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Black Clouds

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Dear Kaoru,

I had dinner with Mom and Dad and Ageha today. It was so weird. Like, holy hell, Ageha’s 2 already. She’s still tiny. Still a little brat. She reminds me a lot of us, although I won’t say that to Mom. Dad probably thinks the same thing I do.

Mori-senpai’s back in town. I’ll give him a day to settle in before I go see him. Hopefully he can help me sort out the mess in my head. He usually can, but… this time I’m more of a mess than ever.

What about you? Are you alright? You’re not answering my texts. You didn’t lose your phone again, did you? Or are you just ignoring me?

Please, Kaoru. I need you.

Is it selfish of me to say that? Why is it that I always need you, always fall back on you, but you never rely on me? I’m your big brother―not the other way around. I’m supposed to be able to keep you safe and protect you and shit. Instead, I’m always the one coming crying to you because I don’t know what to do.

Well, no more! I’m gonna force Mori-senpai to help and… never really thank him for it because I’m a man, damnit.

I’m putting down the drinks before I get more than just a bit tipsy. Gonna go to bed.

Good night, Kaoru.