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I'll come back I promise

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It was just one night that turned my life around. I was just looking for a dumb lead on the Joker in a bar, a person that was very close to the Joker was supposed to be there with his girlfriend. It took me a lot of time trying to get inside the bar, since back then I was only 15 years old. I was there until two in the morning and there was no sign of him. I signed and was going to get up, but a man approched me and gave me a drink.

"Sorry, I can't drink, I'm still a minor" I tried to not to punch him in the face after he got closer to me and flirted with me, it was hard not to punch him but it was a success (but to this day I wish I would have broken his jaw). He kept insisting on me to drink the glass of "Vodka" he was offering me. It was 2:33 when I told him to fuck off, because if he didn't I would call the police (even though I know how to fight I wanted my father to have a good reputation).

The man threw his hands up in the air as if he was surrendering, then quietly exited the bar. I felt relief once he did that, I stayed in the bar a couple of more minutes incase he was waiting for me outside. At 3:08 I got up and left the bar, I was getting my car keys to the car when I felt something pinch my neck. Before I even knew what was going on I felt not only weak but I knew I was delirious. Then I saw the man again but he wasn't alone, many men were there. I felt as if in someone was dragging me from my ankle. That moment I felt as if regret washed all over me, I never told my father goodbye, I never told Grayson that I loved him, and many other stuff.

Then there was a scream coming from all of the men, and a lot of light. The next thing I saw was their bodies, their eyes were burned, they had their mouths open when they died (probably from all the sreaming), and they were dead. That's when I saw him, Sam.

"Are you AK?" it asked. I assumed he tried to say 'Are you OK?' so I replied or tried to reply "Yes".

"I'm Sam, archangel of whatever" said the angel "I am currently cursed by someone so don't worry" added the angel looking worse than before. With all of the strenght I had left I took Sam and myself to the car to sleep a little or call my father, but that didn't happen.


8 years later.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, it was a rainy day in Kansas, so I knew that I wouldn't be able to go to the park with Alia, my daughter. You see after I got in the car with Sam I felt somehow weird as if there was something else in whatever the man shoot me with. But long story short, Samael was an archangel that was cursed by one it his brothers and was delirious, just like I was drugged, we ended up having sex. The next morning my father came and got me, Sam was not there so I imagened that I probably got drugged and still kicked their asses or something I don't remember. A few nights later Sam came back I saw that he was about my age, but the shocking news is that he was pregnant with my baby. I was too afraid to tell my family so instead I got a good job, a good house, and a good dog. The day that Sam gave birth was probably the hardest because it was the day I found out I was a single parent, Sam died during the birth.

Now here I was, raising my daughter in Kansas. Her name was Alia. She didn't have my looks or my father's nor my mother's. She had very pale skin making her look sick but in a good way like the vampires from twilight. She had Sam's eyes as well, hazel. Her hair is has sharp ends like mine and is also black. She has my mother's nose, but other than that she looks like a female version of Sam. She is actually really smart, she has a really high IQ, surpasses all the class, the teachers even talk about putting her in sixth grade next year instead of putting her in fourth grade.

But anyway today is the last day of school. And I have the day off so I was thinking buying her some stuff as a present (the company I work at gives you a lot of money) and doing some chores around the house, or maybe even practice what father and gradfather taught me.

I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and started making breakfast. It was 6:00 a.m when I went upstairs again, and woke Alia up.

"Alia, time to get up for school" I said as I shook her a bit. She woke up, sitted on her bed, and started streching her arms.

"Alia, change from your PJs, and get downstairs to eat breakfast, OK?" I said.

"Yeah, be there in a minute" she replied camly, she got up from the bed and started looking for clothes in her closet.

I went downstairs and put two glasses of apple juice on the table along with two plates with pancakes, bacon, and some grapes. I sat down and started eating, Alia came ten minutes later dressed in a light pink t-shirt with black pants, and a black jacket, she was wearing a pink pair of shoes.

"Good morning dad" Alia said.

"Good morning honey" I replied naturally.

We sat down and ate breakfast slowly (I didn't eat the bacon). We finished our breakfast at 7:11.

"Sweetie, why don't you go wash your teeth while I get the car ready"

"Sure be right back" she said rushing up the stairs to the bathroom.

I turned the car on and waited for her. She came five minutes later with her backpack.

"I'm ready to go dad" she said exitingly

"Okay let's go then" I said

The car ride to the school is 20 minutes. We arrived at 7:46 she got off the car after saying our goodbyes and headed to her small group of friends.

I went to a lot of stores and bought her a lot of things from toys to clothes to other stuff. I got home and wrapped them up I know she's spoiled but she decerves it. Then I went to doing shores in the house, turns out there wasn't much shores to be done, I already compleated them over the week. I finished them at 10:00.

I placed a timer on my phone and practiced what father and grandfather taught me. I practiced for 3 hours, then I took a shower again (because I was sweating), then proceeded to relax in the couch while playing with donuts (our dog).

Alia was getting out of school at 1:00. So to avoid all the traffic I wanted to get out early.

"Donuts, I'm going to go pick up Alia, so be a good boy" I said to the dog.

I got in the car and went to pick up Alia. I managed to avoid all the traffic, and got there ten minutes early. When the bell finally rang all the kids were throwing their books in the trash can, running around, or screaming in joy.

Alia just ran to the car and said "Thank goodness school is over, for a few months of course" "Yeah, in a few weeks you'll be so bored that you'll wish that school was never over" I said "But dad school is like a personal purgatory" she said obviously annoyed by my comment "Why do you say purgatory instead of hell?" I asked "Because" she started "Hell is being stuck in one of your meetings, but heaven is my room, so than leaves school as purgatory" I laughed at that comment, we continued chatting until we got home.

The moment I got my keys out I had a bad feeling but I brushed it off. I opened the door and yelled for Donut but he was no where to be found.

I took my daughter and holded her hand tight despite her complaints, I also covered her eyes, just in case. We went to the living room only to find a bloody trail, and Donuts decapitated a note was attached to his mouth, reached for it the best I could trying to get Alia not to see this mess.

In the note it was written 'check the camaras' I wanted to get Alia out of the house, but honestly I didn't know if it would be a good decision to make. I took her in my arms and started making my way to the computer. I turned on my computer and wached the video. It was gradfather the one that killed Donuts along with other assassins saying that I should go and take my rightful place in the leage of assassins and if not he was going to kill Alia.

That moment I knew this life was over, I called my boss and told him that I had a family emergency and I didn't know when I was going to come back, he gave me a month. I told my daughter to open her presents while I took care of Donut's corpse and blood. I packed Alia's things with tears knowing that I would probably never see her again.

I told Alia to get in the car, not really knowing were we were going to go. All the car ride she was happy talking about the new Supernatural season (10) in Netflix. She fell asleep after a few minutes though.

Supernatral was the most scary show or anything shown on telivision, because those are actual real life recordings found on camera of the two brother's and no it was the actual footage. It caused many people to have PTSD for some reason. But Alia seemed to enjoy it she said "This way I can get to know mommy better" right.

We arrived at Gotham at 6:00 pm, I really didn't know why I came here but it was the only place I could think of. I proceeded to go to Wayne Manor. Alia woke up and was sad but happy at the same time.

"What's wrong, Alia?" I asked like any other conserned parent would.

"Uncle Dean told me that Donuts was dead, but he was happy now that he was in heaven" she explained to me "He also told me that my powers are going to arrive in a few years, 2 to be exact" she said.

"Well that's good right?" I said, honestly I have no idea who Dean is but I'm sure he was really close to Sam. He actually spoke to Alia since she was born, but he pissed me off some times (he would tell Alia things that he didn't want her to know).

"Uncle Dean also told me that you're leaving me" she told while shooting me guilty look (seriously Dean?)

"Listen Alia, I've done things in the past I wish I could change but I can't" I said sadly "I'll miss you so much, you were the best thing that ever happened to me, know that want's happening isn't your fault, it never was" tears started scaping my eyes, I finished with "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry".

She looked sad but appreciated her last moments with me in the car, then we arrived at Wayne Manor. "Woah hold on, you didn't tell me I was going to live with a filthy rich guy"


Alfred has gone on vacation to visit some family members and left Bruce all alone. Ohh yes this was going to be fun, it would have been funnier if Damian was here though. I signed he would be 23 years old now. Bruce was miserable when he first went missing but with time he healed.

I was at the manor stealing Bruce's food to make him go to the grocery store. Bruce was on patrol tonight, even though it was a quiet night. I would have to go back to the titans in three days so I was happy.

I started watching some random movie I found when there was a desparate loud knocking on the door. I rolled my eyes Who would be knocking at this hour?.

I paused the movie and headed to the door then I carefully opened it to reveal Damian and a little girl. "Grayson, can we come in please?" he almost looked desparate, well he was.

I let them in, Damian looked tired and had red puffy eyes as if he had been crying. "Damian?" I asked i didn't want to be somehow tricked into some trap "Hello Grayson" with a shaky voice. I couldn't help myself I just opened my arms and embraced him, 8 years since the last time I saw him.

After we stopped hugging I noticed that the little girl was just utterly confused.

"And who are you?" I asked her.

"Alia Joy" she replied offering her hand.

"Pleasure" I said taking her hand a shaking it.

"So were where you all of this time?" I asked anger rising up.

"Could you please call Father, I would perfer not telling the story twice" Damian replied

"Sure" I said.

I called Bruce and told him that Damian was here with some girl named Alia. He hang up and told me he would be there in a few minutes.

I walked to see Damian hugging Alia like if there was no tomorrow.

When Bruce came back, he came in with no hello but looking for Damian.

They went through all the emotional stuff again, then sat down in the living room.

"Father, I cannot stay." He started "eight years ago I impregnated, by accident, an archangel. That resulted in the birth of my daughter, Alia Joy Wayne" he said pointing at my nice, He was about so say something else but Alia got to him first "Its Alia Joy Winchester, not Wayne" Damian just chuckeled at what.

"Well as I was saying, I've lived in Lebadon, Kansas ever since. But I got a message from my Grandfather today, and I'm afraid that I can't be with her anymore. Please" he said looking at bruce "I know it's a lot to ask but please take care of her"

Bruce looked at him for a few seconds before saying "Of course I'll take care of her, but I promise you it won't be permanent, you'll watch her grow yourself" Bruce finished with a kind smile.

Damian seemed to be more calm "Farewell, and thank you Father" was the last thing he said to Bruce before leaving.