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That Demonic Child, Heere

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Jeremy hovered by the door to the Mell residence, bouncing a little in anticipation. Today, he’d finally been signed off for all his burns, he was totally healed. Which meant today was also the day he was going to take Michael to the lake to practice flying and to have their first official date.


He had the picnic basket loaded with their favourite foods (with compliments to dad for sorting that aspect out) and a special blanket which folded into a backpack when not in use.  Add the bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolates Jeremy had for Michael and he was set.


All he had to do was knock.


His nerves ate at Jeremy for a minute before he finally did it. Sunny started to bark midway through the knock, and Jeremy heard Ina’s chiding before she opened the door. She smiled at Jeremy with so much care and adoration. “Heya, Jeremy.”


Jeremy ducked his head, blushing and smiling shyly. “Hiya Ina. Is Michael okay to come out today? I wanted to take him to the lake...”


“Yeah, he is. He’s just finishing getting ready.” Ina quickly checked her watch. “You’re a bit early, so that explains it.”


“Oh, okay.” He knew he was early, but he couldn’t help it. He always arrived early, especially when he was nervous. Yeah, he and Michael had spent lots of time together but this was their first ever date. Jeremy wanted it to be special.


“You can come in and wait too. You don’t need to stand outside,” Ina pointed out as she opened the door further.


“Thanks, Ina.” Jeremy shuffled in after her, still holding the bouquet of flowers and the box of chocolates. Ina grabbed the basket for him, meaning he didn’t need to set them down. That was good.


“Michael, Jeremy’s here!” Ina called, and Sunny barked as she ran down the hall to Michael’s room. “I’m sure you look great.”




Jeremy chuckled nervously as he tried to check himself over. He didn’t exactly have any free hands to fix anything, but now he was thinking about how he looked and oh god, what if Michael didn’t like how he dressed or did his hair today and decided he didn’t want to go out with Jeremy after all? (Michael wasn’t that shallow. He was being stupid) God, anxiety sucked.


“Jeremy, you look great,” Ina assured him, patting his cheek carefully.


“Inaaaa.” Jeremy whined, because he was supposed to, but then he leaned into the touch and closed his eyes. “Thank you. I’m just nervous. I want things to go really well today...”


“Things will go amazing for you two today. Michael’s been just as nervous,” Ina admitted. “Don’t tell him that I told you that though.”


Jeremy giggled a little at that. “I won’t. Promise.” He nodded, trying to relax. Ina believed things would go well, so they had to, right?


“I’m coming,” Michael called from down the hall, and Ina smiled as she stepped back and away from Jeremy. 


Michael appeared from the hallway with Sunny in his lap. He looked beautiful as always, but he wore a plain short sleeve along with his jeans. His hair was styled a bit nicer than his normal brush-gel-and-go too, and he had on his amazing smile. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”


Jeremy took a second to compose himself before awkwardly holding out the flowers and chocolates for Michael. “I only just got here. These are for you.”


Michael blinked before smiling wider and taking the gifts. “Aw, thank you, Jeremy.”


“I’ll get a vase,” Ina said before leaving the room. 


Michael looked over the flowers as he put the box of chocolate down between his side and the arm of the chair. “Oh, these are pretty as hell. What do they mean? I know you went through a phase of flowers and their meaning in middle school.”


Jeremy blushed and ducked his head. “They’re... they’re a bouquet of red chrysanthemum, red salvia, red camellia and fern sprigs. On their own they mean: I love you, forever mine, you’re a flame in my heart, magic and bonds of love. Together it’s basically a love note which means ‘forever together, bonded by love,’” he mumbled. Damnit, that was too sappy. He knew he should have just stuck to the white tulips and roses.


“Oh my god, Jeremy,” Michael whined. When Jeremy chanced a glance over, he saw Michael staring with love and adoration at the flowers before looking at him with that same look. “Please come here so I can hug you and thank you.”


Jeremy relaxed a little, then bent down and hugged Michael gently.


Michael hugged him with one arm before Jeremy pulled back. “Now, uh, I actually have something to give you.”


“Wait, really?” he asked, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “You didn’t have to get me anything.”


“Well, it’s not new or anything. You might wanna sit down for this though.”


“I... okay.” Jeremy wandered over to the couch and sat down. He didn’t stop his fiddling, having a strong feeling that this was gonna be an intense moment.


Michael wheeled himself closer, putting the box of chocolates on the coffee table before taking a deep breath. After composing himself, Michael reached behind him and pulled out his key ring full of so many keychains that it could legally be considered a weapon. He took off the key to his Cruiser before offering it to Jeremy. “For you.”


Jeremy could only gape and stare at the keys. “I... you’re serious?” he murmured. “There’s no... You’re...” Jeremy couldn’t process this. It was the Cruiser . Michael’s car. It was his way of coping when he was stressed or overwhelmed. Yeah, he couldn’t drive it anymore, but…


“It’s not like I can ever drive it again. Plus, you’re the only person I completely trust with my Cruiser. The only condition is that you’re my chauffeur whenever I need you.”


“Of course.” Jeremy nodded instantly, slowly taking the keys. “I... I promise I’ll take good care of her. We... I promise.” He nodded again, overwhelmed and just... this was too much.


“I told you that you’d need to sit down,” Michael said around a wet laugh. “It’s a lot, I know. I’ve been psyching myself up for this since yesterday,” Michael admitted as he scrubbed at his eyes. Sunny pressed herself closer to Michael then, even if she was already lying across his lap.


“You’re right, I did need to sit down,” he whispered. Then he leaned forward and kissed Michael’s forehead. “Thank you, Michael. If you ever just wanna go for a drive to clear your head, just tell me. I’ll chauffeur you anytime, anywhere. Promise.”


“Well, if you’re working or something, I don’t wanna bother you,” Michael said as he gave Jeremy a shaky smile. “But thank you.”


“I love you.”


“I love you too, Remy. Now, after Ina helps me get the flowers in the vase, are you ready to go?”


“Yeah. Let’s go to the lake. I have a few things I wanna try.”

It was weird being in the passenger's seat of the Cruiser, but it was something Michael had to get used to. He was used to pushing the pedals, having the freedom to drive anywhere. He didn’t have that anymore, and it would be fine. It was a struggle to sit and not do anything, but he trusted Jeremy. How could he not?


Michael stayed put when they stopped and parked by the lake. It wasn’t like he had much choice in that since Jeremy needed to get his wheelchair out and pop and lock everything, but still. He looked out at the scenery by them, glad that it was empty except for them.


“Be right back.” Jeremy grinned, clearly putting more energy into it than he really felt. He obviously felt just as uncomfortable about the situation as Michael did. He hopped out the car and was opening the door a moment later. “Want me to pick you up or do you wanna get out yourself?” Jeremy asked gently. He always gave Michael options, and always respected what he said.


He appreciated it. If it was most anyone else, this would annoy him. But this was Jeremy, not most anyone else. “I wanna try. If I can’t do it, then you can help me.” Jeremy just smiled and nodded as he settled the wheelchair down. 


After taking a few deep breaths, Michael twisted and lifted himself out of the car. Thankfully, he managed to do this all by himself. It was still a struggle to learn how to do this, but he was making progress. This was proof of that.


“Awesome job, dude. You’re gonna end up with guns soon.” Jeremy chuckled. “Now, you wanna wheel yourself to the pier or want me to?” Another choice. “‘Cause I’m feeling pumped, I’m more than happy to speed us over there. I’ve got too much nervous energy.”


He didn’t want to admit that shifting himself tired him out so much, so this was a good chance to help both of them. “Yeah, sure. We gotta get Sunny out of the backseat first though.”


“As if I’d ever forget our angel baby.” Jeremy scoffed, playfully offended. “And, since this area is so isolated and no one ever really comes here, I think we can do without the leash and stuff, yeah? If people come over we can put it on her, but otherwise...”


“Yeah, that sounds good. I’m sure that Sunny’ll love that idea too.” As he said that, Michael looked at Sunny patiently waiting in the car, her tail wagging a mile a minute while still buckled in.


Jeremy opened her door and quickly unbuckled her, picking up the leash and stashing it in with the picnic basket. “Come on out, girl. No leash unless someone comes.” He grinned, stepping back and walking around to close the door as soon as she was out.


Sunny bolted out of the car, landing on her feet as she ran around Michael’s chair a few times. Michael couldn’t help but smile down at his blessed dog as Jeremy closed the door. “Hiya, hun. You enjoying being off-leash?” Sunny happily yipped a few times.


Jeremy locked the Cruiser, grinning at the sight. “Ready to see me try to fly?” he asked, walking over to Michael and starting them all to the pier.


“I’m ready, but I’m gonna be anxious,” Michael forewarned. “It’s not ‘cause I don’t trust you, but just nerves.”


“Believe me, I’m scared too,” Jeremy admitted, stopping them short of the pier. “But... there’s something I wanna try first. Hold this please?” He held out the picnic basket and blanket.


“Yeah, of course.” Michael took both and settled the blanket down first before plopping the basket down. “What are you trying?”


Jeremy didn’t reply, instead reaching up the back of his shirt and pulling out his binder a moment later. His chest, no longer contained by his binder, pressed against his shirt.


Except, after Jeremy rolled his shoulders, his chest shrunk again. And then he started squirming and, after a second longer, he pulled the balled up socks from his pants. “Oh god, it's so weird and dangly!” he cried excitedly.


It took Michael a second to realize what Jeremy meant before laughing and whining. Sunny seemed to be more on the whining side. “Oh my god.” Then it really hit him. “Oh my god !”


“It worked!” Jeremy giggled. “I mean, I’ve been practicing, but that doesn’t mean I knew it would work .” Be swayed his hips a little before pulling off his shirt to reveal a properly flat chest. He had a little bit of a tummy, since he was a little soft and didn’t exactly work out, but god that was a masculine torso and it was Jeremy’s torso and holy shit, he had all the boy parts now that he was saving up for!


“Oh my god , dude!” He was a broken record and Michael only slightly cared. Sunny barked a few times, nuzzling against Jeremy’s legs.


Jeremy burst out laughing properly before spinning and landing on his butt next to Sunny and Michael. “I have my proper body now. This is exactly as I imagined it...” He sighed, leaning against Michael’s legs. Because of his positioning, Michael could even feel the touch a little.


That in itself only added to the tears forming. “Is this permanent?”


“Yeah, hopefully.” Jeremy nodded, nuzzling against Michael’s leg. “It’s like the next level up from my standard human skin. Since my body is literally made from magic, I can shape it with enough practice. So I practiced and did this.”


“Wait, your body is literally made from magic? You never told me that,” Michael said as he reached down and ran his fingers through Jeremy’s hair.


Jeremy nodded, leaning into the touch. “Yeah, it is... Since Squip let me harness everything, it changed me, and then becoming an angel changed me more... I’m not human anymore, I’m totally a fallen angel now.” He sighed and closed his eyes almost sadly. “I don’t even have to eat, and I’ve been too scared to see if I have to breathe.”


“Wait, what?” Michael focused entirely on Jeremy, not stilling his fingers. “Are you alright with this? I’d get it if you weren’t.”


“Not exactly, but I’m coping.” Jeremy sounded a little defeated.


“Well, what exactly about this bugs you?”


“I dunno. Everything I guess. I’m not even a little human anymore, even if I look at it.” The human coloring faded to reveal his angelic skin. “At least before I was half what I thought I was. Now I’m not even that.”


“Well, you’re someone new. Is that necessarily a bad thing?” Michael asked as he twirled some of Jeremy’s straight hair between his fingers. “You aren’t human, but you’re not a demon either. You’re an angel, like Sunny. Granted, you’re different types of angels, but you’re new and a result of what you believe in.”


“Yeah. I believe in you, and the person you are now and who you will be some day,” Jeremy agreed softly.


“And I feel the same about you. You’re figuring yourself out. I love you and believe in you now, as I will while you develop and become a different version of you. You’re still the same at your core, the amazing person I met forever ago, but you’re going to be better for yourself and those around you.” Michael blinked as he paused his fingers in Jeremy’s hair. “Did I make a weird tangent? Did that make sense?”


“It made sense... Thank you, Mikey.”


“Of course, Remy.” Michael reached down and offered his other hand to Jeremy. “I’ll always be here for you.”


Jeremy took it and squeezed. “Thanks, Mikey.” He sighed. “Now, should I get the wings out?”


“Yeah, just be careful and don’t overwork yourself,” Michael said as he squeezed Jeremy’s hand back. Hey, he couldn’t help but worry about his best friend. It was practically ingrained into his DNA.


Jeremy shifted and his wings sprouted from his back. They were damp with blood to start with, then they shimmered and cleaned themselves. They wrapped around Michael lovingly.


“Does that hurt? Having your wings appear and be all gross at first?” Michael asked as he looked the wings over.


“Yeah...” Jeremy sighed. “Like a really bad skinned knee right up until they’re clean.”


“That’s weird.” Michael looked down at Sunny from where she was sitting in Jeremy’s lap. “Sunny, do your wings hurt when they appear? I’m assuming you have wings since Jeremy has them.” Sunny sneezed and shook her head out in response, as if she was shaking water off of herself. “Weird.”


“I think it’s ‘cause hers are natural and mine aren’t. She’s born an angel,” Jeremy cooed softly. He rubbed Sunny’s ears before standing up.


“I guess that makes sense,” Michael said as Sunny lied by his feet.


Jeremy rolled his shoulders and spread his wings. “Well, wish me luck.” He grinned before starting his sprint down the pier. His wings flapped madly and for a second, it looked like he was in the air. Then he tumbled over sideways and landed in the water with an almighty splash.


Sunny ran to the edge of the pier and barked at Jeremy until he resurfaced. “Maybe you should take off your socks and shoes so it doesn’t weigh you down.”


Jeremy spat out some water and climbed out of the lake. “Good idea.” He wandered over to Michael and pulled off his socks and shoes, leaving them by Michael. “I was close though. I think I can do this!” he cried excitedly, shaking out his wings and spraying a little water everywhere.


Michael playfully cried out as he got water splashed against him. Sunny playfully growled as well, shaking herself out in response. “Be careful with where you’re spraying, Remy.”


Jeremy grinned and stuck his tongue out before shaking his wings out even more, making the motions exaggerated and comical.


“Nooo! You’re so mean.” Sunny barked at Jeremy a few times but did nothing else after shaking again.


Jeremy cackled. “Okay, okay.” He sighed before jumping in place a little. “Here I go again!” Jeremy started sprinting down the pier again, his wings beating more evenly this time. And, sure enough, he took off. With a little little wobble, he shot into the sky.


Sunny tried to follow Jeremy as best she could without getting into the water. She ran along the pier and eventually the side of the lake. Michael couldn’t help but stare and smile as he watched Jeremy go.


Jeremy cheered loudly, whooping and yelling in his joy. He started doing tricks in the air, pulling off loops and spirals, barely wobbling or struggling at all.


“You’re a natural, Jeremy!” Michael called as he leaned back in his chair to watch Jeremy go.


Jeremy cackled and turned, diving towards Michael and skimming just a little above him. Sunny tried to jump up and catch(?) Jeremy as he dove but missed, but she continued following Jeremy along.


Jeremy stayed low, giggling happily, staying just out of Sunny’s reach. “C’mon, Sunny! Race me!” he cried.


Sunny growled and bent forward, her butt in the air as her tail wildly wagged. “Just don’t race over the water.”


“I won’t.” Jeremy froze, only his wings moving, before shooting off like a bullet out a gun. Sunny shot after him, barking and growling happily, trying a couple of times to pounce on Jeremy but missing each time.


Michael didn’t know who would win at first, but Sunny pulled ahead at the end. She waited for Jeremy when she made it back, barking and hopping on her hind legs.


Jeremy, who was out of breath and giggling, landed next to her and Michael, collapsing onto his butt. He folded his against his back and leaned his head against Michael’s legs once more, hitting exactly the right area to provoke the tangible sensation again. “That... was fucking awesome.”


“That looked like it was. Sunny looks really happy,” Michael pointed out as Sunny scrambled to lie across Jeremy’s lap once more.


Jeremy stroked her sweetly, trying to regain some sort of composure as he leaned against Michael. “I had no idea it would feel so easy...” He looked up at Michael curiously after a moment. “Would you like to see if I can take you up there with me?”


Wait, what? “Wouldn’t I be too heavy to carry while flying? Like, I know you can carry me while walking, but flying is completely different.”


“My wings feel strong enough, and carrying you is easy enough for me now.” He smiled up at Michael. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. It was just a suggestion since I thought it could be fun.”


“I mean, it would be fun,” Michael murmured as he glanced at his lap.


Michael heard Jeremy gently get Sunny to climb off him before he stood. His hand entered Michael’s vision, palm up and beckoning. 


“Do you trust me, Mikey?” he asked gently, and Michael could see the shadows of his wings spreading out behind him.


“I do,” Michael answered instantly.


“Do you want to fly with me?” His voice was still gentle and non-judgemental.


“Yes, I do.”


“In that case, I’m going to pick you up now,” Jeremy murmured, doing just that and cradling Michael bridal style. “Hold on however feels best for you, okay?”


Michael nodded as he wrapped his arms around Jeremy's neck. Somehow, a tinge of familiarity rung out in this situation. They hadn't ever done this before though. Maybe it was similar to a dream Michael forgot about.


Jeremy’s wings started beating, first slowly but gaining speed. Muscles that Michael had never seen before moved under Jeremy’s skin, rippling and swelling and contracting to move the wings with such strength and efficiency. Then, all at once, they shot into the air together.


Faintly, Michael could hear Sunny's playful growling and barking, but he pushed that aside to focus on the feeling of the wind moving through his hair, Jeremy's comforting grip, and the sight and sensation of flight .


Jeremy didn’t go too high, barely ten feet off the ground, but they were still flying. Then, as he powered them through the air, Jeremy adjusted his grip on Michael. His arms wrapped around Michael’s torso, pressing himself against Michael’s back, effectively spooning him as they flew. He tangled their legs together as well, meaning that they were pressed as closely together as possible. 


Michael felt so safe, being held like this, but it also meant he had his arms free when Jeremy brought them low enough to skim the surface of the lake.


Unwilling to hold himself back, Michael let his fingers glide against the top of the lake. The feeling was magical as he couldn't help but smile. He glanced to the side to see Sunny racing along the lakebed, and he waved as he pulled his hand away from the watertop.


Sunny barked and howled happily, her tail wagging so fast she looked like she might take off like a helicopter. Jeremy chuckled, the sound right by Michael’s ear, and pulled them up, weaving them around the trees dotting the far shoreline.


They were almost silent in flight, in fact, the loudest thing Michael was finding was the rushing of the air past him, but even that was muted with how Jeremy was carrying him.


After a few more minutes of staying so low and close to the ground, Jeremy pulled up and brought them a little higher above the lake, giving Michael the perfect view of everything. “How does it look to you?” Jeremy asked as they hovered.


"It looks amazing," Michael admitted as he looked over the landscape, laughing a bit as he watched Sunny running circles around where their shadow presumably was. "This is just... I don't have the words to properly describe this."


“I know what you mean.” Jeremy whispered before taking them back down and landing next to Michael’s chair. Instead of setting him down right away, Jeremy spun Michael around and held him there, holding Michael up by his thighs. He was beaming, his expression a little cheeky but very clearly adoring.


Michael looked at Jeremy, at eye level with him thanks to how Jeremy held him, and raised a brow. "Hello there."


“Hi.” Jeremy grinned. “You know, I think that out of everything, this is my favorite view.”


"Oh my god, Jeremy." Michael couldn't help but laugh as he rested their foreheads together.


Jeremy’s proud smile turned a little hesitant. “Before we get the blanket out and start eating, can we just... try something please?”


"Depends on what it is."


“I wanna sit on your lap and try kissing you a little deeper than what we’ve tried.” Ever considerate, Jeremy didn’t fluff anything out, he just stated the facts. It made it so much easier for Michael to actually decide if it was something he wanted or not.


"Yeah, we can definitely try that out," Michael said as he smiled. "Same tap on the side if we don't like it or want to stop, right?"


“Always.” Jeremy smiled back, relaxing as he set Michael into his chair and ensured the break was on. Then, he slowly climbed into Michael’s lap. The pressure was something Michael could feel there, and it was so nice. Jeremy, for all his strength and extra weight thanks to the wings, was still light as anything.


Michael adjusted with Jeremy until both of them were comfortable. "Well hi there. How do y'wanna start this?"


Jeremy wrapped his arms around Michael’s neck and leaned in close, “Well let’s just see where this takes us, yeah?” He whispered to Michael, their lips brushing as he spoke.


Nodding in response, Michael rested his hands against Jeremy's sides before leaning the slightest bit forward to start the kiss. He wasn't sure how far Jeremy wanted to go, so he'd let him lead.


Jeremy leaned into the kiss, slowly deepening it. He whined softly but didn’t push far at all, as if he was waiting to see what Michael did.


Michael couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as he followed Jeremy’s lead and deepened the kiss even further. He gently squeezed Jeremy’s waist to let him know that this all was alright.


Jeremy whimpered and started moving their lips together. Once again, he waited for Michael to respond, letting out a soft breath as he did.


Instead of responding after, Michael kept up working together with Jeremy, moving his lips at the same time as Jeremy did (he was still new at this, sue him). He continued to squeeze Jeremy’s waist to assure him.


Jeremy melted against him, sighing happily as he maintained what they were doing. He didn’t push any further but he didn’t tap out either. The small sounds he kept making certainly showed that he was enjoying himself.


Michael felt quite happy with this too, but he knew he wouldn’t last as long as Jeremy would, at least for today. Knowing this, Michael paced himself as he hummed happily against Jeremy’s lips. His other hand reached up to gently rest in Jeremy’s hair.


Jeremy shivered a little before pulling back to rest his head against Michael’s shoulder. It was then that Michael noticed Jeremy’s wings had wrapped around them entirely, cutting them off from the rest of the world. With the little light that made it through Jeremy’s feathers, Michael could make out the golden swirls dancing along Jeremy’s pitch black angel skin. There was even the faint golden patterns nestled against the black feathers which Michael had never noticed before.


Michael let himself catch his breath as he observed this. He then rested his head against Jeremy’s before shutting his eyes. “You feeling alright?”


“So good,” Jeremy murmured. “That was just a lot.” His breath tickled Michael’s neck in the best way, and Jeremy arms clinging to him made him feel protective and needed.


“Yeah, it definitely was, but it was a lot in a good way,” Michael agreed as he rubbed into Jeremy’s side with the hand still there.


“For sure.” Jeremy sounded tired but also so relaxed. “We really did need to do that again some time.” He sighed happily.


“We do,” Michael echoed before laughing. “You know, I didn’t realize how tired you’d be. I thought we were just amping it up.”


“I’m feeling a lot right now.” Jeremy whined. “It was like, twice as intense as I thought it would be,” he admitted quietly.


“Well, that’s completely fine.” Michael shifted and pressed a gentle kiss to Jeremy’s temple.


“I love you, Mikey.” Jeremy sighed happily.


“I love you too, Remy.” Michael pressed a few more kisses to Jeremy’s temple before gently squeezing his side. “We should go and set up the picnic though.” Sunny barked from outside their makeshift hideaway, and Michael couldn’t help but smile. “Sunny misses us too.”


“Well, if Sunny misses us, we have to go,” Jeremy murmured, waiting a few seconds before he pulled his wings and their secluded world back for now. They could go back to that anytime they wanted. 


But for now, the rest of their date awaited them.