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just say that you’ll always be there (and so will i)

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Fong cursed, opening and closing doors, trying to find for his friend. “Tine? Where are you?!” 

Chat runs up beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Have you found him?” 

Fong sadly shakes his head, releasing a frustrated sigh. 

They just finished their law exams earlier today, so Fong decided to invite them all to drink at L Co Hol for a little celebration. It was all going great; Boss and Phuak were having a drinking contest, Sarawat and Tine were drunkenly flirting (actually, only Sarawat was flirting while Tine was blushing and laughing), Man was moping about not seeing his boyfriend, and Fong and Chat were having a conversation about where they’d have their next date at. 

It was all going great, until they suddenly heard angry screaming from the bar. Fong turned his head just in time to see a girl slap Tine, the echo reverberating around the room. Fong stared in shock, jaw dropped as the girl continued to verbally bring Tine down, shouting that her dress costed more than his life. Everyone in the table stood up when the girl suddenly picked up a glass of beer and spilled it all over Tine’s shirt and face. Rage filled up in Fong’s veins when he saw the shakiness in Tine’s eyes, the trembling of his bottom lip, and before he could do anything else, Tine started to run away. 

Fong was about to give the girl a piece of his mind before Sarawat stepped in front of her, a blank look on his face, apparently sober after seeing the whole ordeal. The girl probably thought that he was flirting with her so she gave him a seductive smile, asking if he could buy her a drink. Sarawat didn’t say anything, nor did his expression change, as he picked up his own glass from the table and splashed it on her. Fong smirked as the girl sputtered through her dripping hair and make-up while Sarawat simply put the glass back down and left. 

Now that she was done with, Fong and the others headed out to look for Tine– Fong, Ohm, and Phuak especially. Look, the three of them are Tine’s best buds since high school, and they know that Tine easily gets insecure and take anyone’s– even just complete strangers– words to the heart. It’s dangerous for him to be alone right now, mainly because of his thoughts and also because he’s drunk

That’s why they’re currently here, back in the university, all searching different rooms to find Tine. 

Fong groans, pinching the bridge of his nose, wondering where the heck his best friend could be. 

“Hey.” Chat says, bringing Fong out of his thoughts. He offers an assuring smile. “We’ll find him, okay?” 

Fong smiles gratefully at his boyfriend and nods. Chat kisses him on the cheek. “I’ll go upstairs, okay? You search here.” He gives him one last comforting squeeze on his shoulder before heading up the stairs. Fong smiles as he follows his shadow before it faded away. He then looks back ahead of him, tapping a finger to his chin, wondering where Tine could be. 

If he was Tine, he’d probably go somewhere familiar to hide away to. And Tine only had three hang out places he’d always go to; the cafeteria, the library, and the...

Fong smirks. Bingo. 

The music room. 

Fong immediately started to walk towards the music room, already thinking up words of what he’s gonna say to Tine when he finds him. The girl earlier said some pretty mean stuff, and Fong had no doubt that Tine was probably overthinking what she said even though she knew nothing about his life. Like come on, was a dress like that really important?! She didn’t have to yell at Tine like he was some idiot! Tine is very much intelligent, that’s why he’s in the law faculty in the first place! 

And besides, the dress looked horrible. How could that possibly be even more important than Tine, who’s the top student in their class and never fails to make them smile and always goes along with whatever dumb shit they do? 

By the time Fong arrived, he’s already thought up of something inspirational to say to Tine and make him realize his worth– 

“Tine.” He suddenly hears Sarawat’s voice, unbelievably soft and full of worry. “What she said isn’t true.” 

Fong stopped right in his tracks, eyes widening at the scene in front of him. 

Tine was still slightly drenched but nevertheless looked fine, which means he arrived in this school without any injuries whatsoever. He was also sitting down on the bench, head hanging low. Even from here, Fong can see the little droplets in the corner of Tine’s eyes, collecting along on the edge but not falling. What was even more surprising to Fong was that Sarawat was there in front of him; his one hand on Tine’s shoulder and the other was patting and caressing Tine’s head gently. Tine’s head was pressed to Sarawat’s stomach and his arms were loosely wrapped around Sarawat’s waist. 

Okay, Fong knows what Sarawat is like with Tine. He’s all soft smiles and attentive gaze whenever Tine would ramble on something about what happened in their class. He’d always hold Tine’s hand or hug him from behind whenever they’re drinking either at their place or at a bar. He’ll always bring Tine something to eat whenever Tine doesn’t have any time to get food for himself. 

And Fong also knows about his dangerously protective side– the side that would glare and scowl at any guy that showed interest in Tine, the side that would go batshit crazy if someone ever inflicts pain on Tine, and apparently, the side that would also spill beer on someone else because they did it with Tine. Seeing this scene now, it didn’t seem that all shocking to Fong that Sarawat had found him first, and he’s honestly not complaining. He’s glad that Tine has someone who knows him inside out– whereas before he’d be heartbroken whenever Tine’s in a new relationship. Thank god he met Chat and got him to move on from his first love, which then lead to their year-long relationship. 

(Gosh, he’d spill poetry about Chat for days if he could, but now is not the time.) 

Fong sneaks behind a corner, just peeking half of his head to the side so he can still see them. He doesn’t know why he can’t seem to look away from them– the sight had him curious, wondering what’ll Sarawat say to his best friend to pull him out of his thoughts. 

“But what if it is, Wat?” Fong almost couldn’t hear the words from how quiet Tine’s voice was, but he wished he hadn’t because the crack in Tine’s tone had his heart breaking bit by bit. “Maybe I am worthless and idiotically clumsy an– and stupid–” 

Tine,” Sarawat interrupted, looking baffled and hurt. Fong now notices the way Tine’s body started to shake, tremors all over his arms and legs. Fong wanted to go there and start to assure him himself, but he held himself back because he wants to see how Sarawat will be able to handle him or the situation. “You’re not any of those things, far from it actually. How could you even think that what some stranger said is true?” 

Sarawat’s voice sounded so pained, obviously not liking how Tine was bringing himself down. Fong watched as Tine slowly lifts his head up, gazing at Sarawat through teary and glimmering eyes, his lips quivering like he was moments away from breaking down. 

“But what if I am, Wat?” Tine asks desperately, closing in on himself. “What if I’m everything that she said? What if I’m as bad as she said I was? What if it’s all true and that I’m actually a shitty person?” 

Sarawat looked undeniably heartbroken at Tine’s words; brows furrowed in misery and his lips curling to a sad frown. He then kneeled down in front of him, delicately putting his hands on Tine’s cheeks, capturing the tear that trailed down his left eye. “You don’t really mean that, do you?” Sarawat asks in a small voice, full of pain and hurt and betrayal. He probably feels just as much pain as Fong does right now because they both can’t stand the way Tine thinks so badly of himself when he’s clearly much more than that, much more amazing and better than whatever words that girl threw at his way. 

(He’ll make sure that girl will get what’s coming to her after hurting his best friend. He’s glad Tine has them, because they’ll do whatever it takes to protect him and also take revenge to whoever hurts him. Which is why, before Fong went here, he told Ohm to ruin that girl’s social media reputation, which he gladly agreed to.) 

“I-I don’t know.” Tine mumbles, biting on his lower lip as he places his hands on Sarawat’s shoulders, grasping onto them hard enough to hurt but that didn’t seem to faze Sarawat at all. “Maybe? I just...” 

“Tine, I want you to listen carefully to me.” Sarawat says slowly, holding Tine’s cheeks in his palms, a determined and stubborn look on his face, his eyes shining with seriousness. Fong, along with Tine as well, wonders what he’ll say with that solemn tone and earnest expression that doesn’t seem to be going away. “You are incredible, you are wonderful, and you are absolutely not any of what some strange said you are.” 

Tine opens his mouth, probably to say something, but he closed it again when he saw how passionate Sarawat’s gaze was, how he looked at him with the utmost vehemence and care. Fong was also speechless, trying his hardest not to move from where he was peeking on the corner, the position making his body and back ache. 

“You’re very smart, okay?” Sarawat assures softly, in contrast to his intense expression. “You’re not and never will be stupid. You’re studying law! You should be proud of yourself for taking that major because not everyone gets past the first year, but you did, and that’s something that girl didn’t know. You’re amazing, kind, and have you even seen your smile, Tine?!” At that, Tine laughs lightly, a small smile coming up his lips. Sarawat looks at him fondly, brushing his thumb across Tine’s cheek. “Beautiful.” 

“Shut up.” Tine murmurs, but he’s clearly not that upset as he looked earlier. In fact, he was smiling even wider now; his eyes starting to crinkle and his cheeks a slight tinge of pink. 

“Ignore everything she said, Tine. It may not be easy, but she really isn’t worth overthinking about.” Sarawat says earnestly, brushing a strand of Tine’s wet hair to the side of his forehead. “Some people are just assholes because they are, and you shouldn’t let them think that they have that power over you because you’re so much stronger than you think. Believe me when I say that you shine brighter than anyone else and that you never fail to make the people around you happy, including me.” Sarawat’s voice went quiet at that last part, a gentle edge to them. Fong squints his eyes and sees more tears leaving Tine’s eyes. Tine was about to wipe them away himself, but Sarawat had already leaned close to him, kissing the droplets away. 

Fong feels his heart ache at the scene, softening when he sees Tine visibly relax, his eyes closing as he lets his forehead connect with Sarawat’s. He bears the pain of peeking at them a little longer, even though his side was hurting from bending to the side which he definitely he isn’t used to doing. Tine is the cheerleader one among them, for christ’s sake! Tine is flexible unlike Fong, who is very much not. But he can’t seem to drag his gaze away, even through the pain– the scene unfolding in front of him was too... pure. Something so untainted, almost domestic, so undoubtedly Sarawat and Tine with the way they both care for each other, their love shining through words and small gestures that Fong gets to see now. 

This was a side to their relationship that Fong hasn’t seen, but a side he knows that exists. Of course it exists. Why wouldn’t it? 

“I know it’s hard for you to believe me, but it’s true, Tine.” Sarawat says, tenderly taking Tine’s hand on his shoulder and pressing a kiss to it. “You’re my all, and more. I’d do and give everything for you if I could, and I would. So don’t listen to her, because you’re truly one of a kind and I’m very lucky to have you.  You know that, right?” 

Tine gives him a watery smile, nodding once. “I do.” His voice dropped a whisper as his arms wrapped around Sarawat’s neck, his hands curling to his hair. “Thank you so much, Wat.” 

“No problem.” Sarawat mutters. They both share matching smiles, soft and mushy, and they both lean in to close the little gap between them with a kiss. 

Now there, Fong finally felt like he had violated something private, which he had already done in the first place. He turns away, a small smile on his face as he starts to walk away, leaving the two to their business. He’ll just tell the others that they’re not in the music room and that they’ve probably already gone home. He takes out his phone and starts to call Chat. 

Fong, though not at first, trusts Sarawat enough with his best friend. He can see how much he cares about Tine and how he’ll give him the sun if he asks. Today only made him more sure that he’ll never stop trusting him with the way he handles Tine’s insecurities like Fong did before, back when they were still in high school. 

He’s very glad that they’re together. 





“I think the game was good.” Type assures Man, rubbing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Man gave his boyfriend a grateful smile, before sadly looking back down with a sigh. 

As much as Man would love to believe Type, that statement was gravely sugarcoated. The game was terrible; the other faculty was rough and kept injuring their players, somehow without any of them getting disqualified. They had every dirty trick up their sleeves and it helped them up ‘till the very end. Man and Sarawat barely managed to score a goal, Boss’ ankle was twisted, and their teammates were all bruised and scarred after the match. They don’t even care that they’re not getting any points, but it’s clear as day that the other team was roughhousing and the referee was seemingly oblivious. 

“I think you’re using the wrong word.” Man mutters, pressing a kiss on Type’s cheek. “But thanks for the assurance.” 

Type just smiles and looks back ahead. “Where do you want to eat? My treat.” 

Man grinned widely, about to say barbecue pork before he pats his pocket and finds no phone there. He groans tiredly, he probably forgot it back at the field. “Can you wait for me here? I’m gonna run back to get something.” 

Type nods and squeezes his hand. Man, though unwillingly, lets go of the warmth of his boyfriend’s hand before jogging back to get his phone. He arrives at the field in no time and he sees his phone immediately on one of the bleachers. He reached out to get it– 

“Seriously, Wat?! I am so disappointed in you!” He hears Tine’s voice exclaim. Man stiffens, not used to the harsh edge of Tine’s tone. When the words sunk into his brain, he immediately turned his head to where the voice came from, ready to defend Sarawat for whatever Tine is angry at him for. 

The remark dies on his tongue when he sees the scene in front of him; Tine was kneeling on the grass, still in his cheerleader getup, a first aid kit right beside him. Sarawat was sitting on a bench in front of him, otherwise looking exhausted and beat but also... smiling. Not quite evident, but it was still a pretty small upturn of his lips that was directed at Tine. 

Man furrows his brows and hides behind the bleachers, squinting through the darkness to see them better. 

“Seriously, Wat, I am your boyfriend.” Tine growls out, seemingly holding a cotton swap and putting some disinfectant on it and gently swiping it on Sarawat’s knee. Man winced. He forgot all about Sarawat scraping his knee when he was supposed to score a goal, but was easily countered by the other team. All of their bruises and wounds were all for nothing because they didn’t even score anything anyways. 

Man watches as Tine ploughs on, disinfecting the wound while Sarawat keeps smiling fondly at him. “I know that there’s always a possibility of you getting hurt, but jeez, could you please be more careful next time?! Seriously, Wat! It took all of my willpower to stop doing my cheer poses and run over to you to check if you’re okay or not! But then you looked over to me and gave me that look of concern and why would you do that?! You should worry more about yourself, you idiot!” 

Man blinks. What? 

“As if that wasn’t enough, you had to go back to the field!” Tine rambles, putting the disinfectant back in the first aid kit and taking out a bandage. “Which you shouldn’t have, by the way! Boss was sitting on the bleachers, why weren’t you too?! I swear, you’re gonna get me kicked out from cheerleading because I keep wanting to leave during the cheers! P’Fang keeps warning me not to do that again but how could I not when you’re always getting yourself injured like this?!” 

Man just watches as Tine rants and exclaims in irritation, Sarawat watching him with a small smile. It wasn’t surprising for Man to see Tine pamper and fret over Sarawat– he does it a lot, really. After a particularly rough practice, Tine would always be there on the bench with a water bottle and a towel prepared in his hands. When they’d be done with exams, Tine would always be waiting outside the room and drag Sarawat to have lunch with him. And after each and every game, Sarawat and Tine would always stay behind and either hang out a bit more on the field, or do this– Tine aiding an injured Sarawat. 

The thing that shocked Man most was Sarawat. After a losing in a game, Sarawat would always blow off some steam by kicking the ball to the net and playing by himself in the dead of the night, sometimes Man even accompanying him. But now here he is; not looking at all mad or frustrated, just clearly tired but nevertheless smiling softly at Tine, who doesn’t seem to be noticing it. 

Man grinned, letting out a soft, “Awww” at the scene. He knows his best friend is hopelessly in love with Tine and would do absolutely anything for him, but it’s nice seeing Tine and knowing he’d do the same for Sarawat. He’s still even wearing his cheerleading outfit, which brings Man to the conclusion that he rushed straight on over to Sarawat after the game ended, not having any time to change. And he knows that Tine doesn’t like wearing it; they’ve had multiple drunk conversations about it and Tine always complains about wearing the too-tight and thick fabric. 

He’s literally sacrificing his comfortableness to take care of Sarawat, which is very much adorable

Man slowly ducks down and takes his phone from the bench and went back to his spot behind the bleachers. He opens the camera app and started taking pictures, cackling evilly in his head. Well, these pictures are gold and he’s got to feed #TeamSarawatWives and #TeamTine’sHusbands with it. 

(When Man, Boss, and Sarawat discovered that there was a group of guys who liked Tine, which is the complete opposite of Sarawat, they’re all shocked, but not surprised. Tine is handsome, and he always seems to attract guys everywhere he goes; Green, P’Mil, Fong [before, he thinks?], Sarawat, obviously. Heck, even Man was slightly attracted to him before as well, which he’ll never admit to anyone, but that feeling quickly dissipated when he met Type, of course. So the thought of Tine having a group of guys who like him isn’t that impossible.) 

(The day they stumbled upon the fan page, Sarawat immediately went to go find Tine. The day after that, Sarawat was smirking widely while Tine was blushing as he tried to cover the multiple hickeys on his throat. Sarawat would tighten his grip on Tine’s hand, shooting glares at any guy that would pass them, and kiss repeatedly Tine on his cheek, which Tine always curses at him for but welcomes it anyways.) 

(Tine is blissfully unaware of his fans, by the way. He just thinks that they’re nice guys who offer him his favorite chips and drinks, oblivious to Sarawat’s possessive gaze behind him as he scowls at those guys.) 

“I told you many times not to push yourself to the limits and what do you do? You push yourself to the limits.” Tine grumbles, inspecting Sarawat’s bandaged knee with a nod. He then stands up from his place on the ground, wiping off the dirt on his pants, which doesn’t really come off that much but he doesn’t seem to care as he starts to fix Sarawat’s messy hair, his features becoming more concerned and soft. “I know that you want to go home and rest, but let’s stay here for a couple of minutes, okay? I saw you limping a while ago and I don’t want you to push yourself more so than you’ve already had.” Tine then presses a tender kiss on Sarawat’s forehead before going back to run his fingers through his locks again. Sarawat’s cheeks flush slightly as he lets out a contented sigh, wrapping his arms around Tine’s waist and snuggling his head in his stomach. 

The scene was so disgustingly sweet and endearing that it was almost impossible for Man to look away. 

Man cooed quietly, his grin hurting his cheeks from how wide it is, biting on his bottom lip to prevent himself from screaming at them to get a room. 

“Seriously, Wat.” Tine murmurs, fingers carding through Sarawat’s hair. “Take care of yourself, will you? You’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days with you always managing to find a way to get injured.” 

“I don’t know, little buffalo.” Sarawat smiles cheekily, looking up at Tine with teasing eyes. “I’ve got you to take care of me, don’t I?” 

Saraleo.” Tine mutters with not much vehemence, a smile tugging on the corner of his lips. “You’re such an idiot.” 

“But I’m your idiot.” Sarawat grins. Tine shakes his head and leans down, capturing their lips in a kiss. Man wants to look away so bad, but the sight was so entrancing– like something straight out of a cliché TV series. 

They kissed like that for a few more moments before Tine pulls away, pressing his forehead against Sarawat’s, a fond smile on his lips. “Yeah, you are.” 

He jumps when his phone buzzes in his hand. He opens it and sees that someone sent him a message. 

Man? Have you found your phone already?’ 

At that, he starts to run back to his boyfriend. He guesses he’ll give them their privacy for now, though begrudgingly. But as he imagines Tine’s indignant face and Sarawat’s surprised one tomorrow once he posts the pictures of them on his Instagram, he thinks it might not be so bad to leave them alone. 





“Where do you want to go?” Mil asks him. Phukong ponders for a moment, just swinging their joint fingers back and forth, enjoying the way the other’s hand fit perfectly with his. 

Phukong shrugs. “Anywhere, really.” 

It was just a normal weekend. The sun isn’t that blinding, the weather’s nice, and Phukong and Mil is on a date in this perfectly fine day. They’ve been walking for some time now, just enjoying the scenery and everything else. 

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Mil suggests, bringing out his phone to probably check the movies that were out today. Phukong was just about to reply before his own phone buzzed in his pocket. Phukong takes his phone out and sees a text from his brother. 

meit m3 in tha mysic ruum. n0w’ 

Phukong cringes at his brother’s poor spelling, like he does every time he messages him. Seriously. He’s in a university for christ’s sake and he still texts like some five year-old kid. Actually, no, scratch that– even five year-olds are better in spelling words than his own brother is. 

He doesn’t even ask why and texted him he’ll be there in ten. He’ll probably just ask him to do something anyways. He turns to Mil. “Can we take a quick detour first? I need to meet my brother at the music room.” 

Mil nods once and they both started to walk to the university. 

It’s been over two years since he and Mil started dating, and so far, it’s only been smooth sailing from there. At first, Sarawat was completely against it, but after a few times of Mil proving himself and Tine persuading him that he’s actually a good person, he eventually gave in. Not to Mil, by the way, but to his boyfriend. Phukong is very glad that he and P’Tine were friends and that he managed to coax his brother to accept his boyfriend because if they weren’t close, it would probably take a long time for Sarawat to accept his relationship. 

After a few minutes of walking, they finally arrived at the university. They walked up the steps and Phukong tells Mil to wait for him. Mil nods again and kisses him on the cheek, which Phukong always grins to, and he goes to the music room to talk to his stupid brother, possibly scowl at him for interrupting his date. 

“Okay, you better hurry up because I want to go back to my date–” Phukong starts, but was quickly cut off by his brother’s booming voice. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Sarawat screams, outright growling at the spot where he sat beside P’Tine, who was pouting and looked guilty as he hangs his head low. 

Phukong curses under his breath. He knows his brother, and he knows how short his temper is and how he easily gets mad. Once, when they were kids, he started a fight with a high schooler because that guy accidentally kicked his ball. Sometimes, his brother just can’t control his mouth and the words that come out of it– and that includes harsh sentences that he really doesn’t think about. 

He was about to step inside the room to yell at his brother for shouting at his boyfriend, but he stops short when his brother brings P’Tine’s hands up, inspecting them with intense worry and concern in his eyes. 

“Are you okay? Does it hurt bad?” Sarawat asked quickly, flipping P’Tine’s palms in his own, wincing when he see saw blood oozing from two of his fingers. “Tua woon wai, I told you multiple times not to overwork yourself on this. Now look what happened!” 

P’Tine only sulks, looking embarrassed as Sarawat takes out a first aid kit from his bag and started to clean up the blood on his fingers. “Wat, it’s okay–” 

“It’s not, Tine!” Sarawat exclaims, brows furrowing in fury. “You should’ve told me that the strings snapped! Now you’ve hurt your fingers and it’s because of this dumb guitar!” Sarawat glances at the guitar on the ground, looking as if it offended him greatly, before looking back at P’Tine with a frown on his lips. “Next time, use the one with the soft strings, okay? You don’t have to force yourself to use this if it hurts. If you do, all your fingers might get cuts and I really don’t want them to be scarred because they’re beautiful as they are now. I mean, it’ll still be beautiful either way but still, Tine–” 

Phukong blinks at the sight, confused as hell as his brother continues to ramble about P’Tine being more careful next time and take care of himself more. 

What... what the hell is happening? 

Phukong hides behind a corner, brows knitted together, just watching the scene unfold before him. 

His brother– might be a clone, for all he knows– was scolding his boyfriend without any malice or anger at all, just with care and worry. P’Tine was pouting but listening to his brother rant about his wellbeing, letting him put bandaids on the cuts on his fingers. 

In all of Phukong’s life of living, he’s never seen his brother care this much about someone. He’s not the most affectionate type, nor someone who cares about anyone else– that’s why it came as such a surprise to Phukong when his brother seemingly has a boyfriend. 

At first, Phukong didn’t believe it. But when he met P’Tine– who Phukong lowkey liked because of his handsome smile– he thinks he gets why his brother fell for him. He’s unbelievably attractive, stupendously nice, and very selfless down to his core. There was even a point where Phukong thought he had a crush on the guy before Mil came into his life and snatched all his attention away. 

Whenever he’d see Sarawat and P’Tine together, it was obvious how hard his brother had fallen for him. Always smiling and sending fond gazes at his way when he’s not looking, always spending his money to buy whatever P’Tine likes (which is very unfair because he never did that for him, and he’s his brother!), and always being disgustingly sweet with him even with other people around, which is very bold and confident of them to show their relationship like that even with his brother’s dozens of fans (#TeamSarawatWives) and P’Tine’s innumerable admirers (#TeamTine’sHusbands). 

But Phukong’s never seen this side of them; this side of his brother who worries and cares too much about something so little. He guesses that it doesn’t matter if it’s something big or not, as long as P’Tine is injured, that’s all his brother would focus on. 

“Wat, I’m okay.” P’Tine laughs, trying to assure his brother that he was. Sarawat only pouted, crossing his arms over his chest, still looking at P’Tine’s hands in worry. P’Tine saw that and intertwined their fingers together, making his brother blush and Phukong coo quietly at the cute gesture. “I’ll be more careful this time, okay?” 

Sarawat only grumbles, looking exactly like the petulant child that he is, glancing at P’Tine with expectant and hopeful eyes. “Promise?” 

P’Tine nods and smiles widely, pressing a kiss on Sarawat’s cheek. “Promise.” 

They both looked at that for a while– just smiling and staring into each other’s eyes with love dripping from their gazes that it was almost making Phukong gag from all the sweetness– 

“Phu! Are you done yet?” 

Phukong guesses he’ll just tell his brother that he wasn’t able to come. He lets them have their moment as he runs back to his boyfriend, asking him if he had already decided on a movie to watch for their date. 





Dim’s eye twitched as he watched his boyfriend, Green, once again flirting with another music club member. He knows exactly what he’s doing with the way he gives him a small smirk as he scoots closer to teach the oblivious boy another chord. 

He’s gonna make sure that Green will get it later. 

He grumbles underneath his breath as he drags his gaze over the room, looking over at each and every member and making sure they were all accounted for. He squints, noticing that there was something wrong with his headcount, groaning when he realized that there were obviously two people missing. 

Sarawat and Tine. 

He shoots one last glare at Green before leaving the room, on his way to look for Tine and Sarawat, again. They always seem to be escaping practice every day for some reason, and today isn’t an exception. Dim is tired and frustrated enough as it is, why do those two troublemakers have to add to it? Seriously, Dim’s always been kind to them– mainly because Sarawat would kill him if he’ll do or even say anything bad to Tine– but this is just crossing the line. It’s been, what? Two, three? Possibly four weeks since they started skipping? They really need to stop that if they want to set a good example for the newbies– 

“Shouldn’t we be going back, Wat?” He hears someone gasp out, apparently out of breath. Dim furrows his eyebrows in confusion when he realizes that it was Tine’s voice saying that. It was accompanied with a low moan, which he faintly recognizes as Sarawat’s. 

What the...? 

Dim rounds the corner, his jaw slacking when he saw the scene in front of him. 

The door to Dim’s office was slightly open, revealing two people who clearly aren’t supposed to be there. He sees Sarawat sitting on a table, Dim’s table to be exact, a desk that was handed to him by his senior before. Tine was in between his legs, his head buried in the crook of Sarawat’s neck, doing something to make Sarawat groan even louder. Dim gaped his mouth at them in shock, utterly speechless at how Sarawat slips his hands under Tine’s shirt, dragging them across his back which made the fabric go up, exposing Tine’s bare skin. 

“Who cares about them?” Sarawat breathes out, seemingly pulling Tine closer, a grin on his face. “Dim’s probably busy being jealous over Green anyways.” 

Dim lets out an indignant noise, about to say that he does not get jealous (only overprotective, which is very different), but then Sarawat took Tine’s chin in his hand and crashes their lips together. From this angle, Dim couldn’t really see Tine’s expression but he does know that he probably likes it from how eagerly he leans closer to him, Sarawat gripping tighter on Tine’s back, their kiss getting more passionate and heated. 

Oh no, oh hell no! 

They aren’t going to do whatever they’re planning to do on Dim’s desk! It’s a very lovely table and he’d rather much not live with the fact that his friend (a horrible one, at that) and his boyfriend making out on his desk and possibly doing something more– 

“Wow, you’re so cool, P’Green!” He heard one of the members exclaim, snapping him out from walking closer. 

“Really? How about we go out for a drink, then?” He heard his boyfriend say very loudly, as if he was purposefully making Dim hear the whole conversation. Dim looks at the music room, scowling and clenching his fists. He then looks back at his office, just in time to see Sarawat taking Tine’s shirt off and throwing it somewhere in the room. 

God fucking damn it. 

Dim closes the door to his office, wincing when he heard another moan from Sarawat (which he does not want to hear ever again and wants to erase from his memory forever) as Tine jumps on the table, their lips still connected, hovering over him. Dim doesn’t get to see what happens next because he’s stomping back to the music room, ready to do the same with his own boyfriend. When he arrived, he saw a knowing and shit-eating grin on Green’s face. 





“Why are you all so musically talented?” Pear grumbles in her seat, pouting as Earn, P’Air, and Pam started to laugh. 

It’s true! Her girlfriend and P’Air are gifted with the skills of playing any instrument handed to them, without a doubt. Pam may not be in their level, but she’s still better than Pear at guitar in so much more ways than ever. Pear’s the only one out of the four of them who is still actually a rookie and that’s what’s making her sulk so much today. 

“It’s okay, Pear.” Earn smiles at her, patting her head comfortingly. Pear leans in to the touch while frowning. “I’ll keep teaching you, okay?” 

Pear softens, a warm blush spreading on her cheeks at her girlfriend’s words. Earn is going to be the death of her someday. Seriously. Pear loves her so much that she fears she’ll explode one day from the amount of love she feels. 

They were all in a café today; casually hanging out and also having a double date while at it. They were all having fun so far– just catching up with each other’s lives and talking about anything at all. It’s been a while since they’ve had their girls day out, mainly because of the exams and projects that’s been piling up on them this semester. 

“I’m gonna get some napkins.” Pear says to her girlfriend, who just smiles at her and nods. Pear stands up from her seat and heads over to the station where they keep all the utensils and other stuff. She takes about three napkins and turns, about to head back to the table before she hears a very familiar voice. 

“He was flirting with you!” 

Yup. Pear recognizes that grumbling tone, especially when the person that it belonged to always uses that to her everyday whenever she makes a mistake in strumming the chords. She looks back around, automatically smiling when she saw Tine and Sarawat waiting near the counter, hands clasped together. There was a pout on Sarawat’s face, his eyes glancing back on forth on his boyfriend and the worker behind the counter. 

“Well, good thing I only love you, right?” Tine smiles, bringing his other hand up to caress Sarawat’s hair. Pear gushes at the cuteness, quietly whooping when she saw Sarawat’s cheeks flush. She always sees Sarawat being the more flirty one, the more bolder one in their relationship even though she knows that Tine also has a few good lines up his sleeves. 

(They used to flirt with each other, before. Everyone apparently thought that they were serious but they never see them laughing hard whenever they’re done with their charade. Tine would always snicker at Pear’s cute teasing techniques and Pear would always giggle at Tine’s overly flirty one liners.) 

(Supposedly, even that looked serious to everyone. Because of that, Pear and Tine stopped flirting with each other because they don’t want anyone to think that they’re together when they clearly like other people.) 

Pear raised a hand to wave, opening her mouth to make her presence known. But she stopped right in her tracks when she saw Sarawat huff out a breath, jutting out his bottom lip, directing his gaze on the floor. “You love me as if I deserve you.” 

Pear blinks at the statement, unfamiliar with Sarawat’s sudden insecurity. She’s always seen him being confident and cocky, always shamelessly flirting with Tine even if P’Dim was announcing something to the room. He’s always doing these grand gestures to prove his love for Tine– which everyone already knows– and kiss him even in the middle of practice and just being Sarawat in general. 

But Pear’s never seen this Sarawat, who thinks he doesn’t deserve Tine as much as Tine deserves him. 

Tine softens, his smile becoming smaller but fond. “Oh, Wat.” He sighs in slight exasperation. “You deserve to be loved. You’re always being your sweet and kind self to me that it’s impossible for me not to love you. So don’t even think for a moment that I don’t because I really, really do. Okay?” He tops it off with a tender kiss on Sarawat’s cheek, making the male blush even harder. 

Pear smiles at them, her heart becoming impossibly full at the scene. She’s glad that even after a long time of them being together, they’re still sweetly infatuated and deeply in love with one another. She’s always admired that about them; their cuteness and wholesomeness and their overall interactions with each other. They don’t care about anyone else watching them as long as they’re both together. 

“Besides,” Tine drawls out, a cheeky grin coming up his lips. “That guy was just being kind.” 

Sarawat started to sputter unbelievingly, his mouth dropping and his eyes becoming wide with irritation. “He was not! He’s always finding some way to get closer to you every time we go here! It’s like he’s always taking the Sunday shift just so he could see you even though you’re clearly taken! You call that being kind?! Huh, Tine?! You clearly have another definition of kind if you think that way–” 

As Sarawat rambles on about the difference of being nice and downright flirting, Pear trails her eyes to Tine. Her eyes widened slightly when she saw the affectionate look on his face, completely enamoured and eyes filled with an adoration she only normally sees on Sarawat, well, that was until now. 

Pear quickly walks back to the table, reminding herself to go back to this café next Sunday with Earn so they can probably take some pictures for Sarawat and Tine’s fan clubs. Pear grins. 

Tine will probably feel betrayed, but it’s his fault for being sickeningly cute with his boyfriend. 





“Are you guys ready?” Fong whispers. 

Everyone around him nodded, wide smiles and excitement buzzing in the air. 

Currently, they were all outside of Tine and Sarawat’s apartment, ready to surprise them. It’s Tine’s birthday today, and of course all his friends planned a surprise party for him. P’Dim and Green were in charge of the party poppers, P’Air and Pam brought balloons, Phukong, Mil, Man, and Type were carrying all the presents, Earn and Pear were holding up the banner they made, Ohm and Phuak were both holding cameras to record their reactions, and lastly, Fong and Chat used their money to buy the cake they know is Tine’s favorite. 

Fong balanced the cake in one hand as he puts his hand on the doorknob, glancing over his shoulder and seeing everyone grinning in enthusiasm. 

“One,” Fong whispers again, barely containing the thrill in his voice. “Two... three!” 

He opens the door and they all went in, about to shout the words, “Surprise! Happy birthday, Tine!” but they all stopped dead in their tracks when their eyes landed on Tine and Sarawat, mouths open in horror. 

They were both shirtless, only just wearing their boxers. Tine was pressed up against the kitchen counter, his arms wrapped around Sarawat’s neck. Sarawat had his hands on Tine’s hips as he presses their bodies closer. But that wasn’t what made Fong and the others terrified, oh no, it was that they’re making out

They were both kissing passionately, their heads moving in synchrony to keep changing the angle of their heated make-out session. Tine groans against Sarawat’s mouth, his hands moving up and grasping at Sarawat’s messy hair, probably just from getting out of bed. Sarawat trails his hands down, grabbing a hold of Tine’s thighs and hoisting him on top of the counter. 

Fuck no! Fong is absolutely not going to stay and watch his best friend and his boyfriend get sexual on the kitchen top! 

“Retreat! Retreat!” Fong whisper-shouts, eyes wide in terror and mouth twisted in panic, elbowing Ohm’s stomach behind him. They all quickly ran out, scrambling to get out of the place but also careful enough not to make any noise so the couple wouldn’t hear them. Fong was the last one who managed to get out, not before hearing Tine moan out, “Wat, please.” 

Nope, nope, nope, nope. Fong is getting the fuck out of here and possibly burn his eyes and ears in the process. Sorry, but Chat’s got to live with dating a deaf and a blind person instead because Fong really wants to delete that specific scene from his memory. 

“Why does this keep happening to me?!” Fong hears P’Dim exclaim in irritation, but he doesn’t even care as he sinks on the floor, the cake trembling in his hands, blinking rapidly to try to get the memory out his mind, but it just won’t work. He faintly hears Chat beside him, trying to get him to speak, but he just can’t. Everyone around were all looking horrified, traumatized at what they had to witness. 

“Let’s,” Fong speaks up after a while, his voice coming out scratched and hoarse and high-pitched. His hands won’t stop shaking and his eyes were still wide. “Let’s knock next time.”

Everyone agreed immediately. 

(Later on, while they’re out celebrating Tine’s birthday at a bar, everyone couldn’t seem to look at them in the eyes. Earn and Pear were blushing, P’Air and Pam were fanning themselves with their hands, Green was pinching P’Dim so he’d shut up, Man and Type were both only talking to each other, Phukong and Mil excused themselves to go to the dance floor, Ohm, Phuak, and Chat were drinking fast and hard to avoid any conversations, and Fong was trying his best to act like everything was normal even though it was, in fact, not.) 

(Tine and Sarawat turns to each other in confusion, oblivious and unaware of the silent chaos they caused to their friends.) 

(They shrugged and sat closer to each other, holding each other’s hand tighter, soft smiles and fond eyes directed at each other.) 

(And for once, it’s a sight no one else got to see but them.)