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“Alright: coffee is on his desk, newspaper as well, Mr. Whitebeard will be here for the meeting at  9:30, then off to Racey’s at noon for a meeting with Mr. Donquixote.  Stock reports are ready, and he is running late.”

“I’m not late,” a deep voice interrupted.

I turned with a gasp to see Mr. Crocodile standing there reaching to take the stock reports from my desk.

“Everyone else is simply early.”

“Sorry sir,” I muttered.  “I did not know that you were there.  Also isn’t it rude to interrupt someone’s thoughts.”

“Not if it involves business for the day.  Is my—”

“On your desk, also I brought you a breakfast sandwich.  Can’t run all day with no food Mr. Crocodile.”

“Thank you.  Please inform me when Whitebeard arrives.”


There was a pause in his step before he made his way into his office.  Turning my attention back to my computer I took notice of a red rose on my desk.  I picked it up and graced my fingertips along the petals; did Mr. Crocodile put this here?  No, he’s not someone who would give someone sweet gifts.

“(Y/n) are you alright?”


Vivi was standing there with a folder in her arms with a friendly smile on her face.

“Oh, yeah I’m fine.  Sorry, I spaced out for a moment.”

“It’s alright,” she held out the folder for me, “here’s the contract for the new hotel.  Robin asked me to drop it off.”

I took the file from her, “Does it have the permits?”

“Mm-hm, you might want to give them to Mr. Crocodile since it was you who was able to convince the Aokiji firm to sell the property.  What did you do to convince him?”

“I merely mentioned how if he didn’t sell, his stocks in the next year would tank with the decline; but I’m still shocked that he decided to sell, especially since he is not a fan of Mr. Crocodile’s hotels.”

“He may be taking an early retirement.”

I chuckled, “Maybe.  Thanks Vivi.”

“Oh, are we still on for Saturday?”

“Girls day binge watching old movies and eating junk food?  You know it.”

I got up from my seat and walked towards Mr. Crocodile’s office to knock on the door.

“Come in.”

I walked in seeing Mr. Crocodile sipping his coffee while signing off on new permits for other hotels for the renovations.

“Good news!”

“Does it involve aspirin?”

I sighed figuring out what he did last night especially since he left early.  For a smart man, he does have his moments of being a dumb man…but I keep those thoughts to myself.

“I put them in your top drawer next to your stamp seal.”

He eyeballed me before reaching over to check his top drawer.  I could hear a faint sigh escape him as he pulled out the bottle.

“Long night sir?”

“You have no idea.”

“I can think of a few things,” I smirked jokingly.

He tried to glare at me, but I could tell he really couldn’t because it would hurt his head even more.  Mr. Crocodile popped the aspirin then took a sip of coffee to wash it down.

“What is this good news you are talking too loudly about?”

I mustered up a small glare of my own at him.  I really could strangle this huge man sometimes, but I still need this job so killing my boss is not in the cards.  But I could irritate him back.  I dropped the file lazily on his desk then crossed my arms.

“We got the contract from Aokiji to buy the property, and he included the permits.”

“Really?” he questioned while opening the file.

“Yes.  I’ll let you know when Whitebeard is here.”


“Please try to perk up for your meeting.”

I shut the door and returned to my desk taking a deep breath.  Soon Whitebeard will be here and I need to not let my irritation get the best of me.  I continued to work on the other contracts until a hearty laugh broke the silence.

“(Y/n) my dear, it’s been a while!”

“Hello Mr. Whitebeard,” I smiled, “it is good to see you again.”

“(Y/n) what have I told you before?  You can call me Pops!”

“Sorry sir, but I don’t think that it would be appropriate for the office, especially for Mr. Crocodile.”

“Bah!  Crocodile needs to get whatever stick out of his ass and calm down.”

I laughed at Whitebeard, he always knew how to lighten up any mood.

“Thank you Mr. Whitebeard, I needed a laugh.  Follow me, I will take you into his office.”

“Oh (Y/n) do you have plans this weekend?”

I approached the door but decided to answer before I knocked.

“Yes sir, I do.  I plan on having some girl time with my friends.”

“When are you going to buckle down and get a boyfriend?” he winked.  “I know a few people you may be interested in.”

I chuckled, “That’s very flattering sir, but I’m alright.”

“A pretty face like yours should not go to waste.  But if you ever need a date, let me know I have a few sons that you may be a good match for you.”

“Again, thank you but I’m alright.”

I knocked on the door to signal Mr. Crocodile that his first meeting was here.

“Come in.”

I opened the door and stepped aside to let Whitebeard in.

“Mr. Whitebeard is here sir.”

“Thank you, you may leave.”

“Aw stop being mean to the girl Croc!”

I closed the door and left before I could hear the conversation.  I had other work to do anyways.  Hours passed as I worked through the newest projects for the upcoming renovations of the hotels, designs for the new spot, and pending sales.  I was deep into my work that I didn’t notice that the boss had actually left to his other meeting with Donquixote.  In all honesty, I couldn’t stand the man not only for his abrasive attitude, but the constant flirting was not appealing.  Also just something about the pink coat he wears is a little too girly for me.

Clicking of heels entered the main entrance of the office.  From the misstep, I could tell that this person either wore a size too small or had no idea how to walk in heels.

“Where is Crocodile?”

It’s the former.  I rolled my eyes while looking up to Boa Hancock clad in a red dress, cut lower in the front to expose her breasts.

“Mr. Crocodile is having a meeting at this moment.  You are not scheduled until next week to meet with him, so please come back then.”

“No, Crocodile can meet with me now.  I’ll wait in his office, we have an important matter to discuss.”

She walked over to the office and tried to open the door only to find out it was locked.  I snickered under my breath.

“How dare he!”

“Ms. Hancock please refrain from trying to make a ruckus.”

“Look secretary, I don’t appreciate you trying to send me away.”

“My name is (Y/n), not secretary, and I would appreciate if you would please refrain from making a fool of yourself.”

She fell silent for a moment as her heels clicked over to my desk.  Both of her hands rested against the desk as she gave me a sorry excuse for a smirk.

“Is there something that I can help you with?” I asked while processing data onto the computer.

“All these years your work for him, half expecting him to care about you.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’ve noticed the way you look at him, it’s plainly obvious.  It really is pathetic you know, after all these years, Crocodile still has you bring his coffee like the maid you are.”

“I do whatever Mr. Crocodile requests of me and, occasionally, take out the trash,” I smirk.  “Now will that be all or would you like an escort out?”

“I can see myself out, third wheel.”

“Good you still understand the use of an elevator, though you can’t remember what size shoe you wear.”

Her heels scuttled against the floor in a rush signaling her frustration, and I leaned back in my chair rubbing my temples.  Why are the people Mr. Crocodile associates with so annoying?  Give or take a few are actually nice and funny like Whitebeard and Shanks.

“Is everyone on their period today, what the hell?”


I looked up to see Mr. Crocodile standing there with a questioning look on his face, and a beautiful blonde on his arm.

“I’ve sent Ms. Hancock away sir, she was demanding to see you,” I said with a blank stare.

“Thank you.  Please clear the schedule for tomorrow.”

“If you mean Monday, then alright.  Tomorrow is Saturday sir.”

“Oh, you must be third wheel that other chick was talking about!” the blonde exclaimed.

I raised my eyebrow at her slightly but just smirked as I locked my computer.

“I’m also the janitor because eventually I’ll be taking out more trash.”

“What?” she asked.

“Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about,” I smiled while picking up my purse and tossing the anonymous rose into the trash.  “The reports are on your desk Mr. Crocodile.  Have a nice weekend.”

I walked away without batting an eye to either one of them, though inside I wanted to scream, but no, it wasn’t worth my time.  I could feel eyes follow me as I left the office and made my way downstairs.  Once ground level, Vivi was walking out as well.

“Hey wait up!” I called.

“Oh hey!  Whoa you look like you’ve had a hard day.”

“Yes and no, but it’s better now that the weekend is here.”

“Pizza and chips here we come!” she fist pumped.

We caught the next taxi towards our apartment complex, and good thing we caught the bus because nature decided to be a bitch and rain.

“Jeez, is it a full moon out tonight?” she asked.

“I don’t know today has just been crazy.  You should’ve seen the scene with Boa Hancock.”

“What?  What was she doing there?”

“Oh you know, trying to get Mr. Crocodile to invest in her clothing line by getting into his pants.”

“Pfft, isn’t that how she got her clothing line from in the first place from her other sponsor?”

We both burst out laughing as the bus continued down the streets until it came to our block.  We stepped off of the bus and walked into the complex. 

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.  Do you need me to bring the drinks?”

“Yeah please, Robin is bringing the pizza, and Nami will bring the movies.”

“Okay, see ya!”

I made it to my door and I stuck my hand in my purse to find my keys…only there were no keys.


I rummaged through my entire purse and couldn’t find my keys anywhere.  Thinking back to this morning after I brought Mr. Crocodile his coffee, I gathered all of the papers for this morning…and I placed my keys in my top drawer.


I pulled out my phone to try and call Mr. Crocodile only to find out that my phone is dead.

“Could this day get any worse?!”

Yes, yes it could.  The bus would not come back for another three hours, and it’s still raining.  Stilettos and rain do not go together.  It took almost an hour for me to race my way back to Baroque Works Corp; once inside, I was completely soaked from the rain.  Sighing heavily I took off my heels and slowly made my way to the elevator then pressed the button for the top floor.

“Deep breaths (Y/n), it could be worse.”


The doors opened and I overheard a frustrated scream coming from the main office.  I stepped out of the elevator to see the blonde from earlier rushing out of the office and she shoved me out of the way to enter the elevator.  All I did was chuckle and smirk.

“What the hell are you doing?” she questioned.

I reached over and hit the button for the ground level.

“Just taking out the trash.”

Her face turned shocked as the doors shut.  I walked over to my desk to find my keys in the top drawer.  Just as I was about to leave, I could almost hear a deep sigh leave Mr. Crocodile from his office.  I feel bad, I don’t know why, but I do; I reached in my locked drawer beneath my desk to pull out my stash of Brandy and a glass.  After I poured it into the cup, I locked the Brandy back up and walked into Mr. Crocodile’s office.

The man sat at his desk looking over some papers while smoking cigar and his head resting against his palm.  It didn’t seem that he was aware of my presence.  I placed the glass in front of him making him look up slowly.

“You look like you need a stiff drink,” I said.

“(Y/n)?  What are you doing here?  And why are you all wet?”

“I forgot my keys, it’s raining, but I had to come back; and just in time to see your friend off.”

“She’s not my friend,” he muttered while picking up the glass and taking a sip.  “You know that it’s policy not to have alcohol in the office?”

“I think you’ll let me off especially since you just drank the evidence boss.”

A ghost of a smile graced his lips as he downed the rest of the Brandy in one swig then taking a drag of his cigar.  He blew the smoke away from me knowing that I did not like the smell.

“Thank you (Y/n), you always know what I need.”

“That’s my job sir.  Anyway, go home.  It seems like you need some rest this weekend, and I mean actual rest not partying until you pass out.”

“You been getting bolder with your statements these past few days (Y/n), is there something you wish to discuss?”

“No sir.  I would hope that after seven years you know that I’m very straightforward and bluntly honest with my answers.  Even when your flings come around.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Excuse me?” I question.

“Does it bother you that I bring multiple, beautiful women around? Answer honestly.”

“In all honesty, I would expect more class from a man of your stature,” I started while crossing my arms.  “But that’s only my opinion, you are a grown man and can do whatever you want without the approval from others.  In addition to that though, I am getting tired of cleaning up your messes when that is your responsibility.”

“My messes, that’s one way to put it.”

Mr. Crocodile extinguished his cigar in an ashtray that he had on his desk and stood up.

“Thanks for the drink.  I can take you home, I don’t need you getting sick from the rain.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I’ll be alright.  I can wait for the next bus,” I state as I leave his office to grab my shoes, keys, and purse from my desk.

“I insist (Y/n).”

“I wouldn’t want to ruin the seats in your car Mr. Crocodile.  I can assure you that I’ll be fine.”

My shoes slipped from my hand due to me still being soaked.  I reached to grab them only to be beaten by Mr. Crocodile who took my shoes in his hand.

“Let me help you for once (Y/n).”

I looked into his cold eyes and for some reason I couldn’t resist the offer especially since I was shivering.  I nodded my head then grabbed my things and followed him out to the garage.  When we approached his car he stopped me and asked if I could remove my wet jacket which I obliged to but that made me even colder.  Suddenly, he took off his own jacket and wrapped it around me.  I was much smaller than him so I was engulfed into this trench coat.

Mr. Crocodile opened the door for me and I sat myself in the passenger seat then he shut the door..  My fingers were starting to turn blue from the cold.  Once settled in, Mr. Crocodile turned on the car and cranked up the heater and the heated seats.

“Put your hands by the panel, you’ll warm up faster.”

“Thank you sir,” my teeth chattered.

“You can call me Crocodile when we are alone, you don’t have to be formal.”

I turned to see his features never faltered when he said that.  Though as I sunk deeper into the seat, I reveled in the cologne that emanated from his coat I would glance at him to admire his handsome features.  I know it’s wrong, but it was hard to resist his stoic charm at times.  Even though he had some bad habits, he wasn’t all that bad of a guy; he was just so set in his ways that I knew in my head it was wrong to care for him.

“If you stare any longer, I will have a hole in my temple.”

I blushed harshly as I snapped my head back towards the road.  How embarrassing, being caught staring at your boss.  I faced out towards the passenger window and we both fell into an uncomfortable silence.  Soon my apartment complex was in view, and I readied myself to run from this car.  When he slowed the car, I reached to open the door but I was stopped by a hand on my wrist.

“(Y/n),” he spoke softly. 

“Yes?” I avoided eye contact.

“Why did you throw out the rose that was on your desk?”

I sighed, “So it was you who left it on my desk.”

His grip tightened slightly on my wrist; he was silently pressing me to answer his question.

“I just…I didn’t want to give myself hope.”

“So you do have feelings for me.”

“Yes…but I know that I will never be the woman that you want.”

I pulled my wrist from his grip and opened the door.

“Thank you for the ride Crocodile, I will see you on Monday.”

I exited the car, closed the door, and rushed inside of the complex without turning around to face Crocodile.  Once I finally got inside of my apartment, I leaned against the door.  I regretted ever telling him how I felt, I just hope that he won’t get rid of me like he does his other flings.

“Ugh, what have I done?”