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"Hey, Narancia, you wanna put on some music? It's gonna take us a while to get to the surprise."

Narancia had been much too busy staring at the lights of the city's shops and signs, watching in the passenger seat of Mista's car as they blurred past. Every so often he'd see a group of people partying in a bar or a restaurant, the seventeen-year-old unable to help but wonder just what they were celebrating. Occasionally, he made up games in his mind- every time he saw a blue sign, earn a point, a red sign, earn three points, and so on-

"Oi, Narancia!"

"O-oh, sorry. Uh.. sure! You ever listen to Two Door Cinema Club? They've got really cool music."

Mista shook his head, braking at a stop light, glancing at Narancia. "Nah, but if you wanna put on their music, you better have brought a CD or two."

Narancia nodded and reached into the brown backback that was plastered with patches and badges sitting between his legs underneath the glove compartment, pulling out an album CD case.
The album was Beacon by Two Door Cinema Club. The album art always managed to slip a chuckle out of Narancia- yeah, sure, he was almost eighteen, but that didn't mean he didn't still basically have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old. With a click, the case was opened, the boy taking out the disc and slipping it in the player before closing the case and relaxing into his seat once more.

That surprise.. I wonder what Mista's got planned, he thought. It's not my birthday or anything, and I don't think it's anyone else's.. Maybe he's just takin' me out to eat or something. Narancia looked up at the sky- barely any stars out.

"Ugh, light pollution's so dumb. Can't even see any stars or anything! I don't even get it, how do all the lights down here make it harder to see the pretty stuff up there?" The seventeen-year-old groaned, glancing at the driver. And, for just a small moment, he saw Mista's lip curl up in a smile.

"Yeah. Narancia, you like stargazing?"

"I mean, sometimes.. I know constellations are already a thing, but I like to make my own. Pfft, the only real constellation I can actually recognize is Orion or something." Narancia started to notice the lights growing dimmer as the car passed by fewer buildings, raising an eyebrow. ".. Hey, where are we going, anyway?"

"Nara, you aren't supposed to give away surprises. That, like, goes against the whole concept of a surprise."

".. Huh." As Narancia looked up, the fourth song of Beacon started up, and more stars seemed to appear in the sky above, but there were still quite a few lights interrupting the view.

Ocean blue, what have I done to you?
Cut so deep, yet growing through and through.

"We're almost there. I first found out about this spot while stealing a bunch of clothes." Mista glanced over at the other male before taking away his gaze and refocusing it back on the road.

Narancia laughed, snorting. "Let me guess, had to get away?"

"Yep. I mean, I guess it did turn out better than I expected. There's a reason it's my favorite spot."

Although, I'm far away,
I know I'd stay, I know I'd stay right there with you.
Though, It might be too late,
What would you say? What would you say, what would you do?

"We're here." Mista unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the door, slipping out of the car. However, he left the music playing, even after reaching into the back of the car and getting out a blanket.

Not too long after, Narancia followed, doing the same as Mista and getting his backpack and carrying it outside-

before almost dropping it and all of its contents on the ground.

There were millions-no, no, not even that many- the sky was now a sea full of stars twinkling brightly. It was beautiful, so beautiful. Narancia had been so used to the sight of just maybe 5 or 6 stars being visible in the city, but out here- there was barely any light pollution, if any. He could see the only constellation he knew by heart- Orion- so clearly, impossibly clearly.

"Come on, Nara!" Mista's voice broke him out of his little trance, and Narancia quickly turned his head, realizing Mista had already set up a blanket on the ground for the two to sit on. Narancia ran over with his bag, sitting besides him and opening it up. He pulled out two peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches (small ones, made with only a single slice of bread and folded over like a taco), handing one to Mista as they looked up at the stars.

"Th- this is amazing..! I.. I've only seen stuff like this in pictures off the internet! I thought you needed like, science-y NASA telescopes to see the sky like this."

"It's actually pretty easy to get a view like this in spots without any light pollution." Mista took a bite out of his sandwich, then reached into the backpack and got out a juice box.

Narancia quickly finished his own sandwich, grabbing a juice from the bag and taking a sip to wash everything down. "This is awesome.. I think this is my favorite spot now, too."

"Heh, yeah.." Mista scratched the back of his neck nervously with his free hand, holding his sandwich and the juice box in the other. "Hey, Nara, I actually uh.. Wanted to tell you something."

"Huh? What's up?" Narancia turned to face him, putting down his juice, his purple eyes meeting Mista's own, which were dark brown, yet they sparkled, glimmering from the starlight overhead.

Over and over many setting suns,
I have runned, I have waited for the rain to come.
When through that mist, I see the shape of you...

"Narancia..." He leaned in a little, a faint blush tickling his cheeks, seeming to spread to Narancia's own as he started inclining closer to the other as well.

... And I know, and I know, that I'm in love with you.

The two's lips- they melded together, and they were both kissing, their eyes fluttering shut. Hands that once rested at their sides moved, fingers interlocking tightly as they just sat there, all of their attention completely focused on the sensation of their lips pressed together. Narancia's heart pounded, and he was certain that Mista's was doing the same thing.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but was only about a mere minute, they pulled away from the kiss. Narancia was speechless, about as flustered as one could be. He rubbed his own palms together, fidgeting nervously with his hands, eyes occasionally moving back up to glance at Mista.

"Y-you.. Uh.."

"W-wait, I'm sorry-"

"You big dumb idiot, you don't gotta apologize! That was like, the smoothest thing you've ever done! I- I.. I loved that.. I love.. You.." Narancia shouted, but his voice seemed to quiet down out of shyness at the end of that sentence.

"You love me back..?"

Narancia pushed him playfully, then wrapped his arms around Mista in a hug. "Of course I do! I would've punched you or something before you kissed me if I didn't!"

"Yeah, true, I know you pretty well." He laughed, petting Narancia's dark, curly hair, his fingers running along the boy's orange headband as they gazed up at the stars together. They both quieted down, laughs dying down to silence, holding each other in their arms.

The silence was soon broken by soft chuckles emitting from the smaller man. "Hey, Mista.."


"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?" Narancia wheezed.

Mista playfully punched him, cackling. "C-come on! We were having a moment!"

"You know I get bored easily! I had to!"

The two wheezed, laughing happily together, laughs echoing through the night.