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His Royal highness

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It's been three weeks since Prince Arthur had met the druid prince and he had played on his mind everyday. Arthur could not give a good or logical reason as to why he was still thinking about him but he was. The prince was sitting at lunch with Morgana and their father was to join them soon. “Arthur… Arthur?” morgana said waving her hand in front of his face
“What?” he asks sternly, he doesn't even look up, trapped in a while of thoughts.
“You have been moping about since samhain. What are you doing? Are you ok?” she asks, concerned about her brother. “Honestly. Reality seems terrifying. It's a year till I marry Mithian and I haven't even met her, father hasn't even given me a choice.what is she is horrible? What if I'm in love with someone else? I don't want to marry someone I don't even know” Arthur spurts out. Morgana looks him dead in the eye and smiles, “talk to him. He might see sense.” she says and Arthur nods, hoping their father might see what he is trying to say.

Uther walks into the banquet hall and sits at the head of the table. “Father?” Arthur says questioningly, “what is it Arthur” his father says, barely paying him any attention.
“Well. i wanted to talk about princess Mithian and our arranged marriage. Do i have to marry her?” the prince says to his father.
“Arthur, it is absolutely essential that you marry her, the uniting of you and the princess is vital for the peace of our kingdoms and a mutual uniting,” he says obviously irritated, “I won't hear another word of it.” the king continued to eat. “Who is it that made you not want to service your kingdom by marrying her?” he demanded from his son.
“Father, it is no one, I just wanted to know.” Arthur said lying to his father, it indeed was the druid that had made him think of such things. Arthur had a secret hope that one day he would see Emrys again.

Arthur was sitting in his room, unable to work, completely distracted. He needed to talk with someone. “George, go get Morgana.” Arthur said, his servant ducked out of the room and summoned Morgana to Arthur room. “What is it dear brother?” she says sitting next to him.
“Can i talk to you?” he asks
“Of course Arthur, you know that i'm always here for you” she replies
“You remember Samhain? Well that boy we meet, Emrys. I can't get him out of my head. I feel drawn in by him and there is no explanation for it.” he says feeling ashamed and confused.
“Oh Arthur, i'll call that attraction. He's just a boy, you'll get over him.” she says slightly amused to see her usually arrogant and proud brother like this. “What if it's not, what if I can't get over him? Huh Morrgana? What about then?” he says looking her dead in the eyes.
“Arthur, he is a warlock, a sorcerer, even if you loved him and he loved you father would kill him before you could even kiss him” she says, knowing that Uther would never allow him to love a serving girl, and Arthur a warlock. “I guess you're right. Morgana, this is not to be disclosed to anyone else.” Arthur says.
“I know” his sister answers

The young prince spent another few weeks thinking of Emrys. Every moment played over in his brain over and over. Arthur had imagined pressing his lips against the others, whispering gentle things as they fell asleep in each other's arms, he had regularly imagined picnics in the woods and kissing the druid's nose. The thought of Emrys slowly but surely drained from the prince's everyday thoughts, he was never really gone but he couldn't continue to swoon over someone he had met once. He had no time for the likes of druid boys. But Emrys.


Emrys couldn't deny that he had an attraction to the prince of Camelot, he hadn't really put any more thought into it. He was a busy young man and he hadn't stopped to think about the other man but when they had met he had felt a flutter inside of him. His father most certainly would not be impressed, Arthur's people (especially the king) killed his people and generally resented them. In saying such things about Camelot, the handsome young prince had been kind and generous not wanting anything in return for his kind deeds. Emrys wondered what he would feel if he were to meet Arthur again, would the same feelings surface?