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Fire & Ice

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Iduna and Agnar where on their ship.

"The waves are to high !"

"We need to keep going."

"My King, we might perish if we keep this way."

Agnar had to consider that, he wants to find the truth about Elsa, but he wants to see his daughters again.

He went to the study, where Iduna was searching on the map.

"Iduna, we need to turn back."

"Nooo, we need to find the truth about her, Athohalan needs to contain the truth."

"Yes but if we keep going, we might not see Elsa again ! or Anna !"

Iduna kept thinking.

What could they do.

She needs to find the truth about Elsa.

But there was no other way than going to Atohalan.


There was a legend of a Viking chief, that was an expert in mythical things, legends say he knows where dragons live. Maybe they could ask him.

"Iduna ?"



Agnar got his sword and went to the probe, a dragon ? dragons haven't been seen in years.

The beast was dark green, it standed on two legs, and it had yellow eyes with no pupil.

Its eyes where full of malice.

"Take cover !"

The dragon shot a fire blast at them, the boat was damaged.

Agnar threw a spear on the beast's neck.

The dragon roared in pain, and flew away.

"My King, the ship is damaged !"

Agnar went back to his wife.

"Iduna !"

"We are more than halfway there."

Agnar thought that arriving might be their best idea to survive.

"Atohalan must be the source of her power."

"We need to keep going."

Water started entering on the ship, the dragon damaged it too much.

"The waves are too high !"

Agnar knew their fate was sealed.

I love you girls. He thought.

He hugged his wife, as water got more in the ship.