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Praying for Rain

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“Anakin.” Padme said when her husband answered the comm. “You need to come over. Now” She snapped.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Anakin said, worry filling his voice. He looked up at Ahsoka, who was watching the scene unfold with great interest.

“I got a distress signal from Satine. You need to see it.” Anakin frowned- Satine? He knew that she had asked the republic for aid, and the council had refused her request. Then, Obi-Wan had disappeared about 12 hours after that meeting. He got the feeling that something was seriously wrong.

“Can Ahsoka come?” Anakin asked into his commlink while looking at his padawan.

“Bring her. Hurry, both of you.” Padme said, and then the line went dead.

“Let’s get going, Snips.” Anakin said as he headed towards the door of their apartment.

Anakin and Ahsoka quickly ran through the halls of the temple as they made their way towards the hangar. They brushed past a ground of younglings on their way to a meditation class but paid no attention to how they had stopped to look up and admire the chosen one and his padawan.

“Master, where are we going?” Ahsoka said as she ran next to Anakin.

“Padme’s apartment. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but it’s serious.” They turned a corner and entered the hangar bay. Anakin and Ahsoka ran towards the nearest speeder. They hesitated when they heard several angry beeps from a certain astromech droid.

“Yes, you can also come, R2.” Anakin said while jumping into the driver’s seat. Ahsoka followed and leapt into the passenger side. R2 got into the back, and Anakin stared the ignition process. Ahsoka knew that her master was a reckless flyer, but she had never seen him fly like this before. He completely disregarded any and all traffic laws, and they made it to Padme’s apartment in record time.

Anakin pulled the speeder up onto the landing pad, and the three of them quickly exited the speeder. They raced inside and saw Padme standing by the entryway, waiting for them.

“Did you two know that Obi-Wan went to Mandalore?” She asked as they approached her. Anakin stopped and frowned.

“I thought the council didn’t approve of the mission.” Ahsoka said. “And they were worried that we would be dragged into another war.”  Anakin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I don’t think Obi-Wan listened. He vanished about 12 hours after the council made their decision. And the Twilight had also mysteriously vanished as well.”

“Yeah, mysteriously.” Padme said while rolling her eyes.

“Wait he took the twilight?” Ahsoka exclaimed. “I thought you were in the middle of repairing it!”

“I was. I didn’t think it would be able to get off the ground in its current condition, never mind making it all the way to Mandalore.” Anakin admitted.

“Well he’s there. And they’re in trouble.” Padme said. “Let’s go inside. I’ll tell you more.”

“Wait, who is ‘they’?” Ahsoka asked.

“Obi-Wan and Duchess Kryze.” Padme answered. “He went to go save her and help stop the conflict on Mandalore.”

“Wait, but isn’t the person behind the conflict Maul?” Ahsoka questioned tentatively.

“Yes.” Anakin replied, his voice grim.

“And Master Kenobi went after Maul?”

“Yes.” Anakin replied again.

“That’s not the only problem.” Padme said. “Maul and the rebels have taken over the capital city of Sundari. It’s only a matter of time before they find Satine and Obi-Wan.”

“So… what do we do?” Ahsoka said while looking between Anakin and Padme.

“We go after them.” Anakin said while looking at Padme. She nodded. “My ship will be ready to leave within the hour. We will tell no one where we have gone. As far as the senate is concerned, I have taken a leave of absence to help in humanitarian aid, and you two are the jedi the council has sent to protect and assist me.” Ahsoka grinned- Padme really thought of everything.

“Won’t we raise suspicions by traveling to a neutral world? Especially Mandalore?” Ahsoka asked.

“Not if nobody finds out.” Anakin said with a smirk on his face. The group spent the next hour reading as much as they could about Mandalore, it’s capital city, and any other relevant information they could find. They played the distress message from Satine over and over, until Padme got tired of hearing it and she ordered 3PO to shut it off. Ahsoka watched as Padme paced back and forth across the living room of her apartment and smiled when Anakin tried his best to get her to calm down.

“Mistress Padme, your ship is ready to depart.”  3PO said as he walked towards them.

“Thank you, 3PO.” She said as she nodded at the droid.

“Do be careful, R2.” 3PO said as he placed a hand on R2’s dome. The astromech responded with several affirmative beeps, before rolling off to join Anakin. They walked onto the ship, Ahsoka followed Anakin and Padme, who slid into the pilot and copilot seats, respectively. She sat behind them, and watched as they worked without needing to talk, and began the launch sequence in minutes.

“R2, set the destination coordinates for Mandalore.” Padme said. R2 whistled and rolled over to a port on the wall next to Ahsoka. She turned back to face the viewport and watched as Anakin steered the ship out towards the stars.

“Jumping to hyperspace.” Padme said as she pulled down on a lever. The stars blurred around them, turning into streaks of blue and white.

“Well,” Anakin said while turning his chair to face the two of them “We’re on our way.”