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Say Just Words

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Punk Hazard was soon going to be a distant figure in the mist and Law couldn’t be more thrilled about it. It had been a few sluggish months, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and, with Luffy finally came the spark that ignited everything. Law brought his teacup to his lips, eyes fixed on the darkening horizon set before him. The warm beverage felt good in his throat. 


The Thousand Sunny was a nice and steady ship and there was absolutely no doubt that it would carry them into Dressrosa, right into the heart of the beast. The only remaining question was the quality of those supposed to ride into the storm by his side. Ten days, as announced by the navigator, seemed a lot at first but this time could be used to get some rest, heal some old wounds and to get acquainted with the whole crew. These days could also be used to tweak his plan according to their strength and personalities because failure was definitely not an option. 


A soft ruffle of clothes behind him snapped the pirate out of his daydreaming and he tensed for a second. 


“Hey, Torao. Can you meet us in the kitchen in like … five minutes ?” Law turned his head around and saw the red-haired navigator behind him. Her tone was firm but nice.  “There’s a few things that we need to sort out with you being with us so yeah, be there ?” 


“Sure, meet you in a few.” 


He downed the last sip of the lukewarm tea before getting back inside, a soft smile hidden behind his collar. 




Law let out a soft sigh, sagging his shoulders and resting his head on the wall behind him. The meeting went well and now, it was time to let off the steam. This crew sure was a handful but they reminded him of his own in a good way, just in a more ... disorderly fashion. How could they act any different with a captain capable of stealing food from somebody’s else mouth? His subordinates could never … or maybe they would if he was more lenient with this kind of behaviour. After all, they were also quite the messy bunch. 


“Chew fast or douse your food with hot pepper, that should keep Luffy away from you.” he mumbled, mimicking Ussop delivering this piece of life-saving wisdom. What a pack of fucking maniacs. 


At least, one good thing that came out of this meeting; he was given a small room in the ship hold, next to Ussop’s workshop and most importantly away from all the ruckus in the boys’ dorm. It was a simple room with a big and sturdy bed handcrafted by Franky using some spare planks, a desk and a chair. The room would suit him for the time being: spartan, quiet and secluded. 


Law got up from the floor and let his finger brush over the edge of a massive big trunk in the corner of the room. He didn’t own much but he was happy to salvage a few things from Punk Hazard and hopefully, they would be useful upon this ship. The surgeon didn’t know exactly what to expect from his hosts but he was hopeful he could let off some steam before arriving at Dressrosa.


At first glance, the sturdy green-haired swordsman and the handsome cook seemed like the kind of person that would be ready to indulge in one of his peculiar fantasies but then, he needed to bring his best game to the table. 


The green-haired man seemed like a good place to start. From what Law saw on Punk Hazard, Zoro was definitely not an easy-going, relaxed guy but he sure was goal-oriented, straightforward and not unpleasant to watch at all. He liked the quiet strength emanating from the swordsman, prowling like a tiger ready to score the kill at the very moment his prey would lower its guard. Law wasn’t the kind of person to do so but he was very good at turning feral beasts into lapdogs, it would just take a trick or two … But then, the hunt was as interesting as scoring the kill.