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It was the silence that first told Simon something was wrong. Ever since Izzy had moved in, he swore there hadn’t been a silent moment in their apartment since. Not that he minded. In fact he loved that the moment he stepped in the door Izzy would run up to him with some adventure from her day. For some reason Simons worries would always melt away as soon as he heard her voice. 


But that wasn’t what happened tonight, and Simon wished to God it could’ve. He wished he’d never heard her soft sniffles from across the apartment. He wished he’d never run to her, landing by her side in a flash. He wished she’d just told him about her day and he would have never thought to ask… 


“Babe whats wrong?”


And he wished she hadn’t looked up at him with red rimmed eyes, the brown doe eyes that he fell in love with, and answered.


“I- Meliorn was here… I don't know what happened, he was looking for you and one thing led to another… can you ever forgive me?”


He really wished, more than anything else, that he could. 


They got in a huge fight after that. There were tears, and apologies, and headaches, and heartaches. She begged him. He said he could never trust her again. 


The night ended with one final request.


Izzy stood by the door, tears trailed her face, as she looked up at Simon with remorse. 


“Just… don’t tell my brothers. I’ll tell them, I won’t let them think this was your fault. I just can’t imagine coming up to them one day, and seeing that disappointment in their eyes, and not being able to own up to my mistakes.”


Simon sighed, tears clearly visible on his cheeks too. 


“Whatever Isabelle. Please just go.”


Izzy turned on her heel, shouldering her bag, holding enough of her possessions to get by for a few days. Simon's eyes trailed her as she walked down the hall, a twisted part of his heart wished she would turn back. She didn’t. 


“Goodbye.” He whispered, more to himself than to her.