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The Reluctant Rehabilitation of Yu ZiYuan

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Yu ZiYuan seriously considered whipping herself with ZiDian.

There was an irritating voice in her head that refused to subside. While it did not take control over her body, it was an unmistakably foreign presence. She might not have been possessed in the traditional sense of things, but this was definitely an evil spirit that had somehow decided to make her its host.

<<Shut up, you stupid woman. I’m not an evil spirit. How many times do you need me to introduce myself? I’m system 54088. You can refer to me as Respected One.>>

Yu ZiYuan was still lying in bed, recovering from a particularly devastating qi deviation. Her body was still weak and her meridians misaligned, but as the proud lady of the YunMeng Jiang Sect, how could she allow a malicious spirit to remain in her mind for a second longer? Coming to a decision, Yu ZiYuan activated ZiDian, readying to lash herself.

She was stopped by a startled intake of breath to her side, and a broad hand immediately retrained her wrist. It was her husband, Jiang FengMian. He had probably stayed next to her side while she was unconscious, wasting time on futile activities as per usual.

<<Hey, I’m speaking to you. Answer me!>>

“Let go,” Yu ZiYuan rasped, her voice hoarse with disuse.

“Have you recovered? You seemed like… you were about to whip yourself with ZiDian?” Jiang FengMian asked hesitantly.

“There appears to be a spirit haunting me. I need to get rid of it.”

<<I’ve chosen a stupid host… (-‸ლ) Ugh, should have known better than to select this spiteful woman as a host.>>

Jiang FengMian’s concerned frown deepened. “If that’s the case, we can get a healer to look at you. There’s no need to take such drastic measures when you’ve barely recovered from your qi deviation.”

“ZiDian will be the fastest,” Yu ZiYuan said. When Jiang FengMian made no move to release her, her anger surged and she hissed, “Let go of me!”

Just when it seemed like Yu ZiYuan was about to activate Jiang FengMian to whip him, instead of herself, a knock sounded at the door. “Mother, we heard that you’ve woken up. I’ve arrived with YanLi and Wei Ying to visit you,” said Jiang Cheng, his voice unmistakable even through the door.

“Come in,” Jiang FengMian commanded quickly.

At that, two young men and a woman stepped in. Two were her precious children, while one was a bastard who lived only to spite her.

<<Ahhh, my beautiful daughter! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡ So young and already so lovely! How I wish I can shower you with love every day. If only this master can see you every day…

Damn it, I should have selected Jiang Cheng as host instead!>>

At that, Yu ZiYuan finally reacted, inadvertently acknowledging the spirit’s presence.

What? Jiang YanLi was Yu ZiYuan’s daughter, not an evil spirit’s. And how dare this spirit even think of trying to haunt Jiang Cheng! Yu ZiYuan will ensure that the spirit will be blasted to smithereens, never to reincarnate!

<<Who said Jiang YanLi was my daughter, you stupid woman? So presumptuous. Wei Ying, Wei Ying is my precious daughter, not anyone else. (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞⋆**✚⃞  Only the adorable YingYing is fit to be my daughter.

And just try destroying me, woman, I will destroy you first and then use Jiang Cheng as my host.>>

Yu ZiYuan was haunted by a stark-raving spirit who thought a boy was a daughter.

<<How about this? Let this master give you his first mission so that you can prove your worth to him.

Mission: Thank Wei Ying for visiting Yu ZiYuan

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: Qi deviation>>

Yu ZiYuan shortly entered a second qi deviation.


After Yu ZiYuan woke up from her second qi deviation and managed to sneak (how undignified!) out to a quiet corner of Lotus pier, she whipped herself soundly with ZiDian.

All she had to show at the end of her endeavour were a torn robe, five bloody lashes, and a malicious cackling in her head.


From a bystander’s point of view, it seemed like Yu ZiYuan was in a particularly delicate frame of mind the last few months. She experienced no less than thirty qi deviations in three months. However, in truth, Yu ZiYuan was fighting a pitched battle with a malevolent spirit.

No one believed her though, because no healers or spiritual implement could detect anything foreign in her mind.

“No resentful energy at all,” they shook their heads regretfully.

Fuck! This spirit was clearly full of resentment! What useless fools! How dare they still take their fees!

Yu ZiYuan was sorely tempted to whip the healers whom she saw with ZiDian for their incompetence.  


When Yu ZiYuan’s cultivation dropped two levels, she recognised that this could not proceed any longer.

She was Yu ZiYuan, the famed wielder of ZiDian, wife of the YunMeng Jiang Sect Leader, she could not be weak. If the spirit could not be forced out of her, then she had to make a truce with it.

Yu ZiYuan had no choice but to be practical.

<<Very good, you’re finally turning around. I told you there’s no use acting out like a spoilt child. This master is like a god in this world. There’s nothing you can do against me.

Now, why don’t you try to sincerely fulfil my mission for once?

Mission: Send precious Wei Ying off to Gusu Lan with a basket of snacks.

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: Qi deviation>>

It was said that the group of YunMeng Jiang disciple who were at the dock when the trio left for Gusu Lan fainted at the unfamiliar sight of their Lady Jiang giving Wei Ying a basket of snacks. While Yu ZiYuan did fling the snacks at Wei Ying, it was not accompanied by the usual threats and barbed comments for once.

Wei Ying, himself, looked as if he could not believe what he was holding in his hands. He stared at Yu ZiYuan as if she had grown two heads.

It was just a tiny bit of kindness, but everyone was gawking at Yu ZiYuan as if she had been possessed (which she was, but that was not the point). Rude!

<<No one believes that you can be kind out of your own volition. You’ve led quite a spiteful life, haven’t you, woman? I think everyone hates you.

Ahhh, but my YingYing is so cute, the way he’s gaping at you. Look at how his wide doe eyes are sparkling in surprise. ❤︎⁄⁄꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧ Ahhh, this master is going to die from his cuteness. Come to papa, my adorable YingYing.>>

… Yu ZiYuan was not spiteful. She was just full of anger every moment of her life, but she could be kind if she wanted to.

“Stay safe,” Yu ZiYuan said through gritted teeth. With that, she turned around and left the dock.


During the three months that the trio were in Gusu Lan, Yu ZiYuan went to take a breather in Yi City. Or at least, that was what she told Jiang FengMian. In truth, Yu ZiYuan had been blackmailed into going to the Yi City. For what purpose, she did not know.

<<If you don’t go to the Yi City, I’ll make it public that you used to nurse a crush for Jin GuangShan, the perverted husband of your best friend. How you used to seethe in the background when both you and Madam Jin were offered to the LanLing Jin Sect, but she was chosen and you weren’t. Always upset that you came in second, loathing that your best friend who was more powerful and desirable than you, yet at the same time loving her. You were even once egoistic enough that you thought that you were the unluckiest woman in the world for those minor setbacks you suffered.>>

Yu ZiYuan suffered a minor qi deviation then, but in the end, she still capitulated to the spirit’s demands. After she was directed to the chaotic scene of a young hooligan wrecking stores and stealing food for no apparent reason, the spirit spoke up again.

<<Kill him.>>

 Yu ZiYuan was about to step in to put an end to the chaos, but she froze at the spirit’s words. She merely wanted to beat the young hooligan up and send him scampering off in fear, not kill him. That was too extreme!

Why? Yu ZiYuan finally addressed the spirit directly for the first time.

<<Xue Yang will grow up to be a cruel twisted man who takes part in the destruction of my poor Wei Ying. Of course, YunMeng Jiang Sect won’t be spared either. Kill the bastard before he grows to have teeth and claws that can rip apart everything that you hold dear, woman.>>

Has this hooligan done any of this yet?

<<If he has, you’ll be dead.>>

… How can you expect me to trust your words?

<<If you don’t even trust this benign god who can see the future, know every bit of your ignominious thoughts and desires, and who is evidently trying to ward off the destruction of the world as you know it, who else can you trust?>>

Bullshit! Yu ZiYuan finally burst out, unwilling to bear with the ridiculous words that the evil spirit was spouting, her anger at having been tortured by it for the last 3 months boiling over. 

Thus far, you’ve only driven me into countless qi deviations, fawned over that Wei brat like a maniac and asked me to kill someone simply based on your words alone! What benign god? You’re just trying to force me to commit murder!

Is that your intention? To have me sentenced to death so that I can no longer torture your disgusting little Wei brat?

<<Call my darling daughter a ‘Wei brat’ again and I’ll drive you into a maniac qi deviation that has you slaughtering your own loved ones.

And if you truly want to die so much, be my guest. Having Jiang Cheng as this master’s host may make things more difficult when it comes to uniting the four Sects against the Wen dogs, but not having to suffer your spiteful mean presence would be a welcomed change!>>

Don’t you dare possess Jiang Cheng! If I die, I’ll destroy our souls together such that you won’t have a good end either!

<<You can try. I wish you good luck.>>

If the spirit had a corporeal form, Yu ZiYuan would already be doing her ultimate best to lash it to death.

<<Yes, yes, you want me to die. Can you at least think of some more interesting ways? All these scenes of you whipping me are starting to become repetitive.>>

If only Yu ZiYuan could just kill herself and be done with it! But Jiang Cheng—

<<Alright, enough. Xue Yang is leaving. Are you going to kill him, or do I need to take over your body to do it?>>

I’m not a cold-blooded murderer! That boy is just a simple hooligan!

<<Pfft, how many people have you killed with your own hands in the name of justice? To the friends and families of those whom you had killed, you’re nothing but a cold-blooded murderer.

But if you’re so insistent that Xue Yang is just a simple hooligan, will the great Madam Yu take the bastard back and reform him to be a rule-abiding YunMeng Jiang disciple then?>>

Why would I do that! Didn’t you just said that that boy would be our ruin?

<<And you just said that you don’t believe me. Make up your mind, woman.

Anyway, Xue Yang cannot be allowed to remain in Yi City where he could be recruited by Wen RuoHan for nefarious purposes. Either you kill him, or you take him back with you and ensure that he’s not allowed any possible contact with Wen RuoHan.

Mission: Kill Xue Yang or accept Xue Yang as YunMeng Jiang disciple

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: Maniac qi deviation>>

I can’t just take a random brat with me like this!

<<You’re Madam Yu, Lady Jiang, and the Violet Spider. If you can’t do this, I may as well just change host to Jiang Cheng now.>>

That day, a stunned silence fell onto Lotus Pier as the fearsome Yu ZiYuan forcibly led a young teenager back to YunMeng Jiang Sect. This was the first time Yu ZiYuan had directly recruited anyone. The rest of the YunMeng Jiang disciples looked at the newcomer with unabashed curiosity and confusion.

That new boy must be incredibly talented and charming to have won Yu ZiYuan’s favour! Thinking so, all the disciples immediately did their best to befriend this perceived up-and-coming talent of the Sect – Xue Yang.

When Yu ZiYuan started to personally give Xue Yang a candy a day, everyone’s speculations were confirmed. Indeed, Xue Yang must be highly favoured by the Lady of their Sect! There could be no other reason!

So what if Yu ZiYuan always ran Xue Yang ragged during his drills, was most exacting towards how he behaved and was the strictest about his punishments? Obviously those were just ways that Yu ZiYuan showed her regard for the young boy! A lady as terrifying as Yu ZiYuan probably believed in the philosophy of beating someone up to show affection, and scolding someone to show love.

… If that was the case, did that mean that their da-shixiong, who had always been the subject of Yu ZiYuan’s most violent outbursts and punishments, was the most loved?


After Wei WuXian (Yu ZiYuan was eventually forced to refer to him in friendlier terms in her mind) returned in shame from the Cloud Recesses, Yu ZiYuan felt like her temper was about to shoot through the roof.

How dare that Wei WuXian destroy the engagement that Yu ZiYuan and Madam Jin had arranged for decades ago? That disrespectful b—Wei WuXian! She had always known that the boy spelled nothing but trouble for YunMeng Jiang Sect, but to think that he would go as far as to jeopardise Jiang YanLi’s happiness!

<<My YingYing is too nice already. (*´▽`*) He cares too much for your Jiang YanLi. To think that he had to even suffer the Gusu Lan’s punishment just because the stupid Jin ZiXuan was insulting Jiang YanLi. My darling, loyal Wei Ying could have better spent his time at Cloud Recesses with Lan WangJi.>>

Boys will be boys at this age! Jin ZiXuan will come around!

<<… For all your flaws, I never took you as such a cruel mother. Are you really that keen to trap your daughter in a loveless marriage like yourself?>>


<<Ahh, my dearest Wei Ying is finally here for dinner! Oh no, he looks so sad. YingYing, don’t look so despondent. This papa understands your pain. If only papa can give you a hug now. (っ*´∀`*)っ>>

True to the spirit’s words, Wei WuXian had indeed entered the dining halls, eyes downcast, his usual bright and cheery demeanour absent.

<<Hey, woman, new mission for you. 

Mission: Give darling Wei Ying one hug a day.

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: One qi deviation for every missed hug>>

The change in the spirit’s tone from being saccharinely sweet to being cold and ruthless was enough to give Yu ZiYuan mental whiplash.

You two-faced malicious spirit! Is it not bad enough that you forced me to deliver a candy a day to Xue Yang? Now, you want me to give Wei WuXian a hug? The thought of having to be in close contact with Wei WuXian every day made Yu ZiYuan’s stomach churn uncomfortably.

Desperately, she added, I don’t even give A-Cheng or A-Li hugs regularly!

<<True, my poor Wei Ying may be petrified if he has to get hugged by such a scary woman like you every day. Alright, change in mission parameters.

Mission: Give darling Wei Ying one candy a day.

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: One qi deviation for every missed candy>>

That’s not what I meant!

<<Yu ZiYuan, your cultivation is falling dangerously low. Are you sure you want to fail this mission?>>

As such, Yu ZiYuan started giving Wei WuXian a candy a day, similar to what she did for Xue Yang. When the YunMeng Jiang disciples witnessed the first exchange, they were shocked. But not for long, as that surprise soon turned into understanding.

Indeed, their speculation must have been correct. Yu ZiYuan must have loved da-shixiong greatly!


A month before the scheduled archery competition in Nightless City, Yu ZiYuan found herself despairing at the life choices that had led her here.

What great wrong had she done to deserve to be inflicted with such a treacherous spirit? What great god had she offended to warrant such a terribly destiny? Why was Yu ZiYuan being tortured so?

<<You bullied my precious Wei Ying. You offended me. And now, this is just karmic retribution.>>

“My Lady,” Jiang FengMian spoke up hesitantly, “I fear that I must have heard you wrongly. Can I please trouble you to repeat your words?”

Yu ZiYuan sucked in a deep breath, steeling herself for having to say those dratted words again. But she could not fault Jiang FengMian wholly, because if Jiang FengMian was the one who told her what she just said, she might have just laughed him out of the room.

“We need to send a marriage proposal to GuSu Lan Sect,” Yu ZiYuan said with conviction that she did not feel. She then gestured to the boy whom she had dragged along for this discussion with her husband, “For Wei WuXian.”

Said boy who had been staring at her in stunned confusion stiffened visibly. For once, Yu ZiYuan knew that this troublesome situation was nothing of Wei WuXian’s doing. If anything, this was fully on the spirit, and thus, on Yu ZiYuan, given that she was its unwilling avatar. What a strange reversal of positions.

“With… who in GuSu Lan Sect?” Jiang FengMian asked faintly.

“Lan WangJi,” Yu ZiYuan curtly answered. There was no point beating round the bush.

Her answer seemed to have at least unfrozen Wei WuXian.

The boy startled and began gesturing wildly, saying, “Lan—Lan Zhan? But Lan Zhan doesn’t even like me!”

<<No, no, YingYing, Lan WangJi loves you very, very much. ♥(ノ´∀`) It’s just that you haven’t learned to read his micro-expressions yet.>>

“The Second Jade of GuSu Lan Sect…?” Jiang FengMian stared at Yu ZiYuan, clearly befuddled, “My Lady, what makes you think that the GuSu Lan Sect would be receptive of this proposal?”

Yu ZiYuan had no idea why the GuSu Lan Sect would be receptive either. Maybe Lan QiRen would glance through the missive once, before immediately throwing it out of their mountains without so much as deigning to reply to YunMeng Jiang Sect.

But it wasn’t as if Yu ZiYuan could say that, given that she was the one who demanded this marriage proposal in the first place. As such, she kept silent.

<<Now, woman, don’t be silly. Lan WangJi would be very happy to receive the marriage proposal! He has been in love with my dearest Wei Ying since he was 15 you know! Just repeat my words so that Jiang FengMian would acquiesce to your demand.

The GuSu Lan Sect would welcome the marriage proposal because their second young master desires it.>>

Begrudgingly, Yu ZiYuan opened her mouth. “The GuSu Lan Sect would welcome the marriage proposal because their second young master desires it.”

Wei WuXian, that manner-less boy interjected then, “B—But Lan Zhan seems to be irritated whenever he sees me! How does Madam Yu knows that he wants this marriage proposal?”

The boy’s face was flushed in embarrassment. Jiang FengMian did not appear peeved at the boy’s interruption, instead choosing to give her a curious look, as if urging Yu ZiYuan to answer Wei WuXian’s question.

<<This mother is descended from the blood of succubus and thus can see that the love destinies of Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi are irrevocably entangled together.>>

“This mother is—“ Yu ZiYuan repeated distractedly before her mind caught up with her mouth and she closed it with a loud snap. Horrified at what she was about to say, she immediately turned her anger inwards.


<<That was hilarious! You truly are stupid! ψ(`∇´)ψ>>

Before Yu ZiYuan could unleash the full force of her fury on the blatantly unrepentant spirit, a lanky limb tugged at the corner of her sleeves and a soft, young voice asked with visible hope, “Madam Yu referred to herself as ‘mother’?”

Yu ZiYuan could feel the onset of a headache. Already, the spirit had stopped laughing and was now yelling at her to ‘not crush Wei Ying’s fragile heart’.

Whatever. If the boy truly got married, Yu ZiYuan would not have to see his face for long. She could let him get away with this for a few weeks.

Yu ZiYuan did not give a ferocious denial. Instead, she simply stared unblinkingly at Wei WuXian before she turned to Jiang FengMian. “We do not need any reason for young love to blossom. Send the missive, Sect Leader Jiang.”

For a proud woman like Yu ZiYuan, a lack of refutation could be taken as agreement.

Wei WuXian started addressing Yu ZiYuan as ‘mother’ shortly after that. Xue Yang, for some inexplicable reason, started doing the same.

Unfortunately for Yu ZiYuan, she forgot that Wei WuXian was only 17, and thus any marriage into GuSu Lan Sect could only take place after a year. As such, she had to bear with the boy’s insufferable presence for another year.


GuSu Lan Sect accepted the marriage proposal. Lan QiRen, Lan XiChen, and Lan WangJi arrived at Lotus Pier with betrothal gifts a week after the missive was sent.

Yu ZiYuan observed that Wei WuXian appeared to be overcame with embarrassment for a full five minutes before his typical shamelessness took over and he flung himself bodily into Lan WangJi’s embrace.

“Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan! Lan er-gege! We’re going to be engaged! Are you happy? Are you pleased? Lan Zhan, er-gege, why did you accept the marriage proposal? Lan Zhan?” Wei WuXian’s loud voice resounded through the hall where the Lan entourage were presenting their betrothal gifts. 

Yu ZiYuan saw Jiang YanLi putting a gentle, restraining hand on Jiang Cheng, who seemed to be about to either spontaneously combust or forcibly drag Wei WuXian back. Jiang FengMian and Lan XiChen looked on with twin expressions of fond bemusement.

Meanwhile, Lan QiRen’s calm expression turned positively frigid, and was that a throbbing vein that Yu ZiYuan saw?

Ah, finally, Yu ZiYuan found a fellow victim to commiserate with. To alleviate Lan QiRen’s suffering, Yu ZiYuan called out, “Wei WuXian, you’re in the presence of elders! Restrain yourself.”

Rather than looking at Yu ZiYuan with grateful relief, Lan QiRen turned a furious glare on her instead. Yu ZiYuan was taken aback. She had just stopped Wei WuXian’s shameless display. Wasn’t that what Lan QiRen wanted?

<<Have you forgotten that you were the one who got this marriage proposal going in the first place? Lan QiRen probably hates your guts.>>

A strong feeling of being wronged rose in Yu ZiYuan. All the spirits’ crimes were now being laid at her feet. How was this fair?

“Lan—“ Wei WuXian's words were cut off as a pair of lips suddenly pressed against him.

Yu ZiYuan stared in stunned silence as Lan WangJi kissed Wei WuXian publicly. It was just a soft press of lips, but that was definitely inappropriate, especially in the presence of elders. Where did the famed Lan etiquette go? Had Lan Zhan been corrupted by Wei WuXian's shamelessness so quickly?

“WangJi begs for the elders’ forbearance. Wei Ying and I need to talk,” Lan WangJi said, as calm as ever, before he dragged a stuttering, red Wei WuXian out of the hall to god knows where.

<<God knows! To Wei Ying’s room. ( ̄ω ̄)>>


Now that Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi were engaged, they were even more shameless than ever during the Nightless City archery competition.

Rather than taking the opportunity to show off as per usual, Wei WuXian spent all his time clinging onto Lan WangJi, the two engaging in ridiculous displays of public affection.

The two also barely placed into the top 10 of the competition, which was a surprising under-performance. Who knew what they were doing.

<<This master knows. YingYing, I hope you reminded Lan WangJi to use lube this time round. (●´⌓`●) This papa knows that YingYing may enjoy it rough, but it’s not good to be too forceful either. Don’t let Lan WangJi push you around, YingYing—>>

Always going on about ‘YingYing’, ‘YingYing’ here, ‘YingYing’ there, Yu ZiYuan had reached the limits of her patience. If you like Wei WuXian so much, why don’t you just go possess him? You can spend every hour of the day with him then!

It was a question that Yu ZiYuan had since ages ago, but she did not ask till this moment. Anything to get the spirit to stop talking about how Lan WangJi was ravishing Wei WuXian.

<<This master is not a fool, unlike one of his fellow systems. That system was truly stupid. He did what you said and selected his daughter as a host. Do you know what happened after that? That poor daughter of his was driven into numerous qi deviations because of that stupid system!

This master has no intentions of harming his precious Wei Ying by driving him into qi deviations. However, this master has no qualms driving a petty, jealous woman like you to countless qi deviations.>>

Yu ZiYuan once again prayed desperately that the spirit would suddenly gain a corporal body. She would’ve loved to whip it a million times with ZiDian.


Sometime later, the QiShan Wen Sect summoned junior disciples from the major Sects to attend their supposed training.

YunMeng Jiang was forced to send Jiang Cheng, with Wei WuXian tagging along. He claimed loudly that it was because he missed his fiancé, but Yu ZiYuan did not miss the concerned look he sent Jiang Cheng when her son volunteered.

At least the boy was loyal to Jiang Cheng.

Although, Yu ZiYuan did not know if her son would appreciate the company, as she recalled the shameless display at the archery competition. She had no doubt that Wei WuXian would nevertheless seize the opportunity to behave frivolously around the second master of the GuSu Lan Sect.

Not that Yu ZiYuan would know for sure, because the spirit had forced yet another unreasonable mission on her.

<<Now that the kids are out of the way, it’s time for you adults to save the world for once.

Mission: Defeat QiShan Wen Sect

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: Deaths of everyone you hold dear>>

What a ridiculous mission, and what a ridiculous penalty!

Yu ZiYuan thus spent the rest of her days working ceaselessly to convince the QingHe Nie Sect, LanLing Jin Sect, and GuSu Lan Sect to bring down Wen RuoHan’s empire together. It probably helped that the QiShan Wen Sect had already began to act against the rest of the Sects, starting from the archery competition which required each Sect to send a blood relative. Those blood relatives were effectively hostages.

The secret messages that Yu ZiYuan intercepted (with help from the malicious spirit, not that Yu ZiYuan would ever admit to that) detailing plans to sack the Cloud Recesses and Lotus Pier also aided greatly in lending credibility to her claims of Wen RuoHan’s evil ambitions.

While the youths were still off keeping the youngest Wen spawn occupied, the elders of the four major Sects allied together to launch an offensive against the Wen RuoHan.

The majority of the QiShan Wen Sect was decimated, including an unfortunate spy who was sent by Jin GuangShan.

The kids returned to their Sects, with Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi each claiming that the other had killed the XuanWu of slaughter, with absolutely besotted looks on their faces. Or rather, with a besotted look on Wei WuXian’s face, while Lan WangJi maintained his usual impassive expression. Meanwhile, Wen Chao had gone on the run.

Yu ZiYuan was utterly disgusted. She demanded that Wei WuXian marry Lan WangJi the day he turned eighteen.

Wei WuXian looked like he couldn’t believe his ears and thanked her profusely. Lan QiRen only spluttered uselessly as Lan XiChen agreed amicably.

<<Ahhh, my beautiful YingYing is about to get married. This master is so touched. YingYing, you surely must be the most beautiful bride in the world! ❣╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣

Mission: Assist dearest Wei WuXian with selecting the best bridal gown for his wedding ceremony.

Penalty if mission is not fulfilled: Qi deviation>>

When Yu ZiYuan spat out of a mouthful of blood, everyone assumed that it was probably from the relapse of an internal injury she sustained during the siege on Nightless City, and hurried her off to the healers. Yu ZiYuan did not bother correcting anyone.

She did, albeit reluctantly, accompany Wei WuXian and Jiang YanLi when they went to order bridal garbs, with a sulky Jiang Cheng and strangely exhilarated Xue Yang tagging along.

“I think that one is the best!” Xue Yang chirped happily while pointing at a sheer gown.

Jiang Cheng immediately glared fiercely. “No! That’s too sexy! It’s unbecoming to reveal so much flesh during a wedding ceremony! And that Lan WangJi is a beast. You never know what he might do if he sees Wei Ying in this—“ Jiang Cheng’s face flushed an embarrassed red, mind undoubtedly tumbling into the gutters.

“A-Ying, ignore them. They’ve no taste,” Jiang YanLi hustled a Wei WuXian who looked like he was about to cry into the dressing room again. “Here, try this on. I think this will complement your eyes wonderfully."

Wei WuXian was about to try on his thirty-sixth robe.

Yu ZiYuan was faintly impressed at how cruel her own daughter could be at times.


Yu ZiYuan knew that she was the one who demanded that Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. However, not once would she have expected this outcome.

As she stood before the new couple’s chambers, Yu ZiYuan was clutching onto a small jar of medical ointment tightly. This jar of ointment would be helpful to the couple when it came to consummating their marriage, and no matter how much she disliked Wei WuXian, she would not want to begrudge him this comfort during what might be the most vulnerable moment of his life.

Still, must she be the one delivering this ointment?

<<Yes! Stop dragging your feet and just give my precious Wei Ying the ointment! What if they have already started doing it and you’re too late! If he bleeds, I’ll be holding you responsible!>>

There was something very wrong with that statement. Yu ZiYuan felt exceptionally wronged again. If anyone was to be blamed should Wei WuXian bleed on his first day of performing marital duties, it ought to be Lan WangJi obviously.

It was not like Yu ZiYuan was the one pounding—

A look of extreme revulsion crossed Yu ZiYuan’s face as she hurriedly cut off her own train of thoughts. Deciding to put an end to this as quickly as she could, Yu ZiYuan slammed open the doors without so much as a knock and was greeted by the sight that she wished she had never seen.

Lan WangJi was behaving like the beast Jiang Cheng accused him of.

The couple were not even on the bed. Lan WangJi had Wei WuXian pressed against a wall, one hand firmly grasping Wei WuXian’s hair tightly so that the boy could not move and could only accept the kisses and bites that Lan WangJi was pressing hungrily over his face and neck. Lan WangJi’s other hand was moving unsubtly beneath Wei WuXian’s robes, which were now a dishevelled mess.

The glazed-over misty look in Wei WuXian’s eyes, coupled together with the red marks all over the boy made it seemed as if Wei WuXian was being forced. And the fact that Wei WuXian looked clearly ravished, while Lan WangJi did not have a hair out of place only made it worst – it was as if Wei WuXian was getting bullied on his wedding day.

Yu ZiYuan very much wished that she had not seen this scene. But now that she had, a sudden red mist descended upon her. No matter what, Wei WuXian was once a disciple of YunMeng Jiang Sect and called her ‘mother’, she would not stand for it when he was getting bullied by the one whom had sworn to love, cherish and protect him for life! This was tarnishing the name of YunMeng Jiang Sect and the Violet Spider.

Clearly, her pathetic husband gave a useless shovel talk. Why did Yu ZiYuan expect anything else? She had to take matters into her own hands.

Activating ZiDian, she lashed out at Lan WangJi. Wei WuXian let out a yelp as if he was the one who had been hit, whereas Lan WangJi merely froze before turning to face Yu ZiYuan stiffly.

Lan WangJi bowed, “Madam Yu.”

“Mother, why are you here? Why did you hit Lan Zhan?” the tears cleared from Wei WuXian’s face with impressive speed. “Did anything happen to the Sect? Is anyone in danger?”

Boy, please have some self-preservation! The only one in danger is clearly you! Yu ZiYuan cried out exasperatedly in her heart.

“No one is in danger. I simply remembered something that I need to speak to Lan WangJi about,” Yu ZiYuan said coldly.

Wei WuXian immediately pouted, “Is it urgent? Lan Zhan and I were just getting to the good part.”

Good part..? Good part…!

Yu ZiYuan’s eye twitched. “Wei WuXian…” she said through gritted teeth, “Were you enjoying that?”

“Yes, of course!” came the guileless response.

Wei WuXian was a deviant. Yu ZiYuan felt her blood pressure spiking and the faint sense of an incoming qi deviation.

<<My daughter just has particular tastes! Who are you to judge him!>>

Taking in deep breaths in attempts to reclaim her equanimity, Yu ZiYuan decided that she was washing her hands off this entire thing. Whatever, Wei WuXian had married into Gusu Lan Sect. He wasn’t her responsibility anymore.

She threw the jar of medical ointment towards the couple. Lan WangJi nimbly caught it and stared at it profoundly.

“Just…” Yu ZiYuan wished for temporary amnesia, “Just made sure he doesn’t bleed.”

Unfortunately, there was no kind gods around her to grant her wish, only a malevolent spirit who took particular delight in sharing with Yu ZiYuan how some people enjoyed pain in the bed.

QI DEVIATION, WHERE ART THOU? Yu ZiYuan screamed internally.