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Five Times Meister Slips the Hounds (and One Time Prowl Doesn't)

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Hello Bluestreak,

I apologize that it’s taken so long for me to write. It took quite a while for me to settle in in Praxus - it’s nothing like Iacon, and, if I’m honest, even the thought of writing to you made me too homesick to contemplate. It’s been getting better, though. I’ve made some new friends in the city, and while I miss everyone at the Precinct every day, I’m getting used to life in Praxus.

I hope that you will forgive me for being out of touch for so long. I would like to hear about how you’ve been doing - I’ve been receiving your marksmanship scores, and seen a few news articles that have mentioned your involvement, but beyond that, how have you liked working for the enforcers?

I hope this letter reaches you well.



He spends far longer than he should need to on the letter.

It’s been… such a long time since he’s contacted Bluestreak - contacted either of his brothers. A hundred and twenty vorns… not spent entirely without contact. He receives notifications when they are injured on the job, tracks their marksmanship scores and achievement awards, has followed Smokescreen’s grades in every training course he’s taken. He’s even visited, once - him and Bluestreak converging in Crystal City after a negotiation-gone-wrong had left Smokescreen berthbound for orns.

It’s just… up until a few orn ago, he’s had nothing to talk to them about.

What could he say? He won’t lie to them, but… “Oh, Praxus is terrible - my commanding officer is corrupt, and all of my colleagues would like to see me killed”? “Yes, the gang lords rule the city - no, I’m not allowed to arrest them, I can’t even call them in for questioning or they’ll have me shot?” He won’t do that to them - won’t put them in a position where their own morals become as compromised by the city as his have been.

They would tell him to leave. He won’t - won’t abandon Praxus to Barricade and the lords.

But Meister changes that. He can’t tell them the truth, but… he has a team now, a team that he trusts not to turn on him. He has - and it’s bitterly, bitterly rare that he has occasion to use the term - friends.

One of whom is finally coming back out of stasis beside him.

“Hng… Grhg… Prowler?” Meister’s voice is groggy as he shifts on the medberth, hand struggling to free itself from the sheets tangled around it. “You catch the name of the tank that ran me over?”

“Hematite.” The femme was definately large, but… “She wasn’t a tank. Construction unit - but she spent some time in the arenas, enough to pay for reinforcement and a weapons mod.”

“Slag. She didn’t even slow down.” He groans again. “How bad was it?”

“Fairly. Ratchet had you stable quickly, but he spent almost two cycles reassembling your plating - he’s recharging now. I volunteered to keep an optic on you.”

At that, Meister onlines his own optics, and cringes back into the pillow, struggling against the sheets even harder. “Slag -” He stills as Prowl obligingly covers his visor with his own hand, blocking the worst of the medbay’s lights to give him a chance to adjust. “Thanks, mech.”

He hums softly, acknowledging the gratitude. “You did well. Ratchet said there might be short-term packet loss - you successfully took out Mica and Igneous. You had successfully cleared the mission area as Cenote, and then…”

“Wait, what?” Meister’s voice is pure indignation. “How’d I get flattened by a tank - ‘m sorry, mech, I know construction mechs an’ that was a fraggin’ tank, whatever she framed as - if I got out clean?

“She didn’t properly clear the intersection before proceeding. It’s an -”

“I got in a regular slagging accident?” His pitch is rising - not yet approaching hysterical, but…

“Yes. It’s an unfortunately common problem, even in more orderly cities.” He pauses. “She did not bother to stop to check on you. I assume that we won’t be pressing charges for hit-and-run, regardless.”

Meister seems speechless at that - staring up at him with a bright, shocked visor. After another moment, Prowl takes mercy on him and gives a small smile.

Immediately the assassin slumps back in the berth. “Pits, mech - don’t do that to me. So… Primus. A regular slagging accident. How’d you get me back to the clinic?”

“I arrived on-scene first, made a show of checking your medical files, and stood-by as officer-in-charge until Ratchet could arrive to transport. A hit-and-run only requires one officer to respond, and no follow-up paperwork unless the victim dies or requests an investigation.” He smiles again. “I assumed you wouldn’t be interested, and took the liberty of closing the file.”

“Good. Thank Primus.” Meister stares up at the ceiling. “A regular slagging accident.”



Prowl Prowl Prowl Prowl Prowl! Oh Primus, it’s been such a long time! I’m so happy to hear you’re doing better - I remember how down you were when we stayed with Smokey last time, but I’m glad to hear that you’re finally adjusting to Praxus! I know mechs can be afts about working with you - I’m glad they’re finally warming up! Maybe I can visit sometime and meet your friends~

I’ve been doing great! I’ve finally got a team of my own - well, we’re not officially a team, but me and TB and the twins have been doing a lot of protection-detail stuff together, and Ultra Magnus pretty much always posts us together, so we’re basically a team. Teebs said to say hi when I mentioned that I was writing you a letter - I guess he worked with you back when you were stationed in Iacon? You wouldn’t know the twins, though - they were in the class after mine. They’re great, though - they’re both former gladiators, so they’re really great at close-protection stuff. I’ll send a picture of us! We got to be part of the Winglord’s protection detail last Festival, and he was kind of an aft, but his trinemates were really nice and Skywarp got us a picture with all of them to remember it.

You should write me back! And send a message to Smokey, too - he misses you a lot, although he’s really busy these days. I guess Crystal City’s been lending him out to other cities - there’s some kind of major investigation going on down in the Tri-Torus he’s been working on for decavorns, but he’s not allowed to talk about it at all so I haven’t heard much from him.

Love you lots!