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Star Wars One Shots

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Young Luke Skywalker the age of six peaked into his Father's room. His father was Emperor Vader.

He slowly snuck to the side of the bed, and then tapped Vader then ran away. Luke liked to do this with his Father often. Mainly because he thought it was funny.

Vader woke up with a groan. But he knew exactly who woke him up. His little, innocent son Luke. "Oh, Luke," Vader called out to his son, then got up out of the bed.

Luke was hiding in his bedroom. He just really liked to do this. Mostly because it got his Dad up, and that meant he got to go and follow him around everywhere!

Vader strode into the bedroom. "Luke. Luke where are you little one?" Vader asked.

Luke stayed silent in his hiding spot. Then he felt two hands pull him out of his spot. He looked up to see it was his Father.

"I found you little one," Vader stated with a smile. He put Luke on his hip then walked into his room.

"Daddy, why isn't Mom here?" Luke asked curiously.

Vader flinched. He knew Luke would ask him that question one day......and as much as he didn't want to tell Luke, he knew he had to.

Vader set Luke down on the bed, then sat down beside Luke. The six-year-old Luke looked at his Father waiting for an answer.

"Okay''s complicated." Vader started. "I was on a planet.....doing what I was told to do and your.....Mother came."

Luke listened and didn't interrupt his Father.

"Of course I rushed to see her. We talked for a few minutes....and then...."

Luke looked at Vader. "You can's not too hard to at least." The young blonde stated. He knew a little about his mother, but she always seemed to be a very hard topic for his Father to talk about.

Vader looked over at his son and nodded his head. " Master came out of her ship.....I got so angry.....I did something that I can never be forgiven for."

Luke felt the grief and sorrow from his Father. So the six-year-old went and sat on his Father's lap, and nuzzled his nose on his shoulder.

A small smile crept onto Vader's face. His flesh hand then started to comb through Luke's silky, blonde hair.

"Your such a sweet boy little one. I don't deserve you." Vader said after a few moments of silence.

"Yes, you do Daddy!" Luke exclaimed. His Father deserved him!

Vader couldn't help, but smile. "A..alright I'll continue now. I...ended up....hurting your Mother Luke. I will never forgive myself for it." Vader revealed.

Luke didn't say anything for a moment. So that's why it was so painful for his Father! Well, he knew enough about his Mother to know that she had forgiven his Dad.

"She's probably forgiven, you Dad! All couples have fights! I've seen a stormtrooper fighting with his girlfriend stormtrooper! Then they kissed and made up!" Luke finally spoke.

Vader smiled at his son. Of course, he had seen stormtroopers kissing. He hoped that he hadn't seen more than one kiss.....

"Then they said that they loved each other very much! Just like you love me a lot Daddy!" Luke exclaimed with a bright smile on his face.

Vader picked up Luke and put him on his hip. He had such a sweet little boy. "Well, Luke now I have to go to work on the bridge. Do you want to come with me as usual?" Vader asked looking at his son.

Luke of course eagerly nodded his head. "Yes, Daddy let's go!" The boy exclaimed happily.

Vader smiled for what seemed like the hundredth time this morning, then walked out of his quarters. The door shut behind him as he, and Luke left.

On the way to the bridge, Vader got Luke something to eat. After Luke was done eating then they both went to the bridge.

Vader walked onto the bridge with his young son on his hip. His men didn't question him since this happened every day.

Vader worked on the bridge for the next few hours. Then he eventually went back to his quarters, because it was time for Luke to go to sleep.

"Daddy I don't wanna go to bed! I'm not tired!" Luke complained. He didn't wanna go to bed! He wanted to stay up late with his Father! But...he never let him stay up! His father claimed that he needed his beauty sleep.

Well didn't he need his beauty sleep too? He didn't understand!

"You need your sleep little one," Vader said after a moment.

"You need your sleep too!" Luke replied with a pouty lip.

"Don't worry little one I'm going to bed early tonight."

Luke's eyes lit up with an idea. The young boy started to bounce up, and down in Vader's arms. "Can I sleep with you tonight then?" Luke asked. Sometimes he would sneak into his Father's bed at night after a nightmare.

"Pleeeeeeese?" Luke begged.

"Alright," Vader said with a smile.

Vader opened to door to his quarters then walked to Luke's room.

After a bit Vader was ready to go to bed, but... Luke not so much.

Luke was in his room playing with his toy Tie Fighter.

Vader walked into Luke's room to see him dressed in his pajamas but playing with his Tie Fighter.

"Luke it's time for bed," Vader stated.

"Finnnnnne," Luke replied then walked over to his Father.

Then they both walked into Vader's room then got into the bed.

Vader pulled the sheets over him and his son. "Goodnight little one," Vader said with a soft smile.

But Luke was already fast asleep.

Vader leaned over and kissed Luke on the forehead then went back into his normal position.

Vader then fell asleep in less than five minutes.