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Rainbow Man

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Five of the six Matsuno brothers were gathered together in the TV room, kind of strong-armed into it by the one brother who called them all here - none other than an enthusiastic Karamatsu. He had dumped a few items over the table for everyone to gape at, various degrees of confusion and disgust painted over their faces. Choromatsu propped himself up to stand out from the rest, taking one for the team by coming up with the question everyone was less than eager to ask.

“What in the world are those, Karamatsu-niisan?”

He soon regretted speaking up at all when his immediate older brother beamed at him, eyes shining in their ever so loathed bishounen shape everyone always wished to wipe away from their brains whenever it came up. Osomatsu was already wincing as he held one side of his ribs.

“I'm glad you asked, my wonderful brother! With how some relationships among us have developed into something beyond brotherhood, I believe it's time to mark up the one man we love most through methods that are easier to manage than raw bites and hickeys. You know how hard it had been, lately, for us to visit the bathhouse without drawing the eyes of strangers over those beautiful, yet problematic blemishes.”

Karamatsu waved his hand elegantly, gesturing towards nothing and nobody in particular. “So I, your best brother in the world, have come up with this fantastic, invincible idea!”

Silence befell the group of NEETs. It stretched past the point of comfort for Karamatsu, whose thick eyebrow twitched while his brothers did nothing but vacantly stare down at his chosen items as though their brains leaked out of their ears from just listening to his speech. How irritating.

Before the second born could call them all back to attention, Todomatsu drawled lowly, narrowing his eyes.

“So, you thought of doing this whole... easy marking business...”

He picked up the tube of pink glittery lipstick that matched his own trademark color.

“... with these.

“Exactly, my smart Totty!” Karamatsu gave him a double finger gun. “They're easy to wash away with soap. No trace will be left when we head out to bathe ourselves! Convenient, isn't it?”

“What's the point of claiming someone if we've gotta wash it away later?” Osomatsu pouted. “Not that I'm complaining, really! Red lipstick's the hottest thing for me when cute girls wear it.”

“If I have to be honest? I'm not really sure it's a good idea,” Choromatsu muttered, frowning at the green lipstick in his hold. “I don't think mine would leave a pleasant mark at all. Couldn't you choose a more decent color for me?”

Ichimatsu picked up his own purple lipstick, for the entire couple seconds it took for him to register the implications before he unceremoniously dropped it back to the table. “Pass.”

Karamatsu's smile dimmed into a disappointed frown.

“Oh, brothers! I beg you, give my lipsticks a chance! I'm sure it's going to be an enriching experience for all of us—”

“I might give this to Totoko-chan!” Osomatsu chirped. “Her birthday's next month, right?”

“Too much glitter, and it looks like vomit. It really isn't for me. Sorry.” Choromatsu gently placed his lipstick back to the table.

“Maybe I'll use it,” Todomatsu started hopefully, only to turn his smile into a devilish smirk. “I heard guys are into wearing lipstick lately. Might as well follow the trend and hook up with a girl finally.”

“Pass,” Ichimatsu repeated, in a slower and more threatening tone, his glare matching his tone perfectly.

“I wonder if this thing tastes like banana!”

Five pairs of eyes turned to Jyushimatsu, who spent the whole chatter swivelling his yellow lipstick back and forth. His big eyes were transfixed on the bright and colorful cosmetic as it rolled in and out of its tube. Disheartened but still alarmed, Karamatsu gently pried the item out of his little brother's sleeve and closed the lid onto it, stifling a sigh.

Non, non, non, my little Jyushimatsu. It's not for eating! You know that, right?”

Jyushimatsu gave him a long, indecipherable look, as though he was seeing through Karamatsu and the meaning of the universe was behind the second born.

“I know! Of course!”

Karamatsu grunted, in a rare show of irritation. “Are you messing with me now?”

He received the loud bark of a laughter instead of a reply, Jyushimatsu falling back on his ass onto the tatami floor. It wasn't fair. Hearing him laugh had always had the effect of loosening any tension in the other brothers, and Karamatsu couldn't get mad at him for more than half a minute because of that trait of his. He was so cute, and Karamatsu was sure a kiss on that mouth would cheer him up right now, turning the rest of his day for the better...

But the laughter also seemed to indicate the end of their gathering, as Osomatsu stood up. “Well, it's been funny but I'm off to play some pachinko now! Who's coming?”

“Eh, why not?” Todomatsu stood up as well. Ichimatsu mutely followed, his movements more on the sluggish side.

Choromatsu gave Karamatsu one brief look of sympathy before sighing and pushing himself on his feet. Everyone except Jyushimatsu was about to take their leave, Osomatsu's hand already on the shoji, when a loud sigh reverberated in the room, and time stood still for the couple seconds it took Karamatsu to speak up, his voice resembling the deep rumble of a thunder.

“Very well,” he said, grabbing the blue lipstick that was left untouched so far. “If you guys want to leave, be my guests, but first...”

He opened the tube, quickly brushed the glittery substance over his lips, and gave them a hooded look, grinning in amusement at the fact they all instantly turned around when he called out to them. They never seemed to be able to resist when Karamatsu used his 'dominant' voice, no matter the situation. The second born seldom used it for that reason - he hated being a manipulator, and the idea of making his brothers do anything they weren't otherwise willing to do... it creeped him out.

But right now, he wanted to prove a point, and he wanted those eyes on him as he did so.


His arm was wrapped around Jyushimatsu's waist, pulling him flush against his older brother. The fifth born blinked, making a surprised sound that was soon muffled by a pair of shiny blue lips gently pressed against his own. Karamatsu caught the sound of a couple quiet gasps coming from the spectators watching them kiss. He closed his eyes while Jyushimatsu kept his own open and squinting, yellow sleeves curling in slight reaction and acknowledgement to what was going on.

When Jyushimatsu tried to open his mouth, Karamatsu took the chance to dart his tongue inside. A blush soon affected the fifth born's cheeks, and he closed his eyes at last, moaning softly as his arms made their way around Karamatsu's neck and tightened their embrace. They easily dove into their own little bubble, uncaring of the other gazes on them, lips and tongues working together in the harmony they learned to reach through practice and months worth of sheer love and care.

It was after those several moments of delight that Karamatsu froze at the sound of the nearby table getting kicked out of the way. It crashed into the wall, and the second born had a quick enough reflex to move out of the way before Ichimatsu rushed through like a feral tiger, growling ferociously as he pounced Jyushimatsu to the floor and captured him into a rough, hungry kiss.

Karamatsu noticed, with a further heavy dose of amusement, that the fourth born had smeared his lips with the purple lipstick before attacking their little brother. Good boy. If he wasn't such a stubborn idiot, life would be much easier for everyone here. But seeing him quench his bottomless thirst for Jyushimatsu was still fun to witness. He was ready to bet bet Ichimatsu was so hasty in the process of wearing the lipstick, his mouth must be looking like the drawing of a child who couldn't colour within the lines.

“Seriously...” He sat back and chuckled, using the back of his hand to clear his chin from the mix of blue glitter and drool that Jyushimatsu had slobbered all over him during their messy kiss.

Plenty aware of the other three brothers in the room, he looked up at them.

“I'm afraid you must wait your turn,” Karamatsu said, standing up. “But if you can squeeze in, I'm sure you'll be able to already claim our cute brother as well. Use the lipstick, and remember what I told you - sharing is caring, my brothers. Don't fight, or else I'll call this off immediately.”

Osomatsu, Choromatsu and Todomatsu had blank expressions on their faces as their sights were completely fixed on Ichimatsu kissing the life out of Jyushimatsu and drawing borderline lewd moans out of him. But Karamatsu knew for a fact that they listened to every word he said. He smiled as he walked past Osomatsu, patted him on the shoulder, and said, “I'll get us some beer for later.”

It took the second born a mere three minutes to slide into the kitchen and find the six pack beer sitting into the fridge, but he waited an additional five more to let his brother settle in together, lending an ear in case of a possible fight breaking out. He was fairly satisfied to notice that what he heard most were loud kisses and Jyushimatsu's pleased moans.

By the time he returned, he was mildly surprised to see that his advice had been followed, and the show he was offered greatly pleased him, curving his lips into a warm smile.

Jyushimatsu was still laying on his back, but Ichimatsu had willingly conceded room for the other three Matsunos to join in. He used to fight back fiercely for the position of number one suitor for Jyushimatsu's affections, but things had changed for the better through the months.

They had lifted Jyushimatsu's hoodie all the way up, exposing his chest and abdomen, and the area was already mapped by red and pink lipstick marks. His face had green on the cheek area, and a mixture of purple and blue smeared over his lips. Choromatsu had moved onto kissing the back of Jyushimatsu's thigh, while Osomatsu was about to have a turn ravaging the fifth born's lips, and Todomatsu obstinately stuck himself to the navel area, nuzzling into it. Ichimatsu peppered a few areas with fleeting kisses before settling himself on the other leg opposite of Choromatsu's chosen one.

Jyushimatsu's sleeve-covered hands were holding onto both Osomatsu and Todomatsu's hair, his body jerking intermittently towards all that stimulation, and the tent bulging within the front of his shorts was a healthy indication that he was thoroughly enjoying this and would like to receive even more love and attention than what he was having.

When he noticed Karamatsu's reappearance, the fifth born opened one eye, in the process of returning Osomatsu's kisses, and mouthed a needy “Nii-san” that almost got muted by the eager eldest brother. It was incredibly adorable. Karamatsu could just sit down and relish his fresh can of beer while watching the show and waiting for his turn, but...

He shook his head. After only giving Jyushimatsu one mark, why would he prevent himself from likewise covering his lover's entire body with blue?

Picking the blue lipstick off the floor where it had been abandoned, Karamatsu smirked ravenously before making his actual return to the field. He made room among the brothers and settled himself above Jyushimatsu, gently brushing his sweat-soaked bangs off his stainless forehead and claiming it with a couple tender blue kisses, followed by his temple and nose. Osomatsu broke the kiss, snapping off the strings of saliva that stretched between his mouth and Jyushimatsu's, and gave the second born a disgruntled look that inspired a mirthful laugh.

“Come on, brother, I'm not here to ruin the party.”

He took Jyushimatsu's sleeve, pulled at it gently until his hand came out, and stamped another blue kiss to the back of it.

“There's so much more free space to take, and he's currently a bit too clothed for my taste. Will you graciously help me out?”

Osomatsu's eyes darted over to Jyushimatsu's face - a mask of bliss that was full of sweat as much as it was of colorful glitter; he was smiling like a fool, panting and staring up at both eldest brothers dreamily and full of further expectations. Then Osomatsu looked at his other three brothers devouring the exposed, sun-kissed skin of the fifth born, one leg colored purple, another green, both nipples getting licked and suckled by an implacable pink mouth that overlapped the previous red.

He looked back at Karamatsu, and mirrored his grin.

“Fuck yeah.”




Karamatsu sat back, finally popping his can of beer open. It got a bit warmer because it was left untouched for almost a couple hours, but the taste washed his throat just as pleasantly as always. He sighed softly, admiring the sight of everyone's combined effort.

Jyushimatsu was laying flat on the floor, this time spread eagled, all his limbs stretched out. Red, blue, green, purple, and pink, had successfully replaced his tan. Every glittery color was strewn over his entire body, reaching even the tip of his fingers and toes. Not even his hair was spared from it. At some point he flipped over his stomach so his back and ass received the same treatment, along with a well deserved and most satisfying fuck. Everyone had his turn on him.

A pool of cum gushed out of his used asshole, and his cock was finally flaccid, having a well deserved rest after the many orgasms that it took to put it down.

He had a gaping smile on him, which was framed with drying cum mixed with lipstick. Even now, as he didn't move a muscle, the fifth born was more than happy to receive the last cum shot from Todomatsu, who had a hand roughly fisted into his older brother's hair as he pumped his own cock and spilled the last of his sperm into his face and big welcoming mouth. Jyushimatsu stuck his tongue out, slurping the thick white droplets and slurring a “Thank you” to Todomatsu as his head was gently placed back on the floor and his only little brother kissed his forehead.

As the other brothers laid or sat down in a circle, chugging on their given beer, Karamatsu laid Jyushimatsu's already open can next to him, and the fifth born grabbed it gratefully. He dawned the entire content, at once, straight into his throat, and sighed loudly, letting out a very loud “Delicious!” that reverberated through the whole room. Even after he got fucked silly by all his brothers, the guy's stamina wouldn't match anyone else's when it came to sheer power. It was frightening, as much as it was utterly sexy.

Karamatsu let silence stretch for another minute, before he huffed smugly and asked, “How was my idea, then, my brothers?

“Not bad!” Osomatsu said, rubbing the underside of his nose. “He looks nice like this.”

“It was, ah... fun, somehow,” Choromatsu admitted.

“Gross, but I can get behind it.” Todomatsu shrugged.

“Thank you for the meal,” Ichimatsu hummed humbly, clapping his hands in a mock prayer.

“Hahaha! I'm everyone's glittery cum dumpster!” Jyushimatsu added with misplaced glee.

Dumb as that was, though it wasn't that far from the truth, it made everyone chuckle, clearing the thick air among the sextuplets. They needed to get rid of the sex stink, clean the room up, clean Jyushimatsu up, but for the moment they were content with lazying around and burning their throats with alcohol.

... That was, until Karamatsu found the unused yellow lipstick, and handed it to the fifth born.

“What are you planning to do with this?”

“Oh...!” Jyushimatsu stared at it intensely for a minute, then popped the tube open, swivelled the lipstick up, and carefully wore it over his stained lips, painting them golden. “I think... I wanna kiss someone.”

Karamatsu snorted, knowing exactly where this was going. “And who, exactly?”

There was a tense pause. Jyushimatsu's eyes darted in every place, then locked on Karamatsu, and sitting up way too rapidly for someone who was recovering, he wrapped his arms around his older brother's neck and gave him a firm but sweet flurry of kisses over both his cheeks, ending with a lengthy one on his lips that he gladly accepted. When they broke away, Jyushimatsu laughed and tilted his head to the ceiling to yell out, at the top of his lungs:

“All of you!!!”