuring him that it would be okay, that they were okay, that Tae was okay.



“TaeTae do not gwo with thwem.” Kookie uttered while wiping his tears with his free hand. Koo knows that once Tae goes back to the facility, they would not see him again like what happened to the other littles that disappeared. Actually, it was up to the caregivers who adopted them, but sometimes the facility needs to intervene and not allow the adopt littles to visit the facility since it would be harder to grow apart.



“Minnie volunteers to go to them in place for Tae.” Minnie boldly said as he raised his free hand, high. It was no use. The caregivers were very silent, focusing their eyes on the road, trying their best to be strong.



Tae chuckled to them. “Swilly, only TaeTae can retwurn. Minnie and Koo will stway with dwaddies.”



“No. We will stway together with daddies.” Koo corrected him as he looked at his daddies.



“Right, daddies?” Again, the caregivers did not give him some answers. The caregivers were very much hurting, but they cannot live a false hope to the little, it will be harder for all the three of them.



They counted their remaining days with Tae and spent every second making memories with him. There were no dull moments. One day, while they were talking of their dreams. They said to their daddies that they wanted to visit other countries. Their daddies promised them that when the right time comes, they will go to all parts of the world. They would try different fun activities like scuba diving, fishing, swimming, mountain climbing, postponed camping trip, etc. They, eventually, cancelled it when they knew that Tae would leave soon.



“TaeTae promise us that you will eat all the healthy foods that was given to you, play with your stuffies, sleep when it is bedtime, and enjoy all the moments of your life.” His Papa said to him.



“Pwomise.” Tae let go of Minnie and Koo’s hands and offered his pinky finger and his Papa stretched his hand to intertwine his pinky finger to Tae. The little let out a small giggle and kissed their intertwined pinkies.



“TaeTae, promise me that you would always be a good boy. You will always be our good boy and your brothers’. Do not let anyone hurt you, bite them.” His Dada muttered while trying his best to hold back his tears. The little chuckled because his caregiver’s face crumpled as he intertwined their pinkies.






“TaeTae contact us. Hm?” His Daddy said which earned him a smack on the head by his Appa.



“How will he contact us? Genius.” His Appa grumbled.



“I will twy bwut no pwomise.” Tae said to his daddies. The little did not know how he would contact them since they were not allowed to have phones.



“Daddies, be gwood to Minnie and Koo, pwomise?” TaeTae said while biting his lips. The streets started to be very familiar to him. The trees, the flowers, the stray animals, and the empty seats. They were about to arrive to their destination.



“We promise.” His daddies said, trying their best to smile to him, reassuring him. His older brothers’ grip became tighter as they noticed the familiar scenery.



He did not say anything to his older brothers, since he knew that his brothers will not accept his farewell and gripped their hands in return.



I do not want to leave them, but it is time.



“We’re here.” The driver announced to them once they arrived the front of the facility.



This was it.



The two littles, which seemed calm a while ago, were bawling their hearts out, now gripping Tae’s arms. They held on it tightly, not wanting to be separated to the youngest. The caregivers loosened up their grip to Tae, saying that they were starting to hurt their brother.



Tae acted like he was wincing in pain of his brothers’ hold but the truth was he was pained leaving them. He was pained of leaving his daddies, whom he trusted and loved the most. He was pained of leaving his brothers, whom he cared and loved the most. He was pained of the feeling that he would be left alone again. He was pained of everything. He started feeling numb.



He waved goodbye to his brothers and glanced a last look as he allowed his Daddy to carry him outside the van.



“No! TaeTae!” Minnie screamed and worked his way to unbuckle the seatbelt. He succeeded and ran towards his brother. The little hugged him tightly. Kookie imitated what he saw and succeeded unbuckling his seatbelt too.



They hugged the youngest one last time and kissed him, squishing his cheeks.



“Goodbye TaeTae. We promise, we will see you again.” Minnie said to him while blowing his nose on his shirt.



“Pwomise us, you will go see us agwain.” Koo said as he wiped his tears forcefully. The caregivers did not tell the littles yet that TaeTae will soon be adopted by another family. It would be more heartbreaking.



The youngest nodded as they detached themselves to Tae. Their Papa carried them back to their car and told the driver to child lock the car doors and windows so that the littles will not escape again. The driver obeyed him. Minnie and Kookie were crying ferociously, their driver who was assigned to look out was very much worried since they looked like they were not breathing normally. He tried to soothe the littles as best as he could.



TaeTae was carried by his Daddy as they entered the facility. The facility looked the same. Seokjin and Hoseok was carrying the little’s bag. They placed the bags on the floor. The little was whimpering, he surely did want to leave his daddies.



“Good morning TaeTae,” Anna greeted him, “hope you had fun with your brothers’ daddies for a while.” She continued. Yoongi was burning with frustration, as the little thrashed in Namjoon’s hold.



The little nodded in agreement. He was beyond happy together with his daddies and brothers. The facility head called Mina to get TaeTae from Namjoon. Mina was worrying when she saw how distressed the little looked, so she did not carry Tae inside his room yet. Instead, she carried the little on her arms and swayed him. The little buried his face on her neck, trying to hide his tears.



“Wanna say byebye to them?” Mina felt bad as she uttered it, the little started crying silently on his shoulder. She knew that the caregivers were a perfect match to Tae.



The little nodded. “Please. Rwoom. Alone.”



The guardian quickly understood it and invited the caregivers to the room, not minding what the facility head will say later. She exited as soon as the caregivers entered the room, excusing herself.



TaeTae was sat on a carpet together with his favorite puppy stuffie. The entire room stayed silent. He as it hit him. This was the last goodbye. He started crying, burying his whole face to his large stuff toy.



“Still wanna go home with you.” Tae said while he wiped his tears on his stuff toy. His Dada crouched down to him and sat him down properly. He caressed his face gently to wipe the little’s tears.



“TaeTae. Listen to me. You will have a real home soon.” His Dada said. He was not supposed to tell the information to Tae since he knew that it would cause more stress. Tae looked at him confused plastered in his face.



“You will understand it when the right time comes.” His Daddy said.



He sobbed as his daddies stood up.



“Remember that daddies would not give up on you. We will always fight for you.” His Papa said as he opened the door.



“Goodbye dwaddies.” The little said as his daddies exited the room. He ran outside the room to catch his daddies to hug and kiss them for the one last time.



He saw that his daddies were out the main door. It was too late. He ran towards it. The guardians, in there, were not quick to react as he escaped them. He ran towards his caregivers, stumbling a bit, legs still wobbly, exiting the facility.



“No! Dwon’t go.” The little said and the caregivers heard him. The caregivers stopped on their tracks and waited for Tae. Tae gave them the tightest hug and pecked a kiss on their cheeks. They ruffled the little’s head, feeling sorry. It was time to let go.



“TaeTae, it is time for the daddies go.” His Dada said as he signaled Mina, who was waiting patiently behind the little, to take Tae. Tae was resisting the guardian, thrashing. The caregivers were not looking back at him because they knew that if they looked back, they will not be able to contain themselves and just kidnap Tae for the sake of their sanity.



But they knew that it was wrong.



They hurried back to their car and saw their littles with puffy eyes and red noses from crying. The littles were beyond exhausted today.



They instructed for the driver to start his engine as they wiped their tears harshly, giving water to their two littles while trying to calm them down again.



Seokjin dialed their manager’s number while trying his best to maintain a steady voice.



“Are you sure that this is the number?



No, they would not give up like that.







TaeTae was returned inside of his room in the facility by Mina. Tae was left alone in his crib by his most trusted guardian. Mina promised to return to him as soon as possible. She was called by the facility head for an urgent discussion. Mina knew that she would be scolded by her actions.



Tae scanned his shared room with Koo. It was still the same, except Koo was not there. He laid there alone, feeling empty. In the past, together with Minnie and Koo, they cramped themselves on the bed so that they can sleep together. But it is now different.



His stomach wrenched at the thought. How was he supposed to live now?



He heard a knock on his door, and it revealed Mina. The guardian was smiling brightly at him. He stared at his guardian as he hid his face on the pillow. She made her way inside the crib, placing herself beside Tae. She knew the little needed comfort the most. She wrapped her arms to the little and hugged him gently to calm his sobs down. After a few minutes, the little’s sobs became muted. She lifted her head and checked on the little who fell asleep on her arms. She remained still.